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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 29, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PST

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this morning on "world news now," more countries taking drastic action to avoid the spread of the new covid variant omicron. >> the strain now identified in at least a dozen countries as the u.s. is issuing new travel restrictions. the very latest ahead. also this morning, jury selection begins in the trial of jussie smollett. the former "empire" actor is facing charges for an alleged hate crime hoax. cyber monday is already off and running. we're checking out some of this year's hottest deals. and this year's hottest toys. we're teaming up with a toy insider for the must-haves for the kiddos on your gift list. and our real-life toy enthusiast, age 9, weighs in on our gift guide. it's monday, november 29th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> good monday morning, everyone. we hope you are recovering from that turkey hangover. how was your thanksgiving? >> may be done with the leftovers by now. i think they're maybe expired. >> no, actually, i feel like i'm having turkey sandwiches this whole week. we are so happy to have elizabeth up here from washington, d.c. >> so good to be here. >> we love your work down there. now we can hang out and have girls night on the desk. we have a jam-packed show. we begin with more counties racing to curb the spread of omicron. >> president biden sat down with his covid response team on sunday and will get another briefing this morning before addressing the country. >> the new strain was first detected in south africa whose neighbors and citizens face travel bans from a growing number of countries, including the u.s. >> and omicron has already popped up in more countries.
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this morning, more countries are taking measures to avoid the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus. travel to the u.s. is now restricted from south africa and these seven other nearby countries. england is imposing a similar ban. the president of south africa, where the omicron variant was first detected, called the travel bans unjustified after dr. anthony fauci said it's inevitable the variant will spread to the u.s. >> we are deeply disappointed by the decision of several countries to prohibit travel from a number of southern african countries. >> israel is now banning all foreigners for 14 days, citing the new variant. japan issuing a similar ban overnight. in amsterdam, dozens of people are staying at a quarantine hotel. they tested positive after arriving on flights from south africa. 13 infected with omicron. now police have reportedly arrested a couple at the border
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after they allegedly fled that hotel. back in the u.s., new york state is preemptively declaring a state of emergency to boost hospital capacity and increase staffing, even as doctors say the threat of omicron remains unclear. >> we have no data on severity. whether it's light, mild or more significant. >> the world health organization has classified omicron a variant of concern. doctors say it's behind a, quote, exponential rise in cases in south africa. preliminary evidence suggests an increased risk of reinfection. >> the big question we're looking for, how well do our vaccines hold up? i'm hopeful they will, but we just don't have much data on it yet either. >> a doctor in south africa says patients she's treated have been mild. but the former head of the fda says the data is still limited. >> there's some anecdotal information that this could be causing milder illness.
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that could be an artifact of the fact that the initial cases seem to have been clustered in younger people, perhaps in outbreaks around universities. >> pfizer and moderna are working to adapt their vaccines to fight omicron if necessary, a process that could take two to three months. when all the numbers are tallied, experts predict thanksgiving will be a record setter. they say plenty of people are still traveling home from their holiday today. it's the start of what is expected to be a very busy last month of the year. reena roy has more. >> reporter: a potential new pandemic travel record, on track to be the busiest travel day since 2019, as millions make their journey back home after the thanksgiving holiday. an estimated 48 million hitting the roads, despite gas costing about a dollar more than a year ago. airports also crowded. the tsa expecting to screen more than 2.4 million passengers, the most in one day since the pandemic began. long lines of traffic outside these atlanta terminals.
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>> we thought we going to get in here early. but once we got through all the traffic it seemed like the time was going really fast. >> probably going to miss the flight. >> reporter: inside philadelphia international's airport, security lines not much better. >> it was crazy, to say the least. >> reporter: what do you mean? >>security lines were over an hour long. just to check a bag was probably 30 minutes. >> reporter: across the nation, the tsa, airlines and airports bulking up staffing to handle the rush. >> we've tried to bring on as much additional staffing as we can, and the staffing that we have will be working over to cover the holidays and as many areas as we possibly can. but there could be delays. >> reporter: the rest of the holiday season is also expected to be busy on the roads and in the air, with experts predicting yet another big rebound in travel. reena roy, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena roy. luckily, most of sunday's travel took place amid good weather conditions.
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several areas around the great lakes saw snow, but nothing too significant. the first snowfall also hitting the northeast. chilly temperatures remain across that region. there's more snowshowers from michigan to the interior northeast. and rain continues across the northwest and it will be dry across the rest of the country. waukesha, wisconsin honored the victims of last sunday's christmas parade tragedy. people held a vigil in honor of those affected last sunday when a man in a suv plowed through the event last sunday. he's charged with five counts of first degree intentional homicide. a sixth is pending. the community has come together since the horror. >> it's just one of those memories that's not going to go away anytime soon. >> our community has just risen to the occasion. people from out of state. i think even global have reached out to waukesha. so the new thing, the verse, waukesha strong, fits it for our community, big time. >> as part of the tribute, the
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city has encouraged residents to place blue lights outside their homes throughout the holidays. meanwhile, a ninth child injured at the parade was released from the hospital. seven more are still recovering. actor jussie smollett's hate crime trial is set to begin. jury selection is scheduled for this morning in chicago. he faces six disorderly conduct charges for making false reports to police. in 2019, smollett claimed he was attacked by a man making racist, anti-gay and pro-trump statements. tomorrow jury selection also begins in the case stemming from the deadly police shooting of daunte wright. in april, wright was shot and k by now former police o she meant to use her taser but pulled her handgun instead, she says. she's heard on video, saying "i grabbed the wrong gun, i'm going to prison." potter faces a number of charges including first degree manslaughter.
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now to sunday sports, starting with a defensive struggle in the nfl. >> the only touchdown ravens' quarterback lamar jackson threw came in the third quarter and helped baltimore claim a 16-10 victory. also the hbcu challenge between hampton and norfolk state. the hampton pirates had a six-point halftime lead, but norfolk state storming back in the second half to win it 70-61. here to comment is our very own intern who went to norfolk state. >> shout out to my man joe bryant jr. he was a freshman when i was a sophomore. i kind of got to see him grow up. he's doing great things. very proud of him. >> and also can you clarify for me, when i lived in virginia, there was norfolk, norfick, norfolk up north. how do you say it? >> you kind of supposed to say it how you're not supposed to say the word you're not supposed to say it right. but it is norfolk.
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you kind of have to be from there to know how to say it. >> i always just stuck with norfick and lived there. >> all three. >> thank you so much for your expert opinion and we're so happy that your team did well. >> fantastic. coming up, the world's oldest jewelry. but first, the latest in holiday deals, cyber monday gets off to a roaring start. what you need to know before you click on that shopping cart. and later, the season's hottest toys, from a squeaky dino, to an electric fairy finder, you'll find the list from the toy insider. you're watching "world news now." i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. learn how homeowners are strategically using a reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, pay for healthcare, preserve your portfolio, and so much more. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. no deaths but heavy damage reported after a powerful earthquake in northern peru. more than 70 homes were destroyed by the 7.5 magnitude quake. 150 others were affected. there are reports of at least four injuries. the quake also affecting brazil, colombia and ecuador. an alleged stowaway is in custody in florida after surviving a flight from guatemala to miami. video shows the 26-year-old man on the tarmac over the weekend. authorities say he hid in the wheel well of an american
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airlines plane. the man has been taken to the hospital and detained. an immigration case will play out over the next few weeks. switching gears now to the biggest virtual retail sales day of the year. >> of course we're talking about cyber monday, and supply chain problems aside, millions of consumers are already clicking their way to some of the biggest deals. here is deidre bolton. >> reporter: shoppers are gearing up for the biggest online shopping deal of the year. >> i think the cyber deals are going to get crazy by sunday. >> reporter: americans are expected to spend between $10.2 billion and $11.3 billion on cyber monday alone. >> what big box retailers are doing now is putting a lot of money into making sure online events are comparable. >> reporter: some of the hottest deals include chromebooks as low as $109 with three months of youtube tv free. and a bella pro air fryer at best buy. toys are the biggest-selling category. for "paw patrol" fans, this
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playset is 50% off at target. but you better act fast. out of stock notices are up 124% through friday, versus pre-pandemic levels. >> how long it takes to get shipped really affects me. >> reporter: and for the first time, black friday shopping did not exceed the previous years' levels. some analysts say it may be due to earlier discounts and supply chain concerns. the national retail federation still forecasting a record spend between november and december. close to $850 billion, an increase of 8.5% to 10.5% over last year. deirdre bolton, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to deirdre. and she makes excellent points. also more tips, this is not the time to use public wi-fi. because just as hard as you're working to find the deals,
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criminals are working just as hard to find your personal information. make sure you have a secure line or secure computer that are you shopping from. >> i didn't find a lot of deals this weekend, i have to say. >> you aren't the only person to say that. >> disappointing. >> very disappointing. a lot of people rely on that for christmas shopping. i haven't checked yet, but one thing about me, i'll use any excuse to shop. it doesn't seem as if it's as advertised this year. possibly because of the supply chain issues. >> got to dig a little deeper. coming up, ideas for santa for those on his nice list. a l. comin
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♪cos santa ausanta cls ♪ig dn s♪ ♪ he's got a bag that is filled with toys ♪ ♪ for the boys and girls again ♪ welcome back to "world news now." okay. the holidays are right around the corner. we don't even need santa, because we have the toy insider herself, ali, here with the season's hot holiday toys. what is the first thing on everybody's wish list this year? >> so fidget toys are super popular, and this one is a great one. this is dimple pops. i love this one because it's so colorful. you just pop these through the hole. you can flip it over and do it again. it's like never-ending bubble wrap. >> it's like thousands of bubbles, clicking back and forth and back and forth. and they're a really good toy. >> i just want to jump in here. charlie, i see you have a finger brace on, were you playing so
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aggressively with the dimple pop that -- >> no, i was playing football in gym. >> these toys are exciting, so i didn't know. >> or maybe the dinosaur bit my finger. >> let's talk about the dinosaur. this is squeaky dino. this is one of my favorite toys. it is a balloon animal dinosaur, but he's an interactive robot. when you turn him on, he comes to life. >> so you can roar at the dino, ali? >> if you roar at the dino, squeaky dino's going to roar right back at you. you can tickle him under his arms and he'll laugh. he'll dance to his music. parents love that there's no mess with this pet either. >> charlie, what are your thoughts? >> i really like it. i used to love balloon animals, and the dinosaur one is always cool, and they really come to life, so now i can, like, play with it. and it acts like if it was actually a real dinosaur.
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>> next up we have another sort of kind of pet. this is a digital pet. but it's the got2glow fairy finder. it's taking the digital pets to a whole new level. you can collect fairies in this jar. you can feed them. you can trade them with friends. there's three different jars. you can get more than a hundred fairies to collect. >> even though i'm like a boy, i was grinding on this yesterday. and i really like it. >> it's really fun, right? >> yeah. >> last i have a really fun game. this is five-second rule, disney edition. >> i'm ready. >> so you have to name three things. they're all disney themes, but you only have five seconds to do it. >> the rule said since i'm younger, i only have to guess two.
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>> well, good to point out. will, you have to get three. >> bring it on. >> name three disney characters that are dogs. go. >> pluto and goofy. >> ooh, right under the wire. >> good job. >> will, you ready? >> oh, yeah. >> so you're going to name three disney movies that have fish. go. >> "finding nemo", "finding dory," and "the little mermaid." >> you guys are pros. >> this is so much fun, but it really gets competitive. >> my mom is really good at it. i got second place. >> i believe in you. >> i'm rooting for you, charlie. >> charlie, what was your favorite? >> the disney one. >> five second rule was your favorite, it sounds like it might be your dog's favorite, too. ali, charlie, thank you so much for your time.
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happy holidays, and "world news now" will be right back. ♪ he's got a bag that's filled with toys ♪ ♪ for the boys and girls again ♪
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there."
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. time now for "the mix," starting with a blinged-out blast from the distant past. >> archaeologists in morocco have unearthed what is thought to be the oldest jewelry known to man. the shell beads discovered in a remote cave between 2014 and 2018 are now believed to date back to as far back as 150,000 years ago. >> the team believes the jewelry may have helped local clans differentiate between one another long ago. who knows. i think it was a fashion statement as well, too. >> not sure it's fashionable anymore. next to a surprise from the skies above gainesville, florida. >> members of the u.s. army parachute team known as the golden knights dropped in on saturday's gators/seminoles matchup. literally.
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>> a bird's-eye view was captured showing him and his colleagues landing in the stadium during halftime. >> the gators ended up beating the seminoles 24-21, giving the hometown crowd one more thing to celebrate. i knew people loved college football, but i didn't know it was like that. look at that crowd. >> you'd be shocked if you were sitting in the stadium. >> exactly. >> so much fun. >> falling from the sky. next to a sea lion in oregon that just needed a few directions. >> state police say the sea lion named tiffany was found near the highway. they first tried to lure her into a creek with a fish. but it didn't work. rescue crews eventually coaxed her to move by using sheets of plywood. >> tiffany reportedly swam downstream, returning to the ocean. and life truly does imitate art.
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check it out. >> a photographer snapped this majestic shot of a 13-foot great white dubbed nicole off the coast of northwestern mexico. oh, my god. >> that's horrifying. the precisely-timed photograph was inspired by the poster for the 1975 thriller "jaws", so do we see the resemblance. >> yes, that was the first thing i thought of. i was like oh, my gosh. this is the real-life jaws picture. if you've ever been to universal studios in california, they have the replica of that. i think it's better, because not only is it real but it's also the fish around it as well. >> my biggest fear is sharks. >> i wonder -- i wonder where she had to position herself in order to take this picture. >> to get that photo and be so close to the jaws. >> there are some jobs that i will not be putting in an application for. >> no chance. >> photographing sharks, great
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right now on "america this morning," the omicron variant of the coronavirus now confirmed in a dozen countries including canada. the new travel restrictions announced overnight and the big question, can the vaccine stop it? we hear from the top experts. plus, the jitters on wall street after friday's major sell-off. president biden set to speak this morning. our team coverage next. the trial of ghislaine maxwell. the socialite accused of recruiting girls for sex offender jeffrey epstein begins today. the key witnesses and wimaxwell's brother claims she's being used as a scapegoat. cyber onday deals and scams. the new warning for online shoppers about store surveys. plus, the one deal that can apply to just about anyone on your list.


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