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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 29, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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solution, this is abc news. reggie: what health officials know about a new variant in dr. fauci with new information. jobyna: after such a beautiful weekend, we could see record warm this weed that mike is telling us what will be the hottest two days. reggie: it is cyber monday. jobyna: plus a first the white house as it's decked out for the holidays. reggie: good morning, it monday, november 29. jobyjoby holiday with some time off and we are starting with a check of our forecast. mike: it's nice to see everybody back together. we will take a look at some fog out there. we've got some thicker fog around center rows.
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expect that to go through the delta and possibly to our eastern valleys. it already looks a little fuzzy in our east bay hills. we will have warmer than average temperatures. yesterday oakland sets and tied a record high. temperatures are already in the low to mid-60's and we will warm to the 70's in many areas then back to the 50's by president bs expected to given up on the new omicron variant but the world health organization is warning countries not to overreact. to determine the lethality of
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the oma crime variant. more nations aren't reporting new cases. at least 13 countries have confirmed cases of the variant and it has as many as 50 mutations and scientists are learning more about its severity. dr. anthony fauci says he was asked if people were on the cusp of getting a booster shot should wait. >> no, not at all. if you are six months or following the initial mrna or two months or more following the j and j, i would strongly suggest you get a booster now and not wait for the next iteration which we might not even need. the pharmaceutical companies are preparing to make a specific booster for this. jobyna: dr. fauci says they are
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waiting to find out if the vaccine can address the oma cron variance. kumasi: we will report around 8:45 a.m. reggie: the u.s. will new travel ban from south africa and seven other countries. israel has banned foreign travelers for two weeks. the international is warning against these travel bans. it says restrictions or not a long-term solution when it comes to managing variance in health officials say anyone who traveled through south africa in the past few days should quarantine until they get a negative test result and many people will be watching wall street this morning. stocks plummeted friday and investors were worried about the new strain of covid. the dow lost more than 900
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points in the s&p 500 lost money in the nasdaq at its worst drop in two months. the biggest losers were travel and energy stocks. cruise operators also losses of more than 10%. kumasi: millions of people will spend more time on the computer today. you are looking for holiday gifts online because it cyber monday. there are some deals out there. we go live to the stork store in burlingame. >> good morning, this is the super bowl for online retail like amazon. this is natalie with amazon and she will tell us if the deals are that good. >> they are flying off the shelf like they usually do and we experience 1610 items sold per
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second globally. >> what am i looking for? >> the hottest items are technology. with a tablet. we also have some home goods that people are excited about like the ninja foodie. that's $100 off today stuff >> what about shipping? my mother-in-law is convinced if you order online, it will never make it. >> there have been supply chain issues this year but this is amazon and this is our super bowl. we had been preparing since january 1 and we have something for everyone. >> thank you so much, good luck today.
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we want to point need to be safe online. don't go to a retailer you don't know or get that specialty lines -- on social media. cyber monday scams jumped 69% from 2019 so the scammers will be busy if you get a text with a special deal that comes in on your phone, double check the retailer and make sure it's legit. kumasi: this is the time of year when many of us are liked on what we have and we think about how to help our neighbors in need stop giving tuesday comes after cyber monday and that's tomorrow stop many nonprofits have incentives to make your dollars stretch further. you can visit action and you will have -- find
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a list of vetted organizations. reggie: tsa two point 4 lln people yesterday. travel for the holiday week is about 89% of pre-pandemic levels. airport sunday in long-term parking garages will sellout. >> it's good to see folks coming back in. it's refreshing because a lot more five -- folks are traveling. >> passenger volume is so far off that we still have a long way to go. >> hanukkah is underway and last night was night number one. last year, the event was virtual because of the pandemic but this
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year, gatherers celebrated the letting of the menorah. first lady jill biden avail this year's holiday theme. let's see what it looks like step this is video inside the white house. the theme is get reggie: there was knows snow over the weekend and the seer but there were plenty of skiers. there was a big storm at the end of october and temperatures have been mild which pushed back the opening of some of the tahoe results.
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has to be. there is nothing in the forecast. near record highs in tahoe and 62 day in the record high is 61. friday, 58 in the record high is 59 degrees. toward the weekend, just some clouds and temperatures still in the mid 50's when our average high should be in the mid ortiz. here's a look at the pattern with a little bit of fog this morning. a whole lot of sunshine bite noon and a few high clouds into the es sitthe byodt is. ita gat day tutde whetr u re at the post or not. if you are shopping today, go outside if you can. for exercising, you need some players this morning.
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70 at 2:00 and back to 50 seven by 8:00 p.m. but this is not your warmest day. 72 today and tomorrow in the best chance for records will be wednesday and thursday. here's a look at the morning commute jobyna: jobyna:. this is well that creek showing off i-80. we have no major blocking issues and no advisories coming in. hardly any road construction either so it's a good time to get out the door. we are wrapping up with a quick look at your drive times.
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antioch to to san francisco will be a 15 minute ride reggie: have a chance to pick a name for a new animal. kumasi:
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kumasi: the city of waukesha, wisconsin held a visual for those who were killed in a mass shooting. ♪ kumasi: the moment of silence begin at exactly 4:39 p.m. yesterday which is the same time police say a man crashes suv into that parade last weekend stop as part of this tribute, residents were encouraged to put a blue light outside their homes. more than 60 people were hurt and seven kids are still in the hospital all stuff reggie:
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opening arguments will begin g hislaine maxwell trial. we have review of the trial. >> this morning, she appears in a new york courtroom to face sex trafficking charges. she is on trial, accused of helping her former wife and jeffrey epstein recruit and groom underage girls for sex. if found guilty, the 59-year-old maxwell could spend the rest of her light behind bars. several women are expected to testify against her. the only allies minor victim in this case to publicly identify yourself spoke to abc news, describing an incident where epstein allegedly gave for a massage at his ranch. >> i laid on the table and i was very aware that the door was open and i could be seen getting a massage. at some point, she takes the
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sheet down and expose my breast. i feel uncomfortable. >> epstein never stood died by suicide in his jail cell in 2019 post-up maxwell's brother says that's what executors are using his sister as a scapegoat. >> it's not quite a put up job nonetheless, it has been cobbled together so thatghislaine made to face the charges that epstein never based in place of him. >> maxwell pleaded not guilty to all six felony charges. the daily mail says sources say she plans to take the stand, saying she has never shied away from the truth and she has no fear about hitting in the witness box. kumasi: an important decisionisn will come later this morning for san pose a sharks.
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investigated after his estranged wife accused him of sexual abuse. if he is not claimed by 11:00 a.m., he will be downgraded and sent to the sharks minor league team. the cinderella season for a deaf high school football team in southern california has come to an end when game shied of the state championship. the california school for the death in riverside played in the southern section division ii championship but they lost. they won all previous games and capture the division championship last week. this is the schools first and it 68 year history. congrats to you all. reggie: you've a chance to vote of a new baby giraffe.
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staff members of the wildlife park came up with six-game dishes six names to choose from. -- six names to choose from. of the vote. the poll closes tomorrow at midnight. kumasi: i don't know a i don' rest of these names. between all those wonderful bay sports figures? we have
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we have a winter forecast with warm sunshine and the high of 80. here is a look from our exploratory camera at pier 15. salesforce towers in the back. but will they do for the holidays so that they conducing cool stuff. hazy with warm sunshine clouds are cooler this weekend and no soaking storm at least the next 10 days. this is the temperature and cloud forecast and we will have about four on sunshine cap to get rid of some of that fog this morning. upper 60's in napa and richmond and san francisco and san mateo and palo alto. the rest of us, about 72 degrees. to make an uptick in humidity so the could be more fog around the
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bay. with temperatures dropping into the 40's this evening at 7:00 p.m., the storm pattern thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, just blasting the pacific northwest. a week from now, there is a small chance of some wet weather, less than 1/10 of one inch. that's it. any we hit wednesday in thursday should be air hottest days. the cooling is hitting the coast.
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the low to mid 60's with an offshore breeze. a transgender oakland woman is making this tree on jeopardy. she has 18 games in a row which gets her into a spot in the tournament of championships. the tournament is set for next fall but she will be back on jeopardy tonight to try to continue her winning streak. she has won 290 $5,000 on the show and says she would like to take off sometime from her job as an engineering manager. she wants to use the money to travel to ireland post-up you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 p.m. and then we'll a fortune at 7:30 p.m. reggie: the baby who didn't seem to mind. kumasi: a surge in packages being sent on the mail and more expected to increase over last
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kumasi: president biden is is is expected to give an update on the oma ron variant of covid-19. you can watch it live right here this morning. reggie: the u.s. is imposing a
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the variant was detected last week in south africa. kumasi: the oakland police department is increasing the number of officers on the street days after a security guard was killed. is the busiest shopping day of the year. there is a rare sale at apple that's offering a free gift card with purchase. mike: we normally say dress and liars but dress in layer so you can use the code. we will warm from from from head out the door if you need to
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commute. kumasi: to tap into with maple syrup stock pile. a warm spring coupled with demand caused a syrup shortage and it presumes -- produces two thirds of the worlds's maple syrup supply. reggie: a fashion icon has died. he was the artistic director of louis vuitton. he founded the off-white brand and is survived by his wife with two children. americans are expected to spend more than $10 billion today alone. >> say hello to cyber monday. >> 2021 is an unusual year in the history of retail post-up >> doorbuster scenes of black
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friday passive been replaced by digital discounts. black friday sales were down in-store and online compared to pre-pandemic levels with in-store foot traffic reduced 28%. >> for cyber monday, it means we could see a step down in terms of spending from last year. we might not break that spending record. that might seem disappointing for some of these brands >>. >>which products should you by now? we will have the expert tips and tricks you need coming up at 7:00 a.m. kumasi: the u.s. postal and ups is bringing on hundreds of seasonal employees because they expect a big increase in holiday packages. 3.4 billion packages are expected to be delivered over
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the holidays. postal workers say they are seeing a surgeon packages being sent and the postal service says they saw the increase several weeks ago. reggie: a baby on her first flight was fascinated by the safety demonstration. she did not take her eyes off of the flight attendant will stop this was her first flight on alaska airlines. she followed the instructions and gave her undivided attention. chloe made it through the whole flight. kumasi: is chloe real? reggie: that's a puppet. she's smiling, that's cute. some adults could learn.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, signing -- finding solutions, this is abc news. kumasi: a member in the security card died days after being shot on the job, oakland pd's plan to battle an increase in violent crime. reggie: cyber monday shopping is already underway in a look at the best deals. >> every
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madeye or the famy. kumasi: aiming for top honors in the holiday lights department, local family competing on national tv. cyber monday is happening. mike: if you can get you can gen do yourself -- cyber monday shopping, it will be gorgeous. make sure you have sunglasses and shades. all week. with clear conditions in light breezes, we cool back into the 40's. everybody around 60-65 degrees d
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through lunch and we will top out around 3 p.m. to nearly 70 degrees. we will pull back into the upper 50's toward 7:00 p.m. reggie:ie:ie:ie:ie:ie:ie:ie:ie:: happening so if you need to buy holiday gifts, there are deals to be had online. we go live to the amazon forest store in burlingame. -- four star store in burlingame. >> it can be a little overwhelming so i will bring in benjamin who is the store manager. if i had to pick the best couple of deals, where would you point me? >> the best deal for our devices is the echo. which is 50% off.
5:32 am
is eight dollars off. books and stuff like that. > we have to show this. >> echo. clog accessory. it's around $34.99. you can see the clock and play music. >> it's going to be a busy day. >> it's been busy all weekend so we asked backed this to be the same so we are looking forward to having all the customers come into the store.
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>> so be aware. friday was down this year. the shopping report shows spending dipped lower than the previous year. online shoppers spent billion dollars. adobe says many people may have started the shopping early because of the global supply chain issues. kumasi: a san francisco safeway employee is recovering after they stepped -- got stepped on the job at 6:00 p.m. last night. the victim had
5:34 am
non-life-threatening injuries. reggie: a man was shot and killed in oakland as he confronted someone raking into a car. it happened on grand avenue and police say the victim's car was broken into and he followed the suspect who was breaking into another vehicle stop the suspect shot the man and ran off. police are asking for witnesses to come forward to help solve this crime. the open police department is putting more officers on the street to battle violent crime. that announcement comes days after a security guard and former police officer died stuff he was shuttled guarding a local tv reporter. >> as retired police and security guard kevinnishi
5:35 am
was wheeled to a corners van. sadly, he died early saturday morning, the gunshot injuries he sustained as he guarded a reporter during an attempted robbery last week near 14th and harrison in oakland. him a few weeks ago as he guarded a separate media crew near kezar stadium. >> the one thing he told me was how much he enjoyed doing what he was doing, working for the media, still being out there with people and still making friends. oakland police announced they will have additional staff to address the increase in violent crime step also, the oakland city councilmembers tweeted their condolences in the case and displeasure for what
5:36 am
happened. everyone including myself who knew him, saddened over his loss. his face. in my case, it was gracious and complementary and it sounds like he was just that kind person >>. he really was i heard kevin was the one coming to cover me, i knew things were going to be ok. >> i talked with a family representative who says that kevin's wife is surrounded by family members and close friends and they are still working at making funeral plans. kumasi: no arrests have been made and the shooter is believed to have been driving a white acura tl. there is a $32,000 reward.
5:37 am
a few gofundme account has been set up for his family. it has raised more than $15,000. we have posted a link on our website, if you would like to donate and we had this edge on our facebook page. you can share to show your support. reggie: the oakland vice mayors as the city council will hold a special meeting about the recent crime wave. this is just days after oakland's police chief appeared to call out the city's politicians during a news conference following a violent weekend. >> i want council members to step up. i need help from the leaders of this city. reggie: the special counsel meeting is scheduled for december 7. kumasi: there are questions about the new covid-19 variant. jobyna: pfizer and moderna are
5:38 am
looking to adapt their vaccines to fight oma chronic necessary. dr. paul burton is the chief medical officer of modernity and says the oma cron variant most likely mers in mid-october and has become a dominant strain in south africa. he says his suspicion would be that people are older or of other diseases may be at higher risk. >> we think vaccine effectiveness may come down based on the mutations seen in this virus, we have either crunched mike rochon -- booster and we will know from test in the next couple of weeks. jobyna: pfizer says of a vaccine escape variant emergences, they expect to develop and reduce a tailor-made vaccine in 100 days. kumasi: the covid vaccine
5:39 am
mandate for l.a. for indoor businesses starts today. residents have to show proof of a vaccine stop people will visit indoor restaurants and gyms and salons and are required to show proof. the mandate is one of the strictest in the country. exemptions are allowed for medical or religious reasons. businesses found in violation will be fined $1000. reggie: thieves target an expensive dog kidnapped at gunpoint. kumasi: what you can expect from the great dickens christmas fair. mike: the food and drink and entertainment are fantastic. pretty clear conditions in south beach. there is a little patchy fog to the north bay.
5:40 am
light breeze is to this morning but you won't need a coat later this afternoon. 39 degrees in some areas. the fog is getting thicker. 47 in high is 62 degrees. upper 60's to low 70's today through thursday with wednesday and thursday most likely a record-setting day. let's see how the roads are
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empire actor is scheduled to begin today. he told chicago police he was the victim of a racial and homophobic attack. prosecutors say he staged the whole thing as a publicity stunt. he has denied the accusations and we did not guilty to all charges. kumasi: a popular dog breed has become the target of a violent crime. in oakland woman is asking for help after she says her french bulldog was stolen at gunpoint stope spoke with the woman about hert. back home >> hannah nelson was holding back tears as she asked for the safe return of her french bulldog. >> he's part of my daily life.
5:45 am
i sometimes forget what's going on and i try to find him. >> his friend was taking the dog for a walk when she said to leaves with a gun grabbed the dog and ran away. >> after i called the cops, as soon as i finished calling them, i told them what had happened. i just broke down in tears. >> the breed is targeted by the eaves. there was a high-profile profile case in san francisco. in january, a woman said she was attacked by three men at gunpoint while she was walking her dog. these pups can sell for thousands of dollars. >> there is a connotation to them.
5:46 am
footage can track down the people responsible for stealing her dog. there is a reward for information that leads to the dogs so if you know where he might be, you can call or text the number. reggie: control has released a coyote rescued after nearly drowning. there is new video of the coyote king released. he was treated and warmed up by shelter veterinary staff. first responders were flagged down and made a last two -- who made a lasso to keep the coyotes head above water. they treated the coyote persevered by site -- persevere hypothermia. kumasi: the fair is back and it's confirmed into a drive-thru
5:47 am
event. visitors can take a short drive to dickens london and enjoy live music and food from the comfort of your car. >> it is a drive-thru andnd perfect opportunity to enjoy this opportunity to enjoy live music. kumasi: it starts this saturday, december 4 and goes on for three weekends. you can have a car full of family and friends, it's $25 per car and tickets are available and we have a link on our website, reggie: a santa rosa family will compete on the great christmas light fight. >> north pole express christmas. reggie: a railroad railroad r
5:48 am
display will be featured on season nine of this year's show. the family believes their enthusiasm and technical know-how will help them take on the trope -- take on the trophy. coming up at 11:30 a.m. suspenders. mike: so many of these families live in warmer climates.
5:49 am
but it will be warmer than average. all week until the weekend, and on chair breeze will bring us cooler conditions and more cloud cover. tomorrow morning is probably our best morning for fog and then it will get dry once again stop looking at temperatures, you will top out in the 70's today. tonight in the term -- as in the form of fog.
5:50 am
we have a chance of rain in a week. has our best chance for record highs and it will be warm friday and everybody is back to the loewen mid sex tease -- low and mid 60's for the weekend. reggie: matthew mcconaughey said he is not running for texas governor stuff >> i learned a lot. that we have some problems we need to fix. our politics needs new purpose. we have divides the need to be
5:51 am
healed. reggie: the former democratic presidential candidate announced he's entering the race and the current governor is expected to seek a third term but has not made it. will announcement madness at midnight, a highly awaited december blockbuster just shut down blockbuster sites overnight and that might be a good thing. kumasi: mariam webster's newly announced word of the year. reggie: nissan looking to the future with new additions to its lineup and the expectation over the next five years. kumasi: healthier is on-demand covid testing to help you return safely. even if it's still... a little awkward. how've you been? -i'm so good! ♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪
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there's a glitch in the matrix... and denny's is delivering for free! get special glitch-y, freebies at but free delivery won't last long. ♪ ♪ see you at (phone rings) reggie: merriam webster has announced its word of the year and it's vaccine.
5:54 am
searches for the word jumped more than 600% this year compared to last year. some of the other words wer wer insurrection, woke. kumasi: lineup of electric cars. this is a lance to spend more than 17 billion dollars over the next five years on 20 new battery-powered cars. none of the new cars will run solely on batteries and will be introduced by 2026 and the others will be hybrids. they want to develop a cheaper and more powerful battery. pellets
5:55 am
over its line of athletic apparel. lululemon claims they are similar. peloton is arguing its products need to be distinguished from lululemon and its designs do not deserve patent protection. reggie: check out these pups on boards in brazil. it was the annual surf dog festival where dogs surf next to their owners on panel boards. beginner pups where life vest for safety. this? it's amazing. mike: you need to learn how to surf yourself.
5:56 am
mike: it was not as frustrating as snowboarding. the the pacific northwest. looking atoking atoking atokingt and 70's and the same thing tomorrow and more wednesday. her best chance of record highs will be tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. kumasi: another housing market record high and the search for homes for a certain type. reggie: we are back with the white house meetings happening with the emergence of the omicron variant. kumasi: plus, a shocking crash of the bay bridge toll liza come a tow
5:57 am
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> concerns over oma sunday's travel hit a new pandemic high. president biden will be addressing the country and hours. reggie: waking up to the cyber monday deals. we have how you can save without
6:00 am
looking too hard. >> taking a live look outside right now, north winds starting today. >> happy i night. it was called vodka and latkes. [laughter] i got both. mike: where they will helpings? reggie: mind your business. [laughter] mike: tried to spin the dreidel and was like [laughter] l'chaim. reggie: monday. we are happy you are joining us. fog is an issue. especially the central valley. coming in from the central valley and this is


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