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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 29, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now, north winds starting today. >> happy i night. it was called vodka and latkes. [laughter] i got both. mike: where they will helpings? reggie: mind your business. [laughter] mike: tried to spin the dreidel and was like [laughter] l'chaim. reggie: monday. we are happy you are joining us. fog is an issue. especially the central valley. coming in from the central valley and this is sliding
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so slightly with the corridor socked with fog in the morning commute. with hazy sunshine. kumasi: president biden is expected to give us an up date on the new oma krohn varian of covid-19 but the world health organization is morning countries to not overreact. jobina: the who says there is no data to determine the severity of the oma krohn very end but health officials are closely monitoring it as covid infections rise globally and it is being described as a variant of concern as more nations report new cases and at least 13 countries have confirmed cases of the variant, which has as many as 50 mutations. scientists are moving quickly to find out more about its severity. dr. anthony fauci is on gma today.
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he was asked if people on the cusp of getting a booster shot should wait for the vaccine to between. -- to be tweaked. >> not at all. if you are in that category of six months following or two months following j&j, i would strongly suggest you get used to it now and not wait for the next iteration of it, which we might not even need. we are preparing, the pharmaceutical companies are preparing to make a specific used for this. kumasi: dr. fauci says he may not need another shot because he expects to find out soon. kumasi: president biden will address the variant later this morning.
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anyone traveling through southern africa in the last 14 days should get a covid test or quarantine until they get a negative test result. all eyes on the impact of the omicron variant, stocks plummeted friday with investors worrying about this new strain of covid. the nasdaq at its worst drop off into months. the biggest losers were travel and energy stocks. carnival, norwegian, they all saw losses of 10%. kumasi: millions spending a lot of time on the computer today and not necessarily for work,
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but looking for holiday gifts online. just like -- despite supply chain issues, there are good deals out there for you. amy is live with the thing expected to be big hits with shoppers today. >> good morning. with it being cyber monday, we wanted to check in with amazon to ask them what they should be looking at and what are the big deals. natalie joins me live to give me an idea of what we should look for. you are pushing a lot of home goods and technology. where are the really big deals? >> as i was mentioning earlier, home goods is a top seller because people were spending a lot more time in their homes to upgrade. the ninja foodie is $100 off. of this thing is like instant pop on steroids. it bakes, steams, crisps. you can do everything there. >> does it do the dishes? >> i wish.
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[laughter] it's a nine in one. $100 off today. >> when does it go back off? is it truly cyber monday? >> that's right, today only. >> what about this toothbrush? i know that these are popular. >> it's 50% off today. it's $140 today. you know, the battery charge has an ai component to tell you how to brush your teeth. >> what about a little something for yourself? i think i found something. what do you think? >> those are great for everyone. 30% off today. >> if you guys are looking for my christmas gifts, i think this looks good. thank you so much. it's going to be a big day for you. really good deals. make sure that you use a retailer that you know, like amazon, because there are a lot
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of scams out there. scammers will be busy,usy, careful, use an outlet that you know. be careful. what do you think? >> well -- >> should i wrap it up and put your name on it? reggie: i like you in navy aiders, so that would have to be switched out. but also yes. i'm looking out for amy. reggie: she looks good in everything. -- kumasi: she looks good in everything. reggie: she does, i'm just saying. kumasi: you just got wiped, friend. [laughter] kumasi: we will come back to you. friend had a follow-up question. this ithis ithis ithis ith reflect on how we have been blessed and how to help neighbors in need. site -- day of giving us tomorrow it it's a day when many
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nonprofits have incentives to make your dollars stretch even further. if you are looking for ways to donate, visit our website and you will there find a list of embedded organizations that would really appreciate your help. reggie: tsa screening 2.4 million people yesterday, a pandemic high for air travel. overall officials say it was 89% of re-pandemic levels. sfo said they had their busiest day since the start of the pandemic. long-term parking garages were sold out. folks coming back in. reggie: 50,000 people to parted on something alone.
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house's gifts from the heart. 100 volunteers spent a week rating the house and they will be recognized at her first holiday celebration today. reggie: big trouble at the bay bridge toll plaza. this slammed into a cruiser and kept going. kumasi: the opening arguments in the trial of ghislaine maxwell. this morning one of the underage girls when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where they don't just know the difference between products, they live for it.
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from american hardwood to spanish porcelain to italian marble, i'm looking for inspiration from every part of the world. so, when it comes to discovering every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design, one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. explore floor & decor in person or online at
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>> check out the roof camera, showing the ferry building confessed of colors with haziness in the air. if you are thinking about going to the coast, its light breezes there. take breaks from shopping inside and head out to enjoy the wonderful weather. exercising? you will need a jacket this morning. 46 in castro valley to 43 in alameda. clear conditions along the east bay. 40 in pleasanton. 55 in san francisco. quite the microclimates. mid to upper 50'mid to upper 5'p 56 average high of 61 for the east bay. look at these temperatures not
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only today, 70, but also wednesday and thursday. 72 degrees. really earmarking those two days weav lk at the rest ofatures. our microclimates, coming up. jobina: oakland, following a crash on northbound 880 right now. you can see the speed is down to 13 miles per hour with one lane blocked. it's not clear if there are injuries involved but from there you can see at the coliseum camera the northbound traffic is moving smoothly. it's really just in that section there. this is a live look at the toll plaza. the metering lights artificially on, not too bad there but in czar really slowing down for the supercomputers. 22 minute ride from antioch to concord. reggie: you are about to witness the start of a violent pursuit at the bay bridge toll plaza yesterday. watch this, the toll -- tow truck driver rams into a chp
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cruiser. officers were first called here to check on the tow truck that was stopped and refusing to move . chp says that chase went through oakland before the driver crashed his truck on san pablo avenue and was promptly arrested. the chp officer and suspect were treated for minor injuries. kumasi: a new rosa safari west. reggie: a jeopardy contestant who is doing more than just racking up wins. kumasi: spider-man breaking bock's office records overnight and it might be a good thing. reggie: a live look outside
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kumasi: opening arguments just began in the trial of ghislaine maxwell, accused as the accomplice to the convicted pedophile of jeff -- convicted
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pedophile jeffrey epstein. kumasi: she's in a new york courtroom to face -- jobina: she is in a new york courtroom facing sex trafficking charges, accused of helping her former boyfriend recruit and groom underage girls for sex. they found -- if found guilty, she could spend the rest of her life in jail. several women are expected to testify against her. the only alleged minor victim in the case to publicly identify herself, annie farmer, spoke to abc news, describing an incident where epstein allegedly gave her a massage at his ranch. >> i was on the table and a very aware that the door was open and i could be seen getting this massage. and then at some point she just takes the sheet down, exposing my breasts. i feel uncomfortable. jobina: epstein never stood trial, he died by suicide in his jail cell in 2019.
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sources close to maxwell say she plans to take the stand because she "has never shied away from the truth." kumasi: thank you. an important decisions -- decisions later this morning for the sharks forward if vander kane, he's been made available to be added by other teams if they choose. he's being investigated after his estranged wife accused him of sexual abuse. if he's not claimed this morning, he will be downgraded and sent to the minor league team. reggie: an oakland woman who is transgender aching history and jeopardy, amy schneider winning eight games in a row, giving her a spot in the tournament of champions, winning four consecutive games or more. the tournament is set for next fall but before that she will be back on jeopardy tonight to try to continue this winning streak. so far she is one -- he is a winner 200 $95,000 on the show and said she would like to take time off from her job as an
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engineering manager and use the money to travel to ireland. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 followed by wheel of fortune at 7:30. kumasi: you have the chance to vote for a new navy draft born in santa rosa at safari west. staff members have come up with six names we can all choose from in here they are. devo, buster, g., curry, and matt vino. right now giraffey isn't the front, but you have time to vote, you can vote on their website until the polls close tomorrow at midnight. reggie: it's giraffeg, that's ta about right. plus it sounds like giraffe. it just flows and makes sense. get it right now, safari west.
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wonderful bay area sports figures. reggie: matt vino, that guy dresses up in a wine bottle. i didn't even know that until this morning. look it up. here's a look from the exploratorium. you can see how clear it is this morning. hazy out there with warm sunshine today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday. five days of it. near record high temperatures meet. more clouds, cooler this weekend, no soaking storms for the next 10 days. what's going on? it's a typical nemea pattern. the rain is in the pacific northwest. most comfortable temperatures are around san mateo, palo alto, richmond and napa. the rest of us, 70 to 72 degrees . tonight, more moisture in the air and because of that, more
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fog to contend with. chilly temperatures in the low to upper 40's. here's a look at the pattern of high pressure that is locked off the coast from us with a clockwise flow. you can see it steering everything over the next seven days to the north until this time next week, small chance, less 1/10 a inch of ra possible. that's all we have to look foar to as far as wet weather, but the seven-day forecast, look at that, low to mid 70's today through friday, mid to upper 60's on the coast, then we flip the switch. saturday and sunday, bringing a bit of a chill back with a little less sunshine. reggie? reggie: whenever you knock on the green screen, it always catches our attention, thank you for waking us up morning. mike: next time if you yell who is they are, i will be like come in. reggie: good morning, ginger z.
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>> i'm going to start knocking on walls so that people pay attention to me. i remember that, mike. having to find the way. good, i'm glad. great to be with you this morning. [laughter] coming up here, the growing concern over the new covid variant is of course where we begin. first detected in south africa, but also at least 12 other countries. the u.s. now imposing new traveled -- travel restrictions and we speak to dr. fauci with what we need to know. we will speak to the chief medical officer of moderna, telling us what it means for the vaccine. cyber monday is pretty good to be the busiest online shopping day of the year. nokia's on the case all morning. and we are brings the then we have got one on one with one and only mel brooks, the comedy genius is talking about
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his remarkable career with george, they are and his new memoir. can't imagine how good that is. then our holiday celebration, gma gives back. so many people inspire us with those stories where you wind up crying at the end, but now we want to get back to you, our viewers. you will see what that means, coming up. reggie: we haven't discussed this, but cyber monday, it needs a new name. it feels very 1990's. >> i agree. reggie: any ideas, anyone? open to the floor. >> the other thing is online shopping day. you've got to make it special some other way. reggie: what about manic monday?
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mike: all right, let's take a look at the final touches on this graphic right here. i couldn't believe how much warmer than average it was going to be. up to 10 degrees in places like san jose. today, 72. even places like san francisco, eight degrees warmer than average. here is next week's forecast. a 14 days, much farther than we can stretch the medium-range models to get a flavor of the forecast staying to the north on any chance of rain, dipping down
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into the northern part of mendocino counties. for the rest of us we have equal chances of precipitation. reggie: thank you, new at 6:00, ticket sales for the marvel spider-man movie crashing websites. analysts say it's a positive sign for the movie theater industry. this kind of popularity hasn't been seen at the vox office since 2019 when advance tickets went on sale for things like endgame and the rise of skywalker. spider-man no way home swings into theaters december 17. kumasi: the first animated movie to make its debut only in theaters since pandemic is a certified hit. it got a top spot at the boxx office. ♪ first place with $40 million in
6:27 am
a five day thanksgiving stretch, the best opening for an animated film during the pandemic. disn is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. reggie: new at 6:30, a spike in home sales or a particular variety. kumasi: plus the newest city where you will need proof of vaccination, starting today. reggie: saying, saying, saying it's another manic monday. we'll be right back with top deals out there. kumasi: as we had to break, taking a live look outside this morning, a beautiful look at the bay bridge and reggie: reggie: embarcadero. christmas lights. kumasi: 5 a.m., maybe saturday, either way it's nice to see this
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories now storiesn oma krohn, high alert, the chief medical officer at mentor and answers on the potential need for a new vaccine and the johnson & johnson work already underway this morning. kumasi: we are on wall street watch, markets are just opening, plenty of eyes will be out there looking at the investors worried about the variant. reggie: the deadly shooting of a security guard hitting a news you on the job and word of another killing. this man confronted a car burglar. >> everything here has been made by me or the family. >> wow.
6:31 am
lights department. they are competing tonight. good morning, everyone. >> you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are starting our manic monday. mike: yes, you do have to run, today. a run day. it's not your sunday. here's a look at what's going on outside. fog in the north bay. look at this, clear through the golden gate. northward it's dangerously low visibility, a quarter of a mile in santa rosa. taking you out on that morning commute. it is chilly out there. most of us in the 40's. look at how rapidly we hit 60 to 66 by noon. 60 degrees to 70 degrees by 3:00, falling back quickly by 7:00. record highs is the theme of the seven day forecast. kumasi: questions are coming up
6:32 am
over the new covid-19 variant and the vaccines available right now. jobina has more more more more e interview with the chief medical officer at maternal. jobina: they are all working to fight oma krohn as necessary. dr. paul burton is the chief medical officer of moderna, telling gma and an exclusive interview that the oma krohn variant most likely emerged in mid-october and became the dominant strain in south africa, saying that his suspicion would be that people who are older or who have other diseases may be at higher risk. reggie: we think that that thatt think that higher effectiveness may come down based on what's seen in the virus, that 50 or 100 microgram vista can get it up and that is an initial
6:33 am
important line of defense and we will know from tests over the next couple of weeks. >> p p p escape variant emerges, they will be able to produce something for it in 100 days. kumasi: the l.a. covid vaccine mandate for indoor businesses is starting today, residents must show proof of full vaccination as part of the safe past l.a. ordinance. people who visit salons, shopping centers, and entertainment venues are required to show proof. this mandate is one of the strictest in the country. extensions are allowed for religious or medical reasons and businesses found in violation will be fined. well, it's cyber manic monday and if you need some good gifts, there are deals online to be had. >> amy is live at the amazon four-star store. >> good morning. don't know about you, but my
6:34 am
inbox is full of emails telling me that it's cyber monday, look at the deal. we will bring in an amazon expert here thank you for joining. what should we be putting under the tree. here we have have kit. comes with it. >> that can go the distance when you need to distract the kids. -- echodot,
6:35 am
different colors. it's in stock, feel free to come down to the store. >> you expect it to be busy? >> pretty busy with carryover from the weekend. >> thank you so much, we want to give everyone a warning to be looking out for scammers today, they will be busy, too. scams jumped 2019 to 2020, so if you see, you know, a really good deal that looks suspicious, listen to that inner voice. check to make sure that it's a legitimate retle reggie: amy, thank you. it's an interesting picture of -- that is being painted about where we will be doing holiday shopping in the years to come. for the first time ever, overall sales dipped black friday in the previous year, compared to $9 billion last year. that's according to adobe
6:36 am
analytics. remember, many stores started holiday sales as early as october this year and say that 45% of shopping was done on a smartphone, more than a 10% jump from last year. kumasi: developing news to share this morning, a san francisco safeway employee recovering after being stabbed on the job. police say the victim had non-life-threatening injuries and officers arrested a woman in the attack but investigators didn't reveal a motive. reggie: east bay, a man shot and killed in oakland as he confronted someone breaking into a car on grand avenue near lake merritt. investigators say the victim's car was broken into and the following suspect was broken -- broke into another vehicle, shooting the man and running off. they are asking for witnesses to please come forward to help solve the crime and the oakland police department is putting more officers on the street to help battle the rise in violent
6:37 am
crime after a former officer died. he was shot while guarding against a local tv reporter. j.r. stone spoke to others who are morning. quick solemn moments as this retired police sergeant and security guard's casket was raped in an american flag and wheeled to a corners van. >> everyone thought of courseouc would be ok. >> sadly he died early saturday morning from the gunshot injury that he sustained as he guarded a reporter against an attempted robbery last week in oakland. now a san francisco park ranger, but he worked us out -- but this man had worked alongside him for years and spoke to him just a few weeks ago. >> the one thing he told me was how much he actually enjoyed
6:38 am
doing what he was doing, working for the media, still being out there with people, still making those friends. >> police announced on sunday that they will have additional staffing to address the increase in violent crime and sunday the oakland city council members tweeted condolences in the case and displeasure over what happened. everyone, including myself, saddened over his loss. >> he always had a big smile on his face and in my case was always very gracious and complementary and it sounds like he was just that kind of person. >> he really was. i hear a certain call come out and i was sketchy about it. when i heard that kevin was the one coming to cover me, i didn't know how, but i knew that things were going to be ok. >> i spoke with a family representative a little while ago told me that his wife is
6:39 am
surrounded by family members and close friends who are still working at making funeral plans. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. kumasi: no arrests have been made. the shooter was believed to have been driving an acura, white, tl, got away. there is a $32,000 reward being offered at this time. a gofundme account has been set up for the family that has raised $15,000 already. we posted it on our website if you would like to donate and we also have this badge from the abc 7 news facebook page that you can share to show your support for him and his family. kumasi: the vice mayor of oakland says the city council is going to hold a special meeting about the recent crime wave, the announcement coming days after armstrong appeared to call out the city politicians during a news conference following a particularly violent again.
6:40 am
>> i'm asking council to step up. i need help from the leaders of the city. >> the special counsel meeting is scheduled for december 7. this story touches on many complex issues with difficult solutions, which is why we put together a catalog of resources on our website. there you can find local help and resources for survivors and victims of gun violence as well as mental health and other counseling. kumasi: the next investment from nissan, new ways they are looking to the future. reggie: looking live at the big board of the stock exchange, positive territory this morning. kumasi: and a warning to know about before you put up holiday lights. this is a type of light that you need to handle with extra care. mike: coming up on 6:40, here is a look at san jose, you can see just how clear the sky is. clouds in the southbay, look at
6:41 am
the haziness in the distance. that will be it, patchy fog and haze headed through the morning. mass won't want a coat later this afternoon but you will this morning. look at these temperatures, very mild, 54 to 56 across-the-board. coolest weather, palo alto, 36 right now. 40 in pleasanton. 46 in american canyon. mid 40's, thankfully no freezing fog on 101 like last week. san francisco, average high of 60. look at this, 58. 10:00, outdoor seating will go quickly today with temperatures in the mid 60's. not only for 1:00 but all the way through to 4:00 and then we drop down. one of the areas that i think really has a good chance of threatening record high temperatures is the north bay,
6:42 am
where your average high is 61 degrees. 71 today. tomorrow, 73. then you start to see the onshore breeze with temperatures back in the mid 60's. good news, even with record-setting temperatures and stagnant air, the forecast calls for moderate air quality that is still healthy. jobina: good news is that the crash we were following in oakland has cleared and we are facing only residual delays now. you can see the speed there down to nine miles per hour but it is picking up. looks like the bay bridge toll plaza camera just froze but you can still see the backup there along 538. a live look here along walnut creek, hazy sunshine on 680. we will i outbound traffic at 7 a.m.. 58 minutes from antioch to concord. highway four is getting a little
6:43 am
slow. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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kumasi: jobina: it's jobina: nuclear talks with iran resumed today. it's the first time since the new president took office over the summer. they have moved closer to nuclear weapons since the president dachshunds president trump withdrew from the joint action in 2019. president biden has been trying to get back into the agreement to limit the iranian program. reggie: the disorderly conduct trial of jesse small let is scheduled to begin today after three years of delays. he told chicago police he had been the victim of a racial and homophobic attack, saying that two men hit him and put a noose around his neck. prosecutors say that he staged
6:46 am
the whole thing as a publicity son -- stunned. small let has pled not guilty. the fashion world morning the loss of an acclaimed designer. virgil ablow died yesterday after a battle with a rare heart cancer, and prior to joining louis vuitton he founded the off-white brand. he is surrounded by -- survived by his wife and two children. kumasi: called researching running for governor he humbling experience. >> i have learned a lot. we have some problems we need to fix. the politics needs new purpose. we have divides that need healing. kumasi: beto o'rourke announced he is entering the race. greg abbott expected to seek a third term but has not made a formal announcement.
6:47 am
kumasi: it's cyber monday -- reggie: it's cyber monday and online sales are expected to be big. discounted items include smart home products, appliances, cruises. you can get more on the biggest deals to look out for at 7:00 this morning. the real estate market iket iket california's red heart -- red hot. second-home sales are booming during pandemic, up 70% compared to pre-pandemic numbers. bigger homes outside the bay area and other they can work remotely. isn't that nice for them? first-time
6:48 am
with buying their first home as wealthy people purchase second homes. yikes. taking a live look at the stock exchange, trading getting underway, we are up 100 and 52 points. earlier today we did see some of these numbers fall, especially in asia, while european markets rebounded from the big friday losses. kumasi: nissan is adding to its lineup of electric cars. 20 new battery-operated cars. cheaper more powerful battery.
6:49 am
apparel, where lululemon says it is too close to their design but helicon says that it's easy to distinguish. and that the designs deserve patent protection. reggie: in brazil, the annual surf dog festival. during the competition the dogs served next to their owners. beginner pops were using safety vests. this year's winners were pretty excited, previously they were the winners of silver and bronze at the world championship but this time they took home the gold. kumasi: from surfing dogs to a snowboarding baby? [laughter] the world cannot get enough of wang eugene. not even one year old yet but he's already a pro in the snow. her parents said that she learned how to snowboard before she could walk and were surprised to see how quickly she could stand on the board by
6:50 am
herself. of course, this video j going viral because look at how cute she is. reggie: that's amazing. lower center of gravity really helps, i'm imagining. mike: exactly what i was thinking. reggie: i've never gone snowboarding. kumasi: i have. i think i waited too late. you need to start when you are young. my babies were like girl. reggie: i know what you did. you went to the lodge and got yourself a hot drink. kumasi: i did. they were like, now that you have done the lesson, do you want to go? reggie: fair enough. [laughter] kumasi: i had had enough. mike: my backside, i don't have much cushioning. i kept falling. all right. the second day, so much better. unfortunately, look at this, tahoe, near record high today,
6:51 am
tomorrow, and again on friday. average high is 46. the coolest high, 54. you have to be kind of picky and choosy between who is open and who has snow and most of it is man-made right now. a look at the exploratorium in the east bay hills. right above the haziness, that's what's going to dominate the forecast. hazy sunshine, warmer than average temperatures today through friday. mostly clear tonight, more fog tonight because of an uptick in humidity with a one and done one off, if you will. a cooling offshore breeze for the week will start to feel a bit more like december. 67 in richmond, 72 in ukiah, san jose. 10 degrees warmer than average. tonight you can see the extra humidity will form more fog out there. there is your jacket weather. we talked about the storm
6:52 am
pattern bringing too much rain to the pacific northwest and british columbia. more flooding is possible, but here's the best chance, five hundredths of an inch one week from now. that's it until then, look at the temperatures mid to upper 60's on the coast. record highs, low to low to l 60's with more cloud cover. reggie: thank you. the faa warning the public that christmas laser light displays may unintentionally blind pilots. they are asking people to take these potentially dangerous light shows down b fines. the faa says there have been 8500 reports of pilots being hit by lasers this year, the highest number since they began tracking incidents. the federal government says you can be hit with fines of up to $11,000 if you are caught shining lasers at an aircraft. kumasi: please.
6:53 am
this is better. happening tonight, a santa rosa family competing for top owned -- top honors on abc's a great christmas lights fight. >> we are going to bring your north pole express christmas. >> choo-choo. kumasi: [laughter] a railroad themed display built by this north bay family will be featured on season nine of the show. they believe that their enthusiasm and technical know-how will help them take home the trophy and the cash prize and as you will find out tonight, the display is a real engineering masterpiece. much more coming up at 11:30 on midday live and you can catch them tonight right here on abc 7 starting in on :00. reggie: did you all decorate a lot kumasi: in florida? the family?
6:54 am
medium. trees. not a lot of outdoor. did you? reggie: my dad was. he won the contest in the neighborhood one year and that was all he needed. he sailed through the whole year on that high. kumasi: [laughter] he had the house hooked up? reggie: he did. we had a small little townhouse and he decorated every inch of it, every inch of our tiny postage stamp yard. tinkered with it every single day. he was the griswold of seven court drive. kumasi: what about you, did you get your tree? reggie: it didn't pass down. i don't even think we own any decorations. i think we have one ornament someone just gave us. [laughter] kumasi: we will work on it, friend. up next, the seven things you need to know about today. reggie: sometimes the sun goes in opposite directions.
6:55 am
you can checkcan checkcan checke start streaming. kumasi: heading to break, a live look outside right now, it's 6:55. let's round up. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
6:56 am
if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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♪ ♪ kumasi: it is 6:57. this morning president biden is expected to give an update on the oma cron variant of covid-19. you can watch the update at 8:45 this morning live right here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. reggie: also today, the u.s. imposing a new travel ban from eight south african countries. kumasi: number three, the oakland police department increasing the number of officers on the street. days after a security guard was killed. he was killed while protecting a
6:58 am
crew and a cover story from a local tv station. reggie: today's predicted to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. the deals are out there today. this includes a real -- rare apple sale of free gift card with purchase. kumasi: near record -- mike: near record high temperatures pushing us to 68. san francisco, 72. jobina: a live picture here from the upper deck of the bay bridge, a stall is being reported and if you are headed that way, the lights came on at 5:38. kumasi: and you had the chance to vote for the name of a new baby giraffe born in santa rosa at safari west. staff members at the park have come up with six names to choose from and you can see them on your screen there. mike: there? kumasi: i like these
6:59 am
descriptions, a genuine real nice guy. reggie: it makes me want to dive deep into the whole experience. there's an entire website, you can get him for events. it's a man and a fine outfit. just a wine bottle. mike: we know all the others, they are our sports heroes. reggie: he's a wine hero. can i please share the joy from earlier when jobina just said -- jobina: i love the holidays. [laughter] kumasi: it was like a commercial. jobina: going into the commercials? [sings to self] reggie: she spent the whole week with her family. kumasi: we are all here. we didn't have our friendsgiving but we will have a holiday treat for you all. reggie: and tonight is a second night of hanukkah. happy hanukkah. i got to go to my first hanukkah
7:00 am
party last night. i recommend it. literally lit. [laughter] tes good morning, america, f our viewers in the west. at the start of a new week new travel restrictions and growing concern about the new covid variant. health officials bracing for the new variant omicron. first detected in south africa, it's now spread to at least a dozen countries around the world. the u.s. issued a new travel ban as millions of americans return from thanksgiving gatherings. scientists scrambling to learn more about the variant. we're talking to dr. fauci live and the chief medical officer of moderna joins us to talk about what this means for the vaccine. also, president biden set to address the nation from the white house outlining the u.s. response to the new variant. stowaway. how one man got inside the wheel well of a plane and survived a 2 1/2-hour flight.


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