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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 30, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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key takeaways for your holiday plans. plus. >> [indiscernible] reggie: it is so these folks who love these people so much and see them taken away by violence this year. new clues in the search for the suspects in this case this morning, as oakland leaders race to find solutions. kumasi: it is the spirit of the season. our day of giving is kicking off right now. some important groups to help out on our mission to build a better bay area. reggie: good morning. it is tuesday, november 30. we are going to start with mike's forecast. mike: nice to see you all. let's talk about the fog. it is more widespread this morning, as we thought it would be, because of the influx in some extra moisture out there. visibility is lowest at half moon bay, sfo, santa rosa, and petaluma. let's zoom in and show you which way the winds are blowing right
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now. everything is sinking south. look for to extend down past the south palo bay. it will head down the peninsula and toward the south bay. you can see how foggy it is getting it is definitely something jobina and i will keep an eye on. 40's this morning, but middle 60's and 70's this afternoon. kumasi: now to the developing latest on the oma calm. . -- omicron variant. reggie: president biden is pushing for all dilts and eligible children to get the booster. we have more on what the national institutes of health are saying this morning. jobina: thank you. president biden is not considering any widespread lockdown considerations at this time. he said it is cause for concern, not panic. other countries have put travel restrictions in place for
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noncitizens. so far, about 200 cases of the new variant have been confirmed. at least 17 countries are involved. there are no cases here in the u.s. right now, but health officials suggest the string could already be here. the director of the nih is on it she may this morning and says it will take a couple of weeks to find out if the current vaccines work against omicron. >> we need to do that experiment with a suit of virus that has all of the swarm of tatian's that are present in omicron and see if the blood from somebody who has been immunized with the vaccine is capable of neutralizing that virus. that is not something you can do overnight coming to matter how hard you try. jobina: vaccine manufacturers say they are ready to update the formulas for new protections against omicron if needed. president biden also calling on nations to waive national property protections, so
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vaccines can be manufactured globally. kumasi: we know a lot of you are wondering about how this variant might impact your holiday travel and celebrations. health experts in the bay area. amy hollyfield is joining us life in the newsroom with amy: what they're saying. amy:our experts are saying it is not a matter of if, but when it arrives. it could be days or weeks, but it is coming and they say we need to be aware. they say could already be here and we just don't recognize it yet. the medical experts we talked to across the area agree that your holiday celebrations should not be locked down. they say to take precautions when making your plans, but you should not cancel them. >> if everybody in your gathering is vaccinated and boosted, chances are that you will be ok. i think that you will be ok. amy: health officials here say the ongoing pandemic has already uncovered what works and that we should continue with those good practices that we have learned.
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i also think the bay area has a good chance of doing well against omicron because of the height vaccination rate here. bring life in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. we know a lot of you have questions about the variant, vaccines, the best way to protect your family this holiday season. you can always ask our vaccine team and we will take for those answers for you. reggie: the grief stricken family of oakland's latest homicide victim is demanding justice this morning. he was only 28 years old. eric davis was killed along grand avenue on sunday afternoon. police say his car had been broken into and when he noticed the suspect rick into another car, he interrupted that burglary. that is when a passenger in the suv shot davis. family members say davis is from l.a., but has been living near lake merritt for a few years. they described him as a young man of faith and character. >> we need the public's help
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with locating the suspect. he was a kind, brother, nephew. he was a hard-working young man. reggie: oakland police suspects escaped in a black suv. kumasi: this morning, police are hoping someone has information about the person who killed a tv news guard last week. please take a look at this photo. this is a white acura tl with no front license plate. please believe this vehicle was used in the attempted theft of a forced camera equipment. a retired police officer was guarding the crew and was shot during that attempted theft. he died saturday at highland hospital. a trust fund has been set up for
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his family, as well as an online fundraiser to cover medical and memorial expenses. you can find a link on our website, today, the oakland police chief is expected to address violence in his city. we have already learned more police will soon hit the streets as a part of the city's response to while in crime. >> there is nothing progressive about unbridled gun violence. this is what oakland or's want, a comprehensive and effective approach to safety. that includes adequate police staffing. kumasi: the mayor said in a police academy of 38 is about to graduate, with another academy starting. she says the city will present counsel with a new officer hiring and funding plan on friday and that will include at least one additional academy. she also don't -- she also wants to reverse plant cuts to the department. staffing fell below the 600
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semien minimum required under measure z, a voter approved tax that helps to fund the department. reggie: today is giving tuesday, a day set aside to encourage you to think about helping others. abc 7 and our parent company disney are helping or we can with donations to bay area food bags, including $15,000 to the allegheny county community food bank. there is a good chance someone you know needs his help. executive director reggie young tells us if you can make a donation on this day of giving, your dollar will go much further. >> prior to the pandemic, we were seeing about one in five people needing food resources from a food pantry. right now, it is probably around one in four, about 25%, particularly in alameda county. for a lot of people, we are hearing that there has been some form of recovery. however, for people coming to us, the reality is that they are still in a really tough situation as it relates to being able to get the food resources
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that they need for themselves and their family. if you are able to give today, this is a great opportunity because of the fact that every dollar you give today is going to be doubled. it is doubled impact for our families in need throughout our county. reggie: if you can help the alameda county food bank or any bay area food banks, we have information to help you do that at our website. you will see a list of vetted organizations that would really appreciate your help on this day of giving. kumasi: drama down to lax. two incidents in a busy night, including an arrest on the tarmac. reggie: plus, the jesus christ superstar broadway actor charged with storming the u.s. capitol after this being here in san francisco explains his case in court. the judge did not seem to be buying his reasoning at all. mike: here's a look at whether in those areas dealing with thick fog this morning. the pencil, especially on -- the
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kumasi: this morning, there is new information about how climate change could impact california's water supply even more. a new study by lawrence berkeley international is -- shows why the sierra snow could disappear in just a few years. this is about one third of california's water supply. we have already seen this warming trend happening just this season. several ski resorts push back their opening dates because of warming temperatures preventing them from making snow. mike: here's the seven-day forecast. mother nature is not going to help out whatsoever as temperatures near the upper 50's
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low 60's wednesday, thursday, friday, annex monday. those are near record high temperatures. the nights are cold enough and it is hard to get that good base of man-made snow built. you need it much colder. skiing will be up in the higher parts of. here's was going on in the east bay hills. you can see here below me a lot of fog is developing along the toll plaza. watch out for the morning fog. otherwise, quiet along the water. coat to know coat today. 52 right now in san francisco. when back to the peninsula, temperatures in the 50's there about 10:00. middle 60's for the better part of the afternoon. warmer than it should be for this time of year. the 70 forecast is coming up next. jobina: good morning. i'm going to start with our most visual camera right now, which is certainly the bay bridge toll plaza because you can see all of the fog in the area and also the big back to that fog.
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metering lights came on a bit earlier than usual at 5:30 this morning. we'll keep an eye on that for you. you can see on the map your everything else looks pretty good, mostly green and moving. we do have a slow spot in oakland on westbound 24 the connector due to a crash there. no injuries are involved. it appears to be moving out of the way quickly. wrapping up here with a lot look at walnut creek. 680 looking good. everything is moving at the limit. kumasi: thank you. it 6:00, the living robot that is now reproducing in a way scientists say they've never seen before. reggie: you have to see this. and the oakland woman that keeps on winning jeopardy and her upcoming trip to the tournament of champions. kumasi: as we had to break, here is a lot look outside. i my slick at the city. we will be back.
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reggie: new to veltman's about a
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broadway actor facing charges in connection to the junri six insurrection at the u.s. capitol. james peake's told the court yesterday that he had divine authority and argued the government has no power over him. the judge told him to be quiet unless spoken to. you're looking at video from an interview with him last month, when jesus christ superstar was here in san francisco. he played judas. he was fired from the play last week after his arrest. he has an alleged member of the oath keepers, a group that broke into the capitol building. the judge ordered him to report to pretrial services in florida tomorrow. kumasi: there was a lot of drama at lax last night. first, a passenger who missed her flight ran out of an emergency exit door to try to flag down her southwest plane. a fellow passenger recorded the whole thing at terminal one. you can see an airport employee trying to move this woman back toward the terminal building and away from the plane. airport officials say she was
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very combative, refused man's to cooperate. lax eventually called the police , who responded and arrested the passenger and she had to be taken to hospital for mental evaluation. then, there is as. an air canada flight from san diego to vancouver had to divert to lax after a report of an in-flight fuel leak. to make things worse, the airplane flew to the tires when it landed. with the jet disabled on the runway, the 73 passengers and crew had to step off the plane and into the airfield. they were put on shuttle buses for a quick ride to the terminal. thank fully, no injuries were reported. reggie: get ready for this. scientists have made an astounding discovery for the first -- the world's first living robots. they are reproducing. >> no. no. reggie: these are called zeno bots. they do not look like robots,
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but they are reproduced by computers from the cells of a o frog. they are reproducing in ways not seen by plants and animals. at less than one millimeter in size, these xe used to clean up waste and clean up the oceans. mike: that's what i'm talking about. that's how you use robots. you're scared about that one that was reproducing. reggie: not yet. mike: don't go there. don't go there. reggie: only a matter of time. mike: let's keep it positive. the robots will do well for us. hopefully we will do well for you on this forecast. record warm temperatures weekly again today as some of our morning fog turns into hayes. it is going to be hazy everywhere. some of that will be extra smoke and he midian they are today. breezy and the hills today as
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drier air moves in. we would be talking about a fire threat, but we are not. the ones that are sheltered from the breeze, on the weekend, more clouds. this warmth will finally expire. er a t oemout three more of hise they are the stream down into mexico, the other well up into the pacific northwest. the reason why we are going to be near record highs for the next few days. areas that don't make it into the 70's today are going to be really close. places like napa, half moon bay. 69 degrees going up to 74. did you see santa rosa and livermore and 10 has a gecko those are possible record high temperatures. with the breeze due tonight. the green you see are on higher elevations. for shelter from the winds, the drier air will drop the rest of us into the 40's. here's a look at the beginning
6:20 am
of a pattern change. high-pressure is going to hold just enough to make this an inside slider, which means it will bring rain and high elevation snow to the sierra. starting about the 10th, the middle of next week, we could see the rain train return. until then, we have 70's away from the coast today, tomorrow, and thursday. they will hold on inland friday and the we are back in the 60's with more clouds on saturday, sunday, and monday. kumasi: now we are checking in with ginger, who is live with what is coming up on gma. good morning. >> good morning to you, everybody. it is great to be with you. here we are on a tuesday on gma. so much to get to. we begin attracting the latest on the newest covid variant. government officials bracing for it while racing to contain it. the cdc now recommending users for all adults. the head of the nih is going to join us life. also why today is a big day for travel deals and what you can expect. plus, the ceo of walmart u.s.
6:21 am
joins us to talk about how the retail giant is dealing with supply chain issues and rising prices. was, tigers weight, his first interview since that devastating car accident. what he is saying about his future on the golf course. and we are kicking off west side story week. one actress is here live this morning. she blew me away because she said she did not read for steven spielberg. she just said sir, i can't, and she got it. i guess i need to try out for more thanks. i will be like, i can't. i just don't know if it will turn out as well. [laughter] reggie: speaking of something's coming, ginger, i know you cannot see me, but i am holding your new book in my hand. i just got it at home yesterday. i am so excited. >> caray. i hope you still like me after you read it and i hope everybody else does as well. reggie: i'm going to love you even more. lease.
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it is called a little closer to home. get that gift card for christmas for your favorite bookseller and save it. in january, this can be years. i am so excited to read this. congratulations on this book. >> thank you. it is a big book about healing. i hope everybody can heal together. reggie:
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mike: take a look at what's going on from our roof camera. we're using it as a background to show you the highs versus average today. these are record record-setting highs. our lows are averaging 60 we will be around 69 to 73 this afternoon. reggie: thank you. we are hearing from the oakland woman who is making history on jeopardy. she is the first transgender contestant qualify for the shows
6:25 am
tournament of champions. amy schneider is an engineering manager by day and has been a jeopardy fan for years. she tried it many times to get on the show this year, it finally happened and now her win is up to nine. she said she felt inspired to go on the show from other transit contestants and hopes others can look up to her. >> seeing trans people anywhere in society that you have not seen them before is so valuable for kids right now who are seeing it. i'm so grateful that i am giving some little trans kid somewhere in the realization that this is something they could do to. reggie: she says the tournament will be difficult, but her goal is to take the whole thing. the tournament champions will air sometime next year. if you want to keep tabs on her winning streak right now, you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. kumasi: now to another amazing achiever in her own right. a swimming champion known as
6:26 am
mighty mo is elevating her 100th birthday. ♪ >> happy birthday to you. kumasi: she was surprised with a cake and a pen yada at the southern california pool, where she still swims almost every day of the week. mighty mo has 14 world champion ships to her name and is at -- has set 28 records. she was inducted into the international swimming hall of fame in 2018. get this, she only started swimming seriously at the age of 65. she says she has words of inspiration for anyone. just enjoy your life. reggie: wow. that is inspiring. kumasi: i love that. at any age, enjoy it. reggie: get in the pool. more top stories at 6:30. shopping small for the holiday season. the shopping district kicking things off and hopes they have for this year. kumasi: plus, a ribbon-cutting
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i think it is just a matter of time before we recognize it may be here already. reggie: making news now, the rise of omicron. local health leaders say they're still a lot to learn. one thing is for sure. this variant is headed our way. the things to know heading into the holiday season. kumasi: plus, very personal test only coming to light. elizabeth holmes is back on the stand today after emotional moments in court. reggie: hello to the last day of november, with live looks of -- across the bay area. it is foggy and places, but i
6:30 am
can also say gorgeous. we could be seeing record highs in your neighborhood today. kumasi: it does look good. happy tuesday. it is november 30 and you're watching abc 7 news five on abc 7, who live, or wherever you stream. mike: a little confusing. it is more like the end of march instead of november, but those temperatures outside. we do have a little bit of fog. you can see across the north bay, the peninsula coast, and leaking through the sambar -- sambar no gap. we're lucky the further south we are on 101 and the golden gate bridge is are endearing now. the toll plaza, a little bit of fog there. temperatures running from about 40 to 51 at 7:00. look at how it fades away, hazy sunshine, 61 to 66 at noon. we will top out new 70 around 1:00 or 2:00, back down into the upper 60's to low 60's by 3:00.
6:31 am
still, a gorgeous afternoon. kumasi: thank. developing news and the pandemic. if you have not gotten your covid-19 shot yet, now might be the time. the cdc has rotted its are conditions for all adults as the new omicron variant shows up in new countries. there were over 150 cases abroad. while it has not been detected here in the u.s. yet, health officials say it is likely only a matter of time. the president is point to vaccines as an immediate form of protection. >> we have more tools today to fight variant that we have ever had before. from vaccines to boosters, to vaccines for children, five years age -- five years old and older, and much more. you have to get your vaccine, you have to get the shot, you have to get the booster. sooner or later, we are going to see cases of this new variant here in the united states. kumasi: through still a lot that we don't know about this, like how sick it can make you or whether it is more easily transmissible. so far, scientists aren't sure if it can evade detection
6:32 am
through testing. reggie: bay area doctors we talked to sake we are not going to escape omicron, but we might th whatever it brings.n to deal emily filled is here with what experts are saying about our holiday plans. amy: experts like the bay area's chances because of the high vaccination rates here. they don't know how effective the vaccine will be against his variant, if they are still saying it is the best one of defense. one expert said if everyone at your holiday gathering is vaccinated and booster, you should be fine. they are not saying that you should be canceling your plans or your travel. they say your plans should not be locked down like they were in 2020. you need to be aware of the variant, continued good and safe practices. even though omicron has not been detected here, officials say it will be. >> it will probably come to the u.s. this week or next week, and it will spread around
6:33 am
pre-rapidly after that, especially big populations. >> i think it is just a matter of time before we recognize it. it may be here already, but we have not recognized it yet. amy: health officials say the ongoing pandemic has already taught us what works and we need to continue with those practices. and we need to keep watching developments. if they find omicron is vaccine resistant, they be rethink your plans or be a bit more cautious with them. right now, we are in a wait and watch and be careful situation. live in the newsroom, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: even though it has not been detected here yet, bay area school districts are encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated. for christmas break, san francisco unified is going to give out rapid antigen test for those who request it. the mass mandate will stay in place the remainder of the school year. oakland unified is requiring
6:34 am
students 12 years old and older to be vaccinated by january 1. the district is continuing its vaccine outreach program. >> we have been calling our families, emailing them, to give them the latest information about the vaccine, the importance, the efficacy, etc.. they're giving them resources to where they can go to get vaccinated. reggie: oakland unified student to get vaccinated will be entered into a raffle to win tickets to sports games. kumasi: small shops say kicked off the holiday season with a tree lighting last night. the economy is a key part of the ling a better bay area. we were there as the community christmas tree was lit tuesday evening, assuring the spirit of the season. small business owners hope that shoppers will come down to check out the festivities and spend some money. police say they will increase patrols in the neighborhood to make sure it is a safe atmosphere. >> now, when you got to union
6:35 am
square, ec officers and you feel ok about shopping. >> is a very visible way to show we are not quite to tolerate this. kumasi: that was monday evening. one business owner that we spoke with says he is finally starting to see business pick up slightly after a long period of slow sales and foot traffic. cross-contamination -- cross-examination will begin for elizabeth holmes. reggie: yesterday, she alleged she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was at stanford. we have more on the trial. reporter: i have covered this woman and her story for so many years now. frank lee, we have never seen elizabeth holmes quite like this. the typically unflappable founder of the company getting emotional on the stand at her criminal trial, telling a packed courtroom she was raped while at stanford and decided to drop out to pour herself into building her business. it was one of many stunning
6:36 am
claims they buy homes during her fourth day of testimony. the founder once considered a rising star in silicon valley also alleging her former boyfriend and coo of her company abused her physically, emotionally, and verbally. these are allegations he has firmly denied. she shared with the court her personal notes and recounting exchanges. she said she had them with her ex, dictating what she could eat, dictating her schedule, and forcing her to have sex during their decade-long relationship. he supposedly told her -- -- --- she was asked by her lawyer whether her ex forced her to make statements to investors and journalists or whether he controlled her interactions with executives at walgreens, the largest client, holmes said no, he did not. she is accused of defrauding
6:37 am
doctors, patients, and investors. if convicted, she faces decades in prison. she has pleaded not guilty. while these new allegations may have no bearing on whether elizabeth holmes actually committed fraud, they do make the prosecution's job all the more difficult. a more delicate dance as they ross examine her later today. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. reggie: there is a podcast that she does about the trial called the dropout. any of the surges cannot overnight and comes out every tuesday. you can listen wherever you stream your podcast. kumasi: google employees claimed they were fired after calling out people. reggie: here's a look at the new york stock exchange is morning. we are considerably down to start the day. we will check again in a few minutes. kumasi: facing the iconic macy's windows. what is happening at union square today. mike: let's take a look at
6:38 am
what's going on with our weather. where going to start with some local temperatures. those are going to be down in the south bay, or we have got anywhere from 40 in places like santa clara and camel to 54 degrees on the others. 42 in allen rock, or the five down in morgan hill. 49 right now. as of the cool spots in danville. san francisco is in the 50's. we are looking at what is shaping up to be a very sunny and hazy afternoon. it is a good one for yardwork. i was love this time of the year. have one more big massive cleanup of the yard before putting the decorations up and don't have to do it again until february. it is kind of nice. i was out of the pool yesterday. it is a little warm, so take some extra water. as we watch the fog paid and the haze develop as we head into the afternoon, it will stay along the coast. it will be opening up for play
6:39 am
of sunshine. down the south bay, 51. 67 at noon, 70 at 2:00. our ave is 62 degrees. we areowreea thate closest we , at 60 degrees. our hottest day is tomorrow is -- is tomorrow and thursday. jobina: good morning, everyone. we are going to start with a couple of problem spots and get to the fog quickly. right on the line between pleasanton and dublin, we have a car fire being reported. this is causing a slowdown in both directions on the freeways. a heads up to you. in american canyon, southboundtd 29 at airport boulevard, you're going to run into a slowdown from an earlier crash that has cleared. this is by far our most visual shot of the morning here. the bay bridge toll plaza is very foggy and crowded meter lights came on at 5:30. speeds will be under the limit as you make your way into san
6:40 am
francisco. wrapping up with our live cam this year showing 101 looking beautiful as we see the sunrise. also want to let you know that happening today, bart is going to cut the ribbon on the new parking lot at his antioch station. it is adding a hundred 50 additional parking spots there. they're hoping this will lure more rerba. ridership is nearly 50% of its pre-pandemic levels. at the antioch station, but at the antioch station, but syst mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. kumasi: scott peterson has been transferred from death row in 10 quid in prison to san mateo county jail. he will have a hearing in his trial next week. he has been on death row since his 2004 conviction in the murder of his wife and their unborn son.
6:43 am
peterson claims a juror in that trial committed misconduct and is hoping for a new tronics tear. it of elements about kyle rittenhouse. the 18-year-old is no longer a student at arizona state university. the university says he was enrolled as a nondegree seeking student taking classes online. student groups have demanded the university remove him from classes. it is not clear if he withdrew, but the school did not force him out. an asu spokesperson says that any qualified individual can apply for admission. earlier this month, rittenhouse was acquitted after killing two people and injuring another last year. reggie: an investigation underway that led to students walking out of the san francisco high school. the students were upset that classmates were first to change outfits in a coed environment in front of faculty. essays part of a figure problem of sexual harassment and even assaults. the san francisco unified school
6:44 am
dictonrmed it investiging. >> fmer theate teacher was having students change into what is called fits these are neutral outfits that students wear when they are doing theater rectus. we are investigating -- theater practice. we are investigating whether the theater practice is something that should have been happening. reggie: the walkout happened a few weeks ago. sfo says the practice has stopped. kumasi: three former google engineers are suing over the companies intent to do business with the trumpet ministration back in 2019. according to the law -- lawsuit filed, the engineers are accusing google of violating its don't be evil code of conduct. the former employees say that work carried out by dhs and immigration constituted people. the engineers were fired in november 2019 on what the company says were data security
6:45 am
violations. google has not commented on the lawsuit. reggie: after your morning money report. in an investigation is being launched into amazon, walmart, and others to turn over information about study the reasonsnow whether supply chain logjams have led to anticompetitive behavior and higher prices. the companies have 45 days to respond to the ftc request for information. this morning, we are hearing from the head of walmart about that investigation. the ceo responded to the probe on gma. >> we are just learning about that as well. a lot of what you see in stores and online right now, all of the products and what is available, those are all the revolts -- results of plans that started over one year ago. we work to determine what the trends might be and what people are looking for. we are proud of our position at this point. reggie: the ceo talks about
6:46 am
store deliveries, hot items, and last minute shoppers. you can watch the full interview coming up on gmail at 7:00 a.m. we are taking alive look at the stock exchange live. we are still in negative territory, about 200 75 points. kumasi: today, tiger woods will be speaking to reporters before reporting his -- four beginning his tournament in the bahamas. he spoke with golf digest in his first major interview since his car crash back in february. he revealed that while in the hospital, he feared that his leg we need to be and be tended. just nine months later, he says he is able to walk with limited pain. although he hopes to plague golf again soon, he acknowledges his days of being a full-time golfer are over. he says his grades motivation drug recovery has been his son charlie. reggie: tickets are about to go on sale for the music festival
6:47 am
in napa valley. even though we don't know who are playing. the tickets go on sale on monday. holiday presale for the general public starts on tuesday. no performers are announced, but tickets for the three event will cost we hunted toebbe five dollars according to the chronicle. the festival is scheduled to return to its normal memorial day weekend calendar spot this year. they held it during labor day weekend. i have yet to go. duress or caution to the wind and just say whoever it is, it is? kumasi: do you know the joy you get from buying something whether you need are not? that is what we are going for. mike: retail therapy? reggie: do you have some expense with at last couple of days? kumasi: yes. yes. mike: you almost have to buy now before it sells out and i hope there are some acts that you like. reggie: you can always sell later. mike: i think you can sell on second markets. here is a look at sutro tower.
6:48 am
the haze is developing. if you don't have the fog, you already have the haze. near record warmth again today. we were so close yesterday, within two degrees in some areas. greasy and our hills tonight. we will drawing some drier air. because of the rain in october and everything in the hills gene green now, limited fire danger. a pattern change is possible. there could be a series of storms starting december 10. we are not even into december yet. it is tomorrow, but with a look that far ahead for rain. the stubborn area of high pressure is going nowhere. it slows and sinks to the south with a counter clockwise slow. it will enhance the offshore breeze and yes even warble weather tomorrow. -- even warmer weather tomorrow. those of us who don't make it into the 70's today have a better chance tomorrow. 69 at napa, valeo, san francisco, half moon bay. 68 in antioch. 70's elsewhere. tonight in the valleys,
6:49 am
sheltered from the wind, drier air, cold in the 40's. i've hills, along the coast, san francisco, we are breezy with temperatures in the 50's. i would not be surprised if we have some 60's up around 2000 and 3000 feet. the pattern change comes on monday. it pushes high-pressure out-of-the-way, but it slides to the east. it is an inside slider. it will bring rain and snow to the sierra. for us, it will break down the high and open it up for the possible change on the 10th. until then, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, check out the temperatures. upper 60's along the coast. everybody's back in the 60's saturday, sunday, and monday. it is tuesday, our day of giving. i want to turn over to jobina. she will introduce you to her cause. jobina: today's the day of giving. abc 7 news is proud to show our support for vocal nonprofits. many are to having a tough time fundraising during the pandemic.
6:50 am
donor events have gone virtual or modified and participation is just not the same. today, we are featuring over a dozen nonprofits on abc 7. i have selected junior achievement of northern california. let me introduce you to junior achievement of northern cal 40. it is a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring students k-12 across the bay area to prepare for their futures. i have been a proud ja volunteer since early 2020 and now serve as a board member. i have a front row seat to the work ja does every day. let's hear more from the students. >> i describe junior achievement as a nonprofit organization that works to inspire and prepare you for today, especially people like me, through work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. they do that through real-life experience. they bring in people and we help out with their programs that they created. >> i think you gave me a huge advantage. i learned a lot about not just
6:51 am
business, but i've said it before, learning from other people and building your ideas off of each other, hibi, more like-minded. jobina: don't they sound impressive? they have both completed -- worked in a program to start up a program and run it. and they did it. there is also a career series, easy to understand financial and economic townhouse, tailored curricular -- curriculum for classrooms, and connecting with experts in top fields. >> it is delivered to the assistance and help of role models who are corporate volunteers. they know where the students have come from. we pair them to look like the students they are serving, so they have and can speak to the shared experiences that the kids are having right now. students need to have hope and they need to know there is a
6:52 am
prosperous future in front of them. being informed and acquiring the skills, being open to the experiences that ja provides, there is really nothing like it. jobina: everything ja offers is free. whether you are able to give five dollars or feeling really good and thinking of $5,000, a little bit can go a long way. if you are not at a place to get the season, that is ok too because you can share this story for free by going to action. reggie: very nice. i know you love that organization. it's great that we get to showcase it. today, the sales force transit center is getting into the holiday spirit. kumasi: there will be a holiday lighting celebration, featuring live music at 5:00 tonight. then, there is a weekend of free festive activities coming to the park, including press, gift, holiday carolers, free movies, and a silent disco.
6:53 am
those are happening from december 17 to december 19. also happening today, the san francisco spca will be hosting a special holiday pop-up adoption event in front of the masons -- macy's union square display. reggie: we've been telling about this all morning. today, three families will pick up their adopted puppies. videos on tv monitors play at the store through january 3. derby animals will visit the store occasionally and there will be other holiday surprises all the summer long. plus, i think they are doing a matching as well. i know that they are. i follow them on instagram and saw that they work. if you have the ability to donate today. i have -- i love the spca. they took care of my animals for years. reggie: kumasi: kumasi: -- it will be great to have it at union square. coming up, the things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch through the connected tv.
6:54 am
it is available for several platforms. download the app now and you can start streaming. kumasi: as we had to break, let's take a live look outside right now at 6:54. we will be her back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
kumasi: it is 6:56. if you are just running us, here the seven things to know this morning. number one, president biden is
6:57 am
urging everyone to stay vigilant with this new omicron variant. he is pushing adults and eligible children to get vaccinated and a booster. reggie: bay area officials say it is not a question of if, but when the omicron variant will arrive. you shouldeien making holiday ps o avel. kumasi: number three, the oakland police chief is expected to address violence plaguing his city. the mayor will present the new officer hiring and funding plan to the council on friday. she wants to reverse plant cuts to the department. reggie: number four, barbados is cutting ties with reprint. the caribbean nation removed when elizabeth as its head of state to become a republic. rihanna was honored at the ceremony overnight. she was born and raised in barbados. mike: number five, day three potential record highs. sunday, we set a couple, yesterday we came in with a couple of degrees, today i am highlighting santa rosa, livermore, and sin has a. santa rosa and livermore are
6:58 am
record highs. san jose ties a record high at 72 degrees. temperatures nine to 13 degrees above average. it will be quite hazy today. there is no spare the air alert in effect right now. we will definitely keep an eye on it for you. jobina: number six, our busiest spot is going to be the bay bridge toll plaza. thank fully, the fog has moved out of the way. metering lights came on at 5:30 this morning. reggie: number seven. today's the day of giving. we have been featuring organizations near and dear to our hearts all morning long. coming up at midday at 11:00, we will have the opportunity to tell you more about a society. i got my dog there one month ago today. they train him to be the best boy. now we dress them up in costumes. [laughter] reggie: he is kind of happy about it. kumasi: look at him posing. mike: he is so your dog. reggie: he is. mike: he took on to you and phil
6:59 am
and he is like, wow. reggie: let me tell you, he is in love with phil. mike: phil is the dog whisperer. kumasi: you talk about him being trained and i think that is so amazing. what a gift. reggie: it is so interesting because we had him as a perfect pet on midday live. i called because i was very interested in him and they said they would love for me to meet him and ps, he lives in san quentin. i asked, the present? they said sure. they have a program called penpals. these inmates help raise dogs and train them. they have honestly done such a great job. they left me notes, wrote a letter to us. we have sent back images of rooster so they know how he is doing. not the ones of the 22. i didn't know how that was going to go. [laughter] reggie: this is who he is now. accept it. mike: san quentin to tutus.
7:00 am
reggie: action. you can find all these fetid resources. kuma good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start this tuesday morning together, more countries are detecting a troubling new covid variant. the race to contain. at least 18 countries now reporting omicron cases. president biden telling americans not to panic as new york city issues a new mask advisory. the big questions right now, is it more transmissible or more dangerous than delta and could it evade the vaccines? plus, pfizer's new move regarding boosters and what the cdc is recommending when it comes to the third shot. the director of the national institutes of health joins us live. hot seat. newly released video of former new york governor andrew cuomo grilled as part of the state's investigation that found he


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