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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 1, 2021 12:37am-1:07am PST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, deadly shooting. >> they're requesting medical assistance, multiple ambulances if possible. >> a teenager bringing a gun to his michigan high school. >> they didn't deserve to die tonight. >> police say the gunman opening fire on students and teachers. >> this is every parent's worst nightmare. plus, under oath. former new york governor andrew cuomo answering the accusations. >> have you ever had an inappropriate relationship with women on your staff? >> the answer is no. >> the woman at the center of the criminal complaint. >> i remember his hand just sliding right up my blouse. >> tonight the bombshell news about his brother's future at cnn.
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♪ thanks for joining us. tonight the scene tragically too familiar. armed officers racing into school in lockdown, bloodshed. terrified children running for their lives. at least three people died, all students. eight others injured at a high school in oxford township, michigan, an hour north of detroit. police say the alleged shooter as 15-year-old sophomore who brought the weapon to school, firing dozens of rounds at students and staff. the alleged shooter was taken into custody, but police say he is not talking. one student telling a reporter he was worried something would happen at school today, so he stayed home. >> hearing that there was going to be a possible shooting at the high school? >> yes, i heard it multiple times. >> authorities say none of those rumors made to it them.
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the fbi tonight joining the investigation. we turn to the case against former new york governor andrew cuomo. his political career in tatters, now facing a misdemeanor criminal charge stemming from allegations of sexual harassment. now we're hearing recorded testimony under oath from ccuom his accusers. >> i explained, the governor asked me about my sex life. he wanted to know if i slept with older men. >> reporter: for the first time underneath, we're hearing from six of the 11 women accusing former governor andrew cuomo of sexual harassment. >> he comes in front of me and he kisses me. >> he's lying because he touched me. he touched me inappropriately. >> in his office, the rules were different. >> he was blatantly staring down my shirt. >> it wasn't going to be just a casual hug. >> reporter: their interviews part of a trove of evidence released just yesterday by the new york attorney general's office.
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>> do you swear or affirm that the testimony you're about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the disgraced former governor also answering investigators' questions. a nearly nine-hour dep sister. forced to directly address the allegations that he sexually harassed women while in office. >> have you ever had an inappropriate relationship with women on your staff? >> inappropriate -- i assume means a sexual relationship with a woman on my staff? the answer is no. >> reporter: as part of the attorney generals investigation, the office also released thousands of pages of documents, including text messages and emails between the former governor's brother, cnn host chris cuomo, and his staff. the exhibits showing that the journalist had more involvement with his brother's fallout than previously known. newly released text messages indicating that chris pleaded to be allowed to help with the prep in responding to the growing firestorm, suggesting language for statements and press conferences, and agreeing to use his sources to get information
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about his brother's accusers. >> what these documents and text messages show is that he was crafting statements, he was on the lookout for potentially damning stories in other media outlets besides. [ cheers and applause ] where he works. >> reporter: governor cuomo off the ann popular guest on his brother's cnn show while new york was in covid lockdown. >> this was the actual swab that was being used to fit up that double-barrel shotgun that you have mounted on the front of your pretty face. >> reporter: as the crisis in his brother's administration grew, chris cuomo declined to cover it on his show. >> obviously i'm aware of what's going on with my brother. and obviously i cannot cover it because he is my brother. >> reporter: but just today, the younger cuomo sounding off on his sirius xm radio show. >> you're going to see it now where people are going to say i was running my brother's defense
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it's just bull [ bleep ]. it's just not true. >> reporter: hours later, cnn announcing they were suspending the host indefinitely, saying in a statement that they had not been privy to the documents before public release, and they pointed to a greater level of involvement in his brother's efforts than they previously knew. >> do you have any regrets about the language you've used towards women in the workplace? >> i don't have regrets. >> reporter: throughout the marathon grilling, the former governor denied acting inappropriately towards anyone. but admitted there may have been moments he was physically affectionate with women who had not expressly consented. >> but a few years ago, with people who i don't know, i would start asking, may i kiss you? >> and is that now, as of a couple of years ago, is that in every instance do you ask that? >> it's not in every instance.
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it's more with people who i don't know. >> reporter: the former governor now facing a charge of misdemeanor forcible touching stemming from an alleged incident with britney commisso, seen in these feet toes with him, submitted as exhibits. she worked as an executive assistant to cuomo. >> i remember his hand sliding right up my blouse. i remember looking down. i remember seeing his hand, which is i would say it's a large hand, over my bra. >> reporter: cuomo maintains his interactions with commisso were consensual. >> so you have hugged ms. commisso? >> i have hugged her. and she has initiated many of the hugs. >> reporter: ultimately denying the criminal charge against him. >> it would be an act of insanity to touch a woman's breast and make myself
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vulnerable to a woman for such an accusation. >> reporter: a spokesperson for cuomo blasting the attorney general, calling monday's unveiling a manipulated release of handpicked witness testimony with selective redaction. all of this a stunning reversal for one of the most powerful politicians in the country. once hailed for his assertive response to the coronavirus pandemic. >> new york tough means tough. but tough in a new york sense also means compassionate. >> reporter: many across the country tuned in to his daily press conferences for guidance. >> we're going to get through it. because we are new york. >> reporter: but his leadership would be clouded by controversy, as multiple women began to come forward last december with allegations of sexual harassment. >> that is just not who i am. >> the governor wanted an
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investigation, and he said when investigators properly evaluated the claims of these women, he would be exonerated. so he turned over the case to the attorney general of new york, letitia james. >> reporter: but instead of vindicating him, the investigation became his undoing. >> the independent investigation found that governor cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. >> reporter: in august, laticia james, new york's attorney general, who announced her own bid for governor, released a 165-page report, a searing indictment of cuomo and his behavior while in office. >> specifically, the investigation found that governor andrew cuomo sexual harassed current and former new york state employees by gaining in unwelcome and nonconsensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of a suggestive and sexual nature. >> reporter: three weeks later, under pressure, the 63-year-old resigned. >> the best way i can help now
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is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. >> reporter: an astonishing fall from grace for a man who once had designs on the white house. now facing a misdemeanor sex crime charge, due in court to enter a plea. >> in the independent there may be no other consequence for andrew cuomo other than his recess dig nation in disgrace. but that does not diminish the claims of women which have been validated by investigators. and they've also succeeded in beginning a culture shift in albany away from this kind of environment that led to their harassment. coming up next, the irrepressible mel brooks telling all to george stephanopoulos. yeah, that's right. wait — so if geico's 85, that makes you — are you asking if i'm 85 years old? i mean sea turtles live to 150, so...nn — i — i was not.
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actor, producer, writer. all titles that don't fully capture the brilliance of mel brooks. add to that legend and comic genius at 95. telling all in a new book and opening up to abc's george stephanopoulos. >> marker. >> ow! >> you still got it. >> it's good to be the king. >> and may the schwartz be with you! >> reporter: with his ageless humor and sharp comedic insights -- >> the lord, the lord jehovah has given unto you these 15 -- oy.
12:54 am
10! 10 commandments for all to obey! >> reporter: this master storyteller has definitely still got it. >> are you in trouble interviewing me? >> why should i be in trouble? >> because you don't talk about infrastructure, you don't talk about -- you know. >> this is a vacation, this is great. >> reporter: in "all about me: my remarkable life in show business," mel brooks, the legendary actor, producer, and writer, takes readers on the journey of a lifetime. brooks began his career in television as a writer in 1950 on sid caesar's variety series "show of shows." >> you can't get a glass of water in a place like this -- >> water! >> tell me about sid cesar. was he your big break? >> he was my incredible golden door, my entry into show business at large. >> you say you became a writer when you write your "show of shows." this is a note back, corporal melvin comisky.
12:55 am
>> my army --. >> your army notebook. you were writing back then. >> on the way over, we went over in february 19 -- the beginning of 1945 on a troop ship. >> i wonder if your time in the service, is that the root of your fascination with adolf hitler? >> it was fearful. that's a good word. you know. first of all, they attacked us. we had no choice. but we were fighting for something good. we were fighting to preserve something wonderful. america. ♪ springtime for hitler ♪ >> the original title of "the producers," "springtime for hitler"? >> that was the original title. couldn't have a better title. except joseph e. levine said, a lot of the exhibiters are jewish and they've called me and said they're simply not going to put hitler on the marquee.
12:56 am
you've got to come up with another title. >> how can a producer make more money with a flop than with a hit? >> it's simple simply a matter of creative accounting. let's assume, just for the moment, that you are a dishonst man. >> assume away. >> where did that idea come from? a hit that's made out of a flop? >> i worked for a guy -- you know, there were many producers that kind of hedged their bets. for a play. costs $10,000 to produce, he would raise $11,000. their only problem was they had to be careful. if they raised too much, then they couldn't -- if it was a hit, they couldn't pay all the backers. >> reporter: "the producers," brooks' film directorial debut, won him an oscar for best original screenplay in 1969. over 30 years later -- >> never put your own money in the show! >> reporter: he created "the producers" broadway musical, which won 12 tony awards. what have you failed at? >> plenty.
12:57 am
you never saw me in the mountains leaving the stage amid a chorus of boos. you know, when i was doing bad jokes. when i had not yet found my way. which was reality was my way. tell the truth. >> reporter: always by brooks' side, his wife and collaborator of over 50 years. actress anne bancroft. his costar in the film "to be or not to be." ♪ sweet georgie brown ♪ >> reporter: she passed away in 2005. is this true on one of your first dates, she had to slip you $20 under the table? >> she did. i didn't have any money. i was dating anne bancroft, who was on broadway in "the miracle worker." anyway, we were at a chinese restaurant one night. and i said, i'm broke. she slipped me a 20-dollar bill under the table. and the bill came to $15, you know, chinese wasn't that expensive. so, i mean, i gave them the
12:58 am
20-dollar bill. the waiter. and i said, "keep it." i got outside, slap! i said, yeah, what, what? she said, don't be such a big shot with my money. so i learned, you know. >> reporter: one of his most groundbreaking films, 1974's "blazing saddles" about a black sheriff in a racist western town. >> and i love an engine underneath the comedy that says something. and this one said something about race, range prejudice. >> are we awake? >> we're not sure. are question black? >> yes, we are. >> then we're awake. but we're very puzzled. >> we foundcal callevon little was absolutely made for the part. >> throw the third switch! >> not the third switch! >> you write about working on "young yangen stein" with gene
12:59 am
wilder while editing "blazing saddles." >> it's alive! >> have one fight, one big fight with gene. when he had this idea that he and the monster would sing and dance. ♪ if you're blue and you don't know where to go to ♪ ♪ why don't you go where fashion fits ♪ ♪ blah, blah, blah ♪ and i said, gene, i'll film it. and if one person in that screening, one person says it's silly or it's stupid, it's out. one person. he said, deal. we filmed it. ♪ putting on the ritz ♪ the audience went crazy. and i said, gene, i apologize. you're absolutely right. it's the funniest thing in the whole movie. >> i love the way you write about your relationship with carl reiner. >> oh. >> reporter: the two met in 1950
1:00 am
when reiner joined sird caesar's "show of shows." >> now look, mr. heigh ho. >> reporter: the start of a 70-year friendship and a comedy partnership that brought the world "the 2,000-year-old man." >> i would like to know about one lady, marie antoinette. >> oh, what a cutie. >> reporter: to make carl laugh. he was tough. >> they can look at the tag. read the tag, read it to the people. >> "this suit is 100 years old." >> that's what it is. >> how great, though, to be remembered as someone who makes people laugh. >> well. it's a good job. >> mel, thank you. this is so much fun to talk to you. >> george, this was a pleasure. now, i have a, you know -- >> shoot, go for it. >> yeah. i don't get paid for this. >> our thanks to george. up next, france's highest honor for groundbreaking american entertainer and civil rights activist josephine baker.
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after her keth, josephine baker is breaking down more barriers. ♪ france today inducting the entertainer turned french resistance fighting and civil rights artist into the pan though yom in paris, the country's mausoleum to hero. baker the first performing artist, first black woman, and first american to be so honored. president macron saying, deep down there was no one more french than you. or more american. that's "nightline." see you right back here tomorrow, same time.


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