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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 1, 2021 1:06am-1:42am PST

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after her keth, josephine baker is breaking down more barriers. ♪ france today inducting the entertainer turned french resistance fighting and civil rights artist into the pan though yom in paris, the country's mausoleum to hero. baker the first performing artist, first black woman, and first american to be so honored. president macron saying, deep down there was no one more french than you. or more american. that's "nightline." see you right back here tomorrow, same time.
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for the omicron variant. the delaying of the easing of restrictions. >> so-called grinch spots. the online compe compe compe coe it means for customers. >> community members in the north bay are giving back by giving away christmas trees to families in need. details in my story. >> i'm tracking -- tracking record warmth. details in the accuweather forecast. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: as omicron continues to spread and raise concern around the world, officials in the bay area say they are getting prepared for its potential arrival. sfo already ramping up efforts to monitor travelers. good evening and thank you for joining us. ama: let's get to tim johns live in the newsroom with more on
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steps the airport is taking. reporter: internati travelers are of particular concern because while omicron is not in the u.s. yet, it has been detected in 20 countries. just a couple hours ago, we learned that testing requirements for international travelers could soon be changing. as the world awaits more answers about the omicron variant, officials nationally and in the bay area aren't wasting any time. speaking during a press briefing on tuesday, the cdc director said the u.s. is considering stricter testing requirements for foreign travelers. >> this edc is evaluating how to make international travel as safe as possible including predeparture testing and considerations around additional post arrival testing and quarantine. reporter: it's one of four airports already participating in a pilot testing program for international travelers. >> it invites them to participate in one of two different types of tests.
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one is a pooled pcr test. the other is an individual, at home test kit. reporter: the program is voluntary and run in conjunction with the cdc. its goal is to discover new covid-19 variance in arriving passengers. it will now also be looking specifically for those infected with the omicron variant. >> we are finding that sfo has the highest level of participation of any of the airports that are currently doing this pilot test program. reporter: it has caught the attention of san francisco leaders. speaking at an event on tuesday, london breed said the city is working with health authorities around the country. >> what it means is that some of the requirements that we have in place that we were planning to relax, we won't be able to relax right away. reporter: it's a similar story in the north bay. marin county got rid of its mass mandate recently as cases eased. while health officials say there
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are too many unknowns to make any calls about reversing the decision, it is something that remains on the table. >> we have systems in place to monitor case rates and hospitalizations. those will be the factors t guide that decision. reporter: one of the reasons why the omicron variant is causing concern is because of the number of mutations it has. it has 50 mutations. that's about double the amount that the delta variant, which makes up over 99% of covid cases in the u.s., has. abc 7 news. ama: thank you. uphill to treat covid-19 cleared a major hurdle today for a fda authorization. fda advisers voted to recommend emergency use authorization for --. members of the committee were worried about the drugs possible risks to pregnant women. the capsule can reduce the risk
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of serious illness or death from covid by 30%. it would be the first oral antiviral treatment to fight covid. dan: in the east bay, oakland police chief spoke about the city's recent spike in crime. there's been 127 homicides in oakland so far this year. the city plans to add at least 20 officers in the coming weeks. ryan curry explains why the city believes more police officers are the answer and why others disagree. >> we were prepared and we will be prepared moving forward. especially trained officers that are trained in de-escalating these highly armed situations. reporter: the oakland police chief is stepping up his efforts to combat the violent crime happening in the city. >> department. that's the smallest staff that we've had in several years. reporter: the city is pushing to
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add more officers in the coming weeks. the chief says 22 cadets will graduate from the academy and immediately join the department. those advocating for defunding police are nervous about adding more patrols. kat brooks with the anti-police terror projects is the city needs to put more money into community resources and not the police department. >> we need to be investing in root causes. we need to make sure that our community members are housed, fed, and clothes. we need to invest more in violence instructors. that means that crime doesn't happen in the first place. reporter: the city says they need police support right now. they say the department needs more funding. >> we put our money where our mouths are and that's not just to express our gratitude but actually get them the adequate staffing so that there's backup, so that there are consequences with these arrests, that investigations are adequately staffed. reporter: the police chief echoing those statements on
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tuesday. he said public safety in oakland is currently in jeopardy. >> i understand people's desire to have progressive ideas and reform of policing. i don't think you can do it at the risk of public safety. reporter: brooks says the best thing for oakland is to not patrol the crime but to make >> the community stronger. >>it doesn't make communities healthier old horror lore. -- or wholer. we want a humanitarian response that's going to really pave pathways to safety. reporter: abc 7 news. ama: one the creeks city council has called a special meeting for tomorrow morning to consider hiring more police officers. the city is looking at hiring up to five officers and would use some of the $2 million in federal covid funds it received. the council approved allowing a police officer to patrol the nordstrom voluntarily at the request of the department store. and san francisco, there's a proposal that would allow for
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businesses to hire sheriff's deputies as private secret guards. the board supervisors was expected to vote today but it has been pushed back to next week. dan: december starts tomorrow but it will feel a little bit more like april. drew tuma is here with the heat. drew: we had a preview of that record warmth earlier today. san jose and santa rosa set record highs in the lower 70's and will likely find more record warmth by tomorrow afternoon. hot weather for this time of year. that will start the new month. outside, a live look from our emeryville camera. let me show you those numbers. everyone is going into the 70's tomorrow. the best chance of finding that record warmth is san jose, oakland, even redwood city. the records set back in 1959. we will take a closer look at these warm temperatures and also detail any chances for rain coming our way in the next seven days in the full forecast in
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just a few minutes. thank you. ama: a slew of applications crashed websites for the uc systems. they are extending their deadlines. you see is excepting admissions applications tomorrow. they must start their applications by today. the l.a. times reports students applying to cal state fullerton, long beach, and san luis obispo have into tomorrow. san jose state and cal state l.a. are among those that extended their deadlines to december 15. dan: elizabeth holmes took the stand again in her trial today, admitting mistakes and regret while answering questions from prosecutors. she says that she wished she'd handle things differently. she accused her former boyfriend and partner of raping her through their 11 year relationship. a legal expert says that prosecutors will try to prove that they were working together. >> what the prosecution showed
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was several years of text messages between the two of could be done in the lab. ama: grange boxes are snatching hot ticket items this holiday season. how online shoppers can improve their chances. dan: today is day is giving. we will introduce you to one couple making sure that no one goes without a christmas tree. ama: lebron james sits out due to health and safety protocols. dan: here's a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> check this out. eight nights of giving little presence, giving the kids and
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biggest online shopping day of the year but we all spent lengths. americans spent $10.7 billion, a 1.4 percent decrease from last year. adobe says smaller discounts than last year and supply chain issues slowed sales. in the peak hour, consumers
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spent $12 million every minute. dan: yesterday probably weren't really shoppers at all. tech experts say this holiday season, online shoppers are up against green spots. software programs designed to purchase large amounts of hot ticket items. amanda del castillo jo explains. reporter: the gift giving season wrapped up in what some are calling cyber grange greed. automated computer programs created by people are being used purchase popular toys and other products online only to resell at higher prices. >> they are so much faster than we are. if you've had this experience, if you're after something that is very popular and you see it in stock, you tried and you got it into your cart and it is snatched away from you. that's all these bots working. reporter: specific technology makes it so these transactions
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take no time at all. a frustrating fight that is compounded by the pandemic, supply chain issues, and demand for things at levels that have never existed before. this san jose resident is still struggling to find a pokemon anniversary collection at normal value, not willing to pay scalper prices. >> it retails for $120 but you will see it on ebay for $600. reporter: he's been successful in the past. one change was turning on push notifications for social media accounts known to announce item availability. >> if you have the ability to do one click purchasing, hope for the best. i was able to get three ps5's on amazon. reporter: he secured them for his friends. it's often groups of people behind these grinch bought price gouging practices. >> teenagers work together using these technologies to buy the devices and sell them for profit. reporter: this practice is not a
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legal, though congress is trying to fight it. lawmakers introduced an act on monday. abc 7 news. ama: the cost of the 12 days of christmas has gone up this year. if you want to buy everything, it will cost you $41,000. the most expensive item? seven swans a swimming at $13,125. the least expensive? eight maids a milking. just $58. five golden rings cost under $900. there's a big spike with the birds this year. 60's allaying went up by 57%. two turtledoves rose by 50% to 400 $50. dan: that's it. two turtledoves. christmas tree prices are up again this year because of that
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a lot of families may once again opt out of getting a tree. tonight on this day of giving, we continue to showcase nonprofits that are making a difference and doing their part. j.r. stone is in the north bay were operation christmas tree is making sure that a lot of families will have a tree to call their own this holiday season. reporter: christmas trees lined up in the north bay but this lot is not your typical one. prices don't exist because these trees are going to families in need. >> we are not here to judge. no questions asked. it's the honor system. if you are in need, we look at everyone the same. reporter: last year, jesse and tori started what is now called operation christmas tree. their goal at the time was to give out 10 trees. the demand kept coming. due to covid, they delivered more than 200. this year, demand is soaring and they expect to give out nearly four times that. >> in the past, i paid a lot of
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money. this time, it's bad because we don't have too much wood. reporter: frederico farms produce in simona county and says he's grateful for receiving a tree last weekend, a tree that he put up right away with his family. >> i'm happy. i'm happy and i had a good experience. reporter: families in need from anywhere can schedule a weekend time to pick up a tree with ornaments, lights, and a stand. >> we didn't have much money when i was a kid. i was poor growing up. my family was. getting a tree sometimes is always hard. reporter: in high school, he started working on a christmas tree lot just so his family could go home with a tree. he continues to meet people who have never experienced having one of these, just like this young man. >> he said, i've never had a christmas tree. just to see the look on his face when he got the tree, it really fills my heart. just to know that we are putting
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joy into people's houses. reporter: many of these christmas trees are already going to families. there are still trees available for families in need. if you are interested, you can go to our website for more information on how to apply. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: that's really nice what they're doing. if you are looking for ways to donate to a nonprofit as giving tuesday winds down, we invite you to visit our website where we have compiled a list of vetted organizations that would really appreciate your help. we've been showcasing these organizations all day. you showcase to make a wish which you had been involved with. so many of our folks highlighted great charities. ama: anything you can do to help. here's drew with our weather forecast. drew: help us with some rain. we are talking about warm temperatures tomorrow, record
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warmth likely. our hills, this camera is bouncing around. we have gusty winds in our hills. those offshore winds helping to supply those warm afternoons today and tomorrow. the forecast highlights, we track those gusty winds. areas of fog in the north bay especially. it's about those record high temperatures on your wednesday. the first day of december. by the weekend, slightly cooler but still above where we should be for this time of year. up in the hills, wins are active. mount diablo gusting 46 miles per hour. tonight. the wind backs off tomorrow morning but again, offshore winds helping to warm us up in the afternoon. they are having an effect on our temperatures right now. in our valleys, we are cooling off in the 40's.
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we have a bit of a breeze and the temperatures are in the 50's at this hour. we have a wide range of temperatures overnight tonight. 40's and 50's under mainly clear skies. we will track some fog in the north bay valleys first thing tomorrow morning. that fog could be on the dance side. it gets out of here tomorrow morning at its all about warming temperatures. noon, we are well into the 60's and we continue to warm up into the afternoon, all of us going into the 70's around 4:00 tomorrow. highs on wednesday hitting 70. 72 in oakland. this is 15 degrees above where we should be this time of year. 75 in san jose. 72 in fairfield. it is warm on the coast tomorrow. along with warm temperatures, the air quality is on the moderate side tomorrow and thursday. what we need is some rain to cleanse our atmosphere. look at the next seven days. we are tracking a storm moving into northern california.
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let's just say, it's outside of the bay area. the bay area remains dry but we will see if the storm tries to move further to the south over the next couple of days and see if we can improve the rainfall forecast. records likely tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. minor cooling as we head into the weekend. morning fog and sunshine. we keep the temperatures in the 60's for early part of next weekend. dan:
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last nights episode of the great christmas night fight. there display features a train that lights up a magical holiday wonderland. >> that was so cool. [applause] there are so many cool things to see. ama: the season finale is on thursday at 9:00 right here on
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record in the nba. the suns took the court on a 16 game winning streak. seth -- steph curry. 22-22 in the first. jordan poole was on fire early, 15 in the first quarter. warriors up by five. devin booker cutting through the defense and lays it in. curry with only four of 21 shooting, worst game of his career when taking 20 shots. he held to 12 points. booker hurt his hamstring on this drive and left the game. they kept battling. chris paul takes over. 15 points, 11 assists.
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7575 less than six minutes left. size matters. here's the dagger. splash. the sons when their 17th in a row. three matches friday at chase. >> they were a better team and they deserve to win. it was fun to be back in this place. >> we would rather win. we won for a reason. larry: lebron james entered the nba covid protocol. unclear if he actually has covid but he's expected to miss several games. he said that he is vaccinated. santa clara hosting my alma mater. reverse lay up to tie the game up. williams forcing the turnover heading the other way for the slam. 70-58. evander kane worked out with the
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saw -- sharks minor league team today. the barracuda. they cello him $20 million. team teal visiting the devils. jacob middleton with the stellar wrist to write there. mustache to match. the side angle mp shoots and scores. it's a power-play goal. alexander barra von off across the ice. erik karlsson. sharks win 5-2. sports on abc 7 i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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phoebe buffay for a cat. >> or gronk. just yelling at your dog, gronk! coming up, the major news about housing prices. plus, the adorable locker room speech melting hearts across the internet. but first, what dr. oz just announced about his political future. you're watching "world news now."
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