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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 1, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on "america this morning" -- a new plan to respond to the omicron variant of the coronavirus. the new testing requirements, now being considered by the biden administration. breaking overnight, new revelations about the teenager arrested in the michigan high school shooting rampage. how he got the gun. plus, the security concerns before the shooting. roe v. wade on the line. abortion rights taking center stage. dr. oz goes to washington. why the tv doctor is running for u.s. senate. caught on camera. an elephant goes on the attack. taking aim at tourists on safari. and the controversial christmas tree, pitting art lovers against traditionalists.
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good wednesday morning, everyone. we'll get to the letteatest on school shooting in michigan. first, the response to the omicron variant of the coronavirus. >> the biden administration is suggesting stricter testing rules for people coming to the u.s. >> meanwhile, 80 million eligible americans remain unvaccinated. health experts say getting those people vaccinated is now the top priority. this morning, the cdc is stepping up efforts to detect the omicron variant. the white house is offering testing for international travelers at airports in new york, atlanta, newark and san francisco. and the administration says it's now working to modify testing guidelines, to require people coming to the u.s., to be tested one day before their flight. >> we have the tools and surveillance in place to identify the omicron variant.
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we also have the tools to prevent omicron from increasing the strain on our society and our health care system. >> reporter: hundreds of omicron cases have been confirmed in at least 20 countries. the world health organization is urging unvaccinated people over age 60 to postpone travel. doctors say it could be weeks before critical information about the variant is known, including its transmisability, and whether vaccines can stop it. >> the new variant is a cause for concern but not panic. >> reporter: there's positive signs emerging. israel's health minister says, people that received the vaccine booster shot are protected. and a scientist that helped develop pfizer's vaccine, says if the variant causes more breakthrough infections, the vaccine should prevent e veer illness. as of now, the variant is not a reason to cancel holiday
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gatherings. >> i wouldn't change any plans. but don't be cavalier about it. get a booster as soon as you can. >> reporter: the first at-home pill to treat covid is one step closer to approval. an advisory voted 13-10, at merck's . ag accus of a shooting rampage at a michigan high school. police revealing the gun was purchased last week. we're learning of rumors of a threat at the school last month. this morning, people in oxford, michigan, north of detroit, say they are praying for peace. after police say a sophomore student shot and killed three classmates at school. >> they deserved to be known. but they didn't deserve to die tonight. we're all family, a community. and i think we really need to go through this together. >> reporter: police say the 15-year-old gunman killed a 16-year-old boy and two girls, ages 14 and 17. eight other people were wounded, including a student, now fighting for her life. >> tragically, we have a
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14-year-old female, who is in critical condition. it's looking very tough for this young girl. >> reporter: authorities say the shooter fired up to 20 rounds in five minutes. as students and teachers used desks to barricade classroom doors. a student said this is a bullet hole in the desk. this moment shows the shooter was pretending to be from the sheriff's office. >> he said bro. red flag. >> reporter: according to investigators, the suspect surrendered with his gun still loaded. and they say his father purchased the gun last friday. >> it's my understand this is a recent weapon purchase. he had been shooting with it and had posted pictures of a target and the weapon. that's all part of what's being looked at. >> reporter: some students say they heard something was going to happen at the school yesterday. some even stayed home. abc news has obtained an e-mail
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sent to parents in early november, in which school officials say they investigated rumors of a threat to the school but determined they were unfounded. students say they're traumatized by the violence. >> always show your loved ones that you love them. you never know. you could wake up one day and they won't be there. you need to appreciate them. >> investigators have not revealed a motive for a shooting. he could be charged as an adult. graphic testimony in the sex trafficking trial of ghislaine maxwell. the first witness said that maxwell approached her at a summer camp and was in the room when epstein accuse her starting at the age of 14. epstein's pilot said he was introduced to the accuser. he recalled meeting bill clinton, donald trump, prince andrew and kevin spacey. the battle for abortion
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rights taking center stage at the supreme court today. roe v. wade on the line. the justices are taking up a controversial mississippi law, the most significant abortion case in some 30 years. abc's em nguyen is live at the court this morning. em, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. thousands are expected to gather outside the supreme court, in the wake of a high-stakes case, as justices hear arguments inside. this morning, roe versus wade hangs in the balance of the highe highest court, considering the case of a mississippi law, that seeks to ban all abortions after 16 weeks of pregnancy. it was earlier than the 24 weeks established by roe in 1973. >> this is the first time, ever, that the state has asked an originalist supreme court or a majority originalist supreme court to overturn roe. >> reporter: the case, dawes versus jackson, where the
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outcome could redefine preproductive rights across the country. and impact other sectors of health care, to the economy, to criminal justice. it will be heard by a court whose conservative majority of justices, three chosen by former president trump, is widely viewed as more sympathetic of opponents to abortion rights. >> chief justice roberts and justice kavanaugh are the two key justices to watch. >> reporter: this comes when texas has a near-total ban of abortions. experts expect to rule on the texas case ahead of the mississippi one. >> i think if they end up deciding the mississippi and texas cases together, the most likely result would they would uphold the mississippi ban and send the texas case back to the lower courts. >> reporter: the courts want roe to stand. three in four says the choice to have an abortion should be left to the woman and her doctor. if roe is reversed or rolled back, half of the states in the country are forced to ban or
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severely restrict abortions. the justices are not expected to announce a decision until next summer. we might get a better understanding how they might rule by listening closely to today's oral arguments. >> em, thank you. mark meadows, former president trump's chief of staff is talking to the committee investigating the attack on the capitol. he is expected to sit for a deposition but still refused to answer questions. cnn has suspended anchor chris cuomo indefinitely. records showed cuomo took an active role in helping his brother, the former governor of new york, respond to sexual harassment charges. cuomo sought information about his brother's accusers, using cnn sources and then reported back to his brother's staff at the statehouse. time, now, for a look at your wednesday's weather. a lot of snow is impacting the
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ski industry. some resorts in oregon is opening later. and denver is starting december without snow. it's dry in the northwest but not in the pacific northwest. rain has pummeled the area for six weeks. a mix of rain and snow is hitting the twin cities overnight. dry on the east coast. today's high temperatures, 40 for new york and boston, 70s in most of the south. 78, l.a. coming up, news overnight about lebron james and his health. first, the dramatic moment when a congresswoman played a voicemail she received threatening her life. the feud between two lawmakers escalates. ?
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we're back with dramatic video of a man just barely escaping a ceiling collapse at an airport. it happened in turkey during a bad storm. the ceiling comes down, nearly hitting the man. six people died in that storm. a police officer in tucson, arizona, is being fired after shooting a man in a wheelchair. police say the officer opened fire when the suspect refused to stop and showed a knife after stealing a tool box from walmart. the man tried to enter a lowe's and was killed. tucson's police chief calls the shooting a clear violation of policy. now, the escalating feud between two members of congress. one is being accused of being anti-muslim, the other accused of being anti-semitic. >> yeah the opportunity to take you on the faces --
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>> reporter: minnesota congresswoman, ilhan omar, one of three muslims in congress, says she received this threatening voicemail after clashing with lauren boebert of colorado. >> you're a [ bleep ] traitor. you will not live much longer. [ bleep ]. i can almost guarantee that. >> reporter: earlier this week, boebert reached out to omar, after video came to light showing boebert bragging to her supporters about confronting omar with an anti-islamic remark. >> we were joined by ilhan omar. i look there, it's the jihad squad. >> reporter: boebert told the same story earlier this month, suggesting the minnesota democrat, could be a suicide bomber. >> well, she doesn't have a backpack. we should be fine. >> reporter: omar says the encounter in the elevator never happened. boebert reached out on monday, seemingly to apologize. but omar said the colorado
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republican only doubled down. instead of apologizing for her islam islamicphobic comments, she refused to acknowledge her hurtful and dangerous comments. omar adding, she hung up on boebert. >> i never want anything i say to offend someone's religion. so, i told her that. >> reporter: boebert responded on social media. >> she kept asking for a public apology. i told ilhan omar, she should make a public apology to the american people for her anti-american, anti-semitic, anti-police rhetoric. >> reporter: omar is now calling on republicans to condemn boebert's remarks. so far, few have. one democrat is demanding boebert be stripped of her committee assignments. omar took heat for comparing israel and hamas and the taliban. she said her comments were misunderstood and apologized. coming up, why dr. oz is running for the u.s. senate. running for the u.s. senate. and actor jesse
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was caught on camera doing a dry run before staging a hate crime. he is accused of fake an attack by two men that worked on the show "empire." he was seen with a clothesline around his shoulders. but it was around his neck when police arrived. from daytime tv to capitol hill, that's the jump that dr. oz hopes to enter as he joins the race for the senate. >> dr. oz jumping into the pennsylvania senate race. >> pennsylvania needs a con s conservative. >> reporter: he says he wants to pick problems. >> doctors are about solutions. >> reporter: he told fox news, washington is mishandling the pandemic. >> remember the phrase, two weeks to flatten the curve. that metastasized into this authoritariani authoritarianism, overreaching. and now, they're overreaching with omicron as you were talking
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about. >> reporter: he has faced criticisms for his positions on schools. >> the opening of schools may cost us 2% to 3%, in terms of total mortality. any life is a life lost. but to get child into a school, where they are safely being educated, being fed and making the most out of their lives, with the theoreical risk on the backside, might be a trade-off folks could consider. >> reporter: he later apologized. he came under fire for his support of hydrox chloroquine. now, he is being asked why he is running for pennsylvania, being a long-time resident for new jersey. he said he went to school in pennsylvania and moved back a year ago. >> it feels good to be back. i love this state and i will represent it honorably. sean parnell, the candidate by president trump, dropped out because of domestic i bus aabus
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allegations. in sports, the phoenix suns have extended their win streak to 17 games in a row. they beat the red-hot warriors, 104-96, in a showdown of the nba's two best teams. the suns go for a franchise record 18-straight tomorrow. tmz reports basketball star lebron james has tested positive for covid. abc news has not confirmed that report. the nba says he's entered the league's health and safety protocols. he could miss at least ten days. lebron said he was vaccinated in september. coming up, an elephant attacks during a safari ride. and the debate over an unusual christmas tree. welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less.
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frightening. these images are from south africa. a 6-ton, 13-foot-tall elephant came charging at the safari truck carrying three students. they apparently got a little too close to a breeding herd. >> the animal charged two vehicles ramming one of them sending the students running for their lives. the videos are now being investigated by local authorities. fortunately, though, no one was hurt. next the countdown to strahan in space. >> abc's michael strahan is preparing to head into space with blue origin. he heads to texas on sunday where he'll take part in a full flight simulation, then he's got to learn how to sit up in space. >> so when you sit down in the seat here on earth, it's relatively simple. when you're in space, you have to learn a different way to secure yourself. there is a loop in the belt buckle, and they will grab it around their shoulder, hold it close to them and then gently roll into the seat. >> we're wishing him the best of luck. on day two of training michael visits the launch site where he'll get acquainted with the rocket that's going to send him
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into space. all right, next "sex and the city" fans are poring over a new trailer for the show's revival. >> it's called "and just like that" and features sarah jessica parker and her gal pals now in their 50s. >> all the changes -- ♪ i'm so much stronger now i'm so much stronger ♪ >> -- you're still you. hello, lovers. >> "and just like that" debuts next thursday on hbo max. and finally a christmas tree like no other is taking center stage on the new jersey shore. >> the town of asbury park decided to ditch its traditional tree for something a little more artsy and edgy. enter this 17-foot cardboard creation. now the tree has been described as everything from awesome to hideous. >> the artists behind the tree are not offended and say the fact that everyone is talking about it means they did their job. nothing has been this divisive since "the jersey shore" on mtv. >> it's not so much art as it is poet-tree.
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healthier is seeing a healthcae pro whenever you may need one. doctor: the fever should break... or...trying to. ♪ ♪ this is what healthier looks like ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:00,
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countries reporting cases of the omicron variant, the expanded testing for international travelers and the best way to protect yourself as we await critical information. >> not all of our pharmacy has been able to keep up with demand. >> no appointments available, the message a lot of you might be getting when trying to schedule your booster shot. options to keep in mind. reggie: bay bridge tolls are going up in one month, the new price to cross in san francisco and when drivers will be paying as much as eight dollars each time. >> and taking a live look from four of our tower camera's. it is december 1, but we do not need any winter gear today. mike is a tracking record highs, including mid-70's in some spots. reggie: you know what you will need? the checkbook because it is december 1. >> iot


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