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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 1, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: testing efforts already here at sfo to curb the rise of the new variant as we start to see early good news emerge. >> the ban quickly that not all of our pharmacies have been able to keep up. reggie: the hunt for a booster shot. the lack of spots at pharmacies where appointments are getting canceled. the reasons and other options to keep in mind. kumasi: what a way to start december. a live look outside this morning, mike is tracking record highs in some parts of the bay area. reggie: good morning, wednesday,
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december 1. that means your rent is due. don't hate messenger. you are watching abc 7, live on abc 7, who live, and wherever you stream. we will check in with. mike: if you own, you have until the 16th, just saying. some people do wait that long. we have fog. talk about being a little slow. if you want a slow phoenicia, the venetia bridge, jobina said the bridge. it is slowly migrating to the west. this is walnut creek. you cannot see anything from our camera. that is how dangerously low the visibility is. 40's in our valleys to 60's in our hills. 64 to 66 towards noon.
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low to mid-70's at 4:00. jobina: thank you. the biden administration is considering strictoresting roles for people traveling to the u.s. reggie: as more cases have the omicron variant. jobina has more. jobina: thank you. the white house is offering testing for international travelers at airports in new york, atlanta, newark, and san francisco. the biden administration is working to modify guidelines to require people coming to the u.s. to be tested one day before the flight. 80 million eligible americans are still not vaccinated. health experts say getting those people vaccinated is a top priority right now. >> how do we address omicron? we said it over and over again, and it deserves repeating. if you are not vaccinated, get vaccinated. get boosted if you are vaccinated. jobina: the world health organization urges unvaccinated people over 60 to postpone
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could ks befo criin vtharensgingisrael'ss early data indicates people who have received a booster are protected. a scientist to help develop pfizer's vaccine says even if more breakthrough infections are caused, the vaccine should prevent severe illness. kumasi: here in the bay area, the omicron variant is making demand for the booster shot greater, but many find, if they can get an appointment, it is canceled, and pharmacies are running out of vaccines. amy hollyfield joins us with more on the shortages. amy: supplies not keeping up the bay area, but officials say the booster delay should be fixed in a matter of days. national drug store chains like walgreens say they may have some stores with low supply, but they are working on getting them replenished. some people tell us they are having trouble even booking an
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appointment. others say they found out having an appointment is not always a guarantee. >> we had the appointment made for about three weeks, and it was for the sunday after thanksgiving, and i got a text, your appointment has been canceled. i got an email, your appointment has been canceled. and then i got a phone call. kumasi: official so you could face a two week wait to get a booster, but to go ahead and try the usual channels for an appointment. try your local provider or california's my turn website. there is your county's vaccination website or local pharmacies. you are competing with millions of others in california who want to get boosted for the holidays, and they want to try to get protection against omicron variant. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: greece will soon require 16 and older to get the covid
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vaccine. the country will impose monthly fines for people who have not gotten at least overshot. the first would be $113 if they have not booked their first shot by january 16. the money would go towards greece's health care system. half a million people over the age of 60 have not been vaccinated. 66% of the population is vaccinated. reggie: uphill to treat covid-19, a major hurdle cleared for full fda authorization. they voted 13-10 to recommend emergency use of the dru dru they were worried about the possible risk to pregnant women. merck says the capsule can reduce the risk of serious illness or death from covid by 30%. if approved, it would be the first oral antiviral treatment to fight covid. kumasi: a new lead in oakland's latest homicide. it is an image of the suspects car. they released the black toyota
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ra murder of eric davis, who was killed sunday afternoon. police say someone broke into his car, and when he noticed the suspects break into another car, he interrupted that burglary. a passenger in the suv shot davis. there is a $10,000 reward for information in this case. reggie: that killing was one of several that the oakland police chief talked about in his latest news conference. he also addressed organized retail thefts. he says especially trained officers are being sent to different areas of the city to combat the thefts. he is concerned about the amount of firepower officers are confronted with, saying two officers were shot at last weekend. >> we will seek to arrest people. we are going to make some policy changes to allow officers to have more latitude when it comes to the apprehension of those involved in the crimes. reggie: the chief says the department has 676 officers.
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that is 70 fewer than last year. a new police academy is about to graduate and the next month. we talked -- graduate next month. the city council will be asked to budget for our academies. >> i believe we need more officers than what they had authorized in that original budget, and i was the time to have the conversation -- and now is the time that the conversation. reggie: they say the city needs to put more money into community resources rather than police on the streets. kumasi: next time you cross the bay bridge toll plaza, you may need to pay extra attention. a not so nice reminder. plus -- >> do something else if this is not what you want to do. reggie: definitely not one of santa's helpers, a twist on
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mike: our weather, is it so interesting? we have fog usually in the summer in the bay and in the valley in the summer. it is clear in oakland. if you head up north, you will run into some really thick fog. the south bay clear, 40 in campbell to 52 in cupertino. you can see the winds. you're sheltered from it in in n danville at 40 degrees. the peninsula averages 61. you get there by 11:00 and then 64 to 69 from noon to 4:00. 63 at 6:00. a comfortable actually 58 by 8:00. here's a look at the east, average high of 60. 70's today and tomorrow. low to mid-60's friday through tuesday. a small chance of rain, coming
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up in accuweather 7 day forecast. jobina: good morning. we are following a crash in berkeley in the counter commute direction on eastbound 84 ashby, blocking at least two lanes right now. if you're headed westbound, you are good to go. walnut creek, 680, reporting lots of fog. you cannot make out the freeway, so be aware of low visibility. fog advisories are issued by the chp for the venetia bridge in antioch bridge. also through highway 4, which is why you see the slowdown from antioch to concord around 36 minutes for that drivetime. lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. they flipped on at a 5:37. while we are here, i figured i would tell you about something else at the bay bridge. you will have to pay more money. signs are up right now at the toll plaza reminded drivers about the one dollar toll hike takes effect january 1. that means it will cost seven dollars across the bridge every day. an additional dollar hike will
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take effect in 2025 as part of a voter approved bill to fund $4.5 billion worth of highway and transit improvements around the bay area. kumasi: thank you. if you have ever dialed the wrong phone number or had someone call you by mistake, it probably did not turn out like this. 20 years ago, gladys was living in florida and meant to call her sisterin maryland but dialed the wrong area code and ended up on the phone with a guy named mike in rhode island. mike kept her on the phone and they ended up becoming friends. lastly, they met in person for the first time. mike surprised gladys at her house for thanksgiving. she said the world would be a better place if more people where this nice. reggie: some say it is ridiculous. some call it ugly and hideous. others calling it a giant cat scratching post. then a christmas tree that has internet up in arms. kumasi: the new clue from detectives that might prove how live ammunition got into that doomed "rust" new mexico movie
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set. reggie: checking in on the re
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♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ reggie: some fedex customers in alabama have received packages after hundreds got dumped in a ravine. one family was upset when a box they ordered for their children was among 300 to 400 packages dumped i fedex driver not far from where they live. fedex drivers from all over the south on thanksgiving arrived in the county to help gather the packages. >> for someone to not consider how hard people work for things and it is like they are just throwing our money on the ground. >> if you do not like your job, do something else of this is not what you want to do. reggie: according to fedex, the driver no longer works for the company. officials say they regret the
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inconvenience that situation caused. kumasi: new details this morning about the deadly shooting on the "rust" movie set. investigators searched the property of the company that provided ammunition for the film. a man said he received reloaded ammunition from a friend. according to a search warrant affidavit, the armor on the film loaded the gun with five dummy rounds. investigators say "she did not really check the firearm too much because it was locked up during a lunch break." in october, alec baldwin fired a revolver that killed elaine hutchins. baldwin just sat down with george stephanopoulos to talk about what happened. you can see the interview and the one hour special airing tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. on abc 7. reggie: part of building a better bay area is finding solutions to help people suffering from mental health and drug issues. kumasi: san francisco says improvements have been made, including response teams.
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each of them has a paramedic, a mental health clinician and a peer specialist with experience with similar crisis in the past. 56% of calls to the dispatch center are redirected, and one third are connected to a mental health provider. >> in the first year, skirt responded to over 5000 calls. they represent a decrease in emergency room visits, decrease in ambulance rights, and decrease in law enforcement responding to nonviolent calls. kumasi: early next year, a seventh team will be added. today, san francisco's civic center plaza is hosting a holiday tree plaza. the mayor will like the tree and there will be live entertainment. snow flurries, food, rinks, others will be there. san francisco police foundation will give away a free toy. everything starts at 4:00 p.m.
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also today in san francisco, a special winter event is happening in golden gate park. nearly a one mile stretch of the park's music concourse will be transformed into an immersive holiday land. there will be interactive exhibits and live performances. visitors can also stroll through the popular art installation returning for the holiday season and it is bigger than it was before, starts of 4:30 p.m. reggie: a new christmas tree is the talk of one jersey shore town. this is on the asbury park boardwalk, made entirely of cardboard and incorporates elements of the sea, the architecture and rich musical heritage of the city. it is designed to be recycled after it is taken down. some say it looks like an amazon package and is not festive at all. others say it fits the vibe, which is apparently different and unusual. could forget about this creepy christmas tree that debuted in canada last week?
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owoodywoodywoody christmas wishes. kumasi: why did we have to bring this back? reggie: those eyelashes will haunt your dreams and steal your soul in the middle of the night. that mouth. mike: i had not noticed eyelashes. kumasi: the lashes. mike: why did you do that to me, reggie? reggie: in comparison, the asbury park tree looks normal. kumasi: i think it is cool. reggie: right is obviously artistic. i thought it was going to look a mess. mike: kind of modern. i like that. 6:19 this morning. if you do anything festive outside, it will not feel like the first day of winter. here's a look from the east bay hills, where those breezes -- 59 degrees. gusts up to 41 miles-per-hour. that would be red flag warning territory if we had not had the rain back in october. what it is going to do is bring us warmth today and hazy sunshine. today is our warmest day in the
6:20 am
seven-day forecast. calmer tonight, and the wind will shift and the warmth will ease. the area of low pressure just drawing that onshore breeze and bringing us record highs. that is a record-setting high temperature. our coolest temperatures, 70 in concord, napa, and we could be as warm as 81 in santa cruz. 70 to 75 in the bay. tonight, you can see the lack of grain except along the coast with the offshore breeze, where 50's will linger. most of us dropped to 40's and upper 30's in north bay valley center i valley. here's a look at our next chance of what whether a day night. remember, this is the medium-range model, so this looks big or and more impressive than it really is. it is the only one of the medium-range models that says we will get a little rain. it is just a little bit. atmospheric river across the
6:21 am
northwest. san francisco northward, a couple of hundredths of an inch but it will stop the 70's from entering our forecast after that. we have got a chance of 70's again for the bay and inland tomorrow. mainly inland friday and then 60 degree temperatures, a little warmer than average saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. reggie: now we will bring in ginger with a look that "gma -- act "gma" at 7:00. ginger: nice to be with everybody. coming up on "gma," we begin a michigan with the tragic school shooting. the community coming together for the candlelight vigil at the fbi raided the home of the 15-year-old suspect. we are learning new details about how the tragedy unfolded and trevor auld will bring us that. the latest on the new covid variant. officials are rushing to learn more. the biden administration is considering new measures at airports and new boosters are being called for. home sales have skyrocketed
6:22 am
during the pandemic, so we will tell you what you need to know about the unnecessary offers that are mailed around the country that could cost you. and, get ready for another tear -filled morning. the best kind of tears. "gma" is getting back to one deserving young man and his family. reggie: we could use a little cry at 7:00 a.m., a good cry. ginger: let it wash over you. kumasi: give it a holiday cry. ginger: gifting and giving back. reggie: we like that. ummm, ginger, we will see you at 7:00 a.m. and have the kleenex ready. ging there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months
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♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ reggie: the content to lift off is on. michael strahan is going to space. new details from blue origin on what it takes to get him there. day one of training includes preparing the crew for the
6:25 am
basics of spaceflight, including a full flight simulation to know what to expect. he was recently fitted for his flight suit. starting monday, he will wear it every day. >> all of our astronauts put on their flight suits every morning of training, so on the actual launch day, it feels like an extension of their own skin. reggie: he will also practice getting in and out of space seeds to prepare for floating in zero gravity. now, laura sheppard churchil will be on "gma" at 7:00 to talk about their space trip. her father was the first american in space. kumasi: elon musk reportedly warned employees that supply and production delays for the raptor rocket engine could bankrupt the company. multiple reports say he wanted to work through the holiday weekend and required his employees to do the same unless they had "critical family matters or were unable to physically return to the company's headquarters in southern california."
6:26 am
he also detailed similar financial concerns over the development of spacex satellites. reggie: a high school outside of the bay area has become a solution to the supply chain and shipping issues we have seen. it is something they have been doing for a decade. patterson high school, 30 minutes south of tracy, offers vocational career classes. they teach how to operate a forklift and become a commercial truck driver. students have been able to get good paying, full-time jobs and industries. desperate for workers some are looking for long-term careers and others are using the skills to help pave their way through college. smart area next at 6:30, the biggest abortion battle indicates taking center stage at the supreme court today. a live scene unfolding as protesters gather at the front steps. kumasi: popular pet names of 2021. we will see if brwster is on the list, -- brewster is on the list on the pandemic was that sought a jump. reggie: and the ba-humbug bug
6:27 am
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6:30 am
come alive on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. i am not crying, i was coughing. i made it. [laughter] reggie: you did it. kumasi: hi, like. mike: there is not -- hi, mike. mike: we know there something we could do to make you cry. kumasi: never. mike: if we can, i was putting final touches on this tower camera. that is how foggy it isn't hello the visibility is. if you travel on 680 at any rate of speed, dangerous. this extends into solano county. the national weather service in sacramento issued an advisory through 10:00, but around concord, it is just as bad. the delta, the highway4, 680, 780, the venetian bridge, antioch bridge all foggy. amateurs all over the place from upper 30's to mid-50's, but look at this. low to upper 60's. 62 to 68 at lunch and 64 to 73
6:31 am
3:00. record highs this afternoon. reggie: the new covid variant has us in a wait and see mode, but sfo is taking steps to find amtrak omicron. any folly field is there -- amy hollyfield is live with that testing. amy: they are testing passengers, and they seem into it. officials are getting a good response. sfo is one of four airports participating in a pilot testing program for international travelers. passengers are invited to participate in one of two tests, a pcr tests or at-home test. the goal is to discover new variants. they started the program in october, but now they are specifically looking for those affected with the omicron variant. sfo says passengers are being very cooperative. >> we are finding that sfo has the highest level of participation of any of the airports that are currently doing this pilot test program, which is great.les theegn
6:32 am
that has been on the leading edge of the pandemic. amy: it appears researchers are looking everywhere for that variant, even in watst while theree -- wastewater. they are studying wastewater from the airport, looking for signs of covid, saying they are interested in samples from the airport because most omicron cases are imported from other countries. omicron has not been found in the united states. researchers believe it is a matter of time until it gets here or is discovered. life in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: in a few hours, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments for the most significant abortion rights case in the last 30 years. mississippi is asking the court to overturn roe v. wade. here is a live look at washington, d.c., where people
6:33 am
for and against the rights of gathered with the most conservative majority in a generation. it is not clear how the high court will rule. kumasi: are starting to gather, but here in the bay area, groups hold them instructions for reproductive rights this afternoon in palo alto. they will consider a case on a new mississippi law that seeks to ban nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnant see. it is earlier than the 24 weeks established by roe v. wade in 1973. the outcome of dobbs versus jackson women's health could redefine reproductive rights across the country. it comes as texas hits three months with a near-total ban on all abortions still in place. experts expect the court to rule on the texas case had the mississippi one but there is no decision yet. >> i think if they are deciding the mississippi and texas cases together, the most likely result
6:34 am
is they would uphold the mississippi ban and send the texas one to the lower courts. jobina: nearly half the states in the country are poised to ban or severely restrict abortion. the justices are not expected to announce their decision until next summer. reggie: thank you. new details about a deadly school shooting rampage in michigan. the suspect's father purchased the gun just last friday. three students were killed yesterday, including this boy, 16 years old, tate meyer, seen at a football game. eight others were hurt. authorities say the shooter fired up to 20 rounds in, as students and teachers used desks to barricade classroom doors. according to investigators, the suspect surrendered with his gun still loaded. >> it was my understanding that this was a recent weapon purchased that he had been shooting wednesday, and we have pictures of the target and weapon, and that is what is being looked at. reggie: some students said they
6:35 am
heard something was going to happen yesterday and some stayed home because of it. abc news obtained an email sent parents in november in which school officials say the investigated rumors of a threat to the school but determined they were unfounded. kumasi: walnut creek city council called a special meeting for today to consider hiring more police officers following the rash of robberies in the bay area. the city is looking to hire up to five officers and would use some of the $2 million in federal covid funds it received. back in august, the council approved allowing police officers who patrolled voluntarily at the request of the department store. reggie: santa clara store is closing for the receivable future because of crime. -- for the foreseeable future because of crime. he broken twice last week. this is the most recent reagan, which happened sunday. police say a group of 15 to 30 people in both cases stole clothing and shoes with no arrests. store posted on social media
6:36 am
that it has taken all items out of the store, and it may reopen in the future. it plans to go online for sale soon. kumasi: there is a proposal in san francisco that would allow businesses to hire sheriff's deputies as private security guards. the vote has been pushed back to next week. reggie: elizabeth holmes takes the stand and admits mistakes when answering prosecutor's questions. kumasi: you are looking at the new york stock exchange. another update, next. reggie: plus, never before seen two sugar items going up for sale, including -- tupac items going up for sale, including bay area items with ties. mike: the breezes are keeping this milder this morning. 54to 59 degrees and the others chasing away a lot of that fog we dealt with yesterday. it is possible some could back its way to the west towards us. that fog is hitting the north and east bay pretty hard.
6:37 am
temperatures all over the place from 60 in richmond, 42 in palo alto, 53 in san leandro. walnut creek, 680 commute, completely fogged in. everything pretty nice today. record warmth is going to be out there under hazy conditions. thankfully, the next 40's we are looking at air quality that will be moderate, -- the next four days we are looking at air quality that will be moderate. around 50 at 8:00, 61 at 10:00, 68 at noon, though to mid 70's in the afternoon. 59 at 8:00. as first arrest of the week, the north bay with record highs today. 14 degrees warmer than average with 74 compared to 60. you do not see 60 anywhere in the next seven days. we get is: 64 monday because you have the best chance of some light rain. i will show you future radar, coming up with a seven day forecast. jobina: good morning.
6:38 am
we are going to start here with a look at the fog. this is the big story for your commute. walnut creek showing 680, except you cannot make it out right now. chp has advisors for fog for the antioch bridge, venetia bridge, and highway 4, slowing down the commute from antioch to concord. around 46 minutes to get from antioch to concord this morning. also, we are having a read report of an extension core across all lanes on westbound 80 at ashby that is slowing down traffic. once you make it through that, it will be busy on 80 into emeryville. headlights are traveling westbound, a continuation of that traffic. toward the pulp clause -- toll plaza at the bay bridge,
6:39 am
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wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. kumasi: today, the house panel
6:41 am
investigating the january 6 insurrection is pursuing contempt charges against a former justice department official. jeffrey clark could be charged with criminal contempt of congress, he appeared for a deposition last month but refused to answer questions. if they vote in favor, he would be the second person to possibly base charges for not providing information under subpoena. he was a supporter of then-president donald trump's claims the 2020 election was a fraud. reggie: the cross-examination of elizabeth holmes is expected to continue next week. she took the stand yesterday, admitting steaks and regret while answering questions from prosecutors. she said several times she wished she would have handled things differently. on monday, she accused her former coo and boyfriend of abuse throughout their 11 year relationship. a legal expert we spoke with said prosecutors will try to prove they were working together. >> i think with the prosecution
6:42 am
showed was several years of text messages between the two of them, where he expressed his love towards her, and she did towards him, so that is kind of undermining the potential defense of their abusive relationship. reggie: elizabeth holmes admitted she knew the technology was limited to 12 tests, despite she told investigators or blood testing technologies could do hundreds of tests. there is a podcast about the trial posted by abc news correspondent rebecca jarvis called "the dropout." episodes, every tuesday. you can listen wherever you stream podcasts. kumasi: there is an extended application deadline through today. last-minute applications crash the website for both systems. students applying to uc schools will be able to finish applications and submit by today the supplies to prospective students who already started the process earlier. the l.a. times reports people
6:43 am
applying to cal state fullerton, long beach, and san luis obispo will also have until today. san jose state, san diego state and cal state delay are among those who extended deadlines to december 15. reggie: after your morning money report, three hours from now, president biden will talk about the supply chain issues facing the u.s. he wants to lower costs for families and make sure shelves are stocked for the holiday season. the supply chain crisis brought the u.s. secretary of labor to the port of l.a. yesterday . marty walsh was there primarily to the $17 billion in the recently passed of the structure bill to help improve the nation's waterways and create jobs. he also toured report to see how it was handling the cargo and asked why we are seeing a backlog. >> what is causing this as we are living in a global pandemic. we cannot lose sight of that. we have to remember the supply issues are not simply about unloading ships in the harbor but feeling containers in other parts of the world that also shutdown factories. as we continue to move forward
6:44 am
and get more people vaccinated and come through this, we will be stronger. reggie: the port of los angeles and part of long beach have been fining companies to get the supply chain moving. online shoppers are up against " green spots." software programs designed to purchase large amounts of hot ticket items. we talked to a savvy southbay expert who found success turning on push notifications for social media accounts known to announce item availability. >> if you go on a site like amazon, you have the ability to do one and click purchasing and hope for the best. i was able to get three times on amazon and two on cosco. reggie: experts say it is often groups of people behind the green spots. price gouging practices are not legal they say, although congress is trying to fight it. date introduced the stop green spots act on monday -- they introduced the stop green spots
6:45 am
act on monday. the price of homes just slowed for the first time since may 2020. they are still higher than they were at the start of the pandemic. prices rose 19.5% in september compared to 2020. that is a dip from 19.8% annual gains from august. cities with the highest price increases, phoenix, tampa, and miami. chicago, minneapolis, and washington, d.c., saw the smallest annual price gains. here's a live look at the stock exchanges training gets underway. unlike yesterday, we are seeing positive growth. 273 points out. kumasi: happening today, a facebook whistleblower said to testify before the house subcommittee. her appearance will come during a hearing examining changes to tech companies. a comes after she leaked what is called the facebook papers to the securities and exchange commission. she told senators last month she
6:46 am
believes facebook harms children and weakens our democracy. twitter is banning users from posting photos or videos of people have their consent. you can contact twitter to get a photo or video removed if you do not grant permission. you also cannot post someone else's personal information like their phone number, address, or id. it is part of a policy update in response to what twitter says is that ms. growing -- the growing misuse of information to harass and intimidate people. reggie: someone will be the owner of the lit w -- late rapper tupac. the drive has unreleased music, videos, and photos from the height of his career. tupac and his family moved to the bay area when he was 17. he lived here for four years. the auction opens at 8:45 is one with the minimum bid of $10,000. it is estimated to fetch up to
6:47 am
$1.2 million. kumasi: cannot wait to see what is on that. if you are dreaming of a white christmas, animal shelter officials on the peninsula have a suggestion. maybe you should adopt one of their white rabbits. the peninsula humane society and spca is awaiting adoption fees of rabbits, guinea pigs,her smag the holiday season. the shelter has seen a spike of animal strays coming in. they have 25 little furry friends at the adoption center. what do brittany, fauci and zoom have in common? apparently, they are the most popular pet names this year. reggie: released their annual list, and some usual names like max, bella, but some pandemic related name servers in the past year. a there is -- there is fauci, and there's name covid 35%. names like zoom, siri and google
6:48 am
are also popular,. at number one, grogu, that would be a b odor from "demented lori and." -- that would be baby yoda from "mandalorian." that is not cute. mike: i agree. reggie: brittany all day, grogu, let's get involved. mike: can you get away with covi, without people thinking it is covid? kumasi: no. reggie: derivatives. stay far away. kumasi: some people might get joy. mike: i am surprised booster was not one or vaccine. here, vaxxie. please reggie: no -- reggie: please nope or you all are being very generous today. kumasi: [laughter] mike: here's a look at san rafael this morning.
6:49 am
you can see you are driving into fog north or south of their. right there is a lot of haze south on 101. let's talk about our first day of winter. december 1. not astronomical but neither eligible winter -- astronomical but meteorological winter. warm and sunny through friday. cooler next week with the chance of spindles monday. look at this area of high pressure and low pressure and how it enhances as we talk about yesterday. the offshore flow bringing warmer temperatures today, our warmest day. here are our records from yesterday. livermore, san jose and santa rosa, so how about today? there is a lot more to see as far as asterix next to the high. san jose 75. oakland 73. san francisco 71. o san rafael 72. ur coolest temperatures today, 70 in napa, and antioch.
6:50 am
for tonight, breezes you are seeing and possibly hearing and driving through in our hills will back off, so everybody back in the 40's except along the coast with 50's there and along the bayshore, like alameda. santa rosa. 38 when i'll be surprised at the san ramon valley falls into the upper 30's. the talent of an atmospheric river will bring more flooding rains to the pacific northwest. it slides southward. medium-range model always over forecast the widespreadness of the reign of the amounts, so i am not sold on this. it will bring us cooler weather. how much rain is the potential? the atmospheric river brings a couple of inches to portland and seattle. for us a couple of hundred seven inch from san francisco northward. it does take away the 70's, so 70's today, even the coast. 70's around the bay in england tomorrow. 70's hold off one more day and friday and then 60 saturday,
6:51 am
sunday, monday and tuesday. a little bit warmer than average. kumasi: the birthrate in china has reached a record low, according to the country's national bureau of statistics. there were only eight births per 1000 people last year. that is an 18% drop from 2019. it is the lowest since the founding of communist china in 1949. experts have predicted china will see a population decline in the decades ahead, but now some worry that may come sooner. this year, the government started to allow married couples to have the children to see if that could help increase the birthrate. reggie: today is world aids day, day to remember people we have lost nine to support those living with hiv and aids. there is still a long way to go to an epidemic. a new cdc report shows hiv is still disproportionately affecting gay and bisexual men of color. it found over the past decade,
6:52 am
new infections have declined in white gay and bisexual men but remain steady in black and latino men. there is also disparity in the use of the daily pill used prevent hiv infection. reina hernandez from the san francisco aids foundation system needs to be a wider focus on equity and prevention. >> one clinic that has a racial injustice equity lines, like planning only for black folks or a document it folks. we don't see that right now. reggie: the cdc is making efforts on equity, announcing an increase in funding for prevention and treatment next year. the national aids memorial will hold several events to commemorate world aids day, and those include an all day national observance. speakers include dr. anthony fauci, nancy pelosi, and barbara lee at 8:30 a.m. on aids at 4:30 today, the public
6:53 am
display of lights and reading of names will be at the national aids memorial of growth in golden gate park. kumasi: he was denied a rose on "the bachelorette" and our former football player hopes to find love as the next "bachelor." clayton eckardt is the new guy, back on the quest to find the one after bachelorette michelle said he was not the one for her and sent him home in last week's episode. clayton was sad, but now he is getting his own show. the 28-year-old said he is a midwest guy wanting to find love. he is talking to "good morning america" about what he is looking for in his future partner and his checklist. >> i for someone funny, intelligent, driven. what i found quickly was that the women blew my expectations out of the water. kumasi: did he find love? the surprising and candid answer to that question on "gma" at 7:00. "the bachelor" premieres next month on january 3 on abc 7. reggie: the rock made history on
6:54 am
netflix. his latest film "red notice" has become the most watched movie in the streaming service history, recording nearly 330 million viewing hours. johnson beat out sandra bullock's 2018 movie "bird box." kumasi: i keep seeing this, but i do not know what it is about. reggie: i did not even know this existed. how am i so out of it? kumasi: me and jobina started watching "made." reggie: you like it, right? kumasi: [whispering] i like it. reggie: [whispering] wire we whispering? kumasi: [laughter] i don't know. only on the first episode. reggie: i will get into it with you. kumasi: next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch it live and on-demand through the abc 7 connected tv app, available for
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apple, android, amazon fire, and roku. download now and you can start streaming. kumasi: just take a live look outside right now at 6:55. we will be right back. >> in every moment there is an opportunity. >> t d. >> to find a path forward, move ahead, and build something better. >> issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area. >> at abc 7, it is our ability to >> >> meet those requirements. is it worth now? >> real solutions for you, for all of us. >>? where did you learn to do what you do? >> this is the moment to build a
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one... two... whatcha got for me, whatcha got? watch those eyes... healthier is doing what you have to do while doing what you want to do. you're going to do just fine, you will.
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♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, the biting administration is considering stricture testing roles for
6:58 am
international travelers because of the omicron variant. testing is already being ramped up at sfo. reggie: number two, booster shot availability is low in some parts of the bay area. officials say the supply should catch up in a matter of days, which will hopefully make it easier to get an appointment. kumasi: number three, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in a case that could overturn roe v. wade this morning. groups will hold a demonstration for reproduction rights this afternoon in palo alto. reggie: number four, the walnut city council will hold ad ad a meeting to address a recent rash of thefts. mike: number 5, 2 of the last three days we experienced record high will be three out of four. nevermore, san jose, oakland, san rafael, and san francisco a few neighborhoods that will push into the low-end mid-60's. jobina: number six, while fog has been the story for the morning commute, there are other parts of the bay area. this is a live picture showing
6:59 am
our oakland 880 at the coliseum camera. southbound on 880, speeds drop to around 30 miles-per-hour an average that way as soon as you hit send lorenzo. kumasi: number seven, there is a cat on a bike. that is the reaction of san francisco -- of a san francisco man living in london says he gets when he rides around the british capital with his fluffy friend. travis nelson said he started doing this last year during the lockdown and the two are still at it. he says most people smile and wave. reggie: there are a lot of followers. 43,000 on instagram. kumasi: wow. mike: to get a cat to do that, hats off. reggie: he says he needs to keep his address private because he gets threats of violence. mike: what, why? kumasi: you cannot have anything. reggie: you really cannot have anything. it is just a man with a cat. kumasi: during too much.
7:00 am
what did he do? reggie: we need to think about that. kumasi: [laughter] tes good morning, america, f our viewers in the west. on this wednesday, a community is mourning a devastating school shooting as we learn new details about how the tragedy unfolded. overnight, the fbi raids the home of the 15-year-old shooter charged with killing three students, wounding eight other people. more than 100 911 calls were made amid the chaos of students and teachers barricading themselves inside classrooms. stacking chairs to block the doors. the michigan community came together for a candlelight vigil and new questions about possible threats prior to the shooting and where police say the gun came from. new variant concerns. at least 20 countries now reporting omicron cases as the cdc ramps up testing at major


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