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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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this lab at ucsf, the sample delivered at 6:00 last night but through -- put through genetic sequencing. the lab confirmed it was omicron. dr. charles chu was the first to identify that the patient was indeed affected with a variant. dr. two: the person potentially infected by the vi recentlyr traveled in south africaus, thing --why we prioritize sequencing. ama: he says having the sample will help determine if omicron is more contagious than other variants. they will study its impact on the effectiveness of our vaccines. dan: san francisco city leaders urged the public not to be alarmed about the variant. ryan curry has their reaction to today's news.
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ryan: officials confirming the nation's first case of the omicron variant is here in the city. >> using the latest of technology, we have discovered our first case in san francisco and the entire country. ryan: the mayor and city officials say this discovery is not surprising. it was a matter of time before the variant arrived. >> we knew omicron was going to be here. we thought it was already here. we had not detected it yet. ryan: san francisco health director dr. covax said the infected person was recently an south africa where the variant emerged. they returned november 22 and developed symptoms days later. that person had received two doses of moderna, but had not run -- received a booster. >> we do not know how infectious it is, although if there is a strong likelihood it is more infections than delta. ryan: this city says when they learned about the case, they sent a sample of the positive
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test to ucsf where gino and sequencers determined the presence of the new variant. >> at 4:00 a.m., we had assembled the genome and we were able to conclusively demonstrate this was an infection from omicron variant. ryan:ryan: san francisco officials do not anticipate making any changes to the current covid restrictions. as far as contact tracing, they say they are following normal protocols. this person is isolating and they are reaching out to anyone in contact recently. ryan curry, abc 7. dan: en midday live, we asked you what your biggest concern is regarding covid-19 it. the vast majority, 75%, voted for vaccine deniers. 17% were worried this would never and. variants only worried 3% of respondents. ama: the news that the omicron variant is in the bay area did not, as a surprise to county health officials who expected it would only be a matter of time. lara anthony has that part of the story from the east bay.
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laura: health officials urge people to focus on existing precautions rather than worry about whether there will be a return to mandates for lockdowns. >> if it spreads more easily than delta, it has implications. if it breaks through vaccination more easily,. that has implications those are things that are really important to know. >> my supposition is this will be like delta, like what we have right now. maybe it is more transmissible. maybe the vaccines are less advantageous. it will not be as dire as everyone seems to think. laura: the impact may be lessened thanks to the high vaccination rates in the bay area but there is work to be done. >> are most important response is encouraging everyone has been vaccinated to get vaccinated, and for people who are eligible
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for the boosters to get boosted. laura: best advice heading into the holiday gatherings, make sure everyone is vaccinated, and consider the option of testing. >> we want families to evaluate their own risk depending on who is in the family, the size of the family. try to keep gatherings as long as possible. we are all vaccinated and can utilize testing. i think that will work fine. laura: some people we talked with plan to keep doing what they are doing. >> i just think we should all keep wearing masks and being vigilant about. laura: beinglaura: careful laura anthony, abc 7 news. ama: president biden plans to announce his strategy to prevent a winter surge. the white house is considering tightening testing requirements for people entering the u.s. by having travelers tested a day before their flights regard this of vaccination status. a new directive from the cdc requires airlines to turn over lists of the names of passengers flying from eight countries in southern africa.
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it comes a week after president biden announced a ban for individuals traveling to the u.s. from eight countries. there are reports with a mask mandate that applies will be extendedn e unt mid-january and could last until march. dan: governor newsom was in the central valley to promote vaccination and booster shots. he visited an elementary school that is hosting a vaccine clinic. the governor highlighted the availability of boosters to everyone 18 years of age and older. he says the state has administered 5.8 million boosters so far. now, it is the critical time to get the extra shot as we head into the holiday season. >> let's double down on her vigilance, the seriousness of purpose, to work through this winter, and the likelihood of experiencing a surge. dan: california's case positivity rate has jumped from 2% before thanksgiving to up to 3.4% right now.
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that is still less than half of the national average. [bell ringing] dan: despite the clapping, there was not much to cheer about with the stock market today after news of the first u.s. case of omicron reach investors. the dow ended down at hundred 61 points. the nasdaq lost 283. that s&p was down 54. ama: are the key moments in this case took place in the past 10 days. the patient visited south africa november 22 last monday. after developing symptoms, a covid test was taken the 28th. the test came back positive monday, the 29th. it was sequenced yesterday and the discovery this was omicron was announced today. dan: our coverage of the pandemic does not end here. at 6:30, see how scientists are working to predict where omicron -- what omicron will. do to protect us meteorologist: december arrived with record
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. dan: it has been a week since immediate security guard was shot in downtown oakland. our procession with full honors took the casket from the corners office to a funeral home. a motorcade included officers from san jose and cuomo police departments. all places he had worked before retirement good he was shot guarding a tv news crew at fort and harrison went day afternoon.
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he died saturday morning. this is his car, a 2004 to acura with no license plate. of -- oakland police are asking to speak with anyone who had cellphone video of the incident. of award of $32,000 is being offered. ama: this car, a black toyota rav4, is wanted in connection with the shooting sunday near lake merritt. police say his car had been broken into and the suspects broke into another car. there is a $10,000 reward for information. dan: and unsolved death in oakland, the murder of jasper wu, asleep in his car seat in his mother's car when he was struck by a stray bullet from a freeway shooting almost a month ago on saturday afternoon, november 6, on i-8 80 near jack lemmon square. there is a $10,000 award for
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information. ama: san jose city leaders are outraged and concerned murder suspects are being released onto the streets. it comes as a part of a bail reform willing but as dustin dorsey explains, the system is not working police say and they fear their work to arrest suspects in violent crimes is offer not. dustin: the safety of residents could be at risk, the feeling of the mayor after the release of murder suspects in at least two high for does high-profile cases. >> this is dangerous for everyone and we need the judicial system to understand and appreciate the public safety peril that is created by these decisions. of a california supreme court ruling allowing individual analysis of everyone's right to pretrial release with little to no barrel -- bail. they were arrested following a halloween road rage incident and charged with murder and accessory to murder.
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they were released without bail with special conditions under supervised reconnaissance release. oscar soto was arrested and suspected of the second homicide of 2021. he was allowed to be released and he has fled the country. >> the judges are probably following to the best of their believe what they think the law compels them to do but if that is what the law compels him to do, the law needs to be changed. > we need a judicial system that is balanced and serves the community. dustin: it was enacted to try and preserve the balance. steve clarke says two criteria are considered before pretrial release. is a suspect considered safe to be in the community and what a person show up for future court dates? if the judge feels both are true, the suspect legally must be granted supervised release. > until you are convicted, you should be given the opportunity to be considered for some type of pretrial release. otherwise, you have to fight your case in custody while
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everyone else who has money can fight their case after posting bail. dustin: even so, as the community watches crime rates rise across the bay area, the police chief says residents and victims families deserve better. >> this is not reform. we need to work together to come up with a better solution to keep our communities safe and keep those individuals accounted for. dustin: dustin dorsey, abc 7. ama: san jose city council approved 250,000 dollars of covid relief funds are license plate readers. the mayor says the readers are important tools to track down suspects. >> we no license plate readers in cities throughout the country are used effectively to address investigative needs and chasing down suspects in drive-by shootings, in auto theft, or as we have seen recently, these mob robberies and burglaries at retail stores. ama: the mayor addedama: they will be restricted to felonies
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and there will be strict privacy restrictions. dan: the city council approved money to hire more officers to patrol downtown in response to organized retail theft there. $2 million has been earmarked for five officers and new security cameras and to increase the police departments overtime budget. the decision was ama:ama: one north bay water agency is taking his drought restrictions to the next level with fines and new rules. we are learning new information about water deliveries from the state next year. cornell barnard has the story. cornell: it is not the kind of whether lisa williams wanted for her christmas tree shopping trip on a warm and sunny december 1. >> crazy christmas whether. all of. the spring smells already let hope we get more rain. cornell: long country sales meant jamie hates the sunshine. he is hoping for rain. >> by all means, we would love when weather and no sunshine. cornell: october rains help
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local reservoirs but not enough, with no significant rain in sight. new drought restrictions are in effect for marin county. marin water says no more outdoor irrigation for lawns and backyards, unless the water is recycled. no refilling swimming pools and fines for households which exceed their bimonthly allotment of water. >> when we think of the restrictions, i am nervous because i have had a yard for years. i don't want to lose that. i understand the rationale behind the restrictions. >> we are in a severe weather crunch year. people do not really get it, because their water never stops. we really are in trouble and need to conserve. cornell: the state water project says cities and farms from san jose to southern california should expect to receive virtually no water next year, due to the ongoing drought. >> a zero allocation does not mean no water delivered.
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what will be delivered is water for critical health and safety needs. cornell: like drinking and fire suppression. if our dry weather pattern continues, the state could impose further cutbacks in water use by the spring. the advice now is to conserve every drop. cornell barnard, abc 7. ama:ama: save every drop. dan: none is coming for a while. meteorologist: maybe a sprinkle in the next seven days but no significant rainfall. today, we had record warmth for december 1. check out these six new record highs for this date. gilroy 80. san jose 75. all record highs for december 1. still mild outside. here is the camera at abc 7 looking toward the bay bridge. it is 66 in san francisco, the warmest current reading of the
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towns we typically look at. 64 san jose. morgan hill 63. 57 mountain view. here is view from emeryville, on the bay bridge under a clear night so far. 57 degrees at san jose and nevada. 54 at fairfield. concord 58. 57 and a lovely view of the cityscape. 15 across the embarcadero. areas of fog will return overnight. warmth eases over the next several days but it will be a gradual easing. that is why we call it easing. a chance of sprinkles and/or drizzle on monday. here's our overnight forecast starting at 10:00 p.m. we will still have clear skies. some fog will develop near the coastline. a little bit more dense fog will develop in the central valley during the overnight and early morning hours. you will see high clouds coming up from our south. tomorrow will be a sunny day
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with unfiltered sunshine from time to time with high clouds appearing. overnight low temperatures will be the mid to upper 40's and lower 50's will be expected in san francisco. to mars highs are the upper 60's on the coast and 67 san francisco. 69 oakland. most locations around the bay shoreline will max out at 69 to 70. 73 san jose. upper 60's to 71 and upper 60's to mid 70's in the north bay. let's get ahead with the forecast center to next monday, at which point we will have a weak frontal system sweeping down from the pn w, dumping brain north of the bay area, but for us, just drizzle or light rainfall, winding down by midnight monday night into tuesday. the climate prediction center indicates for the next seven days, rainfall potential for the bay area is only a few hundredths of an inch. that is all we can expect for the drizzle on monday.
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here the seven-day forecast. it is pretty mild tomorrow with cooling continuing friday with gradual easing. warmth remains mild and dry. monday a slight chance of rain. going into the middle of the week, clark does partly cloudy and mild with seasonable temperature range compared to what we see right now. ama: today is world aids day from the bay area to the nation's capital. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me
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ama: archdiocese has been outspoken about the vaccine, encouraging churchgoers to get the shot. the archbishop, meant to lead by example, is not vaccinated against covid-19. leann melendez follows up on his recent acknowledgment. >> pope francis, the leader of the catholic church, struggles with skeptics who refuse to get the vaccine. here he is last august. >>-- leann: he called it an act of love. the archbishop appeared to be on the same page, stating the following, " i join pope francis and the u.s. conference of catholic bishops in advising you to get vaccinated if your doctor recommends that"
6:23 pm
in a recent interview, he admitted to the san francisco chronicle he has yet to get vaccinated. the archbishop added his immune system is strong and that his personal physician told him it is brought does probably not necessarily --him it is not necessary to get vaccinated. the health department continues to urge people to get vaccinated. >> it is important and protect you and your family. it helps protect other vulnerable people. >> he is entitled to his opinion but he is a public figure so everything he says has a lot of impact on other people. leann: it is not the first time he has not followed the pope's teachings. in 2013, pope francis made news when he reached out to gay catholics. >> the pope saying, "if someone is gay and searches for the lord and has goodwill, who am i to
6:24 pm
judge?" leann: he is outspoken against same-sex in 2015, protesters gathered in front of st. mary's cathedral after the archbishop warned all catholic school teachers to conduct their lives in a way that does not undermine or deny the church's doctrine. months later, a group of churchgoers answered back with their own rally to show their support. the archdiocese did not return our calls regarding the latest controversy. >> i>> cannot see into his heart and mind. i don't know exactly how to put that together. leann: lyanne melendez, abc 7. dan: in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to pause and focus on the aids epidemic. today is world aids day. abc 7 was in san francisco to which it does witness a project called inscribed, focusing --
6:25 pm
witness a project called inscribed. george kelly is the founder of the project. the white house estimates 1.2 million americans live with hiv. president biden hosted a ceremony in the east room, where he unveiled a national strategy with the goal of ending hiv by 2030. >> is a plan to make sure the latest advances in hiv prevention diagnosis and treatment are available to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or other factors. it should not matter where you live in the country or how much money you make. dan: included in the plan is a budget request of $670 million to help reduce hiv diagnosis and the aids-related deaths. ama: a tradition was renewed at the white house and honor of world aids day. the giant red ribbon has been
6:26 pm
put on display every year since 2007 to remember those who have lost their lives to the disease, a symbol to continue with the fight against it. dan: at abc 7, our mission is to build a better bay area, including a better downtown san jose. see is making a difference. also ahead-- >> we are in uncharted territory here. ama: new variant, new questions and bay area researchers are working to get the answers. >> hope will never be silent. harvey milk spoke to a crowd on the steps about hope. hope for better, a better tomorrow, a better world. milk's fight and sacrifice was done for a future he would never see. he took action to build a better bay area for everyone, and so can we. ♪ >> this is our moment. join us.
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dan: the nation's first case of the omicron variant has been
6:30 pm
detected, as reported today in san francisco. the affected person is a city resident who returned from south africa. the patient have received two doses of the moderna vaccine but had not yet got in the booster. experts are once again saying vaccines are still the best protection against this new variant. >> as long as you have a boosted and vaccinated family, i think it is safe. international travel should be done more carefully right now, not because of the variant but because of all the policies that will go along with the variant. ama: doctors say there is a likelihood the omicron variant is more infectious than the delta variant but they do not know how sick it will make earlier, we spoke with the doctor from the abc 7 news vaccine team who echoed national health officials, saying the best course of action is to get vaccinated. >> i am also in the camp of saying we don't need to can't test panic because it it's the same virus. the vaccines will still work to prevent more disease.
6:31 pm
ama: the announcement about the variant is the latest turn in what has become a worldwide response. dan: as kristin explains, much of the focus is understandably on vaccines. reporter: now that the omicron variant has reached the u.s. the other bay area, the question, what happens next for vaccines, public policy, and research? ucsf confirms they hope to grow a living culture of the omicron virus itself, using the sample they gene sequence last night. dr. ott is a virology expert at ucsf and says having the virus itself is the gold standard for predicting what the variant may do. >> what is the virus causing? how is it replicating in an organism? how does it spread? >> you can add it to cells and compare it to delta or the original wild type and see, does it infect better? reporter: and infectious disease researcher at stanford furiously
6:32 pm
studies omicron. adam is producing dna sequences that will allow companies to test the effectiveness of vaccines by producing engineered pseudo-viruses that mimic characteristics of omicron. >> is efficient and fast, because it is just as fast, as these companies can synthesize dna. reporter: the answers testing provides could be critical for what comes next, if a new or tweaked vaccine were required. the fda could have to decide when it can be released and with how much testing or clinical trial. >> we are in uncharted territory here in terms of that. i can really only speculate. it is up to the fda, how they want to do it. a step back and say, first, we have no reason to believe, at this time, our vaccines will not work against omicron.
6:33 pm
reporter:reporter: she says it may turn out t cell response, a secondary line of defense by the immune system, may offer protection as well. the search for answers continues at a rapid pace, here in the bay area and around the world. kristen sze, abc 7 news. dan: both researchers tell us teams around the world are working right now to culture the new omicron variant. ama: if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, ask our vaccine team. had to dan: san jose is gearing up for a better downtown in the midst of ambitious plans for new construction. its downtown association once to dream up big ideas to create a vibrant and inviting place. abc 7 news reporter david lui looked at hill hat -- how building a better state -- say reporter: the google campus in the art extension is coming to downtown san jose but it has
6:34 pm
many empty storefronts and a sizable homeless population and effort is underway to build a better downtown san jose. >> it is ok to throw stuff against the wall and not have its nick. we have been encouraged to try things that may not work long-term, but we have funding partners that are allowing us to take risks. david: san jose downtown association's executive director is grateful the knight foundation has granted $1 million over the next five years to take a holistic approach to making downtown vibrant and inviting and authentic to the diverse city of san jose. >> everybody from people without houses to students to people that live downtown in new condos to tech workers, people that work in restaurants, they need to find something in that authentic experience that is compelling. david: some are short-term. san jose has stressed up the area with murals in recent
6:35 pm
years. others will fill storefronts with shops with local crafts and unique merchandise. they filled in gaps between new projects and existing blocks. developers realize this. >> they can look at their buildings, the high-rises, their development as something that needs to connect to other developments being proposed, to existing lines, and neighborhoods and districts that surround them. david: the hope is to bring a new vibe to make the downtown destination worth exploring and supporting. david louis, abc 7. dan: merry christmas. are you children getting ready for christmas? dan: high and low tech st. nick. santa gets on the radio to reach out to your family. ama: don't miss the best video of the day. the little kitten up for adoption. she has
6:36 pm
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topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. ama: peninsula humane society has a great opera for people who love adoption fees are waived for bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and raccoons. the shelter says they have 25 animals looking for a place to
6:39 pm
call home. i kid and rescued from san mateo is available for adoption. the humane society and spa -- spca used a net to sweep her off the road. >> we suspect she had crawled up inside of a car engine and somehow became a stowaway. thankfully unfortunately for this lucky kid and -- kitten, she was not injured by the traffic. ama: rescuers named the cat courtney. they say courtney is two months old and a little shy but ready for a good home. dan: the pandemic -- away from the microphone. the pandemic limited access to santa claus, so now santa turning to technology to keep in touch with kids who have been naughty and nice. mark salander has the story. mark: far from santa's workshop,
6:40 pm
find st. nick. >> i met santa a years ago. mark: the pandemic stopped children from going to the mall or to christmas parties to drop off with list. chuck: i did no public events last year. mark: for santa to get good at using technology. chuck: this was a bad day for computers. chuck: i'm using a remote control software to get into santa's computer. mark: chuck is the president of the amateur radio club. tonight, he will connect children to the north pole. chuck: these are itp radio check. chuck: this is santa at ncr p and we have sound. mark: using ham radios and computers. chuck: how are you -- older you? mark: children get to talk to sam to again. -- santa again.
6:41 pm
in a strange year, some stories say the same. chuck: how many cookies did you eat last night? i don't know. how much cookies did you count? mark: one conversation at a time. chuck: merry christmas. mark: the radio takes santa into homes. chuck: if i can make someone laugh for 10 seconds, and somewhere in their day, that is worth any foolishness. mark: i mark salander. chuck: n0p at where it is cold outside. your drink will freeze before it hits the ground. this is santa sitting in front of a nice, warm fireplace with dogs and cats, misses -- mrs.
6:42 pm
claus making fresh cookies in the kitchen. ama: artists are enjoying a retail rebound of the pandemic shutdown. fares and exhibits are back i
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dan: in francisco ushers and holiday cheer. it celebrated that she --free writing -- the mayor flipped the switch on the noble for outside city hall. doesn't that look great? it was very festive, complete with snow flurries, tap dancing christmas trees, carolers, and the man of the hour, santa himself. really the firefighters on the peninsula turned into santa's helpers today as they launched their annual holiday toy drive. through christmas eve, all hillsboro and millbury fire stations are collecting unwrapped toys for donations were down last year because of covid so they hope to turn things around. >> with covid last year, you find the need for more and more people looking to get toys. toy drives are even more important this time of year, in people that need it, that may not always ask for help or need
6:46 pm
help. dan: people can find donation barrels at fire stations and some stores. the central county fire department works with 10 nonprofits in san mateo county and say they have distributed toys to those groups. ama: this holiday season includes the return of the holiday art fair. is not just the chance to buy gifts. is a significant source of income for local artists. >> after years of working as an art teacher, shawna chan was hitting her stride in 2019 as a professional illustrator. >> it was the first year i started selling my work in person. when covid hit, what can i do? how can i pay rent? i can't sell my art anymore. >> she was not alone in feeling the despair. arts and craft fairs are more than a price for artist to sell goods. they are a community gathering place for those who toil alone in their homes or studios. >> as my other vendors were out there all day, they were like,
6:47 pm
you should sign up. ama: she makes ceramic home goods out of her studio and estimates 80% of her income disappeared when art fairs were canceled last year. >> my business and my job imploded. i went through housing issues. ama: the pandemic hit hard at the crucible, the industrial arts center offering classes on blacksmithing, welding, ceramics, and more. a and furloughed its teachers. >> a lot of folks that rely on being able to teach their class -- crafts could not afford to live here. we lost a good number of faculty members. $75,000 in grants and set up a pantry to help struggling instructors. it is also bringing back its holiday art fair that was canceled last year. >> we are happy to provide a platform for local artists to be able to sell and display the work they are doing. >> there is a lot of talk about
6:48 pm
supply chain and gifts in whatever. with a lot of local people making amazing art, when you put that money into those artists, they put it back in the community and it helps and spreads for everybody. >> to meet people who come to the events. it is very rewarding at the end of the day. i usually pass out after working a show. ama: the craft show will take place this saturday and sunday at the crucible in oakland. there will be live demos of glassmaking and other classes offered. dan: that is fantastic. ama: it really is. dan: fun to watch them work and the skills they have. let's put spencer's kraftwerk. -- craft to werk. here's a look at what we expect tonight. spencer: clear skies as you watch the forecast. we will have a little bit of low patterns developing on the close line and fog in the central valley. mainly clear skies going into tomorrow. we will see high clouds passing
6:49 pm
by. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 40's. highs tomorrow or mild but we do not expect records like today. upper 60's on the coast and to 70 around the shoreline. upper 60's to low 70's and the warmest inland areas tomorrow. there's the seven-day forecast. it will be mild friday but cooler than tomorrow and the gradual cooling continued -- continues for the weekend and we have clouds entering the bay area and a slight chance of north bay sprinkles on monday. dan: sprinkles would be nice. ama: to reveal is here with sports tonight. larry: two teams in different directions. 49ers building on the street. it has hit hard times. it has hit hard times. the 49ers looking to your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness.
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[crowd cheering] i'm not a coach, but i invested in invesco qqq. which gives me access to next-gen statistical analysis software. become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. >> abc 7 sports with larry deal. larry: a few weeks ago, the 49ers'hopes. be burnt toast. since then, they have won three in a rope. they hold the six seed in the nfl playoffs as they get set for sunday's game. but tight and feeling the music today, feeling the groove in practice. they will be without deebo samuel and fred warner sunday, nursing injuries. the seahawks are in worse shape, dropping six of their last seven games since beating the niners in week four. two teams heading in opposite directions with six weeks left. >> it is different each week.
6:53 pm
we don't look at it as if we have just arrived. young guys learn how bad that novellas when they lose so they see how much better life is coming to work. >> there is always moments where you stop and smell the roses but there was also moments that go by quickly. you have to enjoy them for a quick second and the season, you have to jump on it and keep moving with it. december is when football starts. larry: the train is rolling good right now. with a lockout tonight at 9:00 p.m. pacific time, negotiators for mlb players and owners met for a grand total of seven minutes today. a whole seven minutes. this is going nowhere. teams have been busy the past few days trying to get deals done. the giants are bringing back alex wood, worth $25 million. he was 10 and four last season with an e.r.a. of 3.8. he will be and the starting
6:54 pm
rotation with alex cobb from the angels, a $20 million with kevin gausman off to the blue jays from a $110 million offer. the giants did not seem inclined to spend big bucks. >> when we had a veteran starter, we will add teaching depth with guys starting the year in aaa or the bullpen. you know, we have work to d d d obviously, we have added three starting pitchers and expect them to be a big part of the rotation picture for us and will continue to work on it. larry: the a's let marcus semien walk last season. he responded by hitting 45 home runs with the blue jays, a record for a second baseman. when presented with a $175 million offer, he jumped at joining a 102 lost texas rangers team that has already spent over half $1 billion this off-season. >> what they provide for players, you look at the
6:55 pm
clubhouse and the resources. this is something that, you know, i got a taste of last year with toronto. coming from oakland to toronto, you get a taste of what other organizations do for players. i asked a lot of questions about that. larry: a taste of cash as well. tom brady is making the most of his aquatic time in san -- florida tweeting out this eyewear ad where he is dressed as santa and doing some crazy stuff. seven-time super bowl champion apparently can do anything. that was not tom brady and all of these shots. if it was, imagine that. the editing is tremendous and you have to say this for brady. he has a social media team that is second to none, constantly generating great content and for that, we thank him in addition to the quarterback playing. one final thought on the labor
6:56 pm
situation with mlb. right now, not a big deal because it is off-season. if we get to february and do not have the start of spring training and you have 100 guys unsigned, that is when it will start to be a concern. right now, they will not talk to each other for an extended period of time. they have time. ama: coming up tonight on abc 7 starting at 8:00, it is the goldbergs then the wonder years, the connors, and home economics. then it is a million little things followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. . you can watch our newscasts on live and on-demand through the bay area connected tdf. is available for apple tv, amazon fire tv, android tv, and roku. that is it for this edition. thank you for joining us. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and we will see you again at 11:00. ♪ >
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