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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 2, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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catch our full episodes on hulu. see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions.
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this is abc 7 news. >> the first u.s. case of the covid-19 omicron variant has been detected in san francisco. a ucsf lab ran a sample from a a traveler from south africa and identified that patient as someone who had been infected with the very it. thank you for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> i am ama daetz. tim johns begins our coverage with why health officials say it was a matter of time before case was identified. >> the person who sequenced the virus sample just last night was not shocked we in the bay area where the first to find the case of the new variant, thanks to the strong infrastructure it has for genomic starting the first case in the u.s., a timeline of how the events unfolded is beginning to emerge. the traveler returned to sfo from south africa on november 22. they began feeling
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symptoms on the 25th. they got tested on the 28th with positive results coming back the next day. the example was sequenced at ucs f, tuesday, november 30. >> i thought it was a matter of time before someone would identify the first case of omicron in the u.s.. certainly the first case in california. >> dr. charles chu is the first who discovered the traveler was infected with the variant. the testing was expedited of the sample. >> normally, sequencing takes several days, some cases several weeks. we are able to sequence this virus within six hours. >> the case was mild and the person had the full dose of moderna, but no booster. despite the existence being confirmed in the bay area, local leaders say the city is prepared. speaking at a news conference on wednesday, san francisco health director dr. craig koufax cited the high vaccination rates and
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stringent mask policies. >> this is cause for concern. it is also not a cause for us to panic. >> the sense of readiness was conveyed by governor newsom, who spoke at an event in the central valley. he said another lockdown is unlikely, but urged californians to take the necessary precautions to keep us all safe. >> to get vaccinated, to get a booster, and to do what is required of us. >> he says having a sample of our own in the u.s. is also a positive development because of what will enable our local scientists to never study the omicron variant and not rely on data from our international partners. live in the studio, tim johns. >> president biden plans to announce his strategy to prevent a winter surge of coronavirus. the white house is reportedly considering having all travelers tested today before flying, regardless of vaccination status. a new directive requires
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airlines to turn over the names of passengers flying from eight countries in southern africa. there are reports the mass mandate that applies to transit systems and airports will be extended at least through march. >> a live look at sfo. j.r. stone was there tonight and found passengers are weighing safety concerns against the desire to travel. >> temperature checks being taken wednesday night at sfo for dozens of passengers traveling to the philippines. this as covid-19's omicron variant continues to spread around the globe. >> this new environment have struck, it has put a lot of stress on people. a lot of people haven't gotten the booster, or the shot at all. >> that from james stevenson, who was heading to bora-bora when we spoke to him. several upcoming trips that are in favor of travel mask mandates being extended, which could be announced on thursday. tough for covid testing rules may also be put into place.
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something stevenson says would be costly. >> we just got our results back for our test, which was $190 apiece. >> as some flight crews continue to gear up with full-body protective gear, doctors are urging caution for those traveling out of the country. >> you can wind up stuck at your destination for several weeks, because those travel restrictions are changing by the day. >> she says she needs to come back here because her son would need his second covid shot. she had a strong reaction when she learned of the new omicron variant. >> we had to deal with it. it is just there. the pandemic has been going on for two years. it is the new normal. >> she double masked on her flight, but says even with the new variant, not everyone is taking things as seriously as they once were. >> most passengers on the plane, their noses were open.
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small kids are coughing all the time. they are not covered. i'm afraid maybe they have covid. >> at sfo, j.r. stone. >> some universities, such as smith college, are beginning to require booster shots for students and staff over concerns of the potential winter surge and omicron variant. cal state is reviewing its policy as needed. appointments are now required for those who want a booster at the san mateo county event center. the county says it's because of high demand. >> after nine months of pressure, the california department of public health released an investigation into deficiencies reported at its troubled covid testing lab. lawmakers say the report is not holding the state accountable for failures reported by their own department. stephanie sierra is on the story. >> a routine inspection that found significant deficiencies at state-funded covid testing lab promised to be a game changer. >> that is the way to test.
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>> with troubling reports, its practices repeatedly threatened health and safety. >> shocked and very concerned. >> instead of alerting the public, they allowed the lab to process samples for six months. >> that is a really important question. why weren't things paused, why did we take a deeper look? >> he says that should have happened when california's laboratory field services division, which regulates labs in the state, first identified significant problems in the lab when it opened in december of 2020. >> how come we didn't react more quickly? >> after a nine month delay, they released a report detailing the problems that threatened the lab's license. the state summary told a different story than the official inspection reports. both reports filed this year on april 23 and february 19 declared immediate jeopardy from patients after the routine inspection found the lab failed to meet safety and testing standards.
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reporting inaccurate results and contaminating patient specimens. but if you ask the state, all deficiencies were addressed, and no impact in the integrity of the test process at the lab. the highest standards. mike wasserman said on the advisory committee, often consulting government agencies on >> that sometimes the state is more concerned about the optics. and the lab faced no penalties. we have reached out to the state for further comment and an explanation but have yet to hear back. senator becker will be looking into whether the state will face an audit to determine when exactly they knew about these problems. for the eye team, stephanie sierra. >> on our website, you can find all of the latest on covid-19 any time you need it. there are resources for finding a testing or vaccination site.
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go to >> new details in the investigation into the deadly shooting that took the life of atv news security guard last week. oakland police announced they are looking to speak with a person believed to have cellphone video connected to the shooting. they are searching for a white acura. the shooting killed former police officer kevin mashita. law enforcement honored him as his casket was escorted from the alameda county coroner's office to mountain view funeral home. the motorcade included officers from hayward, san jose, and coma. police departments where worked before his retirement. he was working as a private security guard for atv news crew when he was shot and killed. watch part of today's procession on the abc7 streaming app. >> the wanda creek city council approved new funding in response to the nordstrom smash and grab robbery two weeks ago involving dozens. council members unanimously agreed to spend $2 million to pay for five new police officers
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and increase the police overtime budget. >> this is the action that will have the most immediate impact to increase our overtime in order to allow for two additional officers eight hours a day, three days a week. coming from federal stimulus funds, will pay for new security cameras to enhance the system of the city already has in place. >> and abc news exclusive. alec baldwin sits down for interview for the first time since the fatal shooting. on a movie set he describes the moments before the gun went off in his hand. >> the rotunda at san jose city hall goes red. a sober celebration for world aids day. >> you are going to meet some east bay for many years. high school students paving the way for girls in stem. >> nice and warm today for the start of december. how much cooler it will turn in the coming days, straight ahead. >> a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> in the south bay, a show support for people living with hiv and those who died of aids. rotunda turned red for world aids day. amanda del castillo your shows
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us how the community is marking this somber occasion. >> dim red lights signal support for those united against hiv. in downtown san jose, a candlelight vigil marked the 30 third world aids day. >> we have all of the tools we need scientifically to never see another new case of hiv and make sure everyone with hiv lives full, healthy lives. >> std hiv controller dr. sarah redman says now it is about making sure everyone has access to those resources. councilwoman pam foley shared why she's so committed to that mission. tim geithner 1986, shortly after he was diagnosed with aids. >> the worst day of my life when he passed away. i heard him take his last breath over the phone. i was not there in person, i did not know how sick he was. >> moments like this helped educate others after the fight was far from over. in the crowd of dozens, she says young people are paying
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attention. >> as time goes on, it will be easier to educate more people. and reduce the stigma. >> reduce the stigma and strengthen community. almost 3600 people are living with hiv, driving. 115 county residents were newly diagnosed in 2020. the county's response to the covid-19 pandemic was shaped by lessons learned from the hiv find. >> we had built very fast scientific advancements, safe and healthy effective vaccines we never would have had without the scaffolding the hiv pandemic caused us to build. >> the white house estimates 1.2 million americans living with hiv. on wednesday, the president announced plans to end the aids epidemic by 2030. in san jose, amanda del castillo. >> in and abc news stunning revelation by alec baldwin during his first full interview since the deadly
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accident on the set of the movie rust. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> the trigger wasn't pulled, i didn't pull the trigger. i would never point a gun at anyone and pulled the trigger at them. holding an antique revolver during a dress rehearsal when the gun discharged, killing the director. for the first time, baldwin is talking about what happened on set. you can see the interview on alec baldwin unscripted tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. it will also begin streaming on hulu. >> the future of abortion rights in america went before the supreme court today. justices heard oral arguments over the landmark roe v. wade ruling and mississippi law placing tight restrictions on abortions. terry moran gives us an idea of how justices remaining. >> at the supreme court, the first signs roe v. wade days may be numbered.
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outside the court, protesters gathered. inside, the justices heard arguments on the mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. no exceptions for rape or incense. roe v. wade established a woman's constitutional right to have an abortion, and if the court upholds the mississippi law, it would undermine and overrule it altogether. john roberts zeroing in on a key issue, viability. roe and other cases prohibit states from banning abortion before viability about 24 weeks. robert's saying mississippi's ban on abortion after 15 weeks gives women plenty of time to choose. >> liability doesn't have anything to do with choice. if it really is an issue about choice, why is 15 weeks not enough time? >> justice soto sonja my art with of dire consequences if the rule is overturned or gutted. >> will this institution survive the stench that this creates in
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the public perception that the constitution and its reading are just political acts? >> a decision in this case expected at the end of the courts term next june. when most of the big decisions come down. you can hear conservatives aiming high. they were discussing not so much whether to overrule or got roe v. wade, but how to do it. terry moran, abc news. >> carlos santana reportedly doing well after having an unscheduled heart procedure. the 74-year-old guitarist says his wife took him to the hospital because of an issue with his chest. he will have to cancel several las vegas shows planned for december, but hopes to perform in january. >> a group of girls from ygnacio valley height in concord is working to break through the glass ceiling. the feminine or club is for
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budding engineers designed to give girls a chance to be front and center in a stem program usually dominated by boys. they were using a kit to build their own working robots. >> i get to meet new people, and i enjoy the imaginary part and creative part of engineering. >> in may, the girls will take part in a showcase featuring creations. eventually, the organizers plan on rolling this out to other campuses. >> i love the name, that is clever. let's turn our attention to the weather. >> sandhya patel is here with more. >> good stuff. and the weather, i wish i could tell you it is good stuff, in terms of rain. i do have attentional changes, but not immediately. a picture from san francisco. visibility is good from this vantage point. not so great everywhere. record highs for today. san francisco 73.
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broke the record in 1959. san jose with 75. previous record set back in 1927. 80 december 1 in gilroy. 71 in concord. 72 in redwood city. 77 degrees in cloverdale. definitely well above average for this time of year. a live look from the emeryville camera. they are quality because of high-pressure overhead, stagnant air, really in the moderate category, and it will continue the next four days. we expect changes. here's what the climate prediction center says. above average across the northwestern u.s.. we have seen it across the northwest. below the central u.s., and near-normal for central and southern california, which includes in the bay area. this is next week. let's hope it materializes. the storm track is aimed well into the pacific northwest. high-pressure blocking the
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storms. that is why we are not getting rain. live doppler 7, no rain. but we do have fog we are tracking. visibility zero now. three quarters of a mile in santa rosa. two miles in fairfield. be careful tomorrow morning, give yourself extra time. 40's and 50's for most of you from the east bay hills camera. a lovely view towards san francisco and sutro tower. areas of dense fog overnight. warmth the next couple of days. temperatures above average into the weekend. even though it will be cooler heading into the weekend. you will notice the fog coming back. it will be pushing over parts of the bay. we will see it to the parts of solano county and the afternoon and evening. it will bring temperatures down. temperatures in the morning anywhere from the 30's to the 50's. afternoon highs look like this. 60's. a few 70's scattered about. not as warm as today.
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the next opportunity is monday. that system comes down and it falls apart. slight chance monday. around december, ninth, 10, better opportunity. morning fog, cooler afternoon. cooling on friday with possible drizzle saturday. into sunday, it will be milder for most areas. tracking potential for a few sprinkles monday. better opportunity a week from this friday and saturday. then we may see some rain. >> we
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it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> the holiday spirit is aglow tonight. mayor london breed the honors, eliminating the 50 foot noble f ir. the festivities included dancing christmas trees, the dickens fair carolers, and craft activities.
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the grinch, elves, and santa himself all made an appearance. a lot of fun to be
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> 49ers and seahawks have had a great rivalry. those days may be over. their game was flexed out of prime time. the seahawks are reeling. george kittle rocking to the beat. they are beating people down with their running game. 120 five carries the past couple of games. six in the nfc. the challenge, win in seattle without fred warner. they have dropped six or seven. two teams clearly going in opposite directions. >> this league is different each week. we just arrived, we looked at as we have done right. young guys learned how bad the nfl is when you lose. >> there's moments when you stop and smell the roses. there are moments that go by
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quickly. you have to enjoy them for a quick second. you have to jump on it. >> major league baseball in a lockout. between the owners and players union, it was all of seven whole minutes. teams were busy with deals getting done. two years, $25 million. in e.r.a. of 3.8. he will be in the starting rotation with alex cobb from the angels coming over on a two-year deal. $110 million offer. holding the wallet pretty tight. >> a veteran starter, continuing to have pitching depth, guys who may start the year in the bullpen. i think we still have work to do. we have added three starting pitchers, we expect them to be a big part of the rotation picture, and we will check it. >> they let marcus semien go to
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toronto last year. he had 45 homers for the jays. record for a second baseman. took a $175 million offer from a texas team that lost 102 games last year. texas has spent over half $1 billion. nba tonight, bucks and hornets. yunus is here. to the hoop. 127-125. next day friday. thompson apparently enjoyed his brief stint with the warriors, including the forest. peekaboo behind the tree. can't wait to see him back alongside steph. sports on abc 7
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>> thank you for watching. i am ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. good nig
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deadly. what we're learning this morning about the death of the wife of a legendary music executive. you're watching "world news now."
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