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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 2, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PST

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fedex with a new case of dumped packages in alabama. this time a few dozen boxes were dropped next to a county road about two hours away from where someone tossed hundreds of packages last week. fedex issued a statement in part saying we are appalled and efforts are under way to retrieve and deliver the packages. police in beverly hills say the shooting of a prominent philanthropist may have been a targeted attack. jacqueline a havenavant was of a music executive recently inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. abc's will karr has those details. >> reporter: a shocking murder, jacqueline avant you can t, the
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av affiliate nt killed in her home. >> the motives in this case are sell unknown, and we are investigating all possible motives. >> reporter: police receiving a phone call about a shooting near the avant's residence. when officers arrived, they say the suspects were gone. they found the 81 year old with a gunshot wound. clarence avant is a grammy-winning executive and was just inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. called the godfather of black music, he was known for his mentorship. he's the founder of two record labels. launching the careers of artists like bill withers, famous for the songs "lean on me" and "ain't no sunshine." he and his wife were married for 54 years and have two children. authorities say they are not ruling anything out as they search for motive, it comes as celebrities like magic johnson and tyler perry are offering condolences. will carr, abc news, los angeles. an investigation is under way in munich, germany to determine why a world war ii era bomb was not discovered before it exploded. the blast yesterday near a construction site at a busy rail line injured four people, one of them seriously. train service in the area was delayed for several hours. the 550-pound bomb was found while drilling work was being done.
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the list of the most expensive cities is out with an upset at the top spot. tel aviv leapt from fifth place to first. tel aviv knocked paris into a tie for second with singapore followed by zurich and hong kong in the top five. new york came in sixth place and los angeles in ninth. >> tel aviv is a beautiful city. it's like the miami of israel right there. it's very glamorous. not that surprising. it was already in the top five last year. now it takes the top spot. but new york. how does new york just not make the list, you know? >> i don't know. i was going to say when i first read the list, i was like, oh, my god, i can't believe that people in these cities are living in the most -- and then when new york came up, i thought, i better just eat my food. coming up, the new puzzle for scientists. humans are believed to have existed on earth for 300,000 years. so how does that explain these nearly 4 million year old
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♪ holiday road ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ holiday road ♪ all right, with most of the country opening back up, americans are once again taking their holiday cheer on the road, although you seem to have the holiday cheer right here. >> right here is fine with me, but we are kicking off the road to christmas with our own holiday road trip and will ganss is here. >> so all 50,000 lights have now been shut off on that 79-foot norway spruce you see behind me, but the spirit is still alive, and don't worry, if you can't make a trip to new york there's plenty of christmas spirit to be found all over the country, so come on, let's hit the holiday road. first up on the cross country christmas tour, an opportunity that would make any "home alone" fan scream.
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for the first time ever, the famed chicago digs from "home alone", available for an overnight stay, thanks to airbnb and buzz himself. the actor who played kevin's brother in the films will host four lucky fans in the mcallisters' home for one night, complete with twinkling lights, booby-traps, and of course -- >> a lovely cheese pizza, just for me. >> next up, dr. seuss enterprises teaming up so fans can crash for a night in this famous cave north of whoville that belongs to -- >> the, the, the grinch. >> in this case, whoville is just outside boulder, utah, the kitchen stocked with who pudding and who hash. and now to cleveland, ohio where you can live like ralphie parker. overnight stays available not only in the parkers' house from "a christmas story", leg lamp still in the window, rooms also
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available in the bumpas' home next door. just leave the red ryder at home. why? >> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. >> next to branson, missouri for a ride on the real-life polar express. the classic coming to life on the branson scenic railway. families climbing on board for cookies, santa sightings and hot chocolate. meanwhile, st. augustine, florida, famous for light displays visible by land or by boat. but 4,500 miles away, north pole, alaska, billing itself as the home of the santa claus house and the world's largest fiberglass statue of st. nick himself. the "home alone" house is available for one night only, december 12. the grinch cave 13th-23rd. the other holiday hotspots available all season long, but making it home for the holidays, priceless.
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>> obviously here we have the rockefeller tree, but there are plenty of options around the country. >> we have so much christmas joy in the city, i'm good with staying right here. >> we have
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see if a reverse mortgage is right for you. call now, the number is on your screen. ♪ ♪ time now for "weird science." and is age just a number? because we're starting with a decades-old discovery raising new questions about just how old human beings are? >> so the earliest humans are believed to have been on earth 300,000 years ago. but new footprints believed have been made by a bear now point to them actually being human. >> so here's the thing. those footprints are nearly 4 million years old. so the latest research could end up rewriting the early chapters of human history. my whole thing is are we sure it's even human? >> earlier, they clearly didn't think, they thought it was a
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bear. next to a camera the size of a grain of salt. >> the new microscopic camera is made of a glass-like material and doesn't have a lens but has what's called a meta surface. >> and that meta surface is covered with 1.6 million antenna and can capture shots on par with a standard camera. >> it's smaller than zoolander's school for kids who can't read really good. scientists are eventually hoping to use the camera to take magazine-quality snapshots inside the body to diagnose and treat diseases. that's cool. >> earlier they had issues with the picture quality. so they would get the camera small, but it wouldn't be as clear. it's interesting to see. and speaking of the human body, let's go to the world's loudest burp. >> neville sharp has let it rip with a burp that exceeded 112 decibels.
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>> 110.0. [ burp ] >> 112.4. >> ho-ho! >> for reference, 112 decibels is as loud as a car horn or turbo fan aircraft at takeoff power. >> that's the grossest thing i've heard. >> what's your loudest burp? >> i hate burping. finally to a dog that just wanted to have fun. >> it happened in england. this frisky guy named shandy, even though things were frozen, just could not let it go. >> he put up quite the fight and won happily trotting off. he just wanted to play fetch. >> or maybe he wanted to help, you know? >> he's like no, i got it. >> there he goes. >> or maybe he was a porch pirate. >> oh, man.
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