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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 2, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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effort to combat covid. the growing concerns about the omicron variant found for the first time here in the u.s. in san francisco. the president has a new winter strategy. kumasi: what is the discovery of the omicron variant mean for mask mandate? what we know this morning. reggie: more holiday spirit in san francisco. the event happening at the tree said to be the tallest in the bay area. kumasi: happy thursday, december 2. you are watching abc seven mornings. reggie: president biden is expected to announce new efforts to combat covid-19 as concerns grow over the omicron variant. this comes as the case of omicron is discovered in san francisco. kumasi: jobina fortson is live with the president's approach. jobina: the president is taking a multipronged approach to slow the spread of the omicron
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variant. the plan includes making at home testing free to those with insurance while giving 50 million tests to community health centers. the mask requirement for public transit will be extended until march 18. stringent testing will be required for all international travelers within one day before coming to the u.s.. up from the current three days. concerns over omicron are rising as we approach winter. health officials are urging unvaccinated americans to get their shots now and the vaccinated to get their booster. >> boosting is very important. that is the reason why we feel even though we do not have a lot of data on it, there is every reason to believe that that kind of increase that you get with a boost would be helpful. jobina: right now, a san francisco resident is recovering from the omicron variant. that person had traveled to south africa and returned home on november 22. they had mild symptoms and were
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fully vaccinated, but they did not have a booster yet so san francisco officials say they will not make any changes to the current covid restrictions. as far as contact tracing, the city's following normal protocol. reggie: abc 7 news is going to carry a special report when the president announces this new covid plan. we expect that around 10:40 this morning. you can stream it on our app or on your phone. stick around because midday live , we will follow the president's remarks. kumasi: there are questions about what the discovery of the omicron variant means for mask mandate and other covid rules. amy hollyfield is joining us live with more on this. amy: we reached out to health officials across the bay area and we found that the bay area is taking a wait and see approach. no changes for now. health officials say we already have good measures in place
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here. this is not a time to loosen them or add more. they are watching the situation closely. if omicron creates a serious oh and -- series situation, they would consider adding more rejections. for now, they do not know what the impact of omicron will be. >> my supposition is that it will be like delta. maybe it is more transmissible. maybe it is going to be not as dire as everyone seems to think. amy: as of right now, there are no plans to change health orders in place. officials say they do not know enough yet about omicron, so we need to just keep doing what we are doing and watch and wait. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: governor newsom is promoting vaccinations and booster shots. he visited an elementary school in merced county that hosted a vaccine clinic.
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the governor highlighted the availability of boosters to everyone 18 and up. he says the state has a ministered 5.8 million booster doses so far. now is the critical time to get that extra shot as we head into the holiday season. >> let's double down on our vigilance and the seriousness of purpose to work through this winter and the likelihood of experiencing surge. reggie: california's case positivity rate has gone up from below 2% before thanksgiving up to 3.4% now. that is still less than half of the national average. if you have questions about the vaccines, ask our vaccine team. just go to and click on the big blue box. kumasi: new details in the investigation into the deadly shooting that took the life of a tv news security guard last week. oakland police are looking to speak with the person believed to have cellphone video connected to the shooting. they are still searching for a white acura. the shooting last week killed
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retired police officer rashida. law enforcement honored him as his casket was escorted from the corners office to a mountain view funeral home yesterday. the motorcade included officers from hayward, san jose, and coma police departments. the shooter worked at all of those before he retired and became a security guard. a walnut creek city council has approved funding in response to the nordstrom smash and grab robbery. reggie: council members agreed to spend $2 million to pay for new police officers and increase the police overtime budget. >> this is the action that would have the most immediate impact is to increase our overtime in order to allow for two additional officers, eight hours a day, three days a week. reggie: additional money will help pay for new security cameras to enhance the system the city already has in place. kumasi: developing news from major league baseball.
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the hope of catching baseball games for the start of the season, the league and the players union failed to agree on a contract so the mlb locked out its players for the first work stoppage in more than a quarter-century. the union and the league will keep negotiating, but if they want to start on time, the latest they can strike a deal is early march. reggie: happening tonight, the kickoff of the winter kabul -- winter wonderland. they posted this photo on instagram. they say it is the tallest in the bay area. hp lighting ceremony will be held tonight -- a tree lighting ceremony will be held tonight to mark the festivities. it will include a performance by en vogue. that is from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. you have to rsvp by going to the holiday spirit is growing at civic city plaza in san
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francisco. the mayor helped light up the fir during the annual tree lighting. it included the dickens fair carolers, a toy giveaway, and other fun activities. the grinch, elves, and santa himself all making an appearance. kumasi: it is the holidays. reggie: it is here. tonight, i'm going to drag queens on ice. kumasi: that is going to be good. reggie: it is back. brian boy is going to be there as a special guest. kumasi: look at these tap dancing christmas trees. reggie: they are the real stars. mike: what more do you need to get in the spirit? that is great. let's dense fog. we have a little bit out there and it is thick in solano county. visibility less than a quarter of a mile through 10:00. give yourself extra space between you and the car in front of you. high beams tend to reflect back off of the water.
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we have some totally fogged in the central valley and eastern parts of contra costa and alameda county. the offshore breeze will bring that along highway four and along walnut creek. in the northbound, the usual fog and it will be around for the entire morning commute also. temperatures cooler this morning. in san francisco, we have cloud cover trying to develop. 52 to 55 degrees. microclimates out there, 39 at healdsburg. 44 in santa clara. 49 in pleasanton. pittsburgh, 47. for the south bay, a record high yesterday. close today. you will warm up into the low 70's with increasing high clouds. throughout the week, our warmest days are behind us. the north bay, average high, 60. we will be near 70 today. 62 to 66 degrees for the next several days. a couple of chances for wet
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weather coming up. i will see you in a bit. jobina: good morning. we will start with a live look in emeryville showing off 80. headlights are traveling westbound. chp has issued a fog advisory for the antioch bridge. two days in a row for that advisory. everything else is clear. we are bringing in a live picture of the san mateo bridge for you. things are moving both directions. the commute out of tracy looking good. tracy will be 20 minutes for the ride. any out to conquer, 14 minutes. san rafael to san francisco, a 60 minute ride. reggie: turning old company uniforms into runway-worthy material. the creations on the catwalk. kumasi: an abc news exclusive, alec baldwin's first full interviews since the deadly shooting. the stunning revelation about what happened. reggie: former ceo jack dorsey has an announcement about his other company. the new name for square. the new name for square. kumasi: ♪give my regards to broadway!♪
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to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, see how you can get $200 back during our black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign. reggie: in the south bay, a show
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of support for people living with hiv and those who have died from the disease. the san jose city hall rotunda turned red for world's aids -- world aids day. how the community marked the somber occasion. reporter: red lights assemble support for those united in the fight against hiv. in san jose, a candlelight vigil marks the 43rd world aids day. >> we have all the tools we need to never see another new case of hiv and to make sure everyone with hiv lives healthy lives. reporter: health officer dr. sarah redman says now it is about making sure everyone has access to those resources. councilwoman foley shared why she is committed to that mission. her brother tim died in 1996 after he was diagnosed with aids. >> it was the worst day of my life when he passed away. i heard him take his last breath over the phone. i was not there in person. i did not know how sick he was.
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reporter: she says events like these help to educate others. in the crowd of dozens, 16-year-old ryan, she says young people are paying attention. >> i think the generation as time goes on, it will be easier to educate people and reduce the stigma. reporter: reduce the stigma and strengthen community. across the county, almost 3600 people are living with hiv, thriving, says dr. redman. dill 115 county residents were newly diagnosed in 2020. dr. redman says the county cast their response to the pandemic was shaped by lessons learned from the hiv find. >> we have built very fast scientific advancements, safe and healthy and effective vaccines that we never would have had without the scaffolding that the hiv pandemic caused us to have to build. reporter: the white house estimates 1.2 million americans are living with hiv. on wednesday, the president announced plans to end the aids epidemic by 2030.
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in san jose, abc7news. kumasi: now to an exclusive, alec baldwin sitting down with george stephanopoulos for his first interview since the deadly shooting on the set of the movie "rust." >> it was never in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> i never pulled the trigger. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> i would never point a gun and pulled the trigger. kumasi: baldwin was holding a revolver when the gun discharged, wounding the scimitar for -- cinematographer and the director. for the first time, baldwin is talking about what happened that day. you can see that interview unscripted tonight at 8:00 right here on abc7 and we will be able to stream it on hulu. reggie: carlos santana is doing well after having a heart procedure. the 74-year-old guitarist says his wife took him to the hospital because of an issue with his chest. he will have to cancel several las vegas shows for december,
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but he hopes to be performing again kumasi: in kumasi: january. cbs is making it easier for pharmacy customers with visual and parents read prescription labels. unspoken -- rx labels are available. the feature can read information out loud. this is part of the cbs mobile app and it can be heard in english or spanish. reggie: former ceo jack dorsey is announcing the company is changing its name. dorsey is rebranding the digital payments company square based in san francisco. it will be renamed block around december 10. block will represent square, which will remain the name of the business of the software. earlier this week, dorsey announced he is stepping down as twitter's cl. kumasi: designers are up cycling old company uniforms. models strutted down the catwalk showing off this collection made of old fabric.
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it is an effort to make more sustainable fashion, but organizers say there is more to it. the money raised will go to the seamstresses and also invested in training new needle workers. reggie: love that. they make it cute. [laughter] kumasi: it was cute to them. reggie: they definitely did a little shimmy every time they passed each other. mike: they do not want my stuff from earlier when i worked fast food because that probably still smells like french fries. [laughter] reggie: comforting. i like that. not mad about that. mike: hopefully you are not mad about the forecast. here we go. exploratory camera looking toward a clear sky on this side of san francisco. increasing clouds today. the coast will get foggy as we
5:17 am
head through the afternoon as an onshore breeze will develop later today. that is why highs will taper below record levels. it will be warm today, just not the widespread warmth we had yesterday with all of those new records. drizzle is possible saturday and spreckels on monday. that is about it for the next few days. high pressure dominating our forecast. there is another atmospheric river poised to hit the pacific northwest to bring them some flooding concerns once again. as this low and high start to move to the east, you can see the low clouds coming towards us and those are the low clouds that will hang around today, keeping you in the 60's. we will be in the mid upper 60's in san francisco. richmond, vallejo, napa, fairfield, concourse, antioch, san mateo, everyone else around 73 degrees. this morning, we will have low clouds around the court -- coast. with the onshore breeze, the tule fog will not be as big of a concern, but it could be as you
5:18 am
head toward fairfield and deeper into the central valley. temperatures will be in the 40's tonight. future radar, everything staying up north until monday. that falls apart. there is another on wednesday. it falls apart. thursday it is possible we can finally see some rain come up to one third of an inch. we have our fingers crossed for that one. after today, no more 70's. load 60's tomorrow. sunday as we get an onshore breeze, there could be fire danger because our grass, the fuel is getting drier and drier. we will keep an eye on that. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: fighting back against porch pirates. the extra - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea.
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kumasi: 5:20. here are the seven things to know. a san francisco resident is recovering from the covid-19 omicron variant. this is the first known case of the variant in the u.s.. officials say the person is fully vaccinated, but has not received a booster. reggie: president biden will announce a strategy to stop the spread of omicron that includes new travel research and and grab it testing.
5:21 am
abc news will have a special report at 10:40 this morning. kumasi: oakland police are looking for a person who has cellphone video connected to the shooting of retired police officer kevin nishita. they are still looking for a white acura. this is the photo. insnishita died last week. reggie: the walnut city -- the walnut creek city council has approved funding. mike: i hope you are getting used to these warm temperatures. they are back today, but just short of record highs. 67 in san francisco to 73 in san jose. jobina: heads up if you are traveling through nevada this morning. a car fire will be on southbound 101 at san antonio blocking the shoulder. kumasi: number seven, drag queens on ice is returning to union square tonight. it will feature performances from bay area kings and queens.
5:22 am
the show starts at 7:00 tonight and it is free. reggie: some children could be disappointed this season because of the supply chain crisis. the selection is slim at some toy stories. a toy store and honor -- toy store owner told us they were short supply and could not get products. still, he says the shelves are full because he planned ahead. >> eight months ago, our distributors were telling us they were having issues getting inventory. when i heard about it, i say we better start buying early and get our products for the holidays and we are doing better than pre-covid now and many stores are out of inventory. reggie: he planned ahead. he was organized. workers say they are having products -- problems getting products. shipping containers wait to unload in the pacific ocean. kumasi: police department across the country are taking new
5:23 am
measures to stop package thieves this season. here is abc news reporter kenny wentworth. >>ning's gma first look, fighting back against porch pirates. >> it is kind of a low-level crime. it is easy to do and the risks are low. >> without all those black friday and cyber monday online purchases getting -- hitting delivery trucks, police departments are taking action toward off package thieves like this one near portland, oregon having previously victimized homeowners. >> it is trying to make a positive effect in the neighborhoods and helping residents get the things they ordered. we don't want someone to be without medication because someone decides to steal a package. >> foot can you do to protect yourself -- what can you do to protect yourself? we had the expert tips to keep your packages safe and sound.
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kumasi: olivia rodriguez hit song "driver's license" was the most dreams song on spotify worldwide this year. this was according to the streaming service's year end list. her grammy nominated album "sour" was the most streamed around the globe. reggie: it tells you how many minutes you listened. mine was 27,521 minutes. it says that was more than 80% of the rest of the u.s.. one of my friends was over 100,000. kumasi: you felt better? reggie: yes. i also had questions about his work habits. kumasi: that is a lot of minutes. you can gain insight into your listening habits for 2021 thanks to spotify wrapped. reggie: the feature tells users what they have listened to the most in the past year and sums
5:25 am
up their top artists. this is interesting, the most a it tells you if you were wi stful, calm, hype, or bold. i skipped the aura. i saw it and i kept moving. i was more interested in who i listen to the most. kumasi: i want to know your aura. reggie: i think you would be disappointed. coming up, the bank that just dropped charges. kumasi: plus, the college scandal. reggie: this is 5:35. we are coming right back.
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$200 off any stressless recliner and office chair, and $200 off each stressless sofa seat. don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> this is cause for concern. it is certainly not a cause for us to panic. reggie: that first case of the omicron variant discovered in san francisco. what we know about the patient. kumasi: here is a live look at sfo. doctors are urging caution for international travelers. the white house cats plan to fight the variant. reggie: a woman accused of stealing from a local target.
5:29 am
end update on what happened to her less than a week after her arraignment. kumasi: the return of drag queens on ice. you can expect at tonight's event. it is thursday, december 2. abc7 is live right now on hulu and wherever you stream. reggie: we will get a check on the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. we broke records yesterday. mike: today, not so much. there is a chance that san jose can tie the record at 75, but i am forecasting 73. watching fog this morning. and arose that is clear. -- santa rosa is clear. you can see some tule fog have anze radiation all fog -- and some radiation all fog developing. 49 in petaluma and 59 in san francisco. 50 in san mateo. as we head to noon, you can see high clouds. low clouds along the coast.
5:30 am
temperatures in the low to mid-60's at noon. mid-60's to near 70 at 3:00 and the onshore breeze kicks in and drops us down into the low to upper 50's as we head through 7:00. we will take a look at a chance of rain and fire danger, coming up. kumasi: we are learning new information about the first case of the omicron variant in san francisco. reggie: it was a you and -- ucsf lab. amy hollyfield is in the newsroom for us. amy: to the doctor who sequenced the virus sample, he is looking at the very first case and he says he was not surprised when it came back as omicron, saying it was just a matter of time. he was not shocked at the first case was found here in san francisco because he says our region has such strong infrastructure in place for genomic tracing. he did say they expedited the testing of the sample because this patient had traveled from south africa. >> normally, sequencing takes
5:31 am
anywhere from several days to several weeks. we were able to sequence this virus within six hours. amy: health officials say the city is prepared for this moment, pointing out that high vaccination rates here and strong mask rules are in place for a reason and they will help us get through this. they say this patient is experiencing a mild case. the patient was vaccinated, but had not received the booster. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: president biden will announce a new approach to stop the omicron variant. reggie: the strategy includes travel restrictions. we are taking a look at sfo where passengers are weighing safety concerns. jobina fortson is at the live desk. jobina: as the omicron variant spreads around the globe, doctors are urging caution for those traveling out of the country. the white house's new plan calls
5:32 am
for extending the mask requirement on public transit. airplanes, trains, and buses until march 18th. international travelers must be tested for: within monday before entering the u.s. instead of the current three days. we spoke with travelers traveling internationally about the new restrictions, this can be costly. -- which can be costly. >> we just got our results back from our tests which work $109 each. >> the pandemic has been going on for two years already. it is the new normal. >> you could be stuck at your destination for several weeks because travel restrictions are changing by the day. jobina: some passengers say they are taking extra precautions such as double-masking on their flights. abc7 will carry a special report when president biden announces his new covid plan. it is expected at 10:40 this morning. you can stream it on our app or
5:33 am
streaming device on your tv. reggie: after nine months of pressure, the california department of public health finally releasing the investigation into deficiencies reported at its covid testing lab. lawmakers say the report is not holding the state accountable. stephanie sierra has that. stephanie: an inspection that found routine deficiencies at a testing lab, promised to be a game changer. >> that is the way you test. stephanie: with troubling reports its practices repeatedly threatened safety. instead of alerting the public, the state allowed the left to continue processing for six months. why? >> that is a really important question. why were not things pauseed and why didn't we take a different -- deeper look. stephanie: he says it should have been covered.
5:34 am
it first identified significant problems in 2020. >> how can we did not react more quickly? stephanie: cd ph finally released a report detailing the problems that threaten the lab's license, but the state summary totally different story. both reports filed this year on april 23 and fabry 19th declared immediate jeopardy for patients after the state's routine inspection found the lab failed to meet safety and testing standards, reporting inaccurate results, and contaminating specimens. >> now, we are being told everything is fine. stephanie: all deficiencies were addressed and there was no impact to the integrity. >> we must hold labs to the highest standards. stephanie: like -- michael wasserman consulted government agencies on the pandemic response. >> i worry that sometimes the state is more concerned about the optics. stephanie: both inspections were
5:35 am
closed and the lab faced no penalty. we have reached out for further comment in have yet to hear back. senator bueckers says he will be looking into whether the state will face an audit to determine when exactly they knew about these problems. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. reggie: on our website, find the latest on covid-19. there are resources for finding a vaccination site. just had to abc 7 news -- just hadead kumasi: he had his first court appearance yesterday. authorities charged this tenant as a result -- as an adult. the shooting was captured on security cameras. prosecutors described how the suspect entered the bathroom with a backpack and came out holding a gun. >> at that point, he methodically walked down the
5:36 am
hallway naming the firearm at students and firing -- aiming the firearm at students and firing. after children started running away from the defendant, he continued down the hallway in a deliberate and methodical pace, pointing and aiming inside classrooms and students who had not had the opportunity to escape. kumasi: four students died including 14-year-old hana st. juliana. her father said she was one of the happiest kids. reggie: there are new developments in the case of a woman accused of stealing more than $40,000 worth of items from a san francisco target. the "chronicle" reports she was released from jail six days after her arraignment. graves allegedly used a self-checkout kiosk to commit 120 thefts over the last year. the move comes as the city deals with a rash of organized retail theft and community members looking to city leaders for
5:37 am
solutions. kumasi: san jose approved a plan to send $250,000 to covid relief funds on license plate readers. the readers are an important tool to track down suspects. >> we know that license plate readers in cities throughout the country are being used effectively to address investigative needs and chasing down suspects for example in drive-by shootings and auto thefts or, as we have been seeing recently, these burglaries at retail stores. kumasi: he added the use will be restricted to felonies. there will be privacy restrictions as well. coming up, abortion rights battle. the timeline for the supreme court's ruling. reggie: an extra avenue for debt collectors. the new way they could invade your personal life to get their money. but first, look at the weather with we dare just mike nicco. mike: let's share what is going
5:38 am
on. i want to go back to yesterday and show you those record high temperatures. 80, look at that. what time of the year is that? 75 in san jose. sfo, 70. canfield, 70. today, definitely warmer than average. right now, pretty clear as we look from 880 near the coliseum northward. there is the possibility of it being hazy and some fog in the northbound that could slip southward slowly during the morning commute. the fog is not nearly as widespread as yesterday. if you are on the water, stay inside this morning. but get outside and enjoy those wonderful temperatures during the afternoon and evening. a spread from 30's to possibly 60's and 70's this afternoon. right now, 30's danville. dublin at 39. everyone else, 40 to 45 until
5:39 am
you get to pittsburgh and martinez, 47 degrees. the thickest fog in eastern contra costa. you get around the bay, 42 in mountain view. 46 at san jose. right around 48 to 54 and in the northbound, some chilly temperatures, mid and upper 30's . sout 52 this morning. uan see the increasing clouds. you will be the first to see them. 68 by lunch. low 70's during the afternoon. 62 at 6:00. a comfortable evening on the way. as far as the next seven days, the east bay, 70, 10 degrees warmer than average. we drop closer to average, if not, below average friday and saturday. part of that saturday season chance of some drizzle during the morning that will lock in with one of our cooler days during the forecast and we will be a little bit above average, low to mid-60's. if you are worried about air quality, we are looking at moderate air quality all the way through monday and that is
5:40 am
healthy for us. it gets unhealthy when you get support. we will take a look at heightened fire threat in the 7-day forecast. jobina: we have a new advisory coming from the chp. hi, everyone. we have a fog advisory for the venetian bridge and the antioch bridge and also this car fire. the san antonio off-ramp is shut down because of this. if you are traveling on southbound 101 at san antonio, you will not be able to get off there. bringing you a picture from the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic is picking up for people toward the north bay. for the most part, everything is clear. an update from the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. we are definitely getting to see at the toll plaza those pre-pandemic trends with metering lights because if you will remember, it has been a long time. long time. they used to come on around the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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kumasi: the supreme court seems ready to end roe v. wade, the landmark decision legalizing abortion across the country. justices are deciding whether to uphold the mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. terry maranda is tracking the challenge and what it can mean for millions of women. reporter: the first signs that roe v. wade's days may be numbered. outside the court, protesters gathered while inside, the justices heard arguments on the mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, no exceptions for rape or incensed. roe v. wade established the constitutional right to have an abortion and if the court upholds the mississippi law, it would overrule roe altogether. chief justice john roberts zeroing in on a key issue,
5:44 am
viability. roe v. wade inhibits abortions before viability. mississippi's ban gives women plenty of time to choose. >> viability does not have anything to do with choice, but if it really is an issue about choice, why is 15 weeks not enough time? reporter: justice sotomayor with the two other liberals warned of dire consequences if roe is overturned. >> will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the constitution and its reading are just political acts? reporter: a decision is expected at the end of the term next june, when most of the big decisions come down and you can hear the concern is aiming high. they were discussing not so much whether to overrule roe v. wade,
5:45 am
but how to do it. terri miranda, abc news, the supreme court. reggie: two parents agreed to plead guilty and were on the varsity blues college admissions scandal. the justice department says dr. colburn and his wife will admit to paying $25,000 to facilitate cheating on their son's sat exam. each has agreed to send it as of eight weeks in prison, one year of supervised release with 100 hours of community service and a fine of $12,500. the plea deal is subject to approval. they will be the 36th and and ad parents to either plead guilty. kumasi: just released, jobless claims numbers. 222,000 new claims were filed last week. it is an increase from a revised 194,000 for the prior week, which was the lowest since
5:46 am
november of 1969. there are just 1,956,000 continuing claims. that is down 107,000 from the prior week and a new post pinned to a glow, breaking below 2 million for the first time. the department will release the jobs report tomorrow morning. reggie: that stranger sliding into your dm's could be a debt collector. new financial rules allow debt collectors to email you, text you, message you on facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms. there are restrictions. the messages have to be private. there has to be a way for you to opt out of being contacted online. even though debt collectors can send you a friend request, they cannot post on your page to be seen by your contacts or the public. this is wild. capital one becomes one of the largest financial institutions to get what if all overdraft fees.
5:47 am
the ceo made the announcement yesterday, saying the move was part of an effort to bring ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity back to banking. many lawmakers have criticized banks for penalizing cash-strapped customers with overdraft fees that have generated billions of dollars in revenue for financial institutions. kumasi: happening tonight, the 12 annual drag queens on ice show at the ice rink in union square. this is video from the show in 2019. the event will feature performances from bay area queens and kings. we caught up with the host at the tree lighting ceremony earlier this week and she had a very special message for reggie. >> i want to give a shout out. i'm going to see him thursday. reggie, we are going to drag queens on ice at union square. you better be ready. kumasi: i will. reggie: she goes, i know what i'm getting into. kumasi: oh, friend.
5:48 am
the show starts at 7:00 tonight. it is free tonight and you are going to be there. reggie: i will be there. i will not be skating. i will be doing that, whatever that is. running around. kumasi: look at the grinch. ok. reggie: there will be some cool special performances, one of them by brian boytano. i'm excited to see him. kumasi: it is going to be good. reggie: it is going to be really good. [laughter] there is also going to be this drag queen who was on rupaul's drag race. if you watch that show, denali is an ice skater. that will be cool. mike: so there will be some talent on the ice. awesome. i cannot wait to see your videos. late-night for reggie. reggie: it is going to be rough. mike: 5:49 on this thursday.
5:49 am
good thing tomorrow is friday. you can go home and take a knife -- take a nap. it looks pretty quiet. the winds are pretty light. we will have a wind shift today and more clouds. record warmth is unlikely today, like yesterday's widespread warmth. partly cloudy over most of our neighborhoods because of the high clouds. mostly cloudy. low clouds at the coast tonight. warm and dry winds return sunday. heightened fire danger. right now, nothing to worry about. something we are definitely tracking. along with this atmospheric river, we are talking about fire danger and flooding intentional increasing out of this moderate strength atmospheric river that is headed to the same place, the pacific northwest. today, still very mild with temperatures from 66 at richmond to 73 in san jose. 74 morgan hill. tonight, tule fog will not be an issue.
5:50 am
it is fog that develops in the central valley after heavy rain like we had back in october and sticks around for the better part of the winter, making very dangerous driving conditions. it is super thick. some of that is possible, but not as much as we have had. temperatures will fall into the upper 30's at inland valleys to near 50 in san francisco. everything is staying up north until monday. it falls apart. there is another storm tuesday. we are seeing them all fall apart before they get here. the first two will break down that barrier and by thursday and friday, hopefully will have a chance of wet weather. until then, today is our last day of 70's. 60 to 68 tomorrow with the onshore breeze. drizzle will lock us into a cool afternoon. the drizzle will be in the afternoon on saturday. warmer temperatures on sunday and close to average monday, and wednesday. reggie: a brand-new sweetest of dinosaurs just discovered. scientists say this could have been a pet.
5:51 am
kumasi: the kickoff to limit -- an annual toy drive. the easy drop off locations. reggie: living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven
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♪ this is what healthier looks like ♪ there's a glitch in the matrix... and denny's is delivering for free! get special glitch-y, freebies at but free delivery won't last long. ♪ ♪ see you at (phone rings) reggie: an annual toy drive is underway. santa claus and santa's little helpers for the launch. fire stations are collecting toys for kids. firefighters say donations were down last year because of covid so they hope things turn around. >> last year, you find the need for more and more people that are looking to get toys. i think the toy drive is even more important this time of year and people that need it that may not always ask for help. reggie: you can find donation
5:54 am
barrels at all of the fire stations and at some stores. they central county fire department works with 10 nonprofits and they say they have already started distribution toys to those groups. kumasi: a group of girls from ygnacio valley high is working to break through the glass ceiling. it is an afterschool program for budding female engineers to give girls a chance to be front and center in a stem program that is usually dominated by boys. in one project, students used a kit to build their own robots. >> i get to meet new people and i get to enjoy the imaginary part and creative part of engineering. kumasi: many of the girls will take part in the showcase that will feature their creations and eventually the organizers plan to roll this out to other campuses. a summertime favorite in the north bay is expecting to make its big return next year. organizers are planning the first in person marin county fair since 2019. it will be an outdoor only event
5:55 am
from june 30 to the fourth of july. all of the favorites return including carnival rides, the marketplace, and fireworks. headline music acts will be announced and tickets go on sale the spring. a kitten rescued from highway 101 in san mateo is available to adopt. about two weeks ago, the humane society used a net to scooper off of the road. >> we suspect she probably crawled up inside of a car engine and somehow became a stowaway. thankfully and fortunately for this very lucky kitten, she was not injured by any of the traffic. kumasi: the rescuers named the cat courtney. she is two months old, but ready for a good home. reggie: she is adorable. mike: i am enamored. reggie: the last time we had that, and it up adopting an animal. i saw that look.
5:56 am
mike: i'm trying to figure out how to adjust oreo to a new animal in the house. that will be something we will have to think through. kumasi: do not put courtney through that. she has been through enough. oreo does not play. oreo is like, these are my humans. mike: that is almost how we found oreo. he was a stowaway in the back of the car. sunset 4:50 yesterday all the way through the 11th. that is as early as it gets. we want to take a look at next week. there is a possibility of wet weather by thursday, but temperatures are still going to remain warmer than average. kumasi: thank you. a new tesla secretly dropped overnight, but this one is only for your kids. reggie: plus, the vote that could see uber being punished for hiding thousands of sexual assault. kumasi: the one bay area county where you can no longer water your lawn as 27 million
5:57 am
5:58 am
how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, the arrival of omicron, now found in san francisco. bay mask mandates being reconsidered as president biden is set to release his winter plan of attack in just hours. >> it wasn't in the script for
6:00 am
the trigger to be pulled. reggie: and alec baldwin making that head turning claim about what happened on that set. and new this morning, someone else is coming to his defense. kumasi: and it's what we are talking about, you're 2021 spotify wrapped, all over social media. the reason you might want to treat it like a shopping list. reggie: what was it again? oh, bold and focused. we'll get into it. good morning on this thursday, december second. you're watching abc seven mornings on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. we are going to start with mike. mike: bold and focused -- weather-wise? yes, we will say weather-wise. will focus on the warm weather once again after we get through the morning fog. for solano county once again, but it is not as thick as it


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