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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 2, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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i look and feel better. ask your dermatologist if cosentyx could help you move past the pain of psoriasis. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: good evening, thanks for joining us. ama: you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00. developments tonight is more omicron cases have been detected. we just learned one in whitey, one with no history of travel. new york reported by cases earlier today. there are air cases in the bay area, colorado and minnesota. the seven-day test positive the rate has jumped to 3.7%. the highest daily faxing number since may in the white house, two point 2 million doses were administered between yesterday and this morning.
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dan: president biden unveiled new plans to fight covid-19. >> i know covid-19 has been very divisive in this country, it is become a political issue which is a sad commentary. it shouldn't be. but it has been. now as we move into the winter we chase the that -- challenge of this new variant, we can prove -- leave this behind us i hope. eric: he laid out his new pandemic strategy in a speech today at the national institute of health. this is a multipronged approach but does not include new shutdowns. the plan requires a negative covid test for inbound international travelers within 24 hours of departure for the u.s.. a new campaign would be launched to encourage booster shots for an estimated 100 million eligible americans as well as vaccines for kids ages five to 11. it also includes making in-home
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rapid tests free of charge. u.s. exports more vaccines to at risk countries. ama: domestic training -- travel remains largely and change. a reporter looked into whether the news of the last week has brought -- prompted people to change their plans to visit with family. one week ago -- reporter: one week ago on thanksgiving day, no one was talking about omicron. now it is on everyone's radar, especially for the holiday season. >> their people they're going to travel to matter what. reporter: he has worked in the travel business for 40 years. among customers he talks to, he senses travel within the u.s. will carry on. >> i sense more>> they can't aft stuck somewhere in quarantine.
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they're taking a risk. >> when you're traveling internationally, all those rules about quarantines, testing, vaccination status could all change at a moments notice. domestic travel is likely to be stable. dr. patel told me it is possible that some states could reimpose restrictions or requirements like hawaii did. some are glad they are staying close to home. >> i would like people to stay home, be careful. respect others. >> it is difficult, i know it has economic implications. reporter: other say omicron is not derailing their holiday plans. >> there are always going to be new variants >> >>. we do have plans to go out of state for the holidays. we are going to be with family members. we made it a point -- we are vaccinated, my children are able
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to be vaccinated. reporter: will they change what they do in airports and on planes? >> i probably will be more uptight with my children, making sure we are washing her hands, having our masks on. >> what are you going to do, as long as the virus exists, it is going to morph, change. eric: a 32-year-old mother from placerville is sharing her story of how covid nearly took her life and that of her unborn baby. sarah hile decided not to get vaccinated during her pregnancy, forcing her to have emergency c-section after she contracted the virus. our reporter has her story. fortune reporter: fortunately, the story has a happy outcome. >> she is now a little over 10 pounds, which is amazing. when she was born sean was born she was only five pounds. reporter: they had to be
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separated because she was fighting pneumonia after contracting covid. >> because i was positive, i didn't get to meet naomi until 10 days after she was born. reporter: after her birth, doctors were focused on saving mom's life. >> i couldn't breathe, it was the scariest situation i've ever been in in my life. i remember looking at the doctor and said please help me. i was so scared. reporter: refusing to get vaccinated was a hard decision. she was already pregnant when the new vaccines became available, and because she had suffered two previous miscarriages, sarah and her husband matt decided he would get vaccinated but she would not. >> we felt like her being secluded from the outside world during the pregnancy was hopefully enough for her not to need the vaccine. reporter: but she contracted the
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virus after brief encounter that a family member had with her other child. here she is, holding her 16-month-old child while pregnant with naomi. >> what we have to realize is we cannot control viruses that are floating in the atmosphere. >> i will never take another deep breath for granted. just to know a situation like mine can be prevented. by getting vaccinated. ama: new details in eight brazen car breaking -- break in. it has resulted in several felony arrests. the documentary maker from new york, named frank shooting of project in san francisco. this was his car being broken into while picking up dinner. san francisco police spoke exclusively with our reporter about what they're calling the black friday auto burglary and
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robbery operation. >> the result of that operation was five felony arrests, three seized firearms, including two ghost guns. an evidence linking the suspects to over a half-dozen auto break-ins in the city. reporter: ama: frank says he is thrilled about the development. eric: the san francisco superior court is battling a backlog of criminal cases. city supervisors want some answers. our reporter with a look at the problem in the hearing that was held today. reporter: san francisco supervisor held a hearing on the backlog of criminal court place -- four cases. 218 untried defendants. >> every person has a right to speedy travel -- speedy trial. reporter: representatives from the district attorney's office and sheriff's office were present. a display absent,
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representatives from san francisco superior court. >> the judge rejected the invitation. if the courts aren't open, why is that? reporter: a spokesperson told us because the case backlog dispute is part of a pending lawsuit, he couldn't discuss it. the supervisor said the courts have cited the pandemic as an excuse, despite the many public services that have reopened. >> people who have exercised their right to a speedy reporter: trial are told to wait. reporter: defender's office called and humanitarian crisis and emphasize the disparities in those waiting period >> failure to give the oppressed in art -- >> long delays, deprive victims we serve of the justice they deserve. reporter: solutions explored include using civil departments for criminal cases and other locations for trials, something the sheriff's office address in
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terms of security changes. the committee wants to prioritize criminal trials and safely reopening to the port rooms with a positive recommendation. ama: oakland city councilwoman announced a plan to attract new police officers by offering a $50,000 hiring bonus. >> being oppressive -- aggressive, creating solutions to this crisis. my proposal acquires a nationwide search seek out women, people of color, lgbtq officers and those with good disciplinary performance records. ama: her plan includes hiring an independent recruiting panel. she believes her plan is justified. the city council will consider the proposal next tuesday. eric: coming up, the elderly man attacked earlier this year believes it was a hate crime.
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just two pills for all day pain relief. this way to health insurance. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief. eric: new details in the death of plantar press jacqueline avant. i between nine-year-old man has been arrested in connection with hurt death. she was shot and killed yesterday in her beverly hills home and what may have been a home invasion. lycée the suspect, don't buy does aariel maynor also accidentally shot himself. his previous felony convictions for assault, felony -- and grand theft. they do not believe there other suspects. ama: new developments as a man, seen kicking and elderly man out
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of walker return to court. our reporter brings us an update. >> the words restorative justice have been weaponize to silence a victim of hate. reporter: the outrage and passion exhibited by those who gathered outside the hall justice for what they say is the way 84-year-old attack has been handled by the district attorney's office. abc 7 first broke the story being viciously kicked out of it seated walker -- he suffered a blood clot which require drilling into his school -- skull. according to court documents, the perpetrator spent seven months in jail and was released on mental health diversion. a victim service advocate claims the victim wanted it for his perpetrator, something his family says is not true. >> when they wanted to reach
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out, i was a lie because of the story you did. reporter: mr. rialto will be he wanted a strict punishment for his attacker. the das office toby and attorn -- interpreter was always available and they were not aware of the misunderstanding until months later. >> asked myself and my dad as well, he said he never said anything like that. reporter: we learned in court today, the perpetrator was arrested for misdemeanor in santa clara county. the das office requested the court terminate the mental health diversion. they said the das office never alerted his family of develop and in the case until hernandez was released. documents show the das office did make contact with the fee -- family a number of times. the victim spoke to us outside the hall justice, expecting his appreciation for the community's support.
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>> he is really happy and emotional everyone came out to support him today. reporter: inside, as hernandez held his head, yet described how the attack is made him fearful to go outside and how he has lost his independence is considering a move back to china because he feels unsafe in san francisco. the judge said he would not be making a decision on hernandez until he was medically evaluated. >> i'm disappointed, but not surprised that the decision, especially with how the d8 wants to play this. reporter: he will remain in jail in san francisco, the next court hearing will help in december 7. eric: the california public utility commission narrowly approved to -- a plan to make pg&e play 100 way $5 way $5 over its responsibility for the kincade fire. commissioners voted 3-2. the utility will pay $40 million to the state general fund,
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another $85 million to remove abandoned equipment in the area. the kincade fire started near the geothermal fields in sonoma. it destroyed nearly 375 buildings and burned nearly 78,000 acres. ama: today, the cpc -- over will pay $9 million for failure to respond to requests for information from the state agency. mine will go to the victim compensation by fund. uber released a statement adding it wants to move forward with a solution that preserves the privacy and agency of survivors. eric: relief today for drivers to use one of the most congested traffic arteries in the north bay. caught -- caltrans this morning opened a 30 mile carpool lane on the northbound side of 101. sky seven giving us an view of the new traffic arrangement.
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this project has been years in the making, occluded widening the highway to three lines -- three lanes. it runs from the marin county line to windsor, caltrans plans to open a southbound carpool lane late next year. ama: sand trance is launching a fair program to offer low fares to cap students. qualifying students will receive special passes to ride for free through july 2022. program aims to reduce transportation costs for low income families and attract new riders. eric: acknowledging the contribution of filipino farm workers. tell you about the rally held today at at san francisco state an
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your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. ama: a good day for the financial markets, they notched their biggest advance since october. after today selloff, the dog
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jumped more than 600 points, the nasdaq was just under 1%, the s&p 500 gained 1.4%. eric: today, the white house announced new plan to make federal contracts more accessible to minority on businesses. the goal is to award 11% of contract dollars to small businesses considered disadvantaged minority owned operations. a report from minority led businesses saw a steeper loss in sales. they hope and additional 100 billion dollars in federal contracts will go to minority owned businesses over the next five years. ama: a student group from san jose state is demanding fair representation for filipino americans. the group rallied at their monument to cesar chavez this afternoon. they want the university to create an art installation at the plaza to honor the contributions of filipino farm workers. they say they are unrepresented in -- underrepresented in campus
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statues and monuments and it is time for that to change. >> there are many statues and art installations about social justice, we would like to have the filipino representation on campus as well. ama: we have the email to it san jose state asking for a response. eric: look at the incredible sunset, this is a live shot from sky seven over fremont. ama: that is just gorgeous. i mesmerized by it. better than the haze we were looking at earlier. sandhya: that is definitely stunning. the haze is adding to some of the color you are looking at. here's another view from our emeryville camera. you can see that afterglow as the sun has gone down at 4:50 this evening. air quality has been suffering. it is moderate across the region. let's see if that comes up.
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there are some problems with the air quality, it is moderate across most of the bay area. the forecast for the next several days is moderate air quality in the bay area. it is cooler today, 50's, 60's, going place where we got into the 70's, san jose and gilroy. live doppler 7 showing some fog in high clouds, you can see that from our camera. a bigger player and are forecast the next couple days. it up or 60's, oakland 61, morgan's hill, 63. a live look, part of san francisco like a dead by fog, 63 in santa rosa. 53 in napa. look at this view from our san jose camera. fog and high clouds overnight ot hazy skies and moderate air quality tomorrow. a possibility of a few sprinkles on monday. i want to show you what is in store tomorrow morning.
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interior areas of lake and mendocino counties under frost advisory 12:00 to 9:00 tomorrow. we are expecting temperatures to drop into the low 30's in those valleys, which means frost will form. was darius tomorrow, cae of th's and 50's. certainly some fog to look out for. hazy skies for friday, 50 nine in half moon bay, 69 in the city. we will see these temperatures dropping, especially inland, san jose 67. 65 oakland, 65 in santa rosa. it is that time of year when the king tides,. minor coastal flooding expected in the usual areas. 8:00 tomorrow until 3:00 sunday, we have coastal flood advisory. let's talk about rain chances. monday, this computer model is bringing in the possibility of a few sprinkles or showers in the morning. the other model, not so aggressive. as we head toward thursday,
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friday of next week. there's potential the pattern will change and will save the opportunity for rain. seven-day forecast, mixture of fog and high clouds tomorrow, a cooler afternoon saturday. milder on sunday. potential for a couple of sprinkles monday. as we had to tuesday, wednesday, temperatures about where we should be this time of year. on thursday, a chance of showers. not a done deal. better than no chance. larry: you're saying there's a chance. after the break, ninth circuit panel rules on oaklands
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larry: one day into the major league baseball out -- lockout. union had time clark presented diametrically opposed views of the opposing positions. their claim -- -- -- -- -- -- -- damage small-market teams. there demanding them of misrepresentations.
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the work stoppage is baseball's first since the player strike of 1994. ama: illegal defeat today for the city of oakland over the raiders claim -- the judges ruled that oakland failed tooooo prove the nfl interfered with competition. the raiders officially moved to las vegas last year after winning league approval in 2017. larry: finally, warriors fans, f they get the kickoff of the thrive city winter wonderland at j center. ama: sky seven was over the 90 foot christmas tree this morning. a tree lighting ceremony will held in about 30 minutes. former center [indiscernible]
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tonight, the breaking news tonight, the breaking news as we come on the air. the new cases of the omicron variant discovered in at least three more states here in the u.s., including five cases discovered here in new york tonight. after california, now minnesota, colorado and new york, and what new york officials said just moments ago, this is breaking now. health officials in colorado late today saying the woman who recently traveled to south africa tested positive for the new variant. and we learned today a man in minnesota, who traveled to a convention here in new york city, attended by 53,000 people, also tested positive. both of those cases today involved fully vaccinated people with only mild symptoms. tonight, president biden and his new plan to combat covid and this variant. tonight, the at-home test kits paid by your insurance company. and a number you can text right


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