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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 3, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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♪ finally tonight, a woman in connecticut lost a package to a porch pirate recently. and she caught the critter red-handed. a possum doing a quick grab of the gold hoop she had been waiting for. no word whether the four-legged bandit plans to regift them. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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anchor: stick with office reopening plans are pushed back the timeline? more cases of the omicron variant are being detected. reporter: a $50,000 bonus for officers that join the police. that's a proposal that the police union says they have their doubts. >>'tis the season for christmas lights, entire streets of them. you'll see what the kids had to say of these lights in my story. meteorologist: our cooling trend continues. find out if there are rain chances coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: tonight, cases o cases o covid-19 omicron variant are being detected across the u.s. cases have been identified in five states. in california, the first case was in san francisco, the second announced today in los angeles county. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. the discovery comes as president biden announces new steps to prevent the spread.
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morgan norwood has more. anime convention after a fully vaccinated and boosted minnesota man who recently attended the conference just before thanksgiving contracted omicron and is experiencing mild symptoms. the new jersey health department and new york's governor now urging the nearly 53,000 people who attended that conference to get tested immediately. >> we do anticipate there will be more cases. this does not cause for alarm. morgan: meanwhile, the president length down a sweeping push to get more americans protected, including a tool were the public can message their zip code to find the nearest booster shot location. biden also announcing free at home rapid tests with reimbursement for americans with private insurance, saying 50 million will go to the uninsured or those with medicaid.
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when it comes to travel, the new rule requiring people to fly into the u.s. to be tested before flights, going into effect on monday. >> this is a moment where we can do what we haven't been able to do enough of through the pandemic, get the nation to come together, unite the nation with a common purpose, to fight this virus, to protect our economic recovery. morgan: as scientists around the world brace to study the severity of the omicron strain, vaccine makers developing shots specifically designed to fight the new variant. abc's martha raddatz getting an exclusive look inside one of moderna's facilities ready to produce the shots. both pfizer and modernity say the shots we have on the market right now will offer some protection against omicron. >> do you have the facilities to do both and do them rapidly? >> we do. we do have the capacity. morgan: morgan norwood, abc 7 news, not los angeles. ama: it is leading some to put a
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pause on plans to return to the office. google is waiting until the new year to decide whether to end its voluntary work from home period. amanda del castillo oh spoke about the impact on building a better bay area. amanda: stick with office over reopening plans or pushback timelines? a dilemma companies face after multiple delays due to covid-19 mutations. the most recent being the omicron variant. >> i think anything that stimulates concern causes further delay because companies don't want to be in the position of putting their employees at risk. amanda: the president and ceo of the bay area council says it's hard to imagine they won't impact return to office goals the way delta did, google confirming its waiting until the new year to assess when office locations are ready for the transition back. january 10 has long been the earliest day google would end its work from home period and kick off the hybrid workweek.
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>> this is going to trickle down to most of the companies. the problem is we are dealing with the unknown. we have no idea what will be the next variant. amanda: san jose state professor and tech expert says many in the tech world can do their jobs just fine from home. >> we have to get out from that shell of 2019 and before think about it's real. we have to mix the virtual and physical together. amanda: the delays also mean typically busy downtown areas continue hurting. google says it's opened more than 90% of its u.s. offices, adding in recent weeks, nearly 40% of u.s. googlers came into the office. >> there are a lot of companies trying really hard to get back and understand ultimately, the success of their businesses is going to rely on having people come together in common physical space. amanda: formally, facebook was the only company to respond.
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the current return to office plans remain. in the south bay, i'm amanda del castillo up, abc 7 news. ama: you can find all the latest online anytime. just head to abc 7 an internal investigation into the killing of a person found the officer guilty and negligent. the report describes in detail what happened june 2, 2020. he was kneeling when he was shot from the back of and are marked police vehicle -- unmarked police vehicle. police say the officer thought he had a gun in his pocket. turned out to be a hammer. at site, investigators hired by the city found the officers failed to use any de-escalation tactics before opening fire. the shooting was found to have violated its use of fourth --
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force policy. they only turned on body cameras after the shooting. in a statement, the police chief said "we are taking the appropriate steps to make sure our officers are acting in accordance with the city's policies and procedures at all times." and we are taking a close look at this report and will have more on abc 7 news tomorrow. as homicide numbers continue to climb in oakland, a city councilman is proposing a signing bonus of $50,000 in an effort to recruit officers to the oakland police department. abc 7 news reporter tim johns has the details and why some say it's not enough. tim: amid rising violence in oakland, a councilmember is proposing a new cash incentive to help recruit officers to the city's police department. >> we are in a public safety emergency right now. it feels like everyday, we experience a new senseless tragedy. tim: it would offer a signing
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bonus to officers who work in oakland. the department has 60 vacancies. she also supports adding additional police academies but believes her proposal would create more immediate results. >> a traditional police academy wouldn't get new officers on the ground until 2023. in oakland -- and oakland is facing the highest homicide rate in almost a decade. tim: using incentives to attract officers is something utilized by other departments, says an associate professor who has studied both policing and the criminal justice system. >> this is a pretty standard thing for departments who are trying to bring in good people, especially people with experience. tim: beyond getting people with experience on the ground quickly , these proposals can be ways for cities to save money. >> if the person has gone through someone else's academy, you don't incur that expense. tim: but not everyone is
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convinced. >> i find the whole thing ridiculous. tim: the president of the oakland police officers association believes the proposal doesn't address the issues of officers currently working at opd, a department he says hasn't seen an officer join from another police agency since 2014. >> i think it smacks of being naive and desperate effort to try and fix the decisions that she and her colleagues made just a couple months ago. tim: the city council will hold a special meeting on combating violence. , abc 7 abc 7 tim johns news. ama: in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a smash and grab robbery tonight at quick service jewelry design in east san jose. officers say four mast suspects entered the business with hammers and started smashing display cases. they took several items and then left on foot. no one was hurt. we are learning 14 people were arrested in los angeles for smash and grab robberies, all
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released from custom meat -- custody. one of them was a minor and released to parents. the other were released in county jail to release the debts reduce the jail population during covid. several had criminal records. eric garcetti and michael morse says this needs to change. >> there are people who need to be behind bars and they need to be there -- how many times does the same person have to steal a car 3, 4, five times after being released before we realized we opened up a lot of part of the city because we are in a better place with covid? we should also be able to open gels. ama: they knew to brace for smash and grab robberies after realizing what happened here in the bay area. in the east bay, candles were lit at a memorial in oakland tonight. they're there to mark the fifth anniversary of the tragic fire that killed six people. it had been converted into an
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artist collective and living space. the building's master tenant was sentenced to 12 years after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. he was released during the pandemic and is on house arrest. a jury acquitted the codefendant of all charges. anger and anxiety in the north bay as a longtime pharmacy announces plans to close its doors. local say it puts them in a difficult spot. meteorologist: increasing fog and decreasing temperatures. ama: holiday traditions are returning after a pandemic pause. we get a peek at one of t
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ama: in in abc news exclusive, alan alban talked about the deadly shooting on the set of "rust." >> i'm not going to pull the trigger. >> just cheat it down. >> i cocked the gun. can you see that? can you see that? i let go of the hammer of the gun and the gun goes off. ama: the bullet cinematographer and injured the director. baldwin was told the gun was cold, industry jargon for a gun with blanks. he said some a person is -- put a live round in the gun. you can see it streaming on hulu. the u.s. senate voted tonight to keep the government running through mid february. they came less than 36 hours
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before current funding would have run out, forcing the shutdown. some republican lawmakers tried to force a shutdown anyway to prevent federal money from being spent on the biden administration's vaccine mandates. but the effort failed and the spending past, 69-28. besides keeping the government open, if provided money to assist afghan refugees. the bill goes to the white house for president biden signature. there were several major headlines at of today's utilities meeting in san francisco. commissioners voted 3-2 to fine pg&e for its role in the kincade fire. 77,000 acre fire started in geyserville and spread into santa rosa. calfire determined the fire was caused by pg&e transmission lines. also today, the cpuc announced new measures to reduce the likelihood of rolling blackouts starting next year. they include increasing energy supply and paying customers for reducing energy usage during the
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high demand times. in the north bay, there's anger and exciting over the imminent closure of the cvs pharmacy in marin city. it's scheduled to close days before christmas. committee advocates say it's been a lifeline and its demise is the last thing there underserved community needs. >> i've been here over almost 20 years and this store has been here since i moved in. it's very convenient. we don't have much here in marin city, and this would be a loss to the community. ama: cvs said -- wouldn't say why it's closing the store, but in a statement to abc 7 news, a representative said we have made the difficult decision to close. the closure of this store is not a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our employees. in fact, our colleagues will be given the opportunity to transition into comparable roles at other cvs locations nearby. a man found himself in a precarious place along the san
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luis obispo county coastline. he's stuck hanging onto a cliffside a few hundred feet above the surf and hundred feet below the roadway. the california highway patrol helicopter was called to rescue the man. rescuers put him into a safety net and flew him at the racquet point in close by. chp says thankfully, he is doing alright this evening. holiday traditions are returning to t the canceled because of the pandemic. massive home christmas light displays are back up and better than ever. j.r. stone was in pleasanton tonight, where families have been visiting one display for decades. reporter: it's snowing in pleasanton. ok, it's bubbles. but to these kids, it's no, and it's part of the -- snow, and is part of the extravagant christmas set up, a clark griswold home light display on steroids. >> i'm thinking boy, they really outdone themselves. because every year, there's
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something new or different format, and i really like it. reporter: that from a 12-year-old who has been here every year for the past 10 years, except last year because of the pandemic. >> i was a killer -- it was a killer last year not being able to open. reporter: but the christmas lights are back on. the nutcrackers are in place. and the kids are in total awe under -- over one christmas se upnd t n bosif been doin thisin00ndo easy we actually worked on this for about three months. reporter: their hard work has not gone unnoticed from these youngsters. >> the roller coaster was my best one. reporter: the roller coaster is a favorite among many kids. we kept hearing about it. >> the roller coaster that was over there. >> that roller coaster. reporter: when the little ones were to talking roller coasters are taking pictures on the oversized chair, they were describing the snow and their favorite part of the christmas season. >> i like the part where the
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snowman made the snow down. >> i don't like it. i love it. and i really like spending time with my family. reporter: and this light display here in pleasanton is just the start of the holiday fun. a man by the name of reverend deacon dave will light up his display in livermore come friday night. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: that's a lot of fun. snow would be quite the site around here. and at this point, so would rain. sandhya: absolutely. we need both of those. it doesn't feel like december really. but we do have rain chances next week. and snow chances for the sierra. mixing in with rain, of course. let's talk about that in just a moment. the immediate thing we are concerned about is the fog. look at these views, san jose, south beach. you will notice that it's pretty gray outside. we have widespread fog beginning to develop not just near the
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coast but around the bay shoreline and in the valleys, as well. santa rosa down to a quarter mile, just over two miles in hayward, and half moon bay. look at novato, zero mile visibility, looking at a quarter mile or less. as you take a look at the air quality, we do have moderate pockets in yellow their as you look from our south beach camera. it is definitely foggy outside and the air quality will remain in the moderate category through the weekend and into early next week. san jose, the shark tank, you'd normally don't see it like this, but tonight it is. dents in the morning for some areas, hazy and cooler into the weekend. looking at a couple of chances of showers next week. temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's, certainly feeling cooler. today was cooler. most areas in the 60's. tomorrow morning, the only areas where we can find some chilly weather's where there a frost advisory going up. and it's for temperatures as low as the low 30's from mendocino
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and lake counties in the interior portions. the rest of you looking at 40's, 50's. watch out for the fog. fog holds on near the coast, upper 50's, mid-to-upper 60's in the end. it is going to be hazy and cooler than what we saw today. the king tides are coming up and that begins 8:00 tomorrow morning. a coastal flood advisory is in effect until 3:00 p.m. sunday, minor coastal flood warning in low-lying areas. close to seven feet for the high tide there. it's going to continue through the weekend. if you are going to be out and about, just watch out, especially the parking lots. european models showing you monday the possibility of a couple sprinkles here and then perhaps a pattern change thursday and friday. as you look at the gsf model, the other computer model showing you weather conditions for monday and then again going into wednesday night to thursday.
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we'll see if this materializes. as of right now, we will show you a foggy morning, even cooler than couple of days, temperatures rebounding sunday briefly, but spreckels possible monday. as we head into thursday, we have the next opportunity for rain. hopefully we bring that storm impact scale back in just a
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>> and set in the spirit of the holidays, the spirit that marks this moment, the spirit we all need and desire, i hope we can, as i say often, soften the edges. [applause] dan: ama: and that was governor newsom at tonight's 90th annual state tree lighting section ceremony in sacramento. the tree is a 65 foot white fur decorated with led lights. and a six-year-old from dublin
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lit the tree. she represents the thousands of californians with intellectual or developmental disabilitie
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chris: steph curry was named the conference player of the month of the worse more focused on bouncing back against phoenix. suns beat the dubs. the rematch is tomorrow night at shea center. color chips tonight, santa is in there in the students section. two minutes to go, tight at 56-56, alex took a strong to the hoop, lead for 13 on the night. it's both free throws despite the bananas in the crowd. .6 seconds for utah state inbounding. the clock never moves. the refs review and say them over. randy bennett and ryan odom having words.
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no, no handshake. your get nothing and like it. waving to the angry crowd and stomping to the locker room, 60-0558. bears picked to finish last in the conference. you better revise your predictions. cal was up double digits early. andre kelley, thank you very much. 19 points and 13 rebounds for kelly and cal looking for back foot scoring. he had 25. bears beat the beavs, 73-61. sharks on the third game of the road strip, facing the islanders and bowled over by sean gabriel. that's not a safe. tied after regulation, 30 seconds into ot, back to carlsen , good night, game over, drive home safely. 2-1 is your final. sharks of won five of six, will
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face the rangers. hill is flying over the cowboys but not much went right for the saints in this game. you know ezekiel elliott is the star for dallas, but totally -- tony may be the better back at this point, explosion here, 58 yards to the house, 20-10 cowboys. saints just give hill a big contract, but why? cowboys win it, 27-17. and you are witnessing history here, memphis beat okc, 152-79, a 73 point margin, and be most lopsided margin. and they didn't even have john moran against schneider. sports on abc 7
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coming up, a whopper of a deal. just 37 cents at burger king. plus the california homeowner who's facing a potential fine from the city. but first, alec baldwin breaks down in his exclusive sitdown interview with george stephanopoulos. you're watching "world news now."
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