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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 3, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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questions and more science we need to do. it may well be that our vaccines work quite well. >> now at 5:00, the race to understand the severity of the omicron variant as more cases pop up around the country. dr. rochelle walensky is talking about the next steps this morning. >> the variant prompting changes to international travel plans. may it have an impact on domestic travel? >> another smash and grab reported. the new details, plus what we have learned about more than a dozen people arrested for similar crimes in l.a. >> all aboard caltrain's holiday train be on the tracks tomorrow making special stops. >> good morning. welcome to friday. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven. >> we begin with our friday forecast with mike. mike: good morning. it may be friday, but it is like groundhog.
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guess what is waiting for you. hi fog. you can see there there there advisory for solano county until 10:00. about all of our neighborhoods are dealing with fog and patchy mist. coming through the ultima past -- altamont pass, even in the south bay. 1.5 miles visibility there to a quarter mile in morgan hill. this is what it looks like in walnut creek. with the low sun angle, it is going to take a long time for the sun to penetrate that and warm the ground. watch the fog. we start out in the mid 40's and 50's. it is foggy around the bay at lunch. this afternoon, we turn over to hazy sunshine. look how much cooler it is going to be, mid-50's to low 60's. already some of us dropping into the 40's by 7:00. >> thank you.
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more cases of the omicron variant are popping up across the country, including california. >> remember the one in san francisco, a person fully vaccinated but not boosted recently returned from south africa. we have the latest as scientists race to understand the severity of the omicron variant. jobina: the omicron variant has been detected in hawaii in someone with no travel history. the patient has moderate symptoms and was not vaccinated. they believe the person was infected by someone else in the community. in new york, five new cases have been reported. the variant is raising concerns in minnesota. doctors diagnosed the variant and a resident who returned from an anime conference. dr. wilensky talks to cecelia vega. they are investigating states with probable cases. >> some have mild disease.
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many of them are vaccinated. many of the people with mild disease where the vaccinated people. we have a lot of science to do to understand how these vaccines are working against omicron. we know for every variant that we have had it is better to be vaccinated. jobina: you can see the entire interview with the cdc director coming up at 7:00. preliminary data shows re-infections are three times more likely with omicron than earlier variance. doctors believe the current vaccine should prevent severe illness. google is now delaying when employees will be required to return to ce they were set to return in january. reggie: we know the omicron variant is prompting international travelers to change plans. we are waiting to see what is happening with domestic travel as we head into the holidays. we have what some people are saying a few weeks before christmas.
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>> as president joe biden announced new travel rules, it moved the topic of flying this holiday season to the front of many people's minds. we headed out to find out what the talk is about flying now that the omicron variant is here. it sounds like there are second thoughts about international travel. the president announced people coming into the u.s. have to have a negative covid test within a day before departure. this has people thinking about the logistics of that requirement and also wondering what restrictions other countries might put into place? >> you sense more hesitancy for people internationally? >> definitely. they cannot afford to get stuck somewhere in quarantine. they are taking a risk. >> when you are traveling internationally, all those rules about quarantines, testing, vaccination status, that could all change at a moments notice. >> we did not hear any hesitancy
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about domestic travel. people are saying they do not want to put their lives on hold for a variant of covid we do not know that much about. some pointing out that we are now in a world where there is always going to be another variant of covid to deal with. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield. reggie: thank you. on our website, you can find the latest on covid-19 anytime. there are resources for finding a testing or vaccination site. head to /coronavirus. kumasi: what 2020. he was kneeling when he was shot from the back of an unmarked police vehicle during a mass robbery spree at a walgreens store. police say the officer thought
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he had a gun in his pocket. it turns out it was a hammer. outside investigators the city hired found the officer failed to use any de-escalation tactics before opening fire. the shooting was found to violate the department use of force policy. responding officers were faulted for turning on body worn cameras only after the shooting. in a statement, vallejo police chief williams said we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure our officers are acting in accordance with policies and procedures at all times. reggie: san jose police instatw ash robbery at quick se jewelry design in east san jose. four masked people went into the business with hammers and started smashing display cases. they took several items and ran away. nobody was hurt. we learned 14 people were arrested in los angeles for a
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series of smash and grab robberies. they have all been released. kumasi: one was a minor. the other 13 people were released from county jail on bail or no bail. they were released to reduce the jail population during covid. several had criminal records according to police. they are eric garcetti and police chief michael moore says the city has changed. >> there are people that need to be behind bars. how may times does the same person have to steal a car, 3, 4, five times after being released before we realize we have opened up the city because we are in a better place because of covid. we should be able to open our jails. kumasi: l.a. officials say they knew to brace for smash and grab robberies in southern california after watching what has been happening in the bay area. reggie: a stopgap spending bill that would keep the government running through mid-february is heading to president biden's desk. the u.s. senate passed that bill
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last night. it came less than 36 hours before current funding would run out. some republican monikers tried to force the shutdown anyway to prevent federal money from being spent on vaccine mandates. that effort failed. the spending plan passed 69-28. it provides $7 billion to assist afghan refugees. mike: yesterday, we had a few pockets of unhealthy air for those most sensitive. i know some of you that have your own air quality measurement, we were hitting unhealthy for all of us. that is going to be the case today. most of us are in the moderate category. you have got the stagnant air, which is leading to the hayes, the fog we are seeing this money. it is going to hang around for a better part of the morning. there is not official spare the air, however encouraging you not
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to burn if you can so we do not get put under one. they are thinking about it for the weekend. temperatures along the east bay into castro valley 50 to 54 degrees. 48 santa rosa. 54 send carlos. san jose 51. it is milder when you step outside this morning. going back to the east bay, the fog is going to hang around until noon. it will get center after 10:00. 46 at 10:00 to 58 to near 60 at 2:00. if you are heading out this evening, we are dropping quickly to 51. we are finally seeing a seven-day temperature trend that is cooler than average. tomorrow could be cooler than today. look at this, right near 60 until thursday and friday when we have that better chance of rain. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. how about that traffic? it was brutal. jobina: it is so busy.
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there are lots of people out there this morning. really flowing at the limits. not so much in san jose on 87. i wanted to talk about the fog. the chp has issued dense fog advisories on 88 from hunter hill, red top and valeo, from north livermore. dense fog on 80 from the carquinez bridge to abbey way. on 680 and antioch bridge. we have a lot of places you are going to run into that fog on the roads. live look in oakland showing you headlights traveling south. things are looking good. tomorrow, caltrans holiday train will be rolling down the peninsula. the transit agency made it official after canceling the holiday train last year. the train decorated with 75,000 glittering lights will run up and down the san francisco-santa
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clara line. santa claus and the salvation army band will make special stops at each location, making donations to toys for tots along the way. you can check it out. reggie: thank you. the great dickens christmas fair returns to cow palace and daly city. it has transformed to an outdoor drive-thru event to provide a safe extremes. fairgoers can take a short drive to london and enjoy live music, shopping, and great food from the comfort of their car. this begins tomorrow and goes on through the next three weekends in december. $25 per vehicle. tickets are on sale now. we have posted a link on our website, those are not the only holiday traditions returning to the bay area. the light display that is back and better than ever. kumasi: we know it is easy to spend hours shopping inside
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ikea. some customers had an unintended sleepover. reggie: a
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♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪
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kumasi: march the fifth anniversary of the fire that claimed 36 lives. the warehouse had been converted to an artist collective. the master tenant of the building was sentenced to 12 years after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. he was released during the pandemic and is under house arrest. a jury -- reggie: commissioners to find pg&e for its role in the 2019 fire. the fire started in geyserville and spread into santa rosa, windsor, and healdsburg. calfire determined pg&enew mease
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the likelihood of rolling blackouts starting next year, including increasing the energy supply and paying customers for reducing energy usage during high demand times. kumasi: a christmas tree at the state capital is lit up this morning. >> in the spirit of the holidays, a spirit that we all need and desire, i hope we can so often the edges. kukukukukukukukuku the 90th annual state tree lighting ceremony. it is decorated with 14,000 led lights. adea of californians living with an intellectual or develop mental disability. reggie: look at them.
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one more time. kumasi: dang. it was ait. after a pandemic pause in 2020, holiday traditions are returning to the bay area. reggie: massive christmas light displays are backup and better than ever. j.r. stone went to pleasanton. reporter: it is snowing in pleasanton. ok, it is bubbles. to these kids it is snow. it is part of the extravagant christmas set up at win more world, basically the griswold on light display on steroids. >> they have outdone themselves because every year there is something new or different. i like it. reporter: that from 12-year-old nia, who has been here every year for the last 10 years except last year because of the covid-19 pandemic.
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>> it was a killer not being oval to open. reporter: the nutcrackers are ir the next. it is no easy task. >> we work on this for about three months. reporter: their hard work has not gone unnoticed. >> the roller coaster was my best one. reporter: the roller coaster is a favorite among many kids. we kept hearing about it. >> the roller coaster over there. >> that roller coaster. reporter: when the little ones were not talking roller coaster, they were describing the snow. >> i like the part where the snowman made the snowfall down. >> i don't like it. i love it. i really like spending time with my family. reporter: j.r. stone, abc 7 news. reggie: that was wonderful.
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kumasi: that was nice. reggie: i love snow. you know, that is what they call it. that is what that fake snow is. it is basically soap. snoap. trapped inside ikea. kumasi: a snowstorm in denmark forced dozens of people to have to spend the night in the store. where is the video? they all in the kitchens. they were all stranded after a foot of snow. make the best out of it. look at this person. comfortable. they made the best of the situation. six customers and two dozen staffers hunkered down. one person said he had been wanting to try a hard mattress because the one he has at home is too soft. he used this opportunity to try one out. others spent the evening playing games, eating, and watching tv. if you are going to get trapped. reggie: that is not a bad place.
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kumasi: they got entertainment, food. mike: you can get lost because it is a maze. kumasi: you can get lost. mike: ligon barry. reggie: that is it right there. mike:mike: very on brand. how did the tv crew get there? kumasi: maybe they re-created it. maybe they came in the morning once the snow cleared. reggie: mike, you are asking too many questions. just enjoy the story. mike: i did enjoy the story. let's move on. i wish i had something like that to tell you about our forecast. couple chances of rain, not great. definitely no snow in this forecast. thick fog to sunshine today, but we will repeat it tomorrow. areas of poor air quality. it is possible. just like yesterday, it is
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possible. chance of rain monday and a better chance thursday. let's take a look at these king tides. watch out between 8:00 today through 3:00 sunday afternoon. we could have flooding along the bayshore. let's talk about the fog out there. it is everywhere. i had to use my windshield wipers once or twice in san francisco. look how it transitions to 59 in half moon bay this afternoon. 61 to 66 is all we can muster this afternoon. 70's are gone from the forecast. tonight, the clouds are back. a little bit cooler. some 30's in our valleys. mid 40's to low 50's elsewhere. monday, this is the dryer of the forecasts, the usgs is usgs is s thursday, that system splits and misses us. during the drought, we tend to
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show you the dryer of the forecasts. here is a look at my accuweather 7 forecast. two to four degrees cooler tomorrow. a breeze will kick in and take away some of that haze sunday. monday will be our best chance of cleaner air. tu healthier is on-demand covid testing to help you return safely. even if it's still... a little awkward. how've you been? -i'm so good! ♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ i d d so my y quesonons eouout hicacase.y y son, cacalledhehe bars s fi i d d soit was the best call eouout hii could've made. call the barnes firm and find out what your case all could be worth.uld've made. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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kumasi: the omicron variant has been detected in at least five states. the new cases were found in l.a. county, new york city, minnesota, colorado, and a hawaii. the first u.s. case was detected in san francisco earlier this week. reggie: president biden laid out his plan to fight the omicron variant. it includes more testing for travelers, campaigns to encourage vaccinations, and sending doses to high-risk countries. kumasi: a $50,000 signing bonus to attract more officers to join oakland pd, what city council members are proposing. reggie: air quality officials are asking you to stop using your fireplace because of bad air quality. if the situation does not
5:24 am
approve, a spare the air alert could be issued this weekend. mike: we are trapped in the same air mass until monday. that air mass is cooling. look at this. temperatures anywhere from four to seven degrees cooler yesterday. >> the chp has issued a a a of fog advisories, including 380. this is a live look trying 680 and walnut creek. kumasi: the laugh cry emojis might not be cool anymore, but it is the most used of 2021. the only other character that even comes close to the tears of joy emoji is the heart. michael strahan is just days away from his journey to space. this morning, we are getting a look at what he is going to experience on his blue origins flight. here is g opening test. reporter: we team minus six
5:25 am
days until michael strahan's left off to space. what will he experience on this out of this world journey? we went to the experts. >> going to go supersonic. tops out at 2200 miles per hour on its way out. once the capsule separates, that is where they are at zero velocity. >>'s body will be weightless. he can unharness and move around. >> it guarantees he will bump into someone in zero g. reporter: we will tell you what michael can expect in zero gravity and explain how his ship will return to earth. we are giving him a star-studded sendoff as he leaves times square and heads to texas. abc news, vanhorn texas. mike: mariah carey is back. reggie: it is part of a new holiday special.
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♪ >> ♪ hear the sleigh bells ♪ kumasi: iat re you can get more on apple tv plus. the one thing i don't have. sorry, a little side note for myself. it is called mariah's christmas: the magic continues. how great is the show? listen to mariah talk about it. she says they are pulling out all the stops to deliver cheer. >> first of all, my dress weighed 60 pounds. there were six men carrying the train because i could not walk in it. >> is there only one dress? >> i don't know if a 60 pound dress count is only one dress. >> there are no quick costume changes. >> if i could have put one in there, i would have. [laughter]
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reggie: that whole interview, the entire thing is going to be captured as a meme. kumasi: three at least. everything. reggie: what other secrets will mariah reveal? who knows? try it on me. it is all coming up on gma at 7:00. kumasi: remember when you had disney plus, and i did not, and you did not want to share your code with me. i have apple tv. reggie: what is going to happen? kumasi: the spirit of christmas is coming over me. despite all i went through with you. reggie: disney is the parent company of abc 7. a new warning about a potentially dangerous tiktok challenge. kumasi: anger and a
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reggie: a creative solution to recruiting more officers in oakland as crime surges. the proposed signing bonus that is higher than we would typically see. kumasi: the omicron variant putting a pause on returns to the office. reggie: you might want yourself a few extra minutes to get to work this morning. it is a foggy start to the day. mike is tracking cooler temperatures through your weekend. kumasi: good morning. happy friday. abc 7 mornings is live now on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike: good morning. welcome to a foggy friday. the soupy start touching just about everybody. this is our number one highlight so far in the forecast. same thing in fairfield. the fog continues to get thicker in other areas.
5:31 am
there is missed hanging out in the thicker fog. don't be surprised if you have to use your windshield. our other issue, anywhere around the bayshore and coast, we have king tides that could cause flooding from 8:00 this morning for 3:00 sunday afternoon. the fog will be slow to overwater. 56 to 57 at noon. barely 60 at 4:00. back to the low to mid 50's this evening. kumasi: $50,000, thathathatha much one oakland city councilwoman wants to offer to police recruits. reggie: that comes as homicide numbers continue to climb in oakland. the councilwoman says the city needs to take an aggressive approach to getting officers on the streets. amy hollyfield is in the newsroom with these efforts. amy: the response, the police union pointing out it feels like
5:32 am
there is digging and zagging going on in oakland. first there was a cry to defund the police. now there is an offer to bring more money to work as a police officer. they are considering offering a $50,000 signing bonus to experienced officers who sign onto the oakland police department. the department has 60 vacancy. the police union because the plan ridiculous. you will hear from the president of that union. the city councilmember opposing the idea who says this would get experienced officers on the ground quickly. >> a traditional police academy recruit today not get officers on the ground until 2023. oakland is facing the highest homicide rate in almost a decade. >> i think it smacks of being naïve and desperate to try to fix the defund decisionsionsions
5:33 am
her colleagues made a couple months ago. amy: plans to cut $20 million from the police budget will go into effect in the new year. the budget does plan to shift $18 million to social programs, including crime prevention. part of the $50,000 bonus plan would require officers stay with the department for five years. this proposal will come before the city council next week. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: this morning, the omicron variant has been detected in at least five states. new cases found in l.a. county, new york city, minnesota, colorado, and hawaii. san francisco announced the first omicron case on wednesday. health officials say it is likely there are more cases in the bay area. jobina is on the live desk. jobina: concern is growing that the omicron variant is in the bay area and could be more
5:34 am
infectious than the delta variant. experts have been following the latest data out of south africa. he says so far there is no evidence that it is causing serious disease. infected patients in omicron are not appearing to lose smell and taste. >> this is a variant that can reinfected people if they previously recovered or breakthrough vaccines. there is no evidence yet would be causing serious disease. that might change. perhaps in south africa, omicron has not burst its way into a nursing home for elderly and and vulnerable patients. jobina: there are still too many unknown variables to determine if omicron could end up more deadly than delta.
5:35 am
it is possible some restrictions could be back. in the meantime, experts say unvaccinated people should get the vaccine. those who are eligible should get a booster. reggie: president biden has unveiled a new plans to fight the omicron variant. kumasi: it is a tactic he says is based on science and speed. president biden: i know covid-19 has become a political issue, which is a sad commentary. it should not be. it has been. as we move into the winter and face this new variant, this is a moment where we can put the divisiveness behind us. reggie: the president laid out his new strategy in maryland. here are a few of the highlights. starting monday, international travelers will need to have a negative covid test within 24 hours of their flight to the u.s. a new campaign will be launched
5:36 am
to promote booster shots for eligible americans. the plan offers health insurance to cover the cost of at-home testing kits. the u.s. will export 200 million more vaccine doses to high-risk countries in the next 100 days. reggie: the omicron variant has led some companies to put a pause on plans to return to the office. google says it will wait until the new year to decide whether the company will end its voluntary work from home period. reporter: stick with office reopening plans, or pushback timelines. it is a dilemma companies face, the most recent being the omicron variant. >> almost anything that stimulates concern causes further delay because companies do not want to be in the position of putting their
5:37 am
employees at risk. reporter: jim wonderment, president and ceo of the business group bay area council says it is hard to imagine omicron will not impact return to office goals. google says it is waiting until the new year to assess when office locations are ready for the transition. january would have been the earliest they would have ended work from home. >> this is going to trickle down to most of the companies. we are dealing with the unknown. we have no idea what will be the next parent. reporter: san jose state professor says the pandemic has proven many in the tech world can do their jobs from home. >> we have to get out of that shell of 2019 and think about it. it is real. we have to make the virtual and physical. reporter: potentially busy downtown areas and other parts of the economy continue hurting. google says it has opened more than 90% of its u.s. offices.
5:38 am
>> there are a lot of companies that are trying hard to get back and understand the sucss ising e coming together in common space. reporter: return to office plans for january 2022 remain. in the southbay, abc 7 news. reggie: you can find the latest on covid-19 on our website. there are resources for finding testing or a vaccination site. kumasi: in the north bay, there is anger and anxiety over the imminent closure of the cvs pharmacy in marin city. it is set to close a few days before christmas. community advocates say this has been a lifeline. >> i have been here over 20 years.
5:39 am
this store has been here since i moved in. it is convenient. we don't have much here in marin city. kumasi: cvsvsvsvs is closing the store. prescriptions will be transferred to a cvs pharmacy inside a target store in that same shopping center. a statement said we have made the difficult decision to close. the closure of the story is not a reflection of the hard work of our employees. our colleagues will be given the opportunity to transition to comparable roles at other cvs locations. reggie: a holiday tradition at livermore returns after being canceled last year. opening ceremonies will be held for the 38th annual deacon day christmas display on hillcrest avenue. this walk-through display has more than 610,000 lights. it starts at 6:30. admission is free.
5:40 am
it runs nightly through january 1. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheers] kumasi: warriors fans clearly in the holidays. . the 90 foot christmas tree outside che center was lit up last night. former center zaza there. the warriors in chase will be hosting free holiday events all month long outside of the arena. inflation changing prices everywhere. something impacting everybody. the four things you can do to save money. reggie: a new tool on zoom that is not great news if you are always late. mike: here you go with walnut creek, one of those areas that is encased in fog this morning and will be through the morning commute. that is my biggest issue with your commute planner.
5:41 am
it is one of the things jobina is going to continue to talk about. are taking mass transit, it is cool this morning. cool enough for a jacket later on. it will be calm if you are taking the ferry. 51 martinez. everyone else from 43 in antioch to about 49 degrees. let's look elsewhere. we see fog everywhere this one. low to mid 50's from novato, valeo, up and down both sides of the day. los gatos 43 degrees. the southbay, the fog will be around through 10:00. 49 at 8:00. low to mid 60's this afternoon. you will be the warmest of all of us. 55 dropping down to 53 this evening. hot chocolate out when you are shopping, that would be festive. peninsula average high 60. starting tomorrow 57.
5:42 am
we hang within three or four degrees of that. 63 sunday to that possibility of rain and cooler weather thursday. we will take a look at radar and the seven-day forecast next. jobina: good morning. this is a live picture showing you concord, eastbound 4 at port chicago highway. we are going to start trying to bring you more caltrans camera's from the east bay because it is very foggy in that area. chp has issued a number of fog advisories. i want to bring you this live picture of san jose showing off 87. we do not have any major blocking issues to report. we have new video coming in from dublin. we are going to show you that now. i will read off some of the reports from the fog advisories from chp. we have one from this area. this is 580 from the altamont
5:43 am
pass to livermore. we have one on 80 from the carquinez bridge to know. mike just showed you that live picture from walnut creek showing 680. for the antioch bridge, fog advisory. give yourself extra time.
5:44 am
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wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. reggie: a man is safe after this rescue along the san luis obispo county coastline. you can see him hanging onto the cliffside a few hundred feet above the surf and below the roadway. they got him on monday. this is video from the chopper. it is not clear how that man ended up there. rescuers put him into a safety net. he is fine. kumasi: new this morning, mixedd
5:46 am
economic news from the u.s. labor department. the november jobs report was just released. yet employment rate dropped to 4.2% last month, lower than the 4.5% anticipated. only 210,000 jobs were added last month. that is 340,000 less than economists predicted. the labor force is down about 3 million jobs since the pandemic store, we see how inflation has changed prices. we have some money-saving tips to keep in mind. reporter: from the supermarket to retail stores and the stops at the gas pumps, americans are aware of rising prices. >> what is driving the increase now are things you are hearing about. supply chain glitches, lack of available truckers to deliver goods and services. a shortage of workers to produce those goods and services. reporter: how can we spend less
5:47 am
as prices increase? at the supermarket, check for promotions and discounts. use cheap prices as an opportunity to stock up your pantry. >> you can save a lot by sticking with discount stores, such as cosco and trader joe's and opting for private label brands. reporter: d d online before >> making purchases. >>you might find one item is $100 in one brand and $250 and the other because that other brand has more operating expenses. reporter: look for ways to save such as coupon codes and loyalty programs. >> credit card rewards are a good way to save if you pay the balance off immediately. reporter: for large appliances, be willing to adjust your preferences because some models may have shot up in price or be out of stock. >> if you are flexible about the
5:48 am
brand or type of finish and willing to forgo stainless steel finish, you may be able to find an affordable option in stock. we suggest going to the independent dealers because some of them may have models in stock. reporter: consider waiting period >> if you did not get a -- consider waiting. >> if you did not get it, what would happen? do not rush to purchase right now. the supply chain issues will smooth out. reggie: in february, we told you the laugh cry in moj -- was not cool, but now it is cool again? kumasi: the tears of joy e e e e is the most used in the world. reggie: what do you do? i tracked emoji habits.
5:49 am
kumasi: other characters that come close, the heart. despite dozens of new images added every year, people seem to be sticking with old favorites. are they trying to say you are basic if you use this? reggie: that is what they are trying to say. kumasi: because sony people are using it. reggie: that means it is popular. kumasi: that means it is basic. reggie: the till one is cool? mike: the tilt one is mine. i am half basic. kumasi: trendsetter. [laughter] reggie: makes all the difference. mike: it does. [laughter] reggie: i like that. mike: i hope nobody captured that. see it on twitter later. no. no. yes, that would be fun. here is a look from south beach.
5:50 am
the area not covered by fog as the western span of the bridge. fog will lose over our neighborhoods leading to cooler highs and slower melting of that fog to hazy sunshine. slight chance we could have pockets of dirty air like we did yesterday. there is no spare the air. it is a possibility. cooler lows tonight, fog and isolated mist. warmer and brighter sunday. frost advisory through 9:00 this morning. 50 nine half moon bay. low to mid 60's for the rest of us this afternoon. temperatures in the 30's in our deepest valleys. quick look at the future radar. this is the european model, which is dry monday and drive thursday. when we are in the middle of a drought, my education says go with the dryer model because the u.s. model says we are going to get rain. no storm impact scale up monday
5:51 am
and thursday yet. they are going to be some of our coolest days. reggie: new at 6:00, starbucks accused of unionbusting. why employees are demanding workers rights. kumasi: burger how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign. there's a glitch in the matrix... and denny's is delivering for free! get special glitch-y, freebies at but free delivery won't last long.
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ healthier is on-demand covid testing to help you return safely. even if it's still... a little awkward. how've you been? -i'm so good! ♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ reggie: police in the north bay are warning teenagers about a potentially dangerous tiktok challenge. it is called the door kicked challenge. young people are going around kicking or knocking on doors and running away. they are sick and eyes to the beat of a popular cassia song. police say do not do this. you could be mistaken for a home invader. homeowners may think someone is breaking in and defend their property with violence. kumasi: shares in san francisco-based docusign
5:54 am
down more than 31% after the developer of e-signature software released its third quarter earnings report. earnings and revenue beat estimates, but the ceo says growth is expected to be around 30% for the final three months of the year. reggie: this seems e that is bad news if you come late to meetings. the attendance status tool let's the host see if attendants the meeting on time. the tool shows participants who were invited to the meeting but have not logged on yet in a knot joined section. kumasi: who asked for this? reggie: why is he telling on us? are they turning on us? kumasi: i do not understand. maybe some managers. reggie: re-think this. kumasi: oh well.
5:55 am
hot topic. kumasi: you can get a whopper for $.37 this weekend to celebrate the 64th birthday of the sandwich. they are offering the whopper for its original price. to get it for $.37, you have to order through the app. spare the air alert could be coming for the weekend. this is video of a thick layer of haze covering parts of the inner bay area yesterday. a temperature inversion is concentrating pollution to the ground in a lot of our neighborhoods. you can help out by not using your fireplace or cutting back on how much you are driving. officials say they will keep a close eye on conditions and call and alert for the weekend if they need it. mike: yesterday, we have pockets of unhealthy air for all of us
5:56 am
with some of our private sensors. the public sensors went unhealthy for those most sensitive. what is inversion? normally when you move up in the sky, the air gets colder. and inversion is a reversal that. you have warm air sitting on top of cold air. cold air is heady. it stagnates. you do not get the overturning of the atmosphere. it puts a lid on it. that is why you get that concentration. what else is unhealthy? look at this sierra snowpack. 18% of average with tahoe at 12% of average, the lowest in the mountain chain. my seven day forecast, snow levels above 7000 feet monday and thursday. reggie: yeah. kumasi: thank you, inversion. new at 6:00, san francisco's only transgender department head stepping down from her role. reggie: should you cancel your
5:57 am
holiday trip? we are breaking down the risks of international and domestic travel. kumasi: they fill our
5:58 am
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6:00 am
police officers to oakland, with a pricey signing bonus that is facing opposition. >> mariah is back. >> yes. >> on night of music and magic. mariah carey's new christmas special is her biggest production ever. >> this looks classy. i am here for this. >> me, too. >> what did she say? >> yes, darling. >> i love the way you say that. >> that is how she said it. >> it is friday, december 3. you are watching abc seven mornings on abc seven, hulu, and wherever you watch. >> a mariah moment. >> i might. >> it was low. >> you are all right.


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