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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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police officers to oakland, with a pricey signing bonus that is facing opposition. >> mariah is back. >> yes. >> on night of music and magic. mariah carey's new christmas special is her biggest production ever. >> this looks classy. i am here for this. >> me, too. >> what did she say? >> yes, darling. >> i love the way you say that. >> that is how she said it. >> it is friday, december 3. you are watching abc seven mornings on abc seven, hulu, and wherever you watch. >> a mariah moment. >> i might. >> it was low. >> you are all right.
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>> drawing and pulling focus. we are in a giving mood, but maybe it is a present you don't want. look at the fog. it is everywhere. there is a little messed also. you may have to use windshield wipers. there is a slick spot or two. you can see just how thick it is. you can attest that it is even thicker and other areas. i would say that i was gripping the steering wheel tighter, what i was worried about deer this morning. being able to see them. 45 to 50 at 7:00. there will still be some fog around the bay at noon with temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. at 60 at 4:00. that is cooler than yesterday. >> think you. developing news -- more cases of the omicron variant are popping up across the country, including california. >> the case here in san francisco was a person who is fully vaccinated and came back from south africa. scientists are racing to
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understand the severity of omicron. >> the omicron variant has been detected in someone with no travel history. the health department says that the patient has moderate symptoms and is not vaccinated. you believe the person was infected by somebody else in the community. five new cases have been reported and the variant is raising concerns in minnesota. doctors there diagnosed a were omicron variant and a resident that recently returned from an anime conference in new york city. this morning on gma, dr. rochelle walensky spoke to sonja vega about the omicron cases. the doctor said they are investing probable -- investing probable cases. >> some may have more severe diseases. many are vaccinated. we are seeing is that many of the people with mild diseases were the people who are vaccinated. there is a lot of science to do to understand how these vaccines are working against omicron. except to say, we know that for every variant that we have had, it is better to be vaccinated
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and unvaccinated. >> you can see the entire interview with the cdc director at 7:00 on gma. do preliminary data shows that reinfection's are three times more likely with omicron then with earlier variance. doctors believe that the current vaccine should prevent severe illness amid growing concerns about the omicron variant. google has now delayed when employees will be required to return to the office. they were set to return to the office and jerry. >> we know that the omicron variant is prompting travelers to change their travel plans. we do not know what will happen with the mess to travel as it heads to the holidays. abc is reporting what locals are saying as we are just a few weeks out from christmas. >> good morning. resident joe biden announced new travel rules. it moved the topic of flying the season to the front of many people's minds. we headed out to find out, what is the talk about flying, now that the omicron variant is here? it sounds like there are some
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second thoughts about international travel. the president announced that people coming into the united states have to have a negative covid test within a day before departure. this has some people thinking about the logistics of that requirement. also, what restrictions other countries might put into place. >> there is m there is m there t travel international. >> yes, it fairly. they don't want to get stuck somewhere in quarantine. they're taking a risk. >> when you are traveling internationally, all of the rules about quarantines, testing, vaccination status, records -- that could change at a moments notice. >> we did not hear about hesitancy with the rest of travel. people do not want to put their lives on hold about a variant of covid they do not know much about. some people are pointing out that there will always be another variant of covid for us to deal with. we just have to keep on keeping
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on. live in the abc 7 news room. >> on our website, you can find all the latest on covid-19 any time there are resources providing testing and vaccination sites. just go to abc 7 coronavirus. >> a development in the death of sean montero said. an internal investigation has found that the officer who opened fire violated department policy and was negligent. the report describes in detail what happened on june 2 of 2020. the 22-year-old was kneeling when he was shot by a police officer at a walgreens store. police thought that he had a gun in his pocket that turned out to be a hammer. outside investigators that the city hired found that the officer failed to use any de-escalation tactics before opening fire. it was a violation of the use of force policy. responding officers were faulted for turning on their body cameras only after the shooting.
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>> in a statement, the police chief said, we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that our officers are acting in accordance with the city's policies and procedures at all times. >> in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a set -- smash and grab robbery. this happened at a jewelry design in the east edge mall in san jose yesterday. officers say that four masked people went into the business with hammers. he started smashing display cases. they took several items, ran out, and no one got hurt. >> 14 people were arrested in los angeles for a series of smash and grab robberies. they were ultimately released from custody. one was a minor who was released to their parents. the others were released from county jail on bail or held bail to reduce the population during covid. several of them have criminal records. the los angeles mayor says that this is something that needs to change. >> there are people who need to be the hide bars.
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they need to be there -- how many times will someone have to steal a car? three or four or five times after being released before we realize that we have opened up a lot of the city because we are in a better place of covid. we need to open up our jails. >> los angeles officials knew twos -- two brace for smash and grab robberies in the area. >> a stopgap spending bill that would keep the government running through mid-february as headed to the president's desk. the senate passed the bill just 36 hours before the current bill would run out, forcing a shutdown. republicans try to force a shutdown to prevent federal money from being spent. the vaccine mandates -- that effort failed, and the spending plan passed. 69 to 28. along with keeping the government open, it provides $7 billion to assist afghan refugees. new at six, the only sand -- transgender department head is
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leaving the city to focus on shaping national policy. claire is stepping down after four years as executive of the office of transgender initiatives. claire made history as the first executive director. it is the first and only city government office in the united states focused on equity initiatives for transgender, nine binary -- not binary, and lgbt communities across san francisco. i spoke with claire about how to be an ally on the transgender day of visibility. you can watch the interview on >> coming up next, a new multimillion dollar fine in one of the worst wildfires in california history. >> plus, there can be worst places to be stranded in a snowstorm. customers make those selves at home. >> king tides are back and they go through 3:00 sunday afternoon. if you are near the coast or the ocean, watch out for abnormally
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high flooding this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪
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>> there are several major headlines out of the california public utilities commission in san francisco. the commissioners voted three to two to find pn to g one hundred million dollars in the 2019 kincade fire. 77,000 acre fire started in geyserville and spread to santa rosa, windsor, and spielberg. the png transmission lines cause that fire. also, the cpu cm announced the likelihood of rolling blackouts starting next year. that will increase energy supply and paying customers to reduce energy use is during high demand time. >> trapped inside ikea. a snowstorm in denmark force
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does the people to spend the night in the store. they were stranded after a foot of snow fell in the area. they made the best of it. six customers and two dozen staff hunkered down, and one person, maybe this man, laid out in a bed who said he wanted to try a hard mattress because the one he had at home was too soft. he used the opportunity to try it out. other people, as you can see, spent the evening playing games, eating food, and watching tv. >> we could sure use some of that snow. it is not coming our way. instead, we have fog. here is a look at 280 and 17. that is the dominant feature. planning a forecast for today, and watch out. it is just about everywhere with a little bit missed -- of mist. you may need to wear a jacket all day today. it is nice not having to wear one in an hours. san francisco is 49, and sunnyside 53. fog is increasing here. 45 in healdsburg, and 48 in
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walnut creek. a lot of low 50's on the bay and out towards the coast. the average high is 60, but it might not get there. look how slowly the fog gets there. upper 50's for several hours and then clouds and stars at 52 this evening. for the north bay, the average high's 59. you will be a little bit warmer, especially sunday at 65, and then they taper the temperatures down with a better chance of rain on thursday and friday. i will show you more of that, coming up next. >> good morning. we are going to start here with a light picture showing concord, and a very shaky camera, but we want to point out the fog for everyone. the chp has issued a number of fog advisories this morning. i want to give you a heads up on all of that, especially if you are traveling along the v niche and bridge. -- venetian bridge there is a two-car crest just -- crash, just past the toll plaza. on the bay bridge, it will be
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slightly under the limit. >> thank you. coming up, a study of autism in children showing a promising result. >> as we had to the break, the
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>> in the east bay, candles were lit in front of a warehouse. it marked the fifth anniversary of a fire that claim six lies. the warehouse had been converted into an artists collective and leaving -- living space. a fire broke out there. one man was sentenced to 12 years after 10 years with voluntary man charges. he was released during the pandemic and is under house arrest. the jury acquitted a codefendant on all charges. >> a texas law bans all abortion pills after a certain time. is now effective. it cuts the window in which doctors can prescribe abortion
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inducing medication from 10 weeks to seven weeks. the new law also prohibits mailing the drugs and requires an in person exam and a follow-up visit. >> it really endangers how women and pregnant people access health care in the state. that is really a piece that we have to navigate around to continue attacks on abortion and health care and state. >> he expect the fda will rollback a lot of these comments. it is important that texas has regulations strengthen so we can make sure they are enforceable at a state level and this will pursue that. >> texas abortion pill law comes as the supreme court heard arguments about the mississippi law aimed at overturning roe v. wade. the decision by the supreme court justices is expected in june. >> new cdc study show early detection of autism in children has improved between 2010 and 2014.
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the detection of autism in children younger than four increase 50%. those numbers include children diagnosed with autism or given special education. experts say this is good news because early intervention can lead to better develop mental outcomes. children with intellectual disabilities were more likely to be diagnosed earlier. researchers say the signals i need to find other signals to spot autism and younger children. >> we are talking this morning about the fog we got the door. >> yes. it is everywhere. that is a big difference from between the last couple of days. it will challenge your morning commute with a reduction in visibility. hard to see some of those deer coming out of the hills because they are hungry and thirsty. that was my biggest worry driving through the fog this morning. trying to get to the interstate. hopefully you do not have the same issue. i am looking at the sfo. no delays, according to the website, but there could be some because lookout ticket is right here. we will have cooler temperatures today because of the slower transition. we are at just about our
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shortest days of the year. it is hard for the sun to get rid of this fog and haze. it comes right back tonight, so tomorrow will be like today. it will be a warmer and brighter on sunday. we have our coldest temperatures up across the counties to keep everything protected through 9:00 cross. temperatures today, we have 59 at the bay. it would not be surprising to see other areas in the upper 50's but generally, we are looking at 61 to 66 degrees this afternoon. even cooler than yesterday. tonight, you will see the fog in the areas of mist covering all of our neighborhoods once again, and you're above it, which is about 700 or 800 feet. he ate santa rosa. 30 and the san ramon valley, and 40's for the rest of us. when we are in the drought, identical with a dryer forecast. this is a european model. it shows that on monday the system falls apart. it also shows thursday's storms falling apart. the gfs model and the america model says we will get rain on
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both of those days. i am going to go with the gfs for right now. no storm impact scale, but there is a chance on monday and thursday. temperatures today and sunday will be our warmest rent are clueless will be monday and then thursday. >> thank you. we will bring in ginger. she is live to look at what is happening on gma. >> hello. >> hello, great to be with you. coming up on gma, we have a big abc news exclusive. george's interview with alec baldwin. he is sitting down and talk about the movie set tragedy and go through what he says happened, addressing the question of the live round onset and opening up about the emotional meeting with elena hutchinson's meeting -- husband and son. five states. dr. wilensky will join us with what we about the omicron variant, and gma is giving back. a little girl is helping to make our community better places through farming. she is only six.
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the one and only mariah carey is talking about her placement scrap -- classic. -- her christmas classic. you don't want to miss it. coming up on gma. >> iva suggestion. can mariah carey be on every friday? >> at least through the holidays. is that so much to ask? >> i don't think it is so much to ask. she brings joy. she also is hilarious. >> i will get with our bookers immediately. >> we saw one clip where she talked about six men having to carry her dress. >> a 60 pound dress. >> we fell down. >> it is one of my favorite behind the scenes in her dress fell apart and she was standing over there and she was like, in mid-freak out mode, i walked past, and she goes high dear. hello. >> that is a top five. for me that would be a top five. >> it is all i want for
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christmas. >> a perfect button on this conversation. >> thank you so much, the queen of christmas on gma. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> look at this. this is a beautiful side of the northern lights. the aurora borealis lit up the starry sky over alaska's white mountains. a fairbanks based photographer captured this mesmerizing display. he took this on november 21. it shows ribbons of green and purple drifting across the sky over that snowy and beautiful mountain range. >> that is stunning. >> it really is. as stunning as it is, can you imagine seeing it? with your own eyes? it is amazing. i took the kids out when we lived in minnesota. we got all bundled up laying in the snow, and we watched it happen. it is mesmerizing. it is friday. it is winter. i thought we would do a snowpack
6:25 am
update. as unfortunate as it is, it is 18% of average from today's date. the lowest percent is around tahoe at 12%. here's my seven-day forecast for tahoe, and what you are not going to see are not a lot of chances of snow. the snow that does fall on monday, with a better chance on thursday will be above 7000 feet. >> thank you. it is snowing in pleasanton. while it is probably snow, but it is all right. it is part of an extravagant christmas called witmer world. it is like eight chevy chase home light display. it is blown up many times over. they had to put this on hold last year, but the christmas lights are turned back on and there is even a roller coaster display and the kids love it. >> the roller coaster was built over there. n swfl wn it love it. >> there is a roller coaster.
6:26 am
bob witmer and his wife have been doing this since 2000, and of course, it is not easy. it takes about three months to set this all up. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the warriors holiday spirit. the 90 foot christmas tree outside of the chase center just went up last night. former senators were there and invoke. -- en vogue. chase will host free holiday events all month long at the plaza outside of the arena. if you missed this dish you whoever blessed us with that. >>
6:27 am
this. >> they will be at a different event, later. you should come. >> get me on that, please. >> happening today, mariah carey is back. exit is part of a christmas special. -- it is part of a holiday special. you can get more mariah today on apple tv plus with the new holiday event called mariah's christmas of magic continues. it also features appearances by kirk franklin. how great is the show? you are going to love what is happening next. listen to every bit of this goodness that mariah is serving us. >> first of all, my dress weighed 60 pounds. there were six men carrying the train because i couldn't walk in it. >> is there only one dress question mark >> i don't know if a 60 pound dress counts is only one dress. >> there are no quick costume changes if you are dressed in 60
6:28 am
pounds. >> if i could have put one in there, i would have. >> you can watch this all day. what other secrets will mariah reveal? that is coming up on gma at 7:00. >> what is it about the timing of the responses? >> it is the long pies. it is the barely moving. >> it is the lack. >> it is the look. >> she is sitting next to a doll of herself. >> i did not notice that until you showed me. >> at 630 a.m., if you are late tear sue meetings, you may want to start logging in on time because zoom will tell on you. >> there is a new strategy to fight crime in oakland.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, and funny solutions. this is abc 7 news. -- and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> it smacks of the naïve. >> strong opposition to a plan to attract more officers to the oakland police department. how one city leader wants to use cash to recruit. >> omicron and office reopening plans. tech experts and business leaders weigh in as more cases of the variant are detected. >> island go of the hammer, and the gun goes off. >> alec baldwin says what happened during the deadly movie set shooting. >> good morning. we made it to friday. it is december 3. i hope you're having a good morning. you are watching abc 7 mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, or wherever you stream. >> we are having a good morning,
6:32 am
thanks to you both. let's keep it going. we do have a few other items to talk about. king tides -- it is that time of the year. from about 8:00 this moring to 3:00 on sunday, there could be some flooding along the bayshore and also over the course -- coast. watch out for that. watch out fo the -- fog is just as thick in santaook as rosa, san jose, even thicker in livermore. the fog will go away, but it will take time. there is still plenty of fog around the bay. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. upper 50's to low 60's. >> thank you. $50,000. that is how much one oakland city councilman wants to offer police recruits. >> the bonus comes as homicide members continue to climb in oakland. the councilman says the city needs to take an aggressive and
6:33 am
creative approach to getting diverse officers off the streets. -- on the streets. abc 7 news is in the newsroom. >> the president is saying this is some zigging and zagging going on in oakland. there was a cry to defund the police, and now here is a call to offer more money to work for the oakland police department. the new proposal from the city counom ioais offer $50,000 to experienced officers who work for the oakland police department. the department has 60 vacant seats. the police union calls the plan ridiculous. you will hear from the president of that union, but first, the city councilwoman proposing the idea, says that this would get officers on the ground quickly. >> a traditional police economy -- academy would not get officers on the ground until 2023. in oakland, it is facing the highest rate in a decade. >> it smacks of the naïve and
6:34 am
desperate effort to try and fix the defund decisions that our colleagues may just a couple of months ago. >> there are plans in place to cut nearly $20 million from the police budget, and the mayor of oakland is saying that because of the rise in violence, she will try to get that plan reversed in oakland. the budget does plan to shift $80 million to social programs, including crime prevention. part of the $50,000 bonus plan will require that the officers stay with the department for five years. this proposal will come before the city cou why from the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this morning, the omicron variant has been detected in at least five states. they were found in los angeles county, new york city, minnesota, colorado and hawaii. san francisco announced the first omicron case on wednesday. health officials say it is very likely that there are more cases in the bay area. we are at the live desk with
6:35 am
what experts can now expect. >> the concern is growing now that the omicron variant is here. it could be more infectious than the delta variant. john moore with the cornell medical college has been following the latest reports on omicron coming out of south africa. there is no evidence that it is causing serious disease. unlike delta, infected patients with omicron and south africa are not appearing to lose their sense of smell and taste. >> this is a variant that can reinfected people. if they previously recovered, or breakthrough vaccines. there is no evidence would be causing serious disease. that might change. in south africa, omicron peasant burst its way into a nursing home for elderly and vulnerable patients. we don't know this.
6:36 am
>> the doctor says there are still too many unknown variables to determine if omicron could be a more deadly disease than delta. in two weeks, the data shows otherwise. it is possible some restrictions will be back that reduce the chance of death and hospitalizations. in the meantime, unvaccinated people should get the vaccine, and those who are not eligible should get a booster. >> thank you. president biden has unveiled new plans to fight the omicron variant. >> he says there is an attack based on science and not chaos and confusion. >> covid-19 has been very divisive in the country. it has become a political issue, which is a sad, sad commentary. it should not be. it has been. now we are facing the challenges of this new variant. it is a moment when we can put the divisiveness behind us, we hope. >> the president laid out his new pandemic strategy in his speech at the national institute of health and maryland, and it is a multipronged approach. here are a few of the
6:37 am
highlights. starting on monday, international travelers will need to have a negative covid test within 24 hours of their flight to the united states. a new campaign will be launched to encourage booster shots for an estimated 100 million eligible americans, as well as vaccines for children ages five to 11. health insurance will cover the cost of at testing kits. community clinics will offer them to people without insurance. united states will export 200 million more vaccine doses to high risk countries in the next 100 days. >> the omicron variant is leaving some countries to put a pause on plans to return to the office. google is considering delaying its return to work plan. the company has been planning for workers to come back on january 10 and kickoff a new hybrid workweek. >> this is going to trickle down to most of the companies. the problem is that we are dealing with the unknown. we have no idea what will be the next variant. >> google says it is opening more than 90% of its u.s. offices.
6:38 am
officials say in recent weeks, more than 40% of u.s. googlers came into the office. metta, formerly facebook, says that it is still planning for a january 2022 return. >> and the north bay, there is anger and anxiety over the cvs pharmacy closure. it is set to close on december 22, just a few days before christmas. community advocates say this is been a lifeline and its demise is the last thing that the underserved community their needs. >> i've been there for most the 20 years, and it has been there since i figure. it is very convenient. we don't have much cheer, and it would be a loss to the community. >> cvs would not say why it is closing the store, but prescriptions are being transferred to a pharmacy inside of a target store in the same shopping center. in a state matter, a representative said we made a difficult business decision to close. the closer of the story is not a
6:39 am
reflection on the hard work and dedication of our employees. in fact, our colleagues will be given the opportunity to transfer into other comparable roles nearby. >> coming up, a bus tears through a busy paris street. >> and you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. now, another update, next. >> it is a heartwarming holiday tradition that began with one accidental text. now the story is turning into a future fan. -- film. >> a feature film. >> nice. can't wait to see that. set a look -- a good example for all of us. >> yesterday we had some pockets of air quality with some private sensors of unhealthy air for all of us. now, we are green and yellow, which is healthy. there are possibilities that pockets could develop once again. even though the air quality is forecasted as moderate all the way through monday. they could issue a severe error if it gets worse. one of the best ways to keep it
6:40 am
from getting worse? don't burn wood. it's that simple this time of year. especially with the emergence. as nowhere to go. if you don't know what that is, i will explain it next. i want to take it down to san jose. right around 53 degrees, with all that fog. it is keeping us pretty homogenous. no big microclimates this morning. bid 40's to miss -- mid 40's to mid-50's. in san mateo the average high is 60. you will be a little higher than that today. temperatures are in the low to mid 60's. that was for the peninsula. now is take a look at san francisco. this is for the next several days. the advertiser in the 60's. we will get there monday. we will be closed tomorrow. so today, tuesday and wednesday are the temperature around 59 degrees. the commute this morning? activities section? they are going to transition
6:41 am
from fog daisy sunshine. it is definitely cooler because of that. it is calm out on the bay and if you're walking the dog, take some water and enjoy the colors that are still out there. let's get over to the commute. what's going on? >> we have some residual delays that are following a crash in concord. we are going to start on 242 where you are going to run into a slow down on a four-lane road. this is at 70 miles per hour. the good news is that the crash is cleared and as you travel further, things are moving. it is foggy in the area. you can see on our walnut creek camera here. i want to bounce back up to concord. this shows you the eastbound for at chicago highway. westbound four is very busy. show you those drive times. give a number of fog advisories coming in. the big ones are the bridge and the antioch bridge. antioch to concord will take you 36 minutes. tracy to dublin, 45 minutes.
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>> in new york, authorities say a man is in custody after stealing an unoccupied bus in brooklyn. >> let's go. >> why? police say the suspect hit multiple vehicles along the way. it started in the 67th precinct and finally ended in the 73rd precinct. authorities have not said if there were any injuries. >> a man is saved after a rescue along the st. louis coastline. he can be seen hanging from a cliff side. this was a few hundred feet above the surf. eight patrol helicopter was called in to rescue the man on monday. this is video from the chopper. we don't know how he ended up there, but we know that he was safely put into a net and flown
6:45 am
to the ragged point in. he is ok. >> and abc news exclusive -- alec baldwin is revealing more about the moment that led to the deadly shooting on the set of the movie rust. >> i take the gun and i start to caulk the gun. i'm not going to pull the trigger. just cheat it down and tilted down. i cocked the gun and can you see that? can you see that? i let go of the hammer, and the gun goes off. >> that bullet killed cinematographer halyna hutchins and injured the director. baldwin was told the gun was cold, which is industry jargon or an empty gun or a gun with blanks. someone put a light bullet into the gun and that person is responsible for what happened. if you want to watch the full interview, alec baldwin unscripted, it is streaming on hulu. >> starbucks is fighting some workers who are throwing attempts to unites. a union vote is underway at
6:46 am
three stores in buffalo new york. an ongoing labor board hearing has the coffee chan -- chain asking for one vote. the union prefers store by store voting. starbucks is appealing the voting. the ballots will be counted week. >> a morning money report. there is mixed economic news from the u.s. labor department. here's the good news. this is from the november jobs report. the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2% last month, which is lower than the 4.5% the analysts anticipated. it was 4.6% in october. however, only 210,000 new jobs were added last month. that is about 340,000 fewer economists forecasted. the country's labor force is still down by nearly 3 million jobs since february of 2020, when the pandemic began. there is a live look at the new york stock exchange. now that trading is underway, we are up about 64 points. >> news eight features bad news
6:47 am
if you go to your meetings late. the status tool allows people te see if a person joined a meeting on time. this announcement was made in a blog post. the tool also shows people who were invited to the meeting and have not logged in yet on a not joint section. -- not joined section. >> bath and body works. the annual three-day candle event starts today, but we will have to pay more attention. three wick candles are $.30 higher than last year. the company calls the sale a beloved tradition, saying it will continue while supplies last. >> i do love a candle. or so, every year. >> yes i do. >> coming in and burning it. >> it is nice and homey. >> is nice. just blow it out before you leave. >> the pandemic is ongoing, but there are still so many fun things you can do in our communities, and a lot of them are covid safe it >> --.
6:48 am
>> this is a holiday edition. >> so many of our holiday favorites are back, including that deck the halls bar in san francisco. grab a fiery cocktail. it is dramatic. or keep your spirits bright with a jolly old-fashioned. as a proud partner of the san francisco firefighters toy program, guess -- guests who donate a toy will in a complement tree baby jesus. ok? deck the halls is also collaborating with local restaurants or food options, plus, this place is made for your instagram and tiktok. i'm even getting in on it. this week, the san francisco youth ballet is celebrating its 20th annual production of the nutcracker. the magical to our performance features affectional guest artist and youth talent. the show is geared toward families, so it is the perfect
6:49 am
way to introduce young children to the holiday ballet tradition. if you are looking for something outdoors, how about swinging by golden gate park? the meadow has transformed into an enchanted forest with ever-changing lights. entwined is the whimsical wonderland where visitors can explore pasts and sit under an entwined sculptural tree while practicing social distancing. i've done that too. i'm telling you, it is cute. >> all right. >> get us in the spirit. >> look at you. >> that is not all that is going on this we can. on the front page of our website, we put together a list of covid friendly events happening over the bay area. it is on what are your holiday favorites? how is the ice getting? >> i want to drag queens on ice. it was lovely. it is so pretty down there with a tree and the macy windows all
6:50 am
done, but what i'm doing tonight is -- you know how people say that diehard is a christmas movie? me, rent is a christmas play. it starts on december 24 at 9 p.m. eastern standard time. angels wearing an outfit. it is a christmas movie. i am seeing rent tonight. let's what about you? >> we have a doubleheader tomorrow. >> that's festive. >> it will be nice to see them. i haven't seen him play baseball and more than two years because of the pandemic. >> exciting. >> i was trying to pull this up. it is called glow us up. i think that is what you were talking about with different light installations. >> projecting on different buildings in san francisco. >> i cannot wait. i'm going to see that. >> they said is the largest projection mapping surface ever did or something. >> it is beautiful. >> and christmas.
6:51 am
>> something to do, mike. >> pleasant team, livermore, we've highlighted the decorations there, so that is something to do also. i want to talk to you about what an aversion is. we have been talking about that a lot lately. air gets colder as you move away from the ground or go higher up into the sky. that is why mountaintops are snowy and valleys are usually dry. that lid keeps the atmosphere from overturning and mixing out, and all the pollutants are trapped down where we breathe. that is why we have fog this morning. that is not going to go away until possibly monday. we are looking at thick fog to sunshine today and tomorrow. areas of poor air quality, possible through at least sunday. then we have a chance of rain on monday at a better chance on thursday, but they are not all that good. the fog, that is an issue. it will be around much longer today. by noon, there will be fog around the bay. that will keep temperatures
6:52 am
around 59 at the coast. though to mid 60's for the rest of us. fog comes back tonight. so to cooler conditions. santa rosa, 38. we may see and feel some 30's in the san ramon valley. most of us will be in the loaf 40's and 50's. this is the dryer of the two models. in a drought, you go with the drier of the two models. it comes in on monday and falls apart. the european model, here. another comes in on wednesday, and thursday, looking impressive. it is further to the west. then it falls apart. that's it. so, we are going to keep a chance of rain in the forecast for those days, but you can see, most of the wet weather will be across this pacific northwest, causing flooding. the seven-day forecast -- we're looking at temperatures cooler tomorrow. rebound on sunday with more sunshine, and on monday, we will drop the temperatures back down. breezy on tuesday, at a chance of rain on thursday. arcos temperature will be in the 50's. that will be festive.
6:53 am
>> a christmas tree at the state comfortable air -- state capital is lit up. >> the spirit that marks this moment is a spirit that we all need and desire. i hope we can, as i say often, so often the edges. -- so often the edges. >> governor newsom was at that ceremony in sacramento. the first partner was with him. the tree is eight white for that is directed -- decorated with 20,000 lights. this woman of californians living with an intellectual disability. >> there they are. the choreography of the money. one more time. new at six, netflix is movie about a grandma who invited a stranger to thanksgiving dinner. it is based on the real-life story of wanda dench.
6:54 am
wanda thought she was checking her grandson to check if you would be coming over for thanksgiving. apparently she had the wrong number. she actually texted jamaal, who accepted the invitation anyway and has since intended -- attended the feast everywhere. the movie will be called the thanksgiving tax. cute. you love a christmas movie or thanksgiving movie, so you are in on this. >> this is exciting. abba released their first ever christmas single. [music] >> do we need to hear more? >> i do not. >> the song is called little things. it is about the delights of a happy family christmas morning. >> does anyone look happy here? >> proceeds from the single will go to unicef to help support the global child protection fund. >> now i feel like a jerk.
6:55 am
it is veryery >> i think we had to hear more. maybe we had to get to the course. >> it is giving sadness. it is giving do they know it is christmas after all vibes. it smells like nirvana. the 80's and 90's, and now five-time grammy winner weird al jankovic is returning to san francisco for two shows. each concert will be different. no song is repeated. >> need to go to both. he has a catalog. >> december 10 is when tickets go on sale. >> i am glad he is still thriving. >> he was recently in a charity auction and do you remember this? there were tons of celebrities, and we are now was the top -- and weird al was the top. we have to throw this away.
6:56 am
>> you do not like my lotion? >> speech. >> it is holiday time. >> thank you, but not pea
6:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience,
6:58 am
banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> it is 6:58 a.m. and if you have just point us, here are seven things to know. omicron has been detected in five states. new cases were found in los angeles, new york, minnesota, colorado, and white. the first case in the eye states was detected in san francisco. >> president biden laid out his plan to fight omicron. it included more testing for travelers and a campaign to encourage vaccinations, sending doses to high-risk countries. >> the $50,000 signing bonus to attract more officers to oakland pd. that is what councilmember is proposing, trying to oppose the highest homicide rate in a decade. >> airport officials are asking
6:59 am
you to stop using your fireplace because of bad air quality. if the situation doesn't improve , severity elect to be listed. >> these conditions will not change until monday. here's a look at our temperatures. they are two to seven degrees cooler. it is hard for the sun this time of year to burn off that fog. >> number six, we have reports of a stall as you approach the richmond bridge. you can see that it is slowing the area, so expect delays. >> the caltrain holiday train will be rolling down the peninsula. decorated with 75,000 glittering lights, tomorrow and sunday. this is actually new video. ok? >> oh. >> i want to watch that. they made it official after canceling the train last year because of the pandemic. look at everybody. >> should barely holding a coke? >> are we in coke area or pepsi? >> their sponsoring the show.
7:00 am
>> you cannot even say pepsi in my house. >> or disney. >> thank you. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this friday my exclusive interview with alec baldwin. baldwin insists he never pulled the trigger and that someone is responsible for the deadly weapon on the "rust" set. abc news exclusive. alec baldwin speaks out describing the moments leading up to the deadly film set shooting, killing cinematographer halyna hutchins. >> i was told i was handed an empty gun. >> asking the question at the heart of the investigation -- where did the live round come from? >> the notion that there was a live round in that gun did not dawn on me till probably 45 minutes to an hour later. >> the actor takes us step by step through what happened on the set.


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