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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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for 51 years serving 10 mayors. we spoke with abc 7 news contributor phil mateer about her passing moments ago. she came here from texas. she was always had a gritty and earthy side to her but a wonderful sense of style whether it was presidents or popes she managed to handle events like no other so versatile charlotte schultz married former secretary of state george schultz in 1997. it was her third marriage. they were introduced by california senator diane feinstein now the former san francisco mayor issued a statement saying she is heartbroken by the death of the woman. she called her best friend adding quote many of my fondest memories are the times we shared together mayor london breed also called schultz a woman of unparalleled grace adding quote the bright lights of san francisco are forever. finished with the loss of charlotte but her impact legacy and love will live with us for generations and in a statement
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governor newsom called her an exceptional civic leader dedicated public servant and treasured friend adding that charlotte was the quintessential san francisco defined by her eye for the fantastic and the florists with with she welcomed visiting dignitaries foreign consoles and san francisco's from all walks of life. she was 88 years old back to you. dion thank you. the family of kevin nashita is making a public plea to anyone with video connected to his shooting to hand it over to the oakland police department. a retired police officer was shot while working a private security job guarding a news crew in oakland last week. his family says any video would help provide justice for kevin. he was my my everything. we then after a while we became the characters. so he would call me and he would. come be the name of whatever series. we're watching just to make it
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fun and we always had date night once a week. police are searching for white 2004 to 2008 acura tl. there is a 32,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. police remain a visible presence in san francisco's union square two weeks after large groups of thieves hauled off thousands of dollars of merchandise and that massive retail theft you saw on video union square is one of the city's most popular holiday shopping destinations, obviously and the added patrols now as consist into site as the union square christmas tree really are there to make shoppers and merchants feel safe and on the heels of a spree of recent retail thefts the california attorney general rob bana announced sentencing plans for the remaining suspect out of five who pleaded guilty in an organized retail theft case that crossed from san mateo county to a walnut creek warehouse abc 7 news reporter liam melendez is in the newsroom with the tails on this land. well, dan, this didn't happen
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yesterday it occurred. 2020 and not much attention was paid to this big boss back then it's now getting a second look because there was so much stolen merchandise that it all had to be stored in a warehouse. here's what was found back in september 2020 more than a year ago boxes and boxes of stolen goods stored in a warehouse in walnut creek. it was described as one of the largest organized retail theft operations in the state the outcome of this investigation was searching arrest warrants. for multiple residences over a dozen storage units and a distribution warehouse, but why announced it again? day because the five people involved pleaded guilty for knowingly buying stolen goods in order to later resell them for profit. they also admitted to money laundering the ringleader. danny drago will be sentenced to early next year.
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the stolen goods came from residential and auto break-ins and from dozens of retail stores in san mateo county law enforcement seized and recovered approximately 8 million dollars worth of stolen merchand. from retailers including cvs target and walgreens 1.8 news that the stolen items were gathered over a three-year period the san mateo county sheriff's office has made similar big findings before in january 2020 operations shattered glass led to the arrests of eight people after they discovered 2.5 million dollars worth of stolen property mostly from car break-ins the message from the state attorney general was intended for criminals and to perhaps appease the public. you will be held accountable. you will face consequences.
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now we did ask the question. is this related in any way to what recently happened in san francisco walnut creek and san jose the answer not at all now banta said it's related in the sense that it's exactly the same organized criminal activity that we've been. around the bay area. it might be a stretch though to have a press conference about a case that happened in 2020, but honestly, i think dan government officials want to be perceived as actively involved in other words doing something in the newsroom leanne melendez abc 7 news. thanks, dan. police are investigating the fatal shooting of a transgender person in oakland. the shooting happened near castro and 14th street police say they received a report of gunfire in the area around four in the morning officers then found an adult transgender person with an apparent gunshot wound. these are not releasing further details right now.
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this is oakland's 129 homicide of the year and after months of moves to reimagine policing in the city of oakland city leaders are now scrambling to get more officers out on the streets amid a surge in violent crime, including 128 murders one councilmember even wants to offer new officers from other departments a cash bonus, but as abc 7 news reporter laura anthony explains, not everyone is on board including the police union. with violent crimes skyrocketing in her city oakland mayor libby schaaf announced a multi-step plan to beef up her dwindling police force. now well below 700 sworn officers. we've put forward a new police hiring plan that will increase police staffing by 60 officers. it will maximize recruitment and training of new officers. and in next year's fiscal year will unfreeze 20 of the positions that are currently frozen the increased staffing would come from seven police
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academies two more than the current plan shaft says her 5.8 million dollar plan would be funded with cost savings from equipment and salaries not by taking away from any other city programs damage been done through this. to fund the police initiative is significant, but the mayor is trying to do is unwind it she's just trying to get back to where we were. but other oakland city leaders questioned the mayor's plan the reality is they are authorized for 737 officers. they have not hired for what they are currently authorized for. so how does another academy? fix the issue if they're not even staffed up with what they can do councilmember sheng tao wants to offer $50,000 bonus to experienced officers willing to move from other departments to oakland a traditional police academy approved today wouldn't get new officers on the ground until 2023. in oakland is facing the highest homicide rate in almost a
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decade, but the oakland police officers association does not believe that officers from outline communities will suddenly want to pick up and go to work in oakland even with a $50,000 bonus according to the opioa oakland is now losing about 10 officers per month and about 80% of those are taking jobs in other departments not retiring laura anthony abc 7 news. developments today as the omicron variant of coronavirus spreads to at least nine states with new cases today in maryland and pennsylvania. the centers for disease control is still evaluating whether omicron is more transmissible than the delta variant but a preliminary report by scientists in south africa has found it is spreading faster than any of the previous variants so far. the cdc has not changed any of its guidance our recommendations for protecting against covid remain. name regardless of the variant the major vaccine manufacturers are also adjusting to the new
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variant dr. anthony fauci says they all have multiple contingency plans to deal with omicron. one is to rev up the production of the vaccines that they already have. the next is to make for example a bi-valent. will you have the vaccine against both the ancestral strain and the new variant and the other is to make a variant specific boost? omicron has bred to 38 countries since it was first discovered in south africa the world health organization. ounce, it's discovery last friday. well for more now about the omicron variant, we're joined by ucsf infectious disease specialist, dr. monica gandhi, monica. great to be with you. thanks for coming on. thank you. can you tell us about the origin of the omicron variant and the possibility that we've heard that an incubate could have incubated in a patient battling hiv. what do you know about that? so there are two origin stories that are actually circulating one is that it might have had an
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animal reservoir which because the reason we'll never get rid of covid which doesn't mean by the way we can't control it is that it does have animal reservoirs the second is that live with hiv or immunocompromised in other ways can actually shed the virus for longer and unfortunately because of that there can be development of more resistance mutations. so there is a possibility. there's a great overlap of hiv in covid. high prevalence region so there is a possibility. this could have come from someone with hiv interesting right now that you know, we've been hearing that this variant the omicron variant may be many many times more transmissible than the delta previous variants, but then there's this report out of south africa that says it is the most transmissible variant to date so it clearly there's a pattern of it spreading rapidly how concerned would she what should we be? it's already here in the united states in a growing number of states. so everything depends on vaccinations. so yes is this of concern for
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local regions? absolutely, and that would mean anywhere where we haven't had global vaccine equity or our lower vaccination regions in the united states. is it a concern to the bay area at 80% vaccination rate or california? or not and actually it has been circulating for longer than we think then sorry the netherlands had a case report from november 9th. so in highly vaccinated regions the only way to protect office to me vaccinated and does it cause through infections and those who are vaccinated so far. it doesn't seem to cause anything but asymptomatic or mild symptoms and that's from both the european cdc that gave out a report this morning that people are vaccinated have asymptomatic infection meaning they don't have any symptoms or mild and mild symptoms like the people we've seen in the us the doctor gotti what? is what are the chances that omicron will become the dominant? strain of this virus delta had
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taken that role before a couple months ago is omicron going to assume this position of being the most dominant strain out there. if it is true that it'sss more transmissible than than delta then it will become the dominant strain. but no matter what strain that happens the biggest worry, is that if it evaded the vaccines, we are so much different than we were in 2020 before we had vaccines. would have been a disaster we have vaccines and so hopefully it will only take hold in places of low vaccination which is why global vaccine equity and getting americans who aren't vaccinated vaccinated is the most important thing i can think of. okay advice we continue to repeat and hear often. thank you, dr. monica. gandhi great to be with. thank you. still ahead the family of a man shot and killed by vallejo police is now speaking out about the findings of an independent investigation plus figures on a statue at the legion of honor
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beheaded how museum officials think it happened in a story. you'll see only on abc 7 news the future of ride hailing services and the steps being taken to prepare for an influx of congestion in the skies. i'm spencer christian today is the lingering clouds did not produce rainfall, but next week brings a better chance. have the
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challenge facing major cities is going to be air traffic the result of new manned and autonomous aircraft to transport people and goods. you're already familiar with drones. of course. well next up air taxis, which are posed to be the next ride hailing service in the two distant future abc 7 news reporter david louie takes a look at how san jose and others are scrambling now to prepare to manage them. as though congested streets and freeways aren't challenging enough. the next concern is an explosion and air traffic from delivery drones and a new generation of vertical lift transport vehicles known as air taxis. there are projections air taxis could be doing one and a half million rides a year over silicon valley. that's four times. what's a flying in the air today? and so how do we integrate that into this area both with safety but also noise other quality of life. it's a big deal. say la in san francisco are part of a 38 city group called the open mobility foundation. that's trying to get ahead of
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the fast developing technology ramsey's madhu is the group's vice chair. we need to make sure that these systems are operated in a safe way and and without blight buzzing rotor blades running above your house constantly nasa is also involved developing software to help manage the air traffic technology has a way of moving faster than planners expect for example, electric scooters suddenly appeared that led to a scramble to regulate them and in some cases to geofence them disabling them in certain areas moving from that world to thousands of drones. and aerial taxis and using software to manage it cities are going to have to come up the learning curve pretty rapidly. the clock is ticking with test flights making their deployment perhaps in three or four years and a big question is where will they pick up and drop off passengers high-rise rooftops are likely but all of downtown, san jose is in its airports flight path the idea that these
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devices would spring up over these buildings into the flight path of those larger planes is probably a non-starter public input will also be needed in san jose david louie abc 7 news. drivers beware there's a major highway closure this weekend interstate 80 is going to be shut down between red top road and interstate 680 near fairfield caltrans is closing the freeway, so that cruise can remove a bridge the closure starts at 11:00 tomorrow night and lasts until 9. am sunday signs will be up to guide people to detour routes the highest king tide of the year is swamping parts of the bay area shoreline. this is how it looked along the embarcadero in san francisco today walkers trying to dodge the water. up as you can see over the seawall. i see the water is coming. over from the bay and it's a really calm day. so there are no waves or anything. but if luckily there's no storm today because if there was a storm it would be all over the embarcadero.
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the national weather service reminds everyone not to get too close to the shoreline. tides can be tricky and dangerous. overcast and parts of the bay area and the hands of some wet weather in the forecast. that's right, which we welcome abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian is here with the tales for what we can expect over the weekend spence, right dan and kristen and we did have some lingering low clouds for most of the day in some parts of the bay area especially close to the coastline, but right now things are getting a little bit clearer. let's return to a look at these king ties for just a second because the coastal flood eyes were amazed in effect until 3 pm sunday. so these higher than average tides may produce a minor coastal flooding in low-lying areas as we just saw on that report. okay. the big story right now is our 24-hour temperature change. it is so much cooler across the entire region right now that at this time yesterday because of those lingering clouds that hung around some areas for virtually all day. you can see from the this view right now from our exploratorium camera looking back at the
4:20 pm
cityscape that clouds are just beginning to show to break up a little bit and show a little blue sky here in san francisco. it's mid-50s right now. these are the temperatures 55 56 in virtually every location, san francisco oakland mountain view, san jose morgan. had half moon bay as we look at the golden gate. we also see a few breaks of blue showing. right now but clouds are going to thicken up again pretty soon and temperatures are also in the mid 50s right now at santa rosa novato napa fairfield conquered and livermore looking down onto those low clouds from mount tam. this is the view as we take a look at our forecast features of fog expands overnight. they'll be isolated areas of mist. so if you out for a drive you may need the wipers a hazy skies tomorrow sunny or and warmer on sunday and we have a couple chances of some showers. next week, but for tonight mainly expanding low clouds and fog all across the region all the way out to the central valley and through the delta in the carquina strait around the bay, so if you wake up early tomorrow morning or if you get up early tomorrow morning, you'll probably see lingering
4:21 pm
clouds once again, but they'll probably burn away a lot of faster tomorrow then they did today by about midday tomorrow. we should have much sunnier skies than most areas saw today overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid to upper 40s high temperatures tomorrow will range. offer fifties at the coast to only about 60 maybe 61 right around the bay shoreline and only low or low to mid 60s inland tomorrow. now, let's take a look at the forecast animation for next week starting on monday morning five o'clock by oh about 4 pm monday. we may see some light sprinkles. a drizzle pushing into the north bay, but that's about it for rainfall next week until thursday when a little bit stronger system moves into the bay area that'll produce some light rainfall continuing into early friday. okay, the next seven days rainfall potential only a couple of hundreds of an inch here in the bay area. so the rain that comes next week will probably be quite light tomorrow and sunday by afternoon mainly sunny skies milder on sunday, but cooling down a bit on monday as a clouds increase and there's that little chance of north goals, and we'll have
4:22 pm
rather unsettled pattern going through most of next week getting gradually cooler as well leading to that chance of rain on thursday, dan and kristen. thanks spencer. still ahead. we know that climate change is real but now new information shows us how much average temperatures have increased in one barrier city and why it's more than the global average and tonight right here on abc 7 coming up soon. you can catch the pac-12 championship between the oregon ducks and the utah utes covered starts at 5 pm followed by toyota after the game then stay with us for a special edition of abc 7 news at 9:30, but stick
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we've all been enjoying our sunny weather recently, although today. there were a few more clouds than usual. that's true. but spencer christian also has some perspective on where it may fit in the patterns of climate change that we're also concerned about. yeah, he's back with us now with a look at what's okay. well, there's a lot of reasons for concern the climate and environment. are a focus of our efforts to help build a better bay area. we have some newly released data from our partners at climate central looking specifically at san francisco weather patterns in the month of november. if this november seemed unseasonably warm, it's not your imagination. in fact it fits with a pattern that's adding to our understanding of climate change in this case data stretching back to the 1970s that big
4:26 pm
climate change signal really starts to accelerate so we can do a pretty good job capturing that relationship between a conditions at one location and this big global and trend andrew pershing is director of climate science at the non-profit climate central researchers there crunched average high temperatures during the month of november from 1970 forward. they found that san francisco has warmed by two degrees fahrenheit in the past 50 years. that's kind of your your average conditions are now about two degrees fahrenheit warmer the weather that you're experiencing right now is kind of additional warmth on top of that and there could be more ahead. he says that increase mimics a nationwide showing more warming statistically during winter months with original patterns differing because of influences like ocean temperatures and latitude but pershing says the critical message is consistent across the country the big message is that we're trying to just help people understand the world that we're living in now, right? i mean, we really can't deny it. we're living in a world that's changing. and so i think it's really important for us to try to
4:27 pm
understand. you know, what shifted how quickly different things have shifted. one more note the climate central research also suggests that san francisco has warmed slightly more than the global average again because of regional factors dan and christian. very interesting. thank you spencer very much. well much more still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. justin high school manslaughter right now. they're nowhere to be found in a manhunt is underway plus vandals the head figures of a statue outside of san francisco museum, what museum officials a first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough. my joints hurt. i was afraid things were going to get worse. i was always hiding, and that's just not me. not being there for my family, that hurt. woooo!
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for the fugitive parents of a 15 year old boy accused in that deadly shooting rampage at a michigan high school james and jennifer crumley were each charged with four counts of involuntary. slaughter this afternoon, but we're not present for their arraignment attorneys for the couple say they skip town tuesday night for quote their own safety prosecutors. say jennifer crumbly exchanged text messages with her son ethan about the incident on that day stating quote, lol. i'm not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught. facts of this case are soo egregious reading this document looking at it reading the words. help me with a gun. blood everywhere. this doesn't just have impact me as a prosecutor and a lawyer. it impacts me as a mother. ethan crumbly has been charged as an adult with murder and terrorism for the shooting that killed four students and left seven people wounded at oxford high school 45 miles north of detroit.
4:31 pm
the nearly year-long independent administrative investigation into a vallejo police officers fatal shooting of sean. monterosa has concluded the officer. and kill monorosa from the backseat of an unmarked police vehicle outside a walgreens now the independent investigation found the officers use of force was not objectively reasonable abc 7 news i-team reporter melanie woodrow has covered this story from the very beginning and has the latest in its 66 page report in independent police oversight and review group found a vallejo police officers use of force was not objectively reasonable when he shot and killed sean monterosa through the windshield from the back seat of an unmarked police vehicle his sisters michelle and ashley. they got it, right, you know, that would officer jared tom did to sean is not right. it is not correct and it violated the department's policies. it just proved what we all knew from the jump a lawsuit filed by the montrosa's names the officer. jarrett todd though to this day. the police department has not named him montarosa was outside
4:32 pm
a walgreens june's second last year where there had been alluding during a protest over george floyd's murder by police the vallejo police department said monte rosa was crouched down in a half kneeling position moving his hands towards his waste area revealing what appeared to the officer to be the -- of a handgun. it turned out to be a hammer the report found montrose's action was potentially consistent with an intent to surrender something his sisters have said all along shawn. that if he was in any danger or or in a situation like this you get on your knees and raise your hands up as a universal sign of surrender. this is something we're all taught the report also revealed the fatal shot entered the back of mount rose's head inconsistent with officers' statements that he was facing them in an aggressive shooting stance at the time while officers are not expected to be absolutely sure of a threat before using deadly force according to the report the second guessing by the officer who shot and killed monterosa suggested significant uncertainty about whether rosa was carrying a gun that uncertainty was captured by the officers body worn cameras.
4:33 pm
we pointed us. the report also highlighted higt officers started their recordings and found they could have safely begun recording sooner the delay prevented capturing audio of the actual shooting when they're called to show up on scene from that moment. they get that call from is patrick it should automatically turn on their cameras the report found the officer who shot monterosa violated the department's de-escalation policy in a statement. the vallejo police department said the disciplinary process is robust and lengthy defined by city rules and state law also that the department has made significant changes and improvements to its policies and procedures especially around de-escalation an attorney general's office independent review to determine whether criminal charges should be filed against the officer is ongoing. it's an investigation that are committed to completing completing in an independent thorough comprehensive way for the i-team melanie woodrow abc 7 news now to a story you'll see only on abc 7 news outrage in disbelief today over the
4:34 pm
vandalism of a statue at one of san francisco's. this museums the greek statue on the grounds of the legion of honor was heavily damaged this week curators and members of the community are reflecting on the loss abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. oh my god. it would do this neigh this n ringleman can't believe it. he walks by this greek statue almost every day on the grounds of the legion of honor museum, but this week the marble sculpture was vandalized so i don't know what who these people are and what they're end goal is on this but this is a shame the crime a major blow to museum curators. this is already sad because this is a loss to the museum, but also to the people of san francisco because this is a piece of public art that's been eyes wanting me european arts curator martin chapman says vandals knocked the heads off the two sons of greek. god leia kowan part of his leg
4:35 pm
was destroyed sadly life truly imitates art here. it shows the god struggling with serpents and his sons. it's not a happy subject matter. here's what the sculpture like intact before the vandalism the piece was given to the museum in 1930. it's a reproduction of a sculpture in the vatican curators. say san francisco police. are now investigating the crime. museum says unfortunately, none of its exterior cameras captured the vandal. progress there are other outdoor statues on the grounds like joan of arc. luckily. none of them were damaged curators say the sculpture can be repaired, but it won't be easy what we would like to do is to recover the missing parts. i think that it really be most essential and restore the object. they help a tip from the public could solve the crime a true greek tragedy in san francisco cornell barnard abc 7 news. coming up. don't be late to your next virtual meeting. we'll tell you about a new feature from zoom that helps
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your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. four, we have larry joining us today. you have no doubt heard stories about california's moving out of the state in search of cheap. housing and greener pastures the pandemic and working from home made it poss. to live in tahoe or even idaho but a new report suggests that people who moved stayed right here in california the california policy lab found that
4:39 pm
two-thirds of san francisco and who left ended up in other parts of the bay area most of them across the bay or down the peninsula in all 80% who moved stayed in california. all right, so the golden state is not all bad right dan. no, not at all. we have our challenges certainly and then we of magnificent place to live but you know increasingly you hear people who are deciding they want to try something new larry. i know you and i've talked about that a number of times. trying something new are we talking about professionally because we don't have any other legal state. we have no others. we have no skills. we believe in the state. oh that i'm surprised that it's 80% just because i would have thought. more people would be leaving based on what you hear in the headlines, but what's happened? i think is that people are going into these hybrid work situations now and obviously when we had all the lockdowns in effect, you know, you can move to the suburbs get a big
4:40 pm
backyard for your family and maybe you're going to do one day in the office or two days in the office each week a two and three kind of setup. and so yeah, people will move they'll just move farther away from the city or from silicon valley but close enough where okay i can drive an hour plus when i do have one and that's right a lot of people who've left the state to do this. yes. they have i think many people are discovering though. that although prices may be lower somewhere else. the pastures are not greener and they may not smell as good greener and colder and a lot right exactly. i just have a request. aries we have please everybody don't all move to hawaii at once. okay, leave an affordable home there for larry for when he retires, please please yes, well trapped inside ikea a snowstorm. denmark force dozens of people to spend the night in the store. they were all stranded after a foot of snow fell in the area. so they tried to make the best out of the situation six customers and about two dozen staffers all just hunkered down one person said he'd been
4:41 pm
wanting to try a hard mattress because the one he has at home is to solved so we use this opportunity to sleep on one spent the one even spent the evening playing games as they were eating watch tv. they made it kind of a party which is fun and i can think of larry i can think of worst places to be stuck in a snowstorm but better ones too. yeah more food. yeah, but you know how many meatballs can you eat during a snowstorm seems to be the question there, but good job ikea because some stores would say. all right, you know come out and move it along move along. it's closing time. we got to everybody out figure out a way to get home and they just welcome to everybody in and the guy that got the good night's sleep. sure. he probably bought the mattress right? that's true and spencer. i'm a surprise that ikea didn't have a tiny little box so you could build yeah. wow, exactly. exactly. well good for ikea good for those those hearty danes. i mean, i've i've been to denmark and you know, they're pretty adaptable people right? so yeah, not a big deal. it's a great place to get stuck. they've got everything they do they've got you know the
4:42 pm
meatballs dinner the cinnabons for breakfast they have comfy beds couches. they even have toys you can yeah, that's yeah, that's right good place to be snowed in if emojis are your thing this story is for you the most used emoji in the world is the tears of joy. yeah, that's according to unicode which tracks users emoji habits also known as the laughing crying emoji. it's not alone and holding its rank nine of the 10 most used emojis from 2019 also ranked among the top 10 of this year. other findings the syringe emoji jump to 193rd place this year in terms of overall compared to 282nd in 2019 the microbe also rose from 1,086 to 477 reflecting the pandemic but you guys looking at the top 10 i will say those are the main 10 that i use which my kids would say is just a reflection of how old and mundane i am. what do you think spencer? well, i use those a lot but
4:43 pm
especially even with my because we like to send what we think are funny things to each other and then we both use the laughing till crying emoji back and forth though. yeah. i use many of those in that top 10 and i only use a handful and i have kind of go-to ones all the time. yeah, i'm probably too lazy to scroll and keep going for just the right. i'm i end up just defaulting to smiley face not even. laughing smiling. i just just smile because i try to bring joy. yes that you always say that yeah, so speaking of technology. there's a new zoom feature that's ready to call you out. it's called attendance status and it makes it easier for hosts to track whether participants joined a meeting or arrived on time to remind participants hosts can click ask to join which will invite the missing people by calling them into the current meeting or the host could choose. hat which will begin composing a zoom message to that missing
4:44 pm
participant spencer. it's like sitting in class not paying attention on the teacher call. yeah, that's right. yeah you log into the zoom meeting and say i'm paying attention, but i have to step off camera for a second because i'm multitasking. yeah, it was only a matter of time larry. we've all done so many of these meetings everyone has in last year only matter of time before they figured out a track us better. yeah. it's kind of reel you in make it more difficult. i probably shouldn't even admit this but i just like to you know tune in but no no video. so i'll just i just listen i just listen. i'm there. i'm there. i'm not always. locked in but i'm there. i'm not my presence is around appreciated is around the meeting if i'm not totally locked into the meeting larry as we're making his presence felt even when he's not here or there. i just want to know which company ceo asked zoom for this video. i know. thank you very much. we appreciate it. we appreciate it. that i suffered with psoriasis for so long.
4:45 pm
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moment. we've all been waiting for discounts shop localish deal. s and steals is back with an all-new 30 minute special tonight featuring made in america gifts from two dozen brands for everyone on your holiday list. that's great stuff abc 7 news. anchor kumasi aaron got the scoop and early deals from good morning america's tory johnson. price is going up talk about how this social kind of works to
4:48 pm
help us overcome some of those issues so we're excited because among the kind of most resilient most resourceful most determined businesses in this country. are those that make products right here in america, so to bring 24 brands that make their products in america directly to viewers so that you can meet the people behind the products hear why their products are so fabulous and then save money on those products is it's a pretty fabulous way to spend 30 minutes because you know that you are supporting made in america brands while at the same time supporting your budget stretching your dollar knowing that you can get really phenomenal gifts at 50. that off. oh, i love that. so let's talk a little bit about some of the gifts that we're going to see. great, so there's a variety of categories that kind of resonate i think with all of my good morning america deals shoppers, and there's lots of perfect picks. i like to say for $20 one of my favorites there's a company in
4:49 pm
st. louis that makes these really sweet jewels their hands embellished wine glasses. so wine glasses with a little fun jewels on them wine products are always a really big hit. there's a little fireplace a personal sized fireplace that's made in tennessee. it was created by somebody who grew up with a huge fireplace at home and he moved to an apartment and no longer. had that ambiance of home wanted to create it so that anybody could have it anywhere. that's a really fun one then we've got we have an oprah favorite. that is from san francisco. it's toronts. they make faux fur scarves for three years. they've been an oprah's favorite including this year. she chose the scarves that were featuring but only on shop localish. can you save 50% on that oprah favorite? that's a company that has really it's kind of in a class of its own to be able to make a luxurious product right in san francisco still at an affordable price even at full price. it's a good deal. but with 50% off you can't beat
4:50 pm
it food. favorites, we've got the best barbecue in america from memphis, tennessee. so i like to say that there's sort of something for everybody's skin care. we cannot do a special without skin care and self-care a very nice range. and so i every time you talk about any type of product or gift. we always get excited and i'm always pulling up like, oh, let me let me see if i can buy it now we know the special is tonight, but can people shop a little early if they want to you can start right now shop you will see all 24 of the brands that are there. so dive in have fun and i think you'll score lots of fun presents. be localish localish localish lh steals heirs tonight at 10 o'clock right here on abc 7 and dan. i've got my eyes on this warm fuzzy. faux fur scarf. oh, yeah, really good purple in case you're wondering right? i made a mental note spencer and
4:51 pm
i will go halves these on it. yes, we will. need as our friend now. it's well, it's not going to stay warm much longer. the setting sun that i hope to give you a better view of it, but it has sucked so quickly behind the clouds that it's well it is now post-sunset. here's a look at what we can expect overnight increasing clouds low temperatures mainly mid to upper 40s tomorrow a sunday or day than we had today. morning clouds, but they won't hang around quite so long highs will range from upper 50s at the coast to low 60s just about everywhere else. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. it'll be a little sunny here and a little bit milder on sunday, but we expect some drizzle or sprinkles on monday and by next thursday, maybe a chance with some measurable rainfall. it's going to be a cooler week next week certainly an unsettled one, dan. okay spencer. thanks very much. back in service this weekend after a one-year hiatus because
4:52 pm
of covid of course passengers will be mesmerized by the train's dazzling lights more than 75,000 of them. there will be holiday entertainment as well the salvation army has a message for anyone planning to climb on board. make sure you bring a toy. there's a lot of folks in need right now, and we'll be collecting toys and distributing amount throughout the various salvation army locations. the train will be in service tomorrow and sunday. stops at nine stations between san francisco and santa clara starting at four in the afternoon. that's fun. yeah. there's about trains and christmas. i agree, right? had the nation's best. with facing off in this out bay what to expect as the 2021 women's college cup gets underway and one hometown team lo
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
4:55 pm
♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ the pac-12 championship game is next followed by after the game then at 9:30. it's a special edition of abc 7 news at 10 shop localish and jeopardy is on at 10:30 then catch 80 to 7 news at 11. one of college soccer's biggest tournaments returns to the south bay tonight. the 2021 women's college cup will feature four of the nation's best teams, including the host santa clara university abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains the signific again, so bringing this event back to our area. the eyes of the college soccer world once again falls on the bay area as santa clara university plays host to women's soccer's biggest collegiate
4:56 pm
event. the 2021 women's college cup. it doesn't get better, you know, the south bay is the epicenter for american soccer. now, this is a sixth college cup. we're hosting on the south bay. first one was right here 1995 santa clara university 26 years later here. we are again the host committee of the west coast conference in san jose sports authority. welcome back. historic stevens stadium at buckshaw field our history and legacy in women's soccer in the greater bay. area is just so strong and amazing. i mean back 99ers and brandy chastain and everything that they've done here has really set us on a path that this next generation has followed through with this next generation will feature four of the best teams in the country rutgers, florida state byu in the home team the santa clara university broncos who will try and defend their turf and look for a second straight. national title coming off of an upset over top seeded, duke, coach smith and his broncos return to the college cup these stands will be packed tonight
4:57 pm
with a sold-out crowd watching as the hometown broncos tried to defend their title and after winning it all last year in a bubble without many fans. the stands. this is a special opportunity for the program. you know, i think that santa clara women's soccer won that for themselves and this year. i think it's a bigger picture they want to win it for santa clara university in this community and again just couldn't be more proud of their efforts just to bring home such great pride to this university the 2021 college cup action starts tonight and you could watch it all on espnu in santa clara dustin dorsey abc 7 news. well, the college crop is underway right now with florida state and rutgers facing off in the first matchup, santa clara. and byu will play tonight at 6. :30 schemes are sold out but s are on sale for the championship game in santa clara on sunday. it's great stuff how you can get live newscasts breaking news weather and more with our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it
4:58 pm
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into the end zone. touchdown, oregon.


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