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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> 75 students head to quarantine after parents
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knowingly sent their child to class with covid. the superintendent says the system in place works. >> lights, color, art. supporting the economic recovery of san francisco was quite the show. >> fog and haze heading into the weekend. when rain chances appear. abc news at 11:00 starts now. >> the search on for parents of a student accused at killing four students this week at oxford school in michigan. police found the car that james and crumbley may be traveling in but there are no signs of the couple. >> u.s. marshalls have announced a $10,000 reward for information on their whereabouts. the prosecutor filed charges against them today. >> in a rare move, a michigan
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prosecutor level charges against the parents of the teen charged this the oxford shooting rampage. the parents appeared via video. they were due to surrender but have yet to appear. the sheriff's department issuing a bolo in their absence and their attorney claimed they were not on the run and planned to turn themselves in today. >> there were a lot of things that could have been so simple to prevent. >> a series of missed opportunities to stop the shooting detailing timeline beginning with james crumbley's purchase of the stoll on black friday. -- of the stoll on black friday. he captioned i just got my new beauty today. and this post from his mother's account. mom and son testing out his new
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christmas present. >> the statements of mom, that was his gun. >> then there were several inclass incidents where a teacher caught the suspect searching online for ammunition on his phone. they called his parents but never got a response. ethan's mother texted him and said i'm not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught. prosecutors say a teacher confiscated an alarming drawing showing a gun, blood and the word the thoughts won't stop. help me. the crumbleys were called to school and refused to take ethan home. the shooting happened hours later. as the word spread, prosecutors jennifer crumbley texting her son don't do it. the dad reported his done with gun missing and said ethan might be the shooter. >> it is not going to be an easy case for prosecutors to win.
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>> new developments. alameda county confirming five new covid cases that are the omicron variant tonight. all five are adults living in alameda county. >> they were among 12 bay area people who attended a wedding in milwaukee county last weekend including one who traveled outside the u.s. not every covid test has been sequenced so, so far we only know of five omicron cases out of the 12. >> all were vaccinated and most received boosters. the cases are mildly symptomatic and no one has listen hospitalized. >> students at an elementary school were forced to quarantine after a parent of one student knowingly sent them to class following a positive covid test. how family and officials are responding. >> it was a thanksgiving break unlike many others for dozens of
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others. >> of course there is frustration. there is disappointment. >> around 75 students had to quarantine after parents of one student at the skill knowingly sent their child to class after they tested positive for covid-19. the distribute superintendent says school officials only found out about the positive case after getting a call from public health asking why the student's infection had not been uploaded to the school database. >> we learned that student was never reported to us and the student was attending school for the last seven days. >> the school took immediate action. >> parents received a text message the night to have 18th to bring their child to gym so we could conduct testing. >> eight students tested positive. the school district has been very clear about covid procedures since the start of the pandemic. >> in terms of explanations as to why they chose to continue to send their children to school,
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their initial explanation was that they were uncertain of the covid protocols. >> despite the outbreak, the superintendent says the system in place works and that the situation is now under control. several parents told us the incident has been shocking but they believe it is more of a one-off occurrence. many like jill say they are happy how the superintendent handled it. >> i have such great respect for the role and job he has done with our community here. >> in marine county, jim johns. abc7 news. >> omicron variant cases have been identified in at least 12 states and started monday all international travelers will have to show proof of a rapid test 24 hours before departure in the united states. no requests for domestic travel. >> we're actively taking steps to stay ahead of omicron.
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>> all the known cases have had mild or moderat mod symptoms ano hospitalizations. what is driving hospitalizations, the delta variant comprising 9.9% of u.s. cases -- 99.9% of u.s. cases but that could change. >> it me a be that we will start to see more omicron than delta and we will be following that carefully. >> the omicron variant could be spreading twice as fast in south africa than delta and could be likely to infect people who have had the virus already. >> to increase the transmissibility in other variantses. >> it will take weeks to know if it is more contagious and vir -- virulent. >> although we haven't proven it yet cials there i
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believe you will have some degree of cross protection very likely against severe disease, even against the omicron variant. >> abc news, los angeles. >> gilead is recalling 15,000 viles of its covid drug remdesivir. they received complaints of glass in the viles. it could cause a stroke or death. gilead says that has not happened. on our web site, you can find the latest on covid-19. head to r. >> the family of kevin
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eata. >> we have people who did videos their cell phones. >> he was shot covering a news reporter in oakland last week. his wife said know what happened would bring justice for her husband. and closure for their family. as they comfort one another. they are not forgetting the things that met a lot to kevin. >> it is really hard to see the dog, very sad as well. i always put her in his blanket so that she can still smell him. >> police are searching for a white 2004-2008 acura there is a reward for information leading to an arrest. >> city leaders are now scrambling to get more officers on the street. amid a surge of violent crime including 129 murders.
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the latest homicide claimed the life of an adult transgender person. more police on the streets sounds like a good plan. not everyone is onboard, including the police union. >> with violent crimes skyrocketing in herr city, the oakland mayor announced a plan to beef up her dwindling police force, now well below 700 sworn officers. >> we forward a new hiring plan that will increase staffing by 60 officers and will maximize recruitment and training in new officers and in next year's fiscal year will unfreeze 20 of the positions that are currently frozen. >> the increased staffing would come from seven police academies. two more than the current plan. she says her $5.8 million plan would be funded with cost savings from equipment and salaries. not from taking away other city
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programs. >> the damage that has been done through this defund the police is significant. the mayor is just trying to get back to where we were. >> other city leaders question the mayor's plan. >> they are authorized for 737 officers. they have not hired for what they are currently authorized for. how does another academy fix the issue if they are not even staffed up with what they can do. >> a council member wants to offer $50,000 to experienced officers willing to move from other department toes oakland. >> if approved, it would not get new officers on the ground until 2023. oakland is facing the highest homicide rate in almost a decade. >> but the oakland police officer's association does not believe that officers from outliele communities will suddenly want to pick up and go to work in oakland even with a
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$50,000 bonus. >> according to the o.p.o., they are losing about 10 officers per month and about 80% ■ofthose are taking jobs in other departments, not retiring. >> gigantic art displays and light shows. san francisco is glowing and drawing more holiday shoppers. >> remembering san francisco's longest serving unelected public official. the legacy charlotte schultz leaves behind. >> foggy, misty morning as we start off the weekend but that is not how it is going end. i'll tell you about the changes coming right up. >> and alameda's christmas tree lane is almost complete. what you can expect at the light show this year. >> all of that is ahead. first here is look at what to expect on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks. i'll host a show. you just sit. >> nowr not going tyou're not gs one.
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>> if you're headed to doesn't san francisco, don't forget to look up. tonight city and business leaders kicked off let's glow sf. we have a look at this event that organizers hope will draw in the crowds. >> four, three, two, one. >> a friday night countdown and cause for celebration.
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doesn't san francisco kicked off let's glow sf. for 10 days high-techard will cover the facadeof 10 buildings doesn't. >> we want people to fly into san francisco or drive or take public transportation. book hotel room nights just for this type of event. >> the goal is to activate the area, get people out and spending money. mayor london breed said san francisco has been defined by videos of crime. such as robbing stores. >> this incredible light show has everything to do with our resilience, with setting up our own narrative and defining who we are as a city. >> i'm hoping everything is going improve. you know? a lot of good sphrieshes stab fran.
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>> iconic buildings across the city's financial district including this display at one bush plaza. >> coming at a time we can all use inspiration and beauty in our lives. that's what we would like to see people experience. >> to measure success, the doesn't community benefit andriuskevicius plans to check in with restaurants, bars and other businesses to monitor sales. >> it is time to shine, san francisco. tonight we will glow. >> let's glow sf runs until december 12. abc7 news. >> san francisco icon charlotte schultz died today following a battle with cancer. she was 88 years old. she was in charge of all of san francisco's official parties, from championship parades to hosting political leaders. scott wiener who served on the board of supervisors says there
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was no one like her. >> probably irreplaceable. her elegance and her grace and her professionalism were really one of a kind. >> her husband, former secretary of state george schultz diedis f 100. before that she was married to marvin swig, who owns a >> the san francisco chronicle is reporting the castro theater will roll out the red carpet for the matrix resurrections on december 18. much of the movie was filmed in san francisco. it stars quayianreaves and carrie ann moss. keanu reaves. >> a blizard warning on the big island of hawaii. this time lapse video shows
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conditions on top of the highest mountain where high winds and snow are battering its peak. the weather is expected to last through the weekend. it really does get cold up there. >> that is something. we have more on the conditions in hawaii and the bay area. >> yeah. paradise is getting a taste of winter, we are still waiting for it but i have signs of hope. let me show you. satellite and radar from hawaii. you will notice that storm is really a well-defined system. it has been producing rain across the island chain there. they have been seeing heavy rain along with thunderstorms. still a possibility. flood watch until tuesday night. blizard warning until sunday morning expecting a foot or more of snow over the summit. definitely pretty crazy weather. here we are waiting for the rain. but we have fog. look at the view from our san jose camera. gray skies now. hazy skies in the afternoon tomorrow. sunnier and milder sunday.
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we have a dense fog advisory for solano county until noon tomorrow. visibility down to a quarter mile orless. this area definitely watch out and give yourself enough space between vehicles if you have to travel early in the morning. quarter mile visibility down the five miles in livehero. a thicket -- livemore. not just in the coast and the bay, out towards the central valley. we are expecting some of the fog to don't spill towered parts of solano don't. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. you can see just how gray it is outside. air quality also playing a role in the visibility. moderate for the next four days as we have that inversion and not enough wind to mix things up. that will be changing. 40's and 50's out the door tomorrow morning. fog is something you'll have to look out for if you have early plans.
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afternoon highs. under sunnier skies. upper 50's to the low 60's. cloverdale, ukiah milder than that. today felt like december with mid 50's to low 60's. a good five to 15 degree below yesterday's levels. we have a coastal flood advisory. minor flooding in low lying areas tomorrow in san francisco. five to seven feet and sunday as well early this morning so watch out for that. here is what i'm excited about. monday not a lot happening. maybe a few sprinkles but watch thursday. this computer model is bringing in rain. continuing into early friday and the other computer model starting to trend that way as well. morning fog, hazy sun. sunnier and milder for your sundays. your outdoor plans good to go. a little createssed on monday. bringing in the storm impact scale, level one thursday into
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early friday. those umbrellas are coming back. >> that will be nice. thank
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>> breaking news now. the parents of the teen accused in the deadly school shooting have just been caught. james and jennifer column live were charged with involuntary manslaughter manslaughter today. their car was found abandoned late this evening in detroit. reports say they are now in custody. >> the warriors went looking for payback tonight. larry is here. >> the suns beat the warriors on tuesday. the rematch a very different story. look out for -- with
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>> good evening. the warriors went looking for
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some payback. beaten in phoenix two nights ago. the suns on an 18-game women streak. steph curry only hiked hit two threes on tuesday. the highlight of the nite. juans t toscano-anderson with authority posterrizing ex-warrior javale mcgee. the bench goes crazy. steph 6-11 on threes. curry now 28 threes away from ray allen's all time record. more curry as the warriors pull away. remember the suns without devin booker who was out. couldn't match the firepower. curry goes for 23 in this game. gary payton testimony steal and slam. next play. draymond green had one of his nine assists here to j.t.a. who gets it to go as he is followed
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down. 17. the warriors win 118-76 snapping the suns 18-game win streak. >> we're trying to catch them and know they are the best team in the west until somebody else knocks them off. >> sharks continuing their road trip. rangers on the power play. ryan strome past aidan hill. 1-0 new york. that turned out to be the only goal of the night. iegor shesterkin with 19 saves. the win streak soafer as they lose 1-0. blown out 38-season when they played a few weeks ago. devin lloyd picks off anthony brown. 34-yard pick six. 14-0. duck season once again for those utes. 38-10 the final. kyle whitingham gets the gatorade shower. they are going to the rose bowl
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for the first time ever. women's soccer. santa clara and b.y.u. moore. that is off the post. no score after regulation. they go to penalty kicks. broncos need this to extend. santa clara falls. sports on
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>> in every moment there is an opportunity. >> the numbers truly don't pliesm. >> to find a path forward. to move ahead. to build something better. >> a key part of building a better bay area. >> it is our commitment to meet those moments frmple oakland city council is meeting right now. >> we will all be


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