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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 4, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> it appears to be distressed, and they were in a commercial building at we were able to take them into custody without incident. >> the parents of a teenager who killed or high school students is now in custody. the fbi and u.s. marshals are helping with the search overnight. i other person could face charges for helping them hide. it is saturday, september 4. it is 8 a.m.. who live, and wherever you stream. i am in for liz. we are going to get to that story. in just a moment, first, we are going to have a nice, doesn't start your morning. good morning. >> good morning. we have a lot of cloud coverage and fog.
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it is really out at the delta, so that is where the dense fog advisory is. this cloud layer is elevated. we are waking up to gray skies here locally, air quality is moderate. from livermore until fremont. it is in san jose. we need some wind. it is going to arrive after the weekend. we are stuck with moderate air quality throughout the weekend, and today's the cooler day of the two. 53 degrees in san francisco. mountain view and oakland. as you look at mountains, you can see a deck of low clouds, and in december, that is not a real typical site. we get a little bit of fog, coastal clouds. 50 in livermore, you can see from san francisco, it is great out there. mid-50's for the next several hours, then we will get into some hazy afternoon sun it highs in the upper 50's the lower 60's it then we will talk about a warmer sunday, and a windier monday. rain for the weekend ahead, and a few minutes. >> thank you. the parents of a 15-year-old boy accused of killing or students at a michigan high school have
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pled not guilty to all child -- charges. the judge ordered them to be held on 5000 dollars -- $500,000 bond. they were arrested in a commercial building in detroit early this moring. authorities say they are looking for a person who quote, aided in getting them into the building. there may be some charges filed against the person help them hide inside. is it a couple of very likely was trying to flee to andy. abc news ordered. mitchell has a story. >> we have to take him into custody. james and general crumley. >> the parents of the team charged with the guys will are now in custody. >> and certain appeared to be distressed. as you can imagine. they were educated. they were in a commercial building. we were able to take them into custody without incident. however, they were very distressed. lessie at their son's arraignment, they appeared via video. they surrendered ahead of their own arraignment on friday.
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that did not present themselves. the fbi and the u.s. marshals office held the shared -- helped the sheriff's office, announcing $810,000 reward for any information. >> there were a lot of things that could've have been so simple to prevent. >> mcdonald detailed timeline, detailing the six-hour nine millimeter pistol on friday. prosecutors represent -- referenced the internet post, one from last friday on his account, captioned, just got my new beauty today. on the mother's account, mom and son day. just got a new christmas president. prosecutors say that one teacher caught the suspect searching online for ammunition on his phone. the school said they called the parents, but never got a response. ethan's mother allegedly texted her son, saying, quote, i am not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught. another incident happened the
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morning of the shooting. prosecutors say that a teacher confiscated an alarming drawing showing a gun, blood, and the words, the thoughts will not stop. help me. >> that probably's work called to the school where they refused to take even home. >> he was returned back to class with his backpack. we have reason to believe the gun was stored in the backpack. >> the shooting happened hours later, and as word spread, prosecutors say that general wrongly texted her son, don't do it. his dad called 911 minutes later troupe's gun was missing. ethan might be the shooter. >> the notion that a parent could read those words and also know that their son had access to a deadly weapon, they gave him. that is unconscionable. i think it is criminal. >> trina mitchell, abc news, you new york. >> new developments out of the county. five new covid cases involving the omicron variant. all five are adults living in
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alameda county. the wisconsin department of health services says they were among 12. bay area people who attended the milwaukee county, including one who recently traveled out of the united states. every covid test has been sequenced, so so far, we note that about five omicron variant's cases of the 1200 c booster. they are mildly symptomatic -- symptomatic,. dozens of cases were forced quarantine after the parents of one student knowingly sent them to class, following a positive covid test. in abc news reporter was at the school and tells us how families and school officials are responding. >> it was a thanksgiving break unlike any other. for dozens of families at the elementary school, of course, there is frustration, and there is this planet. around 75 students had to quarantine after one parent knowingly sent their child to class, after they had tested
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positive covid 19. dr. grace min is the superintendent. he says that school officials only found out about the positive test after getting a call from public health did they were asked why the students infection had not been uploaded to the school database. >> we learned that the student was never reported to us, and the student had been attending school for the last seven days. >> following the discovery, the superintendent says he took immediate attention -- action. >> parents received a text message to bring their child to the gym so we could test before anyone went to the classroom. eight students tested positive for the cases being tested. the school district is been very clear about covid procedure since the start of the pandemic. >> in terms of explanations for why they chose to send their children to school, the initial explanation was that they were uncertain of the coded protocols. >> despite the superintendent, the system works, and it is now
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under control. several parents told us that the incident has been shocking, but they believe it is more of a one-off occurrence. many, like choque -- joe say they are happy with how it's was handled. >> i have such a great respect for the role and what he is done with our community. in marin county, abc 7 news. >> it is been one month since kay's ages five to 11 have been able to get back say. it going to the cdc, among the age group, it is slower for older children. the cdc found, one month after becoming an -- eligible, 50% of kids had received their first dose. amid june, kids 12 to 15 became eligible, and about 20% of them i got never shot. on a website, you can find all the latest on covid-19, anytime. there are also resources for finding and testing, or fax nation near you. just had, coronavirus. the family of kevin could she do
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is hoping that someone has video related to his fatal shooting. >> we've heard that therapy people who had video with their cell phones. we'd like to bake them to please come forward. >> the retired police officer was shot while guarding a news reporter in oakland last week it is wife says that knowing what happened would bring justice for her husband, and provide a sense of closure for family. as they comfort one another, they are not forgetting one of the things that meant a lot to kevin. >> the dog misses him very much. it is really hard to see the dog very sad. blanket. so that she can still smell him. >> police are searching for a white 2000 to 2008 accurate tl. there is a $32,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. lisa cap.
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after months of moves, reimagine police are saying that oakland city leaders are scrambling to get more officers on the streets. amid a surge in violent climb -- crime, and includes 100 between nine murders. the latest homicide was a pre-dog shooting. it happened near 980 which claimed an adult of eight transgendered person. -- an adult transgendered person. laura anthony found that not everyone is on board, including the police union. >> with violent crime skyrocketing intercity, oakland mayor libby schaff announced a multistep plan to beef up her dwindling police force. now well below 700 sworn officers. >> we put forward a new police hiring plan that will increase police staffing by 60 officers. it will maximize recruitment, and training of officers, and in that years fiscal year, it will unfreeze 20 of the positions that are currently frozen.
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the increased staffing would come from seven police academies, to more than the current plan. the $5.8 million plan would be funded with cost saving from equipment and salaries. not by taking away from any other city programs. >> the damage that is been done through this defund the police initiative is significant. while the mayor is trying to do is on wind it. she is trying to get back to where we were. ask other city leaders questioned the mayor's plan. the reality is that we are on the rise for 737 officers they have not hired for what they are currently authorized for. so how does another academy fix the issue. they are not even staff with what they can do. councilmembers want to offer $50,000 bonuses to experienced officers willing to move from other departments. to oakland. a traditional police academy today, it would not get officers on the ground until 2023.
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oakland is facing the highest homicide rate in almost a decade. >> but the oakland police department association does not believe that officers from outlying communities will suddenly want to pick up and go to work in oakland. even with a $50,000 bonus. according to the oh poa, oakland is losing about 10 officers per month, and about 80% of those are taking jobs in other departments. not retiring. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> today is the day thousands of athens will take part in the spartan race in san francisco. 67 hundred athletes, kids and adults will test your limits, and adults will raise 25 obstacles, including a rope climb, and per piece. participants will have to navigate staircases and tunnels throughout five levels. kids will raise one mile and have several obstacles. it starts at 7:00 this money. let's check in with lisa to see how the weather is going to be, once they get there. it is a little gray out there. yet to go above the clouds here,
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and temperatures are in the upper 50's. low clouds, and more of a summertime matter. there is some fog towards the delta, invisibility has been reduced. we will have some afternoon sun. we will talk about lightly warmer temperatures in a warmer sunday and a look at rain headed our way, coming up. ask thank you. ahead, a supreme court discusses planned parenthood, and they are preparing for a surge of parents from other states. this may be harder for californians to get services. plus, boosting business. san francisco is hoping to draw in crowds this holiday season. one... two... whatcha got for me, whatcha got? watch those eyes... healthier is doing what you have to do while doing what you want to do. you're going to do just fine, you will. ♪ this is what healthier looks like. ♪ there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season.
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with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at >> welcome back. charlotte has died after battling cancer. she was 88 years old. she was chief of protocol, and she held the position for 51 years. essentially, she was in charge of all of san francisco's official parties, from championship parades to
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political leaders. she served on the board of supervisors and is currently a state senator. she says there was no one like their. >> irreplaceable. her elegance and her professionalism and grace, really one-of-a-kind. >> her husband, former secretary of state george schultz, died earlier this year at the age of 100. before that, she was married to melvin swink who owned the fairmont hotel. >> the ceo planned parenthood in northern california says they are already seeing an increase in patients from texas it comes as a supreme or discussed in abortion right. then parenthood expects to see a surge in coming across state lines to have procedures done, if they are their home state. the ceo says this could put a strain on the states clinics, and make it more difficult californians to get services. exit the supreme court does damage to row. we estimate that 26 other states will begin to deteriorate abortion access for their
8:16 am
residents and their states. and, it is estimated that california will see a 3000% increase in patients coming to us. >> governor newsom says the state is standing by to help provide additional funding and work. we are learning this morning that california's attorney general has announced the names of five major players at an organized retail theft case in september of last year. vesta gators found boxes of stolen goods toward in a warehouse on walnut creek. the items had been stolen over three years from residential and cars. even from stores like cvs and walgreens. across, teo county, it was described as one of the largest organized resale theft operations in the state. now, the five people involved have pled guilty for knowingly buying's -- buying cylinders. they also made to money laundering. the message from the state attorney general was very clear. >> you will be held accountable.
8:17 am
you will face consequences. >> the ringleader will be sentenced early next year. >> if you're headed out to downtown san francisco, don't forget to look up. city and business leaders pick up left glow. it is part of an comic recovery. abc 7 news order amanda has a look at the event that organizers hope draw in crowds. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. >> a friday night countdown is a cause for celebration. downtown san francisco kicked off left glow. it is billed as the largest projecting mapping event in the ics. the façade of several buildings will be covered downtown. shows are to support economic recovery. we want people to fly into san francisco or drive or take public transportation, book hotel room nights. just for this type of event. the goal is to activate the area, get people out and spinning money. the mayor told people that it
8:18 am
will be defined by number of viral videos depicting crime. mobster takeovers and raising shoplifting. >> by coming together and showcasing this incredible, incredible lake show, it has everything to do with our resilience, with setting up our own narrative, and defining who we are as a city. >> i'm hoping everything will improve. a lot of good lives for san fran. >> 18 laser projectors are spread across four separate locations. >> iconic locations, including bush plaza. >> coming out of a time where i think we could all use of inspiration, and we can all use a little bit of beauty in our lives, i think we would really like to see that. to measure success, the downtown community benefit district checks in with restaurants, bars, and other businesses to monitor sales. >> it is time to shine. tonight, we will glow. >> let's glow runs until the 12th of december.
8:19 am
for details and location information, visit on the story. in downtown san francisco, i am an abc 7 news reporter. >> beautiful. >> the christmas fair returns today to cal -- cow palace. it has transferred formed into an outdoor drive-thru event perform a civic streets for all. you can take a short drive to dickens, london, and enjoy great food. all from the comfort of your car. it starts today, and it goes on for the next three weekends this month. you can have a carpool friends, or family, and $25 per vehicle. for tickets, we've link on our website. that is abc 7 news,.com. while whether in paradise. the national weather service has issued a warning on the big island of hawaii. conditions atop linnea kea, the highest mountain on the island, where high winds and snow are battering the peaks. weather is expected to last
8:20 am
through the weekend, and as leases telling me, we really could use some snow around here. >> 13,800 feet area mauna kea. you will think they get some snow. it is really going to bring some chilly air, come thursday. we could see maybe some flakes from mount hamilton, but we have snow in the sierra. that could come the following week. it could still be watching in the future. we can see some changes. it will be weather and color patterns, but right now, we are stuck in this dry spot, where fog is allowing for poor visibility by the delta, and coastal fog has us trotted with cloudy skies on doppler seven. it is picking up on all of that. eight mile visibility by fairfield, and we have had fog in the south bay. four mile visibility down in san jose. elsewhere, not too much of a problem, probably a quarter-mile. but air quality has not been great. yesterday, we didn't see a lot of son. might not have noticed that, but
8:21 am
the moderate air quality from livermore remount and san jose, it has been free. gilroy, and we have seen 60's era, but elsewhere, just in the mid-50's. even low 50's in spots. today, we will see a little bit more son. wraps the temperatures will come up, but still below average. 53 downtown as well as mountain view. you can see no change there. 52 from ruth camera, and no mix. a system to the north will allow for gusty winds and ringing better air quality by later on monday or more likely on tuesday. 49 in santa rosa, and it is 50 in napa. 54 and livermore. it is slightly warmer. maybe three or four degrees warmer than yesterday. we're looking at a forecast highlight. the area of fog, mainly over in east bay, it will be cloudy and because will thin out. we will have it hazy afternoon
8:22 am
and worthily rings -- northerly winds scattering the fog and bringing in a couple more degrees of warning. rain, level 1 system, looking to arrive on thursday. 3:00 tomorrow, the king tides are back, so the low-lying areas around the bay, most susceptible, and because he some mino -- einar coastal flooding. -- minor coastal flooding. the rain is in the pacific northwest. no surprise there. but at least on thursday, it could give us a quarter of an inch of rain, and that gets rid of high pressure out of here. that is been stubborn, and which we need to move along. 68 in oakland, as well as napa. only upper 50's downtown, but that is a little warmer than yesterday. the seven-day forecast shows northerly winds, and that should help out, scouring out the fog earlier. brightness up sooner, and warmer. then it is back to breezy winds, and better air quality.
8:23 am
maybe some drizzle on monday. level 1 systems arriving on thursday, and it is a weak one, but as we want to tell you, we are not going to look at the next week, but i'm telling you, it is looking promising. it should be in terms of rain and snow. >> i trust you. i'll take it. >> becky. >> just ahead, christmas relaying, and that will be ready to go. why so many say it is one of the best holiday live shows in the day. best holiday live shows in the day. want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully.
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do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding . . . . . . or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis. if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking biktarvy without talking to your doctor. common side effects were diarrhea, nausea, and headache. if you're living with hiv . . . . . . keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. >> the transformation into christmas tree lane in alameda is underway. residents are putting the finishing touches on the amazing christmas displays. they call it amazing, at least. they are decorating their homes every year, and it is held by many as one of the best holiday light shows in the bay area. >> it is going to be a lot of fun. a lot of caroling, a lot of
8:26 am
mirth. dancing christmas trees are coming down the street, and they will be a few others. >> that sounds nice. festivities kick off tonight, and the dancing christmas trees make an appearance on the 17th. we know that pandemic is ongoing, but there are still fun things you can do in our community, and many of them are covid safe area i have your guide to creating a better weekend, and it is the holiday edition. so many of our holiday it favorites are back, like the pop up bar in san francisco. grabbed a fiery cramp us cocktail. it is dramatic. but keep your spirits bright with a jolly old-fashioned. as a proud partner of the san francisco firefighters program, guess who donate a new, unwrapped toy, made by a complementary baby jesus, which is just really hot, in their hands. deck the halls with collaboration of local restaurants with for food options, plus, displaces made
8:27 am
for your instagramming tiktok. i've even gotten in on it. this we can, the san francisco youth ballet is celebrating its 20th annual nutcracker. the performance features professional guest artists and youth talent. the show is geared towards family, so it is the perfect way to introduce young children to the holiday ballet tradition. if you're looking for something outdoors, how about swinging by the golden gate park. the meadow is transformed into an enchanted forest with ever-changing ways. entwined is a whimsical wonderland where visitors can explore past and sit under entwined sculptural trees while practicing social distancing. hey, i've done that too, and i'm telling you, it's cute. >> that's not all that's going on this weekend. right now in the front page of our website, we put together a whole list of covid friending the -- friendly events happening all over print still to come on abc 7, kiana
8:28 am
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. >> good morning. happy saturday. you're watching abc 7 news on abc 7, who live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start this half-hour with a check on her weather. meteorologists. >> a morning. it is awfully great out there. starting out once again with a coastal fog that is bringing the marine layer back. we're talking about two leaf fog. where there is a advisory. eight mile visibility in fairfield and venetia, and looking at some fog as well as plato. or mile visibility and san jose, you can see the gray sky. 53 in san francisco and oakland. mt. view and san jose, already nine. looking at 51 in santa cruz with a high of the lower 60's.
8:31 am
hazy afternoon, and the sun was slowly get out of the 50's for some of us. air quality remains moderate at livermore in fremont. san jose, we will get into a better. air quality patterns by early next year, and as for today, we will see hazy morning sun by about 11:00, with mid 50's and some lower 60's at the warmest locations. we will talk about a warmer sunny -- sunday and some rain chances, coming up. >> thank you. now to the concerns over omicron. the covid-19 variant has been detected in at least 11 states after first being ordered and the united stations to you days ago. elton continues to be a main concern, with cases on the rise. nearly 60,000 coronavirus patients are currently the hospital. abc news reporter ellen lopez has lays. >> this morning, the reach of omicron grows in the night stays, an early data now suggest that it could be spreading twice as fast as the delta variant. at least in south africa.
8:32 am
louisiana, missouri, utah, new jersey, and pennsylvania now among the states with confirmed infections. >> we are working closely with state and local authorities to investigate suspect casey's in other states. >> in nebraska, cases are linked to someone who recently returned from nigeria. >> there are five cases where they were likely exposed. to the first case. through close household contact. >> while there is contact over what is a highly mutated very, officials stressed of the biggest threat right now is delta. >> i know that the news is focused on omicron, but we should remember that 99.9% of cases in the country right now are from the delta variant. delta continues to drive cases across the country, and especially in those who are unvaccinated. >> still, the race to learn more about the new strain is underway. >> there is every reason to believe that if you get
8:33 am
vaccinated and move -- boosted, you would have at least some degree of cross protection, very likely against severe disease, even against the omicron area. >> across the country, the steady flow of people coming into clinics like this one. extra doses of protection. >> we are doing the best can. >> the world health organization says that so far, there have not been any written ordered deaths linked to omicron or contact tracing. it is underway after one woman traveled to new jersey, where she tested positive for a new variant. ellen lopez, abc news, atlanta. >> drug recalling 50,000 vials other covid drug,g, company says it has received a complaint about glass particles in his files. , and worst-case area, he could
8:34 am
reach blood vessels, the heart, and it could cause a stroke or even death. that has not happened. now to a story that can only happen on abc 7 news. outrage and disbelief over vandalism. once of -- one of san francisco's oldest museums had been heavily damaged as we. curators and members of the community are reflecting on the loss. abc 7 news reporters kordell bernard a story. >> oh my god. who would do this? >> a neighbor can't believe it. he walks by the statue almost every day, on the grounds of the legion of honor museum. this week, the sculpture was vandalized. >> i don't know who these people are, and what they are doing, whether angle is. this is a shame. >> crime is a major blow to curators. >> this is sad because this is a loss ■to themuseum, but alsoto the people of san francisco. this is a piece of public art that has been vandalized
8:35 am
wantonly. >> european arts curator says that vandals knocked the heads off of greek gods. his leg was destroyed. sadly, life imitates art. >> it shows the god struggling with serpents. it is not a happy subject matter. >> here's what the sculpture look like, intact, before the vandals in. the piece was given to the museum in 1930. it is a reproduction of a sculpture in the vatican. curators say that san francisco police are now investigating the crime. >> the museum says that unfortunately, none of the exterior cameras capture the vandals in progress. there are some other statues on the ground, like joan of arc. luckily, none of them were damaged. ask curators say the sculpture can be repaired, but it will not be easy. >> what we would like to do is recover the missing parts, and that would really be most essential. we could restore the object. they hope to from the public could solve the tot -- crime.
8:36 am
it is a true greek tragedy. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> now to a live look at interstate 80. this is a view from our aerial tower camera. i-80 is going to be shut down between red top road and 680 near fairfield. it is close to both her action so that crews can move -- remove the bridge. it starts at 11:00 and last until 9 a.m. tomorrow. there will be signs to guide detours which will be significant, so heads up. if you take that frequently. aircraft are trying to sporting -- transferring people and goods. they're working to make sure that it is safe and manageable. air taxis are expected to be the next leap and write healing services. companies are projecting around one .5 million rides a year. all through silicon valley, and startups are hoping to plan test flights and the next three or four years, it will be soon. so soon. is kind of crazy. the open mobility foundation is
8:37 am
a nationwide coalition of cities working to manage the increase in air traffic. we need to make sure that these systems are operated in a safe way. without light, buzzing, rotor blades, rounding your house constantly. >> the future. now nasa is working on software to manage air-traffic and public input will also be needed. >> the latest installment in the matrix movie franchise will have its premiere right here in san francisco. according to the chronicle, the theater will roll at the red carpet for the matrix, resurrection. december 18. much of the movie was filmed in san francisco. it stars kiana reeves and carrie anne moss. sorry but tickets will not be available for the general public, but fans would be able to get a glimpse of the stars outside of the theater. still ahead, the holiday art fair returns to the east they, and local artists are counting on customers for their support. and, we are looking at a live look outside.
8:38 am
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about rybelsus® today. >> has become back from break at 8:39 a.m., we are giving a live look at the sfl. it will have more on the forecast and look at the clouds. today, the vta in san jose is hosting the annual stop the bus. it will collect toys for kids. you can drop off any unwrapped toys for children, up to 14 years old. there will be a drive-through lane set up on morton street, near plaza dei cesar chavez, and you could beat the earthquake chloe -- goalie. and also sharkey. donations would be accepted from 9:00 to 5:00 it the six annual express try. you can help families by donating a toy. it is setting up a socially distance drop off with festive music and holiday goodies. there are also giving away free
8:41 am
tickets for future rights. the drop-off is open from 2:00 until 4:00. abc 7's parent company disney is helping this holiday season, we are proud to support the disney ultimate toy drive. they're supporting toys for tots, and more information or donations can be made at drive. >> how we're going to check in with lisa for another quick tease. >> it is only 53 here in the city. yesterday, the high wasn't much warmer than that. about 56. 59, so we will probably get there. sitting at the cloud deck, we will talk about better air quality. chances of rain are feeling like winter in the days ahead. that is next. >> does feel like winter there. also next, this game was crazy. anderson lift up. when he was taken on to the d. the warriors are trying to snap the sons 18 game winning streak, and mystic, we will have the highlights and postgame reaction, coming up in sports. highlights and postgame reaction, coming up in sports.
8:42 am
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>> they are sleeping this morning. you've got ceilings living there. where is the action? this is a live look at the 844. good morning. in sports, the californian golden bears are closing out their 2021 football season and a battle usc at memorial stadium. kickoff is at 8 p.m.. also tonight, the warriors take on this worse vespers. last night, this was the game. they were trying to reclaim the best record in the nba, and's nap the winning streak. here is abc 7 sports director larry with the highlights of this morning sports. >> good morning. the warriors went looking for payback. they were beaten in phoenix, and the rematch in chase, last night with the sons writing an eight team game winning streak. curry only had three threes on tuesday, and that was at home. he did not have two bad games in a row. first quarter, he shakes landry
8:45 am
and splash. the highlight of the night is coming up right here. toscano-anderson, post arises the warriors. that is not happen very often from the bench. they're going crazy. steph, six of 11 from d. three shooters, and curry is now 23. all time record. more from steph is the warriors built up the leaders. without devin booker, they cannot match. the firepower and held to 12, curry scored 23 points. our nightly gp to, steelers slam. gary payton the second, and 51 points off the bench. draymond green, one of his nine ascents -- assist. he gets it to go. he slowing down. gta was 17. warriors one. snapping the sons, and in 18 game winning streak it >> we are trying to catch them, and we know that they are the best team in the west. until somebody else knocks them
8:46 am
off, it is fun to go against them, and it is good to see our team respond after losing. >> to the ice we go. sharks continuing their east coast road trip, visiting the rangers. first. , rangers and the power play. ryan strong beats aiden hill, one nothing, new york. that was the only goal of the entire game. igor chesterton made 19 s 1 create the winning streak ends, they lose one to nothing. pac-12 title game. utah and oregon in vegas for the first time. the new stadium. they got blown out, 31 to seven. couple weeks ago, and it happened again. taking off anthony brown, and he is gone. 34 yards, 14 nothing, and they are still in the first quarter. the season is been tougher those units. 31 to 10. kyle whittingham, a shower as they win their first pac-12 shower. the rose bowl for the first time. wimmer's -- women soccer is
8:47 am
happening at san claire. byu had kaylee more. this is off the post. no score at the half, and for the second half, can santa clara's alex valera sensitive. penalty kicks. the broncos need to extend the match and, no. off the post, and santa clara falls in the pk, and byu and byu in florida state on monday. for the title. that is a wrap on morning sports, and have a great we can. i'm larry deal. >> thank you larry. let's get a check on your accuweather forecast with lisa. haile said. >> good morning. a night game. 54 degrees and kind of chilly, but we have been getting used to that. it is so much colder yesterday with all of the gray skies, and still clouds are in place. it is a coastal marine layer for us, and it is fog near the delta with eight mile visibility. we have had fog in san jose, with four mile visibility. air quality has not been great, and you will notice the yellows
8:48 am
here, indicating moderate air quality from the peninsula over to fremont. livermore, and san jose. it is a thinning cloud deck, with some light winds. we will have moderate air quality for your sundays, and things look to change later on monday and tuesday. the winds will kick up, and it is 53 in all the cities. except 54 in mountain view and 52 happening in green bay. the golden gate bridge was never an issue with the marine layer over 2000 feet, but we have had some dense fog toward sacramento. byron and looking at temperatures, on the cool side. 39 degrees. over in fairfield, over in santa rosa, 45. fairfield. looking at temperatures, little bit warmer this morning. but it is this afternoon, we are hopefully getting some of you out of the 50's. about 10, and you can see december, low clouds. that makes no sense,, right? look at the east bay, hazy afternoon, and a wind shift on tap for your sunday. winds out of the north area it
8:49 am
should bring our temperatures another two or three degrees, and looking at rain arriving on thursday, but our first chance of rain arrives on monday. a climate change preview with the coastal flood advisory, and cities like redwood city, foster city, and alameda, lake mehran, all looking at the possibility of some minor coastal flooding here as the tides are regular occurrence every couple of times a year. eyomeinto play, aro on sunday. here's a look at the storm track, it remains to the north, and a little piece of it once to head down to our neck of the woods on monday. that could bring us some sprinkles, and a little bit of lectures a. then, as we get into wednesday, better air quality. that system is going to bring in some breezy wins. on thursday, we could see a quarter of an inch around the bay, and mountain snow is going to be colder. i am trying to give
8:50 am
only in the 50's. you notice things are clearing out on thursday, and as we look towards the next week, it has been consistent with more rain headed our way around december 11 and 12. a significant amount of rain all around the bay. we are hoping that holds together, and 61, looking or low 60's in concord, and still upper 50's for some of you. and eventual clearing today for hazy afternoon sun. with northerly winds, we are getting a little milder tomorrow. monday, that means the system brings the possibility of some drizzle, and breezy wins will clear out to air. on tuesday, we will cloud up in advance of the system, and on thursday, it is a level and then by the latter part of the work week, it is chilly. we could have the mountain snow setting our hopes on more of that weather headed our way the week after. >> that sounds good. mountain snow. >> thank you. this tears holiday season
8:51 am
includes the return of a holiday are fair. it is not just a chance to buy unique to us, it is significantly a source of income for local artists. abc 7 news anchors have the details. >> after years of working as an art teacher, shawna was hitting her stride into thousand 19 is a professional illustrator. >> between 19 was the first year that i started selling my work in person. when coven hit, what can i do, and how can i pay rent? i cannot someone and -- i cannot sell my art. art and craft fairs are more than a place to sell goods. they are also a community gathering for those who toil alone in their homes or studios. >> segment other vendors where they were out there all day, and they said they were doing this. they would sign up, or the be good for that. they make ceramic home goods out of their studio. she has to make a percent of her income is appear when art fairs were canceled lester. >> this is my job. it imploded.
8:52 am
i went to housing issues, and the pandemic it hard at the crucible. the industrial arts center offers classes on woodworking, blacksmithing, ceramics, and more. it had to close and for lewis teachers. >> a lot of our teaching artist, they rely heavily on being able to teach the crowds. a lot of folks could afford to live here, and lost a good number of our faculty members. >> the crucible was able to give out $75,000 in grants and set up a pantry to help struggling instructors. now, it is bringing back gift, it's harley day -- it's holiday art fair that was canceled. >> we provide a platform for local artists to sell their wares and display a lot of the work that they're doing. >> there's a lot of talk about supply chain, gifts, whatever. but there are a lot of local people making amazing art. we make money into the artist, they put it back into the community and it helps red for everybody. >> to meet people who come to
8:53 am
the event, that is really rewarding at the end of the day, for me. i usually pass out after working a show. >> abc 7 news. >> the craft show will take place today. and tomorrow. is it the crucible in oakland. there also be live demos of glassmaking, and other classes for everyone. >> after a year of being shut down, because the pandemic, the holiday train is back, so we will let you know where to catch at this we can.
8:54 am
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>> here the winning numbers from the mega millions. 2245, and 40. one. the mega ball 13. no one picked all six numbers, but two tickets matched five, and one of those whispered gilroy at the kilroy city gas from -- city of gilroy gas station. it is more than $293,000. his next jackpot increase to
8:56 am
$123 million. now the holiday train is back in service, and after a one-year year hiatus, due to covid 19, --. passengers will be mesmerized by dazzling lights. more than 75,000 of them. there also be holiday entertainment. salvation army will have a message for anyone climbing aboard. >> make sure you bring a toy. there are a lot of folks in need right now. we will be collecting toys and distribute doing them for the salvation army locations. >> the train will be in service today and tomorrow. it will make stops at nine stations between san francisco and santa clara, starting this afternoon. >> we are getting our final check on the weather with lisa. >> we a lot of cloud cover, but the walk is been confined to the delta. that is where the dense fog advisory continues in fairfield and vallejo. through about noon, and overall,
8:57 am
visibility has been ok, and we are looking at hazy conditions. throughout the afternoon, clouds begin to thin out. we mostly see temperatures from the upper 50's to low to mid 60's for the sun shining longer. little milder tomorrow. air quality midweek, and the system is arriving thursday. >> thank you. i thank you all for joining us. i am in for liz, at along with lisa, we appreciate you joining us. the championship saturday is officially here on abc 7. up next at 9 a.m., number nine battles with rigged oak columbus day, and a dr pepper 12 championship game starts at 1 p.m.. number 21, houston takes on fourth rate cincinnati, and the american athletic conference championship game. at 5 p.m., 16th ranked wake forest faces number 15 pittsburgh in the acc championship game. that is followed by toyota after the game with larry and chris alvarez. it is around 830. hopefully, you caught all that, and if not, you can get that on
8:58 am
her website. the news continues at 11 p.m.. have a great day.
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shop today. >> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. >> sean: before this season began, it's unlikely baylor and oklahoma state fans expected to be filing into a&t stadium to
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