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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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teachable moment. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lin. a san francisco restaurant's decision to turn away and deny service to three off-duty police officers. the restaurants owner today issued an apology. >> i'm so sad. >> north beach business owner joseph zero was disappointed to learn that three off-duty san francisco police officers were recently denied service at hilda and jesse restaurant on union street just two blocks from central station. >> i hope one day they don't need the police. they need help. >> thiness department happened friday at that time new trendry eatery where three unit formed officers were seated but then asked to live. co-owner rachel silkocks said it
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was nothing about who they were it's about they were carrying. >> it was about the fact that we do not allow weapons in our restaurant. we were uncomfortable. and so we politely asked them to live. >> the officers were welcome to come back to the restaurant when they were off duty without their weapons. the decision ignite ago firestorm of controversy on social media with some called for a boycott of hilda and jesse. and negative yelp reviews starting piling on giving the eatery one star. >> but late sunday, an apology from the restaurant owners. >> in a statement, the owner said we made a mistake and apologize for the unfortunate incident we are grate to feel all members of the force. we hope this will be a teachable moment for us as we continue to build bridges with the cfpd. but for some the damage was done the san francisco playoffs association told us three foot beat officers looking to eat where they patrol were treated without any tact or class by
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this establishment. fortunately, there are plenty of restaurant that is don't discriminate and will welcome our officers working try to keep all san francisco -- san franciscans safe. >> desiree barrera will keep supporting this restaurant >> i think this whole thing has been blown out of proportions. it's all about the weapons and not the police. >> colonel bernard, abc7 news. >> moving on is one of the going toes we focus on. we have several big developments about covid-19. 17 states report case of the omicron variant including california. almeda health officials report five mild case there is. there are among 12 cases linked to a wedding in wisconsin. today, dr. anthony fauci said it's too early to determine the severity of the variant. >> thus far the signals are a
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bitten encouraging regarding the severity. but we have to hold judgment until we get more experience. >> arivals of omicron comes as hospitals in several states continue to strain under the current surge. 15 national guard members arrived to help in rochester, new york. starting tomorrow, all international travelers heading into the lust be required to test within one day of their departure. federal health officials say a travel ban on south africa and other african countries is being re-evaluated every day. omicron was first reported on november 24th. another set back to president bind's vax seen mandate as rearment that federal healthcare workers is now on hold. two district courts issued preliminary injunctions. they -- the white house has
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urged federal agencies not to suspend or fire employees. don't forget if you have covid questions, you can always ask our vaccine team you can head to abc7 newses and click on the big blue box. flags at the capitol lowered to half staff in honor of bob dole. he died early this morning in his sleep at 98 years old. abc news reporter karen travis has a look back at husband life and republican law maker. >> it's time to win an election. robert dole was one of the most recognizable and most powerful politician of the 20th centu rim born in a modest home july 22nd. he was taken up with his life methodist church, the boy's scouts and athletics but in -- his studies were
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interrupt bid the second world war. a month into that conflict, he was seriously wound. it was an experience he would write about. >> for a moment i didn't know if i was dead or alleve. i was unable to feel my arms r. he was in and out of hospital first three years. he never regained h the use of his right arm. he attend law school in topeka. 18 years later, he was elected in the u.s. senate. americans got their first look at that time ambitious law maker in 1976 when president gerald ford chose him as has vice presidential running mate. although, they were unsuccessful, the senator rose to be senator majority leader in 1985. his name became popular in the nomination. he miss it a second time in
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1988. but he finally won the top spot in 1996. but running against an incumbent president bill clinton during a time of peace and prosperity turned time-out be an impossible obstacle. the senator once said he hoped he could be an inspiration. >> it's the message to all the people with disabilities. if you just hang in there, you're going to be able to cope with it. karen travis, abc 7 news washington. dion: the driver -- the family of a driver ask searching for answers. he was in the bay area for work. speaking through an enter presenter his wife says usufe was sitting in his car when someone walked up to him and tried to steal his wallet before they shot him. >> he was a caring man. he was caring about his family.
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and he just sacrificed his life for his family. deon -- dion: so sad. san francisco police are investigating the murder. but so far no arrests haven't been made. people protested to support government opposition yup risings across iran. members of the community gathered in union squire draw attention to the handling of a protest by farmers demanding water for their land. government forces used pellet guns an tear gas against those farmers. many lost their sight as a result of the exchange. so today supporters covered one eye with gauze in solidarity with the people of iran >> what the united states needs to do is basically go in with the new administration has done. >> the iranian
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>> san francisco unified will keep a lottery system for admission to lowell high school the chronicle reports the decision by the superintend den. a judge found the school board violated it when it got rid of the competitive admissions process. but there is not enough time to revert back to the competitive admissions for the next school year a superior court judge ruled that the board filed follow the state's open meetings law when it got rid of the long standing process. >> well, first the cut back hours. and now safeway store in san francisco has added new measures to help stop shoplifting. the majors people can expect. and a freeway that is considered an economic lifeline corridor. >> we're tracking clouds coming back in overnight tonight and some pockets of drizzle on your monday evening
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we'll have tall
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♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ dion: in the south bay action thrift store owner struggling to get by had his store broken into for the second time in a month.
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plato's closet uses slightly used clothing. the thief took several cash registers as well as merchandise right off the racks. the owner was a >> heed by his security service a safeway store that limited its hours due to theft has installed new security gates the automatic gates quickly shut behind customers the gates prevent would-be thieves from walking out. in addition barriers were added around the shelf checkout area making customers go out through one exit this. safeway used to be open 24 hours but last month it started closing at 9:00 p.m. relief is coming for driver who is use i-15 to get through southern andle las vegas. the freeway is constantly cons con jested. here's the problem. the freeway goes from three lanes to two lanes for about five miles near the
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california-nevada state line that brings traffic to a crawl. caltrans will allow the use of the shoulder of the freeway during the most congested periods. governor newsom announced the news today. >> there's a deep urgency for us to meet this moment. i just want you to know that. we're not passively interested in trying to episodically solve this. dion: it an economic lifeline corridor. it's a connect or for the economy and for tourism between southern california and las vegas. coming up, looking the part. a pop-up shop today gave new meaning to the term fashion forward. all of it to help women reenter the workplace. and we will be getting some spotty drizzle. even some full-blown rain in the forecast. our meteorologist tells us more
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after the break. >> coming up in sports. just six weeks in the nfl regular season and it's down to the wire in seattle. niners-seahawks goes down to the
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holiday soiree in san francisco. it's the first time they've held an in-person event. they help women to reenter the workplace as we transition from virtual a real workplace again. covid, though, brought a new challenge for the group. >> that presented a unique challenge where a lot of our women didn't have digital hardware to get them back online. and so we started a digital equity plan that gives lap tops and i pads to the women in our programs. >> dress for success does so much great work the group looks for ways to get women trained and back on their feet as well as helping them with resumes and the skills they need to get back into the workforce. nice see that turnout and also nice to see the sun, drew. drew: tomorrow, a bit of a different day. clouds will thicken overnight tonight. tomorrow is a pretty gray start to the new week ahead.
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we'll take you outside tonight. a live look chris alvarez pointed this out. you can see a waxing crescent moon right now as it's setting at about 6:19 this evening. our next full moon coming on december 18th. you look on the horizon too. you can see a little bit of a fog out there. have some fog first thing tomorrow morning but mainly overcast skies on our monday. right now, temperatures dropping into the 50's, if not into the 40's already. we're down to 49 in half moon bay. a 54 in san francisco. we're down to 50 in nevada. getting chilly if inn palo alto 51 degrees. we have the clouds thickening as we speak. turning mostly cloudy overnight while many of us are sleeping while temperatures dropping into the 40's first thing on our monday. here's a live doppler 7. high pressure anchored off our coastline. it's in control right now. but tomorrow lit sink to the
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south allowing this area of low pressure in the pacific northwest to slide down the coastline. and what lit do -- it will do. light showers possibly tuesday morning. let's go hour by hour. he's noon on your monday. mainly overcast skies. it's a gray day tomorrow. into tevining. a chance we could have an isolated pocket of drizzle for the evening commute. but the icker issue will likely come on tuesday morning. very early tuesday morning. this is 3:30 in the morning. there you see light showers. it's a pretty quick mover by midday tuesday. any wed weather is out of here the clouds are breaking down and we should end tuesday with a fair amount of sunshine. total rainfall with this quick-moving system, not a lot. we'll find the totals closer. those numbers drop off. it's not a lot of moisture that we're going to have with this storm, but it's nice see that
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it's such a dry period over the last couple of weeks. a lot of cloud cover out there. you're going to feel cooler temperatures barely make it into the cooler 50's for an afternoon high. we're tracking rain early thursday morning. another system moves into california. i think this one brings a better chance to bring snow in into the sierra. here's the accuweather forecast. cloudy tomorrow. some evening drizzle. early tuesday morning we'll find those light showers moving through. it's out of here mid-day. wednesday better qualities. thursday morning ooh again a chance of showers. and then another chance of wet weather coming on sunday night >> now, abc7 sports with george alvarez. reporter: seattle has won 16-19 against the 49ers adding fuel the fire as the niners make their playoff push. nine entered the day as the sixth seed. niners got a turnover the next play jimmy garoppolo to
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george kittle. game tide at 7-#. after seattle missed field goal, rookie elijah mitchell caps 954 drive. jimmy to kittle. 48 yards down the sideline the first ever two touchdown game for number 85. niners led by two at the break. late third quarter. we're now tide at 23-23. garoppolo was picked twice in this game. turnovers and penalties were crucial. coach hahn not happy. wilson to tyler locket, beautiful pitch and catch. 30-23, seattle. you have to be thinking would the seattle dragon slay the 49ers again. just over four minutes to go the niners forced the fumble. the foul line. the niners need to go 90 yards. finds cut he had 181 first yard.
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came down to fourth and grohl the three. just over 20 seconds to go his pass knocked down. seattle wince it 30-23 the nine are 6-6. and seven in the n.f.c. playoffs. >> that's football though. you could do all the stuff you want, tall good stuff in the world, make plays get yourself down in position and at the end of the day, it came down to that one play. did you make it or snot it's the way the chips fall. >> we definitely blew it but we knew it was going to be this type of game whenever we played them. but we have to do a much better job of not giving the game away. >> oh, it's brutal. loseing sucks. have tall opportunities. we weren't clean enough on offense. their defense did a hell of a game. they did everything to give us an opportunity. and our offense, we didn't really do anything in the second half.
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and it's hard to win in seattle if you don't do anything in the second half. >> how about the lions? their fans always supporting. their team win less against minnesota. four minutes left. they go for fourth down from their own 28. and jarret golf goff recovers. cousins finding jefferson vikings take a four-point lead. they drive the length of the field. four seconds to go final play and the kid from morin county got to ahmad ross for the win. lions win 29-27, their first win of the season and their first win in lam calendar dario. >> number two michigan, number three georgia. fold by number one alabama. and the cotton bowl national championship in nah indianapolis cal water polo take on u.s.c. niko coarse with 28 seconds to go.
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u.s.c. missed their last second chance. securing the 15th national title in progran history -- pro gram history they go to cincinnati and they're still in the hunt with tall wildness. so the niners still have a loss. >> does that mean i need to get my earmuffs? >> it's going to be a lot of yelling. and with steph curry's record, you might as well buy it. it's a good investment for you. dion: just ahead, a holiday tradition is in full swing in the south bay and you can spread the holiday cheer. that's coming
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dion: a quick reminder yours you c -- you can always watch our newscast available for apple along with amazon fire and roku. download the app now and start streaming for free. coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. health officials are bracing for the possible of what's called a twin-demic. how they're preparing for a covid surge but also the flu. take a look at this.
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a burglar goes through some pretty great length to avoid security cameras. just how much he made out with tonight at 11:00. to the south bay now where firefighters carried on a long standing tradition of collecting tie-to-s that will be given to deserving children this holiday season. santa clara county firefighters held drive threw, no-contact toy collection drive. generous community members dropped off
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♪ >> it's my favorite time of the year, so let's bring in some holiday cheer. what better way to engage, discover, and get festive than at the exploratorium? the galleries will shine bright this winter with glow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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