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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 6, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PST

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this morning on "world news now," the new omicron variant is spreading across the country with at least 17 states reporting cases. >> plus the minnesota man who became the first to test positive for the omicron variant in the u.s. speaks out. also this morning, the parents of the alleged school shooter in michigan behind bars. new details in the deadly rampage investigation. plus, remembering bob dole, from soldier to senate majority leader to presidential candidate. how this american patriot served his nation but never forgot his hometown roots. plus santa's little helpers. our own will ganss checks in with giz wiz dick debartolo for this year's most unique holiday gift ideas. it's monday, december 6.
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>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. we meet again. and we meet again. >> we meet again. this is great. i love this. >> and this time, we have ike for more than one day. >> i'm comin' back, we're going to be here throughout the week, it will be fun. you'll learn a little about me, i'll learn about you. >> we know he's from new jersey. we know ike ejiochi is a stage name. >> yes. >> what else do we know about you? >> my real name is ezubike. it's nigerian. so got to represent. >> i will never, ever refer to you as ike. >> we will learn more about ike along the way, and i've learned how to say his name. but right now we are going to get to our top headline and health professionals try to learn more about omicron. >> one positive effect, an
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increasing number of americans are getting vaccinated and boosted. demand for shots is rising to its highest level in months. morgan norwood reports. >> reporter: as omicron spreads coast-to-coast, top health offici public to get vaccinated and boosted. >> we have several dozen cases, and we're following them closely, and we are every day haring about more and more probable cases. >> reporter: a new preliminary study is raising the possibility that omicron may have borrowed genetic material from the common cold, thus making it more infectious. that still has to be peer reviewed and other scientists have to reach the same findings for that conclusion to be reliable. dr. fauci weighing in on cnn. >> we really have to be careful before we make any determinations. but thus far the signals are encouraging regarding the severity. >> reporter: fauci's take is echoed by peter mcginn who recently tested positive for omicron after attending this anime convention in new york
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city along with 53,000 others. he was fully vaccinated and says his symptoms were far from severe. >> i was taken aback by the fact that, a, i had covid and, b, it was the new one. >> reporter: in louisiana, thousands are being tested after a covid outbreak on a week-long cruise, the norwegian ship returning to new orleans. and at least ten cases confirmed aboard the ship. the cruise line stating in part in addition to requiring that 100% of guests and crew are fully vaccinated, we have implemented quarantine and isolation and contact tracing procedures. as more omicron cases are identified in more states, the demand for the vaccine surging to the highest level in seven months. in new hampshire, more than a thousand people flooding this vaccine clinic. >> we've done flu clinics and drive-thrus for years, but this is the biggest one we've had. >> reporter: morgan norwood, abc news, los angeles. now to the arrest of the parents of that 15-year-old
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accused of opening fire at his high school and killing four students. prosecutors say they failed to intervene, they bought their son a gun and resisted taking him home hours before the shooting. now they could face up to 15 years in prison. this morning new details about the capture of james and jennifer crumbley, the parents of the 15 year old charged in the michigan school shooting. authorities found the couple inside an empty commercial building after missing a court appearance to face involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the shooting. the man who owns that building says he has a friendly relationship with the crumbleys and invited them to stay at his art studio. >> to avoid death threats and hostility surrounding their home. >> reporter: his attorney says he was not aware that authorities were looking for the crumbleys. >> he saw on the news that the couple had been arrested at his location. the minute he found out he went to law enforcement and told them that they were there.
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>> reporter: authorities say the couple withdrew $4,000 from an atm before the manhunt ended. but their lawyer insists the couple was not fleeing. >> our clients were absolutely going to turn themselves in. it was just a matter of logistics. >> reporter: investigators say james crumbley purchased a gun on black friday, days before their son allegedly used it to kill four students at oxford high school. the crumbleys resisted removing their son from school on the day of the shooting. hours before the attack, the parents were confronted with a disturbing drawing and chilling message that said "blood everywhere", which was found on the boy's desk. the superintendent said the teen claimed it was part of a video game that he was designing. also saying that the teen stayed with counselors for more than an hour and at no time did counselors believe the student might harm others based on his behavior, responses and demeanor which appeared calm.
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but he was eventually allowed to return to class because he had no prior disciplinary infractions and his parents refused to take him home. this morning the crumbleys and their son have pleaded not guilty. >> they are not speaking to us, any of them, and they are all in my jail, all of them segregated in different cells and constantly monitored. >> now seven teenagers in the detroit area have been charged with copycat threats which has forced more than 80 districts to cancel school last week. a fiery and deadly plane crash is under investigation this morning in southwest oregon. the twin-engine aircraft went down yesterday afternoon in a parking lot next to a car dealership in medford. one of the two people on board was killed. investigators don't believe anyone on the ground was hurt. the kennedy center honors returned last night, celebrating five recipients. >> they were motown founder barry gordie, lorne michaels and also including bette midler and joni mitchell.
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and president biden held a reception for the honorees at the white house. >> you're the ones that most people associate with who we are as a country. that's what this year's honorees have done throughout their groundbreaking careers. >> that was the first honors with a president in attendance since 2016. biden joked that michaels was having a hard time finding the right guy to impersonate him on "saturday night live." >> as they did switch out their joe biden a few times, right? >> i liked jim carrey as president biden. >> i did like him as well. an unwanted guest in a florida man's couch has authorities concerned. >> a resident of a condo in clearwater called police saturday saying there was a snake in his couch. yes, a snake. officers later discovered the snake was about five foot long red tailed boa constrictor native to south america which
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has authorities wondering how it got there. >> oh, florida and its exotic animals that people smuggle in. not saying that was the case there, but -- >> snake in my couch, we're going to have a little problem. >> what? how is it in your couch? how are you calm and calling police about it? the man recently bought the couch and thinks the snake was in it at the time. >> wow. >> gift with purchase. >> some lumbar support right there. coming up, an american hero. >> we're remembering former senate majority leader and three-time presidential candidate bob dole, who has passed away at the age of 98. the interview he did with abc's sam donaldson about never forgetting your hometown supporters. and just in time for filling out the holiday shopping lists, the most unique gift ideas from our own dick debartolo. you're watching "world news now." the most unique g
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flags are flying at half-staff this morning at the white house in remembrance of former senate majority leader bob dole who passed away sunday at the age of 98. his family released a statement saying they have lost their rock after serving his country faithfully for 79 years. >> seriously wounded in world
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war ii and awarded the purple heart and bronze star, dole was instrumental in securing nearly $200 million for the construction of the national world war ii memorial in the nation's capital. it's a memorial that may never have been built if not for dole's efforts. >> it was 26 years ago when sam donaldson caught up with dole ahead of his final run for the white house. >> but it was inside a tattered cigar box that america learned how devoted he was to his nation and hometown. we're opening up the abc news vault to april 1995. >> reporter: inside his private office in the capitol building, dole keeps an unlikely reminder of who he is. it's an old cigar box stashed away in his desk drawer. >> keep it right there. it's about -- it's got to be 50-some years old. but you can still see the -- i still kept the deposit slips, $10, $25, 45 cents. >> reporter: faded deposit slips
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that add up to $1800. but for dole, it was a fortune. no, more than that, it was the future. to understand why this cigar box is so important to dole, you have to go back to world war ii, april 14, 1945. the place was northern italy, where the german army was making its final stand. dole was a brand-new second lieutenant in the 10th mountain division. he was leading his platoon in the valley below a small village perched on high ground which the germans had occupied. in the valley, dole's platoon found itself pinned down by heavy fire. the field surgeon saved his life but could do nothing to repair his right shoulder and arm. back home, dole finally underwent seven operations that
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repaired his body enough so that he could resume an active life, although the use of his arm was lost forever, which brings us back to that cigar box in his drawer. you see, that made dole's political life possible. when dole needed those seven operations to repair his body, the surgeon volunteered his services, but the hospital demanded money, and dole didn't have it. so the people of russell, kansas, dole's hometown, stepped up to help. they gave what they could. $4. 45 cents. >> you know, i think -- i think that's really what america's all about. >> that they'd do this for you? >> sure. >> and that was bob dole with abc's sam donaldson back in 1995. and dole needed nine operations and 39 months to recover from the wounds that destroyed his right shoulder, paralyzed his arm, broke a vertebrae, riddled his body with shrapnel and cost him a kidney.
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>> he earned a reputation as a middle of the road legislator. he was well liked among democrats and republicans for his ability to build coalitions. >> bob dole has been in the political arena for a really long time, even attended the 2016 republican national convention. he was a man who served his country in multiple ways, obviously as a senator, devoting his life to public service and as a veteran as well.
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♪ he'll be comin' down the chimney ♪ ♪ yes, by gosh, by jimeny ♪ ♪ he'll be coming down the chimney like he always did before ♪ we are t-minus 18 days away from santa sliding down 1 billion chimneys. what will be in his sack of toys? dick debartolo joins us with his collection of holiday gift ideas. welcome, dick. i mean, you are the present underneath the tree. >> absolutely, there's a tree shortage? i don't think so.
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>> you're telling us we can all look as fabulous as you do? >> yeah, for about 10 bucks, wear it anywhere. >> i love it. >> all right, so a great thing for the family, making your own, designing your own ornaments. this is called treemendous. the machine comes with three blank ornaments and eight markers. you jump in, i'm going to go in and make it green. so we have our own little ornament. >> incredible. and they could come out looking like this. >> so the machine and three ornaments is like 27 bucks. you can also buy it with a box of blank ornaments. i'm going to turn this on. >> fantastic. >> you like coffee? >> i love coffee. i work the overnight shift. i take as much coffee as i can get. >> this is from chefman, this is the instacoffee max. this is a very fast coffeemaker. i had the previous model. it makes a k-cup in about 90
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seconds. it comes with a tiny little filter that take three and a half tablespoons of your own blend. >> incredible. >> and using the same machine you can make coffee really fast. we have half a cup already. >> that's fantastic. you could keep it on your desk. or if you have limited counter space like most of us in new york city, this is a fantastic gift. >> this is from chefman. this is great. this is from resoftable. this is kiki the koala. and i love that the box says ages 0-plus. you know, toys say 3. 0-plus. resoftables. each resoftable contains 11 plastic water bottles. there's a bunny, a teddy bear. >> that's fantastic. it's guilt free. you're helping the environment. this is a good gift to give, and
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it's nice for the seller, the giver, too. >> you know what this guy is? >> it looks like you could give me a quick head massage. but i know that's not right. >> this is the cork fish. it is to rescue corks from wine bottles. >> oh, the worst when that happens. >> if it falls in, you catch the cork, but there's more. if you've broken the cork off, it got stuck way up in here. there's a net, and when you pull it off it will catch. >> it gets all of the -- >> all the cork pieces. >> amazing. that is fantastic. you've done it again and our coffee is ready to go. you mind if i -- >> no, you can have it. >> this is great, you guys. check out dick's website, you better get back to the north pole. i know santa's looking for you.
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♪ ♪ time now for "the mix," starting with a celestial spectacle visible from antarctica over the weekend.has enough to be in the only continent without permanent inhabitants were treated to a total solar eclipse on sunday. >> other areas such as new zealand experienced a partial solar eclipse. >> the next is expected april 8, 2024 for those of us in the u.s. but europe won't see another one for the rest of the 21st century. you may have heard of cilantro tasting like soap, but what about soap that tastes like cilantro. >> because this is what we're asking for, right? not free guacamole. that is what chipotle has just
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unveiled. >> this $8 bar of soap uses infused oils along with flaxseed and shea oil for a unique experience. >> despite the herb's tendency to polarize palates, it managed to sell out in one day. andrew was telling me that, i don't know if it's a condition or a preference or whatnot, but they said some people have this thing where cilantro tastes like soap to them. >> no, cilantro tastes like cilantro. first of all, who eats soap to have a baseline? >> i don't know. i don't know. i told you guys already i don't cook. next to one new dog mom discovering the real reason her new pup seemed to be ignoring her. >> kaley mcgee brought home what appeared to be a well-behaved chihuahua. but was baffled as to why the dog wasn't responding to simple commands.
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>> this is funny. turns out she was speaking the wrong language. >> it only responds to spanish and completely ignores english. >> now she's reaching out to social media for help in learning basic spanish commands. so that her dog will understand what she's saying at least a little bit. [ speaking in spanish ] >> i was going to say, this is funny. we have the same problem with our cat. we are somali, and my mom spoke to it so much that that was the only language it understood. >> this is impressive. i love that. >> it actually is a thing. and finally, to a man spreading his own unique christmas cheer. >> this is in downtown new jersey. that is why we have the new jersey resident here. dressed as a pine tree, disappearing in the distance as quickly as he appeared. >> no word on who the mystery
3:58 am
cyclist is. i'm sure he's making the holiday season a bit more interesting.
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right now on "america this morning," firsthand account. one of the first americans who tested positive for the omicron variant speaks out. what he experienced after he became infected. parents charged. what we're learning about the parent in the michigan shooting school suspect and their actions before they were arrested. the owner of the art studio where the couple was found. details on what they requested earlier. a man who says he was cured of his diabetes thanks to an experimental treatment. water crisis. new demand for the navy to halt some operations in hawaii after petroleum was found in the water supply. american hero. we pay tribute


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