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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 6, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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right now on "america this morning," firsthand account. one of the first americans who tested positive for the omicron variant speaks out. what he experienced after he became infected. parents charged. what we're learning about the parent in the michigan shooting school suspect and their actions before they were arrested. the owner of the art studio where the couple was found. details on what they requested earlier. a man who says he was cured of his diabetes thanks to an experimental treatment. water crisis. new demand for the navy to halt some operations in hawaii after petroleum was found in the water supply. american hero. we pay tribute to bob dole after
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his death at age 98. the one thing he said people should never forget. from steve martin's big question for president biden last night to the growing concern about a shortage of chicken tenders to the delivery of christmas trees going to the dogs. it's monday, december 6th. good monday morning, i'm mona kosar abby. we begin with growing concerns of the omicron variant. >> there's a lot we don't know but early data suggests the variant is more contagious than the delta variant but perhaps less dangerous. health officials urge americans to get their booster shot. abc's am nguyen is here with more. >> reporter: as more states confirm cases of the omicron variant, demand for vaccinations and boosters is at the highest level in seven months. this morning the omicron variant
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spreading rapidly around the globe and in the u.s. cases are confirmed in at least 17 states. a new preliminary study suggests omicron may have borrowed genetic material from the common cold, making it more infectious. and though it may be more transmissible, reports from south africa where omicron emerged indicate hospitalization rates have not increased alarmingly. but dr. anthony fauci warns they still need more information. >> what we've really got to be careful before we make any determinations, but thus far the signals are a bit encouraging regarding the severity. >> reporter: one case closely monitored, 30-year-old peter mcginn from minnesota who tested positive for the omicron variant after attending an anime convention this new york late november. when he flew home, he said he started feeling mild symptoms. >> kind of feeling tired. i felt bad for about a day. >> reporter: when mcginn learned his friend tested positive for covid, he tested as well, though he was fully vaccinated and
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received a booster. about half his group of 30 friends tested positive. >> did my absolute best to follow guidelines, mask on the entire time. >> reporter: health officials continue to urge americans to get vaccinated or booster shots. according to cdc, 6 million people have received a shot since friday. meanwhile, a new study with j&j shows receiving their booster on top of an original pfizer vaccine prompts a strong mup response. it signals mixing and matching vaccines could be promising. starting today, all international travelers must show proof of a negative covid-19 test the day before boarding to enter into the u.s. a travel ban is still in place for eight african countries. >> em, thank you. multiple reports say the white house will announce a diplomatic boycott of february's olympic games in beijing. the move would be in response to china's human rights record. u.s. diplomats would stay home, but athletes would still compete. president biden recently said he
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was considering a boycott. tensions are escalating ahead of tomorrow's high-stakes video call between president biden and russian president vladimir putin. russian troops gathered along the ukrainian border triggering fears of impending invasion. russia is demanding ukraine not be admitted into nato. the white house says biden will reaffirm u.s. support for ukraine's sovereignty. satellite images show what appears to be nearly 100,000 russian troops near ukraine. if there's an invasion, russia is expected to pay for it. >> neither the united states nor nato is prepared to go to war with russia over ukraine. what president biden's trying to do in this week's meeting is tell russia's president putin that, look, if you go to war in ukraine, there will be severe economic consequences. but the russian president knows the united states is not willing to take the ultimate step against russia. he's not prepared to prevent russia from selling oil and gas to global markets. >> biden says his team is working on plans to try to deter
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russia. now to the michigan school shooting investigation. we're learning more about the parents of the teen suspect and their actions before they were finally arrested this weekend. meanwhile, seven more teenagers have been arrested in connection with other school threats in the area. this morning, new details about the capture of james and jennifer crumbley, the parents of the 15-year-old charged in the michigan high school shooting. authorities found the couple inside an empty commercial building saturday after missing a court appearance to face involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the shooting. the man who owns that building says he has a friendly relationship with the crumbleys and he invited them to stay at his art studio. >> to avoid death threats and hostility that was surrounding their home. >> reporter: according to the man's attorney, he was not aware that authorities were looking for the crumbleys. >> he actually only learned about that the next morning when he saw on the news that the couple had been arrested at his location. the minute he actually did find out, he himself went to law
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enforcement and told them that they were there. >> reporter: authorities say the couple withdrew $4,000 from an atm before the manhunt ended. but their lawyer insists the couple was not fleeing. >> our clients were absolutely going to turn themselves in. it was just a matter of logistics. >> reporter: investigators say james crumbley purchased a gun on black friday, days before their son allegedly used it to kill four students at oxford high school. one student remains hospitalized. according to prosecutors, the crumbleys resisted removing their son from school on the day of the shooting. hours before the attack the parents were confronted with a disturbing drawing and chilling message that said "blood everywhere" which was found on the boy's desk. in a statement the superintendent said the teen claimed the drawing was part of a video game he was designing. the superintendent also saying the teen stayed with counselors for more than an hour and at no time did counselors believe the student might harm others based on his behavior, responses, and
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demeanor, which appeared calm. but he was eventually allowed to return to class because he had no prior disciplinary infract infractions and his parents refused to take him home. the crumbleys and their son have pleaded not guilty. last night, thousands gathered in oxford to remember the four victims, where the sheriff had this message. >> you will not terrorize this community. >> now seven teenagers in the detroit area have been charged in connection with copycat threats which forced more than 80 districts to cancel school last week. new video of a deadly plane crash in southwest oregon. the twin-engine plane burst into flames after crashing into a parking lot in medford. one of the two people on board was killed. no casualties were reported on the ground. we're hearing from the ohio man who could be the first person cured of type 1 diabetes. scientists say they used stem-cell therapy to restore insulin production in the
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patient, brian shelton. doctors urge caution, saying more research is needed on possible side effects of this experimental treatment, but shelton calls it a miracle. >> now i can do yard work without having to worry about my numbers going too high or too low. all my numbers are right in that line. and just seeing that -- you know, makes me -- feel great. i feel like i'm getting another chance at life. >> the trial for the treatment will continue for another five years. a wildfire west of denver has forced evacuations and has burned at least two buildings. decreasing winds are helping crews, but the rare december fire is burning at a region that should be covered in snow. experts say it's a shocking example of climate change. meanwhile, a fast-moving storm spawned this funnel cloud in western tennessee. no major damage has been reported. parts of hawaii are bracing
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for extreme flooding. officials are warning about landslides. they're asking residents to make a family emergency plan. with that, time now for a look at your monday forecast. the same system that could spawn an isolated tornado from arkansas to kentucky is also bringing snow and ice to the upper midwest and great lakes region. wind gusts today could hit 60 miles an hour. the system will bring rainshowers farther south. as the front moves east, it triggers a temperature roller coaster. readings in the 60s and low 70s today will plunge into the low 40s by tomorrow. checking today's high temperatures, 40th in the northwest with rain and mountain snow. 70s across the southwest. coming up, the robot that may be a little too lifelike. >> that's right. first, dramatic new images after a volcanic eruption
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. new images from the volcanic eruption in indonesia. ash rose seven miles into the sky and at least 14 people were killed after the nation's tallest volcano erupted saturday. dozens had to be rescued as crews dug through monday looking for victims. hundreds of homes are destroyed. authorities in hawaii are calling for the navy to halt some of its operations near pearl harbor after petroleum was found in the local water supply. residents in navy housing have been complaining their tap water smells like fuel. some have reported stomach pains and headaches. the white house has reportedly agreed to help handle the crisis.
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tributes are pouring in after the death of former senate leader bob dole at 98. once saying after a primary loss, i slept like a baby, every two hours i woke up and cried. abc's christine sloan celebrates the life of this true statesman and american hero. >> reporter: bob dole was a war hero who overcame barrel losing wounds to become one of the most prominent leaders of his time. >> of all the titles i've had, i tried to get one i didn't get, but the one i'm most proud of is the title of veteran. >> reporter: april 1945, he was leading an assault on nazi holdouts in italy when an exploding shell shattered his shoulder, fracturing his neck and filling his body with shrapnel. >> i remember getting a sharp sting in my -- back of my right then i couldn't move. somebody turned me over, and my arms are above my head, and i couldn't move my arms. >> reporter: dole spent nearly a year in a body cast and was unable to feed himself.
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recovering but losing use of his right arm. he would eventually turn to politics. it was in the senate where he made his mark and took pride in his bipartisan accomplishments, shoring up social security and passing the americans with disabilities act. in 1976, he was tapped as gerald ford's running mate. and he ran for president three times, losing to bill clinton in 1996. he went on "saturday night live" to poke fun at his own tendency to speak about himself in the third person. >> i don't run around saying, bob dole does this, bob dole does that. that's not something bob dole does. >> reporter: when president clinton awarded him the presidential medal of freedom, dole laughed at his own election defeat, pretend to be sworn in at the white house. >> i, robert j. dole -- [ laughter ] sorry, wrong speech. >> reporter: one of dole's last public appearances was at the
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memorial for president george h.w. bush. dole giving one final salute. back in 2013, he was asked how he wanted to be remembered. >> veteran. who gave his most for his country. which i think is true. and i tried to make the most of it. and i think i did. >> dole grew up in a small farm town in kansas, coming of age during the great depression. he always said, it's good to know where you came from and never forget that. mona, ike? >> dole leaving behind an incredible legacy. christine, thank you. coming up, what you never want to find in your couch. the story from florida. also ahead, the fallout after the firing of cnn anchor chris cuomo and the new accusation against him. bye mom. my helpers abound, i'll need you today. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way.
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or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider ask your healthcare provider ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. about rybelsus® today. back now with a snake inside a florida condo. yes. a man in clearwater says it was hiding in his couch. it was a five-foot red tail boa constrictor, which can grow 13 feet long. the condo owner recently bought the couch, and he believes the snake was already inside it. we turn to the firing of cnn anchor chris cuomo. a new allegation is raising new questions about cuomo's past behavior. this morning, new accusations against fired cnn anchor chris
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cuomo. a former colleague accusing him of sexual misconduct. an attorney for the woman, who is remaining anonymous, says her clients decision to come forward stems from a statement cuomo made on his cnn show in march, saying this about the sexual harassment allegations of his brother, then governor andrew cuomo. >> i have always cared very deeply about these issues. >> the attorney saying in a statement, quote, hearing the hypocrisy of chris cuomo's on-air words and disgusted by his efforts to try and discredit these women, her client retained counsel and last week reported the allegations of misconduct for cnn. a spokesperson for chris cuomo tells "the new york times," quote, these apparently anonymous allegations are not true. cnn suspended cuomo last week after documents released by new york's attorney general's office revealed he used media sources to press for information on the women accusing his brother of misconduct. the cable channel now saying, based on the report we received regarding chris' conduct with his brother's defense, we had
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cause to terminate. when new allegations came to us this week, we took them seriously and saw no reason to delay taking immediate action. cnn has not named a replacement for cuomo's time slot. in sports, a long pick six helped the red-hot chiefs put away the broncos last night. the 22-9 victory is kansas city's fifth consecutive win. now detroit, yeah, they have a reason to celebrate. the lions finally won a game, ending their 364-day losing streak. take a listen to the radio call. >> that looks -- yes! touchdown! they did it! oh, they're rushing the field! >> the sweet sound of victory. the lions were the only winless team in the nfl. >> you win one, you win them all. >> there you go, let's go. just ahead, bad news for people who love chicken tenders. people who love chicken tenders. plus there's a different way to treat hiv.
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♪ time to check "the pulse," and we begin with president biden's interaction with a cic legend. >> it happened at the kennedy center honors. comedian steve martin stole the show as biden honored "snl" crea creator loweren michaels. mr. wise guy over here. he's trying out seven guys to play me. he's cultivated talent that's defined american culture in the 20th century, and well into the 21st century. talent like steve martin who is here today. steve, are you here today? [ applause ] >> do you want me to play you? >> steve, i'm afraid you understand me too well.
4:24 am
>> other honorees included bette midler, and joeny mitchell. and a range of emotions in a matter of seconds. >> a robot is showing off realistic facial expressions. she wakes up to the surprise of her own existence. >> and she's able to show confusion and amazement. it's impressive, but she can't talk just yet. next, some supply chain news that could send parents scrambling for dinner ideas. >> we're running low on chicken tenders. many restaurants are running out of them because they require more processing than other menu items. and cream cheese. a scary thought for bagel shops. and santa's not so little helpers are on the move. >> st. bernards were on hand and enlisted to help families by transporting trees to their cars. meanwhile in new jersey, someone dressed up as a tree out for a bike ride. a tree-mendous sight. he just disappeared as fast as he appeared.
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checking the top stories, new travel restrictions are being imposed on people heading into the u.s. they must now show proof of a negative covid test the day before coming here. the omicron variant is now confirmed in 17 states. early data suggests it may be more contagious than the delta varia variant, but her happens less dangerous. the parents of the michigan high school shooting suspect are being held in the same jail as their son. james and jennifer crumbley were arrested at an art studio in detroit after they were charged with involuntary manslaughter. they insist they were not on the run. georgia governor brian kemp is expected to face a re-election primary challenge from former senator david purdue who is a trump ally. stacey abrams is expected to be the democratic nominee. miracle mets. manager gil hodges is added to
4:28 am
the baseball hall of fame. along with him is buck o'neil, and others. rain and storms from the northeast, down to the gulf coast, and more rain and mountain snow in the northwest. and finally, a story about giving back this holiday season. >> it all started with a woman getting her daily coffee through the drive-through. >> oh my god. we're so happy. >> reporter: this holiday season, ebony johnson and her children will have a home that they can call their own, and it's fully furnished. >> oh my god. thank you so much for helping me. i'm so happy. >> reporter: the woman she's hugging made it all possible. their friendship began three years ago at a drive-through of a local dunkin'. she works there, and is a local customer. >> i go there every morning, and ebony has worked the drive-through for over three years, and really has just provided amazing customer service. >> reporter: but when she noticed her favorite employee was gone for a few weeks, she
4:29 am
began to worry, and learned that ebony and her kids were evicted from their home after falling on hard times. >> and she experienced this hardship. i just wanted to see if i could help her, just improve her life and a life for her kids and make sure they had stable housing so she could continue to provide the excellent service that she does at dunkin'. >> reporter: she sought the organizations to help the family find a home, and furnished it. >> perfect time of year. you're spreading joy. >> it's as much a gift to us as it is to them to be able to provide this for them. >> reporter: and the kids just as excited as mom. >> so nice. so nice. >> hey. this is our beautiful living room. >> i feel so thankful. the lord really looked out for me because i kept praying and saying, could i be at home before christmas. >> just an incredible i love yo. i love you too.
4:30 am
right now on "america this morning," firsthand account. one of the first americans who tested positive for the omicron variant speaks out. what he experienced after he became infected. parents charged. what we're learning about the parent in the michigan shooting school suspect and their actions before they were arrested. the owner of the art studio where the couple was found. details on what they requested earlier. a man who says he was cured of his diabetes thanks to an experimental treatment. water crisis. new demand for the navy to halt some operations in hawaii after petroleum was found in the water supply. american hero. we pay tribute


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