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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 6, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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moving forward and finding solutions. >> cases of omicron popping up across the country. mixing and matching might be to your benefit. >> and if you are headed out of the country, any restriction you need to know about. the stricter rules for international travel today. >> and ending with a chance of rain. mike has your forecast. >> and we love to show you stuff like this. rare orca because off california's coast. passengers on a will watching tour. >> this is my dream. i have to get on this boat. good morning. you're watching abc seven mornings.
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>> we want to start with mike. mike: i want to be those people this morning. i love work as. -- orcas. new week, new weather. a dense fog advisory until time this morning. don't be surprised if you run into some damp spots on your commute. visibility the most dangerously low and simmer 10, and santa rosa. just socked in. temperatures to be pretty chilly , 54 to 56 at noon. shower start arriving, sporadic ones at 7:00. more on the slight storm coming up.
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spreading throughout the country. >> we have more on those findings. reporter: cases have been confirmed in at least 17 states including here in california. a preliminary study suggests omicron may have borrowed genetic material from the common cold, making it more infectious. even though it may be more transmissible where omicron was first detected, hospitalization rates have not "alarmingly increased." but dr. fauci says we need more information. >> we have to be careful before we make determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. but thus far, the signals are encouraging regarding the severity. >> mixing and matching the j&j booster shot on top of an
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original pfizer vaccine prompts a strong immune response. health officials urge people to get vaccinated and get the booster shot. 6 million people across the country. on the stricter rules. reporter: it starts today. president biden puts the sin response to the omicron variant. they now need a negative covid test in a day. they used to give travelers three days and some even say that was stressful. one man came in from turkey. >> three days was harder.
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it was stressful. i stayed up late to get it done. >> hotels in mexico offer quick results for $30. the process is pretty easy. the key is to be aware and make a plan, knowing where you're going to get your test in the country you are visiting. >> if you have our vaccine team and click on this. >> a protest in support of government opposition uprisings. members of the iranian-american community gathered to draw attention to the arabian governments -- iranian government's response to protests.
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they use polygons in teargas. many lost their sight. supporters covered in solidarity with those people. >> what the u.s. needs to do is what the administration has announced. that policy would be based on human rights. >> in the south bay, a thrift store owner broken into for the second time in a month. the thief used a drill to cut through the glass doors yesterday morning. they took several cash registers. >> a safeway store that limited hours because of theft has now
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installed new security gates. the chronicle reports the automatic gates quickly close behind customers. the gates prevent thieves running out with shopping carts filled with items. barriers were also added around the self checkout area. the safely used to be open 24 hours but last month, started closing at 9:00 because of increased shoplifting. a program to address mental health emergency calls. they will work with law enforcement starting in the county's largest cities. the goal is to provide appropriate care for anyone undergoing a behavioral health crisis. >> relief is coming for drivers who use i 15 to get from southern california to the
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canvas -- vegas. that brings traffic to a crawl. caltrans will soon allow traffic to use the shoulder of the freeway during the most congested times. governor newsom. >> we are not passively interested in trying to episodically solve this, we are here for the long haul. >> it is recognized as an economic lifeline corridor and also a connector for the economy between southern california and vegas. >> let's talk about the next 24 hours or so. it is just as cloudy and foggy and misty as anywhere else.
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s the mid 40's toear 50grs we do have napa 42 dressing a little bit warmer. you see all that gray across all of our neighborhoods. 52 at 10:00 and in between 54 and 56. note there is a chance of light shower and a better chance as we head toward 8:00. you can see about half mile or less. we are outside the den den advisory. anything in your activity planner will be kind of damp with no actual light. our highest amounts of rain will be in the hills.
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and i will show you future radar when we come back for the 7-day forecast. let's talk about that commute. >> we have another -- a number of fog advisories so i can't list them all. but i do want to show you how dark cameras are looking right now. there are a few traveling along the bridge. all along highway 12 is really foggy as well. have a slight slowdown. happening today, opening to commuter parking lots. in albany near interstate 80 in oakland, both are intended to be used.
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it would be free this month both are gated. >> a dispute leaving spotify to remove popular content. >> and the extra help on hand for a christmas tree giveaway. >> remembering bob dole and a remarkable political career. remarkable political career. >> taking the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! ermom? sheaid she would be home. don't worry, sweetie. she promised she'd be here for it. ooh! nice shot! thanks! glad we have xfinity, with wifi speed faster than a gig! me too! woah, look! mom is on tv! she's amazing!
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> flags are at half-staff in honor of bob dole. house speaker nancy pelosi ahead of the kennedy center honors event, she remembered him for how he approached. it >> it was aremendsoss tobowering figure and great leader. just across the aisle and across
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every divide in our country, to bring people together. it was a big loss. >> a dull represented kansas from 1969 to 1996. >> he ran for president three times and won the republican nomination in 1996 before losing to bill clinton. a look back at the life of the world war ii hero and lawmaker. >> robert j dole never won nationwide elected office but was one of the most recognizable and most powerful politicians of the 20th century. born in russell, kansas, july 22, 1923, he was a part part pat methodist church and boy scouts. his studies were interrupted by the second world war. assigned as a platoon leader, he saw action against german units in 1945. a month into the conflict, he was seriously wounded and an experience he would write about years later.
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>> i did not know if i was dead or alive. i was unable to feel my arms. >> he never regained the use of his right arm. he continued his education. he was elected to the u.s. senate where he would emerge as a powerful national figure. americans got there first look at the lawmaker in 1976 when president gerald ford chose him as his vice presidential running mate. the ticket was unsuccessful, but the senator rose to begin senate majority leader. he reagan. he finally won the top spot spot the republican ticket in 1996. running against incumbent bill clinton during a time of peace and prosperity turned out to be an impossible obstacle.
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the senator once said that hoped he could be an inspiration. washington. >> the biden administration is expected to announce a diplomatic way caught of the beijing olympics this week. the u.s. can send a message to china without preventing athletes from competing. they have advocated for a boycott to protest china's human rights abuses. the last full u.s. boycott was in response to russia's invasion of afghanistan in 1990. yesterday it was this holiday families in need picked up christmas trees along with holiday decorations all while enjoying the five city winter wonderland.
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on hand to spread holiday cheer and help families. >> passengers watching tour were treated to this rare site. offshore or because -- o o they say they killer whales were mistaken as bottlenose dolphins. they say displaying foraging behavior. killer whales were last seen five years ago. >> fun fact, they are the largest dolphin. they kind of did see a dolphin. mike: they kind of did. amazing how many times you can go out and see nothing. >> not the day we are going. we are going to say -- see every kind of whale.
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mike: some dolphins, maybe a shark. it kind of feels like weather forecast, a little bit of everything. you can see how damp it looks outside. when chilled wipers a couple of times. foggy and hazy all day today. sumption will be in in in bay and santa cruz mountains. it will be a little slippery and we will keep you covered. unsettled wednesday through thursday. measurable rain for us. a few pockets, possibly thinner sunshine coming along the south bay and some random showers possible around 5:00.
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some rsome rsome rsome rsome rsr lighter storms would be over us. waking up tomorrow morning, there are plenty of random showers around. and you can see quickly the dry air coming in with tomorrow being the brightest and warmest day in the forecast. temperatures today, 56 to possibly 60. but that would be the exception in the south bay. temperatures showers are going to arrive tonight. sunshine pushing us in the low to mid 60's. the chance of a rogue here and there. a better chance on thursday. i will call it dry for friday,
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saturday, and sunday. could be a couple days of what weather then. >> hundreds of onlookers are visiting the speech to visit the nativity scene made from sand. it took seven days to complete this entire scene. they had taken part in this event and it takes about 2000 tons of sand to make the nativity scene every year. at least 200,000 people the exhibition every year. >> new hope for people living with type one diabetes, potentially a game changing medical breakthrough.
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>> the seven things to know this morning. how the officials are urging everyone to get vaccinated as more cases of the omicron variant are emerging. it comes as a johnson & johnson study found mixing and matching the booster on top of an original pfizer vaccine provokes a strong immune response.
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>> 70 people on a norwegian cruise line ship had tested positive for covid-19. norwegian requires passengers and crew to be vaccinated. >> stricter restrictions for international travel. it used to vaccinated but is now 24 hours in response to the omicron variant. >> flags are flying half-staff at the white house. flags will remain that way. mike: and he is a look at the next wet weather maker. we have rain in the forecast. senator this time tomorrow, it's a one on the storm impact scale. east bay and north bay, it is going to be a big part of your commute this morning.
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we have a crash and the slowdowns coming up on the screen. >> a very boy band stars joining forces for a night of holiday fun. you can watch it right here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 a.m. -- 8:00 p.m. >> and a new treatment with stem cells giving hope to people living with type one diabetes. >> a potentially game changing medical breakthrough. >> have you cured type one diabetes? >> the data we have seen in the early stage of this clinical trial are nothing short of remarkable. >> brian shelton has lived with diabetes for nearly 50 years. 15 years with dangerous episodes of hypoglycemia.
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>> did i.e., that i keeping track of where your numbers are at. >> he is the first participant in a groundbreaking clinical trial. coming up, we will tell you his dramatic story and introduce you to the scientists that say they have the key that make here type one diabetes. >> hundreds of popular comedians , a dispute as growing numbers of comedians want to get paid royalties for their jokes on streaming services. san franciscans aren't into christmas music just yet. >> they don't like it is much as they do and other u.s. cities. san francisco has 14 christmas songs in the top 100 right now.
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it ranks seven out of 10 when it comes to streaming holiday songs. the most streamed song is carey, the queen of christmas. the city listening the most, philadelphia. >> do you listen to a lot? >> i haven't really. it wasn't time. coming up at 530, a new way to split the bill with fan -- friends. >> and massive layoffs befor the holidays, the company that let 900 employees go on a zoom call. >> the group of grannies leaning on each other for support after the waukesha parade tragedy.
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with better than bouillon. don't just make it, make it better. >> building a better bay area and finding solutions. >> restrictions for international travel starting today. what you have to know before reentering the u.s.. >> and when and where we can see some rain.
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>> abc 7 mor mor mor on abc 7 seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike: dense fog out t den the thickest it is going to be in the north bay. they have ascended at dense fog advisory until 10:00 and. just his thick and having to deal with just a short visibility. slippery are for tomorrow. fog hanging around and temperatures in the 50 to 55 degree range.
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come in. flying to the u.s. have to get their covet test a lot closer to the departure time. the previous three day window shrunk. we are in the newsroom with how passengers are adjusting. reporter: just-in-time for holiday travel, you need this information. you need a negative covid test taken within one day of your return to the state. that used to be a three day window. travelers have said the three-day restriction was stressful as it waits for results. become the norm during covid. >> different restrictions each
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time so it is checking each time and making sure that we have that info. >> federal officials are trying to catch more cases of the omicron variant before it enters the country. this applies to vaccinated travelers, unvaccinated have all betty -- already been required to get this test within one day. now it applies to everyone. a little bit of research before you travel could go a long way. the cdc recommends but doesn't require you get another test three to five days after arriving home. >> seven more cases of covid-19 have been identified on a norwegian cruise line ship. the ship left more than 3000 people on board.
5:32 am
norwegian says it requires all passengers and crew members before departing. reggie: concerns of another twindemic. thousands of people typically die from the flu every year. we spoke with experts about the importance of getting that flu shot. >> influenza kills between 20000 and 50,000 americans each year. and now, experts are concerned that we might be entering a twindemic with cases of the covid-19 omicron variant likely to rise. >> delta is enough of a problem as it is. with people wanting to get to the hospital with delta and people winding up in the hospital with influenza and icu beds getting filled with both of these patients. >> and infectious disease expert
5:33 am
says we are about two weeks from seeing how fast influenza will spread this year. that's about the same time scientists say that we will have more data on omicron's transmission rate. experts say the flu shot is necessary. >> these vaccines are well-known and well-established. they are quadra valence which means they cover four times. are seeing the first cases of influenza of the season. >> mid-december is only start seeing -- is when we typically start seeing more.
5:34 am
reporter: they adults ages five to 24 years old. >> the last thing we need is people coming in with influenza at the same time. reporter: there are vaccines available for both covid-19 and the flu. if you are 65 and older, there is a higher potency. remind your pharmacist to give you that dose. reggie: kumasi: federal investigators are looking for clues to help figure out what brought down a single engine plane. the plane went down 60 seconds after taking off. for people on the plane died. sheriff deputies say the
5:35 am
conditions were extremely foggy at the time but it's not clear if the weather officially played a role. reggie: school shooting investigation. we are learning more about the parents and their actions. jobina: authorities found the parents james and jennifer crumbley inside an empty commercial building early saturday morning. the man who owns that building says he has a friendly relationship with them and invited them to his art studio. he did not know authorities were looking for them, says his attorney. the parents withdrew $4000 from an atm at their lawyer insists they were not running away. >> i clients were absolutely going to turn themselves and, just a matter of logistics. >> they are not speaking to us. they are segregated in separate
5:36 am
cells and constantly monitored. jobina: investigators say james crumbley bought a gun on brack -- black friday days before his son used it. and now seven in the detroit area have been charged in connection with copycat rats -- threats. reggie: the so-called dancing grannies made their first appearance at wisconsin parade since the death of four of their members. in suv plowed christmas parade. people in the crowd signs saying granny strong. they hope to get back to dancing next year after they recruit more members. kumasi: coming up, an update on the san francisco restaurant
5:37 am
decision to deny service to police officers. reggie: this very lifelike robot. mike: that is my reaction when i say it's foggy again. let's talk about what's going on. it is foggy again this morning. here is a look at san jose. even the south bay is not immune. notnotnotnot span of the bay bridge this morning. the fog, the reduction fog visibility. 7:00 or 8:00. 42 to 45o 45o 45
5:38 am
47 at 8:00. the thick fog still around. for clock isfor clock isfor clos wet weather. and even 8:00. let's take a quick look at what is going on. at noon, a few thin spots in the cloud cover. that quickly dissipates. fromfromfrom francisco, we are seeing more showers and even a heavier one up in the north bay. as we head to tomorrow's morning commute, expect more showers up until 9:00. jobina: good good good
5:39 am
we are going to start with a at th because w ha slow down because of ainjuriy the chp on northbound 880. i wanted to bring in the bay bridge camera because we don't have the lights on yet. i was on this this morning and could not see san francisco. you see all the city lights and everything. it is going to be dark for you. and oakland, much foggy air. heads up moving through that area as well. a big one for the how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign.
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this guy is nicknamed the snake burglar. you can see that he is slithering on what's to come. he still $8,000 out of the salon safe. the snake burglar is expected in at least four other burglaries. in both of those cases, the suspect was also seen slithering around. the family avenue per driver searching for answers after he died in a shooting in san francisco. he was a 31-year-old afghan refugee from south sacramento and was in the bay area when this happened. his wife says he was sitting in his car when someone walked up and tried to steal his wallet. that's when he was shot.
5:43 am
>> he was a caring man. he was caring about his family. kumasi: working at the time. san francisco police are searching for his murderer but no arrests have been made. reggie: a decision to turn away and deny service to three on-duty police officers. this happened friday at north beach. the restaurant has now issued an apology. reporter: that three on-duty san francisco police officers were recently denied service at hilda and jesse restaurant just two blocks from central station. >> i hope one day they don't need the police. reporter: the incident happened friday at the new trendy eatery.
5:44 am
staffers became uncomfortable. they said it had nothing to do with who they were but what they were carrying. >> it is not about the fact that we are anti-police. it is about the fact we do not allow weapons in our restaurant. we were uncomfortable and we politely asked them to leave. reporter: they said they were welcome to come back when they were off duty without weapons. the decision igniting a firestorm where some called for a boycott. and negative reviews started piling on, giving the eatery one star. and on sunday, a surprise development. in a statement, owners said we made a mistake and apologize for the unfortunate incident. we are grateful to all members of the force and we hope this will be a teachable moment for us as we continue to build bridges with the sf pd.
5:45 am
but for some, the damage was done. the association tells us three officers were treated without any tactile class -- tact or class. there are plenty of restaurants that don't discriminate and try to keep all san franciscans safe. desiree says she w she w supporting this restaurant. >> think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. it's really about the weapons and not the police. reggie: the golden gate restaurant association says we strongly support a nondiscrimination policy and encourage restaurants to get another local police officers. will be a learning experience. kumasi: the ceo of just announced the company is laying off more than 900 employees just for the holidays.
5:46 am
and the employees found out last week on a zoom call. the ceo said the reason included market efficiency, performance, and productivity. he considered it stealing for being unproductive. in may, they announced they would go public and receive $750 million in cash. facebook messenger now has a new bill-splitting future. it allows you to pay joint expenses that you share with other people like your roommates. your information can be linked to your bank account. tests start this week. a british company has unveiled a lifelike robot. reggie: it has very realistic facial expressions. watch this. it wakes up. she seems surprised by her own
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existence. she looks confused, curious, amazed. she can't walk. yet. it's coming. kumasi: i need more information. what's the goal? what vision do we have for her? reggie: my only goal is for her to be in the disney rides. i want to see her in a slow moving vehicle. and that is all. kumasi: ok. reggie: i need her to be lip-synching, cheerful disney music. mike: tune up or turn up the animatronics on the rides. reggie: that's the positive. the negative is she overthrows us all. mike: ok. on that note, let's hopefully have a good day.
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one of those areas does have fog. a stray shower until sunset when the showers become more prevalent all the way through this time tomorrow morning. it will be slippery for tomorrow's morning commute whereas we have a reduction in visibility and a few slippery spots for this morning's commute. let's take a look at the rainfall. a little drizzle possible near san francisco. showers moving into cloverdale. you can see it moving southward and a little drizzle possible. still looking pretty dry for the most part. look at this. a couple hundred seven inch of rain -- hundredths of an inch of rain.
5:49 am
that is why it is going to be pretty healthy. the first time we've had rain, that much, since november 19. it is been quite a while. temperatures 54 to 59 could see temperatures a little bit brighter. 45 to 51 degrees. one for today and tomorrow. there is the chance some light rain wednesday night and a better chance into thursday morning. reaching the low to to to tomorrow. the brightest and warmest day. you can put the umbrella away friday, saturday, and sunday. reggie: the kennedy center honors his back. this is the first time a president has been there since 2016. very gordy and mourn michael's,
5:50 am
actresses, singer, the great bette midler. president biden also resumed a white house ceremony for the honorees. that will be fun to watch. today, michael strahan starts his first full day of training to launch into space. kumasi: he goes to space from texas on thursday. all the crew members are getting comfortable with the capsule and the environment. the crew will have a chance to check out all the things that they will be able to touch and interact with. >> it is time to get in, start training, and the first time in a training capsule. it's time to buckle down and do classroom training to get ready. kumasi: coming up, a look at the
5:51 am
special momentum that stray hand will be bringing with him to space. reggie: not as many moves, the reason dairy farmers are shutting down. kumasi: and a nonprofit helping women reenter the workforce. reggie: ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪
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5:54 am
in person work environment. the group had to adjust to covid. >> a lot of the women didn't have digital hardware to get them back online. we started a digital equity program that gives laptops and ipads to the women in the programs. kumasi: it helps women withththh resumes. reggie: a long-standing southbay tradition took on a new form because of the pandemic. firefighters hold a contactless toy drive to collect donations for the holiday season. community members drove right up to take them in a safe manner. happening today, you can take a walk with prince william. the royalist ring and a new apple podcast. they are taking part in a new christmas episode of time to walk on apple fitness plus.
5:55 am
take some time out of your day and walk for your mental health over the holidays. prince william says walking provides an opportunity to clear his mind and gain some perspective. apple is donating to three-month the health charities as he is not getting paid for this. kumasi: santa is back to slaying it on the slopes. they hit the slopes in western maine to raise money for charity. last year's event was canceled because of covid but they are back. they are kicking off the ski season in full holiday guard. they raise more than $4000 for charity which introduces young people to the benefit of outdoor creation. there was also a grinch. i kind of like the grinch outfit. reggie: i bet that's warm. there it is.
5:56 am
you can see him the whole way down. kumasi: we are all doing this. reggie: a grinch. mike: and everybody else is green with envy. looking at pretty cloudy conditions and a stray shower is possible. the better chances going to be up in the sierra. look how it develops in the south and east bay, sliding southward. this is not as impressive as this time yesterday. and a little bit of snow. they are down to 11% of average. kumasi: the pandemic blood pressure spiked -- the group affected the most and helping keep them under control. reggie: a san frati
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: top storiesries 6:00. omicron with more and more cases emerging across the country. new data's on the variant's level of infection. reggie: testing intersections.
6:00 am
you're going to have to do a little asked planning to putting on where you are flying. but first, this life look from our camera. as you can see, it is foggy once again. this has been a pattern on many of our weekdays. mike has more on that and a chance of rain for tonight. the morning on this monday, to simmer six. you're watching abc seven mornings, live on abc 7, who live, and wherever you stream. mike: good morning. i am looking for the grinch that stole our sunshine. here we go again. monday, a new week, same verse. up in the north bay and east bay, our inland neighborhoods, eight dense fog advisory. this is through 10:00 this morning. our other big story is the rain that comes in later this afternoon, especially tonight. it is a number one on the storm impact scale through tomorrow morning. here's look at san jose tomorrow morning. nobody is immune from the fog this morning.
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