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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 6, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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booster shot bay area health experts warm. we are on the cusp of yet another covid surge across the country, but the new data shows the highly transmissible omicron variant may mean our next way will be much milder abc 7 news reporter stephanie. sierra is live here now with the detail staff. yes kristen in contrast with other waves of covid our first look at the patient's hospitalized with omicron in south africa show. some promising signs cases are milder. they're not in the icu and most aren't requiring oxygen but experts warn that may not necessarily be the case here in the us. there's a lot of fear surrounding the newest highly transmissible omicron variant health experts expect the bay area will start seeing the beginning stages of a search within two weeks in the bay area. i would expect that people will get omer quran and if they do get it, it'll be very mild or many people wouldn't even know they have it ucsf's dr. peter chin. hung says preliminary data out of south africa shows the
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majority of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated and younger. with 80% under the age of 50 cases are reported to be milder than delta meaning patients aren't in the icu and most aren't on oxygen the fact that they're not requiring oxygen in the hospital is a good sign. it mainly shows that you know, there isn't the robust bad inflammation that causes the lungs to get all clogged up chin hong says this early evidence is a promising sign our next surge will likely be mild mild and not overwhelm our hospital cap. especially in a highly vaccinated population like the bay area, but he also pointed out it's still early and usually takes more than two weeks for people to get severely ill not to mention south africa's population is much younger than the us and there aren't as many people with cool morbidities like in the us it may mean that that early initial mild disease that we're seeing so far in south african hospitals may not be the case in the united states
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particularly in unvaccinated ideals experts say this is why it's never been more critical to get booster shots because the next couple months could present a triple threat with the flu omicron and delta. i think it's quite possible. that delta and coexist together in certain places if and when that happens, it's still unclear if the combination will result in more severe disease. it's nothing stopping a person from getting influenza plus omicron plus delta and that interaction may make people sicker. now it is very possible the conclusions drawn from this data could change but doctors say either way in oberkron surge will hit the bay area the question is will it stay mild or strengthened to overcome delta dr. chin hong says we should know more even in just a couple weeks dan. there'd be an interesting couple of weeks steph. thank you so much. well the number of mutations in the omicron variant could
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actually be its downfall. that's very good for us abc 7 news reporter loose pena has more on the new study. south africa and what it means for the future of the virus? she's in the newsroom with the story loose. dan is all very preliminary data that we're getting from south africa, but it's looking promising. yes omicron is more infectious than any other variant, but there's a possibility that he may cause less severe to cease. preliminary data out of south africa is giving the world insight into how strong omicron really is the south african medical research council just reported this variant may cause less severe cases of covid-19. i'm vaccinated people they're going to the hospital in south africa, but they're not suffering as severe disease. they're not requiring oxygen omicron has 50 mutations 32 of those are protein making it more transmissible than any other variant dr. warner green is a senior investigator and
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virologist for the gladstone institute. he believes all those mutations could be it's downfall now. it's possible with this virus that it may be a 10 what we call a tenuated. it has enough mutations. that it doesn't cause as much disease, that would be wonderful, but let me stress that we don't know that yet scientists across the world are collaborating. to stand if omicron had to evade antibodies one of those teams is at ucserves quantitative biosciences institute. there was an event in norway where there's think there's over a hundred individuals at this event and i think the vast majority of not all of them are vaccinated 60 these people got with omicron so vaccinated people can definitely get get gt reinfected or infected but very good news is is that those 16 individuals all of them showed mild or no symptoms they broke down omicron and found how the
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virus is staying alive. so we think that these virus is evolving to transmit every time better in humans, and that's why it has cumulated all these mutations in the spike protein as more data is collected dr. believes there's an encouraging possibility. we might wind up handling. flu you might even get a flu shot in the of our shot in the same vaccine vaccination continues to be the best way to stop this virus from mutating every expert i spoke to today said it's going to take longer to be covid-19 and all the mutations were seen if we don't vaccinate the rest of the world fast in the newsroom loose peña abc 7 news. okay loose. thank you. well travelers flying to the united states are now required to show evidence of a negative covid test within one day of boarding their flight the previous cutoff for travelers from outside the us three days abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield spoke with passengers today about the change. passengers arriving this morning
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from thailand told us the new rule requiring a negative covid test 24 hours before the flight is tough to achieve. there's not enough hours in the day to get a test done and be able to fly here had 18 and a half hours of flight time. he points out that doesn't any time for surprises if there's a delay or you miss a plane who then what are you going to do? because i stopped over in japan and you can't exit the terminal for my case. i had different layovers from coming from an international flight amanda martin found out at a japanese airport that her covid test results from thailand would expire by the time she landed in the united states with layovers and that time if it is, you know, even one hour over then. they don't count it and that's basically what happened to me. so she got another test in japan. she spent about $300 on covid tests to meet the new
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requirements other travelers also told us it is doable, but not easy i think is frustrated to get 24 hours before the flight if you are traveling abroad amanda's advice is to be really prepared. i guess do more research. which kind of hard i think i i think i did a lot mark has a different perspective for future international travelers. don't even bother trying. there's no way you can do it. here's the line at sfo to get a covid test and that's the first tip a professor at cal state east state told us he would tell travelers check and see if the airport abroad that you'll be flying out of offers them. and he also wants to remind everyone this isn't the only thing you need to be paying attention to but also figuring out what restrictions are in place. policies are in place and the country that you're going to so a lot of homework you need to do before you take that international flight at sfo amy hollyfield abc 7 news.
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remember if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines you can ask our abc 7 vaccine team head to abc 7 slash vaccine and click on the big blue box. alright, let's turn now to weather you're looking live from our tower cameras in san francisco the east bay and the golden gate bridge where you can see there are lots of clouds ahead of tonight's showers abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here with the forecast foggy today, too. yeah, dan, it looks and it feels a lot more like december today. we struggled in a lot of cities to even reach 50 degrees and now we're tracking some very light showers on live doppler 7, so down the street level we go some miss some drizzle along the peninsula and over the city right now the facings and very light showers from cloverdale to healdsburg down 101. it's a very fine. mist and fog at this hour the wider picture will combine satellite on top of live doppler 7. it's not a lot of moisture headed our way. this is a really weak system, but nonetheless over the next 12 hours. we will find some light showers
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dotting the region on the storm impact scale the level one light system tonight through early tuesday morning drizzle and some light showers. highest amounts in the north bay the biggest issue with this storm slick roads and areas of dense fog rainfall overnight tonight very low in spots outside of the north bay, but this is just one of several chances for wet weather. we're tracking over the next seven days. we'll have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. all right true. thank you. someone set the christmas tree in jack london square on fire overnight the oakland fire department shared a few pictures of the aftermath with abc 7 news firefighters found a canister at the scene, which they believe was used to start the fire. they say fortunately the lights were not plugged in at the time. otherwise the damage could have been much worse. mental health response changing how and who responds to people in crisis will have that story recall rules should recalls be limited the push for change for elected officials after what happened to california governor
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takes self-reflection with 14 years of law enforcement experience, san mateo county supervisor. don horsley aimed to find a solution for how police can best respond to mental health calls. my goal always was to solve situations in a safe way that provides for public safety and everybody gets to go home at night. you know both the mentally ill person as well as the deputy sheriffs or police officers with not every case turning out that way he asked what can we do differently as of today daily city south san francisco, san mateo and redwood city police departments will send officers and train clinicians to mental health calls. this is community centered wellness. this is community focused wellness. and then freeing up our police officers in addition to allowing police to focus on crime the project aims to provide an alternative to jail for people undergoing a behavioral health crisis. clinician. brianna. fair says, it puts the people best trained for the issues on the front lines. i will be able to compile all
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these community resources into my you know, my toolbox is what they call it and be able to take that toolbox every call and really take over in that aspect of just being able to provide the best care rather than just the bare minimum even so redwood city based police reform advocates wanted more. there's a lot of fear that police officers will actually like unrightfully use force on people especially mental health crisis situations. so because of that we'd be much preferred. we'd much prefer that the police do not come on every single emergency call do a partnership with stanford the results of the program are monitored and will be looked at next year in taylor county dustin dorsey abc 7 news help is coming to try to ease traffic on the bay bridge. the mtc is opening two commuter parking lots in the east bay. this one is located off buchanan street in albany under interstate 80. the other is off fruitvale avenue near 880 in oakland. both are intended to be used for
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carpooling or employee shuttle services. the lots are gated and we'll have a parking attendant. site, there will be free this month and next after that. they'll cost $3 a day or $60 a month santa clara county supervisor. cindy chavez has a vision for a greener future. she's planning to propose a new sustainable purchasing policy for the county. this new policy will have the county and its contractors purchase greener cleaner products wherever there is a choice to do so. if approved the program would look at how far products travel to get to the county how they're disposed of and whether they can be recycled. she believes it will also save the county money and help bay area companies that have been affected by the pandemic the proposal goes before the board of supervisors at tomorrow's meeting. all right. how's the weather looking out there? could we possibly be getting rain, right meteorologist drew tuma is here with that. we could use some rain. we could you seeing it feels like it. i mean finally can break.
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christmas sweaters, you can break out the heavier jackets today. it was certainly a chilly start to the week and now we're tracking some light showers out there live doppler 7 showing you the active sweep across the region and what we're finding some coastal mist and drizzle right now. most of the action is in the north bay with this trough moving through but you notice really just some light green on your screen indicating some fine s some light showers were not expecting heavy downpours over the next 12 hours the rooftop. camera tells you the moody scene we have out there this afternoon. it's a lot of gray skies some wet pavement and spots people out there need the heavier jackets, and we're certainly dealing with some cool temperatures and some low visibility throughout the day-to. august certainly been an issue it still isn't issue and a lot of spots and we will not see improvement in our visibility overnight tonight. it's not until midday tomorrow that the clouds will lift and the fog will move out underneath that cloud cover. it's chilly out there upper 40s to low 50s right now. we're at in santa rosa 53 in
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oakland only 52 in palo alto a cold 49 right now in fairfield his live doppler 7 along with satellite the story we're tracking this trough. it's moving through northern california the dynamics with it. the heaviest of the rain is going to stay well north of the ba areatunately, we're just getting a tail end of the system indicating just some light showers overnight tonight. we'll keep the cloud cover overhead some areas of dense fog numbers not going to fall too far from where we are this afternoon, mainly mid-40s to low 50s and the overnight hours on the storm impact scale. it is a level 1 light system tonight into early tuesday morning. we'll track those light showers those pockets of drizzle. the highest amounts will likely be found in the north bay and the issues we have first thing tomorrow morning slick roadways and some areas of dense fog be aware of that for the early morning commute on our tuesday future weather later on this google track some pockets of light showers moving through the region later on tonight by 10 pm. again. it's just scattered light showers. it's unsettled in the overnight
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period first thing tomorrow morning it is cloudy. we have those areas of fog some pockets of drizzle, but by midday this system is out of here. watch what happens by noon. the showers are out of here. the fog is moving out the clouds are breaking down. so tuesday afternoon. we should see a fair amount of sunshine and temperatures warmer than we wwere today raialesmate. rs w thisui movitem highest amounts in thes notig soaker by any ttern changing for w tehe of the honor tsday. re finding wares again. you'll have those early morning showers breaking that cloud cover down midday for afternoon sunshine. so that sunshine will feel nice tomorrow 61 in the city 62 in oakland 63 in san jose 64 in santa rosa about 61 in concord. here's the accurate the 74 cast we're tracking several chances for wet. weather next chance will come thursday morning behind that storm temperature. really tank friday morning. it is chilly. we're stuck in the 50s and then kristen the storm.
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i'm really excited about this one coming sunday to monday. that looks like it's trending weather and that could bring us some widespread beneficial rainfall. keep you updated on that. all right, we can use that. thanks drew. there's not a lot of snow here in northern, california. so we are really enjoying this video of hundreds of santa's hitting the slopes in maine the santa sunday event raised more than 4,000 for charity including the river fund which introduces young people to the benefits of outdoor recreation. there was a sea santa's and only one grinch in the crowd oh you see the grinch. is that what the green pants that is right in the back there. that is so cute. oh, there it is. there we go. how funny? neon green they grow green. you can enjoy the magic of christmas while supporting local businesses. visit oakland is hosting a holiday window contest. all you have to do is vote for your favorite one the merchant with the most votes will win a staycation package organizers say it will be a great way for the winning winning small business owner to unwind after a very busy holiday season, you
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th wce hass and w business are in t office many are still holding off and now there's a new book called out of office which is all about revamping our work from home situations abc 7 news reporter. becky worley has a look at rethinking the workplace. the boundaries between work and home seemed to have disappeared as we juggle resp. ability is 24/7 a lot of people compare it to. not working from home, but living at work, which is obviously not a great place to be in 2017 charlie worzel and anne peterson traded the hustle and bustle of new york city for a slower pace out west when the
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pandemic hit they saw an opportunity to deeply research what doesn't doesn't work. when you're remote a lot of employers are still treating remote work as some kind of perk that you have to earn and that's really difficult because it puts people in this mindset that they have to be constantly on and over performing just to deserve this. book out of office when do i actually start working people tell lies to all the time about the if they sit down to work at 9 am when they actually start working at 6:30 in the morning once you know when you work, how long does it actually take me to get my work for the week done like we surveyed over 700 different people and all of them at some point confessed. really i get most of my work done in a five hour sprint if you want to keep working remotely talk to your manager and to highlight all the ways
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you have been more productive in terms of like i found to be a really sustainable. way to do really high quality work. so, how can we figure out the best times when i need to be in the office and remember that harried mom, we showed you juggling at all as she started her day. that's my producer amanda who was on the zoom call with us too when we checked in to make sure everything recorded. okay, who is this that we're looking at? who's this cute? this is jason. oh, look at this. oh my gosh work from home warrior. yeah, this is the real. ity even in this interview that's becky worley and that says it all right working so hard juggling everything no separation between work and family. the key is to be more intentional take a minute with your boss and your family to figure out how to tweak routines to make things a little bit better for everyone. good advice, it's now official. the united states will not be sending a diplomatic delegation to the 2022 winter olympics in china.
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in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. in six months, san francisco voters are set to decide the future of district attorney has a boudin that's a recall
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election is expected to be held now this comes of course in concerns rising concerns about crime in the city, but as abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz found out houdin still has his supporters who say he's just a scapegoat. with crime front and san francisco. so is the recall election of district attorney chase abudin today? the city's top prosecutor gathered with his supporters who argued the attacks against him are unfounded and unfair. i really appreciate everything. he's doing for our communities. i think it's very important and the safety of our city of san francisco mr. bodine was elected by our voters the majority and i don't think the recall is honoring that more. 80,000 san francisco signed the petition to recall boudin many feel the former public defender has not been tough enough on crime, but boudin supporters say he inherited many of the problems. he's now being blamed for and that he hasn't been in office long enough to make a fair judgment. do you feel like you're being
4:30 pm
set up as a scapegoat? there are lots of people who want to point the finger at my office and blame us for things. mary chung is the chair of the safer sf without boudin campaign the group leading the recall. there's always been crime. there's always been homicides. there's always been chocolate lifting. however, what chasopodin has done is that he's chosen not to charge cases properly. he has let people out violent people. let's be very clear. my conviction rate for murders has gone up compared to the prior administration. my charging rate for rates has gone up compared to the prior administration boutine told reporters. it's republicans who are backing the effort jung a democrat says, that's just not true. i mean when you think that we over 83,000 signatures that were valid. okay, and that there's only like 33,000 republicans in the city. you know that nutter you know that this is a big tent effort and the recall election is six months from tomorrow voters will decide yes or no if they want to recall boudin and unlike the
4:31 pm
statewide recall election in this election. it will be up to the mayor to choose the replacement in the newsroom. liz queries abc 7 news and in the meantime and the state of california is re evaluating its recall process after what happened this year with governor newsom. the legislature has put together a panel and today at held a public hearing where export experts pointed out some of the flaws. the potential is there for for r well moneyed minority interests in politics that can't win in regular elections to force the winning candidates into do-overs as i said sort of a second chance for sore losers at the ballot box and they can hope to win in a lower turnout setting in a special election. among the possible changes being considered limiting recalls to instances were elected official. does something illegal or unethical part of building a better bay area is highlighting others who are working toward
4:32 pm
the same mission that we have here at abc 7 the brand new san francisco standard has recruited a team of journalists with a goal to serve everyone with the stake in the future of san francisco. so abc 7 news is excited to announce a partnership with the san francisco standard to showcase some of their deep and insightful reporting on the city on getting answers today. i spoke with the san francisco standards news lead. gauss for a new newsroom focused on san francisco. we're growing really quickly. we're going to be about 25 people by next month, which is very exciting and our whole mission is to help people to know their city and what that means to us is helping people know, you know, not just the people and the ideas and the creativity that make this such a dynamic to live but also, you know the politics the policy the governance the economics all of those factors that will you know shape outcomes and shape the future of the city. you talked about politics one of the stories you're following closely is the assembly district 17 race in san francisco to fill
4:33 pm
the seat vacated by david chew, of course who's been appointed to the city attorney position. why does this raise take on extra weight and importance right now? yeah, well, there's a lot of interest in this race, you know the way this came about is as mentioned david chu was appointed city attorney earlier this year leaving this seat vacant david chu served in that role for about eight years, know these these seats don't necess. fairly, you know vacate just every day so immediately we saw a lot of interest in this race. we have four candidates who are vying for this position, you know, and in the assembly, you know, this is a significant role. obviously they this person will represent the eastern half of san francisco and play a play a role in shaping statewide policy and representing the interests of san francisco and the assembly but it's a significant position as well because if you know that person is an ambitious politician they could wind up seeking even higher office so, you know, all those things together. there's no surprise. there's a lot of interest in this race. look for more stories from the
4:34 pm
san francisco standard this week in our newscasts. you can also find the san francisco standard stories on our abc 7 bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv android tv, amazon fire tv and roku tv a lot of great in-depth content and dan hyper focused on san francisco. it's terrific. we're really excited about it the partnership. the owners of the san francisco restaurant apologize after denying service to three on police officers also mental health at work the fort for next ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪ ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, what?! no! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating the eyes and may provide temporary relief. xiidra works differently,
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at four today. we have amma joining the conversation and drew as well. so you heard this probably a san francisco restaurant is dealing with backlash after it asks three on duty police officers to leave hilda and jesse on union street in north beach as the cops to leave on friday because their weapons made the employees feel uncomfortable. they say word spread over social media and the restaurant was flooded with negative reviews online. enough to drop its overall rating to one star on yelp. what yesterday the owners apologize saying they handled the situation badly drew. have you ever been to that restaurant? i haven't but when i heard this story over the weekend early on saturday. i did think that initially they did make the wrong call and then you saw them come out yesterday the owners and they backtracked that we did make the wrong call. so i think it's kind of interesting right now because these cops they do patrol that area and you want to become
4:38 pm
friends with those people and you want them to know. your businesses to keep them safe. so i found it interesting that they felt unsafe that cops would want to eat and visit their restaurant. yeah, you know. it's often the opposite right where restaurants would like to have officers come and give them free food so that they come regularly. yeah, i think it just shows though a little bit about certain groups don't necessarily have the trust in police though, and that's just kind of a reality right now that you know, we can't ignore and it's also interesting to point out what what if what can be done when people go online and suddenly they have a one-star yelp review. yep. all right, interesting. prince harry knows what? it's like to quit a job and start over any suggesting and maybe good for others as well the duke of sussex tells business magazine fast company that job resignations. we've seen during the pandemic are not all bad saying that with self-awareness comes the need
4:39 pm
for change. he added quote many people around the world have been stuck in jobs. that didn't bring them joy, and now they're putting their mental health and happiness first. this is something to be celebrated. harry is now working working with san francisco startup better. up, which promotes mental health at corporations. am i take a crack at his job royalty. that's true. we have seen so many people and i know a bunch of people we all do who have decided to make changes during the pandemic in their lives, and it takes a lot of guts to especially you're at a certain point in your career, perhaps and starting something. brand new that's tough. you know it is it is true drew, you know, you're settled in something and even if it doesn't bring you joy, you know their bills to pay right? my area walker. yeah, we can walk away. i mean, okay. it's probably easy when you're a royal and you're a million. to rethink your position. i do like though how more and more people are putting an emphasis on what they truly appreciate in their life, and it's not working 60 hours a week
4:40 pm
and finding that balance that they really want where they can live in a beautiful place, but also take time off and enjoy that place they live in so i am all forth. so i will say when you're a millionaire. it's probably way easier just decision to get out of whatever you're doing. you have that luxury right. i've never resigned from the position of royalty before but yeah, you guys, you know, i we've known people who have quit and they always say it was scary when they took the leap, but i think the vast majority end up saying they were very happy. yeah, absolutely, right? yeah, but they made the choice. all right now a look to the future of robots a british company has unveiled a robot. look at this. that is some very realistic facial expressions. you can see yeah amica here appearing to wake up surprised by her own existence. she looks confused curious there and amazed all the same time right now. she's just a body and can't walk but terminator here we come i mean dan is not amazing. it is actually it's remarkable.
4:41 pm
i mean, it is more and more realistic, you know, look at the old animatronic robots. now, imagine what they're going to look like at, you know places like disneyland and other places like that but more to the point as we enter this brave i'm not sure what all the vacations in the uses will be but you know. when they turn skynet on which move i was was was was was was s facial expressions joe that i'm terrified of that. i mean, it's just so creepy because it's so real looking. yeah. here we go. well, apparently not everyone is in the christmas spirit just yet according to spotify data users in san francisco. don't like christmas as much as other major us cities san francisco has just 14 christmas songs on its top 100 right now and ranks seventh out of 10 when it comes to streaming holiday songs, the stream song here is all i want for christmas is you
4:42 pm
by mariah carey the city that's listening to christmas music the most philadelphia us currently has 31 holiday themed songs on its top 100 streams. i don't know about you guys drew. i look forward to the christmas songs every year and everything that goes around the holiday season. yeah, and i i will say that this year. i don't know what it is. i am slow to get into the christmas. music this time of the year. i will say that i don't really listen to the radio all that often. i'm using like a podcast on my way to work or something like that, but it's interesting that philadelphia was number one. i would have thought like new york city with her, you know rockefeller christmas tree you really get into the spirit. how about you? what do you think i was listening to christmas music and holiday music before thanksgiving soon as it came on. i'm like i will squeeze any bit of joy out of this year that i can find. yeah. no shame. it's never too early to start i'd say whatever makes you happy do it. bring it. i've started watching christmas movies. we're doing that at home now getting ready fun.
4:43 pm
all right, that's it for the part 4 ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
volunteers across california spent their morning counting monarch butterflies. the annual count takes place in the weeks around thanksgiving amidates is back with a look at the count and why it's been a bit depressing in recent years. yeah, kristen dan the monarch butterfly population has seen a staggering 99% decline in just a few decades, but this year something marvelous is happening. that's giving environmentalists
4:46 pm
reason for hope so what we're seeing over there with the monarchs that are in the tree that have their wings open. they're actually sunning so they're capturing the warmth of the sun just like eager vacationers monarch butterflies come to the california coast to get away from the harsh winter weather farther east. one of their favorite spots is monterey county summer choosing to stay in the clusters. you see some are still hanging. that's where stephanie turcott admires them. there's a low cluster down on some of these branches. these are not sisters that were there when we counted last week, so it's interesting that they've kind of moved turcott is sort of a butterfly whisperer. this is a female she's probably getting moisture in this very small place. this habitat is so incredible. this place is the monarch grove sanctuary a two-acre park in the middle of pacific grove. we're smack dab in the middle of a residential area. so the butterflies that are here are the great great grandchildren of the butterflies that were here before.
4:47 pm
so these butterflies will leave go have a life cycle and generation elsewhere. leave go have a life cycle in generation elsewhere and then those butterflies will come back here. or they're just following some kind of innate signals that bring them to this specific location in 1997 volunteers counted 45,000 monarchs at this site since then the number has dwindled two years ago. just 800 monarchs came last year none. i was in tears. i was in tears for a different reason than the tears that i had this year when i saw so many of them. we're really excited. it's been so fun to share this news that we have more. this year than we have for the past few. they're giving you a great show. you see all that movement. the cersei society has been running western monarch butterfly counts for the past 25 years at 200 overwintering sites up and down the pacific coast last year. it counted just 2,000 butterflies at all of the sites. what we're seeing this year is we're well over a hundred thousand and we're hoping it's gonna continue to go up which is
4:48 pm
great news. it's not recovery. it doesn't mean the the population's out of the woods. because the monarch butterfly population used to be in the millions in the 1980s. the cersei's society has petitioned it be included in the endangered species act after last year's devastating disappearance more than 12,000 have returned this year to pacific grove. they come to places like pacific grove where the conditions are just right. it's cool enough for them, but it's not freezing and they have a little bit of sunlight but not lots of direct sun they have protection from the wind so they come to these specific overwintering sites and when they're in these sites, they're much easier for us to count because they're all just resting in their clusters the butterflies that come here are from, idaho, oregon washington state's west of the rockies the ones east of the rockies head to central mexico. they rest here until around valentine's day when they start to find mates. so this is the first time in about six years at the monarchs
4:49 pm
have been in the interior of the sanctuary. even though turquoi is excited to see them here. she's worried. the warm temperatures has them flying around. we need the cool temperatures to keep the monarchs and their resting state. so if the monarchs are using up all that fat reserve right now flying and enjoying all this beautiful weather, they might not survive through the winter so we could potentially lose a lot of monarchs and that don't have the food source available make it through the there's just massive efforts to plant milkweed and to protect and restore habitat that's already out there congress may help the and pollinator highway act would provide millions to plant pollinator friendly plants along the nation's highways if the butterflies aren't doing well. the bees aren't doing well and moths and other pollinators are not doing well. we really need to protect all of those pollinators. standing in the middle of that grove and seeing the butterflies take off from a branch and fly all around you is pretty magical.
4:50 pm
it is volunteers counted 13,68 butterflies this past saturday at the pacific grove sanctuary. that was the largest of any of the counts this year if you want to see the butterflies, they should stay at the sanctuary until early february kristen. they are quite a sight. thanks so much. and thanks to a $30,000 grant from google. the city of mountain view is making room for monarchs the city just announced that it's establishing new pollinator habitats at the shoreline golf links and the northeast meadowlands area. the program is intended to help support the butterflies repopulation and migration in mountain view. that's fascinating. all right, let's turn back our attention to what feels like the right kind of weather for this time. kristen yeah, including the rain that's coming our way, right? yeah. it really does. i mean temperatures are really struggling to even reach 50 degrees today. so certainly it feels like december and it looks like winter out there live doppler 7 it is tracking. some light showers out there right now the main focus of
4:51 pm
those light showers are in the north bay at this early evening hour. this wet weather will be moving through in the overnight hours on the storm impact scale the level one light system. we're tracking tonight into early tomorrow morning. so we'll track some drizzle some light showers. the highest rainfall will be in the north bay and some of the bigger impacts especially for tomorrow morning's commute. we'll find some slick roads and some areas of dense fog overnight tonight. we have that canopy of cloud cover overhead some areas of fog. the temperatures not falling too far from the current numbers in the mid-40s to low 50s as those light showers move through tomorrow morning. we'll start out those clouds the showers. midday the wet weathers out of here the clouds begin to break down by the afternoon. we'll find sunny or skies and warmer temperatures compared to today will go into the low and mid 60s for your tuesday afternoon. here's the accuweather 74 castle track those morning showers tomorrow. and pockets of drizzle wednesday a morning chance of light rain on thursday. it's risk in its bright friday and saturday and then we'll track another chance of wet weather coming sunday and into
4:52 pm
monday, kristen and dan. okay. all right. thank you so much drew the best of 2021 all those lists are coming out. yeah today the top tiktok videos. videos. they made us laughs cry and your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight.
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and protect against vision loss. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. tonight on abc 7 at 8. it's a very boy band holiday followed by the bachelorette then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. it's december and that means time for all those year.
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stories today tiktok is sharing. its popular videos of 2021 from the animals. that made us laugh to the top dance movies. here's abc's tj homes with some of the top tiktoks of 2021. if you can't be right they were the videos that made us shake it made us eat it. and made us smile feelings. their best and buzziest tik toks from 2021. the laughing fox named the top video on tiktok powered by joy list with nearly 20 million views and welcome back to yet another round of no bones the gamer. we find out if my 13 year old pug woke up with bones and noodle the pug and creator john gras making the list as one of the big breakthrough stars of the year one day. he had a bones day and i was like, alright guys noodles up.
4:56 pm
so that means you've got to get up too and that really struck with people and they went. okay like sure to have something so positive and so um, so light-hearted on the internet i think has really struck. people oh stranger aiming to change the way the medical field treats black patients is med student joel barbell landing a top spot on voices of change. my mission was always to really make sure that the information that i don't even get in medical school. our textbooks are heavily based on lighter skin and not in darker skin was out there for me was important because this was my own health as well. this is the health of my sister my brother the people that i love the most and if the information is not out there, how can you take that into your own hands and be able to make sure that you're bettering your own health? health 2021 wasn't just about take. viral moments it gavs it gavs ig new playlist.
4:57 pm
and n with a new viral dance that nabbed tiktoker tracy oj a place in the for your phase category making it one of the most popular videos of the year. i started growing in tiktok, and i was like, you know incorporating a little bit of moons most especially african spoons. i think that really gave me significance and i'm so happy a lot of people learn. it six o'clock is a place. you can be creative to talk as a place. can be yourself. take talks growth has exploded since it was founded just five years ago more than a billion people around the world now use the app. you can get our live newscast breaking news weather and more with our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv android tv fired tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it now. that's it for abc 7 news at 4 abc 7 news at 5 with dananama is coming up next.
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should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. the news confusion and frustration in the east bay tonight over the lack of enforcement when it comes to a month old covid safety requirement for indoor dining and now contra costa county supervisors are demanding answers from the health department. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'mma dates you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. the official messages are mixed in one east bay county when it comes to enforcement of a vaccine mandate for inside dining. contra costa county has required restaurants to check for vaccine cards or negative covid tests in september, but as abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tells us it's now unclear whether county health officials are actually enforcing those rules. there h


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