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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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transmissible omicron variant may mean our next wave will be much milder abc 7 news reporter stephanie. sierra is here with the details steph yes alma in contrast with other waves of covid our first early look at the patient's hospitalized with omicron in south africa show promising signs cases are milder patients aren't in the icu and most aren't requiring oxygen but experts warn that may not necessarily. the case here in the us. there's a lot of fear surrounding the newest highly transmissible omicron variant health experts expect the bay area will start seeing the beginning stages of a search within two weeks in the bay area. i would expect that people. will get omicron and if they do get it, it'll be very mild or many people wouldn't even know they have it ucsf's dr. peter chin. hung says preliminary data out. south africa shows the majority of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated and younger with 80% under the age of 50 cases are reported to be mild.
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delta meeting patients aren't in the icu and most art on oxygen the fact that they're not requiring oxygen in the hospital is a good sign it mainly shows that you know, there isn't the robust bad inflammation that causes the lungs to get all clogged up chin hong says this early evidence is a promising sign our next surge will likely be mild and not overwhelm our hospital capacity, especially in a highly vaccinated population like the bay area. also pointed out it's still early and usually takes more than two weeks for people to get severely ill not to mention south africa's population is much younger than the us and their armed as many people with cool morbidities like in the us it may mean that that early initial mild disease that we're seeing so far in south african hospitals may not be the case in the united states particularly in unvaccinated individuals experts say this is why it's never been critical to get booster shots.
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because the next couple months could present a triple threat with the flu omicron and delta. i think it's quite possible. that delta and omicron will coexist together in certain places if and when that happens, it's still unclear if the combination will result in more severe disease. it's nothing stopping a person from getting influenza plus omicron plus delta and that interaction may make people sicker. now it's very possible the conclusions drawn from this data could change but doctors say either way in omicron surge will hit the bay area the question is will it stay mild or strengthened to overcome delta dr. chinhong says we should know more even in just a couple weeks ama. all right, stephanie. thank you so much and in the east bay contra costa county has been requiring restaurants to check vaccine cards or negative covid tests since september, but as abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tells us it's now clear weather county health officials
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are actually enforcing those rules. there has been no official change in policy are approaches always started and led with education in early september contra costa county instituted a new requirement on restaurants bars and gyms. the customers must show a negative covid test or proof of vaccination to dine or work out inside that led to the closure of indoor dining at in and out restaurants in contra costa which refused to out the order in november. however, the county health department issued zero citations or fines despite receiving dozens of complaints to my account 54 complaints were specifically to the vaccines vaccination requirement and then there were another 26 that had multiple issues some of those are in process of still being addressed. i'm disappointed and just in troubled by not seeing any fines issued in november because i
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think fines are often needed also as a message to other restaurants county staff have been very strongly told that they are to enforce the health order and that includes citations and the possibility of closing down restaurants. our goal is not issue fines are our goal is to get business. to comply with the orders some restaurant owners and managers tell us they're confused by the mixed messages. i just kind of wait for the contraposta county health officials to say, okay, you're free to let in whoever you'd like, but we just don't know if that's going to happen when when that's going to happen. at a frustration here in contra costa county some restaurant owners told us they are well aware that their customers. can drive a relatively short distance and going to an establishment without having to show a vaccine card. we share the same county lines and you'll walk one step here or one step there and it's a different policy in contra.
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costa county laura anthony abc 7 news. alright, it's on to the weather now our abc 7 storm impact scale returns for you. now some parts of the bay area already seen light showers abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here with the forecast drew. yeah, dan it certainly looks like winter out there. it feels like a tooth temperature chilly in the 40s and 50s and we do have some light rain moving through this evening live doppler 7 is tracking it with the scan around the region. you'll find some light showers right now dotting the landscape mostly in the north bay right now along the coast as well and those light showers will continue over the next 12 hours. you see the wider picture it will find that those showers are going to be moving in from north to south right now live doppler 7 there you can see i think we're on the wrong max computer right now, but doppler 7 is showing you that that rain will move through it is a level one light storm we have on the storm impact scale. we'll find some light scattered showers throughout the region overnight tonight some areas of dense fog right now as well and even some slick ways especially
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first thing tomorrow morning rainfall amounts likely just a few hundreds of an inch of rain there. you can see the visibility there. we're down to five miles in some spots. so tomorrow morning. it's a great start, but we'll finish it with some sunshine. this is just one of several opportunities will have some wet weather head. that in the full act of the forecast in a few minutes i'mma all right drew. thank you so much. well the annual jack london square tree lighting is expected to go on this saturday night. despite someone setting the tree on fire overnight abc 7 news reporter melanie. woodrow has the story. with less than a week until the official lighting ceremony this already decorated christmas tree is now part of an arson investigation the oakland fire department says someone set the tree on fire around 120 this morning. the fire department is ultimately 200 yards away and firefighters arrived and put out the fire within minutes definitely could have been a much scarier scene had it taken longer for the crew to get there oakland fire department spokesperson. michael hunt says surveillance video shows one person set the
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fire. they left behind a canister though hunt did not want to specify what type it is. very clear that this was in. tentionally less than 10% of the tree suffered significant damage and the tree is structurally sound with no risk of calling at this point according to the fire department on says the plan is to fill in sections that were burned or cover up sections so that this saturday's tree lighting can go on as planned to have someone. potentially jeopardize that and jeopardize the opportunity for people to gather in communal spaces safely really is a is a really frustrating moment right now. the fire department is coordinating its investigation with the oakland police department melanie woodrow abc news four of san mateo county's biggest cities are taking a new approach when it comes to helping people facing a mental health crisis starting today police officers from daly city south san francisco, san mateo and redwood city will team up
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with trained clinicians during mental health calls. the goal is to put experts not officers out front to de-escalate what can sometimes be a volatile situation we'll be able to compile all these community resources. into my you know, my toolbox is what they call it and be able to take that toolbox. recall and really take over in that aspect of just being able to provide the best care rather than just the bare minimum. a pilot program will allow officers to focus on crime and will provide an alternative to jail for people undergoing a behavioral health crisis. the programs results will be independently monitored by stanford university. fighting back against a recall san francisco district attorney chesibudin and his supporters say attacks on him are unfounded changes at chase center what you need to know if you're taking kids to tonight's warriors game. and request for passports continue to surge the problems you may run into with a hug
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central valley congressman devin nunez is leaving the house at the end of the year. the republican will be leading former president donald trump's effort to a social media platform intended to rival twitter a statement released today by the trump media and technology group said nunez will serve as chief executive officer beginning in january twitter blocked trump's account following the deadly storming of the us capitol. california is reevaluating its recall process and today the legislature held a public hearing where experts pointed out some of the flaws with the current system. are for well-moneyed minority interest?
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politics that can't win in regular elections to force the winning candidates into do-overs as i said sort of a second chance for sore losers at the ballot box and they can hope to win in a lower turnout setting in a special election. among the possible changes being considered is limiting recalls to instances when elected official does something illegal or unethical a recall election for san francisco district attorney. jason boudin is set for june. this comes amid rising concerns about crime in the city, but as abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz found out boudin still has his supporters who say he's just a scapegoat. front and cen cen cen francisco. so is the recall election of attorney chase abudin today the city's top prosecutor gathered with his supporters who argued the attacks against him are unfounded and unfair. i really appreciate everything he's doing for our communities.
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i think it's very important and the safety of our city in san francisco mr. bodine was elected by our voters the majority and i don't think the recall is honoring that more than 80,000 san francisco signed the petition to recall boudin many feel the former public defender is not been tough enough. time but boudin supporters say he inherited many of the problems. he's now being blamed for and that. hasn't been in office long enough to make a fair judgment. do you feel like you're being set up as a scapegoat? there are lots of people who want to point the finger at my office and blame us for things. mary chung is the chair of the for sf without boudin campaign the group leading the recall effort. there's always been crime. there's always been homicides. there's always been chocolate thing. however, what chasopodin has done is that he's chosen not to charge cases properly. he has let people out violent people. let's be very clear my conviction rate for murders have gone up compared to the prior administration. my charging rate for rates has gone up compared to the prior
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administration boutine told reporters, its republicans who are backing the effort. young a democrat says that's just not true. i mean when you think that we submitted over 83,000 signatures that were valid. okay, and that there's only like 33,000 republicans in the city. you know that nutter you know that this is a a big tent effort and the recall election is six months from tomorrow voters will decide yes or no if they want to recall ludine and unlike the statewide recall election in this election. it will be up to the mayor to choose the replacement in the room this quartz abc 7 news there's thank you the man who hopes to replace jackie spear in congress today received arguably the biggest endorsement yet from speer herself. he is going to deliver for the future for liam and landon and for all the liam and landon's in this state and in this country and that's why we need kevin mullen as the next congressman from this district.
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peninsula assemblyman kevin mullen received spear support outside city hall in south san francisco with his wife jessica and sons liam and landon looking on mullen enters the race with endorsements for more than 40 elected officials from state spear announced last month as we reported that she would not seek re-election when her term expires in 2023 part of building a better bay area is highlighting others who are working toward the same goals we have here at abc 7 the brand new san francisco standard has recruited a team of journalists to serve everyone with a stake in the future of san francisco. abc 7 news is excited to announce a partnership with the san francisco standard to showcase some of their deep and insightful reporting on the city today on getting answers we spoke with news editor annie gauss for a new newsroom focused on san francisco. we're growing really quickly. we're going to be about 25 people by next month, which is very exciting and our whole mission is to help people to know their city and what that means to us is helping people
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know, you know, not just the people and the ideas and the creativity that make this such a dynamic place to live but also, you know the politics the policy the governance the economics all of those factors that will you know shape outcomes and shape the future of the city. you talked about politics one of the stories you're following closely is the assembly district 17 race in san francisco to fill the seat vacated by david chew, of course who's been appointed to the city attorney position. why does this raise take on extra weight and importance right now? yeah, well, there's a lot of interest in this race, you know the way this came about is as you mentioned david chu was appointed city attorney earlier this year leaving this seat bacon david chu served in that role for about eight years, you know these these seats don't necessarily, you know vacate just every day so immediately we saw a lot of interest in this race. we have four candidates who are vying for this position, you know, and in the assembly, you know, this is a significant role obviously they this person will
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represent the east half of san francisco and play a role in shaping statewide policy and representing the interests of san francisco and the assembly but it's a significant position. well because if you know that person is an ambitious politician they could wind up seeking even higher office. so, you know, all those things together. there's no surprise. there's a lot of interest in this race. and look for more stories from the san francisco standard this week in our newscast and you can find the san francisco standard stories on abc 7 bay area connected tv app it's available for apple tv android tv amazon tv amazon fire tv, excuse me and roku. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather ahmad pretty chilly foggy. rainy. it's it's here. yeah, we have quite the variety today drew. yeah, really do it feels like winter. i know a lot of people are telling me on do they turned on their heat for the first time today? and for good reason we barely touched 50 degrees and a lot of cities a lot of cloud. covered tonight live doppler 7 showing you are tracking some light showers. most of the shower activity has
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been in the north bay, but the showers are moving from north to south so over the next 12 hours. we'll find some scattered showers dotting the entire bay area today. it was a great start. we have areas of fog tonight visibility is an issue will continue to be an issue overnight tonight visibility anywhere for about four to seven miles right now. we do expect these numbers to drop even more first thing tomorrow morning. be aware of that not only some light showers moving through but reduced visibility for the tuesday morning commute out there today. it was chilly. well below average for this time of year, but it finally felt like december 48 right now in was around 52 in oakland the same and fremont 53 and palo alto but down to 49 in brentwood live doppler 7 along with satellite. can see all the cloud cover across california. this is a weak ripple of energy that's sliding down over coastline tonight doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. it's a quick moving system, but we'll get some light showers out of it overnight tonight on the storm impact scale is a level
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one light system. we are tracking those scattered light showers. we'll have slick roadways in the potential is there for some areas? dense fog especially first thing tomorrow morning overnight tonight. we'll keep that canopy of cloud cover overhead numbers not falling far from their current read. most of us will settle in the mid and upper 40s first thing tomorrow morning and will track those light showers moving through in the overnight period future weather early tomorrow morning 12:30 in the morning. there's some light showers you're noticing there's not bright colors on this future weather meaning the showers are very light if not missed in drizzle will track that mist and drizzle first thing for the tuesday morning commute scattered in spots and watch what happens by midday the storm system pushes off of our coastline by lunchtime. the wet weather is out of here. fog is moving out. the clouds are breaking down for fair amount of sunshine by the afternoon rainfall estimates again, very low numbers for this storm. we're talking just a few hundreds of an inch for a lot of us a little bit higher in the north bay where those showers linger just a little bit longer.
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tomorrow's also a warmer day compared to today with some afternoon sunshine. we'll get into the mid and low 60 61 in the city tomorrow 62 in oakland 64 in santa rosa 63 in san jose high of 61 in concord. here's the accuweather 78 forecast. seven days for you morning showers to afternoon sunshine will track some drizzle potential here on wednesday, but more light showers thursday morning that storm ushers in some cooler air, friday and saturday some chilly mornings and then by sunday and monday will track more rain more wind to finish out the weekend dan good pattern true. thanks. well, it is crunch time for in san francisco for the glide foundation today volunteers began filling glides annual holiday food bags and loaded them onto trucks for and later this week. this will be the second straight year the food will be delivered not handed out as glide has done for decades because of covid obviously the food will be going to 22 different partners throughout san francisco and more than 5,500 bags will be
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oxnard michigan could face charges in last week's deadly shooting the county prosecutor tells good morning america quote a lot could have been done different abc news reporter. rena roy has the latest.
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the crumbly family waking up behind bars in the same, oakland county, michigan jail monday morning 15 year old son ethan his father james and mother jennifer all charged in the school shooting rampage that killed four and injured 7 others. it's somewhat unique to charge parents. but in this case there was such overwhelming evidence. it's just goes beyond any sort of mere negligence or mistake it. it's it's criminal prosecutors arresting. parents over the weekend saying initially there were nowhere to be found and didn't show up to their arraignment friday. they were later located tucked away in an empty commercial building in detroit their lawyer arguing the couple never intended to flee in court both parents pleading not guilty to four counts of involuntary manslaughter each one. not guilty authorities say ethan's parents ignored warning signs and bought him the gun. he allegedly used in the
6:25 pm
shooting. the parents are responsible. and i think that they should be held accountable. none of that would have happened if he had not had access to a handgun prosecutors also referencing these instagram posts the alleged shooter saying just got my new beauty today. way and jennifer crumbly writing mom and son day testing out his new christmas present according to prosecutors the crumblys met with school officials the day of the shooting over concerning behavior, but ethan was sent back to class hours later investigators. say he walked out of a bathroom and started firing the 15 year old is being charged as an adult. he has pleaded not guilty to 24. is including four counts of first-degree murder the school superintendent has ordered an independent investigation of the tragedy to look into the handling of the suspects behavior before the shooting and the events leading up to it. the michigan attorney general offering to help with the investigation rena roy abc news, new york jesse smollett
6:26 pm
testified in his own criminal trial today the former empire star denied. he'd staged an anti-gay racist attack on himself and then lied about it to chicago police last week two brothers testified the actor paid them to orchestrate a hoax to get publicity, but smollett testified today. there was no hoax and he only paid them for nutrition and training advice. the actor has pleaded not guilty to all charges encouraging vaccinations for young people the san francisco teenager helping his fellow students. despite our new covid variant request for passports are surgic. how far ahead do you need to? if you want one, i'm michael finney 7 on your
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with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully. bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. new covid testing rules for international travel are now in effect. anyone flying into the us must show a negative test taken no more than one day before departure today at sfo passengers arriving from thailand told us. it's difficult to follow the new rule one woman said she had to take two different tests because her first result would have expired by the time she landed in the us she spent about $300
6:30 pm
to meet the new requirements. i had different layovers from coming from an international flight if it is, you know even one hour over then they don't count it. the result must come from a viral test certain at-home tests can be used. be performed over video in front of a telehealth provider. before these new testing rules were announced the state department was reporting a surge of applications for passports and a backlog of nearly two million. well that led to some very anxious moments indeed for an east bay couple trying to get to a family union in mexico 7 on your side's michael finney found the hold what the holdup was all about and jumped into help michael. these people didn't wait to the last minute. i mean, that's right. you always hear about not these guys this couple applied to renew their passport nearly six months ahead of their trip. she got hers pretty quickly. but as time ticked down. he still didn't have his and couldn't find out what happened. rosie and david yandel were set
6:31 pm
for a family gathering in mexico. they got their covid boosters bought airline tickets and applied to renew their passports. they each paid an extra $60 for expedited service. we didn't want to miss this occasion was very important to us. to our family and it worked fine for rosie, but it didn't work at all for me rosie got her passport and just four weeks, but david's never came so we had to deal with the bureaucracy not knowing who was replying to us or from the robot or a real person. finally david received an email saying his application was incomplete but didn't say why so he called they said i didn't sign all the form and we double checked it. so i thought that wasn't true. they rule he mailed in another application, but time was ticking and still no passport. i didn't know if it would come or not. so i was trying to do everything i could think of and 7 on your side. helped out.
6:32 pm
there was a large backlog of about two million applications over the summer but through through lots of overtime and getting folks back into the office. we have diligently reduced that number so people don't miss their trips and were able to get the passports out as quickly as possible passport. applications dropped a pandemic from 21 million and 2019 to just 11 million last year then surge to about 15 million this year. lot of people probably waited or did not apply during covid because they weren't traveling and so now we have seen a buildup in an applications as vaccines have rolled out passport bureaus that closed during the pand. occur ramping back up till officials say you should apply up to six months ahead of a trip this allows time for gather. documents mailing them in and waiting for review processing takes up to 11 weeks for regular service or up to seven weeks for expedited service and officials warn avoid mistakes that cause
6:33 pm
delays the most common. problems an unacceptable passport photo or a missing signature. we ask the passport office about david's case it found his application and sent his passport right away. i just showed up in the mail. but i was excited. now if your application seems stuck in limbo you can go to the state department's online passport tracker tracker. yeah. they've got one. yeah and look up the status if you still don't receive it. there is a number to call for help now. i've posted all that information. on our website and of course if that doesn't help give me a call. we know the right people as you always do. thanks. very much. in the south bay the sap center is now going to require just about everyone to have proof of vaccination or negative covid test to get into the san jose arena previously anyone 12 years or older needed to meet this requirement to watch the sharks or another event starting december 9th. it drops to three years. older since those under five can't get vaccinated just yet. they'll need a negative covid
6:34 pm
test 5 to 11 year olds will have to show the test or proof of vaccination and chase center is also changing its requirements and the rules taking effect take effect starting with tonight's warriors game against orlando magic now children ages 5 to 11 years old will have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test prior to entry the test must be taken no more than 72 hours prior to the start of the event. all right. you're about to meet. first time entrepreneur in the times of covid a student from lincoln high school in san francisco has created 1,000 vaccine card protectors to donate to clinics abc 7 senior education reporter liam melendez met up with michael yu to discuss his advocacy work to encourage people to get vaccinated. michael you and his brother christopher have been pushing students at lincoln high in san francisco to get vaccinated. for halloween, they dressed up in a vaccine and an antibody costume to put kids at ease while getting vaccinated. actually, they loved it. they even wanted to take selfies
6:35 pm
with me at lincoln. michael is known as the student who has created these vaccine card holders that are given out at school clinics. he personally paid for all the materials needed actually bought them all online with the money. i got from a previous internship. that was actually about researching inserting genetic material into cells michael his brother and cousins then assembled them to give out to students as of yesterday 90% of those 12 to 17 year olds in san francisco have been fully vaccinated. the vaccine was only recently approved for the younger kids. 23% of them five through 11 years old have received both shots. we really focus on just bringing the community together helping each other out and we want to get that entrepreneurial spirit to his students like michael. he has done so many great things. he's also done things for their for special education students. michael's advocacy work is getting some attention outside of the school next month the san
6:36 pm
francisco board of supervisors will honor him with a special commendation. i just feel hon. hard to be getting this award and i definitely will not be stopping with making projects like these in the future in san francisco. linda olympics are less than two months away coming up next how the us is planning to snub the hosts and will it in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch
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will lie in state and the capital rotunda this week a formal arrival ceremony will be held on thursday the longtime lawmaker. one-time presidential nominee died yesterday at the age of 98 flags at the white house and other public buildings are being flown at half staff. the us will mark the 80th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor tomorrow japanese forces attacked the us naval base on december 7th, 1941 taking nearly 2,400 lives. about 150 veterans including about 40 pearl harbor survivors are expected to attend the ceremony in hawaii bay. area events are scheduled in colma and vallejo. one day after that attack, of course the us declared war on
6:40 pm
japan and officially entered world war two. now official the united states will not be sending a diplomatic delegation to the 2022 winter olympics in china the white house announced the boycott today citing what it calls the ongoing genocide in crimes against humanity in xinjiang and other human rights abuses american athletes will compete in the games which start in beijing in february athletes on team usa have our full support. we'll be behind them 100% as we cheer them on from home. we will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. the chinese government condemned the decision and warned of loot countermeasures the return of the butterfly up next good news about monarchs in monterey county. stay with us.
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severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity.
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i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. weekend was a conclusion of the annual monarch butterfly counted monterey county. the population has seen a staggering 99% decline lately, but this year is something marvelous is happening that's giving environmental. reason for hope so what we're seeing over there with the monarchs that are in the tree that have their wings open. they're actually sunning. so they're capturing the warmth of the sun just like eager
6:44 pm
vacationers monarch butterflies come to the california coast to get away from the harsh winter weather farther east. one of their favorite spots is monterey county summer choosing to stay in the clusters. you see some are still hanging. are stephanie turcott admires them? there's a low cluster down on some of these branches. these are not clusters that were there when we counted last week. so it's interesting that they've kind of moved. turcott is sort of a butterfly whisperer. this is a female she's probably getting moisture in this very small place. this habitat is so incredible. this place is the monarch grove sanctuary a two-acre park in the middle of pacific grove. we're smack dab in the middle of a residential area. so the butterflies that are here are the great great grandchildren of the butterflies that were here before. so these these butterflies will leave go have a michael and generation elsewhere leave go have a life cycle in generation elsewhere and then those butterflies will come back here. they're just following some kind
6:45 pm
of innate signals that bring them to this specific location in 1997 volunteers counted 45,000 monarchs at this site since then the number has dwindled two years ago. just 800 monarchs came last year none. i was in tears. i was in tears for a different reason than the tears that i had this year. i saw so many of them. we're really excited. it's been so fun to share this news that we have more monarchs this year than we have for the past few. they're giving you a great show. you see all that movement. the searcy society has been running western. our butterfly counts for the past 25 years at 200 overwintering sites up and down the pacific coast last year. it counted just 2,000 butterflies at all of the sites what we're seeing this year is we're well over 100,000 and we're hoping it's gonna continue to go up which is great news. it's not recovery. it doesn't mean the the populations out of the woods. that's because the monarch butterfly population used to be in the millions in the 1980s.
6:46 pm
the cersei's society has petitioned it be included in the endangered species act after last year's devastating disappearance more than 12,000 have returned this year to pacific grove. they come to places like pacific grove where the conditions are just right. it's cool enough for them, but it's not freezing and they have a little bit of sunlight but not lots of direct sun. they have protection from the wind. so they come to these specific overwintering sites and when they're in these sites, they're much easier. for us to count because they're all just resting in their clusters the butterflies that come here are from idaho, oregon washington state's west of the rockies the ones east of the rockies head to central mexico. they rest here until around valentine's day when they start to find mates. so this is the first time in about six years at the monarchs have been in the interior of the sanctuary even though turquoi is excited to see them here. she's worried. the warm temperatures has them flying around. we need the cool temperatures to
6:47 pm
keep the monarchs and their resting state. so if the monarchs are using up all that fat reserve right now flying and enjoying all this beautiful weather, they might not survive through the winter so we could potentially lose a lot of monarchs that don't have the food source available to make it through the season. there's just massive efforts to plant milkweed and to protect and restore habitat that's already out there congress may help the monarch and pollinator highway act would provide millions to pollinator friendly plants along the nation's highways if the butterflies aren't doing. well. the bees aren't doing well and moths and other pollinators are not doing well. we really need to protect all of those pollinators. standing in the middle of that grove and seeing the butterflies take off from a branch and fly all around you is pretty magical. now volunteers counted 13,6008 monarch butterflies this past saturday in pacific grove. that is the highest total so far this year and they are certainly
6:48 pm
magical as she said and if you want to see the butterflies in person, they should stay at the sanctuary until early february. so a little bit of time they're wonderful watching mountain view is establishing new habitats for monarch butterflies. the city says it is thanks to a $30,000 grant from google new pollinator habitats will be established at the find golf links and the northeast meadowland areas. the program is intended to. support the butterflies repopulation and migration in mountain view all right. let's get another check on that gray kind of soupy weather we had today dan. yeah, it was great and super that's a good way to describe it. i'm a drew looks like it's going to continue for much of the week. yeah, and we'll find some of that gray weather first thing tomorrow. attract some white showers out there and even some areas i've dense fog live doppler 7. it's nice to see some light rain finally returning to the forecast after weeks of dry weather will zoom on down to street level in the north bay specifically napa county there. you can see some showers moving through yountville napa on their way to fairfield even through
6:49 pm
american canyon right now. so 680 80 in the region even highway 29 likely some slick spots at this hour on storm impact seattle. it's level one light system tracking tonight into tomorrow morning scattered light shower slick roads and again, have some areas of dense fog visibility has been reduced for much of the day and it will continue to stay that way overnight tonight lowe's dropping into the mid and upper 40s. so certainly you may need to turn on your heat overnight tonight. it's chilly out there those lights scattered showers moving through we start the day with gray skies. we'll finish it with sunshine the storm's gonna get out of here pretty quickly on tuesday temperatures warmer tomorrow low 60s pretty close to where we should be for this time of the year. here's the accuweather 74 cast we'll track morning showers. tomorrow afternoon sunshine wednesday will cloud back up may have a little bit of drizzle. there but we're tracking more light showers on thursday morning. that'll usher in some cold air, especially in the mornings on friday and saturday and then alma and dan sunday and monday rain is back it turns wet and windy windy to finish out the forecast.
6:50 pm
wet and windy indeed. all right. , l's get much drew. avchs aen ton . aharriorspeit'snn rai teerophw'b second, but despite a tough loss of the seahawks. the niners are in the thick of the playoff race and with every three stephan curry makes we are closing. on history, we'll check in on curry's countdown ahead of a big curry's countdown ahead of a big game at enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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continues tonight at chase center. he needs just 23 threes to break ray allen's all-time three-point record doves host orlando in a few minutes and then it's portland wednesd in philly righn abc 7 golden state overcame a 22-point deficit take the lead in the fourth before losing to san antonio on saturday night. sure. they've dropped two of their last three, but the dubs are still tied with phoenix. best record in all of basketball it's the whole body of work that counts. even four we've gotten off to a great start. we've established a two-way dynamic with this team, but we've got guys who care and they're competing together and fighting for each other, so we're in a great place. the fact of the matter is you know, it's 82 games. you're not gonna win every game, you know off talent. oh, you gotta find a way to win. i'm proud of my team. you know, i'm not one for more victories. enjoy the same. no, so there's a lot about us though. we tried to win came up short next game. next game is in just a couple minutes despite losing to the seahawks for the 17th time in
6:54 pm
the last 20 meeting. san francisco is in the playoff race with just five games to go kyle shanahan said today. he likely would have gone for two in the win had they scored in the final minute yesterday. unfortunately, they were not able to slay that seattle dragon jimmy garoppolo through two picks, but was able to find george kittle throughout kittle had 181 yards receiving third most in his career including two catches on the crucial. 96 yard drive san francisco had a chance on fourth and goal but garoppolo's pass for trent sherfield was batted down. so shanahan never had a chance to make that 2-point decision frustrating finish for jimmy g and the whole team as football though. i mean you could do all this stuff. you want all the good stuff in the world make plays get yourself down in position and you know at the end of the day it comes that one play did you make it or not and with chips fall? yeah, we definitely blew it, but we knew is gonna be this type of game whenever we play them. but we have to do much better job of not giving the game away. the niners are on a cincinnati where they play the bengals
6:55 pm
sunday bengals quarterback, joe borough dislocated the pinky on his right throwing hand yesterday's lost the chargers you see him clearly in pain trying to throw but says he does not expect to miss any time. we'll keep an eye on that oregon head coach mario cristobal is leaving for miami and four seasons. he led oregon a two pac-12 championships and one rose bowl the miami native returns to his alma mater where he won two national titles as a player homecoming may be a theme for oregon possible replacements include current cow head coach, justin. cox who is from oregon and played for the ducks and former ducks and 49ers head coach chip kelly who was currently at ucla as the rumor mill turns it is the oakland a's annual week of giving the a's made donations for oakland baseball and softball leagues as well as the boys and girls club each year franchise supports 65 leagues and more than 22,000 youth baseball and softball players providing equipment scholarships and access to workshops and clinics and just a year ago. we were doing all those drive-through donation type things. it's so good to see. almost like 2019 while these
6:56 pm
teams and players can get out there and the teams are donating back to the bay area and one more quick note on stephan curry twenty three threes this week. i'm dreaming up this scenario where he breaks the record on abc 7 in philadelphia where the warrior started their franchise and shooting it over his brother seth like they did in the when they were kids. i mean, you gotta speak it into existence, right? you got to see it to realize that. thanks very much chris. coming up tonight on abc 7. ooh, this is right at myelia eight o'clock. it's a very boy band holiday followed by the bachelorette the men tell all should be juicy then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11 and you can watch all our newscasts live and on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected to the app. it's available for apple tv android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. check it out, right that is this edition of abc 7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. i'm days for june drew tuma chris alvarez and the entire abc 7 news team. thanks for joining us.
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