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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 6, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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disrupts the meeting and why a new parklet policy has local new parklet policy has local restaurant owners worried abc ♪ ♪ ♪ new parklet policy has local restaurant owners worried abc ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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than 50 protesters showed up here at healdsburg city hall upset about this vaccination mandate in place. i'll show you what happened being fully vaccinated or test negative for covid-19 and new rule for some of the youngest guests to large events across the bay area. door harkletts are allowed to stay in san francisco. but some restaurant owners are saying the city is telling them to make expensive changes showers tomorrow morning and more storms to follow. the forecast is coming up abc 7 news at 11. starts right now building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. brings the battle over vaccines to a city council meeting in the north bay tonight. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm a dates abc 7 news reporter jr.
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stone went to tonight's meeting in healdsburg, but it didn't go on as scheduled. protesters tapping on the glass windows that healdsburg city hall making it known that they are against the vaccination mandate in place at city hall freedom is more important than health council member skylar palacios is on vaccinated because of that. she's unable to attend council meetings in person go into council chambers and must attend the meetings on zoom things that anger those in this crowd that showed up on monday nights and out support any seen any of these covid vaccine mandates? i think that they're unjust they're unconstitutional and they're unnecessary at one point protesters were mostly unmasked were able to get into city hall and at that time they were told the in-person meeting was moved to a virtual one.
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forced to take a it's not a vaccine. mean therapy, but the cdc says that the mrna vaccines do not change or interact with your dna in any way the mayor's defended the vaccine requirements and called out protesters for their actions monday night. i am you know all my fellow council members and city staff are also feeling quite disturbed by what's going on this evening and to be in a situation where we were essentially in harm's way. and we had to lock our the doors to the chamber. so the vaccine mandate is still in place here at city hall palacios believes that the city could face a future lawsuit for what she calls to discriminatory. in healdsburg jr. stone abc 7 news the omicron variant continues to spread rapidly and while it may be highly transmissible there are signs of hope coming from those who are getting infected at least 19 states have confirmed
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cases of the omicron variant. most of the cases have been described as mild or moderate initial data out of south africa is giving a glimpse into the severity of the disease. i'm vaccinated people they're going to the hospital in south africa, they're not suffering. as severe disease, they're not requiring oxygen omicron has 50 mutations far more than delta and scientists say it appears to be the most transmissible covid variant. so far the high number of mutations, however might actually make it less severe now. it's possible with this virus that it may be a 10 what we call a attenuated. it has enough mutations that it doesn't cause as much disease, that would be wonderful, but me stress that we don't know. yeah concerns about omicron are part of the reason new york city is imposing a mandate that all private employers must require workers to get vaccinated. this is the most sweeping vaccine mandate of its kind for a city or state and a new round
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of restrictions went into effect monday for all international travelers coming to the united states. they'll need a negative covid test no later than a day before their flight. and get more details on the new testing rules on our website abc 7 slash vaccine. you can also get answers to your vaccine questions from our vaccine team. just click on the big blue box in the east bay a reward increase today for information leading to an arrest in the shooting death of a security guard in oakland. 38,500 is now offered for information leading to an arrest in the killing of retired police officer kevin nashita. he was killed last month while working as a security guard for a tv news crew police are looking to speak with a person believed to have cell phone video connected to the shooting that could be critical and they also are still searching for that white accurate tl and with violent crime spiking in oakland mayor. libby schaaf is calling on oakland residents to make their voices heard at tomorrow's city
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council meeting the mayor is asking the council to spend 5.8 million dollars to pay for two more police academies and unfreeze dozens of positions to beef up staffing at the oakland police department. the council will begin taking up the mayor's proposal tomorrow morning. on the peninsula four of the biggest cities in san mateo county are trying out a new approach when police respond to mental health calls officers with redwood city daly city south san francisco and san mateo police departments will take a trained mental health professional with them. my goal always was to solve situations that have safe way to provide for public safety and everybody gets to go home at night. that's a you know, both the mentally ill person as well as the deputy sheriffs or police officers. this is a pilot program and will be. heard through a partnership with stanford. the results will be evaluated next year. we were told remember that those al fresco parklets in san francisco were here to stay as they popped up during the pandemic, but that might not be the case for every restaurant
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abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry is here to explain why some say ryan they cannot afford to comply with new parklet rules. yeah, dan restaurants here in san francisco are once again facing a difficult position san francisco voted in the summer to allow restaurants to keep their it's but they implemented new rules that will force owners to make some changes and some are now giving out notices. so also we get a letter email to us stating what we needed to do to change our parklets north beach restaurant owner. tony gimignani says he's about to throw 35,000 down the drain. he says the city wants them to make changes to the parklets in front of his restaurants. they wanted me to take away dismantle my entire parklet on on union side, which is half of half of the of the park that i have the shared space like many restaurants jimignani opened his outdoor dining space to keep his businesses afloat during the pandemic those spaces. he said were not cheap to build when you think of the
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infrastructure that i mean the cost of wood the paint the tables the chairs you think of the lighting and you also think of the heaters that went into that back in july county supervisors. proved a plan to make parklets permanent, but the implemented many new rules that will force business owners to make changes or face fines. they want to make this work, but collectively they seem to be having a challenge. getting their act together brian sheehy says he's received notices from the fire department and sf mta saying his outdoor setup doesn't meet current requirements. he says he's happy to make changes, but the messages from different agencies are confusing the fire department tells us that we can have a roof on our product list. that's wonderful. it is san francisco and whether like we've had today we need a roof on these park that's on these shared spaces, but then another agency will come along and give us a notice the violation saying no, there are no more roofs allowed on park that's in cisco supervisor aaron peskin says the city needs to do a better job helping its restaurant and bar owners if changes need to be made to
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parklets. he wants the city to be on the same page the city must in should and will do better in coordinating the planning department either needs to actually fulfill its roles of coordinating agency or get out of the way as i i as i originally proposed. now we did reach out to shared spaces and we are waiting a reply the golden gate restaurant association told me most restaurants in the city will have to change their outdoor setup. they want the city to give them more time, especially with the uncertainty surrounding this new covid variant ryan curry abc 7 news. all right, ryan. thanks very much staying in san francisco drivers could be forced to slow down on several streets in the city. the city's municipal transportation agency is considering reducing the speed limit from 25 to 20 miles an hour. among the streets are 24th street through noe valley and the mission sections of fillmore in the marina cow, hollow and fillmore districts sections of hate and polk streets and
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valencia street between cesar chavez and market sfmta is set to vote on this tomorrow. right now we are seeing some spotty rain in the bay area abc 7 news meteorologist. sandhya patel, lets us know if the morning commute will be a wet one sandia. yeah, absolutely be prepared for some slippery roads on let me show you live doppler 7 tonight. this is the pattern we've been waiting for and it's finally here and this is not the only system we're tracking. so let's get you into street level radar in the north bay, san rafael. you will notice right around north san pedro road, lucas valley 101. it is slippery some very spotty light showers in san jose around. avenue you're not getting missed. you're actually getting some of that moisture and as we track this next batch moving into san francisco at 12:28 in the morning, why do perspective showing you that the system? did have some lightning strikes off the coastline earlier tonight. it's a light storm a slight chance of thunder into tomorrow morning with those showers at 3 am commute time 5 am be prepared and make sure you have those
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umbrellas as you look at the rainfall totals five hundreds and walnut creek, san jose a hundredth of an inch 300th in santa rosa. this is just the start of several storms. i'll be back with those details coming up. dananama. all right, great, sandy. thank you families face new covid rules for children. what? can expect it large venues. us officials will stage a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming winter olympics in beijing the message, they hope it will send fighting for his job. san francisco's district attorney and his supporters gather for an anti-reco rally here from those who support him first to look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live after abc 7 news at 11 jimmy. thanks, dan. and alma we may have too much show tonight. a lot of the curse words are going to come out of my mouth. my career is over after this because you got me good jimmy. i haven't seen the face one
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requirements are expanding to children as young as three who attend large events at san jose's sap center and meantime a new child vaccination rule went into effect tonight at the chase center abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo spoke with parents about how those changes might affect their plans. before the puck drops thursday parents who bring their children to large events at the sap center will have to get familiar with updated protocols announced monday some of the youngest fans those between three and eleven will need to either show proof of vaccination or negative covid test. it does give that extra layer of protection as well so that we're comfortable in the event and we can enjoy it an extra layer of protection which previously only
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applied to those 12 and up of course since kids under five can't get vaccinated a negative. 19 test within 72 hours of the event is required on monday. we visited with parents in downtown san jose. denny. navarro says she feels for her energetic five-year-old daughter, but for the family safety means staying away from large crowds stuffing gonna take some time and some patience and a lot of people all getting on board gilroy resident. karen ponce says her seven year old son and 10 year old daughter will also be keeping their distance now, we're going to hospital so it's kind of scary with ponce on the front. news of the omicron variant is doing little to ease concern the more percussion. everyone could take i mean, maybe it'll help smooth things out in the near future in that strain won't be as bad, you know the chase center in san francisco is also making similar changes children two to four need a negative test while those 5 to 11 will have to provide either a negative test or proof of vaccination rules there took effect for monday night's warriors game back in san jose the sap center points to changes
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recently announced by the state the california department of public health. recommends vaccination or testing for children 3 to 11 at indoor venues across california with 1,000 or more guests the first event to be impacted by this new policy. is this thursday's home game in san jose? i'm amanda del castillo. yo abc 7 news. so now official the united states will not be sending a diplomatic delegation to the 2022 winter olympics in china abc news. chief white house correspondent cecilia vega explains what this will mean for the athletes. calling out china for human rights abuses the white house today declared neither president biden nor any other american official will travel to the beijing winter games a diplomatic boycott who will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games american athletes can still compete in february, but the snub sends a strong political message and is a direct response to beijing's crackdown on pro-democracy and free speech activists in hong kong and abuses against uyghur
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muslims. it's the first time americans have boy an olympic since 1980 when president jimmy carter refused to send a delegation to the moscow games in protest of the soviet invasion of afghanistan, but carter kept american athletes home, too. not just officials. it's a diplomatic boycott enough given the human rights of uses. we will be rooting for the athletes from home. that does not mean that is the end of the concerns. we will raise about human rights abuses in xinjiang, but this is just sending a message that given these human rights abuses we cannot proceed with as usual cecilia vega abc news the white house china says it will respond with quote resolute countermeasures, although it did not say what that may be the san francisco district attorney jason. striking back at the critics who are trying to recall it. he rallied supporters today in the excelsior neighborhood. say he inherited many of the problems. he's now being blamed for houdin is asking people to look at his record. let's be very clear. my conviction rate for murders
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has gone up compared to the prior administration. my charging rate for rapes has gone up compared to the prior administration. mary jung is chair of the group that is leading the recall effort. there's always been crime. there's always been homicides. there's always been chocolate lifting. however what jason boudin has done is that he's chosen not to charge cases properly. he has let people out violent people. the election is june 7th, if he is recalled mayor, london breed will name his replacement republican congressman. devin nunez who represents part of the central valley is leaving the house at the end of this year. he will be leading former president donald trump's effort to launch a social media platform intended to rival twitter a statement released today by the trump media and technology group says that nunez will serve as chief executive officer beginning in january 2022. twitter blocked trump's a january following the deadly storming of the us capitol val tarential rain could cause
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catastrophic flooding on the hawaiian islands the latest from the national weather service in honolulu. hawaii's governor declared a state of emergency today because of the downpours that are expected until tomorrow nearly a foot of rain has already fallen in kula on maui over the last 24 hours. and of course, we are tracking what's happening in hawaii very very closely tonight. that's right abc 7 news meteorologist. patel has the latest sandia. yeah, dan and alma when you take a look at radar you will notice that it is still coming down across the islands, especially honolulu at this hour. they do have flash flood watches and warnings up the rainfall. it will remain heavy going into tuesday. it looks like a break coming later on wednesday night into thursday. we have a little bit of wet weather san jose the shark tank not so visible because of this. yes, this is a welcome sight park avenue, san jose willow glen. you're seeing some light showers right now also in the east bay. from stanley boulevard, we take you down the street level pleasanton seeing the wet weather just enough to wet the ground in napa around dry creek
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road. so be sure to grab those umbrellas before you head out the door. you will notice still there's still some moisture off the coastline. it's a light level one system through tomorrow morning. we are expecting scattered showers up to 2/10 of an inch of rain, and there's still the possibility a slight chance of thunder. so when you look at the hourly forecast 3 am that batch of moisture off the coast will be pushing into the san scope peninsula in the east bay 5 am still widely scattered showers across the region by 7. am not as many things start to quiet down a bit, but it's all over before the lunch hour and you will notice that it is a nice quick clearing trend behind it from our exploratorium camera, you will notice that it is also gray outside damp areas for the morning. commute are next week system just like this one comes midweek followed by cold and frosty friday saturday morning, and then a stronger storm is due in here early next. so your temperature is right now 40s 50s clouds keeping us insulated tonight in the sierra. it's mixed precipitation for
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some parts of the mountains. there tahoe is still reporting rain, but that mountain snow will actually be adding up as we had towards later on in the week wednesday afternoon through thursday afternoon winter storm watch up to 10 inches for the peaks difficult travel in this winter storm. watch is about 5,500 feet when you count next week's storm. they're going to be seeing snow in feet if that materializes so your morning temperatures with the scattered showers mainly in the 40s. make sure you allow that extra time as visibility is pour out there tonight and will be tomorrow morning afternoon highs nothing like today today. we had highs in the 40s and 50s. well below average tomorrow. it's going to turn up sunny and numbers will be in the low to mid 60s. i want to give you a quick preview of what's to come sunday going through tuesday if this atmospheric river materializes, we're talking rainfall in in one to over three inches of rain during that time period stay tuned accuweather 74 cast it's a damp start tomorrow morning
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rock casino stephen curry needs just 23 3-pointers to break ray allen's all-time three-point record tonight the dubs hosted orlando with games on deck against portland and then saturday in philly on abc 7 curry was in a rhythm both dancing and shooting from the opening tip off first quarter winding down curry from inside half court. thanks at home. he had three threes in the first quarter dubs by five after one second quarter warriors pulling away jordan pool spin cycle and score. he had 12.7 rebound 7. this steps by 21 at recess and then third quarter andrew wiggins was on fire. how about 16 points in just over two and a half minutes finished with 28 points and a career high eight three pointers curry ended up with seven three pointers and he's now just 16 away from the all-time record. there's another splash game high 31 for steph and how about a
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big-time highlight from the rookie jonathan? kaminga. get up young man the putback slam warriors. in 12695 that is just crazy elevation. dubs are 20 and 4. so steve kerr any chance curry can break the record against portland on wednesday. i'm guessing he going to shoot a lot against portland on wednesday if you think it's obtainable against portland, absolutely, he's he's steph curry. so anything's possible. middles and patriots bills fan bundled up for monday night football first quarter damien harris for the patriots. it's gonna break the 67 yards to the house patriots. only attempted three passes all game the fewest by an nfl team in 47 years bills fans. well, they were frustrated new england led by four late in the four two minutes to go fourth and 14. josh allen's pass is broken up patriots win 14. and bill belichick actually smiling the passive won seven straight and are nine and five are the top seed in the afc
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49ers defensive lineman, eric armstead stopped by a boys and girls club in san jose for the 49ers read for justice event. armstead read a dozens of youngsters who were thrilled to have him read to them. he launched his foundation the armstrand academic project back in 2019 and realizes the power of his platform to create change. me being an nfl player, you know youth resonate with that and i can have a huge impact on our life. someone like me promoting reading and coming and reading with him is super impactful. so i think that's all our responsibility sports on abc 7 sponsored
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i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley for all of us here. we appreciate your time right now on jimmy kimmel jennifer anderson. i want to be fully transparent and i know it's not easy to hear. but i was intimate with both of you. [ crying ] >> i've never felt pain like this before. >> you were with all three of this? >> i'm so broken. [ laughter ] >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight! the live cast of "the facts of life" and "diff'rent strokes" featuring kevin hart and jennifer aniston, director guillermo del toro, and music from courtney barnett. and now, jimmy kimmel!


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