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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 7, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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lisa argen is here with your forecast. >> and concern about covid cases. the newly revised recommendations for your family and friends for the holiday. reggie: and mixed messages over whether one county is enforcing their own mask mandates. good morning. you are watching abc 7 mornings live right now on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> let's start with a check on the forecast. lisa, go morning. lisa: good morning. did you guys see the rain? here is a look at life doppler 7, where the activity is thinking south of us already. a few pockets of fog, but nothing too substantial. upper 40's in nevada. all that cloud cover cap the
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temperatures from dropping too much. that is not an issue now, and as you look at the golden gate bridge, there will be a pocket of light showers, areas of wet roadways, fog. temperatures in the 50's, but we break out of hazy, afternoon sunshine by about midday. it is a cool day. we have another system we are tracking later in the weekend even more rain into the weekend. reggie: lisa, thank you. the covid-19 omicron variant continues to spread quickly across the area. kumasi: it is prompting brickman nations from jobina: the cdc. jobina:the cdc is a urging you to get tested, especially important to protect unvaccinated children, older adults, those who are immunocompromised, or people at risk of severe disease. meanwhile, covid cases across the country are up 27% in the
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last week. omicron variant has now been confirmed in at least 19 states. >> we have not only aincrible co a covid surge of those who are critically ill. jobina: pediatric infections are also up. last week, another several thousand tested positive. this morning, a warning from scientists behind the oxford astrazeneca vaccine. they say the next pandemic may be more contagious and more lethal and less more money is devoted to research and preparation to fight emerging viral threats, kumasi. kumasi: thank you, jobina. in east bay, confusion over the mask mandate and cost accounting -- contra costa county. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield joining us live with concern some county leaders.
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amy? amy: they are really concerned about the vaccine situation in the county, kumasi, and they call the approach leading with education, but that is leading to confusion in the restaurant industry. restaurants are required to check for vaccination cards before allowing diners inside. the county has 80 vaccine-related complaints in november, yet not a single citation or find was issued, and that has some restaurant owners wondering what is going on and some county supervisors questioning this policy. >> i am disappointed and troubled by not seeing any fine issued in november, because i think fines are often needed, also as a message to other restaurants. amy: in october, health officials shutdown the dining room at the in and out restaurant in pleasant hill.
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the manager at the restaurant said they refused to ask for vaccine cards, soupy health officials to take action, first closing the restaurant, than only allowing take out and drive through, but other restaurants are not facing consequences. it has many saying these mixed messages are confusing and leaves them wondering what to do. the county says the goal is not to issue fines but to get businesses to comply with the order. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi:kumasi: thank you, annie. if you have questions about -- kumasi: thank you, amy. if you have questions about the vaccine, go to, and click on the blue box. reggie: the san jose police department is investigating a deadly hit and run crash that killed a pedestrian. so far, no description of the vehicle, and no witnesses have come forward. this is san jose's 21st investigated death this year. kumasi: calling on oakland
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residents to make their voices heard. the mayor is asking to pay five point a bit million dollars to pay for two more police academies and staffing at the oakland police department. the council will take up the mayor's proposal at a 10:30 meeting today. there is now more than $38,000 on the line for any information leading to the rest in the of the shooting of the security guard, kevin nishita, working as a secured guard for tv news crews at the time. police believe someone has cellphone video connected to the shooting, and they are still searching for a white acura. reggie: san francisco restaurants are a difficult position when it comes to their outdoor dining permits. >> so we get a letter emailed to us, stating what we need to do to change our parking.
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>> northeast restaurant owner tony says he is about to send $37,000 down the drain. >> they wanted me to take away, dismantle my entire park lit on union side, which is half of the parkway that i have come a shared space. >> like many restaurants, he opened an outdoor space to keep his business afloat during a pandemic. those spaces, he said, were not cheap to build. >> when you think of them for structure, the cost of would come of the paint, the tears coming think of the lighting and also the heaters that went into that. >> back in july, supervisors approved permits to make park let's permanent, but owners have to face -- make changes or face fines. >> they want to make this work, but collectively, they seem to be having a challenge getting their act together. >> brian says he have received
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notices saying his outdoor set up does not meet requirements he says he is happy to make changes, but the messages from diffg. >> the fire to permit tells us we can have a roof on our parklet. that is wonderful. within another agency will come along and give us a notice of violation saying, no, there are no more roofs a lot of parklet in san francisco. >> supervisor anthony pass but says supervisors need to do a better job. if changes need to be made, he wants the city to be on the same page. >> if the city must and should and will do better in coordinating come of the planning department needs to either actually fulfill its role as a coordinating industry or get out of the way, as i originally proposed. >> did reach out to shared aces, as we are waiting to reply. the golden gate restaurant association said most wrestlers
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will have to change their set up. they want the city to give them more time. ryan curry, abc 7 news. kumasi: the u.s. will be marking the 80th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor today. japanese forces surprise attacked the u.s. military december 7, 19th or the one, taking nearly 2400 lives. about 150 veterans, including pearl harbor survivors, are expected to attend the ceremony in hawaii. events are scheduled. one day after the attack, the u.s. declared war on japan. . and officially entered world war ii. reggie: also in hawaii, an unusually strong storm visiting the islands. torrential rain could cause flooding. hawaii's governor declared a state of emergency because of the downpours. nearly a foot of rain has already fallen on my way over the last 24 hours -- maui over the last 24 hours.
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lisa: good morning, everyone. we had a weak system that overnight arrived, maybe a little best and drizzle, i saw a massive anywhere from a couple of hundreds to half mile visibility in san jose. 53 in san bruno. here is a look at the last day and a half or so we have got all of the clouds this morning, and then they will clear out by midday. we are looking at brighter conditions as we look toward the afternoon. damp areas for your morning commute. the next system arrives thursday and friday. it is going to bring cold air, and that will bring mountain snow into the sierra nevada. that paves the way for interesting weather as we get toward the sunday and monday timeframe statewide, 17% average of the sierra snowpack, so we desperately need it. the system storm watch, three inches to seven inches above 5500 feet is not much but it allows for a little bit of action to happen in the mountains, and you can see we
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will be looking at a little bit at the resorts, two inches to three inches. we have a system coming in sunday night into monday. check it out. we have an inch, maybe two inches we can expect as we get into that monday timeframe. it is a lot of time ahead of us, but we are excited about it. 32 later today with some sun. 63 in san jose. this level 1 system winding down afternoon sun. pavement fog out there, jobina. jobina: thank you, lisa. bringing you a live picture of the golden gate bridge. you may hit a couple of wet spots out the door this morning. not too bad. bringing in a live picture from the san mateo bridge, the chp has issued a fog of ivory for 92 at 280. this is the same fog advisory that was in effect yesterday. that will hit you once you drive down to the western span of the bridge there. no crashes or blocking issues, just out tracy commute, tracy to
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dublin, 38 minutes for the drivetime. san francisco drivers could be forced to slow down on several streets. the city's municipal transportation agency will vote today on producing the speed limit from 25 to 20 miles an hour. among the streets is 24th street , such as fillmore street in the marina, sections of hait polk street between cesar chavez and market. reggie and jobina? reggie: new instagram rolling out today. kumasi: in the fire department revealing what they saw on surveillance video. surveillance video. reggie: and an update on t ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪
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abc news reporter kaylee hartung has that exclusive interview. kaylee: an abc interview. we are hearing directly from veteran hollywood armor phil reed, defending his daughter, hannah guiterrez reed, the armorer on the set of "rust." as a father, are you concerned that hannah could go to jail? this is only the second time his daughter was charged to be -- hired to be in charge of what was a movie set. george: did you think she was up for the job? alec baldwin: i assume because she was there and was hired she was up for the job. kaylee: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will hear more from phil reed about what his daughter told him happened on the set of "rust," and where she was when the gun went off. with your "gma" news first look, i am kaylee hartung, abc news, los angeles.
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kumasi: cheer tree lighting is still set to go off. this person intentionally set the fully decorated tree on fire and left behind a canister. luckily, firefighters were in the area and were able to put the fire out within minutes. >> to have someone potentially jeopardize that and jeopardize the opportunity for people to gather in communal spaces and safely really is a frustrating moment right now. kumasi: only about 10% of the tree had significant damage, and there is no risk of it falling. the tree lighting is set for saturday night at 6:00 p.m. a family in germany now germanyw the world record for having the most christmas trees in their home. reggie: so how many christmas trees would it take to break it will record? 444.
5:16 am
every tree in the house is fully decorated with garland, lights, ornaments from top to bottom. every room in the house filled with these decorated christmas trees, and the couple says no two are the same. the family hopes to continue this tradition for years to come. jobinkumasi: wow. reggie: [laughs] kumasi: i would do good just to get some garland this year. reggie: yeah. kumasi: they are on it. reggie: are they? kumasi: it's a logitech rate. reggie: lisa, are they off it? there's a certain point where festive becomes tacky. lisa: at some point, you have got to go for it, you know? kumasi: no, i don't like all that in my house, but it is really pretty. reggie: bordering on hoarding. [laughter] lisa: all right, good morning, everyone. we have wet pavement, a weak
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system, and the santa cruz mountains, this system is moving out of here, clearing out the skies for the rest of your tuesday. moderate air quality. the breeze is going to pick up later, and that is going to help clear things out, but it is still going to be a cool day out there. in the north bay, san san san sn but :00, you have some sun. could be at the low 60's by 2:00. into san francisco, it will be cool, but the fog will be with you through 10:00. sunshine right on through 4:00. that sun sets at 4:50. el cerrito come about fog hanging through about 10:00, then sunshine by the lunch hour. near 60 at about 2:00, and along the peninsula from belmont to san carlos, you have got a lot of low clouds through midday. should be about 60 in the afternoon and a clear but cold night tonight. over into our east bay valleys, from pleasant hill to concord, looking at numbers chilly, in the upper 40's, with some patchy
5:18 am
fog, and then looking at temperatures slowly climb in one of the cooler locations, those valleys, as the fog wants to keep things rather cool. afternoon sun into the upper 50's. this system really washing up today, will get into a little bit of a break, but clouds will be with us as soon as our wednesday. another weak system on thursday. that is going to pave the way for what we are expecting by the end of the weekend. and that is a pretty good system that could bring several inches of rain our way. back to you guys. reggie: lisa, thank you for it happening tonight here on abc 7, if you are a fan of the 1980's, you do not want to miss this. live in front of a 30 audience -- studio audience is back. kumasi: they are re-creating "diff'rent strokes" and the "facts of life." gabrielle union will play the role of tudi, allison tolman
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will be natalie, and jennifer aniston will be on. >> i wash them years, and years ago, and to revisit it now, i a struck by the humor and the innocence of it. kumasi: the "di cast has john lithgow, damon wayans, and kevin hart as arnold. you can watch it like tonight or on hulu tomorrow. reggie: instagram has a new feature to remind you to stop scrolling. the take a break tool remind you to step away from the app after spending a certain amount of time on it. users have to opt in and choose whether they want to be alerted after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. then they will get an alert to step away from the app, take a deep breath, check of your to do list, or listen to a song, perhaps.
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tomorrow, instagram leaders will face lawmakers on questions on young users' mental health. listen to a song. kumasi: that is nice. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: also giving back to kids. and puppies -- kumasi: and puppies with a big job. [laughter] [laughing and talking] at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected, so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪
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lisa: if you are just joining us, here is the seven things you need to know this morning. the radar will be quiet. we have mainly damp pavement. we will be left with afternoon sun and cool highs today. jobina: number two, yes, when you head out the door this morning, be aware of some slick spots out there. bringing you a live picture of emeryville. kumasi: a new recommendation from the cdc among new cases of the omicron variant. they recommend a rapid test before holiday gatherings, even if you are vaccinated and don't have symptoms. reggie: number four, the sap center in san jose will require
5:23 am
vaccinations or negative covid test for kids as young as the taste center in san francisco is also making changes for young guests. kumasi: number five, the oakland city council will talk about a plan to increase police staffing. the mayor wants to spend nearly $6 million to pay for two more police academies and fill dozens of police positions. reggie: president biden and russian president vladimir putin will meet via videoconference. it comes about concerns that russia is preparing to invade ukraine, a u.s. ally. kumasi: hawaii could face catastrophic flooding. the governor of hawaii declared a state of emergency because of a rainstorm that could bring up to 25 inches of rain in some isolated areas. reggie: it is now official -- the u.s. will not be sending a diplomatic delegation to the 2022 winter olympics in china. the white house made that announcement, citing the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity and other human rights abuses.
5:24 am
american athletes will still compete in the games, which started beijing in february. sacco the athletes on team usa will have our full support. we will be behind them 100% as we cheer them on from home. we will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. reggie: the chinese government condemned the decision, warning of "resolute countermeasures." today is getting day for baseball and softball leagues as well as the boys and girls club. they provide equipment, scholarships, and access to workshops and clinics. kumasi: one on one time with 49ers defensive lineman eric armistead. he read to dozens of young y who were thrilled to have him there. eric: me being an nfl player, you know, you resonate with that, and i can have a huge
5:25 am
impact on their life. someone like me promoting reading and coming in reading with them is super impactful, so i think that is all about response ability. kumasi: organization back in 2013. it is training day for young pups in south carolina. reggie: i'm not sure you're ready for the group of bloodhound puppies. sheriff's office share this video of their first day of school. officials say this might look like puppy playtime, but it is actually series business. these future tracking dogs are being evaluated. handlers looking for specific characteristics, for example, do they have the drive, courage, determination, loyalty, and natural instinct it takes to become an elite tracking dog? so far, everyone is making good grades. kumasi: why are they stressing those dogs out? [laughter] can't they just play? do they know they are being evaluated? reggie: i hope not. kumasi: i hope not, either. reggie: it is the ears for me.
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one thing you want to check before planning your next international trip. kumasi: and volunteers who are busy filling food bags. reggie: a warning about the next covid surge across the country. there is a new silverlining new data experts are analyzing. kumasi: taking a live look outside at 5:26, we have got a little bit of rain in san francisco, but clearing up right now. we will be right back. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic®
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, high-stakes showdown. president biden said to speak with russian president vladimir putin today over video. the growing concern. kumasi: the protest interrupted a local city council meeting. reggie: and the ground is wet after some rain overnight. lisa will have your forecast. kumasi: good morning, everybody. this is abc 7 mornings, live right now on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. reggie: lisa, will we have rain throughout the morning? lisa: no, reggie. it really missed us, it ran offshore, and now it is heading down along the central coast, and we are left with a little bit of mist and drizzle, mainly
5:30 am
fog, though. sfo, 2.5-mile visibility. elsewhere, three miles, by by we have got low 50's, chilly, there's some fog out there. by noon time, brighter skies, upper 50's, a few low 60's arrive, and when 5:00 arrives, it will be cool. temperatures drop quickly. skies are clear, but we are going to cloud it up again. rain arrives wednesday night. that will bring mountain snow. more on that. reggie: thank you. anti-vaccine processors shut down -- protesters shut down a meeting, and that left leaders scrambling. amy hollyfield has more. amy: the city council meeting had to move from in person to zoom. protesters were tapping on the
5:31 am
windows during the city meeting, demanding to be -- city council meeting, to be let inside. vaccines are required. they called the mandate unconstitutional and unnecessary. at one point, they did go inside city hall, most of them unmasked. that is when the city officials shut down the in person meeting and moved to zoom. >> i know all my fellow councilmembers and city staff are also feeling quite disturbed by what has gone on this evening, and to be in a situation where we were essentially in harm's way, and we had to lock the doors to the chamber. amy: forefront of the debate, because when councilmember admitted she is not vaccinated, so she is not allowed to attend the meetings in person. palacio has said she believes
5:32 am
the city could face a lawsuit over the mandate. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you, amy. experts reveal we are on the cost of another surge in the country. the omicron variant may mean the next wave will be milder. health experts expect the bay area may see the beginning stage of a surgeon about two weeks. ucsf dr. peter chin-hong says luminary data out of south africa shows a majority of patients in the hospital are on vaccinated and younger. cases are reported to be milder than delta, meaning patients are not in the icu, and most are not on oxygen. dr. chin-hong: the fact that they are not on oxygen in the hospital is a good sign. it mainly shows that you know,, there is not a robust, that inflammation that causes the lungs to get all clogged up. kumasi: doctors say it is possible the conclusions drawn from this data could change.
5:33 am
dr. chin-hong says we should know more in a couple of weeks. in the south bay, covid vaccine and testing requirements are spending to kids as young as three who attend large events at the sap center. reggie: and new research is when into place at the chase center. amanda del castillo has more. amanda: before the pub dropped thursday, parents who bring their children to the sap center will have to get updated protocols. announced monday, some of the youngest fans, those between three and 11, will have to show proof of a vaccination or a negative covid test. >> it gives the extra layer of protection as well, so that we are comfortable in the event and we can enjoy it. amanda: an extra layer of protection, which recently only apply to those 12 and up. kids under five cannot yet get vaccinated. a negative covid-19 test within 72 hours of the event is required. on monday, we visited with parents in downtown san jose. navarro says she feels for her
5:34 am
five-year-old daughter come about for the family, stepping away from large crowds. >> it will definitely take time and patience, and a lot of people are getting on board. amanda: gilroy resident karen pensee says they will be doing it. >> it is kind of scary. amanda: on the front line, news of the omicron variant is doing little to ease concerns. >> maybe it will help smooth things out in the future, and the string will be as bad, you know? amanda: the chase center is making changes. children two to four need a negative test, and those ages five to 11 need a vaccination. back in san jose, the sap center points to changes recently announced by the state. the california department of public health recommends vaccination or testing for children's ages eight to 11 at indoor venues across california with 1000 or more guests. the first to be impacted by this
5:35 am
policy is this thursday's home game. i am amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. reggie: if you have questions about vaccines, go to our website, you can get answers from our vaccine team. just click on the big blue box. kumasi: today, president biden and russian president vladimir putin will meet. it comes amid concern that russia is preparing to invade ukraine, which is a u.s. ally. jobina has more at the live desk. jobina: the director of the cia is giving a rare interview about the high-stakes meeting. william burns says they have seen a steady and unusual military buildup by the russians along ukraine's border. conflict has been simmering between the two countries since 2014, when russia seized control of crimea, a strategic peninsula. burns says putin has not made up his mind on whether or not to use force against ukraine, but
5:36 am
he says he would never underestimate putin's quote, "risk appetite." dir. burns: it's always very difficult to gauge, you know, putin's intent. i would never underestimate president putin's risk appetite on ukraine. the president's conversation is an opportunity to reinforce, to re-emphasize, you know, the, the costs of the use of force but to also emphasize of renewed military aggression, but to also emphasize the importance of de-escalation and a renewed effort at diplomacy. jobina: the white house says it is considering many options if russia were to invade, including sanctions or meeting our name nato allies' request for additional forces. the last call between the two was in july, when biden pressed putin on russian hackers logic cyber attacks. kumasi: republican congressman devin nunes is leaving the house at the end of this year. he will be leading former president donald trump's effort to launch a social media platform, intended to rival twitter.
5:37 am
a statement from trump media and technology group says he will serve as chief executive officer, starting in january 2022. twitter blocked trump's account in january, following the deadly storming at the u.s. capitol. reggie: striking back at critics who are trying to recall him. he rallied supporters in excelsior neighborhood. they say he inherited many of the problems he is now being blamed for. bouidin is asking them to look at his record. >> let's be very clear, my conviction rate for murders has gone up. my charging rate for rape has gone up. reggie: mayor john is chair o the group that is leading the recall effort. >> there has always been crime and shoplifting, but what he has done is he has chart -- chosen not to charge cases properly. he has let people out, violent people. kumasi: the election is june 7, and at his recall, mayor london
5:38 am
breed is going to name his replacement. kumasi: the newest police respond to mental health calls. officers with daly city, south san francisco, and san mateo police department will take a trained mental health professional with them. >> my goal always was to solve situations in a safe way, for public safety, and everybody gets to go home and night, both the mental ill person and the deputy sheriff and police officers. kumasi: this is a pilot program that will be monitored at a partnership at stanford. reggie: it is crunch time for the glide foundation and in san francisco. because of covid, the food will be delivered again this year, going to 22 different partners throughout san francisco. >> it would get a traditional meal, turkey, potatoes,
5:39 am
stuffing, vegetables, fruit. and a dessert. >> more than 5500 bags will be delivered this year. if you are looking to lend a helping hand this year, the best way to do it is to make contributions. kumasi: despite the new variant, passport applications are expanding. 7-da on your side what to do. reggie: and living like the grinch. a cave you can read this holiday season. but first, i took on the weather with lisa argen. lisa: good tuesday morning. san francisco, more rain than anywhere else, you can see it is pushing way out of town right now. and we are left with some clouds and some fog issues from san francisco, at 2.5 mile visibility, and pretty foggy out there with those calm winds
5:40 am
and that moisture left on the ground from that front. as a result, we are a little bit milder, four degrees to five degrees milder, seven degrees milder this morning in livermore. we will get into sunshine later on today, so damp areas to start for the morning commute, and then we are looking at a very weak system on thursday, maybe about 51 hundredths again, but with that system, cold air is in place, and it will be frosty by friday and saturday morning, we start the weekend off drive. the next strong system arrives on sunday. let's skip ahead and look at what is to come, as we look at our thursday system. this will bring about four inches to five inches of snow in the sierra nevada, so it sets the stage. as we get into saturday, we are dry. check it out. sunday morning, this is sunday night. here is where it really gets interesting, adding up the accumulated precip from sunday, monday, tuesday. check it out. two inches of rain, maybe three inches of rain, still very far
5:41 am
out, but exciting enough that the models have been holding onto this idea for weeks now. low 60's out there for the afternoon with sunshine, a bit hazy. the accuweather 7-day forecast showing the system winding down. it is chilly before some serious december rain comes our way, jobina. jobina: sounds good, lisa. good morning, everyone. while lisa was talking about those damp spots, i thought i would show you our camera view from the golden gate bridge. we have the droplets coming in on the camera and wet pavement. be aware of potential slick conditions. same thing goes in the south bay here. this is a live look in san jose, showing off 101. in terms of the traffic, though, it is completely clear. no crashes to report, which is excellent news. the only thing we have going on are a couple of fog advisories, 92 at 280 in san mateo. tower bridge times looking great, six minutes westbound on the bay
5:42 am
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kumasi: city council is such a vote today on tougher smoking can conditions. a ban smoking in townhomes, condos, buildings. smoking would also be banned common areas like hallways, lobbies, community rooms, playgrounds, or parking lots. similar bands are now i now i nw in neighboring cities. reggie: a new visit for greener future in santa clara county goes before the board today. they are planning to propose a new sustainable purchasing policy for the county. >> this will allow for greener, cleaner projects.
5:45 am
reggie: if approved, they will look at how they are disposed of and where they can be recycled. she was to help was to help they have been impacted by the pandemic. if you want to take an international trip soon, check your expiration date on your passport. a surge of applications rhino and a backlog of nearly 2 million. kumasi: it lead to interesting moments for a couple trying to get to a family reunion in mexico. michael finney found the hold up. michael: rosie and david yandell were set for a family gathering in mexico. they got there covid boasters, airline tickets, and the ease paid an extra $60 for expedited service. david: we did not want to miss this occasion. was very important for us and our family. he worked for rosie but not for me. michael: rosie got a passport in four weeks, but david's never came.
5:46 am
david: we had to deal with the bureaucracy, not knowing who was replying to us, whether it was a robot or a real person. michael: finally, david received an email saying his application was incomplete but did not say why, so he called. david: they said i did not sign all the forms, and we double checked it, so i thought that was not true, but they rule. michael: he mailed in another application, but time was ticking, and still no passport. david: i did not know if it would come or not, so i was trying to do everything i could think of, and 7 on your side helped out. >> there was a backlog of about 2 million applications over the summer, but through lots of overtime and getting folks back into the office, we have diligently reduced that number, so people don't miss their trip and were able to get the passports out as quickly as possible. michael: passport applications dropped during the pandemic from 21 million in 2019 to just 11 million last year, then surged to about 15 million this year.
5:47 am
>> a lot of people probably waited or did not apply during covid because they were not traveling, so now we have seen a buildup in applications, as vaccines have rolled out. michael: passport bureaus that closed during the pandemic are ramping backup, still, officials say you should apply up to six month ahead of the trip. this allows time for gathering documents, mailing demand, and waiting for review. processing takes up to 11 weeks for regular service or up to seven weeks for expedited service. officials warn avoid mistakes that cause delays. the most common problems, an acceptable passport photo or a missing signature. we ask the passport office about david's case. david: it just showed up in the mail, but i was excited. kumasi: that was michael finney reporting. if your application is stuck, you can go to the state department's online passport tracker to find the status, and
5:48 am
if you still don't get it, there is a number you can call pit we post all of that on a website, student loan payments return in just a few months. federal borrowers have not had to make a payment since march of 2020. that is when the government froze payments because of the pandemic and its effect on unemployment rates. there have been several extensions, but all of that comes to an end on january 31. a new bank rate survey shows only about 30% expect to go back to their old payment routines. close to 20% say they do not have a plan for paying back the money. reggie: a handful of people will be living like the grinch for this holiday season. his cave has found its way to utah this year. it is a recreation of the grinch's lair from the movie "how the grinch still christmas," complete with the music room and an organ. enjoy your stay -- or don't. [laughter] as for food, there is who pudding or who hash to choose
5:49 am
from, and because it is the grinch's place, there is no internet, no tv. the price is $19.57 per night, to honor the book's original release date in 1957. there are only 10 nights available this month, and they are all booked up. kumasi: that is cute. reggie: it is cute -- and very weird. kumasi: it could be cozy. reggie: wait, does the grinch play the guitar and the drums? kumasi: the grinch has a band. lisa: i saw the who hash. i hope the roast beast is there, too. don't sign me up. [laughter] we are looking at a little bit of precip that has moved out of here. as you look at the loop from live doppler 7, we were left with a couple of hundredths down san francisco, coastal hills. fog is more of an issue this
5:50 am
tuesday morning. a little bit of a missed for the next couple of hours and wet pavement. visibility from san francisco, san carlo, to san jose, a little better at sfo, but that could create some problems on your way out, if you are flying out ofsa, seven-mile vity. on our live camera. it is still a little dicey out there, a little wet for sure. we will be looking at the system to wind down. the sun comes out in the afternoon, then with the neck system, another weak one, cold air is accompanied with it, and amateurs will go way down -- temperatures will go way down. a much stronger system late sunday and monday. . here is what is left of your tuesday system. we get into some sun in the afternoon, clouding up here on wednesday, and then by thursday, this system is moving into the mountains. it kind of skips is altogether. we will be looking at a winter storm watch, winter weather
5:51 am
advisory with a couple of inches of snow headed our way. this projection brings us a couple of hundredths. once again, just paving the way to get that ridge out of here, so we can get more significant rain, which is on the way for sunday and monday. that is a little bit of inches,g at some sunshine afternoon. a little bit on the hazy side. back to you. reggie:reggie: lisa, thank you. an artificial christmas tree you have never seen before. kumasi: and a local student's advocacy work getting attention outside of school. the major encouragement for his classmates. reggie: the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
5:52 am
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5:54 am
reggie: a local student's advocacy work is getting attention outside of school. michael yu is getting recognized for encouraging his classmates to get vaccinated. he has made 1000 vaccine card protectors to donate to school clinics. for halloween, you probably saw him dressed up in a vaccine costume to put kids at ease while getting the shot. michael paid for this on his own. michael: i got it all in line with the money i got from a previous internship that was actually about researching inserting genetic material in cells. >> we really focus on bringing the community together, helping each other out, and we want to give that entrepreneurial students who students like michael -- spirit to students like michael. reggie: next month, the board of supervisors will honor michael with a special award.
5:55 am
a new comedy series is coming to abc tonight that focuses on our heroes. kumasi: not on marvel movies but real-life heroes, teachers. it is called "abbott elementary," and it is a mock you mentoring -- mockumentary sts an emeary school.>> hey, evleasd for the pledge of allegiance to except for andrew, who is taking a personal stand against nationalism. janelle: definitely to hit the funnybone and also hit the heart, if we can. kumasi: i'm sorry, y'all. these educators are determined to help their students succeed. quinto bronson created the series and also stars at a teacher. "abbott elementary" will be on abc 7. reggie: very delightful.
5:56 am
the show looks really funny to me. i am excited. kumasi: new at 6:00, the key to the climate change crisis, locked in an indestructible time capsule in the land down under. we are going to explain. reggie: plus, oakland city council tackling crime in the city. the potential ideas of reported today's meeting. kumasi: and you are paying a pretty penny on bay area tolls starting next month. voters approved price hikes for transportation projects, but now extra money may not be going anywhere anytime soon. reggie: we are coming right back.
5:57 am
wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign.
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5:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: top stories at 6:00 rethinking the holidays. new concerns over the omicron variant driving brand-new guidance from the cdc over your family gatherings if you are vaccinated. reggie: and mixed messages from one bay area county over covid
6:00 am
rules for restaurants. by sckingns and escaping without a single fine or citation. kumasi: and a live look outside on the morning, beaker for driving on the roads. it lets us know what we can expect for the rest of the day. reggie: we will start with leases forecast. lisa: good morning, everyone. a little misty in spots. the roadways are damp, but this system has moved out of here. it is leaving pockets of drizzle along the golden gate bridge and san francisco picked up a couple of hundredths. in the last hour, we were looking in livermore and down in the south bay looking bit more rain. arter to a mile around sam carlos. the fog moves around a bit and


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