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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ >> >> the san francis the san department was unable to meet the demand for what was asked of us, and now we have our partners from the san francisco sheriff's department who will help to alleviate those shortages. >> san francisco's police chief has announced a deal to crack down on theft. >> i am dane ashley. tonight, a development in the fight against retail theft, which has been pushing business owners to a breaking point. sheriff's deputies will be
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allowed to provide private retail security during their time off. that is something only police officers had been allowed to do up until now. as leanne melendez explains, getting to this point took a bit of negotiating. leanne more security at retail, off-duty police officers have come up short. >> the san francisco police department was unable to meet the demand for what was asked of us. leanne: this supervisors supervs legislation allows sheriff's deputies to >> fill the void. > we believe it will provide one additional spoke in the wheel of justice to deal with what is plaguing our city. leanne: retailers in the union representing commercial workers have been pushing for more accountability. deputy sheriffs would be allowed to work overtime at these locations at no cost to taxpayers.
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> this overtime will not affect our staffing levels. it's an opportunity to sign up for and to get out into the community to protect leanne: there were several rounds of negotiations with the police union. >> it will flow through the thee police department. leanne: after the first 60 days, both departments will come up with a way to equally benefit each other. leanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> new developments in the case of a woman accused of stealing $40,000 worth of items from a san francisco area target. aziza graves was taken into custody at the westfield sacramento center. she was booked into jail on one charge of petty theft and three local warrants. graves was released with an ankle monitor last week.
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she's accused of using self checkout kiosks to commit 120 thefts over the last year. in the east bay, these are some of the stolen items police found inside a suspicious vehicle. officers say they recovered $2000 in merchandise after officers recovered a car with its license plate removed. police did not say whether she was involved in that theft involving 80 people at the nordstrom's last month. the city has added extra patrols downtown. dane: city leaders in oakland are considering ways to help blunt a spike in violent crime. it includes an effort to add officers to the understaffed police force. 61 officer positions are vacant. the city council is considering a proposal to add two more police academies. councilmembers heard a public comment, but have yet to vote. the police chief talked about
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the problem of officers leaving the force. >> i think the most important thing for the department is to retain the officers we have retained and trained for many years. department has launched a pre-academy to expose trainees to the training environment and is trying to recruit candidates at local colleges. >> alameda city council will consider adopting a vision zero action plan aimed at making significant safety improvements to alameda streets. one of the intersections identified is shoreline drive in grant street where supervisor willman chan was hit and killed last month. melanie woodrow has more. melanie: prior to the death of wilma chan, city transportation officials identified the intersection of shoreline drive at grant street.
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last month on november 3, alameda police say a driver hit and killed chan while she was walking her dog. they believe she was walking across shoreline drive. from sky seven, the abc 7 news i team observed vehicles including a u.s. postal service truck blow through the stop sign. the intersection was already part of the vision zero action plan. transportation planning, and the police department met to look at the intersection. coordinator lisa foster said they found room for more improvements. >> it does not have the kind of crosswalk that is the most visible. we also are looking at a configuration of that road to
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eliminate a left turn pocket and a line the street a little bit better. provide us with important ways to prioritize our effort, but they are not the only way. dane: the city council may have some input. alameda mayor marilyn ashcraft -- >> something more needs to be done, and i think we need to accelerate the pace at which we are doing these things. melanie: the police department tells the i team they are still investigating the case, waiting on the finalized report. an event honoring chan's planned in oakland. ellen he woodrow, abc 7 news. >> drivers are going to have to slow down on several san
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francisco streets. the municipal transportation agency proposed lowering the miles per hour through noah valley and the mission. speeds are being reduced on stretches of hait and polk streets. dane: omicron has been identified in florida and illinois. it brings the number of states where the variant has been detected to 21 a. california health officials say omicron has been found in the wastewater of sacramento. that means it is likely circulating. the cdc has updated its testing guidelines and is urging people to do rapid tests before any indoor gathering. >> today is the deadline for teachers to respond to the district's a vaccine mandate. the school district is one of the first to issue a mandate for
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students. teachers and staff must show proof of vaccination by today. if they don't, they will face termination. students must be vaccinated to continue in person learning. dane: how safe is in person learning? a new study shows it could be safer than some thought. abc 7 news inker liz quite expands. liz learning was done remotely, but according to a new study, when students in marin county did return to the classroom, covid-19 transmission in the community didn't go up. it went down. >> we were able to show students could be safe, faculty and staff could be safe. liz: michaela george is the assistant professor at dominican university in san rafael. she says from september to january of last year, the
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researchers tracked attendance at 77 schools, both private and public, from tk to eighth grade. >> as the days increased, community spread, the spread of community -- covid in the community decreased. notnotnotnotnot interesting for us to show that there may be a correlation. >> what we saw during this time is most of the transmissions were not happening at school. liz: lisa santora is marin county's public health officer. she hopes the findings will help to guide public health officials. >> when we do experience another pandemic, our hope is we do not have the long protracted delays in the return for in person instruction. it adversely affected so many
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families when we knew early on we can have mitigation strategies in place. abc 7 news. >> concern over the pandemics impact on america's kids is prompting a rare health advisory from the surgeon general. too many children are struggling, citing a rise in suicide rates. dr. murphy placed some of the blame on social media. he credited biden administration. dane: still ahead, the festive tradition of christmas in the park being used to help draw attention to a homicide investigation. one family is hoping their memorial tree will help police solve a deadly crime.
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>> matthew shapiro was shot and killed in march, and his killer is still on the loose. dane: as dustin dorsey explains, his family is hoping this tree can raise awareness. dustin: in the middle of a grove full of joy, a somber reminder of loved ones lost. at christmas in the park, a special section honoring those we will be without this holiday. >> especially if the person who was passed had a tie to christmas in the park or enjoyed coming down, this is a great way for them to cherish their memory. >> through these trees, their
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memories continued. matthew, a victim of homicide in march. a father of two kids with a soft spot for animals, including his dog, a free spirit and diehard raiders fan. his loved ones remember celebrating with him every year. >> i remember to coming with christmas in the park with him. i had a lot of great memories. >> memories now on display through this tree. san jose police are still investigating his murder. this video of a possible getaway vehicle remains a key piece of evidence. >> just knowing that whoever did this to him, that is when we can start healing. dustin: the wounds of a lost loved one may never truly heal,
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especially on this day when he would've turned 37. >> i will never give up on finding out who did this to him. i will continue to find justice. dustin: if you have information, please contact san jose police. dane: todane: to is expected to be in a san mateo courtroom. this comes after the california supreme court throughout the death sentence last year, ruling some jurors were improperly dismissed. he was transferred to san mateo county jail. he had been on death row since his 2004 conviction. peterson claims a juror in the trial committed misconduct in filling out a questionnaire. >> the california task force
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studying and developing reparations proposals will wrap up its final meeting of the year tomorrow. today is day one a. the group heard testimony on a number of gentrification. it's a first in the nation effort to take an expansive look at the institution of slavery and its present-day effects on the lives of black americans. a final report is expected in 2023. dane: elizabeth holmes is back on the witness stand today as prosecutors question her about documents and emails that they documents and emails that they entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems,
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>> disgraced their noc elizabeth holmes returned to a courtroom to be grilled by the prosecution . legal experts say it is credibility versus testimony from the prosecution's 29 other witnesses. stephanie sierra has the latest
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from federal court. stephanie: of the most important revelations the prosecution pointed to revolved around asking elizabeth holmes simple questions about what she knew to be true about her company and what was portrayed to investors. the answers to those questions did not add up. elizabeth holmes walked into federal court comforted by her partner billy evans. the former ceo who first appeared on the stand with a new level of confidence struggled yet again to answer simple questions about her involvement in the company. >> it cannot hurt her credibility because the way the jury will look at that when you have a witness who says, i don't remember -- stephanie: michelle hagan says a slew of evidence support the broader argument that holmes had intent to defraud patients and investors. >> if the prosecution can show that those are examples of misrepresentations, in other words, she lied about this
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stuff, that goes to fraud, and the jury could convict her. it would be wrong to tell an investor said that is what was published. >> those were representations she made that walgreens relied upon. stepstep continued to paint a picture of distrust, asking a with simple questions that she answered, i don't remember it that way. one example included documents from 2014 and 2015 that misled investors about the company's revenue projection. >> it seems to me she's not recalling the details that hurt her. difference when the prosecution wrapped cross-examination.
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holmes had no problem talking definitively about the same issues when it was her own defense team asking the questions. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dane: let's check now on the weather. >> we had some rain overnight, and the sun was back. >> it was a rapid clearing after that quick moving system. i want to show you that beautiful view. check out san francisco and of the moon up above. the air quality, much better because of that quick moving system. temperatures this afternoon, 5-10 degrees above where they were yesterday afternoon. mid-50's from san francisco to oakland. live doppler 7, we do have a few clouds, but the rain is gone. we have a lot more in the forecast. here is a look at the rainfall totals. it is not something you will write home about, but it is
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something. four hundredths in the city. here's the view from our santa cruz sky camera, and it is out on the coast. another week system tomorrow night, a lot like what just came through, and a stronger storm is due in. the current one coming through is tomorrow night into thursday morning. it is a light system. under 1/10 of an inch, and expecting some slippery areas. you will see quite a bit of fog at 7:00 a.m.. it is going to be spotty in nature for the afternoon showers. spotty going into 7:00 p.m.. the skies clear quickly once again. in the mountains,
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snow dropping even leveler -- more than that. expecting up to 15 inches. i think it is best to prepare for winter driving conditions. temperatures in the morning at the 40's, 50's, fog out there tomorrow afternoon, highs ranging from the 50's to low 60's. a couple of showers around. i would just hang onto to the umbrellas for tomorrow. in terms of the rainfall totals. this is looking more promising. you will notice several inches of rain in the bay area. the hilltops could pick up to three inches, and in the mountains, hefty snow totals. five feet for some of the resorts, exactly what you need. spotty afternoon and evening showers going into thursday morning, and then cold and
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frosty conditions friday and saturday morning. it will be crisp in the afternoon. our next storm starts as a one on sunday. it becomes a two, and then a one for tuesday. that storm looks like it will dump a lot of rain on us. dane: today, americans recognize the 80th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. it is pearl harbor remembrance day. survivors gathered for a ceremony at the national memorial. imperial japan launched an attack on pearl harbor and other locations in hawaii that killed 2403 service members and civilians. it was the defining moment, and it led to the u.s. declaring war the next day on japan. president joe biden visited the world war ii memorial in washington observing a moment of silence.
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alma: south san francisco's police chief said he couldn't be happier as the city pole -- dedicated its new building at chestnut avenue and antoinette
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lane. the new headquarters is designed to withstand major earthquakes and includes an indoor shooting range. it was paid for by a voter approved sales tax increase. dane: a group of nurses is making a big difference for un-house residents in the south bay. alma: the nigerian nurses association donated 250 backpacks in san jose. they handed out blankets, knit caps, socks and toiletries. these are some of the most needed items, especially in the cold winter months ahead. >> this is an awesome gift because people who are homeless are always in need of supplies. any kinds of supplies really help, especially backpacks. dane: they are hoping what they are doing will inspire more people to donate to those in need. a lovely thing to do. alma: world news tonight is next. thank you for joining us. dane: for all of us here, we
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- it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. tonight, breaking news on two fronts. president biden, vladimir putin, the high stakes call over ukraine. our team on the border tonight. the other major news breaking now, what the doctor for the world health organization just said about this new variant, omicron, the severity. and what dr. fauci just said today about the new variant here in the u.s. it all comes amid the rise in new cases. the u.s. now averaging more than 1,100 deaths per day. a 57% increase since just last week. but this was important, what dr. fauci said just today about the new variant in the u.s., how transmissible, how severe, what they're seeing so far. and tonight, now a doctor for the world health organization saying something very similar. and we have the latest. also tonight, president biden speaking from the white house situation room.


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