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it's fantastic, it puts you at ease. we're all excited and we've bonded as a team here in van horn, texas. >> that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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vaccination clinics closes and tonight there is plenty of finger pointing on who is to
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blame car crash deaths on the rise during the pandemic why drivers are hitting the road with reckless behavior christmas is alive and well at this petaluma home, but there's more to it than meets the eye. there's also a great cause behind it damp area is overnight to stormy start to the weekend. i'll have your forecast coming up abc 7 news at starts right now. building better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. our covid vaccination clinic in the heart of oakland has closed and tonight. there's a lot of finger pointing as to why and worry about where people can go instead all of this coming at a time when demand for vaccines is high. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm on a date abc 7 news reporter jr. stone went digging for answers tonight. he joins us live from the newsroom jr. well, i did i'm a we basically have city of oakland saying the non-profit left us high and dry then we have the non-profit saying that oakland didn't keep
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promises made. i spent my afternoon going back and forth on both emails and calls to get things clarified and here is what i found. this was once one of the main vaccination clinics next to oakland city hall. the clinic has now closed permanently the site run by the third party group covid clinic gave first second and third doses to individuals and had given more than 800 shots as to why they would close at a time when there is such strong demand. that's where there is currently finger pointing initially city officials said in a press release quote covid clinic in downtown oakland abruptly closes. to staffing and vaccine shortages, but the clinic said that was and is not the case city reps then clarified what happened saying the city asked the clinic to stay open until the end of the month with an option to stay into 2022. if demand was still high those from covid clinics say if an option to stay longer was set in
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place they wouldn't have left but did ink a deal at a sight in oakland's fruitvale district to offer covid testing and seems well into 2022 their staff has since been moved there. it's just one in a number of confusing situations involving covid vaccination locations on monday at san mateo medical center. there was a staff shortage at the vaccination clinic run by the hr support group and separate of the hospital because of the staff shortage the clinic was unable to open a hundred and eighty appointments for first second or third shots had to be res. world county officials tell us they've been told the issue has er a problem.d andso now those with the covid clinic told me they want to give the best service possible and can do that in the fruitvale district knowing they have a contract well into 2022 something they didn't have near city hall now i did go online late this evening and there were available
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appointments at walgreens locations in oakland this week for vaccines and boosters jr. stone. abc 7 news. okay, jr. thanks very much. turn out to the other covid headlines. kaiser is reporting 11 cases among. staff at its oakland medical center tied to an out-of-state wedding. the hospital says most have tested for the omicron variant new preliminary data shows the pfizer vaccine may only partially protect against omicron, but the company ceo says a third dose the booster appears to offer greater protection and the fda authorized a new covid-19 antibody drug for people with serious health problems or allergies astrazeneca's evosheled is the first antibody drug designed to prevent instead of treat infection law enforcement authorities in marin county are investigating the case involving parents who knowingly sent a covid positive child to class and 75 students at neil cummins elementary in court of madera. had to quarantine over thanksgiving break after being
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exposed to the student the marin county district attorney says she is aware of the potential health order violation and will review it once police submit the case. all right, let's turn to the weather. you may have seen some rain today, but a heavier batch is headed our way and let's go to abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel that for sandy. yeah, dan. we have an atmospheric river that is going to arrive this weekend. but before we get to that, let's talk about the light showers that we are seeing live doppler 7 all lit up. this is a welcome sight as we get you into street level radar in the north bay santa rosa petaluma hill road rohnert park. it's slippery out there. we do have some slick roads around dublin heading into livermore with some light rain across 580 and the peninsula is getting as share heading into the south bay. so cupertino sunnyvale, middlefield road palo alto as now the picture it's a light level one system that is coming in producing some snow in the mountains and as you look at the hourly forecast two o'clock, we're going to see some showers focused on the east and south bay 5 am still some isolated
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showers. it winds down not a lot of rain left behind 1,500 of an inch or less but check out what's happening this weekend moderate strength atmospheric river coming in sunday continuing into tuesday. i'll be back with the rain totals. and hefty snow totals coming up. all right, sandia. thank you. i knew at 11 a barn caught fire tonight in eastern contra costa county with numerous animals trapped inside happened in knightsend a small community east of antioch firefighters responded, but the structure was already three quarters involved when they arrived at least 13 dairy goats, and some chickens did not survive, but about 15 dairy cattle were able to break out and save themselves. new development in a story we first brought you here last night on abc 7 news at 11 the city of san francisco is now saying not so fast to a developer who revised a construction plan for the site of the former san francisco tennis club, the developer had made a verbal agreement with a non-profit to rebuild indoor
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tennis courts, but then took it out of their plan. local players filed an appeal with the city and more than 100 people spoke at a hearing tonight. this issue will now go back to the san francisco planning commission for reconsideration a father and son are under arrest tonight on suspicion of starting the massive caldor wildfire earlier this year 66 year old at david scott smith and his son 32 year old travis shane smith are accused of reckless arson in a warrant the kaldor fire burned more than 220,000 acres near lake tahoe destroyed more than a thousand buildings and force the evacuation of south lake tahoe the da didn't provide details about what the men did but their attorney says they're innocent these people called in the fire on. when we call it in as soon as they saw. it and the call dropped a couple times, i believe and they kept calling back. they also warned some other campers in the area. there's a fire, know, it's going now. the men are being held with bail set at a million dollars. each charges have not yet been
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filed. today in a redwood city courtroom convicted killer scott peterson was resentenced for the murder of his wife lacey and the couple's unborn son. she was first reported missing on christmas eve 2002 his trial began on june 1st, 2004 and on november 12th. he was convicted of first-degree murder four months later a judge sentenced him to death. but last august after several appeals the california supreme court overturned his death sentence abc 7 news reporter laura. anthony has covered this case since the very beginning nearly 20 years ago now and was one of the few reporters inside the courtroom today. face to face with his late wife's family for the first time in nearly 17 years scott peterson looked them in the eye in a redwood city courtroom as they blasted him for killing laci peterson and her unborn son connor 19 years ago today you were in the midst of planning lacey's murder sharon rocha told peterson lacey's dead because
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she loved you. she trusted you she believed in you earlier lacey's sister amy rocha. lee told peterson it makes me sick to be before you now even though the death penalty has been lifted you will be penalized in this life and after after the rocha family spoke the judge recents the 49 year old peterson to life in prison without the possibility of parole bringing an end to his long stay on san quentin's death row. he's been in prison for over 18 years for a crime. he did not commit. that's a very heavy heav. ode to bear i was sitting in the front row in court just a few feet from peterson. he was listening intently as lacey's family was giving their statements. he even appeared to become emotional at times and answered a couple of questions from the judge, but he never gave a formal statement one of the things that really upsets him. is this concept that he did not want to have a child and he wanted to talk a little bit about that and the fact that he
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would never ever harm and connor peterson's attorney says he wanted to make a statement, but the judge wouldn't allow it peterson will stay at the san mateo county jail awaiting a hearing early next year on his appeal for a new trial based on alleged juror misconduct in 2004. peterson's family has maintained his innocence, but lacy's has no doubt about what he did on christmas eve 2002 no matter what happens in the future sharon roaches said lacey and connor will always be dead, and you will always be their murderer in redwood city laura anthony abc 7 news. in a south bay courtroom closing arguments in the elizabeth holmes trial will get underway a week from tomorrow today the founder of the failed blood testing startup theranos finished testifying and the defense rested its case holmes faces 11 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud each count carries up to
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20 years in prison social media and mental health are both front and center today on capitol hill instagram ceo adam mussari testified today before a senate subcommittee on wednesday as lawmakers questioned the app's impact on younger users and call for greater federal oversight. i think that we are in diametrically opposed goals the goals of parents out there and the goals of your company. we try and make instagram as relevant as possible for people of all ages including teams, but we also invest i believe more than anyone else and keeping people including teens safe. just yesterday instagram introduced a new safety feature including allowing parents to set time limits on the app. for accidents have been on the rise during the pandemic why experts say it may be because of driver's attitudes several bay. area cities are getting a big financial boost for new parks the plan unveiled by the governor today. curry was shooting for history
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tomorrow for kevin nashida. he was killed while working as a security guard for a tv news crew. he died last month after being shot in oakland the search continues for his killer nash. was a retired police officer who served in hayward colma and san jose his memorial will be at noon at the san jose civic auditorium. we will stream it live on abc 7
1:23 am and on the abc 7 bay area app driving under the influence speeding and driving without a seatbelt. it's all reckless behavior safety experts are linking to the pandemic and believe has led to a surge in car accident fatalities abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo talked to experts about why drivers may be taking more risks 38,680 that's how many fatal car crashes happened around the country in 2020 that number up 7.2% from 2019 and in the first six months of 2021 and even bigger jump set to be brought on by the pandemic an increase of 18% according to the national highway traffic safety administration. i treat people for airplane phobias and i tell them. you really afraid of being killed in transportation. don't drive a car dr. david spiegel is a and professor and associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at stanford. he says there are a couple factors that may be impacting the way drivers behave behind
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the wheel for some only being able to tolerate so much risk at once the risk of getting infected the risk of dying the risk of contaminating other people in our families and so on that you sort of push aside the other everyday risks that like driving 100 miles an hour is a pretty dangerous thing to do beyond identifying risks doctors spiegel said, there are also the risk takers. htsa research uncovered driving patterns have changed significantly, especially since march 2020's public health emergency declaration such as speeding driving under the influence and driving unbuggled dr. spiegel believes these actions by drivers reflect discontent seen throughout the pandemic if i don't have to get a vaccination, i don't to spend red lights. i don't have to. attitude about not responsibility is very dangerous dangerous and deadly 2020 stats show fatalities are up on city roads rural areas highways and back roads day or night and
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across every age group between 16 and 65 in the south bay. i'm amanda douglas still yo abc 7 news postponed again lift now says employees won't have to go back to the office until 2023 and a statement a lift spokesperson tells abc 7 news quote. we want to give people a choice for all of next year officers will fully reopen as planned in february, but working from the office will be completely optional for all of 2022. we'll have more reasons to get outside as california pledges more than a half billion dollars to renovate and create parks. the money will go to park projects across the state including bay point berkeley, fremont oakland richmond, san francisco and san leandro california's natural resources agency says the 548 million dollars will build a total of 112 new parks with a focus on underserved communities while the christmas spirit is alive and well at one north bay home this year, but as abc 7 news reporter tim johns planes, there's more to the story than
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just holiday cheer of the display is also helping to a better bay area. is a lot of fun. i have a good time for the past 20 yearsel h been hard at holiday season transforming her home into a christmas wonderland. it's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger this year campbell estimate. she's put up about 100,000 lights a family tradition that started with a simple request from her son. my oldest son came out to his dad at like he was like three and he said daddy why don't we have any christmas lights and so my husband went to kmart and put up, you know, a couple strings of lights and then i'm like, oh no, do way better than that and better she did over the years the campbell's home has become a favorite stopping point for families all around petaluma. something many tell me helped put them in the holiday mood. it's really cool. i've been here almost every year they've been doing this, but it's not just the christmas spirit that drives campbell to do this every year outside. the house visitors will find a small donation box collecting
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money for a local nonprofit working to connect people in need with the appropriate. sources people need to like just be kind to each other be nice and there's a lot of bad stuff going on. but this this i can control but despite the hard work and extra money it cost to put together campbell says she loves bringing a smile to people's faces and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon almost feel like if i don't do it now that i'm gonna be in trouble. with in petaluma tim johns abc 7 news air committed that is great. isn't that right? nice weather today, but it is beginning to change. yeah, it is. let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist sandia patel for what's coming sandia? yeah. we have a lot more rain coming and that's going to be starting this weekend. so dan and alma. let me show you live doppler 7. it is actually a lot of green on there, but not all of this is hitting the ground. so let's get you down to street level radar where we are seeing some showers right around santa rosa sebastopol grayton occidental road as we head into
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the east bay right around livermore heading into concannon boulevard the altamonte pass. it is slippery out there and one last stop san jose west hedding street lincoln avenue. willow glens seeing some wet weather. all right, how much have we received 500 or less from sonoma to san francisco? you will notice santa rosa 300 of an inch. this is so far. we're not expecting a lot under 1500 snow showers mixing in with rain over the mountains as you will notice here on nevada radar here as we take a look at the winter weather advisory. it's up until 4 pm tomorrow expecting up to 14 inches above 6,000 feet, but the snow level coming down even lower which means a couple of inches possible below the passes. so travel will be difficult and i would forget about traveling between sunday and tuesday go either after or before because look at this the atmospheric river is going to dump snow on the mountains 67 inches at donner.
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at kirkwood after the 15% statewide sierra snowpack that's going to get a boost as we head into next week exploratorium camera. it's a gray view light showers through early morning cold, friday and saturday nights with some patchy morning frost and we are looking at that moderate atmospheric rivers sunday through tuesday not as strong as the october event, but stay tuned temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. it's a light level one through tomorrow morning scattered light showers under 1,500 of an inch wet roads and poor visibility is what you'll have to deal with so most of this is falling while you're sleeping 2 am. it's moving through 4 am. you'll still see a few showers, especially in the southern and eastern end of our viewing area by 7. am. it's all pretty much winding down fast clearing behind that system and then here comes that atmospheric river becomes heavier as we go into monday and into tuesday. we see the snowfall intensity picking up, but there may be some high elevation snow here in the bay area. so just be aware of that rainfall totals anywhere from about one to four inches now
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sunday through tuesday, but look at ben lomond over a half a foot of rain is what the latest model projections you're showing tomorrow morning jackets. umbrellas 30s to 50s afternoon highs with windy conditions near the coast breezy inland mostly sunny, but it's gonna be a blustery one fifties for your highs the accuweather 7-day forecast level one tomorrow frosty cold, friday saturday mornings now a moderate strength storm for sunday and monday. mixed precipitation is possible on tuesday and still unsettled on wednesday. now that looks more like winter where's mom? she said she would be home in time for the show. don't worry, sweetie. she promised she'd be here for it.
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rock casino. good evening warrior star steph curry came out firing tonight against portland, but you could see he was clearly forcing it the all-time three-point record. we'll have to wait. for at least one more game before the game at chase. what are we we're checking the wind here. i have no idea what we're doing curry launched his first three 12 seconds in didn't go first triple comes midway through the first. all right 15 from the record blazers tried to crowd him at the three-point line, but you can't stop the step back and we
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are 1408 out one of a few open looks for steph loving the left wing down to 13 we go late first half curry from the corner. it's knocked down splash. now it's 12 third quarter another step back over the defender his fifth three leave staff 11 away from the record his last triple came in the third quarter six of 17 overall from deep for 22 points dubs grind out a 104.94 wins steph now needs 10 to break ray allen's record, perhaps saturday night in philly right here on abc 7 to make that many threes in one game is obviously, he's never been done before. so it was you know, know, know, routine night. he made six which is nothing for him. i don't think i ever did that in my entire career one time. so it was just kind of a
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home game, but a win college ball tonight the undefeated san francisco dons taking on fresno state jamboree bouye. led the way game high 27 trains the three dawns within four. he's a big comeback. they trailed at the half sealed the deal on only 10:01 patrick to pay throwing it down the dance usf-10-0 everybody 71 63 your final cal hosting idaho state. kids are pumped jordan shepherd one of his seven assists to big andre kelly attacking the rib with bad intentions hammers at home. he had 12 all bears in this game about lars team in the seven footer from germany gets it to go. he had 12 as well cal now five and five after a 72-46 wins sports on abc 7 sponsored by
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i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. we'll see you tomorrow. jimmy kimmelo's next.
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undertone. >> of course. pantone, the world's color authority says the color tone blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the excitement of red. >> when i was 12 that was my favorite color. >> berry peri? >> yes. i was going to say the color for me every year is black. i will go weeks wearing black. >> that's classic and how people felt this year, gloomy. and dark, but i have about ten black tee shirts. so i'm with you. coming up, a $300 billion jury verdict. plus, did you see this? hillary clinton getting emotional. what she just shared for the first time. but first, the ceo who laid off 900 employees in a zoom call, what he's now saying. you're watching "world news now."
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