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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 10, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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his wife, former senator elizabeth dole, paid her respects, placing her head on her husband's casket. president biden was there to remember his friend and political rival. >> in a sense, bob belongs here. he too was a giant of our history. and that's not hyperbole. it's real. >> bob dole's funeral is tomorrow at the national cathedral. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here, same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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reporter: mother found along the local highway moments after giving birth. what happens next was one of the craziest situations of a chp officer's career. reporter: hate is not welcome in palo alto. reporter: tonight, leaders from 20 different companies are urging congress to take action on a measure that could help them with retail thefts. i'll explain in my story. meteorologist: tracking the winter chill tonight and an atmospheric group further we can. your forecast is coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: tonight, a mother and newborn baby saved from the side of any spate freeway. officers were called to the scene seemingly moments after that mother had given birth. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm ama daetz. tim johns explains at one point, the baby was feared dead. tim: it started thursday morning around 8:48. california highway patrol said
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they received a call from a transient woman to northbound 880 in hayward. when officers arrived, the woman was covered in blood and it was determined she had just given birth. an ambulance was called and at some point, the baby was thought to have died. jeff is a spokesperson. >> i'm a retired paramedic and i can tell you that sometimes a baby is born where it will be blue or gray and not breathing and can appear dead. tim: the mother was medically cleared later on involuntarily placed in a psychiatric ward. the chp received a call saying the child was indeed alive, prompting one officer to tell abc 7 news, "this is one of the craziest situations i've seen in my career with the chp. we are very happy the infant is ok. hopefully everyone comes out healthy in this situation and leads to good things to come." in hayward, tim johns, abc 7 news. ama: and if you or someone you know needs access to mental
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health resources, we have a guide on our website, dan: in an open letter, ceos and representatives from 20 major companies are urging congress to take action on a bill they hope will fight this surge of retail thefts, scenes like this, that we've seen recently here in the bay area. that bill is focused on preventing stolen goods from being resold. abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone explains how it would work. reporter: images like this or this showing either individuals or groups of individuals stealing items from major stores have become common. i know high ups at walgreens, cvs, home depot, and 17 other chains are coming together, all part of a joint letter urging congress to take action by cracking down on individuals selling those goods in online marketplaces. >> with got to do more than just think we can arrest our way out of this. reporter: jason brewer is part of the retail leaders association.
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his group signed the letter, based on a bill in congress called the inform consumers act. it would put requirements on those selling online and not allow them to hide behind a screen name. >> it would simply have to provide some very basic business information, name, phone number, tax id, things they have to provide anyway. reporter: there are a number of online marketplaces out there. but one of the biggest is amazon. a spokesperson tells us amazon does not allow third-party sellers to list stolen goods in our store and work closely with law enforcement, retailers, and brands to stop bad actors and hold them accountable. the company says they've invested more than $700 million in this area and every amazon seller must interview with them either in person or on a video chat before being allowed to sell. >> it allows us to go after these organized crime rings. >> if you make it harder to sell stolen goods, you were going to
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reduce the incentive for people to steal. reporter: those we talked with our hopeful congress will take action on this informed consumers bill. the first couple months of 2022. , j.r. stone abc 7 news. ama: we had the opportunity to talk to governor newsom today. we asked him about the recent rash of shootings in the bay area. people have the right to be angry about it. people's feelings are one thing. statistics are another. we've been very aggressive with the mayor, doing whatever we can to support them, trying to increase enforcement. dan: the fda announced pfizer's covid booster for teenagers 16 years old and 17 years of age.
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the cdc quickly followed suit. it comes 24 hours after pfizer said new data from a laboratory test shows the booster works to bring a level of antibodies in your system back up to peak protection. 3 million teenagers are now eligible for a booster six months after getting a second -- second shot. they began administering the boosters today. it will be available at all county run locations although the teens will need a waiver signed by a parent online or on site. 79% of santa clara county residents are now fully vaccinated. that's on track to reach 80% soon. it's one criteria needed to lift the indoor mask mandate. >> right now, we're not anywhere near lifting it. this is not the time to be removing the mask. it's a time to be encouraging people to wear their mask. reporter: the threat of the
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delta variant and the uncertainty of omicron are leading officials to keep mandates in place. >> we understand delta. we just don't understand enough omicron yet. and with increasing cases and the spread rapidly around the world, there's a lot of uncertainty around. and i think uncertainty is driving the pause button. dan: alameda county tightened its mask rules for places like gyms, offices, and churches where everyone is fully vaccinated. now, you have to wear a mask in those cations once again. ac transit's directors ordered all 21 employees to be vaccinated. it has not set a deadline for compliance. that brings the agency in line with art and muni. ama: it will be cold tonight and frosty in some parts of the bay area. let's get to sandhya patel. sandhya: bundle up tonight. winter has come early. take a look at these temperatures tonight.
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it is already near freezing in fairfield, 37 degrees, 39 in napa. by morning, it's going to get cold enough for frost. 14 degrees cooler in fairfield, where they do have a frost advisory for the straight and delta. we have a freeze warning for parts of like an mendocino counties, temperatures down in the 20's. from there freezing cold to the atmospheric river. abundant moisture coming in from hawaii. on a storm impact scale, it goes from a two on sunday to a three, which is a strong on monday. i'll be back to tell you how much rain, how much stronger winds will be, and how much snow this year will get coming up. dan: tonight on the eve of world human rights day, dozens of multifaith leaders met at a south bay church with the message, hate is not welcome in palo alto. tackling topics related to race
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and social justice is a key part of our effort to build a better bay area. amanda del castillo io explains how recent racist attacks and other hate incidents inspired this call to action. amanda: inside palo alto's first united methodist church tonight, dozens answering a call to action by acknowledging incidents of hate within their community. >> part of it is we named these things, so you will hear his name them and amanda: not leave it there. verbal attacks and hate based crime, the voices for the peace and justice coalition says no group has gone unscathed. >> any time you don't know somebody, you're going to be afraid of them. and anything you hear about them you are going to believe. ama: we reported on amanda: we report --amanda: we reported on racist graffiti. we highlighted a customers racist tirade, which was directed at the restaurant owner of fuki sushi.
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without getting into specifics, the rabbi revealed the church itself where the meeting was held has been the recent target of a series of hurtful incidents. >> it intentionally being held here because there has been hate activity here. >> people are so separated, you know? they are well-to-do people but they are not connecting the way they should be connecting and getting to know each other. >> part of living in a diverse community is having to do the hard work of learning about one another, engaging with one another. and the world would rather have us not do that work. amanda: on the eve of world human rights day, deciding more must be done. i'm amanda del castillo io, abc 7 news. ama: new details about the father and son arrested with the caldor fire facing more criminal charges. dan: are you ready to get rid of
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your readers? the new eyedrops that could replace glasses for millions of americans. ama: and the identity of a powerball jackpot winner revealed. dan: a lot of money. all that is ahead. a look at what is coming up ahead on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy? jimmy: thanks. watch this. it's good for you. o christmas tree. >> ♪ stop filming me, stop filming me i'll lose my charm
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ama: a massive show of support today for a security guard and them officer killed working at a tv news crew. he was honored with a public memorial in san jose. abc 7 news reporter zach fuente was there. and a lot has been felt across the bay area. reporter: law enforcement from multiple bay area agencies showed up as part of the procession that led to the service held for kevin issued a. he worked as police officer in hayward. the memorial at the san jose civic covered -- auditorium was both a reflection of his years in public service and his buddhist faith. >> the outpouring public love and support, it means so much to us. as kevin's be friend, i know that kevin is so grateful for
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everyone being here today. reporter: he was tragically shot and oakland last month. his killer has still not been found. there is more than $38,000 that will be awarded for information leading to an arrest. family and police continue to wait for that information. today's memorial was to honor his life. the last three years, he lost his older sister and mother, his father and brother before that. but friends and family say he never lost his positive joyful spirit. >> kevin was caring, courageous, reliable, polite. >> kevin love his family and friends and his coworkers. >> today's memorial was to help give closure to friends and family. his legacy will be remembered long after today. >> we will forever love you. reporter: in a collective statement, his family thanked the agencies he worked for for their support and also the community for their contributions, donations, and help as they continue to process
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this tragedy. zach fontes, abc 7 news. dan: they voted to set up an advisory committee to remove on-campus police last june as we reported. the new committee will discuss which actions are suitable for law enforcement and what can be handled by alternatives like school counselors. the committee will look for feedback from the community but has some parents say, they were blindsided by the decision. >> we spend more time talking to sj pd than they do about counselors for these children. >> what we want is primary to make sure our campuses are staffed for safety. dan: there is also a provision that will allow school communities to bring officers back to school before the committee makes a recommendation. ama: "empire" star jussie smollett was found guilty of five to six accounts of misconduct. like to police about an
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anti-gay racist attack at site's apartment in january, 2019. the men who carried out the attack testified the actor paid him to orchestrate it for publicity. the maximum sentence for the felony charges is three years. dan: el dorado county prosecutors filed charges against a father and son accused of starting a massive caldor fire. the charges allege david scott smith and travis jane smith recklessly started the fire without saying how. it burned more than 220,000 acres near lake tahoe earlier this year. the men are charged with converting a firearm into a machine gun and possessing a silencer. they are looking into whethe loo the fire was sparked for target practice. ama: mayor london breed once to give -- wants to give residents more time to get their places up to code.
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business owners have complained that they are still struggling with the pandemic and wouldn't be able to get it done in time. the board supervises will have to approve the extension. dan: a new drug hit the market today and it could be a breakthrough for anyone who needs new reading glasses. it's the first eyedrop affects 128 million americans. most deal with it by using reading glasses or larger fonts. in tests, one drop improved eyesight for up to 10 hours. ama: this weakens a storm is expected to bring a lot of much needed storm to lake tahoe. dry, warm weather is forcing many resorts to pushback opening days. it's been a long week for skiers and snowboarders. >> we are waiting for this. we are dying out here. this is a very snow -- slow start. ama: cold temperatures will
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allow them to make snow around the clock to add more terrain. those resorts open saturday. dan: nice to see, isn't it? will we get -- more snow up there, but also a lot of rain down here. ama: sounds like it. sandhya patel is here with more. sandhya: a good drenching and strong winds. let me show you right now what it looked like from lake tahoe. it was so pretty today, three to nine inches fell, pushing the snowpack from 15% to 19%. to g boosted quite a bit with the incoming atmospheric river. the moisture is going to be coming in from the tropics and the concerns sunday through tuesday, high likelihood of minor flooding on roads, debris flows, and mudslides in the burn scar. para -- flooding's and river flooding would be low.
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live doppler seven, we will show you some clouds passing through not preventing those temperatures from falling, getting cold into the upper 30's. napa area at this hour, 29 degrees at lakeport, 32 in fairfield, livermore, bone chilling cold. you're going to see some frost. as you check out high temperatures, they will be in the 50's, mainly sunny, a little breezy, a lot like today, where it started out cold and then got cool for the afternoon. looking at a beautiful view of san francisco, cold the next few mornings, and atmospheric area that arrives this area with what , windy conditions sunday through monday and possible snow on tuesday. here's the timeline. saturday night, the rain could move into the north bay but it is really sunday that it starts to get pretty wet across the entire bay area. monday, rainfall intensity picks up. the winds increase, as well. the mountains are getting piled
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on with fresh snow. tuesday, we continue to see those showers, and that really doesn't and right there. let's talk about the rainfall totals, over half of foot in the santa cruz mountains. that's impressive, anywhere from an inch and a half to almost four and a half inches for the rest of the bay area. the rain shadow of the santa clara valley may not get quite as much, but these are just estimates. sunday night, the winds start to pick up. secure your holiday decorations. we go into monday morning, the winds are ramping up elsewhere. those strong winds are going to continue most of monday. winter storm watch 10:00 p.m. saturday until 10:00 p.m. tuesday, two to five feet of snow, six to nine feet, difficult to travel up there so i would not try and bother to go up. 68 at kirkwood. get up there saturday afternoon or wait until the storms are done. cold and frosty the next couple
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of mornings. wet and windy, level two sunday. it's a three on monday with the stormy weather and there's potential for snow showers mixing in with showers tuesday, more systems wednesday, thursday. dan:
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ama: after weeks of waiting, we know who won the powerball drawing. scott gottfried purchased 10 lines of powerball quick picks at an albertson's ahead of the october 4 drawing. for his $20 purchase, he won $198 million the seventh largest jackpot in lottery history. he said he wants to put some of the money toward charity.
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>> good evening. the sharks had a chance to cool off the hottest team in hockey, the minnesota wild arriving on a seven game winning streak. she's got her popcorn ready. sharks down 1-0 after one. wild woodley, 3-0. and sharks tweeted, anyone got fun plans this weekend? they had fun plans in the third. here they come, six minutes left, told marsh on the rebound, 3-2. minnesota got two empty netters, extended their winning streak to eight. they fall, 5-2. lost, george kittle had his best game of the year, nine catches and now onto cincinnati. the niners have dropped out of the seventh and final playoff spot in the nfc. he lost a bet so he had to wear a michigan shirt today, said sunday is bounceback time. >> i think we did a good job
1:36 am
limiting turnovers and that's kind of what that is in the butt this last weekend. i'm not going to say we are more inspired than usual but guys are ready to roll. >> thursday night football, steelers and vikings, felt like ben roethlisberger would retire at nighttime. back from an injury, 205 yards two touchdowns, 29-0, steelers come back, 90 harris, two touchdowns. steelers scored 21 in the fourth. down to the last play, sandwiched by two minnesota defenders. vikings hold on, 36-28. sad and shocking news tonight, do marry us to harris -- thomas has died at age 83. he overcame a rough childhood and ended up with a 10 year nfl career. no word yet on cause of death. college football news, the oregon ducks are interested in
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justin wilcox. they reportedly interviewed the head coach today as they look to replace mario cristobal, who left for miami. really good fit, grew up near the school in eugeneh played for the ducks. he might prefer a more football friendly environment after dealing with berkeley covid rules. ucla could also be in the mix, his former coach. purdue, first game since number one ranked. trayvon williams is the boilermaker. the lead. last chance, ron harper junior, good luck, game over, drive home safely. 70-68.
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ama: thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. dan: i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. jimmy kimmel and will for take. night.
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