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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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tonight. we're in the north bay as residents are preparing us heavy rain approaches wet and windy weather heading our way. i'll let you know. how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood local holiday toy drive is robbed just weeks ahead of christmas all of the details coming up abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. and taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, no raindrops yet, but the north bay will be the first to get hit as an atmospheric river moves in tonight. it's the start of what is expected to be three days of rain. good evening. i'm jr. stone. let's get right to abc 7 news meteorologist and meteorologists there frances dinglasan tracking the rain tonight. what does it look like right now francis? so right now we're starting to see the rain hit parts of the
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north and it will spread overnight throughout the bay area. this system is going to have a 1-2 punch. i want to show you with the satellite radar image where we're getting some light rain starting to move down towards the north bay and this will spread overnight. so this atmospheric river heading our way in fact the forecast animation shows 12 o'clock still mainly in the north bay than 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. we'll see lots of widespread rain all around the bay area some even moderate rained areas there in yellow and then sunday, i will still see some more moderate slides south now. this one two punch will get stronger on we'll get some heavier. poor as you see the areas of orange and red and notice the white as well. this is going to be a cold system into tuesday. so i'll let you know how much you can expect in your neighborhood and we will have the umbrellas handier. we'll be using them most of the week jr. thanks so much. well in the north bay some residents readying for rain are hoping for the best after experiencing flooding during
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october's big storm abc 7 news reporter lose. pena has more from a long lorna, del creek in santa rosa. this is a calm before the storm. right now the national weather service has kind of shifted the focus of this system to our south which is a good sign for us. we're looking for beneficial rains which promotes regrowth especially burn scar areas as the bay area prepares for heavy. rainfall santa rosa resident rebecca, ryan luke's town tag of a drive and remembers this it was very flooded. it looked like a little river coming down the street by our house in late october as her street flooded 95 homes. where evacuated did you evacuate? yes. yeah. we did. we just had to go a few blocks down and then we were out of the water danger, but we weren't even sure if we get the car through the it was so deep. the north bay will be impacted first with after three and a half inches of rain in the urban areas and up to seven and a half
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inches in the mountains residents here are keeping a close eye on the lorna, del creek. came to about here. right about there right where that crack line is the lorna del creek runs directly behind tom sawyer's backyard, what i'm concerned about is if they don't keep the sediment in vegetation from growing in the channel about 3,000 feet of it upstream. then all that's going to wash down and collect under the bridge there and then block the bridge and then then we'll have flooding again cities across the bay area are providing sandbags ahead of the storm urging residents to prepare. there's any breaks in the rain check to see how your systems are doing. make sure that the water is flowing where we wanted to go in santa ros. a pena in the east east east oakland zoo will be closed tomorrow because of the weather closure includes the zoo's nighttime glow fari event zoo
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officials. say if you have reservations for tomorrow, you'll be able to rebook or get a refund just head to the zoo's website. you can't keep an eye on the weather weather that is including doppler 7 any time you'll find it on abc 7 bay area app available on roku amazon fire android tv and apple tv. well at least six states are dealing with damage after severe weather last night in kentucky at least 70 people are fear dead. the state's governor says a twister touchdown for more than 200 miles in the state president. biden has now approved an emergency declaration abc news reporter. rena roy is in mayfield, kentucky with a look at the devastation. here, this is where my patients would set minus smith walking us through the remnants of her livelihood. what was once a waiting room now gutted the roof totally blown off of her mental health clinic
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in mayfield kentucky here was our upstairs office complete devastation all around this small town when the sun started coming up this morning. it was like matchsticks. our whole town looks just like matchsticks lying around this candle factory destroyed 110 workers feared inside. kiana parsons perez recorded this video moments after the collapse there have been 22 reported tornadoes across six states. this is likely to one of the largest tornado outbreaks in our history. we're going to get through this we're gonna get through this together in the federal government is is not going to walk away. bowling green kentucky drone video shows the scope of the devastation after an ef-3 tornado with winds up to 150 miles an hour touchdown a team now going door-to-door assessing the damage. it's just overwhelming people lost their homes. their lives it's just no words for it another ef-3 tornado struck this amazon facility in
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edwardsville, illinois officials confirm at least six fatalities a lot of very concrete and field down inside the building in northeast, arkansas this nursing home ripped apart killing one person and leaving five others heard and driving through this area. we have seen miles of devastation and officials say search and rescue. shirts are still underway reena roy ab. news, mayfield, kentucky new developments tonight in governor newsom's gun control plan governor is working on a way for private citizens to be allowed to sue makers of assault rifles and ghost guns newsome announced the plan on twitter tonight. he says it's inspired. texas's latest abortion law which allows private citizens to sue abortion providers yesterday the supreme court upheld that texas law in most places. now newsome says his plan would allow residents to seek damages of up to at least $10,000 and legal fees against anyone who
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manufactures distributes or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun in california. he says he's directed his staff to work with lawmakers and the attorney general on a bill that went enact his plan. new at 11:00 this evening a thief targets a local toy drive that helps bay area children in need abc 7's tim johns spoke with one of the organizers who say at first the thief tried to fool them. for the past 28 years the northern california chapter of the nfl alumni organization has partnered with the domini hoskins black history museum to hold an annual toy drive in redwood city. this year had been no different that is until saturday afternoon and then all of a sudden she started screaming saying we're being wrong. carolyn hoskins is the director of the drive which collects both toys and monetary donations to help provide better christmases for children. she tells me around 3 pm
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saturday afternoon a man walked into the group store front on jefferson avenue. huskin says the man was friendly and chatted with several members of her team including herself. then all of a sudden as he was near the door. he smashed his hands into the donation box and ran off with the money the group had been raising for the past two days. it was gonna go to buy gift cards and and things that were much needed, you know for kids and so now that and he's gone hoskins estimates said about 500 dollars was stolen. she says she's heartbroken that someone would steal money from the organization. we're here to help people if he needed money even he would ask me i would have donated, you know to his calls hoskins says the man rode away on a bike and was wearing what appeared to be some sort of law enforcement badge when i saw the badge on him. i felt comfortable, you know, i it wasn't like. somebody that i felt like i had
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to watch redwood city police have opened an investigation into the incident and told hoskins at the badge was likely a fake, but with just four days left until the toy drive is set to end hoskins is now asking for the communities help to make christmas a little brighter. despite the days dark events. so we're asking people to please try and help us to regroup the money that was taken from us today in redwood city. tim johns abc 7 news terrible we see there turning now to the pandemic and the omicron variant which continues to spread it is now been detected in at least 29 states a study out of the united kingdom is found boosters add a significant layer of protection against the variant substantially raising the efficacy officials are predicting omicron will overtake delta as the dominant variant in some european countries as early as next week. well, it is not a decision of if
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but when warrior star stephan curry chases the nba record for three-pointers tonight in philadelphia. he fell short his next chance is monday in indianapolis is the warriors road trip continues abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez was in philly tonight and spoke to curry after the game. jr. stephen curry's run at history. he's gonna have to wait another night curry going three or fourteen from deep. he did score 18 as the warriors lose by nine to the 7. ears. it was a playoff atmosphere from the jump and while it wasn't his best shooting night. he's now seven from breaking ray. all-time three-point record now all eyes turn to the rest of the road trip the next two games at indy on monday and atnick n in tto later in the week. one thing for sure. there is no panic in stefan as breaking the record is inevitable. i mean we know focus on and taking a three three away and just trying to chase chase me everywhere i went but we got
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really good looks for for the most part of the game just a lot of the fall. we don't panic with one loss. we bounce back pretty quick. well plenty more to come here from philly and in sports larry buell have the full highlights. action from this warrior sixers game and be sure to catch the rest of my full one-on-one interview with stephen curry. you'll also see that in sports set it back to you. forward to that chris will still head on abc 7 news at 11:00 or learning more about that deadly standoff in antioch that ended with a man setting a house on fire neighbors reacting tonight. also getting guns off the streets the results of a gun buyback held in the bay area today and a holiday tradition. turns to the streets of san francisco
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welcome back. we're learning more tonight about a deadly standoff in the east bay. it happened friday in antioch where an armed man fired a rifle at cars and houses. and was shot and killed by police after a tense standoff at the suspect's home. which later caught fire abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. a dramatic end friday nigh fridh gunfire and a house fully engulfed in flames on dove court in antioch it's where police say a man barricaded himself after shooting at cars on the street earlier in the day when officers arrived on scene. is confirmed that the suspect was armed with the rifle and was actively shooting at cars and houses neighbor roland sunga heard the shots doing my laundry. around like three gunshots and i was thinking it was just a firecracker neighbors were told to shelter in place antioch police said they tried the susps
11:16 pm
several times, but the man continued firing houses and toward officers even bringing down this police drone crazy. we saw everything on the news and i found it was our neighbor across the street and everything. i told my wife i kind of feared to my to ben him and everything when they were saying that, you know blue truck, you know, i'm like wow alejandro a candidate said his neighbor a man in his 40s was always friendly never angry or violent and with this pandemic going on. i mean it affected a lot of people in different ways to you know, i don't know if it affected him in adverse way over he had other things going on in his life after seven hours police. say the suspects set fire to the garage flames soon engulfed the house. it wasn't the house was on fire and i was wondering should i evacuate or the man came outside where he was confronted by swat team members after making contact with officers? they fired their weapons and the suspect was struck. wouldn't say if there's still unidentified man was armed or brandishing a gun when he was shot. no officers were injured the
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contra costa county da says her office is now investigating because i understand a lot of rounds were we're fired, but we're glad that the it's we've been contained here. and so now we're just doing the follow in antioch cornell barnard abc 7 news united playas in san francisco held its 10th annual gun buyback today the violence prevention and youth organization offered $100 for handguns and $200 for assault we no questions asked representatives from the mayor's office, san francisco police department and community organizations accepted the guns from people who no longer need them organizers say they received 267 guns 15 of which were are assault rifles. well four months after the taliban took over afghanistan some refugees who resettled in the bay area say they need help adjusting to their new lives in america. he was government had to help
11:18 pm
the refugee people if there was a refugee means if you demons they don't know anything, they just came from different country. they don't know the culture. they don't know anything. in afghan family met with south bay congressmen rocana today to discuss the struggles. they're facing with resettlement. connor's district is home to the largest afghan american population in the country and his office is handling cases for 35 evacuees. kana says evacuation efforts in afghanistan are far from over we have an obligation to try to help get refugees out to there are still people who were women's rights activists human rights activ. that are there we have to work to see how they can come towards freedom and and safety. thousands of afghan refugees have resettled in the us since the taliban takeover hundreds of them are here in the bay area. well a big winter storm is moving through the sierra tonight. that means skiers are hitting
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the slopes snow is already on the peaks of boreal mountain resort and two more resorts of opened up those being heavenly and kirkwood norstar opens tomorrow winter sports enthusiasts and local businesses. say they were eager for the snow to start falling and truckee. the wine bar uncorked says it helps the wet roads won't turn customers away after an unpredictable year. which it's all just so weather dependent here and tourist dependent and covid dependent. so it's been really kind of a wild ride. i miss the friendly and the happy travelers. the timing of this storm may be treacherous for travelers. caltrans says drivers should prepare for chain controls. and major delays joined right now by meteorologist frances dinglasan. she's here to talk about the situate. hopefully not too snowy. it is going to be very snowy in fact, if you want to head up there i would suggest. going on wednesday, not a good time to travel to and from the sierra at this point because they will get up to six feet of
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snow over the next couple days in some spots. so here's a look at live doppler 7 satellite radar image are starting to see some light rain fall over parts of the north bay, and this is all coming from this atmospheric river that's going to bring us rain for the next few days and quite a lot of it. so let me show you what it looks like outside right now was just such a gorgeous day. people enjoyed the sunshine and some milder weathers. we look live from suture tower and i hope you did because we've got rainy and windy conditions tomorrow and then the system becomes even stronger heavy rain by monday even a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon with this colder system monday night into tuesday. we could even see a possible snow rain mix and then the shower start to taper off tuesday. we'll get a little bit of a break before another system comes to the bay. area, so here's the forecast animation midnight tonight. you'll notice most of the rain still in the north bay, but tomorrow widespread rain for most of us generally light rain,
11:21 pm
but we could see some moderate rain fall through parts of the north bay the areas there in yellow and then it continues to slide south bringing some more rainfall, especially to the santa cruz mountains. that's where we're going to be the hardest hit in the bay area possibly even up to seven half eight inches of rain there. so six o'clock monday morning is going to be a messy commute. in the south bay notice the areas of orange and red. that's some of the heavier downpours that will see throughout the day on monday, and it's just relentless throughout the day. we'll see it continue monday sliding south bringing more rain towards the santa cruz mountains and south of that then tuesday the system starts to exit but we'll see these wrap around pop-up showers. we'll get a little bit of a break on tuesday notice. they're the pink and red that could be snow in the mount diablo area. so snow levels will drop be a pretty cold morning and then we'll even see some colder. towards the end of the week. so rainfall potential anywhere from an inch and a half to even three and a half inches from most urban areas and then of
11:22 pm
course higher than that in the mountains like ben lomond possibly more than five inches. so temperatures right now are on the mild side in the 50s and 40s and because of all the clouds. we're quite a bit warmer than we were yesterday this time even 14 degrees warmer in novato and fairfield. so overnight lows are not going to be as cold. we saw some upper 20 morning tomorrow morning. we'll see mainly forties upper 40s around the bay and then 50s will be the high for almost everyone 57 in san francisco 55 in oakland and also in san jose so the wind advisory starts tomorrow afternoon through monday. we'll see gus up to 5. miles per hour and then again, you do not want to travel to this year winter storm warning. act until tuesday night. so if you do want to hit all that great snow i'd suggest driving on wednesday. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. so wet and windy tomorrow on our storm imp scale it's going to rank a two out of five and then that system gets stronger into monday. so then we rank it a are
11:23 pm
stronger storm it tapers off. tuesday will get a break before another lighter system makes its way to the bay area wednesday into thursday, and then we finally have some dry days at the end of the week, but is going to be very chilly on those mornings so lots of weather coming our way. i think i'm okay with just snow pictures. oh, yeah, i'll take that. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year.
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we'll after being canceled last year due to the pandemic santa con is back a fairly large crowd of jolly elves and santa's gathered in union square in san francisco today for the event participants are asked. a toys as they take part in the bar crawl. yeah these santas want to enjoy a which indoors they'll need proof of vaccination, that's the rule for san francisco masks are also required as well indoors unless mist or mrs. claus is
11:27 pm
eating or drinking and i saw several this evening who were definitely doing just that well disappointing night for steph curry in the warriors. larry beils here for a preview of sports jr. steph curry held in check in philadelphia by the sixers, but three more threes as steph inches closer to the all-time record. not quite there yet s
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sponsored by river casino good evening. steph curry was shooting for history tonight in philadelphia, but the sixers said no no, not happening in our place. they sorry to three threes steph now needs seven to pass ray allen curry smothered all night long did get a lot of great open
11:31 pm
looks warriors 12 of 48 from deep as a team. steph had two in the first half including that one late in the second quarter dubs led by three at the half third quarter start warming up a bit andrew wiggins for three he had 20 points sixers content to let somebody other than steph beat them jordan poole three ball goes down let the warriors with 23. let's go to fourth quarter matisse feibel had a couple of threes wide open there. that's one fewer than steph sixers up by three, but it was his defense held stuff to just 18 points here helping to force the turnover. steph was kind of frustrated shaking his head. what about seth curry the other curry mrs. but then takes the rebound away from big brother and on his way to score 10 points joel embiid. let all scores with 26 as the warriors fall 102.93. we'll see if steph plays monday in or decides to rest we got really good looks for for the most part of the game. just a lot of the fall and when
11:32 pm
you make the run that we did in third quarter, we have one chance to really, you know, keep the pressure on them and you know, they made a run and that's kind of how the league goes got to make shots. especially we had a really good effort. i think for most of the game. so just then go away. fortunately. we just couldn't couldn't get it going tonight. it wasn't our night, but i give them the credit they play great defense down to the end. you know, we are on the run we extend the lead and they came back put the pressure on us and you know, they took over the game at the end. to the ice we go sharks and stars former, san jose cap and valesky back in the tank first period timo meyer turns and fires skims off the leg of tomash hertel gets credit for his 14th of the season and it's won nothing team till the second period meyer another assist feeding eric carlson who blasted past braden holtby for his eighth and james reimer who missed the last five games with a lower body injury 34 saves great in his return as the sharks win to one price young.
11:33 pm
alabama quarterback young young the heisman trophy give an annually to the top college football player in the country young through an astounding 43 touchdown passes and only four picks leading the crimson tides at the top ranking in the country and the one seed in the college football playoffs abc 7 sports sponsored river rock casino jr. back to you. thank you so much larry much more to come on abc 7 news at 11 blue origin blast off again this time carrying gma host michael strahan here from him on his out of this world voyage. also a north bay holiday tradition return tonight. we have a look at the lighted boat parade.
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a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7. news good evening. i'm jr. stone in tonight's headlines. north bay residents are preparing for a downpour. an atmospheric river is flowing our way people were out today ahead of the storm stocking up on sandbags. and that's a great idea because we are going to get impressive rainfall totals from this atmospheric rivers. you can see it looping with the satellite image. we can see up to three and a half inches for some urban areas at our mountain peaks. we could get up to seven half inches of rain into tuesday and then even in the santa cruz mountains and national weather service is saying anywhere from eight to 11 inches over the next few days. also a devastating tornado outbreak has killed dozens of people across the south and mid kentucky was hit the hardest the governor of that state says at
11:38 pm
least 70 people are fear dead and the death toll could rise significantly now to the pandemic as covid cases are surging across the country health officials. say the delta variant is still fueling that increase 36 states have seen a jump in daily cases of about 10% or more in the past. abc's phil lipoff has more on hospitals filling up and the push to get people vaccinated. tonight with much of the us in the grips of a post-thanksgiving winter surge some hospitals yet again feeling pushed to the max. just hanging on for dear life. hoping that we can provide the care. we need to provide for covid patients and again non-copic patients, michigan is now one of 17 states with an icu capacity of 15% or less military deploying medical personnel to help strained health care workers, and it's not just there navy medical response teams helping in new mexico as well. patients have priority fueling
11:39 pm
the surge colder temperatures driving more people indoors the delta variant and 93 million on vaccinated americans at least 36 states now seeing an increase of 10% or more in new daily infections here in new york a new mandate taking effect. monday will require masks in all indoor public places unless businesses and venues check for proof of vaccination if all of a sudden everybody in new york state gets a vaccination the next two weeks. we'll have a different conversation in central park today adults. children lining up to get their shot at this mobile vaccination clinic. we want to get over all of this that's going on. so in order to do it, you have to buy by some of the rules and beyond the first vaccine more than 50 million americans now opting for a booster shot those doses now extended to 16 and 17 year olds philip off abc news, new york. tonight we're learning more about how president joe biden's bipartisan infrastructure bill will impact public transportation here in the bay area today speaker of the house
11:40 pm
nancy pelosi and congresswoman. jackie speier joined local transportation leaders to announce the details of the funding part of the money will go towards extending caltrain into the salesforce transit center and electrifying trains transit operations will also become more readily available for underserved. these seniors and people with disabilities this is the biggest investment in infrastructure in the history of this country. for at least 70 years. we have neglected it. and now finally we are taking steps to fix it. the recently passed infrastructure bill will provide four and a half billion dollars for projects across the bay area. mission complete good morni mor america co-anchor michael strahan and the rest of the blue origin crew launched to the edge of space today. the former nfl star says the
11:41 pm
term touchdown as a taken on a whole new meeting abc news reporter gio benitez has more on the journey to space. tonight a colleagueagueagueague michael strahan soaring into zero gravity aboard blue origins new shepherd check out his reactions as he leaves the atmosphere. michael and the crews the crewse well beyond the 62 mile high carmen line marking the edge of space peeking at more than 347,000 feet above ground level with a maximum velocity of 2200 miles per hour just more than 10 minutes after liftoff the capsule landing safely back on earth tj watching on in the studio with amy and me on the ground in west, texas. it was great blue origin founder. jeff bezos greeting the crew and this touching moment. michael sharing a hug with
11:42 pm
fellow crew member laura shepard churchley the daughter of the first american in space alan shepard. amy catching up with after his once-in-a-lifetime flight you see the curvature. atmosphere blue the earth it was too short astronauts ray going to the moon. knight if they invite me and i'm gonna walk. moonwalk for one and i've got to tell you i've seen a lot of space launches, but there's something very different about seeing your own friend. go up there just 609 people have now been to space. geo benitez abc news, van horn, texas and on top of it all he wants to go back. we'll still head on abc 7 news at 11:00. it sounded next to impossible trading a bobby pin to ultimately get a house. we have quite an update on a story we first told you about over the summer of last year.
11:43 pm
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sausalito. welcome back. it's 34th annual lighted boat parade tonight. it was canceled last year because of covid there were fireworks above richardson bay to add to the festive spirit dozens of brightly decorated boats made their way along. sausalito waterfront local business owners donated their time and resources to make the event a success this year. the city is going all in for the holidays hosting 18 events this month alone. well, we first introduced you to demi skipper last year the tiktoker from san francisco began her epic quest to try to trade her way up from a bobby pin to a house. well nearly a year and a half later and 28 trades later. she did it demi posting a video this morning on instagram that showed all the various swaps that she made and then walking up to a home and jumping for
11:47 pm
joy. we have no idea where this house is located but congrats to demi. well, new york city is pulling out all the stops to spread. holiday cheer with lavish new window displays retailers are working to make holiday. been extra special this year, especially after covid shut down the city in 2020 the displays take months to create and design they are meant to draw shoppers in and dazzle passer buyers bergdorf goodman on fifth avenue is one of the department stores that transforms its windows into a festive wonderland. i think this year was probably a year where we knew that. holiday was going to have to be more meaningful more beautiful more enticing more playful warmer than ever. macy's flagship store has been delighting new york city for more than a century last year the famous herald square store
11:48 pm
paid tribute to frontline workers. well meteorologist frances. dinglasan is here with a look at the weather and the situation with the rain. yeah time to batten down the hatches charge your cell phones charge your laptops because we could even see some power outages with this atmosphere river heading our way you can see here with live doppler 7 the satellite radar image looping our last few hours. how wide this storm is we're could getp hr a a for some urbad especially down in the santa cruz mountains even seven half is or more check out ld yo six inches by the time this system is over on tuesday. in addition. the winds will pick up tomorrow afternoon a wind advisory gus up to 55 miles per hour. so watch out for downed tree limbs. it's also going to be a very messy commute high surf advisory starts monday morning at four o'clock large breaking waves up to i feed to be careful if you're headed to the beaches and here's the very busy accuweather 7-day forecast on our storm impact scale.
11:49 pm
it's going to rank a two on sunday, but it increases in strength to three on monday with some possibilities of some thunderstorms and maybe even some snow wintry mix into tuesday before it dies down and then another lighter system moves in wednesday into thursday jr. thank you so much francis now to larry with the preview of sports. steph curry is still history held to 3-3s in philly. now the question is will he actually play monday nightindy? actually play monday nightindy? we'll go one-on-one with mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! or guests? i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. sports sponsored by river rock casino history will have to wait steph curry was held only three threes in golden state's 102.93 loss in philadelphia curry three of fourteen from deep now needs seven more to break ray allen's all-time record. the question is whether he's going to play monday in indiana or decides to rest then come
11:53 pm
back tuesday in madison square garden the mecca against the knicks steph said, they'll make the right decision sounds like leaning towards rest more now with our chris alvarez in philly. we're here with stephan curry. just wrapping up some pleasantries with the family. how nice is it to have a lot of folks here tonight? it was great. i mean obviously so being here and this is home for him. so he's got a lot of support so obviously good energy and good atmosphere playing out here. i was a pretty intense game from the tip you can feel from the jump. did it feel like a playoff finals type atmosphere out there for you? you for sure. they're a great team obviously with gerald back there different monster and it was definitely electric in there. it's the type of environment you want to play it, you know get us battle tested for then, you know in the season when the games of matter. we got a lot to learn obviously and they're so confident what we can do defensively they blitzed you a lot. i saw you go in you're driving getting your then kicking out. what did you think of the way
11:54 pm
they kind of guarded you tonight? i mean we knew they're focus on and taking a three three away and just trying to chase chase me everywhere. i went obviously thought was a really good defender's pretty long, but we got really good looks for for the most part of the game. just a lot of the fall and when you make the run that we did in third quarter, we have one chance to really, you know, keep the the pressure on them and you know, they made a run and that's kind of how the league goes got to make shots. especially the especially we had a really good effort. i think for most of the game so just then go away. lot of words fans in last one for you stephanie. appreciate your time is that you played so close. it was a good game and yet you have reinforcements coming in clay and james. so how exciting is that knowing that you're really in a competitive game tonight, but you got those guys coming hopefully really soon. i mean, we know we're a good team and you know, even when shots on follow me still have a chance to win on the road against it a really strong, you know, using conference opponents.
11:55 pm
so like you said, we do understand clay and wiser on the way, but, you know, we still have to stay disciplined in detail on cleveland games now so when they do come back we're ready to make those adjustments as well. so it's a we don't panic with one loss. we bounce back pretty quick. college hoops cal hosting santa clara at haas bears trying to get over 500 santa clara came out hot. they led by double digits early jalen williams with 12 points, but the bears and the half on a 14-0 run santa clara throws ball german shepherd. thank you very much. i'll take that right to the hoop and cal up by four at the break andre kelly continues to be an absolute monster inside 18 points toledo scorers cal on a late 10-2 run and they win at 72 to 60. hey, look, i got us on tv. that's us plenty of fans in moraga for saint mary's and santa barbara matthias tossed with the hammer here had 14 in the first half the gales led by
11:56 pm
16 at the break and more gales in the second half good ball movement here tossed with the finish had 22 gales of won six. home their nine and two after an 80-59 win. oh fun army navy the 122nd edition picking up in the first quarter with the middies already down. enough and quarterback ty lavatai keeps it himself fighting his way into the end zone and we're tied at seven apiece to the third quarter lavatai again. over the pile 14-13 navy 13:31 left of the game navy is punting from their own 35 fake diego for go gets the first down on fourth and one we learned later the coach never called theak theadit worked out beats their arch rivals 17:13 and finally congratulations to the santa cruz seahawks pop warner team. they won the national championship in orlando beating a team from florida. jordan ramirez scored twice in
11:57 pm
this a 77 yard touchdown run. aloha in the 28 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 sports sponsored by river rock casino jr. well, thank you so much larry, and that is it for tonight. can you believe it? we've come to the end of the show. i am jr stone and it's been a pleasure being here with you abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning bright and early at 5:00 and for francis and the whole crew chris and philly and also we had
11:58 pm
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