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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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right away to team coverage tonight. we do have cornell bernard looking at some of the preparations looking for the strongest storms in weeks. but we start withdrew tracking that rain and that doppler 7 still green. drew: we track a stormy pattern live tonight. live doppler 7 giving you the active sweep. a couple of places beginning to fill in san hoe say. same in parts of the east bay. we have some light showers and some pops of yellow indicating some scattered downpours there as well. it's a level two moderate storm. we'll track the showers and scattered downpours. gusty winds. the biggest thing we'll find are gusty winds. all areas shaded in yellow until tomorrow with gusty winds as high as 55 miles per hour.
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could bring down power lines. 10:30, we're still tracking the showers. it's going to strengthen throughout the day on monday. so the heaviest rain and the strongest winds have yet to arrive. we'll detail that in the full accurate forecast. dion: the storm has arrived here in the bay area. while it is a welcomed sight many are hoping it doesn't bring flooding. cornel bernard joins was a look at that time conditions now. your lens is exceptionally foggy now. cornel: yeah, it's definitely wet and windy above the embarcadero. not too many cars right now. looking like a lot of folks choosing to stay home. a lot of folks saying hurray to the rain but they hope it does not bring flooding. the rain was coming down on
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highway # 0 # in marin county. rain wain marine county.swig any of it. >> i'm really excited. it's been a drew long spell some of we were super happy to have the rain. >> many hope that this doesn't bring the flooding turns streets into lakes. and in san francisco the bay was churning, high surf pounded the seawall along the embarcadero. check it out in slow motion the fire department asking drivers to slow down this week. >> the faster you're driving, means the longest it will take for you to stop which means the likelihood of you colliding with another vehicle or even worse a person. >> home owners were grabbing free sandbags at the publex.
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>> we don't get too much rain here so the flash flood that happens we don't want to get our house to be flooded. so we these in front of our garage. >> we had last year. but this year we put rugs under the door. so we decided to go with sandbag. >> we give up up to 10 sandbags for san francisco residents. it's for those hopes and businesses who are prone to flooding. >> public works tree crews are on standby tonight. they said during the last storm, 800 trees and large limbs fell right here in san francisco. those crew are standing by incase it happens again. ldion: this just came into the abc newsroom. highway 101 is closed in both directions because of downed power lines. traffic is being detoured and pg & e is underway. this is a live look at our
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camera from zevfer cove. you can take a look at what it looked like earlier in the day in the mountains. many of the road is covered in snow. and more has been falling throughout the day. it is expected to get worse. meantime people in the truckee area raced to get to their homes and families prepared for the winter storm. busy scenes like this one are plague out in hardwares. customers picked up snow shovles, flashlights, batteries and candles. this is a welcome sight for many people. the wintry weather is going to bring a boost to a town that relied on skiing. >> people come up here to enjoy that as well which is good for business. >> i think this storm is going to be a good one. we just have to be prepared. >> staff members say much of their inter apparel arrived
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three weeks ago just in time for the storm. don't forget, you can always keep an eye on the water indeluding live doppler 7 any time you'll find it on the bay area appear vinyl roku, apple tv. now to a story you'll see on 7. governor newsom pushing for a gun inspired by texas's latest abortion law. newsom announced yesterday he is introduce ago bill that would allow private citizens to sue makers and distribute ors of assault rifles and ghost guns. all of this is in response to the supreme court yup holding texas law which allows private citizens to sue abortion providers. at an event today, newsom told 7 he will use the same strategy to go after the gun industry. >> if they going to yup hold vigilantes and people's putting women's life at risk then we
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will use and exercise our rights to advance similar law to protect people from gun violence. dion: they could receive $10,000 per violations plus costs and attorney's fees. after the deadly tornadoes that tore through the south and midwest, kentucky's governor says that 80 people have died in his state alone. the cleanup has begun in the small town of mayfield the town was especially hard hit. these images show the widespread devastation where a candle factory was destroyed with eight workers dead and eight still unaccounted for. >> we have a lot of equipment and personnel. we're dealing with tons of steel and metal that's twist and mangled. dion: the red cross is stepping in to open a dozen shelters across the state. he was a mexican music legend.
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dion: vin center fernandez died at the age of 81. known for the song "el rey" he record 300 songs during his illustrious careers. fernandez sold tens of millions of albums worldwide. here's george pennachio with a look back. ♪ >> the 1972 song vin center fernandez classic. ♪ he had several hits in his long career and according to his website, more than 100 albums. his music selling more than 50 million copies. ♪
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over time he became one of mexico's most recognizable and influential figures. besides being called the sinatra of rancheras, fans also gave him the name the king. that's also the title of his most memorable songs. ♪ vicente became known for his trademark charro outfits and that wide sombrero a tradition of the rancheor. his first hit movie
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he spent his life entertaining with song. he and his band performed on the world's biggest stages headlining for mexico city to madison square garden. ♪ in 2016 at the ainge of 76, fernandez decided to retire. an icon for generations who's love for entertainment was as big as his voice. dion: that music touching so many lives. as you can see fans have been gathering at his star in the hollywood walk of fame. some have been singing songs while others are taking farewell shots of tequila in his honor. he had been in the hospital since august after suffer ago serious fall at his ranch in
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guadalajara. the need is greater than ever this season the bay area organization that could use a helping hand in making sure children can enjoy christmas and the donations they could really use right now. and the rain is here as we take a live look out at a soggy-looking bare area. drew tuma is next. reporter: and five weeks left in the nfl regular season. plenty of playoff intensety niners, bengals down
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dion: there was a special tribute for iconic actress rita moreno at the castro theater. moreno received a standing ovation from a soldout crowd at a screening of the new west side story film. she became the first latina for her role in anita for the original the 1961 version oscar buzz is building for her new role as have a len tenia. it was released on friday one day before moreno's 90th birthday. san francisco's glide foundation is in need of toys for its toy wonderland annual giveaway event. so far they have about 1,000
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toys and they'd hope to get 3400 to serve 800 kids in san francisco the area of biggest need is 300 kids in the 3 to 5 year-old age. olders kids ages 9-11 are the hard toast shop for. leg or toys and marvel are among the most wanted gifts. >> we know that shopping right now is a little bit crazy because of the holidays. but we really, really, really appreciate folks who are willing to go out and just get those toys in person and drop them off to us. dion: glide are expect accepting toys at 330 tuesday, they will be distributed on the 16, 17, and 18th. one more check of the weather out there. and like i said always going to be green. >> always going to be green and yellow and operation, dion. we'll have heavier showers as the cold front will intensify. live doppler seven showing you
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widespread light to moderate rain across much of the bay area this. rain arrived this morning and it will linger overnight and through much of the day on our monday tomorrow. the picture outside, a live look. san jose the rain is filling in this evening. we have some light showers, gusty winds this house and that's the theme over the next 12 hours. windy and rainy to start out our monday. weight now, we're in the throw mid 50's. overnight tonight numbers not falling too far from where they are right now. not only rain but gusty winds. we have that wind advisory into effect. 45 miles per hour at spring valley. especially in parts of the north bay, 30 to 40 mile-per-hour winds. we might have some power outage this. thing has not moved at love all.
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it's going site over us not only bringing rain but snow in the sierra. what will happen tomorrow a lot of cold air up to our north that's going to move in and help to intensify the rinne and strengthen those winds during the day tomorrow. overnight the storm is a level two storm. temperatures in the lower 40's to lower 50's. tomorrow though, this storm does strengthen. it becomes a three on the storm impact scale. and the timing we're watching, it's the six-hour window that we're watching this level three storm between 11:00 and 5:00 p.m. for a line of heavy rain. the potential for a thunderstorms to move through as well. tomorrow morning, 6:00. scattered downpours to start the morning commute. here's that cold front interacting with the cold air that heavy rain first beginning in the north bay as we go throughout the early afternoon. by 1:00, it's moving through the city approaching the east bay moving along the peninsula.
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but 2:30, 3:00 that line is going through the south bay. there's a chance there could be a secondary line that could add additional rainfall. rainfall estimates from a half an inch to an inch and a half of rain for all of us. highs tomorrow we're stuck in the 50's with this on and off rain. not only rain, we're also tracking wind and high surf. a high surf advisory begins tomorrow. waves 20 to 25 feet. a winter storm warning in the sierra. three to six feet of snow over the next 48 hours. wet, windy, rough surf tomorrow. morning showers tuesday a break in the day tuesday afternoon. then more wet weather wednesday and thursday. friday and saturday look bright but brisk. sunday though, the wet weather, it returns. >> now, abc7 sports with chris
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alvarez. chris: just five weeks re911 the nfl season. nine enter the day as the seventh seed. and every game crucial with a log jam of teams fighting for the sixth and seven spots. niners, bengals the grinch crashing santa's party there in since nat yes. welcome back deebo samuel. missed last week with a groin injury. 27 yards to the house. nine touches. 59 yards. and this touchdown and of course one deebo dance. watch this right now where he parties with aiyuk. he lost two fumbles in the game. niners jump all over the football. recover that. jimmy garoppolo to his guy george kilt and kittle is in. that's a touchdown for george. the bengals with 1 unanswered
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that will make a niners fan yell. so with less than # 0 seconds to go, their second touchdown connection of the day tide up at 20-20. ensuing drive though. garoppolo to kittle. what a catch. being first down. 13 receptions. and the score for kittle set up this. robe gold from 47 yards out and the win. wide right. we go to overtime. you see jimmy g. there the stress level was high. san francisco needs to score. a touchdown would end it. here's garoppolo to aiyuk. is he? in go to review and watch this that's a touchdown folks. niners win 26-23 in o.t. their 7-6 taking soul possession of sixth place. afterwards everyone describing their view soft the walk off including mr. aiyuk. >> he was behind me. so we're not supposed to reach the ball for the part unless
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it's fourth down. no one said to me when i scored. >> i knew it was in. >> the ref told me there was a zero percent chance he was in. i don't know about that >> from my view, i knew he had scored. i ran and standing there with kyle. i'm not celebrating until they call it a touchdown. kyle it's a touchdown. i don't care. >> i'm split. but we didn't no, we did a good job. we needed to make the plays that we needed to make. chris: good stuff there. there's been speculation that stephen curry would not play. he's seven away from the all-time three-point record after a tough loss in philly last night. but the warriors say steph will play tomorrow the record is just a matter of time and andre iguodala said let's relax people. >> everyone's trying to relax from the moment and it's taking
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away from his moment. doesn't happen organically, let him enjoy that moment. add up another 1,000 or however many he'll have. >> women hoops, stanford returning to action. they had exams. hailey jones, great one-hand pass to cameron. she lays it in. they only allow 1 # in the third. look at ana wilson. jump stop. great pass. lexy hall. cardinal up 20. and brink had her sixth career double-double. 25 points and 11 rebounds. cardinal cruise 91-62. and dion, you see how close it is the emotions of winning and losing. you can make fun and laugh. if you lose that game, oh, my goodness, you don't even want to see the emotion. dion: not a good feeling. chris: but they won with four weeks left, it's going to be crazy town. dion: we're going to be watching closely. move over santa-con.
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dion: another holiday tradition return this year the santa run took turnover streets of athens, greece today with yes, hundreds of people
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dressed as jolly oh old st. nick. while there is an entrance fee most of the donations come from sponsors. it will go to children battling cancer. what a nice gesture thing to see halfway across the word. for chris alvarez and drew tuma and all of us here, we'll see you back here tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.visit]
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>> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪ on today's show, a talented teen sings her way to the top. >> it's the most beautiful thing, to see that light bulb go on. >> mouth-watering pies for any occasion. >> it's one of my favorite pies, and i don't really share it when i get it. >> preparing students for a bright future. >> i've learned teamwork, collaboration, and so much more. >> and love letters to san francisco. >> it's new, innovative. it's immersive.
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