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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 12, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. or the bay area is getting soaked many parts seeing rain and wind for most of this sunday and the storm is only going to get stronger. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion limb that you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream right away. let's get started now with meteorologist drew tuma tracking this storm drew. yeah. deanna is a wet night out there. and again that storms only going to strengthen throughout the day tomorrow live doppler 7 tracking light to moderate showers right now. we're going to press on in ac. parts of the north bay and the east bay we've a downpour that's about to move into berkeley right now. that's that pop of yellow about to move into the east bay another downpour. i'm bolinas another downpour around pacifica, so we are seeing some steady showers at this hour the wider picture on
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live doppler 7. we have more rainfall developing off the coast tonight more rainfall developing to our north and we are tracking significant snow coming to the sierra over the next 36 hours tonight on the storm impact scale. it's a level 2 moderate storm. we're tracking with those showers and downpours those gusty winds and we are seeing water standing water on our area roadways when advisory currently in effect for those gusty winds gusts up to 55 miles per hour in the overnight hours future weather showing you tomorrow morning. we're tracking those showers. even for the monday morning commute. we're gonna attract those showers and downpour. as you go about your monday morning and throughout the day the storm is going to strengthen to a level three strong storm where the detail that will go. by our plan the rest of your monday and that full act of the forecast in a few minutes dion watching it closely through. thanks. i'll take a look a large redwood tree crashed through a two-story home in forestville this afternoon. the homeowner was outside and not hurt the house on woodside drive was severely damaged though and will be red tagged
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the tree also took out some high voltage power lines. pg&e was on scene making sure the area was safe from any electrical hazards. a neighborhood on the peninsula is staying vigilant tonight after they dealt with flooding during the storm that hit the bay area in october abc 7 news reporter luz pena was in millbrae speaking to people doing their best to prepare for the worst. as winds and rainfall intensifies residents along landing lane in millbrae are on standby. my british concern is i hope the rain will stop soon because if we keep on raining. it might flooded my property in october over two feet of water flooded homes and cars in this neighborhood. norris is hoping to stay ahead of any potential flooding this time. you put several things on tables already. yes. yes. i try to i prepare this like two days ago. i tried to move everything on the tables. i hope that the water doesn't
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get into the garage again now even. though an inch and a half of rain is expected this interest have is will their drain. system work. the problem is the infrastructure. with the sewer lines, they are have never been replaced on our block as well as the streets never been paved since i've lived here ahead of the next days of rainfall residents stacked sandbags against their garage doors eva even placed a plastic tarp and bricks hoping this will keep the water out. her home was among many the flooded less than two months ago sure overflowed as well. so i've have sewage in my garage. to each in my family room heavy rain is also impacting areas in pacifica where waves can reach past 20 feet in the next 24 hours it blows the water in your face rain coming straight down ain't so bad. but that wind gets real strong
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out of here. meanwhile pg&e workers are standing by to respond to any potential widespread power outages in the peninsula luz pena av they are prepared. well, don't forget. you can always keep an eye out on the weather including live doppler 7 anytime you can. and it on the abc 7 bay area app available on roku, amazon fire android tv and apple. tv we're getting a new look at the destruction in several states after devastating storms and tornadoes. kentucky as many as 70 people are believed to be dead and the governor says the death toll could see exceed 100 abc news reporter rena roy has more now from mayfield, kentucky one of the hardest hit areas. everywhere you look you see destruction here crews have been going home to home marking them with spray paint and you can see behind us in this yard of families belongings the governor estimating more than a thousand homes across eight are gone the death toll continues to rise
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across america's heartland crews searching through debris. we are finding we have cadaver dogs in town and towns that aren't supposed to have cadaver dogs. at liberty tornadoes tearing through eight states mayfield kentucky taking a direct hit neighborhoods leveled businesses and homes completely flattened. we just grabbed everybody and we just hunkered in a corner. i put my knees down and my two grandchildren down and we just hovered over him holding on just sounded like a bright train coming through you could hear stuff being ripped off. it was scary the candle. memory in this small town destroyed on the left you can see it before. war on the right all that remains laura capps worked there. she tells us it was just her tenth day on the job. so i thought i was gonna die. i could hear people through the walls. and somebody asked me. did i want to give a message to anybody and i said yeah. i told him i want to give a message to my husband telling him. i love him and all my family that i love them and and i'll
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say i'm up in heaven. i guess caps ended up in a hole in the ground under debris with her co-worker. she says he never made it out and he kept saying i can't breathe. i can't breathe and i said i'm trying i wanted his family to know that i tried my best. i said just go be with god and i'll be probably be following you three men ended up rescuing her her son even going into the rubble to try and find her. she showed us her neck, which is still bruised from sheetrock calling her name out looking for i thought to myself just no way. somebody can withstand that i thought she was gone meantime at least two people were killed in arkansas a nursing home in the northeastern part of the state was destroyed and at an amazon warehouse in edwardsville, illinois, six people confirmed dead red cross has set up shelters across the state and fema has sent resources like generators food water and medical supplies rena roy abc news, mayfield, kentucky. to the east bay and off-duty police officer shot and killed
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an armed robbery suspect inside a san pablo restaurant police say at about 11:30 this morning a 29 year old man robbed a cashier at nations giant hamburgers at gunpoint and off duty sergeant from the uc berkeley police department eating at the restaurant confronted the suspect and shot him one time first responders arrived and begin giving him first aid. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. well a push for a gun control bill modeled after the texas abortion ban govern. newsome speaks exclusively with abc 7 news about his idea plus a soggy and wet day here in downtown walnut creek during the peak of the shopping season but shoppers we spoke with say this weather is actually putting them more in the holiday spirit. the abc 7 storm impact scale today storm is level 2 that means moderate rain so gear up before you go out and drive safely track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app download it no
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cases continue to search across the country and health experts are urging those who are already vaccinated to get their booster shots ahead of gathering for the holidays abc news reporter elizabeth. chelsea has this story. the first cases of the omicron variant of covid-19 were detected in november now more than half of the us has confirmed cases of this latest variant early anecdotal reports seemed to indicate those infected are experiencing mild, illness but scientists have cautioned. it's too soon to for sure what the long-term impacts will be dr. anthony fauci says the omicron variant appears to be able to evade some of the immune protection from things like monoclonal antibodies
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convalescent plasma and vaccines. that's the sobering news the somewhat encouraging news is that preliminary data show that when you get a booster for example a third shot of an mrna it raises the level of protection high enough that it then does do well against the omicron. past week at least 36 states are seeing an increase of 10% or more in new daily infections helping to fuel the surge colder temperatures driving more people indoors the delta variant which still accounts for about 99% of infections in the us and about 93 million, unvaccinated americans health experts continue to stress the importance of getting that first shot. and for those already vaccinated boosters are recommended more than 50 million americans have already opted for those. extra shots eligibility now extended to 16 and 17 year olds boosters, especially important during the holidays if you're eligible for boost get your boost make sure everybody who's going to be gathering with you has done the same the cdc has
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also advised communities with substantial and high transmission rates to require masks indoors in new york a new mandate goes into effect monday until at least mid-january requiring masks that all indoor public places less businesses and venues check for proof of vaccin. and if all of a sudden everybody in new york state gets a vaccination the next two weeks. we'll have a different conversation elizabeth. the abc news, washington tomorrow is the deadline for all bart employees to be vaccinated or risk being fired in october. you'll remember the bark board of directors approved a mandate for employees to be fully vaccinated except for those who qualify for an exemption as ridership steadily increases bart says it wants to provide a safe environment for workers and the public last month the agency said about 600 employees were still unvaccinated. all right moving back to storm watch today's rain created a slight obstacle for those doing holiday shopping abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry has this story from
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the east bay. what skies umbrellas and full shopping bags? it was a damp evening in downtown walnut creek as the peak of the shopping season is in full swing. shopping for a family so we don't get i don't know like in trouble for like right before christmas jade lee and naomi gash hour. just a couple people among a crowded plaza filled with shoppers embracing the elements to do their last minute gift shopping. i'm used to the rain, but it just this weather's so wacky like last week. it was super sunny and warm and now it's like raining and pouring this weekend storm could bring over an inch of rain to the east bay these two shoppers say they needed to be done with their shopping before they see their family next week. they say shopping in the rain was their best option try to stay in a mini stores as we can or under the like panels. the rain has intensified as the night has gone on but this wet weather has not deterred shoppers some even telling me this is putting them more in the day spirit during this fun actually.
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kind of nice and it's a nice change and that was the spirit sunday evening after a warm and sunny start to the month these shoppers. we spoke with tonight say it was nice to see a change a type of change that gets them excited for the holidays does definitely make it more fun. kind of wish it would snow but however, that's not likely. yeah in walnut creek ryan curry abc 7 news. yeah, maybe you'll have to move a little bit outside the bay area for that to happen. you know what not other question deon tuesday morning may get a little bit of snow on our hilltops, especially about 4,000 feet like mount hamilton because this is a pretty cold storm. we're dealing with over us tonight and through the day tomorrow live doppler 7 right now showing you we're doing with light to moderate showers. we have more downpours developing off the coast and this is all moving on shore from west to east. so we're at the start of a strengthening storm that really reaches its peak early tomorrow. noon from the city to the bay bridge to san jose to san rafael right now a live look across the region it is a damp and cold
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night out there temperatures in the 40s and 50s with this rain falling at this hour numbers. you can see we're at 53 in the city 52 with rain in oakland 51 in san jose down to 50 in cloverdale with his wet weather. you can see exactly where the atmospheric river has stalled right now because the winds are strongest along the peninsula and in the east bay, oakland and half moon bay right now gusting to 30 miles. hour, the winds are gusting a 28 in hayward. you look at the north bay. the winds are generally calm and it will remain that way overnight tonight. but tomorrow afternoon a fresh cold front will move through and pump those winds up once again live doppler 7 along with satellite. here's our atmospheric river. it's right overhead and is essentially stalled over us for the night bringing rain here a lot of snow to the sierra what we're watching cold air to our north will interact with the storm tomorrow and in the afternoon that gives it a fresh. injection of energy and that's why the storm will strengthen to a three tonight. level two at those on and off downpours temperatures in the 40s and 50s as that rain
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continues to move through and that wind on the storm impact scale. it jumps to a level three by about 11 am tomorrow looking at a six hour window between 11 am and 5 pm tomorrow for a line of heavy rain some strong gusty winds and the chance of some thunderstorms developing as well. let's go hour by hour for you here. is that line? we're watching very closely tomorrow at 11 am and begins in the north bay by about 1 pm. that line is moving through the city. it's approaching the east bay by about two three o'clock. it continues to strengthen. so there you see those scattered downpours that line of strongest wind and heaviest rain now approaching the south bay about 4 pm. it's right over the south bay and then we'll see a brief break in the activity later in the evening. there is the chance again future weather is trying to indicate a second line of heavier showers developing before the day is through on monday. a total rainfall i think a lot of us have a good chance of exceeding an inch of rain watching the santa cruz mountains very closely. we're talking several inches in the santa cruz mountains with
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this atmospheric river tomorrow temperatures stuck in the 50s. had the rain gear with you. you need it all day as that. through we're tracking rough surf as well tomorrow high surf advisory 20 to 25 foot breakers as that ocean current becomes very active. here's the winter storm warning or watching through 10 pm on tuesday. look at accumulated snowfall around lake tahoe two to four feet as you go above a thousand or 7,000 feet rather like donner and kirkwood we could be talking six to seven feet of snow through tuesday. here's the accuweather 74 cast wet and windy rough surf here with that level three storm tomorrow and weather continues tuesday, wednesday, thursday dion were unsettled break in the rain friday and saturday and then more rain coming our way for sunday. so tomorrow if you're out and about the rain jacket the umbra everything you need it for the day. all right, that is some good advice drew. thanks. coming up francisco's glide foundation helps hundreds of kids celebrate the holidays, but they need help from you first the donations. they're requesting for at least
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california kicked off the 2021-2022 winter season today the resort welcomes skiers and snowboarders back to the slopes with almost an inch of fresh snow. they're expecting more than 13 inches tomorrow with dangerous winds though five of the resorts 14 lifts are operating and there is plenty of groomed snow to be had. there was a special tribute today for iconic actress rita moreno at san francisco's castro theater moreno bay area resident received a standing ovation from a sold-out crowd at a screening of new westside story film moreno became the first latina to win an acting oscar for her role as anita in the original 1961 film version oscar buzz is already building for her brand new role as val. in the remake west side story was released in theaters on
11:24 pm
friday one day before moreno's 90th birthday. san francisco's glide foundation is in need of toys for its toy wonderland annual giveaway this week so far. they've got about a thousand toys and they hope to get 3,400 more to serve 800 kids. the area of biggest need is 300 kids into three to five year old range older kids ages 9 to 11 are the hardest to shop for lego sets and dolls of color as well as branded toys. like marvel are among the most wanted gifts. we know that shopping right now is a little bit crazy because of the holidays, but we really really appreciate folks who are willing to go out and just get those toys in person and drop them off to us. glide is accepting toys at its loading zone at 3:30 ellis street in the tenderloin through the end of the day on tuesday. they'll be distributed starting on thursday. i'll take a look another holiday tradition return this year the santa run took over the streets of athens greece today with yes
11:25 pm
hundreds of people dressed like jolly old saint nick while there is an entry fee most of the money raised comes from corporate sponsors proceeds. go to the make-a-wish greece foundation who helps children battling cancer. all right, chris alvarez now joining us with a preview of sports chris. deon coming up in sports stephen curry's pursuit of history continues and the niners playoff push continues as well san francisco working overtime to beat the bengals in a the classic hollywood story.
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i work as a personal assistant get t thbestst rult t poiblele. to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. sports sponsored by river rock casino the mission is simple for the 49ers keep winning a victory over the bengals would create a little space in the playoff race as a host of teams battle for
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the sixth and seven seeds grinch scratching santa's party in cincinnati. welcome back debo samuel missed last week with a groin injury handed to 19 turns the corner 27 yards the house nine touches 59 yards and a score and watch depot at the end here one end zone dance. ten three, san francisco. after the bengals muffed a punt jimmy garoppolo connects with george kittel and he's in kiddle gets the ball across another huge day for 85 13 receptions 151 yards and that score the bengals those score 14 unanswered in the fourth quarter, joe burrow to jamar chase with less than 90 seconds to go their touchdown connection of the day tied at 20 borough fired up 49ers fans stressing that irish drove down the field four seconds ago, robbie gold from 47 in the win. i'd write and we go to overtime tied. at 20 jimmy g and juice like oh so close the bengals won the toss kick feel san francisco needs to score garoppolo to
11:30 pm
brandon iuk turns on the jets and dives towards the end zone. is he in go to review and yes, he is touchdown 49ers win 26-23 in ot, they're now seven and six taking sole possession of sixth place in the nfc. i think just guys looking at each other in the eyes guys knew, you know, we before we've done this before and we just gotta go finish the game, you know after they hit the field goal. there was an excitement on the sideline you could feel that we just needed to touch down to go win it and that's what we did in terms of like how good growth as a team like one getting the win like that like that that does a lot knowing that we could pull out the the win in the end if we when we need it. scrap incline those grimy ones that those mean the most stephen curry is just seven three pointers away from passing ray allen to break the all-time record. there's been speculation that stefan might sit tomorrow in indy, but the warriors say he's gonna play tomorrow four games remain on the east coast trip tomorrow in indianapolis at the nixon tuesday and then a back-to-back friday in boston
11:31 pm
and saturday in toronto stanford men back from finals and hosting oregon on sunday night the cardinal blew a 14-point second half lead, so it's tied at with three seconds ago, they they inbound to their best player j. he's wide open for the game winning three and he buries it. he had 20 the most important three right there at the finish. cardinal wins 72-69. it's stanford's first conference win abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. coming up next continuing coverage on the storm. watch what to expect tomorrow so you can plan your day and remembering a music legend fans pay
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. we are on storm watch tonight as the bay area is just getting soaked. this is just the start. you can't expect several more days of this once again getting back to drew tuma with a look at the timeline room. yeah dion were at the beginning of this atmospheric river. so tomorrow it'll strengthen even more especially in the early afternoon. we'll find even heavier rain and some stronger winds tonight. we're still tracking widespread light to moderate showers live doppler 7 showing you a lot of green on the screen even some pops of yellow. we'll zoom on into marin county. he's mill valley muir beach you can see some onpours developing there as you slide south some lighter showers along the peninsula from redwood city to san mateo, but we're still find some downpours moving in off the coastline. night tonight the level two on the storm impact scale tonight with showers and scattered downpours gusty winds and even some standing water on our area roadways that wind advisory is in effect tonight. we can see gus up to 55 miles per hour and we'll take you into
11:36 pm
our hills where it is windy the oakland hills gusting close to 30 ben lomond at 30 spring valley at 46 miles per hour. even the east foothills of san jose gusting to 30 miles per hour. so future weather as go hour by hour 3 am early tomorrow morning. we're still tracking scattered showers. for the monday morning commute. we will track downpours across the peninsula to south bay and the east bay as we head through the afternoon. dion will track those heavier showers will have that in just a few minutes. all right, drew. sounds good. well, we are already feeling the effects flooding force the closure off the ashby avenue off-ramp from eastbound interstate 80 in berkeley this evening a chp and berkeley police shut down the exit shortly before 5 pm. they were able though to reopen it 90 minutes later when rain subsided and while the rain is welcomed sight in the midst of a severe drought people are hoping it doesn't bring flooding like our last big storm abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has more on this story. the rain was coming down on
11:37 pm
highway 101 in marin county. rainwater rushing downhill in downtown san rafael causing some streets to quickly flood brenda gaiden's dogs twiggy and scruffy were not having any of it. and so the rain was a welcome sight. i'm really bring the same flooding the last one did back in october streets into lakes. san francisco francisco franciso churning high surf pounded the seawall along the embarcadero. check it out in slow motion. the fire department asking verse to slow down this week the faster. years was the longer it? was worse were grabbing free sandbags the public works yard and the
11:38 pm
bayview thomas is just trying to keep his house dry. we don't get too much rain here. so the flash floods and stuff that happens, but i want our house to get flooded. so just put these in front of our garage we had flooding when there was heavy rain before like last year like this year. we would kind of put like rugs under the door so we decided to go with sandbags instead. we give out up to 10 stand bags for san francisco residents. it's really for folks whose properties homes and businesses are prone to flooding public works tree crews are on standby just in case officials say during the last storm 800 trees and limbs fell in san francisco. those crews are ready to go in case it happens again in san francisco cornell barnard abc 7 news. and a reminder you can keep an eye on the weather including live doppler 7 anytime you can find it at our abc 7 bay area app available on roku, amazon fire android tv and apple tv. well, governor gavin newsom is taking action against a recent
11:39 pm
supreme court ruling to uphold a controversial texas abortion law. his strategy is one that is inspired by the high court's decision. governor spoke only with abc 7 news about the plan today and what he hopes it will accomplish in, california. it was a grotesque and outrageous decision. i spent very clear about that the text decision governor newsom did not hold back when asked by abc 7 about the supreme court's recent ruling on the strict abortion ban in texas friday the high court decided private citizens are allowed to sue anyone who provides or assists a woman in getting an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and while he's outraged by the decision newsome announced he's pushing for a bill in california that actually models that exact ruling supreme court is going to uphold vigilantes and uphold people putting women's life at risk than we will use and exercise our rights to advance similar law here in the state of california to protect people's rights against guns and gun violence newsome says, he's directed his staff to work with
11:40 pm
lawmakers and the attorney general on a bill that would allow residents to seek damages of up to at least $10,000 plus legal fees against anyone who manufactures distributes or sells an assault. or ghost gun in california in a statement he set in part if the most efficient way to keep these devastating weapons off our streets is to add the threat of private lawsuits. we will do just that i think people just had it they're fed up and they're calling the if they want to open up this door, they don't open it up this debate. let's have it and i think ■we've been a little too -- timid as democrats. i can't take the direction of this country right now. now it's important to know governor newsom said this will not be the first effort to push back against the supreme court ruling. he expects similar proposals to come out of other states as well. mexican music legend vincente fernandez died today at the age of 81 he recorded over 300 songs during his illustrious career sold tens of millions of albums
11:41 pm
worldwide and won multiple grammys. here's reporter george panaccio with our sister station in los angeles looking back at fernandez's life. th vicente fernandez classic and his greatest hits. career and according to his website more than 100 albums his music selling more than 50 million copies. society over time. he became one of mexico's most recognizable and influential figures besides being called the sinatra of rancheras fans. also gave him the nickname el rey or the king.
11:42 pm
that's also the title of one of his other most memorable songs. he his first recording back in 1966. he became known for his trademark charro outfits and that wide sombrero a tradition of the ranchera. he branched into the acting world in the 1970s his first hit movie was lalay del monte. he also did the soundtrack. he spent 20 years combining acting and singing but singing one out and it's how he spent his life entertaining with song. he and his band performed on the world's biggest stages headlining from mexico city to madison square garden. fernandez decided to retire from
11:43 pm
performing live, but he still continued to record and publish music an icon to generations whose love for entertainment was as big as his voice. well fernandez had been in the hospital since august after suffering a serious fall at his in guadalajara moving on there were some scary moments as fans gathered at fernandez a star on the hollywood walk of faint tonight. multiple gunshots were fired nearby. a few hours ago. lapd says no injuries were reported and a man was taken into custody. still had on abc 7 news at 11 a real life ginger. house this creative decoration and all of them that a woman used to transform her home for the holida
11:44 pm
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giant gumdrops candy canes a fudge striped cookie and even a gingerbread man decorating this home in the heart of salt lake city, utah. it's the brainchild of interior designer, virginia hoffman who transformed her own red brick tudor home into a real life gingerbread house one treat at a time. i hope that if it can just put a smile on anyone's face if it can just help a little bit a little christmas cheer that that's the whole goal and it will all be worth it. this is so impressive how labor intensive is this? all right. well, the gingerbread house is a labor of love consuming hundreds of hours, virginia had help from her husband who is an artist and even her grandchildren got in on the fun. her chocolate is brown caulking the peppermint sticks are made of drain pipes and the gumdrops are upside down planters this year. there's a new theme the vanilla wafer carved out of foam yum. okay in runners celebrated the
11:48 pm
return of the napa to sonoma county half marathon. normally held in july weather conditions though. we're a little bit challenging, but that didn't stop thousands of runners from all 50 states and 11 countries from pounding the pavement one runner even overcame an autoimmune disease to finish her 100th half marathon. congratulations. the race had to be rescheduled three times because of covid and today the 13.1 mile event ended with a wine festival in downtown sonoma. listen after all those cancellations a little bit of rain is not going to stop. listen a little bit of rain and cool temperatures. that's not bad running weather. so congratulations to everybody who competed in that today tonight that rain continues in an intensifies during the afternoon tomorrow live doppler 7 is tracking that rain light to moderate and spots and it will continue to remain that way overnight tonight tomorrow though on the storm in back scale the storm will strengthen to a level 3 strong storm, and it's a six hour window. we're watching from 11 am to 5
11:49 pm
pm tomorrow for a line of heavy rain to move through. dusty winds again and there's the chance of thunderstorms future weather at 11. am that line is in the north bay by about 1 pm that line of strongest wind and heaviest rain is working through the city. it's about to move into the east bay by 3 pm. it's along the peninsula and still intensifying and by about four o'clock. it's moving through the south bay and there may be an indication that a second line will try and develop before the night is through on monday total rainfall again likely seeing more than an inch and a lot of cities accuweather 78 forecast wet and windy. also rough surf along our coastline tomorrow showers continue at least through thursday dee on friday and saturday are dry, but the mornings are fairly cold. it's brisk in the afternoon and by sunday will track more wet weather returning to finish out the weekend. yeah, definitely feeling like winter for sure. true. thanks now to chris with preview of sports chris. theon coming up in sports the nfl stretch run is underway the 49ers react to brandon ayuk's amazing touchdown that sealed
11:50 pm
the deal in cincy sports i
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sponsored by river rock casino or how important was today's overtime win over the bengals for san francisco. the reactions say it all 26-23 victory put them in sole possession of sixth place in the nfc playoff race allowing little breathing room in the very crowded wild card standings, the niners have won four of their last five games. jimmy garoppolo found brandon iuk right here on a misdirection pass play and iu turned on the jets diving for the end zone initially ba was ruled short of a touchdown, but but after review number 11 sure was as the 49ers win it improving the 7-6 overall. here's everyone's view of the game-winning score including the man of the hour, mr. iuk. whoever was he didn't really have good an angle and he was kind of behind me. so. we're not really supposed to reach the ball for the problem unless it's for it down, but and why say anything to me when i
11:54 pm
scored so i knew it was in it was fun, too. the ref told me there's a service and chance he was and i was like i don' view. i already knew he had scores so i ran over to the sideline and standing there with kyle. he's like not celebrating till they call it the touchdown. i was like house to touchdown. he was like, i don't care. i want to see him call it. so i just knew he scored in the game was over, you know almost but we didn't so. we did a good job, and we made the plays that we need to make. how about the raiders in kansas city pregame stomping on the chiefs logo at midfield? that's a bad idea. very first offensive play josh jacobs fumbles my cues scoop and 23 yard score 7-0 nothing kansas city in a flash patrick mahomes. hadn't thrown touchdown his previous two games snaps that streak today with two touchdown passes this one 23 yards to darrell williams, kansas city led 35-3 at the half this the biggest margin of victory in the
11:55 pm
rivalry, kansas city wins. 9 it's their turn to dance the raiders. five of six packers hosting the bears and aaron rodgers is watching aaron rodgers this fan sure. looks like former cow starr you like points the second quarter was for you bears quarterback. justin theo's a rookie is slanted demeri bird. see ya chicago up 10 in the second but here comes rogers finds palo alto native and fresno state legend devonte adams for the score the teams combined for 45 points in the second quarter alone. aaron jones scored twice in the second half rogers throws four touchdowns. he still owns the bears packers win, 45-30 green bay 10 and 3 currently the two seed in the nfc san mateos tom brady in the bucks hosting josh allen and the buffalo bill quarter bucks up 10-3 brady in the red zone to mike evans. that's touch. tampa bay led by 21 at the break, but buffalo battles back alan to gabriel davis buffalo scored 17 unanswered in the fourth to tie it and send it in
11:56 pm
an overtime in ot after a buffalo punt brady making history with this pasta rashad perriman 58-yard game winner. it's the 700th career td passer brady between the regular and post seasons bucks win. 33-27 in ot bucks have won four in a row there 10 and 3 and the three seed in the nfc women and soup. before stanford returning to action after a week off of exams hosting pacific haley jones great one-handed pass the cameron brink lays it up and in stanford up just 11 at the break, but they only allow 11 points in the third quarter defense to offense. look at anna wilson great pass to lexi holt for two of her 16 cardinal up 20 brink goes for her six career double-double 25 points 11 rebounds cardinal crews 91 62 kevin durant and the nets in detroit james resting for brooklyn so was all on kd tonight third quarter though. here's the top pick from the 2021 draft kate cunningham steel and showtime. he scored a team high 26 for detroit, but nearly doubled that
11:57 pm
point total kd stopping pop from distance game title in the fourth. he scored an nba season high 51 passing stephen curry's previous nba best of 50 points in a game this year and brooklyn wins it 1:16 104 abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. okay, that's it for tonight everybody. i'm dion limb abc 7 continues tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock for drew tuma and chris alvarez and all of us here. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 11 taking live. look outside.
11:58 pm
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. tornado disaster. >> the level of devastation is unlike anything i've ever seen. >> the worst in kentucky's history. scores dead, hundreds of thousands without power across six states. emergencies declared. >> we need your prayers. we need your help.


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