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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 13, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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historic tornado disaster in the south and midwest. more than 1,000 homes in kentucky, gone. >> the whole building was just gone, in shambles. there's people screaming, people trying to climb out, people that were crushed. >> new stories of the survivors buried beneath the rubble. their will to live. a family of five, tossed in the air. how powerful the rare december tornadoes were. encouraging news overnight, about workers located after the candle factory they worked in was wiped off the map during the overnight shift. this morning, neighbors helping neighbors. strangers driving hours to cook food for victims. the resiliency and the power of
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faith on display. coverage from across the storm zone. new overnight. documents showing what mark meadows said the day before the january 6th attack on the capitol. the details coming amid a looming showdown in washington today. it's being called one of the worst hacks in the history of the internet. the urgent statement from homeland security. plus, the new battle over selling bacon in part of the u.s. and from the new miss universe to peloton's "sex and the city" public relations battle. to the study about legos and their value. it's monday, december 13th. good morning, everyone. >> we begin with the historic tornado disaster. president biden has now approved a disaster declaration for kentucky. >> the scale of the disaster in
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that skatate is overwhelming. dozens of people are dead. and any hope is dwindling. fema has set up a base, to distribute generators along with 45,000 liters of water and 35,000 meals. and shelters are now up and running. >> the tornadoes hit nine states this weekend. it could be the deadliest twister outbreak in more than a decade. the confirmed death toll is 34 people. there is encouraging news to report. the death toll could be lower than first feared. >> we begin our coverage in mayfield, kentucky. ike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mona. the landscape here in mayfield has forever changed with homes, churches and businesses destroyed. but there are some promising signs. this morning, small miracles are emerging after the historic mid-december swarm of tornadoes leveled entire communities. >> i'm praying that maybe original estimates of those we
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lost are wrong. if so, it's going to be pretty wonderful. >> reporter: more survivors have now been found in mayfield, kentucky, a city of 10,000 people. dozens were feared dead at this candle factory, reduced to rubble by the storm, which was hit as 110 employees were hit on the overnight shift. on the left, the factory before the storm. on the right, all that remains now. >> nobody can get to us. the whole building fell. we are stuck. >> reporter: workers trapped after the storm went on social media, pleading for help. this woman, later posting she was rescued. the candle company saying as of late sunday, eight workers were confirmed dead. eight others were missing. more than 90 others have been located. for laura, it was her tenth day on the job at the factory. >> i thought i was going to die. you could hear people through the walls. and somebody asked me, did i
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want to give a message to anybody? and i said i wanted to give a message to my husband. tell him that i love him and all my family that i love him. i'll see them up in heaven, i guess. >> it's a testament to god that all five of them are alive at this time. >> reporter: elsewhere in mayfield, this pastor described how a family of five survived the storm. they were seeking shelter in a bathroom. think landed 150 yards away from their house. >> he runs to the bathroom. and as he runs to the bathroom, he can barely shut the door. he is trying to get to his family. and he tells me, about the time he gets to them, the wind lifted him up. it hit the back of his head on the ceiling. he couldn't actually get in the tub with them. and it knocks him out. they wake up 150 yards in the woods from the house. >> reporter: in all, four twisters hit kentucky, including one that may have set a record,
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tearing an estimated 223-mile-long path of destruction, all the way from arkansas, over a 3 1/2 period of terror, with winds up to 155 miles per hour. on sunday, some encouraging news. kentucky's governor lowered the state's expected death toll from 100, saying it's likely closer to 50. still, he says more than 1,000 homes in kentucky are destroyed. mona, pack to the candle factory. there's some inmates working on a work release program inside the building when it collapsed. one of the inmates was rescued and now on the run. >> ike, you spent the day there yesterday. tell us about some of the people that you met. >> reporter: that's right. i want to give you two words, mona. resiliency and compassion. after the night of the storms, the very next morning, all you see are droves of cars coming into mayfield, from every
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direction. coming with people from miles away, with chainsaws to food to bare hands, helping out. feeding some of the national guard members and volunteers that were out here working all through the day and night. mona, back to you. >> ike, thank you very much for your coverage. this historic outbreak extended beyond mayfield to other parts of kentucky and into eight other states, including illinois, where we're learning more about the amazon workers killed at work. this morning, authorities do not expect to find anymore survivors in this amazon facility in illinois, now left with a gaping hole in the wall. six people were killed when 1.1 million square foot building took a direct hit. >> these walls are made out of concrete and they're about 40 felt tall. a lot of weight came down. >> reporter: among the victims, larry verden, an army veteran.
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>> i said, no. my dad's coming home. >> reporter: according to amazon, when a work site is made aware of a tornado warning, all employees were directed to the shelter. but the company has declined to answer questions about when the employees were warned. >> it's a devastating loss. we have to turn our attention to taking care of the family members, our employees. tte back up on their feet. >> reporter: 34 tornadoes across 8 states friday night into saturday. in bowling green, kentucky, hospitals already under stress, treating covid patients, are racing to treat the injured, some of whom arrived in the back of pickup trucks. >> relatives and friends were scooping them up, loading them and bringing them in because there was no phone communication. so, they showed up and they were pounding on the door over there. >> reporter: in arkansas, at least two people were killed when a tornado destroyed a nursing home.
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tennessee reported three weather-related deaths. in missouri, two deaths. this coming at a time of the year when cold weather typically limits tornados. a few key ingredients fueled this record-setting outbreak, including 80-degree temperatures in the deep south last week. zbl >> unusual to get the tornadoes this time of the year. climate change, not sure how it affects the strength of tornadoes. but it's impacting where and when they happen. >> debris from one tornado was sent 30,000 feet into the air. another blood drive in bowling green, kentucky, after an overwhelming response yesterday. people lined up to donate blood for tornado victims. some donors drove more than two hours just to help. >> what does it say about the community in bowling green, this many people out here willing to give blood? >> it shows how strong the community is and how people are wanting to help. >> heartwarming. >> very heartwarming.
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>> people anywhere can donate blood through the red cross. we'll have much more storm coverage later this half hour. right now, your monday forecast. >> much of the west coast is bracing for a major storm today, including heavy snow in the mountains from california to washington state. some parts of the sierra nevada could see eight feet of snow. along the pacific coast, up to six inches of rain could cause flash flooding. some of the rain will fall in recently burned areas, triggering mudslide. above normal temperatures for the northeast and midwest. low 80s in south florida. 66, montgomery, alabama. coming up, the passenger that went overboard on a cruise ship. was foul play involved. first, what mark meadows said before january's attack on the u.s. capitol. the e-mail revealed overnight.
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. the coast guard has called off the search for a woman who went overboard from a carnival cruise ship. a woman in her 20s went off the balcony of her room early saturday near mexico. passengers reportedly voiced concern about foul play, but there's been no official word from investigators. turning to the pandemic, hospitalizations from covid are up 23% across the country in the last two weeks. new infections have climbed 40%, but a new study from israel is encouraging. it confirms that three shots of the pfizer vaccine provide a high level of protection against the new omicron variant. new developments from the house committee investigating the january 6th riot at the u.s. capitol. a document released by the
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committee is revealing some of the messages sent by former white house chief of staff mark meadows. here's abc's christine sploloan >> reporter: this morning, a showdown on capitol hill. the committee investigating is set to vote on whether to ol- hold former white house chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress. this amid new revelations overnight. first reported by politico, meadows sent an email the day before the pro-trump rally january 6th saying the national guard would be present to protect pro-trump people, and that many more would be available on standby. the contacts and what may have received that email remain unclear, but it could play a role in the national guard's delayed response the following day. documents obtained by the january 6th committee describe numerous contacts between meadows and members of congress about trump's efforts to recruit state lawmakers and encourage them to help overturn the
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election results. a plan to which meadows responded, i love it. after first turning over thousands of his emails and text messages, meadows has refused to sit down for a deposition and has sued the committee to block subpoenas ordering him to comply with the investigation. >> it's a very odd turn of events because he had decided to cooperate. he was producing documents, and in the production of those documents, we can see that there is no executive privilege that would apply to them. >> reporter: after the committee's vote today, the full house is expected to vote tomorrow on whether to hold meadows in criminal contempt. mona, andrea? >> christine, thank you. the department of homeland security says a big part of the internet is at severe risk because hackers are exploiting a flaw in a commonly used piece of software. it allows hackers to access computer systems and servers without a password. experts worked all weekend to
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control the problem. they say you can help protect yourself. >> check in with the companies that you're using to do your banking, to do your important tasks. check in with them to find out whether or not they've discovered a breach. this isn't the sort of thing that's going to affect your regular, standard desktop computer. these are affecting servers that are running websites that we're all using. >> experts say we could be seeing the effects of this hack for months. tom brady picked just the right time to throw his 700th career touchdown pass. it was the game winner in the overtime game against the bills. perriman had the touchdown, and he ran to retrieve the football for brady this season. the ball brady threw to set a different record was given to a fan. he efferentventually got it bac will probably keep it for his trophy case. >> all good. coming up, the new study revealing the best toy for your
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libre the original eau de parfum yves saint laurent happy holidays [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. back, now, with more images of the devastation from the killer tornadoes this weekend. amid the destruction, there's many stories of resilience. >> we caught up with one church holding services, even though their house of worship was nearly wiped off the map.
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on sunday, members of the mayfield community coming together in the shadow of what's left of their church to pray. >> this is a necessary gathering. >> reporter: dr. milton west is the pastor of first christian church, a brick building that stood more than 100 years. now, it's more than a pile of rubble. >> i see what remains of the first presbyterian church. and i see what matters most, the faithful that have gathered with us in the parking lot this morning. >> reporter: the focus is on what was spared, like this communion table, left untouched. >> the body of christ, broken for you. >> reporter: and the people, whose faith binds them together. >> this is very emotional. it was important to come today to have service because we need each other. >> reporter: throughout mayfield, symbols of resilience. this sign in the rubble reading, beaten but not defeated. >> we lost a lot of things. but we haven't lost the life.
4:20 am
building can be replaced. that house. for life, you can't. >> reporter: people from nearby towns already racing to lend a helping hand, in whatever way they can. >> you know we had a drill. and we got people to donate some food. we thought we could grill and hand out water. we're going to be here as long as we got food. >> we had strangers walk up yesterday, with equipment saying, how can we help? i have been -- it's such a sense of community because everyone just wants to help everywhere. >> reporter: brittany sullivan lost her business in the storms. she says she kno lling be long . but she knows her town will get back on its feet. >> i don't know how long it will take. but i know we're going to come back. i know nobody's going to leave. and i know everyone is going to stay here and fight to bring it all back. >> if you're looking to help, kentucky's governor has established a relief fund. donations can be made at the link on your screen. we'll post the link on our
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i am what i live my way the new eau de parfum intense giorgio armani ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with the blolooming shortage of bacon in california. >> a culmination of restaurants and grocery stores is suing for a new law to drive up pork prices. the law will require more rue main treatment for farm animals. >> hog farmers say it would be too expensive. peloton responding to the "sex and the city" backlash. >> this is a major plot development in the "sex and the city" reboot. in the follow-up series, mr. big
4:24 am
dies from a heart attack after taking a peloton class. since the show premiered, peloton stock has dropped 16%. and now, peloton is responding with a parody ad with the actor playing mr. big. >> you look great. >> i feel great. shall we take another ride? life's too short not to. >> mr. big is seen happy and healthy with a peloton instructor. the ad was written by ryan reynolds who provided the voice-over. a new queen is on the throne. >> miss india was crowned miss universe 2021. >> steve harvey returned to the host of the concert. and it was held in israel to accommodate the tv schedule in the u.s. 12 some legos are worth more than gold. >> the market for second-hand legos rises faster than stocks, bonds and gold.
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checking the top stories, hope for finding more survivors is fading after that deadly outbreak in eight states. the death toll has been scaled back to at least 34 now that most of the missing workers at the candle factory have been accounted for. eight employees were killed there, and eight are still missing. meanwhile, the search continues at an amazon warehouse in illinois where six workers are confirmed dead. former president trump is floating the idea of a 2024 idea for the white house. he told a crowd in atlanta he might think strongly about a run. mike pence isn't ruling out a run either saying he'll reflect and pray about it. mexico is mourning a music icon, known as the king, he was performing on street corners and released 75 albums about love,
4:28 am
loss, and his beloved mexico. he was81. today's weatheea rai coast. parts of the sierra nevada could see 8 feet of snow, clear for the rest of the country. and finally, the picture lost during this weekend's tornadoes. that's been found 150 miles away. >> will ganss has the amazing story. >> reporter: in between downpours on friday night, katie posten making an unusual discovery outside her home in new albany, indiana. >> at first i thought it was a note that someone left on my car. >> reporter: not a note, but a photograph. a woman in a striped dress holding a little boy in her lap. the inscription on the back reading, gertie and j.d. the year, 1942. >> i realized this has to have been a home that was hit. >> reporter: the small piece, the family history whipped up by the debris of those deadly tornadoes. katie sharing her find on social media saturday morning, and with
4:29 am
the hours, a hit. >> someone knew someone with that same last name and they tagged them on the post, and probably 30 minutes later, he responded. >> reporter: against all odds, the photo traveling through wind and rain more than 150 miles over the ohio river from dawson strings, kentucky, to katie's driveway in new albany, indiana. commenting op katie's post, wow. to think this traveled so far. this is my dad's grandparents. cole is working to figure out exactly which of his relatives in dawson springs the photo belongs to, and when he does, katie says she'll hand deliver the photograph herself. >> given it's traveled this far, i'm, like, no way i'm going to let it slip through the cracks. there is something to be said about what we can do with the things that happen to us, considering other people, considering what something might mean to someone else. >> reporter: katie's act of kindness now inspiring others in the area. a facebook group called quad state tornado found items which people are
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right now on "america this morning" -- new images of the historic tornado disaster in the south and midwest. more than 1,000 homes in kentucky, gone. >> the whole building was just gone, in shambles. there's people screaming, people trying to climb out, people that were crushed. >> new stories of the survivors buried beneath the rubble. their will to live. a family of five, tossed in the air. how powerful the rare december tornadoes were. encouraging news overnight, about workers located after the candle factory they worked in was wiped off the map during the overnight shift. this morning, neighbors helping neighbors. strangers driving hours to cook food for victims. the


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