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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 13, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> making news at 6:00, the sorely needed storm soaking the bay area overnight already causing problems in getting stronger. >> the sewer overflowed as well. i have sewage in my garage. sewage and my family room. >> this neighbor is not taking any chances. sandbags, tarps, concrete, bricks, with high surf awesome on the coast. >> let's give you a check outside this morning, the team coverage shows you the messy commute and timing out the storm ahead. reggie: good morning, you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to start with mike's forecast. mike: thank you, hello, everybody. let's give you an idea of what to expect. going through the warnings out there, we have got a wind
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advisory that has been extended through 4:00. wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour the deeper we get into these trees coming down and possibly taking out the power. for those of you driving high profile vehicles, this is asked -- especially important for you. there's a high surf advisory, don't turn your back on the water, don't even go near it until 10:00 wednesday morning. we will ramp up from a 2283 bang this morning, 10:00 to 5:00, seven hours where a line of heavy thunderstorms are going to roll through with gusty winds. locally, more intense rain and lightning, which is very dangerous, as you know, make sure that you stay inside, with the possibility of hail out there, also. hour-by-hour look, coming up. but we have already had a ton of accidents. jobina: there are so many issues on the roads as mike was mentioning. live cap -- live camera here at the bridge so that you can know
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what to expect this morning. it's coming down, three signal alerts are in effect. fremont, southbound 680 past vargas road. chp saying it will take two hours to three hours before it is all clear. this is in fairfield now, our second signal alert down to nine miles per hour here. our last alert at the moment is an oakland northbound on 880 at high street. kumasi: jobina has been tracking dozens of incidents across the area and we are on the roads to check out conditions. amy is live in oakland with what you will see if you are headed out the door. amy? >> >> >> >> >> >> really rainy out here and conditions are rough driving. at times it's hard to see because the windshield wipers cannot keep up. visibility can be tricky at times. this is what it looks like southbound on 880.
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we just crossed over to the marina boulevard exit and we just hit a slowdown and are expecting coming up here to see some kind of issue that has caused this slowdown it we are barely moving, something to be aware of, the conditions changing in just a second out here. lots of rain causing some standing water in some areas that will surprise you. they sneak up on you or the car next to you will hit it and flash all the water onto your window. a lot to be aware of this morning. we haven't out with a lot of wind, that's one thing we haven't encountered. it's just been a lot of rain, which is great news for the drought situation but it is creating issues for drivers and if you are headed out this morning it's something to plan for. keep in mind and slow down for it. reporting live in the, amy hollyfield.
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reggie: a homeowner dealing with huge damage this morning. a large redwood crashing through . they were outside and were not hurt. it is going to be red tagged. the tree took out some high-voltage power lines. pg&e was on the scene making sure the area was safe from electrical hazards. an area on the peninsula is staying vigilant after dealing with major flooding from october. residents there are doing their best to prepare for the worst. many say that their biggest concern is flooding. in october more than two feet of water flooded homes and cars in the neighborhood and other hoping the drain system works. >> the problem is the infrastructure with the sewer lines. they have never been replaced on our block. as well as the street has never been paved since i have lived here. the sewer overflowed as well. i have sewage in my garage,
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sewage and my family room. reggie: by to address any power outages. you will find our real doppler seven whether app available on apple tv and amazon tv. reggie: today prez -- kumasi: the homeland security secretary and fema security secretary will be meeting with the president this morning and we know that rescue efforts are still going on right now? >> yes, six people have the partial collapse of an amazon facility in illinois. eight people died with eight more unaccounted for after a candle factory in kentucky was construed in rescuers continue to dig through debris hoping to find someone still alive. parts of the state are now unrecognizable as crews search
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for survivors. >> we are searching and hoping to rescue but you know as i do, every day that goes by, we lose a little bit of that hope. >> more than 300 national guard troops are searching for survivors and department of homeland security security fema chiefs are assessing the damage. in kentucky a path of destruction nearly 250 miles long and if that is confirmed researchers say it would be the longest tracked tornado in u.s. history. reggie: people from nearby towns racing to lend a helping hand to the people starting to go through the debris. one business owner saying she knows rebuilding will be a long process and that her town of mayfield will get back on its feet. >> strangers walked up with equipment yesterday saying what can we do, how can we help? it's such a sense of community, everyone wants to help everywhere. i don't know how long will take but i know that we will come back. i know nobody is going to leave
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and everyone will stay here to fight to bring it all back. reggie: help, the governor of kentucky has established a relief fund. kumasi: a vintage black and white photo showing a woman and a child and on the back, their names and the date, 1942. after finding the photo in the debris from the tornadoes at her home in indiana over the weekend, katie posted this on social media and within hours she found the owners in kentucky. >> given that it has traveled this far i'm like no way i will let it slip through the >>. there's something to be said about what we can do with the things that have happened to us. kumasi: lost items take group. reggie: the showdown today on capitol hill, and expected
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decision on possible charges in the january 6 riot, and the new email coming to light on the the people involved. kumasi: and hundreds of dollars stolen from one toy drive over the weekend until one generous man took the story into his own hands. mike: for all of u hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again?
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kumasi: mountains on the eastern side of the state are picking up a lot of snow right now. some roads are closed as the snow makes driving very dangerous and officials say they expect four feet or more by the
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time the storm is over, mike. mike: more is headed towards tahoe. 3500 feet. three feet to five feet of snow. above 6000 feet, six feet to eight feet of snow. passes snowden possibly for a day or two. it depends on how quickly they can get rid of the snow. 680, 780, pretty healthy storm right there. ponding is likely -- likely. look at how big this is down to half moon bay from san francisco, all the way out to san ramon. there has got to be a ton of standing water on all of the interstates and streets that the moderate to heavy showers are covering. moving to the south after the commute ensco, the next one is in the north bay and even more intense. look at the red in there. we will have to do it faster,
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heavier, more ponding and likelihood of flooding with damage out of that window that i'm extending from 10:00 to 6:00 . and then we have got scattered showers at 5:00 starting at north bay. snow possible down in the southbay. and then the showers taper a bit heading towards tomorrow. especially by the time we get to noon tomorrow. another one inch to two inches possible in the next 12 to 18 hours. jobina: before we get to current conditions we continue with a look at things happening in tahoe right now. live picture in just a moment on i 80 west of truckee. you can see the snow there next to donner lake. chains are required on all vehicles. cisco, glasser county, the same goes on highway 50 from khyber's to myers. on the roads right now we have two alerts on the way.
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one of them has cleared, another one in fremont will be there for at least another hour southbound on 680 past vargas road. multiple lanes are blocked. a live picture here in oakland at the coliseum camera. i'm bringing this in because at one point this morning northbound 880 and southbound 880 were fully clear and it really is coming down right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. lights came on at five: 45. the second signal alert is in fairfield this morning at state route 12. be aware that there are a lot of problems out there, give yourself some extra time or work from home if you can. kumasi: thank you. google getting to the bottom of some scary problem their phone. reggie: and a new at 6:00, a christmas cookie sheet sheet. 12 days of new recipes for you to add to the loc
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rere investigating the january 6 insurrection is expected to recommend contempt charges against ark meadows. this comes hours after the committee released a 51 page document revealing some of the communications he sent in the days before the violence. jobina: oh yes, he reportedly sent in email the day before the pro-trump rally january 6 saying the national guard would be there to "protect pro-trump people." the context, and who may have received the email are not clear, but it could play a role in investigating the delayed response of the national guard to the riot and other documents describe contacts between meadows and members of congress about the trump efforts to recruit state lawmakers and encourage them to help overturn
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election results. after turning over thousands of his emails and text messages, meadows has refused to sit for a deposition and sued the committee to block subpoenas ordering him to comply with the investigation. >> it's an odd turn of events because he had decided to cooperate and was producing documents and in the production of them we can see that there is no executive privilege that would apply. >> the panelists are expected to vote to recommend charges of contempt sending that to the house, exposing meadows to criminal prosecution by the department of justice. kumasi: thank you. nancy pelosi is planning to leave the house until at least after the midterm elections according to cnn sources. she plans to file and run for reelection in san francisco last year -- next year. 2022 revia sleigh had been a target date for retirement but now sources say she hasn't ruled out extending her 20 year run as
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the top house democrat and she will spend much of next year raising money for democrats as they try to hold the majority. reggie: google says they are working on a glitch that could prevent some android users from calling 911 in an emergency. a small number of people downloaded the teams app but aren't signed in. new at 6:00, looking for a holiday recipe to add to your dessert table? the creator and host of "taste of the nation" is adding one of her favorites. kumasi: that's right, it's 12 days of christmas cookies. here's a cuban spin on the traditional thumbprint cookies, filled with jam and lime zest. >> this recipe is based on these cuban pastries. so, we are turning this on because you want to cream the butter in the sugar. >> what's this type of cookie? >> thumbprint with guava paste, but you can use any kind of jam
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that you want and it will take about a walnut here, then just put them on a baking sheet. just take a little jam, about a teaspoon, put it in the middle there. >> that's easy enough. kumasi: she's going to make the full recipe on gma reggie: at 7:00. reggie:you have been inspired? kumasi: i have, especially the way you all dragged to me about liking oatmeal raisin cookies. i haven't forgotten that. i guess i just need a new recipe. reggie: if the team can back me up on this, it's not liking them. it's putting them above didn't drag you. reggie: we drag you. [laughter] kumasi: i'm going to get on this list. reggie: jobina is staying quiet. jobina: no, she's not.
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[laughter] reggie: really, they are not ever number one. kumasi: hey, mike. mike: well, we are not number one today either. we are a 2, 3, and then a one for several days. nearly two thirds of an inch of rain here, you can see some emergency lights flickering their. san rafael says hold my water bucket, i guess? four and two thirds of an inch of rain already and we are not even into the hardest part of the storm yet. two storms this week. the hardest is the one we are dealing with right now. there's a chance for hail and mountain snow out of both of these storms with freezing cold temperatures thursday and friday. already wind damage, a tree down around santa clara. look at the flooding around emeryville, oakland, piedmont, heading towards alameda.
6:21 am
this is all due to nearly two inches of rain with a little bit of flooding around the park also. let's talk about what's going on with these storms. atmospheric, longer and heavier, but the next short or with less. let's talk about that. today we know we have a great chance for thunderstorms but tomorrow it is a much narrower path out of this one on the storm impact scale, wednesday to thursday. north bay, 10:00 in the morning is where we will have the heaviest of the rain's lining -- sliding southwards and exiting by thursday. my accuweather forecast through 10:00 to 6:00, it's a three and then 01. freezing cold friday and saturday morning with a slight chance for wet on sunday. reggie: now we have ginger z with a look at what's happening this morning on gma. ginger: nice to be with both of
6:22 am
you. we will have team coverage of the deadly tornadoes. 40 reported twisters cutting through nine states and 30 people losing their lives. i will talk about how remarkable this is, especially in december. the mayor of the kentucky town that got hit joins us with how she hopes to rebuild and what we can all do to help survivors. and it's green monday. becky breaks down one of the best deals on one of the biggest shopping days of the month and year next best chance for holiday shipping and joining us live this morning, the one and only denzel washington. that and much more, coming up on gma. reggie: can you tell us about the cookie situation this morning? ginger: know and i didn't go searching for it that i might do that after this because i'm into it. i feel like that would be the proper breakfast at this point. reggie: it's supposed to be a thumbprint cookie and i saw tj go in with the full regular finger, so that confused me. [laughter]
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and complete required activities. reggie: fans remembering vincent a fernandez, who died in a hospital at the age of 80 where he had been in august since a serious fall at his ranch. he recorded more than 300 songs, selling 50 million albums worldwide and in the 1970's he crossed over into acting, appearing in more than 30 murder -- movies. he will be remember a of mexico's musical figures for generations. kumasi: organizers of a toy drive this morning inking an oakland man for $1000 reggie: in
6:26 am
cash. reggie:that will make up for about $500 stolen over the weekend. dennis peasant grave -- gave the money to the northern nfl chapter of the black history museum and nfl organization that teams up every year to hold a toy drive but saturday man walked in wearing a fake law enforcement badge, spoke to several people and smashed of the donation boxed, running off with the money they had been raising. when dennis saw the story he decided to donate cash to the cause. >> i did this for my mother. you know? not for her, but in her name. something she taught me a lot, it's something i'm trying to carry on. i just want to do good thing thi reggie: he donated twice what was stolen. that's amazing. brentwood police have opened an investigation into the theft and
6:27 am
are still looking for a suspect. most bay area economies suffered during the pandemic but one local economy was the exception. the reason it outperformed the rest of the country. kumasi: and amy has a look at the commute with jobina - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou!
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: the intense monday storm is here. the atmospheric river that we have been attracting for days is upon us and tracking -- packing a punch. some damage done overnight with rain and wind getting worse throughout the day. kumasi: let's show you the current situation from live doppler 7.
6:30 am
those blips picking up strength, live team coverage keeping you ready for the level 3 storm in the hours ahead. good morning, everybody. it's monday, december 16. you are watching us live wherever you stream. let's start with mike. mike: deep breath. you ready? ok, here we go, a lot to talk about. the wind advisory was extended through 4:00 this afternoon and for everywhere just about except the north bay, not including solano county, meaning we have more chances of trees coming down and power being taken out by the polls coming down or the trees coming down. high surf advisory until 10:00 on wednesday. stay away from the water. we are at two right now, moderate rain through 10:00. gusty winds, jobina will tell you about all the accidents in less than 10 seconds, hope lee. eight hours of
6:31 am
and issues in those eight hours and here's a look at what to expect, temperature wise. 40's to low to mid 50's this morning with 2/10 of an inch of rain in the last hour in san francisco. you know that means standing water. jobina: it's already being reported, lots of standing water. good morning, everyone. three signal alerts right now, the newest one is in penn grove for railroad avenue involving a big rig and all of our signal of alerts this morning involve big rigs. that one, oil spewing into the roadway right now. fremont passed vargas road, speed down to five miles per hour in the area. huge backup there. fairfield, upstate route 12, multiple lanes are blocked. wrapping up with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where mike let me know that more than two inches of rain has already fallen. reggie? reggie: all the more reasons to
6:32 am
avoid the roads if you and and you will likely see standing water no matter where you are commuting. amy hollyfield is checking out the conditions and is live for us this morning on the roads. amy, where are you? >> we are in oakland know thorpe -- northbound 880 passing down town. driving all over this morning we haven't found a dry spot. raining everywhere, it has been all morning long. the water is starting to accumulate in the trouble spots that you may or may not be aware of the typically get some standing water. they are all proving to be able to not be able to handle what has come down and we have hit some standing water throughout the bay area with some spin outs and some minor crashes causing traffic to come to a sudden stop or a very, very slow situation. you will just have to be very aware this morning. it has been raining for a while now and we are expecting more.
6:33 am
this is a welcome sight because of the drought, of course, but something to be aware of if you are going to be out and about and driving in this, is causing condition -- causing issues. we haven't had a break all morning. most people from what we can tell are driving carefully, but there are going to be some surprise spots that will cause issues, so be careful out there, be aware, we are having a very rainy monday morning. reporting live from oakland, amy holyfield. kumasi: thank you, amy. the rain is great news because of the severe drought but people hope it doesn't bring flooding like the last big storm. marin county, streets became lakes. now people are preparing for a new round of heavy rain. san francisco, people are picking up free sandbags. >> we don't get too much rain here. we don't want the house to get
6:34 am
flooded. we have put these in front of our garage. >> we had flooding last year when there was heavy rain. this year we put like rugs under the door and now we have gone the sandbag instead. >> we give out up to 10 for residence. it's for folks whose properties, homes, and businesses are prone to flooding. kumasi: public works tree are on standby in case it happens again. reggie: you can keep an i on the weather at any time available on roku, amazon fire, android tv and apple tv. cleanup efforts underway in kentucky after a weekend of severe tornadoes. kumasi: the damage is widespread and devastating. some of these images here, entire blocks are destroyed. rescue efforts are still happening as people shift towards rebuilding. i could john g joins us live
6:35 am
from kentucky with more on the people who are continuing to help. good morning. >> good morning. the roads leading into mayfield have been packed with volunteers . everyone from laborers and contractors armed with chainsaws to move the debris from the streets to the people offering food to whoever needs a meal. this morning the cleanup is just beginning to take shape. scores of volunteers pouring into help. >> a lot of volunteers brought the equipment in and started to clear the streets so that we could get around town. >> fema, surveying the damage in tandem with other federal officials. the biden administration distributing resources to the states affected. almost went that -- 12,000 gallons of water along with cots, blankets, and medical equipment. in illinois, six deaths have been confirmed that the amazon warehouse. the mayfield first christian
6:36 am
church was left, forcing parishioners to hold mass outdoors. >> we have to rely on our faith and one another. we will get through this. this town is small, but it is mighty. >> now, the biggest issuessue now is the lack of power. fema, however, the floyd the u.s. army corps of engineers to help turn the lights on. reporting in mayfield, kentucky, i could john g. -- i each sheet --ike kumasi: mayfield, crud, not guilty to a shooting at a hurrying in a high school earlier this month in his parents are charged in connection to the hearing. reggie: in the east bay, armed robber shot and killed inside of a san pablo restaurant.
6:37 am
a 29-year-old man robbed a cashier at the nations giant hamburgers at gunpoint and an off-duty sergeant from the uc berkeley police department eating at the restaurant confronted the man and shot him one time. first responders got there and started giving the man first-aid . he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. kumasi: governor gavin newsom taking action against a recent supreme court ruling, one inspired by the high court decision. he spoke only with abc 7 news about the plan and what he hopes that will accomplish here in california. here is the abc 7 news anchor.r, isnnonews n h back on the supreme court's recent ruling on the suit -- on the supreme court ruling or private citizens were allowed to sue anyone who provides or assist someone in getting an abortion after six weeks of
6:38 am
pregnancy. while outraged, he announced he's pushing for a bill in california that models the exact ruling. >> if the supreme court is going to uphold that, uphold people putting women's life at risk, we will use and exercise our rights to advance a similar law here in the state of california to protect people's rights against guns and gun violence. >> he has directed staff to work with lawmakers and the attorney general on the bill that will allow residents to seek damages of up to at least $10,000 less legal fees against anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault up and in california. in a statement he said in part that if the most efficient way to keep these devastating weapons off the streets is to add the threat of private lawsuits, we will do just that. >> people of had it, they are fed up and are calling the question. if they want to open's ve it . we have been too timid as democrats in terms of the
6:39 am
direction of this country right now. kumasi: governor newsom said that this won't be the first effort. he expects similar proposals out of other states as well. reggie: it's been called one of the biggest tax out ohe interne. first signs of it found on a computer game popular with children. >> the big board, down right now. another update on the markets is next. >> a battle over your bacon. the voter approved law that could spike the price of your next bacon and how local grocery stores are trying to stop it. first, another check on the weather. mike: very active to start this traditional workweek. supercomputers coming in from the central valley are going to run into a lot of standing water with moderate to heavy showers extending all the way back to the coast. the peninsula coast. you can't escape the wet
6:40 am
weather, typical of an atmospheric weather -- atmospheric river. we've got the two, the moderate showers. later on a chance of bumping it up to three they chance for thunderstorms and more locally intense. it's going to remain high. the rest of it is moderate outside the north bay, where you could possibly take it up too high along with the mud flow and debris sliding out there in the mountains. so, here's a look at future radar and you can see through 10:00 a window closes in one area and it opens in the north bay. here's the more intense one. 10:00 to 6:00 is when the most intense part of the storm comes in, when it will be the hardest to be driving and outside, dangerous with the lightning on the crosswinds. if you have to be out, don't go with that time, try to work on either side of it.
6:41 am
scattered showers overnight, snow in the north bay. 2500 feet. to a dusting of snow. jobina: thank you, mike. good morning, everyone. i was checking in with chp to try to figure out what's happening here on northbound 880 in oakland. at the coliseum you can see the taillights. something is happening, there is a roadway flooding at 880 and 980 but to me this looks like the backup from a crash. i will check back in with them to see if they update but that just happened in the last you minutes. 280t 17, you can see how ooas bhe southunmo r bdw and then we have three signal on the way. moving through them quickly,
6:42 am
northbound 100 one at railroad avenue fuel is spilling into the roadway because it is involving a big rig. all three alerts involve big rigs. the second is in fremont past vargas road. minor injuries involved, wrapping up with the last one
6:43 am
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kumasi: already -- already seeing damage from the storm in the bay area. homeowners already dealing with this, you can see it in this video. firefighters responded to the scene, it's not clear if anyone was hurt. reggie: chp in truckee just release this video showing winter storm conditions with age patrol car pushing a semi truck along the road.
6:45 am
say that the biggest hack in computing history could be what's well underway. jobina has the details of how hackers are taking advantage. jobina: hackers taking advantage of a vulnerability in a widely used software tool accessing computer systems and servers. linked to a commonly used piece of software called log for jay that runs in the background of many software applications impacting everything from gaming systems and cell phones to e-commerce, critical infrastructure and the department of defense. other countries have warned of the vulnerability. germany said that it is a very high threat and experts say it may be weeks before it'''s exploited and that the effects of the hack could be felt for months or even years to come. kumasi: thank you. today is the deadline for all bart employees to be vaccinated or risk being fired. the mandate was for those who
6:46 am
did not qualify for exemption and as ridership increases bart says they want to provide a safe environment for workers in the public. last month the agency said about 600 employees were still unvaccinated. reggie: the countdown is on, 12 days until christmas, but only 10 in shipping days. becky has some tips on how to save on last minute gifts. >> green monday, the second in december, historically one of the biggest shopping days of the month so of course there are sales. at target, get a $20 discount after spending $100 on toys. free $10 gift card from target if you spend $50 on legos. apple watch seven, $50 off. it's not the drop in and of the park but it signals that the beloved free shipping is kind of iffy. tiktok, gang. reggie: the national retail
6:47 am
federation predicts that it exceeds a record 840 billion dollars. most county economies plummeted during the pandemic, one bay area county thrived. santa clara county in gdp last year going up $15 billion from 2019 to 2020 and the county is the fifth in the state in gdp gain, largest increase of any large county in the entire u.s.. officials say that their financial health does not rely so heavily on tourism, unlike a lot of other california economies. taking a live look at the stock exchange this morning, you can see we are down about 200 points. kumasi: grocers in california suing to put off an animal where -- animal welfare law that will make a can harder to find requiring, chickens, and some types of beef cattle to be given a larger space to live, they have to be able to stand and turn around.
6:48 am
many producers have not upgraded their facilities calling it to himoo expensive and not completed until the final rules are approved. regulators say that they were not given enough time to finalize regulations before the deadline. happening today, mariah carey's favorite things at mcdonald's. >> darlings, i got my favorite holiday wish this year, my own menu from one of my favorites. kumasi: queen of christmas kicking off her holiday menu,'s 12 traits -- 12 straight dale -- 12 straight days of deals. you can find the items on the marais had menu on the mcdonald's app and today the freebie is the back. reggie: for us the big day is wednesday because that is when it's a free café bakery item and more importantly, a free beanie. mike: so, it's working? reggie: it says marais on the
6:49 am
front. kumasi: are we discussing the teacher? reggie: the teacher comes later. mike, we did a deep dive. the t-shirt is mariah carey and it's a meme of her at mcdonald's. we need to get a four jobina at least. [laughter] sel vee andere on a remoggie: from your mouth to mariah's ears. [laughter] mike: that'll be fun. next week. can't wait. what's not fun? look at this. jobina has been talking about it and i just wanted to show you 880 at the coliseum, approaching two into quarter inches of rain. here's the eastern side of the bridge around hayward, where we are up around three quarters of an inch of rain where around the peninsula we are well over an inch. the likelihood of finding ponding on the roadways is going to be even more when you get over to your destination on the
6:50 am
other side. two storms to start this workweek. strongest today, a chance of thunderstorms to grapple with the hail and snow in the lowest elevations. it's not necessarily snow in the mountains with freezing cold and dry weather thursday and friday morning. we have already had flooding in emeryville, oakland, alameda, piedmont. wind damage around santa clara. heaviest storms right now are moving up the peninsula. 280, 1 hundred one, heading into san francisco into san francisco and moving to the northeast. this storm is going to c storm n the north bay, you can see the orange and yellow in the north bay as showers spread outward through the evening hours, exiting by the time we get to thursday morning. ures tonht bcolder tomorrow in e
6:51 am
north and east bay valleys. the rest of us in the 40's, that's just the beginning. two right now, then at 10:00 it becomes a three. then at 6:00 this evening it drops back in the evening hours. one tomorrow, light storm day into thursday with freezing cold mornings friday and saturday with a slight chance for wet weather. winter is here. kumasi: thank thank thank thank northstar california officially kicking off their winter season yesterday, saying that this video welcomes skiers and snowboarders back to the slopes with an inch of fresh snow and they are beckoning more than a foot of snow today. five of the 14 lifts are operating. reggie: time magazine has named its person of the year and they have area ties. elon musk is the person of the year. the magazine says that he
6:52 am
"emerged not just as the world's richest person but also the richest example of a massive shift in our society are coming you will remember that they moved their headquarters from california to texas and is valued at $1 trillion. time says spacex has helped boeing and other companies own the future of space and are hosting an event tonight in new york to celebrate elon musk. this morning we hear from the 70th and of miss universe. kumasi: the new winners from india and topped the 80 contestants and says it has been 21 years since india was crowned the winner of the pageant and hopes to continue to use her voice to speak for women all over the world and is on gma talking about that it means to her and her country. >> through this platform i will be able to talk about foreign issues at larger amounts. it will hopefully change the
6:53 am
perspective of the people. i'm proud to do that. kumasi: you can watch her full interview at 7:00 right after abc's mornings. reggie: story" with rita moreno? she got a standing ovation from a sold-out crowd of a screening of the movie at the castro theater. she became the first latina to win and acting oscar for her role in the original 1961 film. this time around she is playing the role of valentina in the remake. just released in theaters on friday. one day before her 90th birthday. if you have seen the movie you already know, she is just looking and sounding wonderful. jobina, you have to close your ears now and so does everyone else who hasn't seen the new "sex and the city" reboot because i am about to entirely
6:54 am
spoil the thing, ok? i'm giving you time. jobina is literally running out of the studio. ok. do not blame me. actor chris knauf's character, mr. big, dies in the first episode after he does a peloton workout. the death caused appellant on's's stock price to drop last week in the company is out with a new ad featuring the actor. >> to new beginnings. you look great. >> i feel great. >> this is the ultimate burn. the ad has since gone viral with a voiceover by ryan reynolds relaying the benefits of cycling like import like improving heart and lung circulation and improving the risk of cardiovascular circulation. the woman in the ad is one of helen tom's most popular instructors and is the person who is mr. big, chris and off's
6:55 am
instructor on the show. kumasi: when i tell you that was traumatic for a lot of people? the stock dropped does not surprise me, people are upset. reggie: i really liked it. they are upset for a lot of reasons. i have feelings about it. kumasi: it's just like, the first episode? reggie: and just like that. that's exactly how it's done. and then credits. kumasi: anyway, upnyway, upnywaa seven things you need to know today. heading to break, a wide look outside. people trying to make their way across the golden gate bridge this morning, so many
6:56 am
at hilton, check in, choose your room, and unlock your door all in the hilton app. thus preserving the rarest of species - the sleeping toddler. book our family of brands at to new memories. hilton.
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+ kumasi: mike: kumasi: seven things to know this morning. mike: number one is number two, a moderate storm and from 10:00 this morning to 6:00 this evening a line of heavier rain, thunderstorms, even faster wind. the strongest part of this storm is during this time. jobina: a twofold happening in oakland with a live picture showing you 880 at the coliseum with northbound traffic crawling and a hit and run reported at 16th street with standing water
6:59 am
at a northbound 880 f 980. mike: -- kumasi: traveling to the mountains not recommended today. reggie: damage from the storm, this tree fell in a home in felton overnight. kumasi: president biden getting a briefing on the extreme weather over the weekend, hundreds of national guard troops are now searching for survivors. reggie: the house panel investigating the january 6 insurrection is expected to recommend contempt charges against mark meadows. this comes after a 51 page document reveals emails he sent in the days before the violence. kumasi: friends paddle boarding in laguna beach came across this. would you know what it is? a giant sunfish. they are in that fish face. jobina: fish freaks me out. reggie: my dad would ask, good
7:00 am
eating? mike: right. [laughter] reggie: say good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, as we take you through this new week, the search for survivors after dozens of tornadoes ripped through the heartland. tornado terror. at least 40 twisters tearing across nine states. the damage stretching over 200 miles from an amazon warehouse ripped apart in illinois, to a candle factory in kentucky destroyed with people working late to fill christmas orders. this morning, the long road to recovery for thousands without homes. the heroes who came to the rescue, and the resilient communities banding together. our abc news team is covering all the angles of the deadly path of destruction. david muir live on the ground in hard-hit kentucky, linsey davis


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