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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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what's going to save it? good evening, i'm ama. >> and i'm dan. every day we talk took building a better bay area it and starts with filling safe in your own neighborhood so today when we heard san francisco's mayor had a adamed plan we wanted to know more. ama: that's why we've brought there phil for some perspective as well as luce who was at the mayor's events to hear the plan first hadn't. >> it's a crisis which is why the department of emergency management will be managing this plan. mayor breed says she not only plans to tackle public concerns but also the need to get police officers access to cameras on the streets. after a week of crime throughout san francisco, today mayor london breed announced what she cat goesed as an aggressive response plan to tackle public safety. >> and it. comes to an end when we take the
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september to be more aggressive with law enforcement. more aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerant of all the [beep] that has destroyed our city. >> mayor breed called for increased overtime funding for the police department in problematic areas in the city, especially in the tenderloin. >> public substance abuse and linking people in cries to care and support services. >> mayor breed's goal is to have more police officers cracking down on people selling and using drugs on the streets as well as those selling stolen property but how will this look? >> a person is in need of help. they're using on the streets and we engage and we offer them the ability to go and receive services and they say yes. they go to the services, they won't be arrested, and let's say that same day we see that same person. we're not asking again.
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then it becomes enforcement. >> chief scott emphasized the need for over 2,000 police officers on the streets, pointing to the overwhelming crime and drug use. in the last year he said 600 people were arrested in the tender lionel alone. >> we talked about holding people accountability when it comes to the consequences of dealing drugs and san francisco and selling stolen goods, what are those consequence and is how is this going to be reinforced? >> i think at the end of the day the arrests will be made by the police department with the home that our district attorney will prosecute those cases. >> pressed about why the district attorney was not present for this, all hands on deck announcement. we didn't get a response. >> was he inviteed to come here today? >> yes. reporter: according to our source, the district attorney was not inviteed to in event. as to when we'll see some data points from in plan, that's going to be next march.
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dan? dan: that will be interesting to see. on and off. stay with us for a minute while we bring in phil on this topic. phil, as we all know this is not the first time the mayor has called on the cops to flood the tender lionel so what's different this time? >> the difference is, as she and the chief pointed out, they flood it with police, they're going to make contact with people and they're going to say you have a channels to go over to this program or a safe spot. do that or not. if they come back and see that same person and they haven't gone to the alternatives they're going to take a ride to the jerame. they might be only there for a couple of hours and some same what a waste of time. but we want to change the culture the idea that you can just get away from of with anything in san francisco and that goals double with the sellers of fentanyl, which is a
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killer. they believe they should have consequences. you can't arrest your way out of situation but there's got if be a follow-through after the arrest. >> mayor breed talked about marine funding to increase the police presence but where's the muffin going to come from? >> yes, san francisco has a $12 billion bunts so the money is there. it was going to be up to the board of supervisors to go from did you the -- defunding the police to for funding for police and overtime. the chief wants 500 more officerses added to the department so we'll have so see how that goes. dan: thank you very much. if you want to help blidh a better bay area, take action. go to abc 7 action to find out how you can be involved. ama: to breaking news or breaking records. big day. warriors fans knew it would happen eventually, it's just --
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just a matter of when. now it's official. there was a new nba three-point record holder. it is, of course, our instead of curry. chris alvarez joins us with more. chris: what an exciting moment. stephen curry now officially the all-time three. record holder. here's how it sounded on the golden state radio network. >> quick release and splash! there it is. the best shooter the game has ever seen has cemented his legacy. no one has made more threes than stephen curry. chris: that made three-pointers gave him a total of 2,974 and counting. he sets the record in 789th regular season game. fewer than ray allen. what a chance to celebrate with his parents, ray allen and
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reggie miller. ama: thanks, christian. dan: moving on now, tomorrow, exactly six months after california limited its mask mandate. it will reinstate it. masks will be require inside indoor public paces. san francisco and contra costa countries had allowed masks to be removed in limited spaces. in a late update from the state it says that counties with rules like this can keep them. people in those limited space this is those two counties will not have to wear masks. malin and selanneo counties hadn't been requiring masks in public spaces lately but it sounds like they will have to follow the state's new resume. >> you better watchout and maybe
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try not to cry. starting tomorrow, mask mandates are back across the state and in places like fairfield, that meeks that people will once again have to nascar up in indoor places. something not everybody is happy about. >> i think they're going overboard. >> in nurse said she's fed up. >> there are options. which one, all or one of them? >> so dr. matias says the data doesn't show that wearing masks in public spaces leads to a decline in cases. >> and. reason is obvious, background public indoor space and is vaccinated people is not where the disease was spreading. the diagnoses was spreading at home. >> selanneo and bay area counties are the only counties with currently no mask mandate. so why -- while they will see the most changes tomorrow, many
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tells -- tell us they've been wearing masks already. >> because we don't know who's been vaccinated and who hasn't. >> the owner of this store in fairfield has already been asking he were customers to mask up. >> we have some who call us names and haven't been very nice about it. >> now tomorrow for at least one month, it will no longer be he were rule but a rule from the state. the doctor said if nascaring up simply makes people feel more comfortable, he supports it. respecting a community's responses is fair. i don't take issue with that. dan: tonight the u.s. surpassed, 18,500 covid deaths. filer says i hawaii itself new covid pitch cuts the risk of hospitalization or death by 9%
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in high-risk patients. 72% of americans have now received at least one dose. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. led to abc 7 and click on that big blue watch. aima: we are still on storm watch but conditions have improved a lot sense -- since yesterday. traffic is moving well in the dry conditions. the flights are nearly all on time. good to hear, no we went delays but there is still a danger along theos of -- coast as we look live along the beach in santa cruise. you definitely have to be careful and look at the failuries. snow is making the sierra a dangerous place to be. let's bring in spencer christian with more to talk about the weather conditions. suspenseer? spencer: more rain on the way here, more snow on the way
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there. live doppler, right now things are pretty calm around the bay area but we have some lights spread sprinkles over the area. the storm is winding down but we still have rough surf. a high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. breaking waves may reach heights of 20 to 20 -- 25 feet. let's look at the approaching next storm, which will be moving in tomorrow morning. a storm of wild intensity but this could some period of model rate or even moderate help remain. it will continue until thursday and over in the sierra, this next storm will presumes more snow on top of the five or six feet that hit that area from the most recent storm. so the winter storm warning will be in effect until 10:00 a.m. thursday. we're looking at possibly two to four more feet in this area.
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ama: you can keep an eye on the weather including live doppler 7 anytime. on the abc 7 app. you can also find this very intellectual fire place on our app. the abc 7yule log is back. stream i. through abc 7 or our abc 7 bay area connected tv app. dan: up next, only on abc 7 news, an old way to deter crime is coming back with a twist and it is leaving police stunned. also ahead -- >> the stakes could not be higher. the probation term is running out. ama: we dig deep into ♪cough cough ♪ ♪ sneeze sneeze ♪ [ sneezing ] needs... ♪ plop plop fizz fizz ♪ [ loud fizzing ] alka seltzer plus cold relief. dissolves quickly... [ loud fizzing ] instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. now available for fast sinus relief. ♪
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dan: car break-ins and auto burglaries are on the rise in san francisco and now people are taking some questionable measures to avoid it. abc 7 news reporter stephanie is here tonight with a story you'll see only on 7. >> we see the aftermath of car break-ins all too un. windows smashed, glass sharped but some people are so fed up they're leaving their trunks open. call it the price of marking in the bay area. bracing far break-in effort even leaving notes, please don't break the glass. nothing inside.
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yet it still happens, sadly. this splash is grab had two weeks ago in japan town but now it's come to this. trunks left open in broad daylight in wide open. imagine having to clean out your car and leave it open. >> it's not surprising. >> oakland's police chief said it's the first she's heard of it but it's happening in san francisco. >> it's unbelievable. >> former s.p.d. deputy chief garrett tom said in his close to 40 years on the force, he's never seen this, calling it an invitation for disaster. >> neck steal your batteries, go into your government compartment, find out where you live. >> the windows aren't all the way down. it still presents a risk. >> depending on what kind of car you have, you still can get inside the interior.
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>> the san francisco police department romped a 3% in car break-ins papered with a 25% increase in all the burglaries. oakland is reporting a 27% increase in both crimes. >> we have got to do for to get us through this holiday season and i'm asking private property owners to considering purchase you have -- purchasing security cameras, pointing one towards the street and registering it with your local police department. >> both departments have increased patrols over the holidays but warned the own news is on all of us. >> don't leave valuables in your car, and don't tuck things under your seat. >> and definitely don't do this. that's are even using technology now to be able to detect if say, your laptop is hiding under your seat so even if your car appears empty, that-- that won't cut it anymore.
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dan: eventually not. what did the mayor say about cushing these across i'm sorry? >> she mentioned parent of the letter she sent to the governor today. in it. included a request for more highway patrol sowers in these high-traffic areas which she said could at least deter some of these property crimes. ama: fremont police have arrested a tesla worker in the depth of a coworker. he was found with a gunshot wound in the tesla parking lot and later declared dead at the scene. the two men had been arguing earlier. detectives obtained a police warrant for anthony solima. he's being held in jail. enormous said he found this short barrel rifle in his car. dan: to the weather. and a nice break but the rain is going to return. ama: it's nice to have rain, break, rain -- we need it.
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suspenseler -- spencer: we'll take the breaks as name aim relief. they won't last very long because more rain is on the way. still a little bit of shower activity offshore and a little bit over the mountains as well but lights and mainly widely scattered showers. it's generally dry across the bay area right now and still breezy although not as realize breezy as it was earlier. surface speeds right now 10 to 18 miles per hour. beautiful picture, beautiful view from the tower looking out over san francisco looking out over mainly clear skies. temperatures on the chilly side. 48 degrees in san francisco and oakland. mid 40's at mountain view, san jose, morgan view. here's a look at emeryville looking towards san francisco. you can see a few thin clouds in the distance but generally clear and calm conditions. 43 at napa and livermore. concord, also 46. so it's really chilly and
6:19 pm
getting chillier through the night. here's a view from our rooftop camera. we'll see a few more isolated showers and it's going to be chilly. combs in some spots. the next storm ape reliefs tomorrow. that will continue into thursday and it will be drying out on friday with cold mornings ahead leading us into the weekend. a high surf advisory. rough surf continues today and breaking waves may reach heights of 20, 25 feet. risk of rip current, coastal run-up and erosion so bear that in mind. next storm that comes in tomorrow ranks one on the abc 7 impact scale. a storm of light intensity. pockets of model rat rain and even a chance for snow in our higher peaks around the bay area. and the storm will continue into thursday. the forecast animation starting at midnight. calm night but by 10:00 tomorrow
6:20 pm
morning, the first wave of rain will arrive in the north bey and then expanding to other participates of the bay area and looks like the evening commute will probably be a fellowsy one and threaten the bulk of that will probably be out by early thursday morning. mid 30's in parts of the north bay, interior valleys. in the east bay, upper 30's and low 40's around the bay shoreline. tomorrow's highs as the raven moves through, mainly low to mid itself -- 50's. it's going to be another chilly day and a winters storm warning is in effect for the sierra. we expect another 12 to 18 inches generally but two to three feet in the higher peaks. i talked about the chilly new orleans starting friday into saturday. it's going to be chippy every morning friday through sunday and we expect more light rain with level one storms monday and
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ama: tomorrow, president biden is scheduled to visit the areas hardest hit by the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes in more than a decade. dan: more than 100 people are still unaccounted for after 22
6:24 pm
twisters tore through the nation's heartlands. the death toll stands at 88 people across five states and anxiety the overwhelming construction in towns like mayfield h.d., kentucky, there are powerful stories of survival. marie holbrooke returned to his friends home and pointed out the nook in the hallway. >> this is where you were hiding? >> right up in that home behind that pink doggy bag. that debris had my legs trapped. ama: frightening. there is new video of that candle factory that was flattened by the tornado, killing eight people. authorities now believe that everyone inside the building has been accounted for. you can help by donating to the red cross. just call 1-800-red cross. dan: a new report says the temperature reached an all-time hype last year inside the arctic
6:25 pm
circle. the world meteorological organization has confirmed that a town in sigh beara reached a record of 100.4 degrees on 020. the report should sound alarm bells about our changing climate. time is running out to whole -- hold pg&e accountable for its crime. >> every year they righted the probation.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: the pacific gas and electricity company is a convicted criminal. it has 91 felonies on itself record and it was on probation when it admitted to sparking the 2018 campfire. >> i don't think the justice system ever envisioned this. ama: there are only 48 days left in pg&e's original sentence. >> our investigative reporter
6:29 pm
has been working for years digging deep into pg&e's destructive history and survivors of name name disasters are aghast at the idea that it might be set free from court supervision and you're about to hear from several of them. >> starting with pg&e's first nancy 11 years ago here in the bay area in san bruno. [playing "taps"] >> my family was the number one thing. and they took that away. >> almost 1 hours people gattered today to remember three members of the lu -- bulliss family. >> any son, my husband, my mother-in-law, my dog, my life. it changed my life forever. >> sue and her daughter weren't home when the rest of their family died. she saw the fireball on tv and rushed to their san bruno
6:30 pm
neighborhood. the flames were still burning when she got there. it took pg&e more than an hour and a half to turn the gas off. >> i suffered ptsd from it. i can't be by fire. i can't be by candles. the flame triggers me. >> over the san francisco of 95 minutes, the san bruno disaster burned so much gas it. caned the amount of energy found in a nuclear bomb. >> they actually never were able to identify will, my son. reporter: prosecutors didn't charge pg&e with headlines for the eight people who died but a jury did find them guilty of willfully breaking pipeline
6:31 pm
safety law and is falsifying documents. corporations can't go to bron so instead of facing 30 years behind bars, pg&e automatically got a lighter sentence. five years' probation. the first rule of that probation is simple. while on probation, name name shall not commit amount federal, state or local crime. on year one of probation, name name's power lines sparked several fires that pushed -- burned homes and killed people. no charges. pg&e paid civil damages. here too, pg&e sparked the camp fire and admitted to 85 felonies, including 84 counts of manslaughter. >> family members, loved onings. my grandma kimed by pg&e. they were victims of pg&e. >> year flee pg&e admits it
6:32 pm
sparked the kin came fire. charges are pending, name name is fighting them. year four, that fire kimed four people. name name faces four new manslaughter charges. >> someone needs to be held accountable. >> and in pg&e's fifth and final year of probation, the dixie fire destroyed more towns, starting just a few miles away from where the camp fire did. it has pg&e under criminal investigation yet again. >> if it was any other person, that would be in jail. no question about it, they violated the parole and there would be consequences for an individual. why can't there be that for a corporation? >> how can they do in and still get off probation? is it even functioning in this case? >> it hasn't. functioned as it was intended to
6:33 pm
function. >> tom johnson is a former freshman prosecutor who's tried corporate defendants. >> i don't think the justice system ever envisioned this. >> today it's a defense attorney and not involve inside pg&e's case. >> the law says five years, that's it. >> for a bern, probation offers a simple choice, comply for five years and earn your freedom or reoffend and go to prison. but remember, corporations can't go to prison. >> it really makes it very difficult for the court to get name name to comply and pg&e knows that. >> it hasn't sat well with the judge who supervises pg&e's probation. the u.s. district judge. he's called name name a recalls trant criminal that deserved to be in -- imprisoned. he says name name safety work is
6:34 pm
still crappy. also he wants to ask federal prosecutors if there's any way he can add more years to pg&e's probation. in so many words, this was the answer they came back with. >> they're essentially saying we don't think you can do it but if you want to, here's what you would do. >> prosecutors told the judge he may have the power to revoke pg&e's probation and start the five years all over again but there's no binding authority. no law prettily says you can do it and there's no press definite in the case law. to a judge, that's a big red flag. >> i think he's without options. >> if he tries restarting the probation, pg&e would appeal and pg&e might very well win. we explained that to a bunch of survivors from different pg&e disasters. >> my daughter and i are both survivors --
6:35 pm
>> we're 2018 campfire survivors. >> they all had the same message for the judge. >> i think it's very important that we try. >> in part two, why survivors want name name too stay on progays -- probation. even if it hasn't fixed the company's criminal behavior. dan: we'll have part two of this story for you tomorrow night here on abc 7 news at 6:00 and you can check out all of brandon stories about pg&e by going to his web site firepower ama: if it wasn't already, you could argue the pandemic made the internet essential. now steps to make sure everyone can get connected.
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>> the nutcracker is a holiday staple and this year it's returning to the oakland area for the first in-person performance since the pandemic. 30 professional dancers, 40
6:39 pm
students, the oakland simple any and the east bay children's choir. >> gavitter together to hear mule music, beautiful dancing and dancers. a hard warming holiday story. that's going to be the best present of all. ama: the shoals are saturday and sunday. the times are on your screen. tickets are available through ticket master or a visit to oakland >> a long line of folks waited this morning for boxing of grows rills. they're valued at about -- 100 each. sacred heart says the need for food is great so they've been relying heavily on state and federal relief. >> inflation has been extreme this year and inflation in food especially has been extreme for several years so our families really struggle to moment that
6:40 pm
grocery bill even though they're working really hard, sometimes two or three jobs. we've been really lucky the community has come together. they always bring us turkeys and tate we really need financial donations. dan: singles, sacred heart could use more volunteers. we have a link on our web site. ama: ha a major first instead of towards faster, more affordable internet. the bay area started a process to form a mew nice my owned innocent previewedder. >> in picture went viral late last year. the two girls are sitting outside of a tkao bell using the restaurant's wi-fi to do their schoolwork. the picture was in salinas but officials say many santa clara students face the same
6:41 pm
situation. the reason? lack of affordable internet or lack of as much ass in their communities for internet. the president of the scoop district board says that since distance learning, the district provided wi-fi hot spots but it wasn't enough. >> some of those students weren't able to access the internet from any hot spot we provided to them and we had multiple providers so that really shined the light on the digital divide. >> it's issues like that that inspired cindy chavez and issuesen ellenberg to bring forth their concern to board supervisors. ps >> in the center of silicon valley, 73,000 people don't have access to broadband at all or internet speeds that allow them to even get on a zoom call. >> the board's unanimous vote means that county staff now has to come back to them in february with information on what it would take to make a mew nice my owned internet as much as prider.
6:42 pm
-- previewedder. there was concern from a local provider. >> there some ways you're talking about competing and probably taking business away from small businesses like myself. i think we should open the discussion of how we can work together. >> chavez said the potential ha to be considered. >> this is an opportunity for us to right so many wrongs that whatever partnerships it takes, he should move swiftly to address it. >> in san jose, abc news. ama: our next storm arrives tomorrow. spencer is tracking it hour by hour. hour. dan: and not just rain, in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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dan: we're on storm watch. a live look at our camera on lake tahoe. you can see some flurries in front of the camera. parts of the sierra got several feet of snow and more is expected. some parts of the bay area peaks saw snow as well. here's a look at mount hamilton in santa clara county. you can see what appears to be a few inches of snow on the ground. an amazing shot. mount hamilton wasn't the only
6:46 pm
bay area peak that got some snow. it was a winter playground on mount dean lo today. some people took a drive up to see it for themselves. >> this frosty scene is not the sierra. it's mount diablo. some families seized the day. >> it's pretty magical. it was a once in a year thing. we had to come. >> adventure called for this family with an 178-month-old and an 8 day ode baby in tow. >> i'm a professional photographer so we figured we'd get some foltz while the snow was in town. doesn't happen very often. >> not enough to let us ski so overs had their sights set on the high sierra where 36 inches fell overnight.
6:47 pm
>> we've gotten about 16 feet of snow over this last system, which is amazing. the first batch up until about yesterday was we want and heavy. that sierra cement we talk about so much and then the last 24 hours or so it's been light purduery snow for the skiers. >> it's been so long since we had snow. we're happy to go and not ski on man made snow. >> here at sports basement in walnut creek, holiday gores are snapping up skis and boots and rentals. >> we have been running out of a lot of preach upbut there's been a lot of pickup with skis in general so, some snow is promising for businesses, skiers and fm verge snowpack tally with one to two more feet on the way in the mountains. in the east bay, i'm leslie
6:48 pm
brinky. abc 7 numbers. ama: finally feeling like the holidays. dan: it sure is. is snow in the area so critical for our water resources. spencer: it really is and there's more on the way. let's look at what's coming our way. we have a high surf advisery still in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. wave heights could reach 20, 25 feet and there's a risk of rip currents. next storm arrives tomorrow and it will continue into thursday. it ranks one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity with pockets of model rat or moderate help raven with maybe so much light snow on our higher bay area peaks. meanwhile, more snow in the sierra, another two or three feet on the highest peaks. back here in the bay area tonight, cold in the inland valleys with lows in the mid to upper 30's, highs tomorrow
6:49 pm
mainly in the low to mid 50's. another chilly day. we have chilly mornings friday, saturday, and sunday before the clouds increase and more rain early next week. dan: thanks, spencer. ama: time to get to sports. a big deal today. chris: coming up in sports, stephen curry making history in the big apple. we'll show you how steph got it we'll show you how steph got it done in the world's shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app. smart. refill most prescriptions online and get delivery for no cost.
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>> now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: how is this from a cool photo from the warriors' twitter account. stephen curry sate at his locker pregame with the jerseys of ray allen and reggie miller. and now steph officially the best three-point shooter in league history. ray allen before the game and then a photo with ray and reggie. stefan wasting no time. here's the three-pointer that ties it. what a reaction from steph, relief and just a little later, the record breaker. splash, and now everyone gets a chance to greet the new three-point record holder. steve kerr, dell curry, his father and then of course you have to run and hug your moment. crying with dray monday. the teammates forever as draymond clams alongside him. third quarter, what a great pass to jordan poole and later, showing you every aspect of his
6:53 pm
game, dribble, drive. floater off the dallas and in. and under a minute left in the third, curry, splash from distance. at last check, 102-91 in the fourth. here's the current look. stephen curry alone atop that lives. at last check in the fourth he has 20,977 total and that record will keep ongoing. some tweets, good stuff from some of the greatest in all of sports. that is lebron james tweeting there. tom brady, the san mateo native and legendary quarterback. his brother seth curry calling him the official three god and our own larry beam. great moment as he passes the torch. it goes from ray to steph. what a moment for the warriors and stefan curry. george kittle has been an monster after returning from the injury list for the 49ers. the niners currently the sixth
6:54 pm
seed in the n.f.c. today i spoke with george and his wife claire who are partnering with adobe for an exciting new launch. ♪ the kittles are partnering with bay area based tech company adobe to help create content for their iowa wear partnership with san francisco-daysed xeni. i talked with him about that and even a little football. >> software gives us the opportunity to completely customize everything we want. we're able to do it at our fingertips. >> to be able to make item placements, the promotion for it and make it even more personalled was definitely fun for us. >> claire, are you giving him any coaching the it? >> yes, she tells me to be meaner. >> i do. >> and she's like, look, you have to cut the nice guy stuff out. >> yeah. >> and just be mean. i'm like it's really hard for
6:55 pm
me. >> a fun conversation with the kittles today. rams wide receiver odell beckham is among nine l.a. rams placed on the reserve covid-19 list. with the outbreak rams head coach mcvay said the principals facility is closed and work will be done remotely for nieves the next two days. one of seven teams in the enhanced covid protocols. including the falcons, who the niners are scheduled to host sunday afternoon. and the warriors did win. trying to check for the score. 105-96. thank you. and stefan is going to instead of you have to the podium. what a night in new york. you could feel the energy love tv. and for it not to happen in the bay, probably the next best place would be in the brightest of spaces. dan: yeah, that was the best
6:56 pm
place to happen if not here. so moving to see him running to see his mom and dad. chris: next game in the bay monday so everybody come to chase center and greet the new leader in three-point ama: coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, the latch error rhett, queens at 10:00 followed by abc 7 numbers at 11:00 and you can watch all our news on the abc bay area on the app. you can download the app now and start streaming. that is going to do it for this edition of abc numbers. we thank you so much for joining us. >> for spencer christian, chris alvarez, all of us. we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and that we see you again tonight for abc news at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is... here is our second group of semi-finalists-- an english professor at penn state university in university park, pennsylvania... an elementary science education professor at northern arizona university in flagstaff... and a botany professor at warren wilson college in asheville, north carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome to the second of our three semi-final matches in the first ever "jeopardy!" professors tournament. in yesterday's exciting game, it all came down to final jeopardy!
7:00 pm
where our professor from the naval postgraduate school, sam buttrey, came up with the correct response and secured his spot in the two-day final later this week. who will advance today? alisa, marti, and hester, welcome back, and good luck. let's take a look at the categories in the "jeopardy!" round... and... alisa. let's go succulents for $200. - marti. - what is aloe? - yes. - u.s. counties for $200. - marti. - what is king? - yes. - counties for $400.


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