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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 15, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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issue permits without full investigations. surrounding the treatment of andrew hogan. in 2018, he suffered a head injury while being transported for psychiatric services. the lead to a $10 million settlement. in august, santa clara county leaders caused for smith's recognizes -- right --
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resignation. she declined to do fear of self-incrimination. that should disqualify anyone from serving in any law enforcement capacity, let alone as the highest ranking law enforcement official in the county. reporter: the civil grand jury fired an official ration in superior court earlier today. the drake started its investigation into the sheriff's office in october, after a request by the santa clara county board of sir -- supervisors, which passed a vote of no-confidence in her this fall. he -- what has transpired for so long has caused much pain. our community deserves much better. smith is expected in court january 12, we have reached out to her personal attorney but have not heard back tonight. ama: thank you.
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monday, the state declared indoor masks are back for everyone in california. tonight, not so fast. it depends on where you live. guns that came out late today from the state will allow things to continue as they are in san francisco, san mateo and contra costa -- contra costa counties. confused? we sorted out. >> in the last way for hours i have gone from tears of -- in the last 24 hours i've gone from tears of disappointment to tears of joy. reporter: they've saying it will be in effect in counties that do not already have existing indoor masking requirements in place in public settings. san francisco does have indoor masking requirements, also has an exception. when this is those in offices and fitness centers with under 100 people who have shown proves
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of vaccination can unmask inside. this exception will stay in place come wednesday. >> any disruption coast spell doom -- could spell doom. >> that gym doors would be forced to wear a maths -- a mask in the fitness center. contra costa has rules nearly identical to san francisco. those engines and certain offices will be allowed to unmask. san mateo county currently has indoor masking requirements with no exceptions. we are told by officials that will not change. marin county previously lifted their mask requirement. officials there tell us they consulted with their legal team tuesday night, and will be able to adopt previous mask language, which will allow for certain exemptions. confusing, yes. it is a game changer for small businesses in san francisco. and for those who have gotten vaccinated.
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>> i'm really glad the department public health and san francisco was able to fight back. reporter: churchgoers, also college students in san francisco will be able to unmask. ama: we are updating our website as counties tells of the rascals are changing. you will find at apple will be requiring them in other stores in the united states. it will also limit the people allowed inside the store. dan: under threat of a state takeover, they proved a plan to begin closing the $100.5 million budget shortfall. the plan calls for $50 million in cuts to schools and another $40 million in cuts to services over the next two years. but 3500 students of left the district since the pandemic began, leaving san francisco unified with millions in lost
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revenue. tonight's boat will layoffs. >> here we are in the richest state in the richest -- ridges say in the richest country. that is not ok. >> lets cap from some of the the people who make the most money, six figures, i've not heard any of that. >> we lost so hundreds of students, is not realistic to assume we don't need to cut staff. dan: they're still $35 million left to cut, which will be worked out in the coming months. tomorrow is the state deadline for san francisco to submit its bounds budgeting plan. east bay, oakland mayor is asking governor newsom to send his main chp as possible. waste when the second request
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raising concerns about policy. >> asking that the state of california plays more cameras and license plate readers onto our highways, are on and off ramps. reporter: oakland has seen a surge of violence is here. she says 131 people in oakland have died of homicides. that includes jasper wu, the toddler that got hit by bullet stray bullet in his parents backseat. >> as we are seeing coordinated criminal activity that is regional in nature, we need a statewide tool to help us manage it. be able to respond in real-time. reporter: mayor schaaf things adding that technology can help. privacy advocates fear will create more problems. >> reporter: adam schwartz is
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with the electronic -- foundation. he says adding license plate readers opens a door for law enforcement and other agencies to falsely accuse someone of a crime. >> mainly -- because of mist b identification, too often, they are placed in areas where black people and immigrants live. reporter: he adds adding that technology is not the best way to combat crime. >> we should be rebuilding trust with the community as opposed to putting up new surveillance technology that treats every resident of oakland that drives a car as if they are a criminal suspect. reporter: mayor schaaf says the police department is understaffed. she things adding technology to help the officers will benefit the city. dan: its first independent inspector general to watch over the police department. michelle phillips will review
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and investigate how the city deals with police misconduct and make sure the department complies with federal reforms. ama: san francisco male -- mayor has -- increased overtime for police in problematic areas, especially the tenderloin. officers will crackdown on people selling and using drugs on the street and selling stolen property. but when abc 7 pressed about he was not present for today's announcement, we didn't get a response. >> i think at the end of the day, the arrest will be made by the police department. with the hope that our district attorney will prosecute those cases. >> was invited to come here today? ama: the mayor's plan includes an amendment to the current surveillance ordinance that will give police access to cameras in streets in hopes of preventing and interrupting crime in real-time. a tesla employee is in custody, suspected of shooting and killing a coworker yesterday
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afternoon. lycée the victim had just finished his shift at the factory when he was shot in the parking lot. officers say they learned the two employees had been arguing earlier in the day. detectives obtained a warrant and rested 29-year-old anthony selena of milpitas. police say they found this short arrow rifle in his car. -- short barrel rifle in his car. dan: doom at tonight's council meeting, leaders considered three separate maps, each showing different boundaries for the city's 10 council districts. resident say any of the maps with linda -- split up the community. >> 38% any other ethnic community in very diverse within itself. there are lines that were drawn that many might say would dilute the asian-american boat in key parts of our city. dan: as for this update's
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congressional districts, mayor liccardo is pushing back against a proposal that would divide into four districts. it was only a matter of time, steph curry stands alone as the nba's all-time three-point leader. sports anchor chris alvarez has been on prairie watch for re--- curry watch for weeks. reporter: he was not going to break the record at home. madison square garden wasn't a bad option. here is how his record-breaking three sounded unrated -- warriors radio. >> there it is, the best shooter the game has ever seen has cemented his legacy. no one has made more threes than stephen curry. reporter: gifting curry at the state -- game ball. what a moment, alongside ray allen and reggie miller on a historic night at the garden. >> this is pretty special.
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like i said, these two legends, i watched them growing up. because of them and my dad, full-circle, moment. i am blessed for sure. reporter: he now has 2977 and counting. much more to come later in sports. ama: going to great lengths to keep your car from a break-in. we will show you how some owners are willing to risk it all. dan: ama: dramatic video out of sub california as firefighters rest -- raced to rescue people in a flash flood. sandhya: that is the atmospheric revert the dumb train in the bay area. i will be back with the arrow or by our look. dan: first to look at what is coming up in jimmy kimmel live. >> thank you for your business.
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ama: we see the aftermath of car break-ins too often. windows asd, last shattered. some people are so fed up, they're taking questionable measures to avoid becoming a victim.
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a story he will see only on seven. reporter: caught the price of parking in the bay area, bracing for a break-in. people here at least try to be persuasive, writing please use the door or let up big, please don't break the glass. nothing inside. yet it still happens. sadly, even while you are driving, just waiting for the light to turn green. this matching prep happened two weeks ago -- this smash and grab happened two weeks ago in japan town. it has come to this, trunks wide open. oaklanoaklan chief says it is the first she has heard of it, but it is happening in san francisco too. >> we live in a different time. it is unbelievable. reporter: former sfpd deputy chief says in his close to 40 years on the force, he has never seen people resort to this, call
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it an invitation for disaster. >> they could steal your batteries, go into your glove compartment, find out where you live. >> the windows are all the all down. it still presents a risk. >> if they leave their trunk open, you still could get inside to the interior. reporter: the san francisco police department has reported a 32% increase in car break-ins, and between 5% increase in auto burglaries. >> we've got to do more to get us through this holiday season. i'm asking private property owners to consider purchasing security cameras, 21 towards the street -- pointing one towards the street and registering it with your police department. reporter: fourth both departments have -- >>.txt things under your seat.
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reporter: definitely don't do this. deputy chief lindsay said they save start using new technology to detect if your valuable items in your car. she says evening for car appears empty, that will cut it anymore. -- won't cut it anymore. dan: snow fell in the bay area's high still patients today. -- highest elevations today. the lick observatory give us a clue -- pool 360 degree view. check out el diablo in the east bay. reporter called it a winter playground. some people took a drive to see that rare dusting of snow. ama: storms along california's coast consummate -- muddy and dangerous messed in -- mass in east l.a. county. rescue workers quickly came to their aid, freeing residents from the river of ride -- mud and raging water. evacuation orders remain in effect tonight.
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the national weather service says the concern is still high for debris flows in recent burn areas. he stopped to take carson there. dan: we do. more rain is coming. sandhya: the next one is coming in early tomorrow in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area the afternoon. want to show you live doppler 7, the storms are lined up. tomorrow's system is knocking at our door. there is another one right behind it. let's get you into what is happening right now. as we get you into street-level radar, half moon bay, main street, muddy road, you're seeing light rain right now across 92. it was nothing but light. we had downpours the last 72 hours. over 10 inches, the atmospheric river delivering 1.5 inches to almost five inches in half moon bay.
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as you saw from the video, there was some snow on our higher peaks. this picture was sent to us from mount diablo of the snow over the peaks. we could see some more. certainly snowing in that tahoe area. the recent atmospheric river don't four to five feet of snow -- dumped four to five seat feet of snow. 76% of where you should be. more than tripled. that is what we're going to expect to continue to see going up. temperatures right now are tumbling, 30's, 40's, bundle up tonight. chilly overnight overnight overo showers, next storm arrives tomorrow. we are going to dry up friday, old warnings heading into the weekend. light system for tomorrow through thursday, moderate to heavy rain, expecting snow and a thunder chance, rough surf, breezy conditions. high surf advisory until 10:00 tomorrow.
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waves breaking 20 breaking 20 b0 isolated showers tomorrow morning at 5:00 along the coast. 11:00, the next-door moves into the north bay. by 3:00 it is pretty much moving into other parts of the bay area , with the heaviest rain coming in tomorrow night between 8:00 and 11:00. still moderate pockets of showers on thursday for the morning commute. rainfall totals all over the board, from for -- ninja. winter weather -- two over an inch. winter weather advisory over five to 12 inches. in the sierra nevada, 4:00 tomorrow to 10:00 tomorrow 2:10 thursday, expecting to to three feet of snow. morning chills, subfreezing to near freezing temperatures expected for some parts. highs will be in the 40's to
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50's. breezy, you will need those umbrellas. the accuweather 7 day, next storm, could see more snow on the peaks. cold mornings, another storm sunday through thursday. looks like it may have an atmospheric river. that is going to make for another soggy couple of days.
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ama: that humming sound on the golden gate bridge could soon be a thing of the past. the bridge district has detailed a plan to attach aluminum clips with rubber sleeves all 12,000 vertical slats in the pedestrian handrails. dan: it will absor abs vibrations that cause the bridge to whistle when it is windy. it will cost $450,000.
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whistle will be gone. ama: steph curry chris: the record books. chris alvarez is here with dan: dan: sports. reporter: all the highlights and reaction as curry becomes the all-time three-point
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: we all knew history would be made tonight in new york. steph curry sits atop the all-time three-point list, having passed ray allen and reggie miller. a photo with ray and reggie. good stuff there. stefan wasted no time. a great reaction from curry, he knows he is one way. a little later, the record breaker. there it is. now it is time to think absolutely everybody, as he runs over to ray allen. nice hug there. gotta go hug mom.
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in for moment there, crying, all excited. can you imagine the excited -- emotion. later in the third, he dials from a distance. mom, dad nodding approval. 53 in the game, he finishes with a game-high 22 and one new record. warriors win 105-96. full moment, specialized jersey, standing alongside ray and reggie. staff with those jerseys, patient accomplished. >> i never went to come myself the greatest shooter until i got that record. i'm comfortable saying that now. >> very special night for special player. very special. great to be a part of it. >> there been figures along the way they have pushed the ball forward, but steph is the guy who ran -- grabbed and ran with it. he is change the way the game is played.
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the way the entire league feels about the shot. >> chris: let's check out some of the tweets. lebron james, congrats, incredible. tom brady congratulated his under armor terminate -- teammate. his former teammate >> sharks and cracking, -- sharks and kraken, calamari anyone? brandon 10 of beats j santa fe has -- sa
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ama: t
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this year, the tsa has confiscated a record number of guns. a new report says agents seized approximately 5700 firearms at airports in 2021 and most were loaded. passengers who violate the rules can be fined or face civil penalties. a murder rampage that ended with a gunman's suicide this past spring is being blame


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