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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the sierra a week ago is now packed with snow. even bay area mountains are getting a dusting. mike is tracking conditions in lake tahoe. >> a quick release and splash -- there it is! kumasi: the best moments from steph curry's historic three point night. reggie: good morning. it is wednesday, december 16. -- december 15. you better have mailed those packages. we will start with mike's forecast. mike: this is one of your last days to get them out there, then you have friday and saturday. this is some left over moisture that coated our roads, a few pockets of drizzle out in the santa cruz mountains also. our next storm is moving into the north bay with rain in lower elevations and mountain snow. i increased it to a moderate,
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light to heavy rain, minor flooding, wind and hail, especially in solano county from 10:00 this morning to 10:00 this evening. more on this storm, coming up. kumasi: thank you, mike. many businesses are relieved this morning that they do not have to require a mask inside their stores. reggie: things could stay as they are in san francisco, marin, and contra costa counties, because we already had rules. amy hollyfield joins us now with more. amy? amy: hi, reggie. the confusion continues. the news has not reached soulcycle here, where they have been requiring people to wear masks and classes will be getting underway. masks should not be required now, but it is all very confusing. let's start at the beginning.
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on monday, the state set a universal mass mandate across the state, said it would be going into play. that sent gyms into a tailspin, some of them worried about how it would impact their bottom line. when people heard the news, some of them put their memberships on hold because they did not want to work out while wearing a mask. but states surprised everyone and -- the state surprised everyone and says that local counties can implement mask mandates already in place. >> we are so happy that we did not have any disruption to our businesses because of the new mask mandate. any disruption could have spelled doom for a small business or for employees. as we know, people already started to put their memberships on hold when they found out about this mask mandate.
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amy: this last-minute exemption from the state means that masks don't have to be required at the office, places of worship, or at gyms, fitness centers for those that are fully vaccinated. that applies in marin, san francisco, and contra costa. by allowing local counties to enforce current rules, they are recognizing the work that has been done in those areas to try and stop the spread. however, the last-minute switch has not reached everyone. the soulcycle not aware yet of this, so masks will be worn at the class here this morning. live this morning, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: we are updating our website as counties tell us if there mask mandates are changing. you can find more details on reggie: health officials in canada warned that the omicron
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variant is spreading at a rate they have not seen before. jobina come this comes -- jobina, this comes as millions of americans have died from covid. jobina: health officials are warning of a fast-moving wave of infections caused by omicron. the wave could peek as soon as next month. >> we have up to 60 million people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not gotten vaccinated. we've got to do better than that if we really want to get this thing over with. jobina: but ernest chief medical officer is considering the possibility of another new variant, saying if someone gets infected with delta and omicron variant's, it could lead to the formation of a new variant. reggie? reggie: -- wants
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license plate readers installed near freeways in oakland. they have seen a surge in violence this year. the mayor says 131 people in oakland have died in homicides. that includes jasper wu, a toddler who got hit by a stray bullet as his parents drove on interstate 80. the mayor says retail thefts are also a concern, and many people escape onto freeways. >> as we are seeing coordinated criminal activity that is regional in nature, we need a statewide tool to help us manage it, be able to respond in real time. >> they need to police aiming guns at the wrong people, because of mistaken identify -- mistaken identification, and too often, they are placed in areas where black people and immigrants drive. reggie: precise concerns about bias and racism, and opponents
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are concerned about privacy. they want to see more efforts with the mayor to rebuild trust in the community. and the city has hired its first independent inspector general. she will investigate how they deal with police misconduct and apply federal reforms. kumasi: there is some snow in the highest elevations. the lake observatory gave us this pretty cool 360 degree view yesterday. then you can check out mount diablo on the right. a reporter called it a winter playground. as some people took a drive to see this rare dusting of snow. another winter storm warning is taking effect in the sierra this afternoon. as you can see from the snowflakes, there is quite a bit of snow on the ground from this video in lake tahoe. reggie: and chains are being required on highway 50, 80, 88 and 89. this morning, chief national correspondent matt gottman is in
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truckee, where five feet of snow has fallen. >> a firehose of moisture has been aimed right at california. they have over 60 inches here and more is forecast to come down, but all across the state there has been significant moisture. we saw flooding incounty, shed o help people trapped in some of those debris flows. the role other locations, including riverside county, saw significant debris flows with multiple inches of rain coming down. it was absolutely necessary. climate scientists have been worried about california's snowpack and about the critical drought we are in for so long. this massive influx of rain was absolutely necessary, but it has been quite destructive. or have been avalanches, people trapped in floodwaters, a massive trapping along i-80, but
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here in ski resort country in northern california, it's opening day could not have come at a better time, with five feet of fresh powder. also good for folks whose livelihoods depend on this. thousands of people depend on the ski and the tourist industry and can now get back to business. matt gottman, abc news, california. reggie: balancing the budget for schools. a debate to balance the budget got pretty passionate for the public. kumasi: and a look at the golden gate bridge this morning. silencing the sound coming from the bridge. what engineers plan to do about the bridge on windy days. mike: 7:00, rain moves into the north bay,
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reggie: 6:11 on this wednesday. let's take a deeper dive into this next storm. we have the potential for thunderstorm and lake and mendocino, northern napa and sonoma, and extreme northern parts of marin county. that's where we have the best chance of lightning and hail. remember your 30/30 rule today. stay inside at least 30 minutes after you hear the last clap of thunder or bolt of lightning. the winter coming in a little bit faster than we thought yesterday. the potential for flooding will increase, especially urban and street flooding. light to moderate rain in the north bay and slipping into the central bay as we head into the
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end of the lunch hour, and that will be the case until 7:30, when the intensity increases. these are the downpours that could bring us some flooding as the cold front heads all the way through. as we hit midnight, that's what's happening outside of the north bay. by tomorrow morning's commute, we are looking at leftover drizzle and scattered showers, ponding on the roadways from the rain that will be anywhere from half an inch to nearly an inch and a half an hour lower elevations and our mountains. the only place that will get snow will be likely the north bay. it's too cold everywhere else. jobina: thank you, mike. if you had a desire to see some snow around the lake observatory, that's a no go. the highway in the area is shut down because of the snow. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:39 and it is backed up, so give yourself some extra time this morning.
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we had a crash this morning but it cleared, but you can see it is still full. in oakland, things are moving smoothly there. the highway four commute is slowing down. antioch to concord, 23 minutes. reggie and kumasi? kumasi: san francisco with new groundbreaking legislation cast. the plan that is the first of its
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reggie: new developments in the afghanistan humanitarian crisis. the world health organization predicts one million afghan children will dive starvation this winter. another 2.2 million are subjected -- projected to suffer from malnutrition unless action is taken immediately. international donors, including the u.s., have agreed to transfer $280 million to deliver food and health services, but many say it is far short of what
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the country needs to function properly. if you are looking for more information on how you can help, head to there are more resources there. the deadline to submit the plan to avoid a state takeover of the school system is today. this will involve cuts to schools and services over the next few years. some 3500 students have left the district since the pandemic began, leaving san francisco unified with millions of dollars of lost revenue. the teachers union estimates last night's vote will result in 360 layoffs. >> we are in the richest city in the state and almost in the country. we need to make cuts to make our public schools run off of less? that's not ok. reggie: there was a passionate response from the public at the meeting. >> lets cut from the people who
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make the most money, six figures. >> we have lost thousands of students. it's not realistic to assume we don't need to cut any staff. reggie: there is still $35 million left to cut, which will be worked out kumasi: kumasi: in the coming months. san francisco is the first state to give workers paid sick leave. this is video of a rally back in october in support of the measure. according to the chronicle, 10,000 people in the city who work in private homes, like cleaners, will be able to take sick days. the city will also have to hire a private company to administer the benefits program. ♪ reggie: the golden gate bridge could soon be a thing of the past. the bridge district has detailed
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plan to attach aluminum clips with rubber sleeves to all 12,000 vertical slats in the pedestrian handrails. rubber will absorb the bribe rations -- vibrations that cause the bridge to whistle while it is windy. it will cost $450,000. you think about the smartest people in the world -- rocket scientists, brain surgeons top the list. kumasi: a new study shows they are generally not as -- not more clever than the general public. the study found neurosurgeons were really good at semantic problem-solving, light defining rare words. aerospace engineers, meanwhile, performed better when it came to attention and mental manipulation tasks, like rotating images of objects in their head.
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researchers compare their scores to the general public and found no significant differences. reggie: i can't do a rubik's cube. mike: never have. reggie: that disqualifies me from about everything except from this. kumasi: everything? [laughter] reggie: i don't know, mike. mike: you get in a lot of trouble if you are in the atmospheric science or meteorology program if you go to work for a tv station. oh, you are not smart enough to go work for the national weather service or the climate change association -- no, this is more appealing. those outside of television looked down at us in the meteorologist
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with a meteorological degree and you are on tv. i bumped it up from a one to it too. you are dry friday and saturday, also frosty and cold and a lot of our valleys and the storm door opens again next week. let's take a look at current temperatures. 40's, 40 to 45 under cloudy skies in the south bay, and out to the coast, we have 38 in danville, one of the cool spots in novato, 36, and a little bit of fog that will hang around the morning commute in santa rosa. you can see the showers, the ellis and the orange, the moderate will be in the north bay. temperatures around 52 to 56 degrees. notice the coverage and the intensity of the showers does diminish. clouds open up a little bit, so cooler tomorrow morning. up her 30's in our north bay and east a valleys and upper 40's elsewhere. we will start sunday next week and go all the way to christmas eve, and look at the potential
6:21 am
-- this is out of the european model, which tends to be better than the u.s. model, we are looking at anywhere from four to eight more inches of rain, and that means four to eight more feet of snow possible in the sierra at the same time. our strongest storm is today, this two that intensifies tonight. it drops down to a one tomorrow morning and then it is gone. saturday and fri and fri and fri friday and saturday or you're completely dry days. sunday, monday, the storms open up again next week. reggie: let's check in with ginger z see what's coming up on gma. >> up next, the alarming sp of omicron. the variant taking hold in the country and around the world. what the cdc is doing to prepare. and we were just hearing about it from mike, the west coast storm you all endured is taking aim at millions across the
6:22 am
country. you are also talking about the potential for tornadoes in minnesota in december, something they have not seen in recorded history. as the front moves, going closer to the people who just got hit so hard. it will be detailing that -- i will be detailing that. an airline ceos head hill to testify about delays. and we will look back at our favorite moments of the year. you will see that and so much more here on gma. reggie: i was trying to think of what my favorite moments over the year was. do you have one? ginger: oh, like in life? not on the show. i was focused on the show. reggie: either. wow. ginger: there have to be a lot of funny stories from my kids. i write them in a notepad so i don't forget, and obviously i need that notepad. reggie: how about hanging out with ginger and her family in
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reggie: new at 6:00, the matrix is back -- and a very familiar place. >> am crazy? >> we know you started working here. reggie: kiana reeves is jumping back into the matrix -- keanu reeves is jumping back into the matrix after almost 20 years. >> we had training to jump off the building. >> you did it? >> we did it. >> how many stories? >> about 44. >> and then you had to walk up that many stories. >> i'm not worried about walking
6:26 am
up. you jumped off? >> oh, that's not cgi. that's real. reggie: i am always shocked by see -- keanu every time i him. wearing that nice suit. kumasi: [inaudible] reggie: no, i didn't. i know you all did, because you were sending me pictures of him eating ice cream. the matrix: insurrection theaters later this month. the premier is happening at the castro theater and i believe keanu is going to be there. kumasi: this is the u.s. premiere -- oh, this interview. reggie: he came prepared. oh, look at that skin. anyway, this morning, steph curry is the king of the
6:27 am
three-pointer. kumasi: here is how it sounded from the warrior radio broadcaster when he broke the all-time record. >> breaks the release and splash -- there it is! the best shooter the game has ever seen has cemented his legacy. no one has made more threes than stephen curry. reggie: h h h h the game ball last night, and then gave it to his father, dell. he held up his record-breaking jersey along with the two players he passed. >> i was trying to see how far i could push it. wherever it is, i hope it's not anytime soon. maybe a better area -- have reggie on the call, i have my family there. it's awesome. reggie: last night, hee engraved rolexes to his longest
6:28 am
tenured teammates, draymond green, andre perdal andrzej thompson. up next, the college campus shut down with 900 covid cases in a week, with a high percentage showing the omicron variant. kumasi: and changes coming to the next diet soda. yes, you can find this one on millennials and gen z. reggie: and some in the bay area risking it all to avoid their mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories right now at 6:30, the return of california's indoor mask mandate today. the reason in the bay area you
6:31 am
probably won't even notice. >> less tolerant of all of the [beep] that has destroyed our city. kumasi: mayor breed says enough is enough. the new plan to tackle safety issues in the san francisco streets. reggie: and good mood food. doctors say to vitamins hold the key in particular to keep you smiling. kumasi: it's early in the morning and i am hungry. reggie: jobina heated up something in the microwave, that's why. it's more like mcdonald's french fries, but i know it wasn't. mike: i can confirm, it's potatoes. and i think yogurt. and yogurt. reggie: we love to see that attrition coming through in the early morning. mike: yes. we are all starving for -- more rain? reggie: there you go, mike.
6:32 am
transition it. mike: there you go. maybe more snow for sure. it's moisture rambling through the higher elevations and diablo range, and some of it is turning into some flakes. it has a shelf life of a couple of hours, may be, a definite drying trend on live doppler 7. where you went up this -- when you went to sleep, it was a one, but i have upgraded it to a two. that has to do with the intensity and duration of this, and it will be windier and not quite as cold. the place that will get snow out of this storm will be the north bay. 40 to 47 at 7:00, mainly dry, except on the roads, and light rain in the north bay, moderate rain at 4:00 and the rest of us get light, moderate, and heavy rain from 7:00 on. reggie: a last-minute unexpected exception to the state mask mandate means nothing changes today kumasi: if --
6:33 am
kumasi: if you were able to go to the office or the gym without a mask yesterday, you will be able to do it today. reggie: let's get to amy hollyfield. it sounds like people are confused where you are. amy: this last-minute change did not reach everyone, so this soulcycle in larkspur is requiring masks this morning, even though states say -- the state says they don't have to wear mask. there would be a mask mandate going into place for the entire state of california starting today that would last for a month. that sent gyms into a tailspin, with many owners saying it would hurt their bottom line at a critical time of year. >> i had one gym that had 18 members as of yesterday put their membership old.
6:34 am
they are not coming in monthly, they are not buying personal training sessions, gift certificates and water bottles and they are not doing new year's resolutions. that's trouble for a small fitness business. amy: but then the state changed the mandate late yesterday and said counties can continue to enforce their own mandates that are already in place. that means you don't have to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated at the gym, the office, a place of worship in san francisco, marin, and contra costa counties. one owner is so happy about this, he went from two years of disappointment to tears of joy in a matter of hours. not everyone has received word. at full cycle, they are still under the thinking of what the state put in place on monday, saying masks will be required. i imagine a lot of phone calls will be made to local health departments today with a lot of
6:35 am
questions. reggie: there is one county in the bay area that will see big changes today, and that is solano. they are under a mask mandate for the first time in a while. we spoke with one business owner in downtown fairfield, who is hiring to mask up up in her flower shop. -- requiring people to mask up in her flower shop. that has led to some controversy. >> we have some customers, and have some arguments with more customers. we have someone who has called us names and has not been very nice about it. reggie: solano county public health director does not agree with the mandate. he does not believe the data shows a decline in cases. if other mask mandate roles are changing, you will find it on
6:36 am
kumasi: happening today, president biden is heading to kentucky after the outbreak of tornadoes there. reggie: more than 150 people are still unaccounted for this morning. as the dust settles, we are seeing acts of kindness among strangers. ike: it's a tough time for people trying to move forward. there is one man who has been through a similar tragedy, trying to make whatever he can easier. overnight in kentucky, healing. ♪ the community reeling after tornadoes left this town devastated. governor andy beshear says 122 kentuckians are still unaccounted for. 74 people lost their lives in kentucky, with 88 dead across five states. residents without power, up to 24,000. president biden will visit some of the hardest hit areas in
6:37 am
the state today. >> we are making sure we are doing everything we can to deliver assistance as soon as possible. >> but hundreds of souls came in on a mission to help. after seeing the destruction of the tornado left behind, this man, a few friends, and his food truck traveled hundreds of miles to serve free meals. >> these guys volunteered to come up. i call them, and they were like hey, i'm down. >> he will be down here for at least a week, feeding everyone who needs a meal. reggie: abc news is planning to air a special report when president biden speaks from kentucky. you can see it live right here on abc 7 or stream it on our news app. it's expected around 1:00 p.m. and you can help the victims by donating to the red cross, go to kumasi: and some drivers in
6:38 am
oakland are taking some extreme measures to avoid car break-ins. look at these vehicles with their trunks open in broad daylight. one person wrote, imagine having to clean out your car and leaving it open so people won't break your windows. this is happening in san francisco two. gary thompson says it is close to 40 years on the force, he has never seen people resorting to this, calling it an invitation for disaster. >> i noticed the windows aren't all the way down, so it still presents the risk. >> if they leave their trunk open, depending on what type of car you have, you can still get inside the interior. kumasi: san francisco and oakland police department have increased patrols over the holidays. they say do not leave valuables in your car and do not do this
6:39 am
-- do not leave your trunk open. reggie: a plan to tackle safety issues includes overtime funding for police and promote -- for police in problem areas, including the tenderloin. mayor breed turned the focus on the police, but when abc 7 asked why mood dean was not present for the announcement, we did not get a response. >> i think at the end of the day, the arrest will be made by the police department with the hope that our district attorney will prosecute those cases. >> was he invited to come here today? reggie: the mayor's plan also includes an amendment to the current surveillance ordinance, which will give police real-time access to cameras on the streets in hopes of preventing and interrupting crimes as they happen. kumasi: new developments on the safe injection sites proposed for san francisco. the city has approved the purchase of two behavioral
6:40 am
health sites. the chronicle reports the city will pay 6.3 million dollars for two adjacent buildings in the tenderloin. one on gary, one on hyde street. supervised injection sites are not legal under federal and state law, but london breed has been pushing for a site. buildings are not authorized for any specific use and the city is not committed to a specific use at these sites. if you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse, we have compiled a list of resources and you can find them at reggie: classified documents in the jfk assassination set to be unsealed by the biden administration today. it comes on the day that our documentary, jf canceled -- jfk unsolved, drops on hulu. in the newest trend in a crabeeo
6:41 am
garage. but first, we check on your weather. hi, mike. mike: 6:41 on this wednesday, and let's take a look at some of the issues still plaguing us. one of them is the high surf advisory -- do not let your pets off the leash through 10:00 this morning. the rough surf continues. why did i upgrade the system from a one to a two? one, the system has increased and the duration has lengthened. we have saturated soil, meaning it will be easy for trees to topple and a high risk of flooding and urban flooding. we have a 12 hour wind delve of 20 to 30 mile-per-hour winds -- almost hitting 80 at 12:00. hype -- high-profile vehicles will need to be careful.
6:42 am
7:30, pretty quiet. light to moderate showers in the north bay as we head in through lunch. some of that slips southward, but the bulk is in the north bay. 7:00, and here is the extra intensity that will create the possibility of heavier rain, flooding, and faster winds. by 11:00, that is moving through the band south bay. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, it is almost over. a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch in our area, double that in higher elevations. asked week is full of rain also. i will show you that, coming up. jobina jobina: right and the transition from eastbound 580 to eastbound 80, why it is so light when you look at our emeryville camera in the eastbound direction, everyone is jammed up further back. the car has overturned on its side and injuries are involved
6:43 am
here. chp is on the scene and it is not clear when they will reopen. the san mateo bridge, it looks great here. things are moving at the limit. by the way, in reference for the east bay commuters, heading towards the toll plaza, metering lights came on at 5:39. the backup from tracy to dublin, 54 minutes for that drive time, and antioch to concord, 20 seven minutes. it will be a slow commute for everybody.
6:44 am
6:45 am
reggie: today, the biden administration is expected to release a trove of secret documents that some historians and conspiracy theorists hope might shed light on the assassination of president john f. kennedy. our the real conspiracy premieres on
6:46 am
hulu today. an author from marin county has written a new book about the assassination. you can watch it later today on hulu and right now on the abc 7 bay area streaming platforms., apple tv, roku, amazon fire, android tv and youtube. kumasi: a san jose man has arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot people at a pta meeting. 69-year-old roland lebron made the comment during last thursday's meanings. he frequently attends pta meetings, but to commit a crime that results in death means up to 10 years in jail. he is being held on $100,000 bail. reggie: a tesla employee is in custody, suspected of shooting and killing a coworker. the victim finished his shift on monday when he was shot in the parking lot.
6:47 am
during this investigation, officers learned that two employees were arguing earlier in to the day. police say they found this rifle in the suspect's car. kumasi: today, the ceos of major airlines will be testifying before congress, answering questions as to how they spent millions of dollars in federal bailout money. jobina: executives with american, southwest, united and delta airlines will testify before congress, because congress wants to know how they spent a $54 billion bailout. airlines were too aggressive in scheduling more flights than they had pilots and flight attendants four. in prepared remarks, the ceo of american airlines will tell congress "the payroll support program save the airline industry by providing a lifeline for its workers." critics say airlines should have done better with that lifeline. with 6 million people expected to fly for the holidays,
6:48 am
airlines say they have hired and retrained tens of thousands of employees. let's hope that goes well, reggie. reggie: and cornell university has shut down its campus after a covid outbreak. or 900 students tested positive for covid in the past week. very high percentage are omicron cases in fully vaccinated people. final exams have been moved online and all activities and been -- athletics have been canceled. the school has a mandatory vaccination policy for its students. kumasi: a cupertino based apple is requiring masks in all of its stores again. apple will also limit the amount of people allowed inside of the store. reggie: for the sixth year in a row, the san francisco metro area is the most expensive place to live in the country. according to federal data, prices were more than 17% higher
6:49 am
than the 2020 national average. apartment rents were more than double that of 2019. the new york metro area was the second most expensive in the nation. california's was the third most expensive state, trailing hawaii and new jersey. happening today, investors will be closely following the federal reserve. the fed is wrapping up a two day meeting as does expected to announce plans to raise interest rates twice over the next year. the hope is to slow inflation that last month grew to its highest rate since 1982. right now, live look at the new york stock exchange. we are down about 127 points. kumasi: well, say goodbye to diet soda -- not actually diet soda, but calling at that. packaging is now going to list soft drinks with the word zero, for zero sugar. marketing experts say the reason for the change is because the word diet has become unpopular
6:50 am
with millennials and gen z. the diet soft drink market bought in $11 billion last year. the guy who founded blue moon beer is taking his craft to new heights. inside his garage in golden, colorado, keith is brewing up a new years -- each one -- a of beers. each one is infused with cannabis. he and others are jumping into the cannabis infused beverage market, or drinkable weed, as i guess it is called. i nearby company is adding thc from everything from seltzer to soda. reggie: drinkable weeds -- ok. moving on. feeling blue as the weather gets colder? a psychologist from the cleveland clinic has some food ideas to help boost your moods this winter. >> one thing you can do to help
6:51 am
boost your mood this winter is added foods that are high in vitamin c. these are foods like citrus fruits -- oranges, mangoes, lemons, kiwis, but they are also found in broccoli, bell peppers and strawberries. reggie: a great source of vitamin d is mushrooms, salmon, egg yolks, fortified cereals, milk and red meat. she says cravings and emotional eating are also common this time of year. try to avoid grabbing processed snacks, which can drag down your mood over time. she recommends sweet potatoes, beets and walnuts. spicy roasted chickpeas are another alternative. mike: that sounds good. kumasi: i want warm things. i told you i made that soup -- i made it again. it is going to last me all winter. reggie: it has every vegetable known to man. mike: and lots of vitamin c. kumasi: i feel warm and happy.
6:52 am
mike: a lot of parts of the country are affected by sad, seasonal affective disorder. there are many places across the country where it is cloudy for days, even weeks during the winter. you can see the clouds opening from the tower. let's take a look at the accuweather highlights -- a 2 -- bumped it up. a moderate storm arrives today. completely dry friday and saturday in the seven-day forecast. if you want to go all the way to christmas, the storm door opens starting sunday. it will be a wet week next week. today, 43 to 47 from castro to the ferry building. watch out for the fog around healdsburg and santa rosa. mid to upper 30's and the north bay, 39 in palo alto, tracy, some valleys in the 30's, most of us in the low to mid 40's. 52 to 56 degrees, rainy and windy conditions -- it will
6:53 am
taper later tonight and the wind will pull up a little bit and come out of the west. that keeps drizzle and a few showers going tomorrow morning during the commute. low to mid 40's and the valleys and elsewhere. sunday to friday, all the way up to christmas eve, we are looking at anywhere, potentially -- remember, this is a medium-range model and we will pair this down and make it finer as we get closer, but 48 inches of rain? the strongest storm comes in tonight. it is a two, tapers to a one tomorrow morning and freezing cold friday and saturday morning. a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon hours. we will start with a one sunday, monday and tuesday. don't be surprised if those are upgraded also. kumasi: we are one day away from one of the most anticipated movies from the past few years. reggie: spider
6:54 am
home is expected pandemic records. william defoe's reprising his role as the green goblin, which he last played in 2007. >> it marries with the present in the future. it's all in the mix. reggie: it sta sta sta sta sta a oakland native's and daya -- zen daya. kumasi: and three shows, this weekend only at paramount theater, and the valley is pulling out all the stops. the performances include 20 professional dancers, 40 local students, an open symphony and the east bay, the oakland children's choir. >> to gather together to see something in a beautiful theater with beautiful music, beautiful dancers, beautiful dancing. heartwarming holiday story --
6:55 am
just being there together and celebrating this beautiful art form that we dedicate our lives to, that will be the best present of all. kumasi: thank you, graham. the shows are saturday and sunday, the timing is on your stream. visit for more information. reggie: i love graham. he is my new favorite person. what'd you say earlier? weed -- marijuana -- something -- kumasi: did i say drinkable weed? reggie: i have never heard that before. is that an official term? kumasi: i don't know -- maybe? reggie: why did i translate it
6:56 am
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wealth management is planning your path together.
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and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. kumasi: 6:58. here are the seven things to need -- to know this morning. california is requiring people to wear a mask indoors once again, but the new mandate does not apply to everybody. the state is letting counties enforce local rules that are already in place, so in marin, san francisco, and contra costa counties, you don't have to wear a mask indoors if you are vaccinated. reggie: court documents detail
6:59 am
accusations of seven types of corruption against laurie smith. she is expected in court january 12. kumasi: look at this. in an effort to avoid getting their cars broken into, people are doing this in oakland, leaving the trunks wide open in broad daylight. police say this is not a good idea. reggie: christmas shipping deadlines are here. today is the last day to send things out through usps or fedex ground to the guarantee -- to guarantee that it arrives before the 25th. mike: light to moderate rain in the north bay before 4:00 and some moderate rain this evening. jobina: and in emeryville, the sig alert we are following along the berkeley curve has cleared. kumasi: and this man lights his house every year to the tune of "little drummer boy," and accepts donations to be given. reggie: i love tom and i love
7:00 am
his lives, but why did we have to go to the worst christmas carol? kumasi: good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start this wednesday morning together, the stark warning about the covid variant spreading unlike anything we've seen yet. omicron taking hold. the world health organization urging caution. the fast spreading variant threatening to overwhelm health care systems. this morning, a level red alert at one of the country's top universities with more than 900 new cases shutting down campus. we're there live. and the outbreaks impacting some of the biggest names in sports plus how this grocery giant and one of the nation's largest employers is dealing with unvaccinated workers. breaking news overnight in washington, the historic vote. former president trump's chief of staff mark meadows held in


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