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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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downpours. the area is expanding and it is windy outside, gusts up to 30 miles per hour and higher in some locations. this is a wind driven rain that will only get more widespread. the current storm ranks two on the store impact scale -- the storm impact scale. maybe thunder and snow up north. this will continue through tomorrow morning. starting at 5:00 this afternoon, notice it will be mainly focused in intensity on the north bay for a while, but later in the evening it will spread to other parts of the bay area moving south and east into the late night and early morning hours. there will be snow in the sierra come a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow above 2000 feet. 2-3 feet on the higher peaks so this is an intense storm. i will give you a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. kristen: a live look outside,
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you can see the wind is picking up near the top of this mountain and it is pretty rainy there as well. >> let's head to cornell barnard, who is right in the middle of it all with preparations for the storm. >> it is a wet and windy commute here on highway 101 in santa rosa. the rain, definitely back, slow going out there and with the rain comes a lot of concern and some anxiety for residents who saw flooding in october. firefighters today are looking at mudslides. the rain was falling again in santa rosa. windshield wipers on, umbrellas deployed. no takers for ice skating at old courthouse square. >> i'm trying to prevent future flooding when it occurs in the next 24, 48 hours. >> david was shoveling leaves on
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his street, away from the storm drains, which backed up in october, which turned this neighborhood into a lake. >> where i'm standing, it was over the top of the gutter. at one point the gutter backed up. >> neighbors say the creek was the culprit. it was dredged of debris to prevent future flooding. homeowners hope it works. >> those apartments had about a foot of water inside of them. >> the santa rosa fire department is watching burn scar areas in the hills, which brought this flooding almost two months ago. >> the burn scars are where the concern is locally. they act like a roadway where the water sheets off the hills and fills the creeks quicker than they typically would. >> public vacuum storm drains to keep them moving. >> the work to make sure creeks and storm drain systems flow, we
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are working together so we limit damage. >> the chp asks drivers to take it easy on the roads because the faster you go, the harder it is to stop. firefighters ask people to stay away from local creeks and spillways because they are dangerous as more rain falls. and the rain is definitely falling right now. live in santa rosa, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. larry: cornell is not driving the vehicle while he is talking, so safety is the number one concern. keep an eye on the weather including live doppler 7, any time, especially this week as we have a lot of rain, on the abc 7 bay area news app. kristen: new developments today in the fight against covid-19. booster doses of the moderna and pfizer vaccines are likely to offer substantial protection against the omicron variant.
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dr. anthony fauci said at this point there is no need for specific boosters to fight the new variant. larry: omicron undoubtedly compromises the protection of the first two doses of those vaccines, dr. fauci said. kristen: a report found a decline of 38% fewer people moving to california from other states since the pandemic. larry: to mask or not to mask? so many questions about the rules that took effect today. for the most part the rules don't change in what you are doing in most counties. the only ones affected are marin county, which reverts back to the previous mask mandate which requires all people regardless of vaccination to cover their faces in indoor public spaces. there are some exceptions. solano county will need to follow the state mandate since it didn't have a mandate previously. the stage tried to clarify these rules yesterday. that led to more confusion. laura anthony tries to help clear everything up.
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>> it has been almost two years. are you getting tired? >> exhausted. >> like many, this office worker is increasingly tired of the shifting and in some cases contradictory mask mandates coming from the state and local governments. >> feels like i have a full-time job. i have to work and on top of that trying to stay away from covid. >> they say you have to wear it, then you don't have to wear it. it confuses a lot of people and becomes a debate. >> in contra costa, marin and san francisco counties and the city of berkeley, indoor masking is required in public spaces, but with exceptions for offices and gyms where everyone is fully vaccinated. enter california health officials, who announced a return to a statewide mask mandate with no exceptions. that was monday. then came tuesday. >> tuesday afternoon, we got the clarification that for counties like contra costa that we
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already have a mask mandate in place, we have very limited exceptions. those limited exceptions could still remain in those counties. >> for those working in marin county, the rules seemingly changed in the middle of their morning class. >> we had a mandate yesterday we would have to wear masks so everyone walked in with masks. she told me we don't need them again. it turned around in one day? she said yes. >> the mixed messaging around masking can be not only confusing, but frustrating for people who have been trying to do the right thing for nearly two years. >> there are theories in psychology that say that each additional stressor wears you down. we are feeling that in this pandemic. >> some told us they will keep their sanity by keeping it simple. >> i don't know what's going on but i will wear my mask no matter what. >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. kristen: some health experts
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have questioned how effective mask mandates in public spaces are, especially when people are vaccinated. liz kreutz looks at solano county, at some cities that had a mask mandate and others didn't. >> california has reignited the question of how effective mandates in public spaces are against the spread of the virus. officials in the bay area are split. >> the experiment isn't making a difference in disease transmission. >> this doctor is the health officer for solano county and says he is county could be looked at as a microcosm for understanding masking. only vallejo and venetia have mask requirements in recent months. the rest of the county did not. >> ironically, disease rates are higher in the cities with the mandate. not uniformly but on average. >> we asked the county to show us data for the past few months but didn't hear back. public data on the county website from the entire pandemic
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shows vallejo, which had a mask mandate, has a higher case rate than fairfield, which did not. the highest case rate in vacaville, which didn't have a mandate. it is hard to conclude whether a mandate lead to a decline in cases. officials have mixed opinions. california has health and human services secretary told reporters masking in public spaces makes a difference. >> even a 10% increase in indoor masking can reduce transmission significantly. >> the san francisco public health director says mandates are about using all the mitigation efforts at our disposal. >> masking is a tool we have to help slow the spread of the virus. i think it is important that we continue to mask. >> while the doctor says this may be true, he believes the real spread of covid is happening in private among friends and family. >> that is where the disease was
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spreading. it wasn't spreading walking through a clothing or hardware store. >> liz kreutz, abc 7 news. larry: the warriors are updating entry requirements for children 2-11 years old attending the arena. kids in that group will need to provide either proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test administered within 24 hours for an antigen test or 48 hours for a pcr test in advance of the event starting time. the policy will be enforced starting with friday nights metallica concert at the arena. kristen: the san francisco school board approved a plan to balance the $125 million budget shortfall and avoid estate takeover. the deadline to submit the plan is today and it calls for $50 million in cuts to school sites and 40 million dollars in cuts for services over the next two years, mainly headquarters jobs. during getting answers, the san
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francisco standard said this would not have an immediate impact in the classrooms. >> many of those positions i was told by the budget staff remain unfilled. so it is not necessarily going to mean teachers losing their jobs at this point, but it means classrooms and school sites that are understaffed may stay that way. kristen: there is 35 million dollars left to be cut, which will be worked out in the coming months. larry: more than 100 low income families on the peninsula are getting financial help to get through the year because one city is launching the first guaranteed basic income program in san mateo county. >> parents, despite working one or more jobs, struggle to meet basic needs due to the high cost of housing. families are struggling because wages are insufficient to make ends meet. larry: 160 families are benefiting from $500 monthly payments over the next 12 months. the money comes no strings
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attached. each family will have to apply and be chosen through a lottery. applicants had to prove they made less than 30% of the household median income. kristen: the students finding solutions to climate change through architecture. community service. neighbors helped track down a thief who robbed a postal carrier. carrier. the plan to end the bizarre i suffered with psoriasis for so long. i felt gross. people were afraid i was contagious. i was covered from head to toe. i was afraid to show my skin. after i started cosentyx i wasn't covered anymore. four years clear. five years now. i just look and feel better. see me. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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kristen: the family of mario gonzalez once the police officers in -- involved in his death to face murder charges. the corners report declared his death a homicide. bodycam video captured the encounter between gonzalez and officers. the autopsy report found being pinched down was one factor in his death. gonzalez was also on methamphetamine. his family issued a statement. "our family demands these officers be fired immediately and district attorney o'malley bring criminal charges against all those involved in his murder. if the county is unwilling to bring justice, the state must intervene." the officers are on administrative leave. larry: oakland police are investigating the 132nd homicide of the year. a man was shot on parker avenue. this is the deadliest year in oakland since 2006. last year the city recorded 100 nine homicides and yesterday the
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mayor asked the state for more resources to fight the surgeon crime. kristen: six robbery suspects accused of targeting victims of asian dissent in the south bay have been arrested. police say the men are of being involved in 170 seven robberies, burglaries and thefts between october 2020 and september 20 21. police say asian women were often the targets and many were injured during the robberies. larry: crying related to mail delivery is height and this time of year with more holiday gifts being delivered. you can make a difference. abc 7 reporter zach fuentes has a look at how you can help. >> surveillance cameras have become normal on many homes revealing crimes that may not have been seen otherwise, especially package thefts. the postal inspection service tells me those aren't the only crimes they are investigating. >> letter carriers are being robbed on the street for mail, for their keys.
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>> video has been a critical tool to help in the investigations into male thefts and robberies. surveillance deal like this showing a man breaking into a mail truck. a local nonprofit says for san jose, a city grant helped provide sick caret d cameras -- security cameras. >> i notified a community member that has a license plate reader, told them what time. he saw the mail truck and he saw the car following. he was able to give us the license plate. with that information it was within days that the suspect was arrested. >> we reached out to the district attorney's office to verify and find out more information about the suspect and haven't heard back. a postal inspector says providing surveillance video and other information is key. >> if we don't get that information from the public we can't use it to narrow down where the male thefts are happening. >> approaching a suspect is the
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wrong idea. >> we have apprehended some rather dangerous people stealing mail, so don't put yourself in danger, please. >> a $50,000 reward could be given to someone who gives them information that leads to an arrest and conviction. other nonprofits say they have been told they are eligible for reward money. the value of their work goes deeper. >> the real world is neighborhoods working together. larry: turning to the i have some relatives that are visiting and they were like i thought it never rained here. they are getting all of it. spencer: it never rains in southern california, the song, maybe they were thinking of that. we are making up for lost time. a look at live doppler 7, we have a rather potent storm pushing in from the sea right now. in the north bay, heavy downpours and some working offshore that are about to make landfall. let's start in the north bay,
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where the heaviest rain has moved out of sonoma county into napa county and towards solano county. another batch of heavy showers moving into parts of marin county and others building offshore. down in the santa cruz mountains, widespread soaking rain going on, not just rain, how about the wind? look at the current surface wind speeds, anywhere from 23 to 33 miles per hour across the region. even stronger gusts develop as the storm continues to develop. a look over san francisco, cloudy now. was that lightning? it looked like lightning. there is enough instability in the atmosphere that we may see a flash of lightning or hear some thunder this evening. current temperatures in the low to mid 50's from san francisco to oakland to mountain view, san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. a view at the golden gate, the clouds are getting lower and darker. doesn't look like it is wet now but certainly wet north of this location.
4:19 pm
48 in santa rosa, 52 napa, fairfield 51. 50 in livermore. a bouncy east bay camera in emeryville, strong gusty winds. a level two storm moves through overnight. showers will linger tomorrow morning, then partial clearing later in the day. drying out friday with cold mornings into the weekend. let's talk about this level two storm, moderate to heavy rainfall at times, gusty winds which we have, a chance for lightning and thunder. snow may fall in higher peaks in the north bay. into the evening, 9:00 tonight, mostly heavy rain at that point still in the north bay although other parts will be getting wet. overnight, the bulk of the storm of the most intense elements push south and east. it begins to move out of the bay area during the morning commute and the midmorning. snow in the sierra falling already, winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning with 2-3 feet of
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additional snow on the highest peaks. snow levels down to 1000-2 thousand feet. travel will be difficult. overnight lows in the mid to upper 40's and highs tomorrow will range from not much of a range at all, only mid to upper 50's generally across the region and here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. storms should clear out late tomorrow. tomorrow, sunny with a cold start to the day. cold again saturday morning, later in the day saturday we will see extra doubts moving in. rain returns sunday, light rain then but more intense storm activity monday and tuesday lingering showers into wednesday. kristen: thanks, spencer. we invite you to enjoy the holidays and get a little cozy with the abc 7 yule log. you can find the virtual fireplace on our mobile app. get cozy by streaming it through or our abc 7 bay connected app. larry: it appears a fix is on
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the way for that annoying humming sound on the golden gate bridge that has prompted complaints from residents. that's the golden gate bridge district is out with a proposal it believes will silence the humming created when strong winds hit the newly an styled railing between the two towers. the solution involves him -- attaching aluminum clips to all 12,000 vertical slats on the railing. >> on the inside of the clips, we will install rubber inserts that will help dampen the vibrations, and eliminating or reducing the noise to where it is barely audible. larry: the work is expected to last at least a year and will cost $450,000. kristen: climate change by design. the search for solutions and what is being done in the bay area to combat the problem. larry: the doomsday glacier. why if this thing goes, we have in a recent clinical study,
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. larry: a critical ice shelf in antarctica is predicted to collapse within five years. it is shielding what is called the doomsday glacier, named for its potential risk to the entire planet. if the shell shatters, the glacier will melt at a much faster rate, threatening coastal communities. its total collapse would raise global sea levels by about two feet. kristen: the urgent threat posed
4:25 pm
by climate change is driving a search for solutions. larry: spencer christian joins us with a look at some that are homegrown. spencer: that's right. they are the work of design students in the area. this is more than a class project. they are workable solutions for the environment and the future. if you want to see the future of climate sustainable architecture, you could look under this lab in san francisco bay, or examine the oyster friendly panels in this march -- this marsh. or perhaps you could visit the california college of the arts, where the floating lab are engineered and where architecture students are building on what they have learned. >> using locally sourced materials to kind of enrich spencer: our local habitats. the projects were assigned by this professor, with many incorporating native dogwood
4:26 pm
used by indigenous peoples. prototypes have been placed under the research platform near the port of oakland. other uses expand from there. >> my challenge to them was, what could you design with this material that is easily sourced, with the seed of your design that was going into the water as something that could begin to take on life above water or below water that they care about? spencer: like the floating lab and oyster platforms, the idea is to create architecture that supports native organisms. engineered habitats that help structures like buildings, levies and seawalls adapt to climate change. like the environment, the concepts are broad and diverse. >> the idea is to make a bunch of module nests that become an ecosystem. >> for my project i explored the creation of a bio-plastic, paneling my final project. spencer: what inspired you, all
4:27 pm
of you to focus on this project? >> maybe we subs -- subconsciously dug into what we really cared about and tackled that. it comes from the idea of hope. spencer: students have competed in many design competitions, producing the kind of ideas that are already finding their way into real-life projects from parks to levees to urban seawalls, and ultimately turning their education into action. >> they know their impact of their profession on the environment. spencer: and potentially on their future. how cool, smart and inspiring are those students? the projects along san francisco bay are part of the college of architectural it cobbler geez -- ecologies lab. a brighter future, we hope. kristen: thank you, spencer. a warning when it comes to the coronavirus. larry: what officials say about
4:28 pm
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kristen: back to the fight against covid-19. fear is growing about another wave and from the fast spreading omicron variant. alex has more from washington. >> with cases of covid-19 omicron variant rising around the globe, the world health organization come out with this morning. >> omicron is spreading at a rate we haven't seen with any variant. >> experts looking at the numbers, telling americans to
4:31 pm
brace for an uptick in omicron cases here. >> early data suggests omicron is more transmissible than delta , with a doubling time of about two days. >> omicron infections in the u.s. have jumped sevenfold in the past week. dr. anthony fauci, saying it will certainly become the dominant covid strain in the u.s. symptoms appear to be mild but omicron has been known to affect those who have been vaccinated. >> boosters work against omicron. >> according to federal data, 60 7000 americans are hospitalized with covid with umoja -- most of those being the delta variant. hospitals across the country are facing the pressure of an influx of covid patients. in wisconsin, 3% of icu beds are available. >> we are exhausted picking up extra shifts and extra patients when our colleagues become sick themselves. >> the u.s., surpassing 800,000 covid debts and with potential omicron outbreaks bubbling up,
4:32 pm
cornell university entered a level red alert, shutting down the campus and moving all finals online. more than 900 students tested positive for covid. officials, saying a high percentage are omicron cases. >> the vaccine is currently our best weapon to prevent the spread among our kids and really across the community. >> the u.s. hit the silver milestone of 800,000 deaths exactly a year from the -- the silver milestone of 800,000 deaths exactly a year from the first vaccines. if you aren't vaccinated, get vaccinated. larry: a doctor who is a member of our vaccine team joins us live to talk more about the covid updates. thanks as always for joining us. your thoughts on the return of the mask mandate? >> at first i looked at it and my concern was that seeing a mask mandate without the supporting data, it adds a little confusion. but it does make sense because we want to do everything we can
4:33 pm
to protect those who are vulnerable, the people who are unvaccinated, those who might be high. and like i said, if it means mask mandates and we keep businesses open and schools open, i'm all for it. until we know more, i am for the mask mandate and for people wearing a mask any time you don't know the vaccination status of those around you. larry: which is the bigger concern in your mind, omicron or delta? seems like we heard the report that omicron spreads more rapidly but delta is out there as well. >> you are asking me if i would rather step on broken glass or a broken nail. hold on. maybe less damage from the glass but there is more of it, whereas the nail is more severe. that was an analogy i made up right now. when i think about those two, i see a big risk with omicron given that it will spread and find those who are more vulnerable. although it is mild it can overwhelm our health care systems which is a huge issue.
4:34 pm
there are unknowns, such as what this could do in terms of long covid. right now the risk is still delta. we are losing nearly 1000 americans per day to the delta variant. we still need to keep our eyes on what is happening right now. we need to use preventative strategies against both variants. larry: 800,000, we will hit a million at some point. it is all most like the numbers don't even matter anymore. it doesn't provoke this visceral response. 700,000, 800,000 -- it just doesn't. >> it is crazy. in a way it has been normalized for a lot of people. i see people out there who are protesting and really getting emotional. if we see debts from other causes, accidents or people tie it into a political cause, they are up in arms. but i thousand deaths a day from this preventable disease and
4:35 pm
people still say we will live with that. i understand that people are getting frustrated and there is a move towards complacency, but we have to realize 1000 people dying from any other cause tomorrow, we would see it all over every headline. larry: what are the numbers on boosters? you mentioned a couple minutes ago that this is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. are people heeding that message and getting their shots, or is there, i have already taken two shots, not sure i want to go for shot number three? >> i'm seeing multiple surveys ranging from 10% to 40% of people depending on the survey, saying they aren't going to get the booster. people who are fully vaccinated. i'm not even talking about the 30% of americans who said they aren't going to get vaccinated with the primary two shots. the two shots are still doing their job in terms of preventing severe illness or death, but i don't know if we will see that in 2022. we have data from multiple
4:36 pm
studies that the vaccine efficacy wanes a little after six months against the delta variant and the omicron variant is more adept at evading the vaccines. the good news is, a booster shot will ramp up the antibodies. the nih made a statement about the moderna shot saying a booster ramps up anti-bodies almost 25 times. you are getting a good level of protection. it's a matter of time before we start calling at the third shot and not a booster, saying fully vaccinated means three shots. larry: we will see if that is the next bit of news to drop. dr. patel, thank you for your time. >> thank you, larry. kristen: 58 years after president kennedy was assassinated, the biden administration released hundreds of previously confidential documents prepared by the cia and fbi. some detail on how they traced the movements of lee harvey oswald in the weeks leading up to the assassination in hopes of
4:37 pm
entering the restaurant, did he act alone? researchers say the records don't likely include a smoking gun. another 14,000 documents will remain concealed until next december. today's release comes as the abc 7 originals documentary jfk unsolved: the real conspiracies premieres on hulu. dan chronicles the work of a researcher and author from marin county who has written a new book on the assassination. you can see it on hulu and the abc 7 bay area streaming platforms,, roku, amazon fire and youtube. larry: do you want to get paid to give up cream cheese? the
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kristen: time for four at four. it is the question, are you willing to enforce a vaccine mandate at a family holiday gathering? a law firm surveyed how many households would avoid inviting someone to a family gathering who had not been vaccinated. in louisiana 35% of households said they would enforce a vaccine mandate. 70% among california households, but 94% of hawaii households said they would be willing to lay down the law when it comes to protecting family members. no aloha spirit for you, unvaccinated relatives.
4:41 pm
larry: in hawaii, 94 percent might say they don't want any of us there. that is another story. kristen: the state comparisons are interesting. what would you do? do -- would you enforce a mandate? >> heck is too young to be vaccinated. on the flipside, you can invite us, but we are not going to go to a big indoor gathering even if everybody is vaccinated, because she is not. it's like i'm not going to say whatever. you have gone this far, we will do the best we can. spencer: i absolutely would. i recently, at thanksgiving, and forced a proof of recent negative covid test from the last 24 hours because there were kids in the house who were too young to be vaccinated and we wanted to be safe. kristen:
4:42 pm
conversation with a relative about this. it is for the protection of both the folks who are vaccinated to feel uncomfortable about unvaccinated folks, but for the unvaccinated because as a vaccinated person you don't want to be an asymptomatic carrier and give it to them. larry: the plot continues. for the sixth year in a row, speaking of, the san francisco metro is the most expensive place to live in the country. this is according to federal data. the prices here are more than 17% higher than the 2020 national average. apartment rents in the metro area were more than double that of 2019 erie let that sink in. the new york metro area was second most expensive in the nation, california was the third most expensive state, trailing once again hawaii and new jersey. i'm surprised at some of these numbers, in particular the rental numbers. we are hearing everybody is getting out of the city during covid because they can move an
4:43 pm
hour away and still do their jobs remotely. the fact that the rents are going up, if it is going up that means demand is high. does that surprise you? kristen: yes, especially because i just interviewed the folks behind the california policy lab study showing the last few months we are getting a lot fewer people coming in versus going out. the differential is growing in terms of the net loss of residents. >> the whole thing is crazy. who can afford these rents? i guess the people are here, they are already here and snatching it up. something goes on the market and it is gone in a day. kristen: it has been like that. spencer: is it a severe loss because prices come down? larry: you would think. kristen: they needed to do exit interviews with people. wouldn't that be interesting? larry: they could do right -- do
4:44 pm
it right at the california-nevada border. why did you decide to leave? kristen: it is the end of the line for diet soda. not the actual drink, just the name. it began with coke zero, which got rid of the label diet. more and more are getting rid of the word diet. marketing experts say the word diet has become unpopular with millennials and generation z and appears to be working. companies like character sought -- like keurig saw a boost in sales when they removed the word diet. that makes sense. who wants to say i'm drinking a diet coke? what does diet mean anyway? spencer: with marketing you go with what works. if you know people have a reaction to the word diet, you go with zero. but realistically, it is the same drink. kristen: what do you think? >> like spencer said, it is the same drink so maybe look at what
4:45 pm
you are actually consuming. look at the ingredients. but i think the diet thing, they are smart on a marketing perspective because people are smart enough to realize diets don't work long term. so why bother? it is not as catchy as everybody thought it used to be. larry: many years ago, having the diet thing was, i'm watching my health. now it is more of a subliminal game. what is the keyword that will get you to buy? zero, ok. you don't even know what the zero is. zero caffeine, sugar, zero what? does anyone know? kristen: you are not a zero. just saying. you are not. larry: that was not the question. >> zero to hero. larry: my self-esteem is so much higher now. i feel like i am a one. if you give up the cheesecake you might get some cash and kristen might
4:46 pm
give you a backhanded compliment. kraft wants to pay you not to buy cream cheese this holiday because of a shortage we mentioned. starting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., those interested in getting paid to skip holiday cheesecake, to -- crab dip or bagel schmear can go to all the official rules are there. kraft will pick up to 18,000 winners to receive $20 each. who is giving up their cheesecake? spencer? all the new yorkers you are friendly with, will they go for this? they are not giving up the schmear? spencer: i love bagels but i don't like cream cheese. they can send me the cash right now. i like a toasted bagel with a light spread of butter. >> wasn't it kristen who said
4:47 pm
something about putting cream cheese on something? you admitted something. kristen: i admitted sometimes i will use nonfat yogurt as a substitute for cream cheese. >> that was it. larry: $20 for kristen. kristen: there is a method to my madness. larry: she is not a zero, either. spencer: and a first, somebody here made fun of her. [laughter] kristen: larry had already taken enough shots. larry: this is the one time you have come to my defense in like a decade. kristen: don't get used to it, larry. >> markdown the date. larry: in 2032i might have another good day. i feel the surge coming on.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
kristen: i'm checking the clock to see when the rain will return. larry: we have spencer. we don't need to check the clock. kristen: hey spencer. spencer: it has arrived in some parts of the bay area. in the north bay, it is particularly heavy but moving into heavy rain in santa cruz. about to hit san francisco and we are already being hit all over the region with strong gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour in some spots. this storm ranks a two on the impact scale through tomorrow morning. periods of thunder and lightning and snow in higher elevations. over in the sierra, it is
4:51 pm
snowing and winter storm warnings are in effect until 10:00 tomorrow for elevations above 2000 feet. even higher, 2-3 feet of new snow in the sierra. here is the seven day forecast. after tomorrow, partial clearing late tomorrow. sunny days on friday and saturday with cold mornings, then light rain returns on sunday with steadier rain likely monday and tuesday. larry: today, warriors star seth -- steph curry soaking in the adulation after setting the record for the most three-point shots in a career, 2974 set last night against the knicks. here is how curry reacted to the attention on twitter. >> i just wanted to say thank you so much for the support come of the love, the energy for last night. i woke up feeling really special this morning and i can't thank you enough larry: curry says he didn't set the record by himself and to prove it he gave draymond
4:52 pm
green and andre iguodala engraved rolex watches after the game as a way to say thank you. klay thompson is not on this trip. he will reportedly get one. kevin durant pleaded, send the rolly. they were out until 5:00 in the morning celebrating at a new york steak house. when it comes to sports records, curry joins a formidable list of bay area athletes who achieved milestones that may never be broken, including barry bonds home run record, jerry rice ricc touchdowns as well as receptions and receiving yards, ricky henderson holds the major-league record for most old and bases, runs, leadoff home runs. bay area fans have been spoiled to witness some of the greatest athletes ever. don't forget joey chestnut. nobody consumes more hotdogs than joey chestnut. kristen: you are putting hot dog eating in the same category as
4:53 pm
those other sports? [laughter] larry: let's give joey some love, shall we? kristen: what he does isn't easy. combining a love of the movies and a love of cookies. and a love of cookies. larry: why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor.
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smart kid, bill... [laughs] so true. and now, the moon christmas special... gotta go! get a great offer on xfinity internet, and you'll get 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. sing 2. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. larry: tonight at 8:00, the goldbergs and the wonder years, the connors, home economics and the chase at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00.
4:56 pm
it is the time of year to celebrate all things sweet but one woman in new york has made a name for her baking abilities and her architecture skills in the kitchen. will has a taste of her cookie creations. ♪ >> buddy the elf isn't the only one >> it takes me about 50 hours. i would say it is about the same for the cottage. rosebud took more because it is bigger. >> that is a full work week. >> i was doing it nights, weekends. >> by day, natalie works in marketing but her holiday hustle , making gingerbread recreations of your favorite real-life buildings. like the cottage from "the holiday cow -- the holiday >> she is leaning into her skill set during the pandemic, taking
4:57 pm
on gingerbread construction jobs on a larger scale like the rosebud motel from this show. she is making it look easy with her latest cookie creation, a miniature version of the first-ever shake shack. >> i have cookies in the oven. that is not a joke. i need to take them out. i promise i didn't stage that. >> with fresh baked cookies on the brain, we had to ask. are you able to eat anything you make? >> i don't, but you can. it keeps me from being too precious about things. at the end of the day, something could go wrong and i need to remind myself this is a cookie. it's ok. it's not going to last forever. there is something beautiful about that. larry: it was too pretty to take a bite. next up, natalie plans to re-create the house from "father of the bride." that will do it
4:58 pm
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that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: to the bay area as the second system of the week arrives. some, that means mudslide concerns in burn scar areas where there have been wildfires. tonight we aren't storm watch once again. ama: you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, live on abc seven, hulu live in dan: wherever you stream. dan:you can see the conditions my live cameras. pretty great ama: right now. ama:it is fogged in ama:. so far doesn't seem that widespread. let's get straight to sandhya patel. sandhya:


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