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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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live doppler 7 shows you where the worst of the storm is right now. ama: we have live team coverage. our reporter is in the north bay. let's hear from spencer christian who is tracking the storm. spencer: the rain is spreading to all parts of the bay area right now. the north bay is the area getting hardest hit. drenching downpours developing and other areas and in the santa cruz mountains. a lot is moving into the east bay at the moment. let me give you a look at the wind gusts that are accompanying these drenching downpours. we have gusts ranging from 24 to 48 miles per hour across the bay area so this is a wind driven rain storm. it's a level two. through tomorrow morning, moderate to heavy rainfall at times. dusty. thunder and lightning with this storm. a lot of instability in the atmosphere. there is a chance of hail. possibility of snow in the north bay hills.
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taking us into the evening hours, we will see most of the rain concentrated in the north bay until 8:00 or 9:00 tonight and then it will sweep eastward and southward before midnight and continue pounding the bay area until just before the morning commute begins at 5:00 a.m. and starts to taper off a little bit. i will give you a closer look at other elements of this storm and more storms to come in the accuweather seven-day forecast a little bit later. dan: they are lining up. the north bay is getting more rain than the rest of the bay area for the moment. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard is live, driving along highway 101 in petaluma with a look at the conditions. not driving along, riding along. cornell: riding along, correct, and it's a good thing because it has been a very wet afternoon commute here on highway 101. take a look. the rain is back for sure. slow going out there. the big story tonight is the wind. our news van has been rocked by wind gusts all night. the storm -- with the storm
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comes anxiety for a lot of folks who saw flooding in october and firefighters are looking out for mudslides. the rain was falling again in santa rosa. windshield wipers on, umbrellas deployed around town. no takers for ice-skating in old courthouse square. >> why you doing it? >> to prevent any future flooding that might occur in the next 24 to 48 hours. cornell: we found david sawyer shoveling leaves away from the same storm drains which backed up during october's storms which turn to base neighborhood into a lake. >> where i'm standing, it was over the top of the gutter. at one point the gutter backed up instead of slowing down. cornell: neighbors say the creek was the culprit. it was dredged of debris to prevent future flooding. homeowners hope it works. >> those apartments had about a foot of water inside of them. cornell: the santa rosa fire
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department is watching burn scar areas in the hills, which brought this flooding almost two months ago. >> the burn scars are where the concern is locally. they act like a roadway where the water sheets off the hills and fills the creeks quicker than they typically would. cornell: public works crews were vacuuming some storm dreams to -- storm drains to keep them moving. >> the work to make sure creeks and storm drain systems flow, we are working together so we limit damage. cornell: firefighters say, so far, so good out there tonight. back here on the road, the chp is asking drivers, please slow down. plan ahead. give yourself extra time to get where you are going because as you can plainly see, it is wet and windy out there tonight. in petaluma on highway 101, i am cornell barnard, abc 7 news. dan: thanks a lot. you can keep an eye on the weather including live doppler
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seven, anytime time you wished you will find it on roku, amazon fire, android tv, and apple tv. ama: a shooting investigation is underway in richmond that does not involve richmond police. we have confirmed one person was shot around 2:30 this afternoon and transported to the hospital. the neighborhood was blocked off by police and they appear to be focused on that maroon truck you see. we will bring you more as soon as police release some more information. oakland police are investigating the 130 second homicide in the city in the year. a man was found shot on parker avenue. he died on tuesday. this is the deadliest since 2006. dan: in the south bay, prosecutors say they prosecuted a prolific robbery crew which is accused of targeting asians in at least 170 crimes all over the bay. 16 suspects face robbery and hate crime charges in santa clara county. this all began with the arrest of a 23-year-old oakland man, in
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december. hassani ramse was taken into custody on suspicion of nine purse snatching's and other robberies. some of those crimes at the time -- investigators have taken five more suspects into custody. prosecutors say the victims were mostly asian women and many were hurt during these robberies. >> an attack like this is really an attack against the base's premises of this country that as americans, we are all entitled to equal and fair treatment under the law and we should all treat one another with respect. because of those reasons, we charged this as a hate crime. dan: the district attorney says 70 crimes took place in santa clara county but a collaborative investigation by multiple bay area police agencies have linked this crew to at least 100 more robberies around the area. all six suspects are in custody. ama: police say they have arrested a fourth suspect in this retail theft.
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most of the people escaped, but police say they booked a 21-year-old into the san martin is jail. he is facing four counts. dan: now to the most confusing story of the day, california's new mask mandate. it was announced on monday to take effect today and we spent the entire time in between finding out exactly how it will affect you. the biggest changes in solano -- change is in solano county. now, people have to wear masks in all indoor public places. that was already the case in the counties of santa clara, san mateo, napa, and alameda, with the exception of the city of berkeley. berkeley allows people to take off masks in certain indoor places like gyms and offices where everyone is fully vaccinated. that is the caveat. it is the same exception you will find in san francisco, contra costa, and sonoma, marin county, which removed all
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mask rules -- it's a lot. that is why laura anthony went looking for some answers. >> it has been almost two years. are you getting tired? >> i'm exhausted. laura: like so many others, maia phillips is increasingly tired of the ever shifting and in some cases contradictory mass mandates coming from the state -- mask mandates coming from the state and local government. >> i got to work and on top of that, i am trying to stay away from covid so it is a lot. >> you need to where it and then -- wear and then saying you don't need to. laura: entered california health officials who announced a return to a statewide mask mandate with no exceptions. that was then came tuesday. monday. >> tuesday afternoon is where we got the clarification that for counties like contra costa that we have already a mask mandate in place, we have very limited exceptions.
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those limited exceptions could still remain in those counties. laura: for those working in marin county, the rules seemingly changed in the middle of their morning class. >> yesterday, we have a mandate that we were going to have to wear masks again so everyone walked in with masks. just now, she told us we don't need them again. it turned around in one day? she said yes. laura: all the mixed messaging around masking can be not only confusing, but frustrating for people who have been trying to do the right thing for nearly two years. >> there are theories in psychology that say that each additional stressor wears you down. you know? and we are definitely feeling that in this pandemic. laura: some told us they will keep their sanity by keeping it simple. >> i don't know what's going on , but i'm going to wear my mask no matter what. i want to beat the virus. laura: in walnut creek laura , anthony, abc 7 news. ama: here is a look at mask
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rules in the bay area. for counties shaded in red, you have to wear masks in all public places. the counties shaded in orange have an exception for places like gems and offices. why aren't we all on the same page? stephanie wanted to ask the state that question and joins us live. what did you find out? stephanie: unlike it sounds, it is not universal. there are some counties, as laura pointed out, that were able to keep their existing rules in place, allowing for some exceptions. to mask or not to mask? that is the question. it seems pretty straightforward when dr. marc galli said this on monday. >> we will require universal masking statewide. stephanie: since then, it has become more complicated. here is why. the state's updated guidance which is posted on their website specifically says for activities and businesses, masks are required for all people as practicable while playing all
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indoor sports, exercising, or conditioning. late last night, san franciso announced it does not apply to them. just ask jim owner dave -- gym- owner dave. >> you do not have to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated. stephanie: why is this? >> counties that had indoor masking mandates were able to keep the parameters of those mandates. stephanie: the public health director says since the city already had an existing mask mandate prior to the state's announcement, the state will allow the county to keep it. in san francisco, masks are still required in restaurants and indoor businesses but not required in jim's and office spaces -- gyms and office spaces so long as everyone is vaccinated and it gets more confusing. marin county announced today it will also revert to its previous mask mandate that was lifted last month. this means if you are vaccinated, masks will also be optional in certain places like gyms and office spaces. >> from the public's
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perspective, if there was consistency, people would have more confidence rather than what seems like more of a whack-a-mole approach of, ok, let's stop the mask, start the mask, test, not test. stephanie: get that is not what happened here. we asked the state if they plan to allow other counties, or at least other counties that have high vaccination rates to do what marin did, try to get an exemption to these new rules. but the state did not give any indication that will happen. in the newsroom, stephanie, abc 7 news. ama: stephanie, thank you. we are all in this together. to help your friends and family understand that the mask rules are, look for this article on abc 7. -- we break down the rules county by county. dan: corruption allegations against the sheriff of santa clara county. she could lose her job. also ahead -- >> if they were a person, not only would they be in jail, but they would likely be looking at
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dan: you at 6:00, from the 19, lori smith faces new -- new access :00, sheriff laurie smith -- new at 6:00, sheriff laurie smith could be driven from office. here is the i.t. reporter. >> the reaction is coming in
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from the accusations of corruption against santa clara county sheriff lori smith. >> you can only feel sad about this. >> the county supervisor has been calling for the sheriff to resign for months. >> i think when civil grand jury decides to put forward not one or two but seven different accusations, any one of which could lead to removal from office, that is some measure of the seriousness with which they took this matter. >> but sheriff smith's attorney told me she has no intention of resigning. >> there was no corruption. there was no violation, willful or otherwise in the responsibilities of her office. it cannot be more unequivocal than that. >> the grand jury accuses smith and her high-ranking staff of trading concealed carry weapons permits for campaign donations. i asked her about that issue for months ago. did you know that your top aides
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were demanding campaign contributions in exchange for concealed carry permits? >> do you believe that to be true prior to a trial? >> i'm asking you. did you know they were demanding contributions for concealed carry permits? did you know? i'm asking you, did you know or did you direct them? >> i'm not going to answer that because i have answered that. >> to whom? >> to you right now. >> the grand jury accuses the sheriff of failing to cooperate with the investigation into the andy hogan case as i first reported in 2018. the jail inmate was suffering a mental health crisis but deputies failed to intervene as hogan repeatedly smashed his head in a jail transport van, suffering serious permanent brain damage. >> i just want to cry. it makes me sad to think that he went through that and could not help him. the county paid out $10 million to hogan's family after body camera videos showed long delays for help.
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>> i know. >> get me out. >> ok, hold on. >> you guys. >> sheriff smith faces a hearing on january 12. she can admit the accusations and leave office or the case goes to a jury. abc 7 news. ama: dan noyes has spent close to a year working on and abc 7 originals documentary about the jfk assassination and today, the biden administration released hundreds of previously confidential document. many were prepared by the cia and fbi as they investigated the murder. some detail how they traced the movements of lee harvey oswald in the weeks leading up to the assassination in hopes of answering the question, did he act alone? jfk researchers say the new records do not likely include a smoking gun. another 14,000 documents will remain concealed until next december. today's release comes as the abc 7 originals documentary, jfk unsolved, the real conspiracies, premieres on hulu. >> and then i heard this
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explosive noise over my right shoulder. ama: dan noyes chronicles the work of a world-renowned researcher and officer from the marin county who has written a new book on the assassination. you can see it on hulu and our streaming platforms,, apple tv, roku, amazon fire, and to, and youtube. dan: let's turn over to this category 2 storm on the impact scale that is hitting us right now. ama: perfect weather to sit inside and watch tv. dan: watch the seven-day forecast. spencer: we have wind driven rain in some parts of the bay area. the wind is right around us but the heaviest wind is in various pockets and you can see the area that appears to travel through the north bay and is headed over towards sacramento. we have another batch of drenching downpours moving to the north bay and to marin county and we just had some heavy rain over in the livermore areas, winding down a little bit.
6:19 pm
you can see just north of 580 in the livermore area, pockets of drenching downpours. the santa cruz mountains are getting drenched at this moment and it is windy out there. surface wind speeds are gusts up to 36 miles per hour all around the area. it is quite windy. as you can see from this emeryville camera looking toward san francisco. current temperature readings are 50 to 52 degrees in all these locations. san francisco, oakland, and half moon bay. here is the view of drenching downpours in san rafael right now. the shot is frozen at the moment but i did see that the traffic is moving nicely. it is 50 degrees in santa rosa, fairfield and livermore. 49 at fairfield and 51 at concord and here is the view from our exploratorium camera, looking back at the cityscape in san francisco and you can see a few raindrops hitting the camera lens. these are our forecast features. wet and dusty conditions. showers tomorrow morning. dry on friday and saturday with
6:20 pm
cold nights and frosty conditions. another atmospheric river will be taking a matos early next week. our storm tonight ranks two on the storm impact scale, moderate intensity. we inspect moderate to heavy rainfall at times, gusty winds and a possibility of lightning and thunder as the atmosphere is a bit unstable. a chance of some hail and the possibility of some snow over the hills. forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening at which point, we will see another area of intense storminess pushing through the north bay. it will not be until later tonight that we start to see the most intense elements of the storm sweeping southward just a bit and taking aim through the central part of the bay area through san francisco and over to the east bay. later in the early morning hours as the morning commute is getting underway around 5:00 a.m. or so, we will see the bulk of the storm in terms of the most intense storm activity pushing out of the bay area but behind that, we will have areas of scattered showers and maybe a few heavy downpours as well and of course, there will be snow in the sierra.
6:21 pm
it is snowing there already. winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. it will be windy and we expected two feet or three feet of snow in the higher elevations. no temperatures in them mid to upper 40's. highs in the mid to upper 50's and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. cold mornings on friday and saturday under dry conditions but on late sunday, we expect light rain to develop again. a level 1 system will intensify to level two for monday and tuesday and then taper off to just level 1 again by next wednesday. it is a wet and active forecast. dan: it sure is. thank you, spencer. speaking of active weather, the president witnesses the destruction done by tornadoes firsthand and it is certainly tragic
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ dan: the family of mario gonzalez muncie alameda police officers -- once the alameda police officers to face murder charges paid they declared his death a homicide. police bodycam video captured the april encounter between gonzales and those officers. the autopsy report found being pinned down was one factor in his death. gonzalez was also on methamphetamine. his family issued a statement reading in part "our family , demands these officers be fired immediately and district attorney o'malley bring criminal charges against all those involved in his murder. if the county is unwilling to bring justice, the state must
6:25 pm
intervene." the officers are currently on administrative leave. ama: president biden is bowing the federal government will be doing everything it can to help the victims of last weekend's deadly tornadoes. the president traveled to two towns in kentucky today for a close-up look at the devastation. the damage in dawson springs is immense. the mayor says 75% of the town was wiped out. president biden told reporters he was impressed by the resilience shown by the people of those communities but understands tough days are ahead. pres. biden: those who lost someone, there's no words for the pain of losing someone. a lot of us know it. a lot of us understand it, especially around the holidays when everything is supposed to be happy and joyful. ama: tonight, the death toll stands at 89 with 75 in kentucky alone. thousands are still unaccounted for. in all the national weather service reported at least 41 tornadoes in eight states last friday and saturday.
6:26 pm
you can help the victims of the midwest tornadoes by donating to the red cross. call the red cross or go to red dan: with weeks last in a probation. period, developments could keep pg&e under scrutiny. stephanie: it seems to me this is a perfect example and perfect time to set the precedent. ama: you are not right. if the judge keeps pg&e on probation, it will be same
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: exactly six weeks from today, pb knees -- pg&e's probation will end. it's the punishment for the san bruno gas explosion. it has violated were probation -- violated probation, charged with more crimes for more deadly disasters across california. >> do i feel they are rehabilitated? no, flat out no. ama: families and survivors do not want to probation to end and today, there is a glimmer of
6:30 pm
hope. dan: the judge just scheduled a pair of hearings to probe me criminal accusations against the utility company but extending probation is a tricky thing. it is unprecedented. ama: for years, brandon reutimann has been working on a series called firepower, digging people into pg&e's destructive history, and he has been talking to the families of those most affected. dan: tonight, he brings you there please to the judge, a man who could make legal history. brandon: the federal judge asked if he could extend pg&e's probation. the answer, nobody knows. it has never been done before. >> i think he is without options. >> i think it is very important that we try anyways and even if it fails, at least the attempt was made. brandon: steve bradley is the grandson of colleen riggs, one of pg&e's 84 manslaughter victims in the camp fire. >> he has the ability to set the case law or at least attempt to set the case law to where we can
6:31 pm
hold him accountable. i am not a lawyer. i am not a beagle scholar. i am just a guy. it seems to me that -- a legal scholar. i am just a guide. it seems to me the perfect time to set the precedent. brandon: pg&e admitted to crimes on probation that caused people to die by fire. it is exactly what they hope th their probation would keep them from doing to anyone else after her son, her husband, and her mother-in-law died in the san bruno explosion. >> it is disgusting. it is just disgusting. do i feel they are rehabilitated? no. flat out, no. my feeling is that they need keep on probation. >> hello, judge william. >> i want to ask that pg&e be treated like a criminal enterprise that it is.
6:32 pm
brandon: we met a lot of survivors from pg&e's many disasters, knowing that the judge could try it and lose, they want him to keep pg&e on probation longer. >> i would ask your honor to extend pg&e's probation. >> what is frustrating to me is the fact that as a law-enforcement enforcement officer, i saw consequences occur to felons who violated their probation but pg&e has had very little of those. brandon: he survived the camp fire. he used to be police chief for the city of chico. >> pg&e executives and their board members were able to slaughter 85 plus of the members of our community in paradise, yet there is no consequence to their actions. it appears to me that pg&e are living a felons paradise. brandon: longshot, some attorneys think there is a good case for keeping pg&e on probation. >> this is not just detention at school. brandon: law professor kathy
6:33 pm
sandoval represents pg&e customers pro bono in the probation. >> you have 115 people who have died due to pg&e's actions while on probation. if they were a person, not only would they be in jail, but they would likely be looking at a death sentence. but there is no corporate death sentence. brandon: sandoval says pg&e is guaranteed to appeal. it is true this is uncharted legal territory and no law says the judge can add time to pg&e's probation but she also points out there is no law saying the judge cannot. on top of that, the judge would have a good reason. is california laissez-faire pg&e gets off probation question marked -- california less safe if pg&e gets off probation? >> i think so. brandon: sandoval points out he has brought a lot of facts to light that would have stayed secret. as a former commissioner, she knows the state's investigations
6:34 pm
of pg&e are secretive and slow. >> we do not find out the details for 1.5 years or maybe much later. brandon: but the judge's investigations forced pg&e to be more transparent. he made pg&e share its methods for fire safety blackouts. the judge revealed pg&e contractors did mark the tree that fell on the power line that sparked the zogg fire. it's how the families of the four people killed know that pg&e could have fixed this safety problem but did not. the judge even ordered pg&e to release this, the first photo showing us the hook that broke and sparked the camp fire. >> when and if the judge goes away and this probation ends, the state of california will be the ones supervising pg&e. >> that is kind of a terrifying thought. brandon: california's bailout of pg&e led by governor gavin newsom's office appalled him. >> the state level is not enough.
6:35 pm
federal oversight is clearly needed. brandon: when we asked pg&e why it deserves to get off probation, the company pointed us to its end of probation report to the judge. in it, pg&e does not claim to be rehabilitated. pg&e says it has made progress but also that it looks forward to delivering energy safely in the years ahead. that makes no sense to steve. he says pg&e should knock it off probation until it has disaster free years behind it. >> i would be happy with a couple years but i don't think five years is too much to ask. brandon: as a former firefighter and grandson of a pg&e victim, he says keeping pg&e on probation is life and death. >> the rehabilitation of pg&e, it saves lives, not only civilians, but my friends and family at calfire. i don't know that pg&e as it exists, as we know it, can be rehabilitated.
6:36 pm
they clearly have not been. >> power and electricity, gas, can be delivered safely. i just don't know if pg&e can do it on their own without being forced into it. >> we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. >> i really feel that they have shown little to no remorse. brandon: sue bullis did not believe the court ordered apology on tv. she has less faith in pg&e now. >> nothing they could do at this point would satisfy me. >> you are describing a corporation that is beyond redemption at this point. >> i believe so. >> it is like a light on, light off. if you are off probation, you are off. when the court supervision is gone, then it is gone, and pg&e
6:37 pm
is a corporate entity that will act the way it is going to act. ama: always and you can find all of brandon's stories about pg&e by going to his website. we will that you know what happens at those hearings next month. dan: tonight, a holiday example of building a better bay area. it is about protecting christmas it is about protecting christmas the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. hey, angie! you forgot your phone!
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ama: crime related to mail delivery is a year-round problem and that has heightened this time of year as holiday gifts are delivered to homes, but you can make a difference. abc 7 reporter zach fuentes has a look at how you can help. zach: surveillance cameras have become normal on many homes revealing crimes that may not , have been seen otherwise, especially package thefts. the postal inspection service tells me those aren't the only crimes they are investigating. >> letter carriers are being robbed on the street for mail, for their keys. zach: they say video has been a critical tool to help in the investigations into mail thefts and robberies. surveillance video like this shows a man breaking into a mail
6:41 pm
truck. a local nonprofit says for san jose, a city grant helped them provide security cameras to homes in san jose. they and neighbors shared video they had of the incident and were able to provide information. >> i notified a community member that has a license plate reader, for the state of san jose, told them what time. he saw the mail truck and then the car following and was able to give us the license plate. with that information, it was within days that the suspect was arrested. zach: we reached out to the santa clara county district attorney's office to verify and find out more information about the suspect and haven't heard back. a postal inspector says that providing surveillance video and other information is key. >> if we don't get that information from the public, we cannot use it to help narrow down where the mail thefts are happening. zach: still, he says approaching the suspect is the wrong idea. >> we have apprehended some rather dangerous people stealing mail, so don't put yourself in danger in any way please.
6:42 pm
,zach: a $50,000 reward could be given to someone who gives them information that leads to an arrest and conviction. although the nonprofit safer san jose told them they are eligible for reward money, they told them the value of their work goes deeper. >> the real reward is seeing neighborhoods working together. >> more more tomorrow. there is a lot of wet weather ahead. spencer has dry days in the future as well and he will give you a look far into the future at some sustainable architecture that is being designed r
6:43 pm
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ama: we are taking a live look at the snow coming down in south lake taco -- you might want a taco to warm you up. snow on the southeastern edge of the lake. there is a winter storm warning which is getting up to three feet of snow in some places. it's going sideways, too. dan: it really is. wind driven. that view makes this one look even better. the abc 7 yule log is back. get crazy by streaming it through the website or our bay area connected tv app. it's really cool. you can just feel it. ama: the crackling fire.
6:46 pm
before we get to the forecast, we want to talk about the urgent threat posed by climate change, causing an intense search for solutions. dan: some are homegrown. spencer: that search may be producing some results. they are working on -- the work of design students in the bay area, i should say. this is more than just a class project. you are actually working workable solutions for the environment and our future. if you want to see the future of climate sustainable architecture, you can look under this floating lab in san francisco bay or maybe examine the oyster friendly panels embedded in this marsh or perhaps, like me, you can visit the california college of the arts where the floating lab and oyster project were engineered and where architecture students are building on what they have learned. >> using locally sourced materials to kind of, you know, in which our local habitats. spencer: the current student projects were assigned by the
6:47 pm
professor with many incorporating native dogwood used by indigenous bay area peoples. several students created reef prototypes which have been placed under the floating research platform near the port of oakland. to learn more about the sea life they might support and other uses expanded from there. >> my challenge to them was what could you design with this material that is easily sourced with the seat of your design going into the water as something that could begin to take on life above water or above the water that they care about? spencer: like the floating lab and the oyster platforms, the idea is to create architecture that some boards native organisms, engineered habitats that help structures like buildings, levies, and seawalls adapt to climate change kid like the environment itself, the concepts are broad and diverse. >> basically, the idea is to make a bunch of little nests that become an ecosystem. >> for my project, trying to
6:48 pm
explore the creation of a bio plastic, technically edible. spencer: what inspired you to focus on this particular project? >> maybe subconsciously, we dug into what we really care about and then tackled that and i think it comes from the idea of hope. spencer: over the years, students from california college of the arts have competed in many design competitions, producing the kind of ideas that are already finding their way into real-life projects from parks, to levees, to urban seawalls, and ultimately turning their education into action. >> they are architecture students. they know the impact of their profession on the environment. spencer: and potentially on their future. ama: the design class and the projects you saw along san francisco bay are part of the architectural ecologies lab which fosters collaboration between designers, researchers, and manufacturers, all hoping to bring us a safe and livable
6:49 pm
future. we go from climate to the weather. here is a look at what is happening around the bay area right now on live doppler 7. we have drenching rainfall around the area. it has been confined to the north bay but it's also getting pretty heavy out of the santa cruz mountains and it is wind driven rain with gusts over 30 up to 40 miles per hour in some spots and this is a level two storm and we expect these downpours, wind driven rain to continue into the early morning hours and probably wind down until the morning commute begins. over the sierra, it is snowing. winter storm warning in effect until 10:00. we could see two feet to three feet more snow and higher elevations. temperatures, mid to upper 40's. highs tomorrow generally in the mid-50's and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast after this storm winds down. partial clearing tomorrow. sunny skies friday and saturday but cold mornings and rain returns late sunday and intensifies into level two storms from monday and tuesday so we have got more wet weather coming our way. dan: we sure do, spencer.
6:50 pm
ama: let's get to larry after a big night. larry: we can watch this over and over and over. it never gets boring. that is for sure. how steph celebratedcelebratedcd expensive gift he has given to a [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. >> now, abc 7 sports with larry beil. larry: good evening, everybody. this was so much fun. we had the shot, the joy, the
6:53 pm
tears kid we had it all last night as steph curry set the all-time record at madison square garden and then partied at a new york steakhouse until 5:00 a.m. good thing the warriors don't play again until friday in boston. we cannot see it enough. classic steph, catch and shoot. celebration was probably more emotional than a lot of people expected. but there was one thing missing, a person, klay thompson continuing his recovery from achilles surgery. stephen: the only thing missing for me is klay not being here. with the road traveled to get here, klay was a huge part of that. >> his jersey was in the locker room. next to mine. you know, it will be good to get back and celebrate winning and celebrate his return hopefully soon. >> steph in the locker room was vintage steph.
6:54 pm
you know, joyful,,,,,,, he talked to the team about how much they mean to him. larry: they dumped the whole cooler on him and later, an example of curry taking care of his teammates, dominic collins caught this video behind the scenes last night of curry gifting rolex watches to draymond green and andre iguodala. they have been there from the start. and klay also has one waiting for him, leading to kevin durant tweeting "send the rolly." he has assisted on the third most 3's behind green and a good allah -- andre good allah -- igg uodala. george kittle is banged up, sore knee, but was just named nfc player of the week. 13 catches, 100 51 yards, and a
6:55 pm
touchdown. at 7-6, t6, t6, t6, t6, t6, winnable game. no surprise that jimmy garoppolo's play has improved. he became the fastest quarterback in franchise history to pass for 10,000 euros. he did it in 43 games. for reference, joe montana, fifth on the list. 64 games. jimmy g. taking a page out of joe calls playbook, -- cool's playbook, staying calm on the line. >> as a quarterback, you have to be the eye of the storm. you have to simplify and go play football. the guy who has been counted out the entire time he has been here, probably other than the year he came in, he stepped out then that is the sign of a true competitor, when all odds are against you and you can rise to the occasion and continue to play at a high level. that is as impressive as it comes. doing a heckuva job for us. larry: the arizona cardinals
6:56 pm
trying to hang out at first place without deandre hopkins, one ofest rn e ad. the cardinals are hopeful that he will return for the playoffs. we will see. dan, o seeing what steph did for his teammates that i thought for christmas, i should get these guys rolexes. so i'm driving down the embarcadero. dan: don't laugh. wait. spencer: i got off the -- larry: i got off the back of the truck appeared what a deal. dan: you cut out the middleman. larry: it was 10 for 100. ama: is that going to turn my wrist orange or some other color? larry:larry: he promised it was the real deal. some generosity. ama: larry, always generous. coming up on abc 7 tonight starting at 8:00, the goldbergs, the wonder years, the connors, home economics, and then it is the chase at 10 :00, followed by
6:57 pm
abc 7 news at 11:00. you can watch all of our newscasts through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app, available for at btv, android tv, amazon fire tv, as well as roku. download the app now and start streaming. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining a spirit i am ama daetz. -- for joining us. i am on the dates. -- ama daetz. dan:
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is... here is our third group of semi-finalists-- an associate professor of french literature at the university of delaware in newark... a chemistry professor at roanoke college in salem, virginia... and a history professor at american river college in sacramento, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to the last of our semi-final match-ups. at the end of this half hour, we will know the name of our third professor who will be advancing to the two-day final
7:00 pm
to play for $100,000. let's get right to it. ed, gary, deborah, good luck. here are the categories in the "jeopardy!" round. we'll start by... and... ed, you will select first. let's start with southern california history for $200. - ed. - what is an oil spill? correct. southern california history for $400. - deborah. - what is caltech? yes. whirled menu for $200.


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