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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 16, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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an historic tornado hitting minnesota overnight, wind gusts in colorado reaching 100 plus, but we are about to get a break from storms here. reggie: it is thursday, december 16, and you are watching abc 7 mornings on abc 7 live, who live in wherever you stream. we will start with mike's forecast. mike: we are seeing the last signs of the storm moved through. one on the storm impact scale for the morning commute. light rain, up to 1/10 of an inch, but it keeps slippery. you can see the spray off the cars and trucks that are moving across 880 the other coliseum. 48 to 50 and mild. 51 to 55 and her only chance of wet weather will be in the north bay mountains at noon. 51 to 55 at 4:00 and 46 to 50, cooling quickly as dry air rushes in during the evening. hours frost and a couple of mornings and another round of showers
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coming our way next week. first, back to this wet weather and the commute. jobina: good morning. it is going to be a rough ride on the bay bridge. this is a live camera from caltrans right now for people in the westbound direction. there are two crashes on the upper deck of the bridge, one at the tunnel and went past the tunnel with injuries involved, and crashes involve multiple cars. they turned on the metering lights, so it will be packed at the bay bridge toll plaza. we usually don't see at this busy at 6:00, so a rough ride, and also a sig alert in walnut creek, purple lines indicating it is shut down and at zero miles-per-hour on northbound 680 at olympic boulevard. kumasi: thank you. we start with the pandemic. mixed news on how effective vaccines are against omicron variant. reggie: a new study shows pfizer vaccines provides 33% protection against infection but 70%
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reduction from hospitalization. the study was done by south africa's largest health insurer with patients and the country. meanwhile, a non-peer-reviewed study on moderna vaccine shows a booster is critical to increase protection. antibodies were 50 times less effective against the omicron variant from people with only two shots, but people who also got a third shot so much better protection. > you are still fairly highly protected against illness, but even if you had two doses of the vaccine, protection against mild illness is not good. reggie: something to watch for, the south african study found omicron causes less severe symptoms. for example, scratchy throat versus a sore throat. kumasi: cupertino-based apple is delaying plans to send employees to the office and tim cook is giving the money for home office equipment. amy hollyfield is live at the company headquarters with more. amy: good morning. just look at this huge building here in cupertino.
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this campus is open, but it is not filling up with employees anytime soon. apple told employees they will continue working from home indefinitely. the company is delaying its mandatory return to office, and to emphasize the point that they need to settle in, apple will give each employee $1000 to buy equipment for their home offices. apple is doing this as the omicron variant of covid raises concerns about a possible winter search. tim cook -- winter surge. tim cook told employees about this in email and said they would be given four weeks notice before they're required to return to the office, and when they come back, it will be a hybrid model. they will be here mondays, tuesdays and thursdays, and wednesdays and fridays working from home. the plan before the announcement was for a february return. that has been delayed now
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indefinitely. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. this morning, a blow to san francisco's pandemic recovery. j.p. morgan chase canceled the in person conference scheduled next month over covid concerns and will be virtual instead. thousands were expected to attend. officials say the decision will mean millions in lost revenue for city hotels, restaurants, bars, and stores. this is a $15,000 loss for alpha graphics, which was set to make guides and handouts for thousands of attendees. >> we were pumped up, and then he got that heads up. >> we would have been 100% full and i would have brought back every employee. kumasi: one hotel already received around two dozen calls to cancel. j.p. morgan chase sent in emailed to attendees saying the health and safety of our clients and employees is of the utmost importance and giving the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we have made this decision. reggie: despite challenges, san
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francisco expects its first budget surplus in more than 20 years. the mayor says there will be a surplus of $108 million over the next two fiscal years, thanks to a real estate tax federal aid and boost in the city pension investments. he says there will not be any spending cuts, but budgets will also not grow. an existing fund should be used to improve public safety and economic recovery. kumasi: the ceos of southwest and american airlines question the need for a mask mandates for air travelers. >> i think the case is very strong that masks do not add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. it is very safe and high-quality compared to any other indoor setting. >> i concur. the aircraft is the safest place you can be. that is true of all of aircraft with air filters. kumasi: both ceos spoke during a senate hearing on the airline
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industry yesterday, saying the air filters on planes capture virtually all airborne contamination. after the hearing, american airlines their ceo agreed about the quality of the air and not the mask mandates. the president of the association of flight attendants responded in favor of the mandate, saying older planes do not have those high-quality air filtration systems. reggie: developing news and minnesota, at least one tornado was confirmed to have torn through the southeastern part of the state last night, the first ever tornado recorded in minnesota during december. officials are reporting extensive damage and power outages. we do not know yet about injuries. new information this morning about the strength of the deadly tornado that ravaged western kentucky last weekend. kumasi: president biden traveled to kentucky yesterday to get a look at the destruction in mayfield. jobina has the latest details. jobina: the national weather service is shedding new light on
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how violent the twister was. the tornado has been upgraded to an ef-4, second most intense as a nation a tornado can receive. it was on the ground in western kentucky per 128 miles with a peak wind speed of 190 miles-per-hour. president biden surveyed the damage yesterday, eating with families, sharing a prayer with faith leaders, and promising. or from the federal government. >> i met one couple who is looking for four friends. they do not know where they are. those who lost someone, there is no words for the pain of losing someone. a lot of us know it. jobina: 600 national guard members have been deployed in nearly 20 hard-hit counties. fema provided 61 generators, over 38,000 gallons of water, 24,000 meals, and thousands of cots and blankets. it is more complicated because of rain forecasted in the next few days. kumasi: look at this
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neighborhood in colorado. 90 mile an hour winds outside of denver made a neighborhood look like a nearby landfill. >> i went to get a package from my friend off her porch and got pelted with paper in my face. >> i have lived here my whole life, and it has never been this bad. kumasi: some residents were worried about christmas decorations blowing away or getting damaged. a high wind warning expired at 5:00 yesterday evening. reggie: more top stories at 6:00, hate crime justice. the south bay suspects call for an alleged 170 attacks in the past year. kumasi: metallica's sf takeover, teaming up with mayor breed for a series of events this weekend. reggie: and your reservoir report. the bay
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reggie: new developments, this week storms have not made much of it and on water levels in california reservoirs. according to water resources, several lakes are holding slightly more water than last month, but most others stayed the same and remain below water levels from year ago. experts say the snowpack in the sierra from the storms will turn into runoff in the spring and that will flow into reservoirs. mike: yes, and we are getting more snow next week, which is good news. let me so you what reggie was -- let me show you what reggie was talking about. 62 in oroville, the total capacity of what the lakes can hold. 46 in chaska, trinity 49, and don pedro 75, but definitely not where we should be. the runoff from the rain will
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help a little, but you can see it is tapering towards the end of the commute with light showers possible along the north coastal mountains, but for the most part after the commute, partly cloudy, cow dry it is going to get into the evening and tomorrow morning. it is going to be cold tomorrow morning. less than 1/10 of an inch of rain possible and mainly in the extremes of the south bay at north bay today. activity plans will be pretty good once the rain stops, whether you are at home, enjoy e sunshine. shopping early, read the umbrella. if you are hanging out, there are drops to dodge. also in your car, so here is jobina. jobina: the crash on the bay bridge on the upper deck is, not was, because it is still there and upgraded to a sig alert, so this is what you will take into the tunnel. i was tracking the speeds. they will average around eight miles-per-hour on the upper deck
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of the bay bridge, and that is consistent until you make your way through the tunnel. chp telling us there are four cars involved with injuries reported. metering lights came on 5:39, and then we also have another situation in walnut creek, so a look at the map, northbound 680 at olympic boulevard, this crashes blocking all the lanes. they are shut down right now, and that is why you see speeds at zero, so slow. kumasi: new at 6:00, the real-life grinch not enjoying his visitors. reggie: plus, porch pirates taking things to a new level. >> we have apprehended rather dangerous people stealing mail, so do not put yourself in danger. reggie: the issue mail carriers are seeing, and the tip of the
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reggie: developing news in
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richmond where police shot and killed a man. police say the man was holding a replica gun that officers thought was real. san pablo police responded to calls of a man with a gun in a parking lot yesterday afternoon. the man ended up in richmond. officers say he got out of his pickup holding a gun, and manipulating it as if it were real and refused to put it down. officers opened fire. police say it was not until after that they realize he had an airsoft gun. the officers are on leave, standard procedure. the department of justice will help investigate. kumasi: in the south bay, six men face robbery and hate crime charges. they are accused of targeting asians at least in 170 crimes this past year through the bay area. it started with the arrest of a 23-year-old oakland man in april, taken into custody on suspicion of nine purse snatching's and 30 other robberies. san jose police released
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surveillance video of some crimes at the time, and now investigators have taken five more suspects into custody. prosecutors say the victims were mostly asian women, and many were hurt during the robberies. 70 crimes took place in santa clara county, but a collaborative investigation by multiple police agencies have linked this crew to at least 100 more robberies around the region. if found guilty, at least one suspect is facing upwards of 95 years in prison. reggie: the u.s. postal inspection service is asking for your help catching waves or targeting mail cap -- thieves targeting mail carriers. >> letter carriers are being robbed on the street for mail, for their keys. reggie: home surveillance video could be an important tool. this camera caught a man again into a mail truck last year in san jose. the usps advises not to approach these while they are in the act. they are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of male thieves or robbers.
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kumasi: new at 6:00, a real-life grinch is taking a break from stealing christmas and the attention on social media. he has gone viral for his behavior toward his visitors. >> i feel like you are up a cheek. >> i thought you said cheap. >> we have the same lashes on. >> do we? let me see. yours are fake. >> had a good christmas. >> whatever. kumasi: no. reggie: he is good. kumasi: he has been hanging out with interactions with visitors at orlando, and we don't even know if he is excited about that. i feel like he is feeling it. reggie: i have been watching his videos recently because, you know, i watch videos because that is my thing. and he is consistently good. i do not know if it is the same grinch over and over again, but it is good. i like it. that is funny. mike: i wonder if the three of
6:19 am
us, who would be the best at that? reggie: is this really a question? mike: [laughter] kumasi: [laughter] mike: i just wanted to see if someone would own up to it, and they are not. it does look like a lot of fun, giving people trouble all day. alright, not getting in trouble. look at this trouble, sideways snow in the upper cove westbound across lake tahoe. winter storm warning until 10:00, and then more snow next week. here's a look at san jose, and this has to be the driest spot in all of the bay area. less than one inch of rain. i checked the other gauges in the south bay, nearly one inch to five inches all the way to los gatos. you can see why we have such lower amounts here. our morning commute, showers, rain, and the kickapoo of disparate on 101 and 180. colder. watch out for frost the next two
6:20 am
mornings and mainly dry, but another weak atmospheric river monday through thursday. right now, it is barely the south facing the best reader returns, as we are transitioning over to partly cloudy. 55 to 58 this afternoon and not as breezy as yesterday. 40's almost everywhere, even parts of the peninsula, and then 40 to 42 for the bayshore and to the coast. we know these medium-range models have a hard time with rainfall, especially in linda east bay at south bay. one thing i want you to know as most of sunday will be dry until midnight. it is from santa rosa northward where we have measurable rain. through wednesday, you can see it over forecasted rain. one inch to three inches and possibly four in our mountains. dry weather this afternoon, friday, saturday, and most of sunday. look how cold it will be
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saturday, barely 50 degrees. kumasi: we are checking in with ginger with what is coming up on "gma." gi start with the severe weather, the same storm that blasted through you all could have brought in a soda tornado on record in december, so that will be incredible to see the survey today. gusts up to 107 miles-per-hour through the planes. dust storms, all the damage into wisconsin, where people saw potential tornado or straight-line damage wind with snow in their front yard. unbelievable. we will also get the latest on the coronavirus with the fast spreading omicron variant and fears it could lead to a bigger surgein cases that now. what you should do before you taken at home rapid test to improve your chances of an accurate reading. alize to dr. fauci about all of it. any warning about cte, the widow of vincent jackson, speaking out for the first time since his
6:22 am
death. and we have priyanka jonas talking about "the matrix." she is in it, outstanding, i love her. you do not want to maze it. reggie: and having the premiere of "the matrix" in san francisco, which does not happen kumasi: kumasi: often. we are winning. ginger: take advantage. get to her. she is the best. reggie: we will be stalking stars this weekend. [laughter] see you at 7:00, hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember.
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mike: i am happy to report our patient is getting healthier, the patient being our snowpack. up to 73% of average, up from 23% a few days ago. still have a chance of snow until 10:00 this morning if you are traveling up there. i would recommend traveling tomorrow, saturday or even sunday, and then heavy snow is
6:25 am
on the way again for monday through wednesday of next week. reggie: today, san francisco mayor london breed will celebrate metallica's 40th anniversary at chase center. he will join the rock and roll hall of fame band and announcing a new series of concerts around the city tonight. metallica already has concerts tomorrow and saturday at chase center. according to "the chronicle," they will announce details for the san francisco takeover. other shows that are expected to be announced from artists on the recent metallica tribute album. kumasi: somebody just paid big bucks for an unreleased whitney houston song. it sold this week at auction for $999,000, one short of $1 million. the song was recorded when she was 17 years old. no word yet on who bought it or if they will make this on public. reggie: if your spidey senses are tingling, there is a reason. "spider-man: no way home" hits
6:26 am
theaters. it features other marvel superheroes and villains, tangled up in one big web. >> characters from out of nowhere start appearing, and it leads to really epic confrontations and incredible special and visual effects. reggie: you have to watch to see it. hint, zendaya, and tom holland. they pick the superpowers they would want in real life. >> if i could turn invisible so people do not find me, that would be amazing. >> i would want to teleport, that would make life easier, and i could get more done. reggie: what was he po kumasi: he had a glass, and he needed the water at that particular time. reggie: when zendaya was
6:27 am
speaking? disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. kumasi: next, the unusual surprise that showed up at one homeowner store. reggie: if you play the lotto, check your ticket. someone in the bay area won a big jackpot. kumasi: your changes to covid protocols at work. provisions to know about for the new year. reggie: they live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. more like a parking lot. that is bad.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: making ne making ne make fighting. a covid winter surge health leaders pushing against the mask mandate and a new study on the omicron variant with a positive update. reggie: a look outside.
6:30 am
drying off to start your thursday. you may have heard it was raining a lot, so take it slow. he will not really have a choice because the roads are packed with people barely moving. kumasi: plus, new buildings at -- not oldies but businesses. at the iconic ferry building. a sneak peek of what you will see the next time you shop. good morning. it is thursday, december 16, you are watching abc 7 mornings, live on abc 7, who live in wherever you stream. we are starting with mike. mike: a 50/50 day today. it is tough with the rain falling and the slippery conditions and the pounding on the roadways, especially down into the south bay right now. this entire line is the last real organized area of showers produced by this one like storm. it hangs around to the morning commute, leaving us with
6:31 am
less than 1/10 of an inch of rain and slippery conditions but drive for evening commute. mid-40's low 50's and mild this morning, and then the clouds open up with sunshine, except for the north bay with showers around noon, 51 to 55, and we do not warm up or than that, 53 55 at 3:00 to 4:00. back in the 40's and a cold couple of nights before another soaking storm. reggie: thank you. we are waiting to find out whether the rain played a role in this deadly crash overnight in do northbound lanes of 280 near zero monte boulevard. a car was towed around midnight and the driver died. heavy rain was coming down at the time. hospitals are bracing for a wave of new covid-19 infections because of the omicron variant. kumasi: we are learning more about the new symptoms. jobina has what health experts are saying. jobina: they say the winter surge is intensifying as families are starting to get
6:32 am
together for the holidays. the u.s. government reports america is up to 118,000 new covid cases per day, 45% more than last month. the cdc urges people to continue wearing masks in public settings and places where there is substantial transmission of the disease. right now, that is about 90% of all counties in the country. dr. fauci talked "good morning america" about how quickly omicron could spread. >> it has extraordinary ability to transmit efficiently and spread. very soon, it will be the dominant variant. we have seen that in south africa, the u.k., and i am certain that is what we will see here relatively soon. jobina: the is reportedly discussing two possible futures, one, possible peak in cases after mid-january, and the second moderate rise after the spring. there is some encouraging news,
6:33 am
a preliminary study from south africa shows the pfizer vaccine may offer 70% of protection from being hospitalized with the variant. kumasi: some health experts have started to question how effective mask mandates in public spaces are, especially when vaccinated. dr. gala says his county can be looked at as a microcosm for understanding masking. only vallejo and venetia had mask requirements, and vacaville did not. >> the experiment shows it is not making a difference in disease transmission. ironically, disease transmission rates are higher in the ones with mandates and the ones that are not, not uniformly but on average. kumasi: california's health and human services secretary told reporters this week that masking and public spaces makes a difference by reducing transmission significantly. reggie: apple announced it is the latest big tech company in
6:34 am
the area to delay a return to the office, and to further emphasize how long employees may stay home, they are offering money to buy more supplies. abc 7 reporter amy hollyfield is live in cupertino. amy: good morning. employees were set to return here to the campus in cupertino in february. that has been delayed. they will not be coming back here anytime soon. the mandatory return to office has been delayed indefinitely. tim cook told employees they would be given four weeks notice before they are required to return to work in person and that will be a hybrid plan. they will work in the office three days a week and work at home the other two, in response to the omicron variant and the fact that health officials are not sure yet what the impact will be of the new strain. until they return, apple is making sure employees are comfortable at home, giving each
6:35 am
worker $1000 to improve their work from home set up. interesting to think about what would you buy with $1000? would you get a standup desk? spend that money wisely because they will be there a while. definitely not returning before february. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. today, state regulators are set to extend the coronavirus workplace regulations into 2022 with provisions. the biggest change, there will no longer be distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated workers. anyone in close contact with someone with covid will have to stay home 14 days with the exceptions. the rules are getting negative reaction from some, who say it could worsen the labor shortage. reggie: people in minnesota waking up to tornado damage after it hit hartland last night about 90 miles south of minneapolis. this is the aftermath. this is the first time a december tornado has been
6:36 am
reported in minnesota as part of a larger storm bringing hurricane force winds across theg great plains and midwest. gusts clocked in at 100 miles-per-hour in some states. the extreme weather impacted about 80 million people. kumasi: president biden toward two kentucky towns ravaged by the deadly tornadoes. he promised residents that the federal government would do everything it can to help. he says he was impressed by the resilience shown by community members and understands there will be tough days ahead. >> those who lost someone, there was no words for the pain of losing someone. a lot of us know it. of us understand it, especially around the holidays when everything is supposed to be happy and joyful. kumasi: at least 90 people were killed in last weekend's storm with 80 in kentucky alone and dozens are still missing this morning. you can help the victims of the midwest tornadoes by donating to
6:37 am
the red cross. call 1-800-rate-class or go to redcross.corg/abc. reggie: in the case of elizabeth holmes, both sides say they will wrap up quickly. reaching a verdict. kumasi: and you are looking at the new york stock exchange. up right now. reggie: plus, back in business. new additions of building a better bay area. first, a check on your accuweather forecast. mike: let's take a look at live doppler 7. you can see a drying trend, at least in the activity that is out there, but the damage is already done to our morning commute. we will talk to jobina more about that, coming up. nearly six inches of rain this week. you can see how saturated it is at 880 near the coliseum, and that is the case if you were on the ferry. rainy for another hour or two, and if you take mass transit, grab an umbrella. those stops are wet.
6:38 am
at some boots because there are puddles. mild. we are definitely more comfortable, five degrees to 12 degrees warmer, 48 to 51 across san francisco right now. 50 at richmond, palo alto, belmont. 53 union city. the rest of us in the mid to upper 40's. future radar, look at the clouds. they open up through the morning commute as grain exits to the south with stray showers developing for a couple of hours across the north bay coastal mountains. look at that wash and dry air taking away the clouds as we head into the evening hours. that means a chilly night on the way. we will talk about frost and the next round of rain for several days next week. over to jobina. jobina: thank you. good morning. i have some good news. check this picture out. if you saw this video, about 30 minutes ago, it was packed on the upper deck of the. bay bridge there was a sig alert involving
6:39 am
multiple cars in the tunnel but that has been moved out of the way. the damage has been done to the commute because the bay bridge toll plaza is packed, and the backup extends all the way to the maze. we have not seen that in a while, and that is because of the crash earlier this morning. metering lights came on at 5:39. through walnut creek, the thumbs-up is on the map because that sig alert on 680 at a lubbock boulevard has cleared. happening -- at olympic boulevard cleared. happening today, on interstate 580, since 1950 one, big rigs have been diverted from 580 to 880, creating air pollution in west oakland, disproportionately impacting people of color. alameda officials will host an ongoing town hall as part of the review of the ban, featuring financial planning is finding your home away from home. review of the ban, featuring presentations from the air
6:40 am
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eeeeeeeeee plane crashed after off from florida. victor o kumasi: a plane crash in the dominican republic killed all nine people on board, including puerto rican music producer flo. the jet was minutes into its flight to miami yesterday when it tried to make an emergency landing and then crashed. also killed was a 38-year-old music producer's longtime partner and therefore-year-old child. his produce -- he produced hits for artists like j. lo and bad bunny. reggie: closing arguments are set to begin in elizabeth holmes' fraud trial. last week, defense attorneys rested their case after she completed her seventh day on the witness stand. federal prosecutors did not have a rebuttal. she is accused of deceiving investors and patients about the true capabilities of her blood testing startup. both sides told the judge the
6:43 am
expected minister summations by tomorrow -- expect to finish their summations by tomorrow. deliberations could continue to the holiday season if needed. kumasi: the family of mario goes all is once alameda police officers involving his death to face murder charges, responding to the corner's report declaring gonzalez's death a homicide. police body camera video captured the incident between officers and gonzalez. the autopsy found that the pin down was one factor and he was on methamphetamine. they said that our family demands peace officers be fired immediately and that the district attorney bring criminal charges against all officers involved in his murder. if the county is unwilling to bring justice, the state must intervene. the officers are on administrative leave. reggie: bell hooks has died at 69. her work, including several books, focused on topics that were really all about race,
6:44 am
class, feminism, the intersection of all three. she was an alumna of uc santa cruz. they wrote that she left an indelible mark through her work. she was also a professor at a college in kentucky, where she was from. school officials say she died after an extended illness. kumasi: crab season starts tomorrow for recreational crabbing off the coast from mendocino county to monterey, but commercial crabbing will have to wait until after christmas. they delayed the season after concern that humpback whales could get tangled up in fishing lines. the whales have since moved on, clearing the way for crab boats to set traps after christmas, and they can hauling catches summer 29th. reggie: for your money report, after years of was, san francisco's reddit is going public. they filed for the proposed ipo last night. they are known for their online message board. it was founded in 2005. it was valued at $10 billion
6:45 am
during a private fundraising round earlier this year. reddit did not disclose the potential ipo price or number of shares. directv is blaming inflation and raising its prices, starting next month, for satellite directv stream customers. they will kick in january 23. it depends on your current plan. satellite customers will see monthly cost increases between one dollar and $10 depending on the package. price increases for streaming customers will range from four dollars to $10 a month. the bided administration plans to announce actions it is taking to expand the trucking industry in the country by promoting trucking jobs. it is part of an effort to address supply chain challenges over the next three months. the administration plans to hold a series of events and take steps with trucking companies, truckers, state partners, labor and others to advance the plans. here is a live look at the new york stock exchange. investors saw good signs
6:46 am
yesterday after the fed on 2022 interest rates, stocks jumped across the board, and you can see we are up 155 points. kumasi: so many businesses have closed during the pandemic in the bay area, but new ones are on the way to the ferry building. the majority are owned by immigrants or people of color. issues of race and social justice are important to us at abc 7 as we work to build a better bay area. here's a look at the impact of doing business in one of the bay area's most iconic buildings. one restaurant is beautiful to see at the ferry building, but what draws customers is the smell. >> it smells so good. kumasi: it's frequent -- its fragrant candles and goat milk soaps are made by hand. >> we dip it, and then you put that there. kumasi: the company started 10 years ago as a passion project. the owners never imagining they
6:47 am
would sell their productfrt i of san francisco's most iconic buildings. >> luckily, we have been given an opportunity by the ferry building and doing better than ever. we are really proud to say that it started from humble beginnings. kumasi: they have been in this location for about a year, and they have done well, despite the pandemic. >> we get a ton of people from around the world but also a lot of natives. you see this huge mix of people, and you get exposure to really what everyone around the world might want to see. if you stick there, then you know you are offering something people really want. kumasi: soon, more bay area small businesses will have their own stores in the ferry building. >> we are excited to welcome a handful of new businesses this year. kumasi: lily has programming and marketing at the ferry building. she is proud that five of the new businesses are owned by immigrants or people of color. cholita linda, a latin american
6:48 am
eatery, a french crêperie, gourmet foods, and sustainable caviar producer, and pudding, which sells seasonal cobblers and bread pudding. >> we feel the need to represent the bay area as a whole.having immigrant owned or black-owned businesses is an important part of representing the bay area. we are thrilled. this is has been so popular, lines out the door every day. i think that really speaks to what people want to see and what is important to show. maison hopes their new neighbors will share their story of success with the help of a san francisco icon. >> everyone needs that look. nothing come super easily, but you need to be prepared and hard-working. once that luck hits, you will take off. kumasi: friends. reggie: so good. kumasi: i had to surprise you all. yes pudding is in the house with
6:49 am
us. they open friday at the ferry building, one of the five new businesses. i had them at the farmers market. so good. i felt like you all had to experience this. of course, there is a banana pudding. but this is -- wait. this is twice baked almond croissant bread pudding. jobina has that one. and then this is the bourbon caramel bread pudding. reggie: that is bourbon. mike: that is what i have, right? kumasi: yes, friend. jobina: you should have seen her sprinkle this powder sugar on my plate. brp, brp. mike: it was like angels. blessing your food. kumasi: listen, friends, i want you want to have an experience. we stay hungry. jobina: and i did not bring anything. reggie: can i try that banana pudding? kumasi: you should can, friend. mike: i cannot eat mine because
6:50 am
i have to talk now. kumasi:kumasi: i have not had this on before. jobina: no words for me. mike: amen. so good. i wish them the best, and we will help make sure. kumasi: yes to the banana pudding. mike: that they stay in business. jobina: if it is just us four, we will be there. mike: i see a morning walk in our future every day. reggie: we are going to have to walk this off. [laughter] around the block. mike: are we close enough to the holidays that calories do not count, right? kumasi: we will go with it. mike: you stay right here, mr. bourbon bread pudding. kumasi: it is good, mike. mike: i just tasted the sauce. mmm. all right, got to talk. four and nearly quarter inches of rain in san francisco, but we are saying goodbye. showers are tapering. partly cloudy, so grab the sunglasses. tonight, grab n extr blanket and watch for frost anda our goal is neighborhoodsn.
6:51 am
mainly dry this weekend with clouds on the increase. i think the rain is going to hold off until after the sun sets on sunday. we are in a bowl of cold, unstable air. behind that, high pressure. that is what it will be dry with huge temperature swings from 20's and 30's to the 50's the next couple of days. 55 to 58 degrees today, and look at the wealth of 30's. just about everywhere, even around redwood city and palo alto. otherwise, 40 242 on the bayshore and to the coast. on sunday, until 11:00, it is pretty dry. monday and tuesday, that weak atmospheric atmospheric weather come -- atmospheric weather comes in. we are looking at one to three additional inches and that means several more feet of snow. one for the evening sunday. two for monday and tuesday, a moderate storm and lingering showers on wednesday.
6:52 am
kumasi: all right. check your tickets because somebody in the bay area has won big in a lottery drawing. one single ticket and last night's super lotto plus drawing is an $11 million jackpot winner. if you bought a ticket at 711 in san jose, it could be you. 5, 8, 9, 19, 39, and the mega number is nine. a nonprofit in the south bay is doing its hard to build a better bay area. martha's kitchen put on its annual christmas dinner. reggie: the cold weather made the focus different than years past. volunteers packed plates for those around the city's willow neighborhood. martha's kitchen executive director says the request for free food resources is three times what they saw two years ago for the pandemic. this time, a warm clothing were a bigger demand than food. 19-year-old's family was forced -- one nine-year-old's family
6:53 am
was forced into a shelter because of the pandemic. they say counting on martha's kitchen is helping. >> it provides us cannot get cold, and it provides us to have a warm, happy heart. reggie: 350 people came out for coats, hats, and gloves in the first 30 minutes. kumasi: the san francisco 49ers artificially going international. starting in 2022, they will expand marketing to mexico and the u.k. as part of the international home marketing areas program. international fans can expect to see specific content, plan events, and apparel. you can watch all things disney well facetiming with friends and family. reggie: disney+ unrolled an update to start a facetime call on your iphone and open the disney+ app, tap play, and the content against for everyone on the call. participants have to be disney+
6:54 am
subscribers, and disney is the parent company of abc 7. kumasi: one man in colorado has an unusual houseguest that keeps coming back. reggie: a bull elk. beautifulwow. kumasi: beautiful. reggie: it has been caught investigating his front porch. the homeowner so the first time it visited, it rang the doorbell before walking away. he says he knows it is the same one because of the distinctive royal antlers. he has named his furry visitor bruno. kumasi: [laughter] i used to live in colorado. rocky mountain national park in there, so the elk are like, what are you doing here? reggie: do for visiting, now go home to your place. a beautiful animal. kumasi: back to this food we had today. what was your favorite? reggie: this thing. kumasi: the almond.
6:55 am
that is what you got, jobina? you warmed it up? reggie: she did not waste any time with that microwave. kumasi: [laughter] reggie: [laughter] jobina: you heard the little beep in mike's weather. kumasi: thank you, yes pudding. for seven things you need to know today. reggie:
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
kumasi: 6:57. the seven things to know. number one, new data on how effective vaccines are against the omicron variant. a study from south africa shows that pfizer's vaccine provides 33% protection from infection but 70% from hospitalization. reggie: number two, jpmorgan chase canceled next month's in person health, it's in san francisco because of covid concerns. it will now be virtual. kumasi: number three, apple is delaying its return to work plan because of the pandemic indefinitely. workers will get $1000 to buy equipment for home offices. reggie: number four, and a soda has seen a tornado in december for the first time, leaving damage behind. mike: so heartbreaking. let's look at number five. as we wake up, we are putting the storm to bed. any chance of showers should be over by 10:00. less than 1/10 of an inch of rain but slippery. jobina: it is impacting the
6:59 am
commute this morning. number six, a really slow and full ride, especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up to the maze. westbound on the san mateo bridge is recovering from a sig alert with speeds under the limit. kumasi: number seven, london breed will celebrate metallica's 40th anniversary at che center. he will announce details for the san francisco takeover, which is a series of concerts around the city, starting tonight. reggie: exit night. ♪ enter light take my hand often banana pudding land ♪ ♪ kumasi: [laughter] reggie: metallica, make it pudding. kumasi: a whole san francisco day. [laughter] are you feeling it? mike: can we end the show early? i went to eat mine. kumasi: you did not try it?
7:00 am
mike: i did, but only a little. kumasi: let's wrap this up, good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this thursday morning, another hard hit for the heartland. breaking overnight, the first december tornado ever reported in minnesota. at least 21 reported twisters in three states with winds topping 90 miles an hour destroying buildings, overturning massive tractor trailers and now the severe weather taking aim. residents of the devastated region bracing for that powerful storm on the move. ginger is tracking the latest. holiday surge. a new warning about omicron. the new variant becomes more dominant as hard hit colleges start moving exams


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