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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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health officer dr. sarah cody, fully masked. dr. cody with a concerning warning after seeing cases rise worldwide. >> when i look around the corner ahead, what i see is the day lucia of omicron. -- at deluge of omicron. perhaps one of the most challenging moments we have had yet. >> omicron is present at some level throughout the county, according to -- 10 confirmed cases, four on vaccinator, five vaccinated. >> what we think is going to happen is a big omicron we've surge on top of delta. >> what can we do? >> be recommend booster shots are everybody eligible. >> only 44% are -- and e data shows positive results
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against omicron. >> the effectiveness against omicron was about 30%. when you boosted that person, the effectiveness went up to 75%, at least. the vaccines work. we need to boost them. >> dr. cody says vaccines and boosters still might not be enough to stop omicron. >> this is about prevention. no single strategy works, we have to combine. >> the doctor says we are at a crossroads. >> everyone has experienced a lot of change and uncertainty and difficulty. that is the reality we have. however, we cannot simply our head in the sand. >> if you do. >> when i look around the corner, i see a lot of omicron. >>
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committee recommended people opt for an mrna vaccine like pfizer or moderna over johnson & johnson. that is afternoon review over data linked to rare blood clots. experts say j&j is more beneficial than no vaccine at all. -- decid decid decid decid or the change includes fully vaccinated people to the mask and socially distance at work if they are exposed to the virus. experts believe omicron will become the dominant variant within a few weeks. the u.s. is reporting 118,000 new cases each day. stanford university is making changes in the face of the variant. students will be required to show proof of booster shot unless they have exemption. the winter quarter will be online for the first two weeks. today, we talked to emma talley,
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the newsroom director of the stanford daily. >> we had fall quarter in person and it was amazing. it was great to be normal again. i think there is a lot of apprehension that things will regress. >> talley says they saw a sli si bump after thanksgiving break, but not a large outbreak like other schools are seeing. students are required to test once a week and wear masks in classrooms. stamford children's health is making it easier for children to get vaccinated. amy hollyfield was set san jose with a vaccine van. amy: aidan is taking a break from the playground to get vaccinated. he was a little worried about it hurting, but convinced himself he could handle it. >> i am stronger than my friend. my friend took it, she did not cry. >> so, you got this?
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amy: in's family -- aiden's family already got vaccinated. the mobile van has been here several times. >> we started working for testing. when the vaccine became available, we sorted working to get vaccines. amy: it has evolved to vaccinate 5-11-year-olds for despite the appearance of unhappy customers, parents say they are thrilled to have this convenience. >> i had nowhere to go until the school sent -- that the van was going to come to the dashcam today. >> at the beginning it will start to get a vaccine. our community was thankful they could just walk in. amy: he made it through. the seven-year-old is going to take the rest of the day off. >> i am going to stay at home.
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tomorrow, i go to school sandhya: >> principal -- amy: you give stamford children's health ache call to see of the van will come to you. they have already administered 23,000 vaccines. kristen: if you have questions about vaccines, you can ask our team. a bare area high school after social media posts threatened a school shooting. districts around the country have been aware of a tiktok challenge in encouraging students to make false threats. sac fuentes spoke with a local -- social media giants candy bar. >> friday was supposed to be the last day of the semester for students at gilroy high school. and said, finals that were supposed to be taken tomorrow
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are scheduled for after winter break. it is because of this threat on social beauty appeared the person saying they will shoot up a school on december 17. it turns out police found it was made from a male juvenile in los angeles. santa clara county office of education says this comes as a tiktok challenge encouraging students to post threats is happening nationwide. san francisco unified school district said they are also aware of the challenge circulating but do not have plans to cancel classes. this -- adding classes will not be canceled. santa clara county says they are in communication with tiktok. adding, the social media team has responsibility in these issues. a cybersecurity expert says social media giants need to do more. he says between our official intelligence and monitoring done
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my humans, social media platforms can do a good job at scanning keywords in context faster. >> instead of waiting 24 hours to flag the account, if the account is saying something which is threatening, this should have the highest priority. fbi says they are aware. this a -- a person could face five years in prison. kristen: the alameda county public protection committee is addressing because right now to ban the use of pepper spray and prone restraints at juvenile hall. -- calls for a ban on the use of pepper or oc spray. such decision would the union approval. advocates say prohibiting it would put staff numbers at risk.
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those against say it is dangerous and unhealthy and likened its application to child abuse. aside from alameda county, only sonoma county and -- still use pepper spray. here is a state -- site. more snow piling up in the sierra. rick grabbed this from the uc berkeley central sierra snow lab's twitter feed. this ahab -- they have received more than 16 inches of snow. 80 inches over the last seven days. spencer is here with what we can expect. i think we have another snow that is going to dump more snow. >> next week this year can expect more. this week, the snow is measured in feet. so much snow in the sierra. i am showing you the percentages of average snow pack before this week, and after this week. the northern sierra went from
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14% of average to 73% of beverage. central syria -- central sierra, 83% average. that makes the statewide conditions going from troy terry three -- >> thanks to this week's atmospheric snow. as we look at the three-day forecast for the weekend, we are looking at sunny skies, dry conditions. it really cold, but no snow. however, midweek next week as we get rainfall in the bay area we can expect more snow. maybe a significant amount. kristen: thank you. this week's storms are not making a dent yet in water levels in northern california reservoirs. like mendocino, shasta and oracle have less water.
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most stay the same for official said the row from the sierra snowpack will help, eventually. as for the drought conditions, it is about the same as last week with -- most of the area in the -- but conditions are better than three month ago. school districts -- sorry, new d's -- the column csi districts desperate for health come up with a new plan for substitute teachers. heavy metal anniversary. metallica celebrates their 40th first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough. my joints hurt. i was afraid things were going to get worse. i was always hiding, and that's just not me. not being there for my family, that hurt.
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reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. kristen: there is a teacher shortage. san francisco unified are desperately looking for substitutes. they're hoping they can tap into an unlikely group of people. lyanne melendez found out who they are. >> john murphy is a substitute teacher working for san francisco unified. these days, with the teacher shortage, he has -- he is considered a hot commodity. >> we have 36 classrooms. no teacher. either we couldn't find anyone to hire come over the teacher has gone on leave.
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>> substitute teachers step income upper right now there are not enough of them. san francisco unified are covering only 64% of daily vacancies. >> there has been manned man for subs in the past. there is more now. if you look at the system, maybe double the demand? >> the economic policy has caught the teacher shortage a "real, large and growing." their latest report shows how bad it is. the blue line represents the number of new teachers in the pipeline while the yellow line shows the demand for educators. the projected supply of new teachers in this country will not meet demand denny's pup is with -- will not be demand. >> we have an aging population of teachers. we did not have enough people to replace. add covid on top of that, trying
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to go online with the same aging population. >> san francisco is reaching out to experienced educators who retired at least six months ago in hopes they will become substitutes. >> that is our hope. substitute teaching can be part-time. even one or two days a week would help us so much. >> the district told us they are increasing the rate they paid substitute teachers. as set unified -- in san francisco, leanne melendez. >> a north beach community group is providing groceries and gift for those in need. north beach citizens was founded by francis ford coppola in 2001. its mission is to feed and house the house lists in the neighborhood and bring stability.
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since november, they have seen a 38% increase in the need for assistance. >> individuals on the streets, even in single committee hotels -- single occupancy hotels need a sense of family and hope around the holidays. >> north beach citizens operates a cure round with donations from the community. the crab season starts tomorrow. for recreational crabbing from mendocino county south to monterey. commercial crabbing will have to wait. crab boats will have to start setting traps the day after christmas. melt that butter i am ready. [laughter]spencer can -- >> dry conditions with sunny skies. mainly sunny.
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wind is relatively calm. we have had a little bit of a warm-up since yesterday. our temperature change shows five degrees warmer than yesterday. two degrees warmer in oakland. we will take it. here is a view over san francisco. mainly clear but partly cloudy skies. 55 degrees oakland. morgan hill checks in at 54 degrees. the view at the golden gate mostly sunny skies as well. 55. 52 fairfield, concord and livermore. the view from the emeryville camera toward golden gate, we will have clear skies overnight. it will be cold inland. dry tomorrow, but cold nights will be with us into the weekend. a rainy pattern returns next
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week. overnight, the forecast animation looks like this. clouds will be mainly out. clear skies overnight, fog over the central valley. in the bay area, clear skies in the morning commute. a chilly overnight period with low temperatures dropping to the low 30's in most of our area. most locations will have lows in the mid to upper 30's around bay shoreline, upper 30's to around 40. chile basically everywhere. tomorrow, high temperatures of 53. 54 oakland. along the shoreline, highs only in the low to mid 50's. inland east bay, highs of 52. in the north bay, highs of 50 five. santa rosa, 52 napa. san jose will top out at 55. here is the forecast.
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mostly sunny skies to start sunday but clouds will thicken. monday and tuesday, stormy weather. at the moment, there is new guidance coming in. we may downgrade the storms from level two to level one at the moment, stormy weather starting the week. either way, our week and wet weather next week. kristen: we will keep an eye on that. u.s. fish and wild laid out plans to eradicate house mice on southeast fairlawn i have been. they say they want to restore the island to its natural conviction. -- natural condition. poisoning the mice is the best option. critics fear the poison will also be toxic to birds and other animals.
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a new fish and wildlife plan comes from shooing away birds and raptors. more details about the proposed stadium at howard terminal. i felt awful because of my psoriasis. i was covered from head to toe with it.
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>> the fda now says patients no longer have to wait to pick up the pills in person. that means they can be sent through mail. doctors who prescribed the abortion pill must complete certification. today's decision will likely spur legal challenges among the ongoing battle among abortion. michael finney is here with a look at today's headlines. >> interesting stuff. we begin with a pepperoni recall. smithfield package meets issued a recall for nearly 11,000 pounds of pepperoni sold under the margarita pepperoni brand name. the product may be contaminated
4:24 pm
with a bacteria that could cause diarrhea. no illnesses have been reported. it comes in the form of a student loan payments are set to resume next month. the ftc has issued a consumer alert that fraudsters are impersonating loan services via calls, texts and emails to steal financial and other private information. borrowers should be aware that no legitimate company will charge an upfront fee for assistance with the loan debt. information like security and other information should never, never, ever be given to unsolicited collars. the consumer financial bureau is investigating a group of by now, pay later, days. there are concerns consumers may
4:25 pm
be piling on too much debt. paypal and zip have and zip hap to provide data including user demographics and the number of transactions made and the average dollar amount of all of those transactions. cfpb says that by now -- buy now pay later is -- is a new version of layaway, where the presumed -- the consumer gets the product immediately, but the debt too. kristen: i like getting the product immediately. [laughter] kristen: new details about the plans for their moment of howard tournament -- new plans about development of the howard terminal. 40 years o
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kristen: sports and entertainment group released its development plans for oakland coliseum following the expiration of the oakland a's lease. at the top of the list, tens of thousands of permanent new jobs. >> the african-american entertainment group announcing $30,000 for oa k. -- jobs through the development project. >> it is our time. >> as they evaluate what to develop, they plan to develop gainful wages for oakland residents including the most disenfranchised members of the
4:29 pm
community. >> it is a profound responsibility to our community. we sit here and to try to figure -- we try to figure out what are the answers. >> it is about public safety, access, job opportunity. this process is going to enable that to happen. >> more jobs equals more safety. >> in conjunction with the project could include jobs in construction, maintenance, retail and management. >> there is a need for jobs in oakland. >> that training could include entry-level imprint to ships, and working place mentoring and coaching. all jobs will guarantee a minimum wage of $15 per hour. the initial -- cost-of-living wages. there will be a minimum of six drops per 1000 square feet of retail space. >> we have hundreds of acres of property that are on bart by the
4:30 pm
airport that have a precleared environmental process and strong community support for developing. >> aas e.g.'s founder said affordable housing is part of the project as well. kristen: now to the plans for the development and the proposed new a's ballpark, casey pratt is live with new date tl's. >> the long-awaited environmental impact report for the ballpark proposal will be released tomorrow. the 3500 page report will be released and will be available online. draft was available in february, and to comb through address all concerns. this is a big step toward the a's staying in oakland. -- says in part this is a exhaustive and ensures it is environmentally safe and
4:31 pm
sustainable. it keeps us on track to bring the project to a final vote for the city council in 2022. this can be confusing. tomorrow, they -- will be released. there will have a planning commission hearing to review the ir and determine a recommendation. final certification is possible by february but there will likely be lawsuits. the a's will also have to propose and the agreement will be finalized. the city has exceeded their goal of securing 350 $2 million in funding to pay for off-site infrastructure which the a's told us was their biggest concerns. kristen: thank you. san francisco is paying tribute to one of its proudest musical claims to fame. metallica. the heavy metal band is taking over the city with period concerts -- pop up concerts and
4:32 pm
acts of charity. ♪ >> they are heavy metal royalty. from their hit "enter sandman," to performing with the san francisco symphony. it all started here 40 years ago. >> i want to officially declare today metallica day. [applause] >> the legendary band celebrating its 40th by basking in the praise of the city they love. >> our hearts and our souls and our sense of belonging will always be san francisco. metallica and san francisco will always be synonymous. >> i am happy to sit here with lars and celebrate this moment with you all. >> metallica is taking over the city with live music, even a block party on valencia street. >> part of this metallica
4:33 pm
experience, this kristen: metallica take -- this metallica takeover includes supporting small businesses. it includes doing a cleanup at the beach. >> it culminates with two weekend concerts at chase center. the mayor says fans from around the world are coming to restart the local economy. >> metallica means everything to me. i travel all over the world to see them. >> the band says thanks. as of retirement, don't even say it. >> we are just getting started. [applause] kristen: garth brooks is set to perform tonight at a san jose bar. after canceling stadium events, brooks announced a tour of dive bars including club rodeo on coleman avenue. kr ty held a contest to give
4:34 pm
away the tickets. fans lined up early to get a spot in front of the stage. >> i am going to give garth everything. thank him for taking the time to share his talent with the fans of care derived. -- kr ty >> kristen: everyone was required to upload proof of vaccination or negative ptr test within 72 hours. within 72 hours. workplace rules chan your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, entrust your heart to entresto. it's the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart, so it may not work as well. entresto helps improve your heart's ability
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kristen: we have casey, spencer, food. [laughter] and chris. state regulators -- food -- state regulators extending coronavirus regulations into 2022 next year with changes. the biggest chance, there will no longer be distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated workers. anyone in close contact with someone with covered will have to stay home for 14 days. the roles are getting negative reactions from some business groups who say the change could worsen the labor shortage. well, what do you think? >> the california chamber of commerce does not like this. they say treating vaccinated and and unvaccinated the same -- the
4:38 pm
value of the science itself. taking a lot of days off is going to hurt some companies. >> especially if the person is not infectious, something who doctors who have been on our show mentioned. >> i feel the same way. howhowhowhowhowhow and vaccinated workers the same or put them in the same category? and maintain health standards? covid is still spreading. >> indeed. i am slated to read these, but am going to make an executive decision and have chris introduce the next one. >> all right. i can read. i think. fashion trends come and go, some repeat. 21 years later, the low rise jeans make a comeback. all -- back in the back
4:39 pm
the jeans showed up again at spring fashion shows read the wall street journal describes the cut as arguably sexy, risque and playful. one thirtysomething told -- it feels less attractive. what once was old is new again. is not the same? everything comes back. >> apparently. i think they look great on some people. [laughter] >> chris went to you because you are the skinniest of the four of us. [laughter] >> as i was saying, politely, diplomatically, they look nice on some people. >> everyone has their own sense of style. >> i will say this. those pants are not conducive to movement. please can we keep those away from plumbers at all costs. [laughter]
4:40 pm
>> please. good point. casey, you get the next one. >> you guys remember, we got got sample of flaming hot mountain dew. i made my own, then they sent us a real one. mountain dew has sent us another sample. we are now mountain dew influencers. this is a gingersnap do. you have your own sample. apparently it goes good with booze. i have recipes, we will do a taste test now. >> i am pasting it. i taste the ginger. >> it is there. >> it does not make it sweeter. that is good. >> the ginger kind of replaces the dew flavor. it says, this is the official drink of the naughty list.
4:41 pm
we might be naughty now. sorry, santa. one recipe that came in the box, mountain dew snap bourbon or whiskey, one quarter ounce bourbon, one quarter ounce maple syrup, one quarter ounce -- and that might put us on the naughty list. [laughter] >> i will not be doing the maple syrup, the rest sounds good. >> i won't be doing the low rise jeans. [laughter] >> maybe after a few, you will put some on. [laughter] >> last year, -- restauran restn lafayette closed its doors after 70 years. now, the restaurant is back in a different form. it is reopening as the original. they have old favorites and n
4:42 pm
ones as well. we have food for them to taste. joining us live is the owner been. -- ben. >> restaurant is located in walnut creek at 1470 walnut creek. it is near the library. this is the third iteration of el charro. we are the third owners and we are delighted to bring it back to the bay area keep the 75 years of heritage alive. >> are you bringing back some of the original dishes? >> absolutely. same recipes, same dishes. chili brand new -- all of those favorites will be back in the same recipes they have been in the past 75 years. we have taken liberties and put our special items from our restaurants as well. it is a very large menu. a lot of familiar favorites. >> can i quickly say this mole
4:43 pm
on this tamale is amazing. >> that is a cheese enchilada. how small. that house mole. chef jorge fernandez, that is his specialty. his mole is superb. >> is this jalapeno cornbread? >> it is. that is my father's recipe. i father was not a cook but he was the favorite dish he made when i was kid. >> for people who want to order for the holidays, is there a chance to take out? what is the idea there? >> they can come in and made -- anytime after 4:00 p.m. limited seats, limited menu. if you cannot get a seat, we would be glad to buy you a
4:44 pm
margarita and tour the facility. we have two go orders and bookings for large parties but those have to be done on our website. >> what is your favorite? >> i am impartial to the carney test. that is the old recipe. one of the reasons why we were so excited to bring this restaurant back. >> is it just a fact you have always loved it? did people come to you and ask you to revise it? >> my mother-in-law took me there often when i met her side of the family and that was our gathering point. she said over dinner, you need to buy this. i thought about it and said, that is a good idea. >> this is tasty. my favorite -- it is all good -- i love the cornbread. >> so good. remind me when is the restaurant
4:45 pm
opening? >> 27 december is our official grand opening. between now and then, come by in the afternoon after 4:00 p.m. we will be here. our intention is to make sure we execute perfectly. do not feel that if you do not get a seat. we will give you a gift card for next time. if we can get you a seat, we would love to. >> this is good enough to eat standing up. [laughter] >> i do not know a few are looking for a new -- sangria? fruit water? >> agua fresca. >> quezada -- casey is good at inventing flavors. >> gingersnap mountain dew horchow to. -- hor
4:46 pm
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kristen: we have seen so many businesses close. now, new businesses are on their way to the ferry building by immigrants or people of color. race and social justice are important to us.
4:49 pm
we have a look at the impact of doing business in one of the city's most iconic building. >> the ferry building is middle. what really draws customers in is the smell. it's fragrant candles are the most popular, followed by goat milk soaps. >> for the holiday we have the --. you can dip it and smell it. >> the company started 10 years ago as a passion project. it's owners never imagining they would be selling their product in their own storefront in one of san francisco's most iconic buildings. >> we have been given a go opportunity. we have been doing better than ever. we are proud to say it started from humble beginnings. >> derek says they have been in this location for more than a year and have done well despite the pandemic. >> we get a ton of people from
4:50 pm
around the world. also, a lot of natives. you see a mix of people. you get exposure to what everyone around the world might want to see. if you stick there, you know you are offering something people want. >> soon, more small businesses will have their own stores in the ferry building. >> we are excited to welcome a handful of new businesses this year. >> lillian heads programming and marketing. she is proud that five of the new businesses are owned by immigrants or people of color. toledo lindo. french gray. -- >> yes, putting. >> we think the ferry t needs to represent the bay area as a whole. having immigrant wound or black-owned businesses is an important part of the bay area.
4:51 pm
businesses like that have been so popular. lines out the door every day. that speaks to what people want to see and what is important to show. >> -- hopes their new neighbors will help their -- hope to share their stories of success. >> nothing comes easily. you need to be prepared and you need to be hard-working. once lock hits, take off. -- once lock hits, you can take off. kristen: so many businesses. the rain has finally stopped so we can walk on over. sandhya: dry days coming ouray before the next round of rainfall. tonight, mainly clear skies. chilly, especially in i valleys. low to mid 30's in the coldest locations. tomorrow, right and sunny day
4:52 pm
with a cold start in the morning. highs in the afternoon will range from low to mid 50's just about all around the bay area. 60 degrees. seven-day day forecast, saturday will be chilly with another cold morning start. sunday, mainly sunny early in the day. cloud later. maybe light rain late sunday evening in the north bay. monday begins another rainy pattern for next week. looks like rainy, but we need it. >> we invite you to enjoy the holidays and get caves the with the abc7 yule log. you can find the virtual fireplace on our app, streaming through or our bay area connect tv app. spider-man returns. zendaya is being called ridiculously fun.
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hey, angie! you forgot your phone!
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4:56 pm
here. >> the wait for the latest installment of the spider-man franchise is finally over. no one is more thrilled about that than peter parker himself, tom holland. >> we have been keeping these secrets for two years and it is exhausting. i am excited for them not to be a secret anymore. >> trying to live two different lives. >> paul linden costars. . . . >> valence. >> friendship. >> fighting. >> fun. >> emotion. >> new sites to the characters we have never seen. >> true. jacob becomes a hero. >> yep. >> all of those things, plus more. >> because of covid and secrecy, we did most things blue screen. most things will be put in post.
4:57 pm
data can but to me, although it can get confusing, i think it really awoke my inner child. >> that makes sense. >> it brought back to life my inner child and i felt i was a little kid. we are going to pretend we are running from this, oh, they are coming. that is what this is like. >> the best part is they got to do all this pretending with real-life friends. >> there is no one i would rather do this with. this has been an overwhelming experience. six years of our life. to be on that roller coaster together makes it easier. >> we are like -- safety? >> we are locked in. >> i just bought my ticket today. that is it for the news at 4:00.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> abc 7, life breaking news. costa county. sheriff's deputies have just arrested a man after long slow speed chase. sky 7 was overhead as that man lead officers from martin to pleasant hill. police used spike strips to try to stop this truck, he continued to drive on the rims. he was forcefully carried to a patrol car and taken into custody. we still have information on why sheriff's office started following him, it was definitely an odd event. we will bring you more details as we get them. good evening i am kristin. we are learning new details about more than 170 hate crime attacks on robberies and how san jose police worked with agencies across the bay area.


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