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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 16, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and complete required activities. breaking news and that breaking news is in pittsburgh where police say a woman has died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a home three children between the ages of six and sixteen were also found they are being treated at the hospital police. say a family member called. police to do a welfare check at the home on vincent street around 7:45 tonight after they hadn't heard from their relatives in several days contra costa county fire and pg&e also responded to the home. good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm on a dates now to our other top story a bay area public health officer with a dire warning about omicron there have now been 10 confirmed cases of the very end in santa clara county the most of any local county and more expected soon. abc 7 news. for jr. stone has more on the new actions being taken to slow down the spread when i look around
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the corner ahead what i see is a deluge of omicron that from santa clara county health director, dr. sarah cody who confirms 10 omicron variant covid cases in the county and says all four sewer sheds there now show traces of omicron. we may have a lot of omicron very soon out of the ten confirmed cases in the county. of unvaxed individuals fiber vaccinated but have not received a booster and one person is vaccinated, but only recently got a booster and covid concerns are only getting greater at this testing site in san carlos. people were lined up thursday night to see if they have covid. santa clara county health officials continually referencing covid surges currently being seen overseas when talking about what could soon be seen here dr. cody says the key is getting the third shot boost boost to be fully up to date with covid vaccine
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protection it you need to have a booster santa clara county health director, dr. marty fenster scheibe says the older the individual the more important the booster is he says currently in santa clara county. there are 250,000 adults 50 or older who have not gotten the booster and need to do so for their own health. we know that protection fades over time. so everybody's eligible needs a booster to raise their protection level back up to where it was and stanford university. just ann. that all students in winter courses who are eligible to get the booster shot must get that shot by january 31st, and the first two weeks of classes after winter break will be held online jr. stone abc 7 news. in other local covid headlines tonight next week oakland city council will consider a proposal from councilmember dan call that would require proof of covid vaccination for customers at several indoor places including
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restaurants gyms and libraries the city of oakland today reopened a walk-up vaccine clinic at iowa plaza, which recently closed due to contract issues with the third party vendor state regulators today approved some changes to coronavirus workplace regulations in 2020 to the biggest change both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers will be treated the same under most rules. vaccinated workers will now have to stay home for 14 days if exposed to covid or where a mask and socially distanced themselves for two weeks. dr. anthony fauci says omicron will become the dominant covid-19 variant in the us within a few weeks cases are surging in many places events are being canceled and organizations are tightening protocols. people are lining up for coronavirus tests since dates across the country in florida omicron makes up nearly 100% of the strains found in. water samples in orlando just one week ago tess found no evidence of the variant in new york city cases have tripled in
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the last month. we knew omicron was here and we knew it was going to be more of a presence in our city. it's now quite clear that it is and we need to be very aggressive. the health department will distribute 500,000 rapid antigen self-test kits through community-based organizations broadway productions are canceling shows in moulin rouge where the audience was seated waiting for the curtain when producers learned of a positive test result professional sports leagues are tightening protocols sources. tell espn the nba will require daily testing and increased use of masks the nhl will require daily testing masking and social distancing in team facilities through at least january 7th the montreal indians play the flyers in an empty arena thursday night at the request of quebec public health officials. the nfl has reinstituted mandatory mask wearing indoors meetings must be virtual and activities outside team facilities are restricted, but the league is also making it
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easier for vaccinated players who test positive but don't show symptoms to return to the field health experts are urging vaccines and booster shots. the cdc says people who have a choice should get pfizer or moderna over johnson & johnson. after a review of new data on rare blood clots linked to the one-shot vaccine. and if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team had do abc 7. com slash vaccine and click on the big blue box. it's been 70 years since heavy duty trucks were banned from a stretch of 580 that has resulted in heavier truck traffic on 880 and critics say that it's created air pollution in west oakland, which disproportionately impacts people of color. it's an issue abc 7 has highlighted as part of our focus on race and social justice as we work to build a better bay area tonight east bay leaders held a special town hall to re-examine the ban abc 7 reporter tim johns listened in since 1951 heavy-duty trucks have been banned from a portion of 580
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instead truckers have had to use 880 to get through town. this is one of the few highways that have such a restriction of this nature in the country alameda county supervisor, nate. miley says, the impact has been disproportionately negative health impacts on primarily black and brown communities along the 880 corridor one of the primary topics of discussion at a virtual town hall miley hosted on the band thursday evening. people are facing. um cancers they're facing, you know, asthma as you pointed out articulate matter a young people have grown up with these these health risk marker. gordon is the founder of the west oakland environmental indicators project. she says the band's racist origins can be traced all the way back to the era of redlining when city leaders and planners intentionally try to segregate communities of color that was part of segregation. from one community to the other community to be able to not endure the same type of
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lifestyle that nobody that shouldn't happen to anybody. so on one side of oakland, it was a different lifestyle and health. but at prosperity the prayer to the other side, but supervisor miley says it's about more than just changing the roads that heavy trucks drive on it's also about ensuring better air quality for everyone. miley is asking both caltrans and the bay area air quality management district to conduct studies on the ban over the coming 18 months, but warns any potential change will have to get approval from and a lawmakers in oakland tim johns abc 7 news abc 7 news has received word that the long-awaited environmental impact report for the howard terminal ballpark proposal will be released tomorrow to key step in the effort to keep the a's in oakland the 3,500 page document is set to be released to 8 am. it will be available online a draft version was released in february since then the city has since worked through all the
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public concerns. mayor libby schaaf issued a statement saying the report will ensure the project is environmentally safe and sustainable final approval is expected next year. well, we are getting a break in the rain, but it is getting mighty cold out there tonight. so let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel sandia. yeah tonight. you'll need those flannel pjs because you can feel that chill in the air winter is here a little earlier. let me show you the temperatures right now in the 30s and 40. is our coldest spot is 38 in santa rosa as you check out. what's ahead by tomorrow morning many areas. the valleys of the north bay will be dropping down to the low and upper 30s, so it is going to be cold cold enough for a frost along the mendocino coast 12 am to 9 am bring those pets inside bring in your frost sensitive plants or cover them visibility is low right now three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa. so fog is another concern looking at the pacific satellite storms are lined up the question is when will they get here? i'll be back with those details ama. all right.
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thank you sandia tonight the california department of education says, it's monitoring a tiktok challenge encouraging students to make false school shooting threats school districts across the bay area are dealing with it. one south bay school even canceled classes for tomorrow abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes spoke with a local cybersecurity expert who says social media giants can do more to stop them. friday december 17th was supposed to be the last day of the semester for students at gilroy high school instead. the last day is today finals that were supposed to be taken tomorrow now scheduled for after winter break. it's because of this threat that circulated on social media the person who posted it saying they will shoot up a school with the initials ghs on december 17th. it turns out that gilroy police found that the threat was made from a male juvenile and los angeles in the ghs referenced was first school in that area the santa clara county office of educ. says this comes as a tiktok challenge encouraging students to post threats like that is happening nationwide the napa county office of education and san francisco unified school
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district said that they are also aware of the tiktok challenge circulating but don't have plans to cancel classes the mount diablo unified school district also sent a note to parents letting them know about the challenge but adding that classes will not be canceled santa clara county says that they're in communication with tiktok adding that the social media platform has a security team that addresses these types of issues we reached the fbi who says they're aware of the threats. say that if an investigation finds that a false or hoax threat was made a person can face a federal charge at carries the maximum of five years in prison in san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news. new developments in the investigation into that movie set shooting investigators are now turning their attention to alex baldwin's phone. justice for the residents of walnut creek, that's what california's attorney general is calling a multi-million dollar settlement in the case of of gasoline spill last year plus paying tribute to 40 years of a bay area classic metallica first to look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live
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warrant has been issued for alec baldwin's cell phone as authorities in new mexico investigate the deadly shooting on the set of his movie rust in october investigators. want to look at text messages photos and videos gps. and more baldwin says he thought he was handling a gun without ammunition when it apparently went off and a live bullet hit cinematographer. helena hutchins. she side director joel sousa was injured closing arguments in the
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elizabeth holmes trial are expected to finish tomorrow. the government says holmes chose to deceive investors and patients about the blood testing capabilities that theranos the defense says it was never holmes's intent and that the prosecution is hiding details about theranos. interactions with pharmaceutical companies a legal expert says the case comes down to holmes' credibility against the evidence and testimony of 29 other witnesses. i think if the jury follows the evidence in the money, they could certainly convict her. we have documents. we have the website. we have the present powerpoint presentations that she made we have the parloff article we have what else the logos that she changed the changing of conclusions and reports. jury deliberations are set to begin at next week. exactly one year after more than a thousand barrels of gasoline spilled into a flood control canal in walnut creek. a multi-million dollar settlement has been reached with the company that operates the pipeline abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story
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because protecting our environment is part of building a better bay area while we can't undo the damage already done to the community and the environment. we are here today to secure justice for the incidents of walnut creek justice according to california attorney general rob bonte is making a major fuel pipeline operator pay for the costs and damage done after 63,000 gallons of gasoline spilled into a walnut creek canal last december the public should know that when spills happen in california cdfw will take action and we will hold those parties responsible. you have not communicated with us and you continue not to neighbor peggy dodds is upset with state officials saying she and other impacted residents were not included in the settlement sfpb a subsidiary of kinder morgan has agreed to 18 months of probation and will pay 2.5 million dollars in fines to
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settle two misdemeanor criminal charges in a statement. the company said while we disagree with any allegation that sfpp acted unlawfully in connection with the walnut creek incident. we work with the attorney general's office over the past. several weeks to settle this matter in order to focus solely on the remediation going forward the initial report of the spill was that it was relatively small maybe three or four hundred gallons, but it became apparent the days to come that it was much worse than that. we actually got the flight control district and some people who actually go down in the creek and actually start sampling and they had people look around and they actually found that it was significantly worse than we thought originally last year's spill happened. very near with the same kinder morgan pipeline. exploded in 2004 killing five construction workers in walnut creek laura anthony abc 7 news the recent rainfall has pushed marin county's seven reservoirs to 70% of capacity. they were a historic lows just a couple months ago.
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just a few months ago rather droneview 7 captured this scene and the casio reservoir today so welcome sight for residents who remain under mandatory water use restrictions, marin gets about 75% of its annual water from rain that falls within the county. today heavy metal royalty metallica celebrating their 40th anniversary and they're taking over san francisco where it all started i want to officially declare today metallica day in san francisco the internationally famous metal band is being tribute to the city in a four-day celebration with live music a block party in the mission district and multiple charity events our hearts and and and and and our souls in our sense of belonging will always be san francisco and and metallica in san francisco will always be two words of this anonymous with each other. i'm happy to sit here with lars and celebrate this day and celebrate this moment with you
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all. the mayor says fans around the world are coming and that will also help boost the local economy. our executive producer tonight is wearing her metallica shirt. huge fan sandia. where's your shirt? i'm gonna go find that. we'll let emily do it or leave the do it. i should say our executive producer. sorry. i was thinking emily also some metallica fan. all right, let's take a look at a live picture tonight. we have a lovely view from our emeryville camera as we look back towards san francisco. look how gorgeous. looks right now don't be fooled by it because the chill is settling in we've got temperatures in the 30s and the 40s tonight compared to 24 hours ago 12 degrees cooler in santa rosa down nine in novato. so by morning you're going to be in the up. 20s to low 30s. so right around to below freezing in the far northern end of our viewing area mid 30s to the mid 40s for the rest of the region. we do have some fog in santa rosa also out towards the delta, so don't be surprised if you run
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into a thick patch of fog now in the last 24 hours we had rainfall and if you were out and about last night, you know, it was coming down. the wind was blowing. let's take a look at the rainfall totals anywhere from about 900 since san jose one of the dryers spots to as you take a look here three over three inches ben lomond three-quarters of an inch, san francisco oakland santa rosa a little bit less than that in the sierra this recent snow which was anywhere from about eight inches to two feet boosting our snowpack from 19% last week to 97% of average and that's going to continue to go up with more storms coming next week. i want to show you the estimates. this is taking you through christmas. i mean, we're talking seven eight plus feet. yeah that's gonna be several storms bringing another good dose of snow. all right, so in case you're way next couple of days. you're good to go. it's just going to be sun and clouds. monday clouds begin to increase that may be the night that you might want to hold off on traveling as monday night into tuesday. we start to see the snow moving back in cold next to mornings patchy frost and fog mainly
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sunny and dry into the weekend wet pattern setting up for next week live doppler 7 showing you just a few passing clouds as you check out your high temperatures for tomorrow under sunny skies and the low to mid 50s similar to today and as you go into the weekend, this is when we have our first opportunity for a few raindrops that's not until sunday night, but really the wet pattern is monday into tuesday, you will notice that the moderate rainfall starts to move in on tuesdays still pretty unsettled wednesday thursday taking you right on through saturday. so the holiday week is going to be changing now rainfall estimates through christmas anywhere from about an inch in brentwood to over three inches in the far northern end of our viewing area. we'll take it all cold the next couple mornings bundle up. the frost it's going to be a chillier afternoon saturday late night chance of a few drops sunday one on monday two on tuesday wet and windy for the first day of winter and we have more waves of wet weather wednesday and thursday. so ama will take all the storms
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the spelling bee was canceled during the night of the pandemic sponsors. hope it will return to person next year, that's awesome. all right, chris alvarez is here sports. chris i'm coming up in sports some great games from thursday night football to stanford hoops, and draymond green talks about the upcoming return of klay thompson. why dre isn't getting too ♪ ♪ ♪
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center now looking ahead on the home slate december 28th verse denver you got january 3rd verse miami and then january 9th against cleveland, draymond. green is patiently waiting but not anticipating clay's return. there's a difference. no, i'm not anticipating that at all, but i'm very excited about it when they set a date. i'll anticipate that day but until here i try to keep my hopes very even care when you see them every day. look good. and so when you see him every day, it's like oh man clay look good and you watch the mezzar. i know you see clay i try to stay away from battle the smart guys on the farm stanford hosting dartmouth the cardinal trail by as many as 12 we're down seven with 75 seconds ago harrison ingram triple is good stanford down, too. all right final seconds cardinal down two ingram clear them out. look at this post move. up and under and we had to overtime he scored seven straight to force ot the cardinal actually scored 16 straight in the final minute and
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overtime brandon angel at 18 off the bench including this slam stanford wins 89.78. they're a perfect six to know at home shark. socian vancouver the seven game homestand continues the grinch and a wookie at the tank sharks down two nothing eric carlson shot blocked but bears teemoire his 100th career goal sharks down to one third period now sharks down 3-1. coagliano flips it through the defense and nets his third of the year three two, but san jose had a final rush in the final minutes and just nothing going here vancouver adds on late the sharks lose 5-2, san jose is lost five of seven. hello, it's adele and jay-z among the stars in la chiefs and chargers two and a half in the fourth. justin herbert finds former cal-star keenan allen chargers up seven la had chances, but just couldn't put kansas city away and ensuing drive patrick mahomes. roland wright finds travis kelsey touchdown in overtime we go tied at 28 chiefs got the ball first in ot mahomes finds kelsey. that's the first down and wait.
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it's more 34 yards to the house mahomes a season-high.
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