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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 17, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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start. the social media threat that has districts around the country on alert. >> to be fully up to date you need to have a booster. larry: health -- jobina: official making the case for boosters. ♪ listening to your holiday favorites around the house, we will tell you who might be digging this song. reggie: i was there for georgehe merkel. -- george michael. look at us. we match.
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you can see it as you look you will definitely hit it in the 101 corridor. i had to scrape ice of of the windshield. i didn't know where it was. 35 to 40 degrees. 50 with clean air and a beautiful blue skies. look how chilly it is. 40 to 46 by 7:00. reggie: south bay high school because of a social media threat. it comes as schools are dealing
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with a tiktok challenge encouraging students to make false threats. more on the precautions being taken. jobina: today was supposed to be the last day of the semester. instead they will take them over winter break because of a threat circulating on tiktok from a person who says they will shoot up a school with the initials gh it was made from a male juvenile and ghs referenced a school in that area. school canceled as a caution. >> instead of waiting for another 24 hours before flagging that account the highest priority. jobina: several districts aware of the tiktok talent but not canceling classes.
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daring communication with tiktok adding that it has a security team addressing these types of issues. the fbi said if it finds a hoax threat was made, a person can face federal charges of a maximum of five years in prison. kumasi: in the south bay, rising concern of the omicron variant. most of any county in our area. health experts warn that more cases are on the way. amy hollyfield is joining us at a testing site. amy: it looks like testing sites will be a part of many people's holidays. the omicron variant fights to be at those celebrations as they get together over the break. here is a look at a crowd gathered at a test site. they are recommending people get tested within three to five days of arriving in california.
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officials are especially interested in the spread of omicron. santa clara county said they have 10 confirmed cases and expecting a huge wave of cases. they encourage everyone to do what they can to protect themselves, including a booster shot. >> we know that protection fades over time, so everybody is -- who is eligible needs a booster to raise their protection level backup to where it was. amy: they are waamy: the keeping track of the vaccine. officials say there are 250,000 adults 50 and older who have not received the booster. they say omicron is not going away and has been detected in all four of the wastewater treatment facilities. they are expecting a possible wave of cases. no one who has contracted the omicron variant in the county
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has been hospitalized, but officials say what they are worried about is how quickly the variant is spreading and how contagious it is. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: organizers and health officials canceling events in tightening protocols. a new recommendation from the cdc on which covid vaccine in you should choose. here is amy c news daetz. -- here is news anchor ama daetz. ama: in new york city, cases tripled. >> we knew it was here and we knew it would be more of a presence. it is quite clear that it is and we need to be very aggressive. ama: rapid antigen self tests st will be handed out.
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productions of some broadway shows have been canceled. professional sports leagues tightening protocols. we are told the nba will be requiring increased use of masks and daily testing. montreal canadiens played the flyers in an empty arena thursday night at the request of public health officials. meetings must be virtual and activities outside team facilities are restricted. the league is also making it easier for vaccinated players who test positive but don't show symptoms to return to the field. health experts urging vaccines and booster shots. the cdc said people have a choice should get pfizer and moderna over at johnson & johnson.
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reggie: about vaccines, sour vaccine team -- about vaccines, vaccine team. jobina: investigation of a woman lived to have died from carbon dioxide in a home. three kids and a man were also found after 7:00 last night and are expected to recover. police say a family member called for a welfare check from police because they hadn't heard from their relatives in a few days. the front of very high level of the gas in the home. the investigation shows it came from a heater. reggie: governor newsom will be announcing new safety measures to prevent crimes in local communities. the governor will be joined by the attorney general. you can stream it on our bay area apps.
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kumasi:masi:masi:masi:masi:masi: environmental impact report for the ball park proposal is to be released today. it will be available online. a draft version was released back in february but since then the city has worked through the public concerns. statement was really saying it will make sure the project is safe and sustainable final approval is expected next year. mike: look at what what what for you if you are leaving for the sierra. 97% of average for the latest data and that is what the snowpack is. that is of from 23% beforeeforee it is going to be absolutely beautiful today. increasing high clouds. it looks dry and good for
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traveling through monday as the snow storm delayed until tuesday, wednesday, thursday. you know where it is going to snow christmas eve and christmas day, up in tahoe. please send some pictures. please send some pictures. tomorrow colder. upper 30's and santa clara. 34 in american camera -- upper 30's in santa clara. creeping closer into the neighborhoods in the east bay. high clouds and sunshine. clouds will sicken throughout the day sunday. no green. let's find out about the friday morning commute.
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jobina: we are starting in emeryville. the good news is that we don't have anything going on. light traffic. the last few days, we have had some problems. that is not the case for your friday commute. headlights traveling looking at the drivetime out of tracy, 27 minutes. positive news working to restore service after the pandemic. a new report for the city comptroller off-the-shelf agency 's budget deficit isn't as large as expected. so there won't be a deficit until 2025, which gives officials more times to come up with plans for funding. a report recommends accelerated
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hiring for operators which would help to restore to pre-pandemic levels. reggie: christmas music isn't just for people. your pets may still be liking it. kumasi: a piece of alex baldwin's property police got a search warrant for. reggie: a
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kumasi: a search been issued for alec baldwin's cell phone as part of the investigation on the shooting on the rust movie. baldwin said he thought he was handling a gun without ammunition when it apparently went off and a live bullet hit and killed a cinematographer and injured another. reggie: laying out plans to arata kate thousands of house mice living on south east -- island. they want to restore the island
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to its natural condition and save the rare species. government experts told the california coastal commission that poisoning mice is the best option. critics for the poison will be toxic to birds and other animals. a new fish plan calls for shooing away birds, including rectors, before dropping the poison. in the east bay, weighing in on a proposal to end a 70 year ban on heavy-duty trucks on a strict of interstate 580. kumasi: it forces trucks and and 880. it has ties to the redlining when city leaders and planets would intentionally work to segregate communities of color through development. last night the a alameda advisor said 580 is one of the few that has a restriction on trucks. the consequences have a real impact on people who live in west oakland. >> people are facing cancers,
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asthma, particulate matter. young people have grown up with these health risks. kumasi: the supervisor is asking for caltrans and the air quality management district to conduct studies of the ban over the next 18 months. he said any potential change will have to get approval from lawmakers. reggie: a community group giving groceries and gives to people in need. the godfather creator fou cre the mission to feed and help the helpless in the neighborhood and bring stability to people's lives. since november, they have seen a 40% increase in need. >> individuals living on the streets or living in the local single room occupancy hotels really need a sense of place, family, hope around the holidays, and that is what we are offering. reggie: north beach citizens
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operates year-round with donations from the community. kumasi: salesforce park picking up free activities starting this morning at 10:00 with arts and crafts, giftwrapping, holiday carolers all day long. from 5:00 to 7:00 tonight, swing night dancing. tomorrow, silent disco. sunday night from 5:30 to 9:30, hollywood double feature movie night. a new survey shows which holiday classics dogs prefer. ♪ reggie: whennnnnnnnnn the favorite. other top picks are jingle bells
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and out i want for christmas is you. so how do they know dogs really like the songs? people say pups responded to upbeat tracks for slower. kumasi: did they this christmas? reggie: they like the patti labelle version. to the white house christmas tree lighting? reggie: that is a good question. doesn't she deserve a redo? mike: they did her wrong. here is a look at what is going
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on. cold this morning. i promise you a nice afternoon. 80 in san jose. seasonal temperatures today. a few high clouds tonight. the weekend is dry, but we will pay for it because every date next week we have a chance for hot weather. two areas of high-pres look what it does to our temperatures, relatively calm. it is going to feel like this if not warmer standing in the sun. the five in santa rosa. -- d5 in
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the fog will be the delta and north bay. that could mean black ice tomorrow morning. here is a look at the fog. that didn't work. let's move to the next graphic. monday is looking dry. up until christmas night, one to three inches of snow possible. but talk about my 70 -- let's talk about my seven day forecast. even colder tomorrow afternoon, 48 to 50. sunday, a and light on the storm impact scale. jobina: the national spelling bee is getting a new host. it is going to beat levar burton. he was a guest host on jeopardy
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more recently. sponsors hope it will return in percent next year. coming up, the seven things to know. reggie:
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>> here are the seven things to know. school districts on high alert over a tiktok challenge encouraging students to make false shooting threats. reggie: number two, 10 cases of omicron in santa clara county, the most in any county. it has been detected in all four waste facilities. kumasi: the agency says the johnson & johnson shot could cause rare but serious clots. reggie: the minnesota police officer accused of killing daunte wright. she said it was an accident. mike: number five, mother nature giving us a present.
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we have today, tomorrow, and sunday with sunshine, a few high clouds. jobina: number six, a great commute. a stall in the upper deck of the bay bridge, not slowing anyone down. kumasi: number seven, a key development to keep the a's. it will address all concerns from the community. reggie: i am about to take you on a journey. a woman runs out of gas. a homeless man gives him his last 20 dollars. she started a gofundme and it raised a quarter of a million dollars. it turned out to be untrue. the documentary "no good deed" dives in. >> a new jersey woman helped by
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a hopeless man. >> gave her gas to help her get back on the way. >> what if we started a gofundme to get him off the street? >> where did the money go? >> the national attention it received. >> can't constantly take and not give back. kumasi: reggie: i guess i know what i am doing december 21, because tha was, whew. kumasi: i'm trying to stay in the holiday spirit. reggie: i like the lights strung around them. it will be streaming december 21. kumasi: that was a journey.
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heavy-metal royalty metallica celebrated their 40th and diversity -- 40th anniversary. >> i want to officially declare today metallica day in san francisco. kumasi: all right. the famous band paying tribute to the city in a four-day concert with multiple charity events. >> our hearts and our sense of belonging will always be san francisco and metallica in san francisco will always be two words synonymous with each other. >> i am happy to celebrate this moment with you all. reggie: that is cool. i am into it. kumasi: the mayor says fans around the world are coming and
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that will help to boost the local economy. garth brooks can sell out stadiums but instead is doing a dive bar tour. reggie: he announced a tour of dive bars including club rodeo in san jose. a station held a contest to give away 350 pairs of tickets. some fans lined up early. >> i will give garth everything he gives us and thank him for taking the time to come all the way out here and share his talent with the fans. reggie: she gives good audience. i have never heard that phrase before. everyone who won tickets was required to show proof of vaccination or a negative pcr tests. we missed it.
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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> when i look around the corner ahead, what i see is a daily of omicron. -- what i see is a deluger of omicron. kumasi: if you are looking to get vaccinated or boosted, the cdc is pinpointing which shot
5:30 am
you should choose if you have a choice. reggie: closing arguments expected to wrap up on the trial of elizabeth holmes. kumasi: we have had several days of rain this week. mike is tracking a dryer trend. abc 7 news is live on abc 7,7,7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. reggie: the weekend looks like it is going to be pretty good. mike: you know the other side of that story. it is going to rain almost every date next week, the possibility is there. we have issues this morning. you can see fog on the 101 corridor, not quite into the napa area yet. visibility less than a quarter-mile. not at the golden gate bridge
5:31 am
. frost is possible in the inland neighborhoods. 30 to 40 degrees in the in degrs areas in the morning. a light breeze. back into the 49 to 53 degree range. low to mid 40's by 7:00. i will show you more rain coming up. kumasi: a new recommendation from the cdc, giving preference to pfizer and moderna shots after several people who received j&j's shot got sev blood clots. jobina: while the cdc is recommending pfizer and moderna, the of johnson & johnson still has more benefit than risk.
5:32 am
nine people died from thrombo , when blood clots block veins or arteries. pfizer and moderna don't come with that risk. the push to get americans the safest form of protection comes as spikes across 39 states and cases doubling every two to three days. many people are left wondering if it is with gathering for the holidays. >> i think it is possible together with family safely. the key is making sure everyone who can be vaccinated is vaccinated. jobina: officials trying to get ahead of an omicron surge. mayor bill de blasio is leaving the door open to cancel new year's eve festivities. reggie: there seems to be a lot going on on the east coast but even in the bay area people are getting concerned about omicron.
5:33 am
we are seeing lines get longer at testing sites. amy hollyfield is live in san jose. amy: officials want you to stop and buy -- stop by a covid testing site before holiday gatherings and they want you to get boosted. test sites are in demand. here is one in san carlos last night, just north of the county that has the most cases of omicron in the bay area. officials have had 10 confirmed cases and the variant has been detected in all four of the wastewater treatment facilities. >> the situation on the ground has changed. to be fully up to date with covid vaccine protection, you need to have a booster.
5:34 am
amy: so far off omicron does not seem to be making people as sick. of the 10 cases, no one hospitalized but they are worried about how rapidly it is spreading. california recommending people get a covid test within three to five days of arriving in california. this office next to the san jose airport is opening at 9:30 this morning. kumasi: stanford university making changes to covid protocols. students will be required to show proof of a booster shot by the end of january unless they have an exemption. abc director of stanford daily. >> we have fall quarter in person and it was so amazing and great to be back. i think there is a lot of
5:35 am
apprehension that things will regress. kumasi: the campus saw a slightt bump in cases after thanksgiving break, but not a large outbreak. students required to test once a week and wear masks in classrooms and common areas. if you have questions about vaccines, you can ask our team. reggie: school districts across the country canceling schools because of a tiktok trend encouraging children to make false shooting threats. tiktok said it is working with authorities on this issue. we have more on how police are trying to reassure patients -- parents. andrew: a wave of school shooting threats circulating on social media, prompting districts to cancel classes today. >> 12 thattt
5:36 am
down for three days. andrew: coast to coast reassuring parents, students, and staff threats are not credible. they are not taking any chances. >> we have checked out every potential threat and deemed none to be imminent or credible, and we have arrested a lot of young people for making these threats. andrew: in the wake of the shooting in michigan, authorities documented 139 threats. one district reported a 148% spike in school threats this year, 25% higher since before the pandemic. this latest tiktok trend increasing threats, draining
5:37 am
police resources and pulling cops off of the street who would be handling crime. >> we have to investigate, now my resources have to go out and cover 400 buildings. >> real or not, it is a crime. >> these people who are making threats, it is not a joke here they are terrorizing people, and we are going to hold you accountable. kumasi: closing arguments expected in the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes. it could go to the jury soon. here is the correspondent, rebecca jarvis. rebecca: after 14 weeks, the case against elizabeth holmes heading to jury. the prosecutor saying elizabeth holmes chose fraud over business failure. a decision he said was not only callous but criminal. using her own text messages,
5:38 am
emails, audio clips -- >> our platform can yield can do all of those tests. rebecca: and calls with investors. >> the ability to take a technology and put it on a medevac has the potential to change survival rates. rebecca: what she could face is all coming up. kumasi: the trial called the dropout. you can listen where you stream the podcast. reggie: a multimillion dollar settlement reached in a gas leak in the east bay. 63,000 gallons spilled into the canal. it is operated by a subsidiary of kinder morgan.
5:39 am
they initially underreported how much gas leaked into the canal and took days to get an accurate number. they have agreed to 18 months probation and a $2.5 million fine. >> while we can't undo the damage already done to the community and environment, we are here to secure justice for the residents of walnut creek. reggie: they said while they disagreed with it, they worked with the attorney general over the past several weeks to settle the matter and focus on remediation owing forward. -- going forward. kumasi: reservoirs at 70% capacity. we captured this scene. a welcome sight for residents under mandatory water use restrictions. they get 75% from rain falling within the county.
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the last minute holiday shopping rush, one way you can shop without worrying about delays. reggie: a reopening for a favorite with a winter twist. mike: look at these temperatures. double digits cooler than yesterday. frost in neighborhoods and could be close around dublin. even out at the highway for corridor, it is cold. 39 in concorde. in lafayette, you know there is frost forming in the deeper valleys. thick fog in the north bay. 33 in santa rosa. upper 30's to low 40's around most of the bay. san francisco and the coast, mid 40's.
5:41 am
traveling up in the sierras, chains on all of the avenues. if you are shopping, it is going to be sunny and cool. outdoor dining, cool in the shade and into the 30's evening. here is a look at future radar. a few high clouds. fog tomorrow morning. sunday, high clouds with more fog. you can see the thickening of the high clouds. there is no rain in the forecast but that changes next week. jobina: live look at the san mateo bridge. people making their way towards the peninsula.
5:42 am
in san jose, showing you 101. the only thing beginning to slow down is tracy to dublin, 33 minutes for that drivetime. the bridges looking great. golden gate southbound six minutes. 12 minutes westbound on the san mateo bridge. if you drive a proposal includes new overpasses and improved traffic flow to several streets. pedestrians and cyclists would also get better access to the trail. an open house plan for january 11. public comment is open until january 31. it was approved how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing.
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four reggie: -- reggie: potter on trial for killing daunte wright. she said it was an accident. a man took the stand said she was a good officer. she is charged with first and second-degree manslaughter. kumasi: president biden acknowledges his plan will not pass by christmas. negotiations with senator joe manchin will cause them to miss the deadline. they are in talks with the senator and think it will pass eventually. some democrats expensing -- expressing frustration. reggie: twinkling holiday
5:46 am
brightening children's fairyland. it is opening for the multicultural event celebrating the festivities at children's fairyland. through december 30, lack santa will lead a physically distant parade. christmas is eight days away. you may decide you don't have gifts for everyone on the list. kumasi: you can still get everything done. here is some timely advice. >> i looked at shipping and who is going to get it to me the quickest and then i look at price. >> running behind on holiday shopping, here's are some ideas -- here are some ideas. >> unit to be more flexible.
5:47 am
-- you need to be more flexible. >> she says with the recent supply chain issues disrupting deliveries, be careful if you plan on shipping. >> shipping guarantee dates vary a lot. look at the site and look like -- look to see if it is guaranteeing shipping at a certain time. >> they recommend ordering online and picking up at a location i you. >> the available has to -- the product has to be available at the store. >> there are things you can do. gift are always popular, but other creative ways to get a gift they personal touch. >> i am a fan of subscription boxes. you can tell them they will
5:48 am
receive something monthly that they love. and the good thing is they are available at the last minute. >> also visiting your local store and picking out a gift in person. kumasi: google highlighting new features on the chrome browser that should make the last days of holiday shopping easier. there is not a feature that alerts you to price drops for items you may have been looking at. you can also scan items you see in person and they will pop up online and also a feature to simple fight your check out process. reggie: an adorable video shows franklin grabbing a spoon and feeding himself. that is really cute. he suffered a
5:49 am
cannot eat with his "bare" hands. get it? kumasi: you suffered the same thing. but you are still cute. reggie: this is adorable. mike: we need as many of those in the wild as we can get because those fires devastated the population. this is a gorgeous shot. just north, it is foggy. our afternoon will be full of sunshine with blue skies but also with a winter feel. if you scraped frost today, you will do it tomorrow.
5:50 am
rain likely thursday through saturday. mbermber how dry it was i they ahe f todaytomorrow, and m. here is the byproduct, 51 51 511 in the deep valleys, mid and upper 30's in the valleys. the coast could drop to only 40. as far as the wet weather, starting at 5:00 tuesday morning until christmas night we have a chance of rain. one inch to three inches possible and more in the coastal mountains. freezing cold tomorrow for a lot of us, leading to a cooler afternoon.
5:51 am
50 to 54 on sunday with less sunshine. tule fog a light chance of storms tuesday through saturday. reggie: a grandmother who is not a gamer getting one of the hottest deliveries of the season. kumasi: the grocery store stable that has gone up 20% in one year. reggie: betty wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign.
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side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. this holiday season, give $50 or more to charity, and receive $400 off stressless® mayfair recliners and office chairs. $200 off any stressless recliner and office chair, and $200 off each stressless sofa seat. don't wait, it's time for stressless. shop today. reggie: a former employee of dame ramsey suing over protocols saying he was not allowed to work from home. they said they couldn't work
5:54 am
from home because it showed an weakness. he is seeking back pay and damages for religious discrimination. ramsey said it has false statements and he was fired for poor performance. kumasi: the cost of beef is surging. the price of beef and veal increased 20% in the last year. the main issue is a lack of processing facilities, that should change over the next couple of years as more facilities open. reggie: the weight is finally -- the weight is finally over -- the wait is finally over. the star said it is a huge relief. >> very excited for this movie
5:55 am
to be released so we don't have to keep secrets. we have been keeping secrets for two years and it is very exhausting. reggie: i always forget he is british. no way home expected to be the biggest pandemic era opening and likely the first film in two years to open up more than $100 million. they are both owned by disney. a national treasure sell reading her 100th birthday. -- is celebrating her 100th birthday. betty white is asking you to celebrate with her with a movie. it will screen in 900 movies -- movie theaters. there are several showings in the bay area. mike, thank you for being a friend.
5:56 am
mike: i was at hallmark over the weekend and they have the ornaments for that show. reggie: i saw one this weekend at a holiday party. mike: i could not find the betty white one. i couldn't find the tall one. let's take a look at what is going on with the rainfall amounts. nearly 12 inches in mill valley. oakland at 6.5. the reservoirs went up 1% to 2%. kumasi: new at 6:00, one of the hottest commodities teens are asking for. the company that is giving you
5:57 am
one last chance to buy in stores, but only today. reggie: long testing sites coming back to major cities. one county has found omicron in 100% of waste samples. kumasi:
5:58 am
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hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi:
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6:00, school shootings popping up on tiktok, canceling class at gilroy high today. bay area districts share what they are hearing. >> boost, boost, boost. to be fully up-to-date, you need a booster. reggie: your best protection before the holidays, the newest cases of omicron variant tell us about that shot. ♪ >> ♪ last christmas i gave you my heart ♪ ♪ kumasi: get into it. the timeless christmas tune, but it is at the top of all time. a new survey shows who digs this song. reggie: good morning this friday, december 17, one week until christmas eve. du duh. mike: anxiety went from here to here. kumasi: what happened? jobina: i do not have anything. reggie: that's fine. we have each other. you are watching abc 7 mornings, live on abc 7


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