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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> i am dan ashley. you are watching right here on abc 7 and hulu live and wherever you stream. when something like crime affects the entire country, we focus our efforts here on making this place safer and a better place to live. big announcements at local and state level to fight drugs and crime. anxiety, i want to acknowledge that it is unacceptable what is happening. >> flanked by state law agencies, the governor announced a package of support to combat violent crime and robberies that have accelerated during the
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holiday season. >> we are putting out over $250 million in competitive grants to help local law-enforcement advance their efforts. >> the new resources and funding announced today are a game changer. the public safety plan provides the doj with additional funding to bolster it to full -- existing efforts, taking down the perpetrators and shutting down the pipeline of stolen merchandise. >> it earmarks $20 million for networking statewide. >> these recent act's of theft can no longer be tolerated. they are clearly orchestrated crimes. >> at the heart of the crackdown is an expanded role for chp which has already been called into action since august. now they will get involved in
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the central valley. >> we have been involved in over 800 investigations, in over 300 arrests, and we have covered excess of $19 million of stolen merchandise. >> they will be addressing oakland's request for more technology. >> a public safety plan announced today focuses more on caused any fact. melanie woodrow has details and reaction from the community. >> images like these have become too common prompting lloyd to declare a state of emergency. >> we are in a crisis. >> supervisor matt haney. >> we need help in this is a statement of the urgency that
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help is on the way. >> an emergency declaration allows san francisco to cut through the red tape, to obtain the contracts, resources and personnel that we need to address the crisis conditions in the tenderloin. >> welcomed by community members. >> residents need action. they will be excited to see somebody paying attention to the residents. >> christie is the director she says that last week the mayor met with 50 tenderloin residents. >> she listened to their stories about getting assaulted on the streets are hiding from gunfire in the middle of the day. most spoke with the policy advisers about changes that they would like to see in the neighborhood. >> i hope that the help that is offered is long-lasting. >> the goal is to not let anyone
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stay out in the streets. >> everything said today only enhances our ability to do our jobs. we have to arrest drug dealers s and those assaulting people. >> those who live and work -- intervention has been needed for sometime say those who live and work here. >> joining us now is fill material -- phil matier. dan: is there anything different today that makes you optimistic? >> the tone. the first thing you have to do is acknowledge it and then you have to define it. they say we have a problem with violence, theft, and drugs. i was talking with the mayor's office and there was concern. you have an emergency situation that is untenable where they are
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walking on the streets. do you declare an emergency and take the heat, or are you honest. the mayor opted to be honest. the governor is saying the same thing. we have a problem. that wasn't necessarily what we were hearing a year ago. ama: now we are hearing more about more police, funding and technology. is that the answer? what have we got? we have a situation. i asked the governor, how do you balance these things between people who feel we are light on crime. how are we going to work? what is the enforcement? he said we want people to do their jobs. we want people to prosecute now.
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we can have a debate about how we do reforms going forward but how about if everybody does what they are supposed to do to see if it works. we are always pointing fingers at somebody that could change, in the next six or seven months we will go out there and go by the rules that we have now to make things holistic and see if it can get done. ama: if you want to build a better bay area, take action. will allow it to take effect.
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it is not clear if it will be on the original january 4 date set by osha. pfizer hoped to have data by the end of the year and now it might take another six months. scientists are studying whether a two-shot series works this young but studies show it is not as effective versus other age groups . both sonoma and marin county's announced their first omicron cases today. both were fully vaccinated and had a booster shot but only recently which means the antibodies were not fully developed. the person recently traveled within the united states. in marin county, the person recently traveled domestically. that person is fully vaccinated but did not have a booster shot. we are told they are in
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isolation with minor symptoms. there are five bay area counties with confirmed omicron cases. sonoma, marin, santa clara, alameda. ama:: the fate of elizabeth holmes is in the hands of a jury. closing arguments wrapped up 20 minutes ago. the former theranos ceo is charged with 11 counts of fraud. stephanie sierra has been following the trial and was in court today as the jury got the case. >> in the final moments, jurors heard two different stories. two different stories about what she did and why. while experts say that there is more than enough evidence to prove her guilt, it only takes one juror to think otherwise and avoid a conviction. >> elizabeth holmes locked at a federal court friday knowing she could spend decades behind bars. her fate in the hands of a
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diverse jury consisting of eight men and four women. >> what did you think about the government's last moments with the jury? >> they are doing a good job reminding the folks of who elizabeth holmes is. as a juror, you have to look at the big picture. >> the prosecution and defense wrapped closing arguments with one last chance. >> there is ample evidence to show she is guilty. >> lisa hagan strongly believes that the evidence against holmes along with the testimony from 29 witnesses could convict her but pointed out that the defense did well, highlighting areas that cast reasonable doubt. >> if the jury thinks that investors decided to invest because of profit motive, or because they knew that theranos had a relationship with walgreens, something other than the representations elizabeth holmes made, that could be reasonable doubt. >> all it takes is one juror to
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believe holmes -- elizabeth holmes is not guilty. she faces 11 charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. >> i would not be shocked if they are undecided on some accounts. >> if the jury is hot and does not come up with a unanimous decision, elizabeth holmes could be retried. we are told that a verdict is expected to be reached before christmas. >> there is a podcast about the case hosted by rebecca jarvis. it is called the dropout. listen wherever you stream podcasts. dan: at 6:00, a marine county jfk researcher sounds off about the release of secret documents and he tells the i team what is lost forever. ama: 7 on your side follows up on a story two years later about recycling. did this day do -- did the state
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do what it promised? >> prepare for a deep chill tonight and a lot of rain next week. i in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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dan: researchers are poring over 1500 previously classified records over the assassination of john f. kennedy that were released this week. we wanted insight from an expert who is an important part of our new documentary jfk unsolved. dan noyes has more. >> an initial screening of
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1491 documents confirmed what we already knew. the cia and fbi had lee harvey oswald under surveillance in the months before the assassination of kennedy. >> what is your reaction? >> yawn. >> josias thompson was one of the early assassination researchers. we based our new documentary on his latest book that concludes lee harvey oswald did not fire the fatal shot. a gunman on the grassy knoll did and the u.s. government engaged in a cover-up. >> why would we expect t evidence about what really happened would be released to the public now? >> the documents detail and fbi field reports from miami . a diplomat claiming the jfk assassination was prepared and executed by the chinese
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communists and fidel castro through intermediaries. a phone call one year before the assassination warning about a russian plot to pay $100,000 for the assassination of president kennedy. we already had one of the documents from this release in our documentary. department, responsible for sabotage and assassination. >> we have to keep in mind that critical evidence has disappeared forever. a threatening note that lee harvey oswald delivered in dallas destroyed by an fbi agent. a recording of the first presidential phone call between lyndon johnson and fbi director hoover after the assassination erased.
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even kennedy's brain remains unaccounted for. >> which was probably buried at sea under the orders of robert kennedy. nice closer. >> is that real? ->> yes. >> the house selection committee concluded that circumstantial evidence indicates that it is possible that robert f kennedy destroyed the pain, phone -- brain, bone, and tissue samples. 14,000 more secret documents are scheduled to be released next year. thompson tells me that the biden end the torturous slow drip of information. >> release them so that we don't have to have excitement over the release of the kennedy documents in the future. >> dan noyes, abc 7 news. dan: the abc 7 original documentary is available on hulu. you can find it on all of our
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abc 7 streaming platforms. >> oakland took a critical step forward in building a new ballpark for the a's. a long-awaited environmental impact report was needed. it is 3500 pages long with responses to hundreds of comments. the presidents -- president touched on the significance of the release. >> it's a tremendous milestone. three years of hard work and dedicated effort. to a binding vote. >> they will look at the report next month and it could be certified in february. the city's goal is to have the council take a final vote on the ballpark next year. dan: let's turn our attention to the crisp weather.
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ama: spencer is here with what is coming. spencer: that's a polite way of saying it will be frigid lee cold. here is a look at what is going on right now with our temperature changes. two to fivd degrees cooler. it is a clear night. looking back at the cityscape. down to 45 at mountain view. fairfield and livermore. concord 47. here is a look from the rooftop cam. it is going to be cold overnight with some frost and fog.
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crisp afternoons for the weekend. for tonight, look for low temperatures in santa rosa. 34 at antioch. antioch. antioch. in the south bay look for lows of 31. in the upper 30's around the baby shoreline. highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies. many east bay locations will reach only to the upper 40's. we will see highs in the low 50's to san rafael and santa rosa. let's look at the forecast animation starting sunday afternoon.
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continue. way through. we are estimating rainfall totals from 2.5 inches of rain to five inches of rain in the wettest locations. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. level 1 on monday, level two on tuesday. it's going to be a soggy and -- we are dreaming here of a wet christmas. ama: getting into the holiday spirit and helping others. who
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visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. >> the abc 7 yule log is back. get cozy by streaming it. get warm and cozy. listen to ways to help build a better bay area during the holiday season by teaching your kids how to give back. it is never too early to start. i let my daughter pick out some toys that we bought and added them to a toys for tots donation
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bid. i turned a south bay super teacher susan for ideas and she even has props. >> here are seven ways for your child to give back during the holidays. idea number one is to collectlet some cat or dog toys, blankets or towels in order to benefit your local animals. idea number two is to create holiday cards that can be dropped off for senior citizens. idea number three is to get out a rake and to rake up an elderly neighbor's space, empty the trash can, walk the dog or to help them decorate their house. another idea is to get the gloves on and go to a local park
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or beach to get a cleanup. a yummy idea is to go to a kitchen and two baked treats for first responders. your child go through a toy chest and closeted to pull out the books and games that they have outgrown that can be donated to a local charity. finally, to have it -- to have a collection of snacks and beverages for those that work long hours. hopefully you can use some of these ideas with your children to help them during the holidays to give back to your local community. >> not even related to the holidays we did the holidays and
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to donate what you don't even play with and she said i don't play with fan anymore. you never know. it is a great way to give back and to teach the kids what it means to help others. >> that will change with a do for their entire lives. ♪ ♪ new lynn >> a heartfelt collaboration between a grammy winner and ucf doctrine inspired bay courageous women's fight against cancer. >> a mobile program for san francisco announced
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>> have you tried to return a crv container? it's not always easy. most of us put them in the recycle bin and forget. they are worth real money stop
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>> any change was announced, michael finney repaired -- filed a report. >> after years of reporting on a troubled recycling program it was nice to report. i thought i would check in. consumers feel ripped off. >> it says on there, cash refund but i won't get my money back. mobile recycling program was announced, 7 on your side was there. >> we will have a truck and a trailer. >> rather than go to a recycling center, the recycling center will come to you. here is how i wrapped things up in 2020. >> there are many details to work out and it could be a year
6:31 pm
before it gets going. >> it has been twice that long, so how is it working? if you go to the website you can find a page devoted to the beverage container recycling pilot program. existing pilot convenience in 12 california cities. you will find a beauty shot of the transamerica pyramid in the background. multiple methods including bag drop sites and permanent recycling centers. does that sound like it is up and running? do you see any mobile trucks? the agency never agreed to an interview writing the mobile part of the san francisco pilot project expects to lawns and --
6:32 pm
launch in january stop they can discuss the mobile part of the program when it is launched. >> how hard is it to put a truck on our road, a truck that gives a text message about location? how hard is that? does it take two years to do that? this shows the incompetence and why pilot projects are never going to work. >> that his family court from consumer watchdog. the court says it is worse than it first appears. >> the state says the pilot program was operational in july, after that the retailers taking back bottles and cans no longer had the obligation to do that. >> san francisco says that itt
6:33 pm
has a partnership with the state. >> does san francisco have a mobile recycling program in operation today? >> it will be in operation starting january 5. >> people watching this will say i can call and they will be at my place in an hour. why has it taken almost two years? >> county cycle opened the application april 2019. we submitted august 2019, we worked with them for a while. >> he says that there was funding to secure, workers to hire and train, trucks, equipment and software to be purchased. >> the way we are doing it has never been done before. we are launching january 5.
6:34 pm
how you may have been doing things in the past. you can no longer crush the cans. i have a q&a about the process posted on our website. >> a big movie movie movie m happening in san francisco, but excitement is not the from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford.
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>> the newest matrix film is making its premier tomorrow night here but not everybody is excited. store owners say that street closures around the event are killing business. long time for this one. resurrections was filmed right here in san francisco and it is where the movie will make its premier. the crews have been busy with
6:38 pm
red carpet set up for the premier but not everyone is starstruck. the castro emergence preparation is upset. the city in the studio which made the film did not give advance warning to businesses that castro street would be closed to business all weekend. >> it was planned without notice or outreach. everyone is extremely disappointed. >> this is the busiest retail shop of the year and they are getting shut down. it's like getting shut down on new year's eve. you cannot take parking the weekend before christmas. we are counting on this. we are nowhere near pre-pandemic numbers.
6:39 pm
>> terry bennett says that her business was down 20% on friday. >> communicatineighborhood and s been terrible. >> the superintendent believes that merchants are owed something. >> i don't see how something can be made whole, short of a payment. >> abc news out to warner bros. but we have not heard back. the san francisco film commission told us that they're putting castro on the world stage. we realize this is causing inconvenience and we hope that the additional foot traffic will make up for the impact. merchants hope that their hollywood pending comes true. >> there is one important piece of homework for san francisco public school students as they had to winter break.
6:40 pm
get a covid test. that is the message with people mingling over the holidays. >> we want to make sure that they test and are negative, that they have a negative result. so that we have a safer community. commode the district has information of where to get a test on its website. >> this is the longest stretch of dry days that we will have of dry days that we will have for a while. entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems,
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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many are thinking about our families, those dear to us and some we have lost. it is that sense of connection that inspired a doctor to write a song, a project that started with the loss of a young patient. lows, the song angels among us is a mixture of pain and healing. the lyrics were written by the
6:44 pm
men on the drums. dr. robert goldsmith. he met a 15-year-old patient named celeste areola. >> she had a brutal cancer in the stomach. she endured very intensive therapies and challenging surgeries and all through it she had this amazingly positive attitude of life. >> celeste grew up in the vallev , and active spark before her diagnosis. >> she was the glue and the whip. she would get us going and say you can't be lazy, you have to be active. >> she would turn her energy toward chemotherapy, fighting a courageous battle cancer that proved insurmountable. >> that is when they told me that her cancer was advanced. but it was very aggressive.
6:45 pm
>> doctrine called the says it was celeste's -- dr. goldsmith says that it was celeste's courage that inspired him. he turned to a grammy-winning bay area recording artist narda michael walton to arrange and perform it. >> i made this part with his help, minor chords. ♪ >> then we purposefully went major. ♪ angels among us oh just look and you'll see ♪ ♪ >> i loved it. i felt like it came to life. >> he says that the song capture the spirit of those who were with us and those who are gone,
6:46 pm
and the goodness that they leave. narda mentors young while dr. gold spa he works with his music therapy program. they are hoping the song will be a reminder of the spirit of healing and giving. >> the meaning is how to live life. >> he had this idea for a song, it was the perfect chemistry to do something. >> i hope that this songgggggggg let people know that there are angels among us, that they love them and look after them. >> check out those terrific organizations and learn about
6:47 pm
the remarkable work that they do. remembering but compassionate. >> we need to get to the weather one last time. most pence or is back with the forecast. >> -- dan: the forecast. spencer: low to mid 30's and the south bay. mid-to-upper 30's around the bay. it will be cold everywhere. it will be a chilly day. high temperatures of 47 d most other locations will see highs around 52 degrees. it will be less chilly on
6:48 pm
sunday. next week it will rain a little bit every day. the rain is is is through christmas day next saturday. it will be a wet week and a lot of it is coming to us for christmas. ama: larry beil is here with sports. larry: steph curry is a gift. he has the three-point record in hand and is looking to build on hand and is looking to build on his own personal milestone. enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though.
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and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ larry: now for the rest of the season. steph curry set their three-part record tuesday, they have a couple days off in new york but without jordan poole. steph curry is feeling good after getting the record out of the way. that's a secret handshake dan and i do before every show. that is a four-point play. steph curry off the dribble. look at the airspace. 16 at the quarter, 20 at the half. gary payton. doing it again. andrew wiggins quietly efficient. 18 in the second quarter.
6:52 pm
leading 24 and a half. the warriors built a lead that they would not hold. the celtics got it to one in the third. dream on with seven minutes left in the game. dachshund draymond green d --- draymond did this with seven minute left in the game. the brooklyn star will join the team for road games. kyrie irving is not allowed to play in new york without the shot. the nets initially set a part-time player would not work for them but they have had a bunch of injuries they changed her mind. -- changed their mind. the raiders-brown's moved to monday. more than 20 players tested positive. the raiders are openly asking why isn't a forfeit? the rams-seahawks game has been
6:53 pm
moved to tuesday. the 49ers say they are 99% vaccinated but hope that they will avoid this. they have had some positives but nothing like cleveland. the nfl said no games would be moved and teams could forfeit, the head coach agrees. >> i can't imagine playing a game missing 25 guys. it is hard when you are missing seven. i'm not paying attention to who. that sounds like it makes the most sense to me. >> the environmental impact report was released today. this is a big step toward the a's staying in oakland. casey pratt has been following the story for months.
6:54 pm
marathon. this is a full marathon. what mile marker are we at? >> the hardest part of these processes is getting political approval. getting that vote to the city council is the key to the project and that is where we are pushing so hard. >> you cannot give me a mile? >> we are many miles in. we have good runners. >> come on, dave. tiger woods and his son charlie are playing and a father-son challenge tomorrow. look at the approach from charlie. charlie will be on the pga tour in a few years. that was within an inch. the good thing for tiger, he w e able to walk around.
6:55 pm
just by looking at him swing, you would never know that he was in a horrific car accident and almost lost his leg. just seeing him on the golf course is good. it is great for him to be out there. dan: his son's swing looks similar to his. >> coming up tonight at 8:00 it is shark tank. experts and others discuss concerns about the boeing 737 airplane grounded due to safety issues. don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. dan: a few thoughts about what really matters. as we reported extensively, the city of san francisco was ready to get serious about solving the out-of-control drug crisis. the mayor declared a state of emergency cutting red tape to deal with the drug problem. she says that 700 people died last year from drug overdoses. the state of emergency reflects
6:56 pm
new urgency. san francisco has been in a state of emergency because of drugs for years. today's action is long overdue and city leaders have been asleep at the switch. drugs with homelessness and crime have been destroying lives, hurting businesses and making victims out of residents and tourists for years. it shouldn't have got to this point but now that it has, what matters is that big public announcements are followed up with a big commitment to follow through. follow me on twitter and on facebook. >> that will do it for this edition. my mama dates -- i am ama daetz. dan: see you at 11:00.
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- [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673 ♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is the... [cheers and applause] for the deciding game, here are our three finalists-- a... at... in asheville, north carolina... whose cash winnings yesterday total... a... at... in sacramento, california... whose cash winnings total... and an... at the... in monterey, california... who won... ...yesterday. and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"--
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mayim bialik! [cheers and applause] thank you again, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to the culmination of the "jeopardy!" professors tournament. it's day two of the finals, and what a fantastic tournament this has been. we have so enjoyed getting to know all of our professors, but just one of them will become our $100,000 champion. sam, ed, and alisa, good luck. we are gonna take away yesterday's scores for now, but we will add them to your totals at the end of today's game. let's get into the jeopardy! round with these categories. ♪ we'll start with... then... and... sam, your board. history of england, $200, please.


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