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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 18, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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>> tonight, we spoke to a group
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of experts to find a way should do to stay safe during the holidays. >> a man has filed a new lawsuit against the officers involved. meteorologist: chilly start of the weekend with some far. wonder what pattern returns coming up. >> the return of the nutcracker. the special audience seeing magic being made. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: more cases of omicron are hitting the bay area. both marin and sonoma counties have cases of the covid-19 variant that you are hearing so much about. i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm amathree other local cs reported cases of omicron. and evidence of omicron has been discovered in wastewater. dan: two of the most populated regions of the united states are reporting alarming single day case counts. new york state today saw more than 21,000 covid cases, the most of any day during the pandemic.
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los angeles recorded more than 3300 new cases, the highest number for that city in nearly four months. a federal appeals court reinstated the biden administration's workplace vaccine mandate. the arkansas attorney general has already said she intends to appeal to the u.s. supreme court. ama: the concern about omicron is increasing as families across the country get ready to celebrate christmas. it's just a week away. luz pena spoke to multiple bay area doctors about their own travel plans and their best advice were celebrated. luz: the past two years have guided and informed us during this pandemic. now, they are sharing their personal choices they are making during the holidays. what is your plan for the holidays? are you feeling comfortable when it comes to traveling? >> so, we are not going to travel. we do have family members that are at risk. and in part, because we want to be particularly safe. >> i'm still planning to visit my mom who lives in new york.
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i haven't seen her for a long time. i'm not going to let the fear of omicron disrupt my plans. i'm vaccinated and boosted. luz: dr. gandhi is traveling to boston to see her parents with her sons and strategizing her -- airplane ventilation. >> the one who is not fully vaccinated, he's had his first dose -- we always put him in the middle and turn his vents up because he was the one that couldn't get vaccinated until recently. luz: please three doctors believe you should be safe to travel if you were fully vaccinated and boosted, and don't have any pre-existing health conditions. >> please remember what a different situation we're in. yes, we have a new variant. it could be less severe. luz: early data shows the omicron variant is four times more transmissible than the delta variant. but with vaccination numbers increasing, dr. peter hong believes -- >> this might be a little window
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period. there might be a bunch of spiking occurring after christmas. and that may not go down until the end of january, february. luz: according to experts, if you're in a room where everyone is vaccinated, you get the chance of infection by at least 95%. but a stanford professor is not convinced this is the best time to travel. >> it transmits so well that it produces explosive outbreaks. when it enters a gathering, it can affect everybody in the gathering. luz: and dr. caldwell's case, he is getting his two sons coming from college, who are also fully vaccinated, tested, something these three doctors recommend when gathering with elderly family members. >> certainly before any family gathering that we do. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. dan: and as students begin their winter breaks, school district and the cdc are reminding families about the importance of testing. the cdc today is said testing to
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children who were exposed to the virus has proven to be a safe alternative to pulling them out of the classroom and quarantining them. meantime in the bay area, many school districts have come up with plans to ensure students can get tested before classes resume in january. for san francisco students, testing will be offered at school district headquarters on january 2 and three. >> attest to make sure that they are negative, they come back with a negative result so that they can come back to the schools and be safe. and also we have a safer community. dan: also today, pfizer said it will evaluate a third dose of its covid vaccine currently on trial for toddlers six months to under five years of age. the company has found a two dose regimen for that age group is not as effective as it is in over -- in older adults. if you have questions about covid nine back -- covid-19 vaccines, you can email us. click on that big blue box. ama: it sure feels like winter, with another cold night tonight.
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let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel with the latest on our temperatures. . sandhya: they are tumbling tonight and that's what tomorrow morning, you're going to wake up to frost across the bay area. temperatures at this hour, many of you in the 30's and 40's. some of our coldest spots, 36 in santa rosa, 35 in fairfield. tomorrow morning, they are going to bottom out near freezing in fairfield, down to 33 degrees, with that fog around. it is right around the central valley and parts of the north bay tonight as we check out the view, the wider view at this hour. want to show you what's head. storms are lined up in the pacific. show you when they get here coming up. dan: here we go again. thank you. mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin. public safety is something wthel allow the city to more quickly respond to the drug overdose crisis. abc 7 reporter melanie woodrow
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has details and reaction from the community. melanie: images like these have become too common in the tenderloin neighborhood, prompting london breed to declare a state of emergency. more than 700 people died due to drug overdoses last year in san francisco. >> we are in a crisis. melanie: supervisor matt haney. >> they need help. and this is a statement of the urgency that help is on the way. melanie: mary ellen carol will spearhead the effort. >> an emergency declaration allows san francisco to cut through the red tape, to obtain the contracts, the resources, and the personnel that we need to address the crisis, conditions in the tenderloin. melanie: it's welcomed by community members. >> residents need action. they're going to be excited to see that somebody is finally paying attention to the residence. melanie: christy is the director of community organizing and resident voice at the benefit
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district. she says last week mayor breed met with approximately 50 tenderloin residents. >> she listened to their stories about getting assaulted on the street or hiding from gunfire in the middle of the day at a park. melanie: the group spoke with the mayor's policy advisers about changes they would like to see in the neighborhood. >> i hope that the help that's offered is long-lasting. melanie: mayor breed says it is. >> the goal is to not let anyone stay out in the streets. >> everything that was said today only enhances our ability to do our jobs. enforcement, we have to enforce. we have to arrest people who are assaulting people. melanie: an intervention, people who live and work here, says it's been needed for some time. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. ama: gavin newsom also released his proposal. it would create a team focused on stopping organized retail theft that has plagued the bay area and other parts of california. >> you break a window, you smash
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and grab, you take other people's property, that's wrong, period, full stop. period. no justification for that. ama: the funding would provide more resources to the state department of justice to go after the ringleaders who are organizing the smash and grab robberies. and it would expand the highway patrols process to investigate the thefts. but as abc 7 news insider explains, the funding will take a while to approve. >> a lot has to go to the state legislature and that's going to be months down the line when they put together the new budgeting. ama: something else the legislature needs to approve is oakland's request to use license plate readers and hammers along highways and on ramps in the city. governor newsom says that's something he plans to address. dan: new developments, the family of mario gonzalez, who died earlier this year during this incident with alameda police, is now suing the officers involved. abc 7 reporter tim johns spoke with an attorney representing the dollars's son -- gonzales's.
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the family says they not -- want to not only justice, but reform. tim: family of mario gonzalez has filed a lawsuit against the officers involved and the city of alameda/ the suit, which is being filed on behalf of gonzales's five-year-old son, comes one week after the corners office ruled gonzales's death a homicide. the incident took place back in april when three alameda police officers attempted to arrest him. they thought he was under the influence and might have been involved in a theft. >> they forced him facedown on the ground. they got on top of him with their weight. tim: julia sherborn is one of the attorneys filing the suit. >> little mario has just been missing his father terribly. he still asks his mother why his poppy doesn't wake up. tim: the lasso is asking for financial damages to be paid out to gonzales's. family but sherwood says aside from the lawsuit, they are calling for the district attorney to bring criminal charges against the officers involved, as well as
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reforms, including requiring all law enforcement to undergo crisis intervention team training. >> which helps officers recognize when a situation is not a law enforcement situation, but is more of a mental or behavioral health situation. tim: similar calls have grown louder since gonzales's death. on thursday, alameda launched its pilot program with its so-called care team, a nonpolice alternative for some cases. >> the hope is that contact on the street, we get them the help and the aftercare they need and on a better pathway to success. tim: the three officers involved are currently on administered of leave. in alameda, tim johns, abc 7 news. ama: elizabeth holmes fate is now in the hands of the jurors. the final thoughts from the prosecution and defense today. dan: tomorrow is the second biggest shopping day of the year, even with the impact of the supply chain problems. what you can expect on super saturday. ama: an especial audience
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tonight for the return of the nutcracker in san jose. dan: all that is ahead for you. the first, here's what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy? jimmy: thanks. watch this. it's good for you. o christmas tree. >> ♪ stop filming me stop filming me i'll lose my job small businesses like yours make gift-giving possible. now, comcast business has an exclusive gift for you. introducing the gift of savings sale.
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for a limited time, ask how to get a great deal for your business. and get up to a $500 prepaid card with select bundles when you switch to the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. or get started with internet and voice for $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ama: the trial of elizabeth
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holmes is in the hands of the jury. she faces nine counts of where fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit word fraud in connection with a failed blood testing started. prosecutors said she knowingly misled investors while the defense maintains she didn't mislead anyone. if convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison. dan: in the east bay, a beloved breakfast restaurant has closed its doors after 46 years in business. millie's kitchen on oak hill road was named after the original owner. the current owner taped a note to the door, sang with great sadness, millie's has decided to retire. they will be remembered for its coffee cake, french toast, and its giant sized portions. ama: tomorrow is super saturday, one of the biggest days to shop of the year. 148 million last-minute shoppers are expected to hit stores and go online tomorrow. that's actually down a little from last year. supply issues may have led people to buy gifts earlier this year. overall, holiday sales are predicted to hit 806 $2 billion.
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dan: probably be out there a little bit, too. how about you? ama: i'm done. dan: good for you. especial audience was invited to preview the san jose nutcracker, finally back. amanda del castillo was there. amanda: a beloved holiday show with a san jose twist. on friday, special preview performance brought magic back to the historic theater. from the live orchestra to the dancers, designers, and more, ballets returned to live audiences came just in time for the holidays. >> everyone involved in the theater, none of us have done what we love to do for almost two years now. amanda: dalia rosson says this marks the first time new ballet is taking stage at the restored theater, a special occasion for a very special audience. 200 families were given the opportunity to preview friday's show at no cost. >> i think the opportunity is
1:24 am
ours. we are so excited to invite into the audience today local families, kids from local elementary schools in downtown san jose, and also families affected with sensory and learning disabilities. amanda: the event was hosted by councilman rella pirela's, who river since the surrounding neighborhoods. >> we have so many of our youth here in san jose that don't get to take advantage of theater performances here in a california theater. answer for us to be able to support them, it was really terrific, give them a little bit of exposure in the theater. amanda: the show gave marianna lopez and her extended family a reason to reunite. >> it brings us altogether, especially since we haven't seen our grandparents in a while. so it kind of bring us more as a family together. amanda: for la paz, family is everything. and friday's preview of her family and experience they won't soon forget. >> the music, especially. and the performance, just amazing in every kind of way.
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it's able to tell a story without saying anything. amanda: and amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. dan: a lot of people are making a beeline to the sierra and resorts tonight, eager to start their holiday in several feet of snow. skis, snowboards, and boots were going fast in sun valley in san jose. this was the second place where the lee family stopped after the usual go to rental shop ran out of inventory. >> we did escap did e so it's been two years since last time we go anywhere, actually. dan: what should you expect if you were headed to the mountains soon? it's going to be busy, very busy. those who work in the business say a lot of that has to do with the pandemic. >> more people interested in outdoor recreation. we think it's a lot because a lot of people discovered it last year, are able to be home and say what do i want to do? they got outside. dan: one important piece of advice is to check the resort's
1:26 am
covid policies. you want to check that before you go. they've had a good amount of snow lately and they're probably about to get some more as we get more rain. ama: let's get to sandhya patel for the latest. stephanie: it is going --sandhya: it is going to dump in the mountains next week. wax off your skis if you are a skier or boarding. it's a good week to get out there. let me show you live picture after a show you the temperatures because it's getting cold, near freezing around brentwood, livermore. in tahoe, it is 10 degrees. you are good to go if you are planning to go over the next couple of days. it's going to actually start to snow on tuesday. wednesday, rain and snow. then it gets heavier thursday and friday. by morning, 29 in fairfield, down to 30 degrees in livermore. definitely the winner sheltered valleys cold and you are going to have some fog around.
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so definitely be prepared for fog and frost. as we checked out visibility at this hour, it's down to a mile and a quarter in santa rosa, just a half of mile in ukiah and one mile in fairfield. allow yourself a little extra time if you do have plans to get to where you need to go. also, we're watching the central valley fog, which is going to spill over and continue to move in towards parts of the east bay and north bay. tomorrow morning, it will be dense. but new time, it starts to. this is going to impact temperatures because it is slower to clear in those areas. from our emeryville camera, all decked out, cold morning with areas of frost and fog, sunny and crisp, and we are expecting rainy days next week through christmas and even beyond that. here's a christmas preview for you. temperatures in the morning will be upper 30's to upper 40's. christmas day, looking at low to mid 50's. rain will turn to showers, something we should be thankful
1:28 am
for because there are a series of storms lined up and they are coming in next week. the first one is going to be coming in on monday night going into tuesday. a little drizzle sunday and monday, but tuesday is a wet, windy day, this sierras getting snow. this pattern keeps going right on through christmas and even beyond that. i want to show you the rainfall projections. this is taking you through the week. most areas are between the one to three inches category. north bay locations in the santa cruz mountains, anyway from three to six inches of rain. look at the snow totals, looking at 70 at south lake tahoe, 96 at kirkwood over the 6, 7 day period. good snow up there. highs tomorrow on the cool side, mid to upper 40's inland, 50's around the bay and the coast. it's going to be a nice day, just a little chilly. cold morning tomorrow, fog sunday, drizzle, monday a level
1:29 am
two, moderate strength storm. it's going to be windy, as well. and then a one wednesday, thursday, and friday. we will keep the storm impact scale going and those storms coming. dan: i g
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♪ ama: oakland unified school district hosted its second annual kwanzaa celebration. virtual event included songs and dances performed by the districts. children commemorated their appreciation for african culture and community to kickoff the holiday season. this year, kwanzaa begins december 26. dan: steph curry got his record, a milestone for coach steve kerr tonight. ama: larry beil is here with sports. chris: with a three-part -- larry: with a three-point record in his rearview
1:32 am
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larry: good evening. covid wreaking havoc through the country, pro sports included, the worriers without jordan poole tonight in boston. he entered covid protocols. as for steph curry, feeling good, sicker handshake before the game, first three-point attempt of the night, catch and shoot. four-point play, 16 in the quarter, 20 at the half. and do not blink or you will miss gary payton, the reverse hammer, the young glove. andrew wiggins looking to score more, but cool is out 24 at the half. worries built a 20 point lead and they couldn't hold. the celtics come all the way back and take the lead briefly. but the warriors recovered. a minute to go, expecting the three, steph runner, game-high
1:34 am
30. where's hang on -- warriors hang on, 111-107. color troops, santa clara hosting florida a&m, down 10 in the first half, second have a very different story thanks to that man, jaelyn williams. broncos came in the second half, carlos stewart to the hoop with authority. santa clara and st. mary's lost to san jose state. the nfl originally said teams would forfeit games if they couldn't play because of covid. they have walked that back. raiders, browns scheduled for tomorrow. the washington philly game, plus rams-seahawks moved to tuesday. 49ers, falcons sunday will be played. kyle shanahan thinks postponing some games is the right move. >> i can't imagine playing a game missing 25 guys. it's hard when you are missing seven. so i couldn't imagine missing 25. i'm not paying attention to who
1:35 am
and what and stuff. that sounds like it makes the most sense to me. larry: another step forward with the a's project, 3500 pages. the city says it has the 352 million needed for infrastructure updates. the goal, get a city council vote in february. >> the hardest part of these processes from san jose is getting the political approval. and so i think getting that to the city council is the key to the project. that's why we are pushing so hard to have it happen as soon as possible. larry:
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ama: that is it for tonight. thanks for watching. i'm ama daetz. dan: i'm dan ashley. hope you have a break -- great
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weekend and good night. ♪ >> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪ on today's show, a talented teen sings her way to the top.
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>> it's the most beautiful thing, to see that light bulb go on. >> mouth-watering pies for any occasion. >> it's one of my favorite pies, and i don't really share it when i get it. >> preparing students for a bright future. >> i've learned teamwork, collaboration, and so much more. >> and love letters to san francisco. >> it's new, innovative. it's immersive. >> but first, a holiday favorite delights. [ violins playing ] >> the story of "a christmas carol" is really about overcoming selfishness and self-interest and embracing generosity and caring about others. ♪ >> ♪ god rest ye merry gentlemen ♪ >> the story centers around a man named ebenezer scrooge who's a money-lender and kind of a hermit, and pretty anti-christmas. but over the course of a night, multiple spirits come to him and
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kind of reawaken a joy and a giving spirit. you can expect a lot of beautiful music. you can expect some snow and some pretty exciting surprises. ♪ [ applause ] >> i am not a religious person. i grew up kind of celebrating christmas, and then less so as i grew older. but i think this show really effectively brings out the joy and the sharing in scrooge and in me and in our audience. it's bigger than christmas. it's about a coming together and a caring and a connecting with your community. >> so, one of the actors came to our childcare center today, where we serve kids from homeless and low-income backgrounds, and he read the story "the night before christmas" to a group of
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children who loved it, loved having a guest come in and read to them, and apparently the kids are hoping that he'll come back and read a whole bunch more stories to them. >> our production of "a christmas carol" has partnered with compass family services, and so at the end of every show, we're going to be taking donations that will go straight to compass family services, which exists here in the tenderloin. >> having a partnership with broadway sf is just amazing. family homelessness and homelessness in general, huge social issues, and it definitely takes at least a village to make a difference and to solve them, and we are so honored and grateful to broadway sf for joining our village. and they are supporting us with making an appeal at the end of each show, but it's also just getting the word out about what we do and what the issue is and what the need is. >> i think it's really great
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that we're not just telling the story of giving, but we're also putting that into action, and it's really fantastic to be partnered with compass, who's doing such beautiful work and has been doing this for a long time here. >> we all see that there's so much suffering happening in our community, and i think everybody does care and everybody wants things to be better, and sometimes it's hard to know what you can do to make your own, personal difference. we welcome support of any type at compass and hope that people will embrace that holiday spirit and get rid of the self-interest and self-centeredness of scrooge and embrace the generosity that we all need to make a stronger and better community for everyone. >> ♪ good tidings have come ♪ ♪ good tidings have come ♪ >> it's a great family, a community show, and regardless of your background or christmas or not, i think it's a great way to come together right now.


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