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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 18, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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what role the omicron variant is playing. >> san francisco lit up in green for the premiere of the matrix movie. everything you need to know from the green carpet. >> a cold night tonight. days of rain. the details in the accuweather forecast. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. who are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. with christmas less than a away, bay area shoppers hit the stores today to find last-minute items. as tim johns tells us, it was
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more than just gifts on people's minds. >> as the holiday shopping season enters the final stretch, shoppers are hitting the stores all around the bay area. one of the most popular spots is the village. >> i found it more busy than it was last year. reporter: some bought many items. >> i'm so excited. sparkly sweaters. >> i have a bag of chips for myself. i don't have a plan of what i'm going to get. i'm just here trying to find stuff. reporter: many retailers say they are happy to see shoppers back added -- added again. >> it has been bananas. ongoing traffic. we haven't had any downtime. reporter: many shoppers told us the new omicron variant was still on their minds. >> i have older grandparents and people i want to look out for. reporter: at home covid tests
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are a hot item. this cvs sold out of about 1500 tests in less than 24 hours. >> you get together with people and you don't know where they were. you just want to have it on hand. reporter: covid isn't the only factor. the prices are also playing a role. >> in comparison to years past, it's 15% higher. if not more. reporter: this holiday season brings challenges. many are looking forward to spending time with their loved ones. >> we are doing what we can to stay healthy and safe. at the end of the day, i have to be with my family. reporter: abc 7 news. dion: with the number of covid cases skyrocketing, president biden is going to deliver remarks next week focused on the omicron variant. this surge is breaking records in new york and disrupting professional sports leagues. christine sloan has tonight's headlines. reporter: the biden
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administration says it is delaying enforcement of its vaccine or test rule by a month. companies with 100 or more workers will have to require proof of vaccination or begin testing workers in early february. as covid-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to rise across the country, health officials say omicron is spreading quickly and is set to overtake delta as the dominant variant. >> it is spreading faster than any variant before. millions of cases will come in the next few weeks. reporter: the holiday travel rush gets underway. the tsa screening 2.2 million travelers on friday. >> use the next week to make sure you're practicing safe, prevention, mitigation strategies so that when you come together for the holidays, people have not been exposed to the virus because they've been vaccinated, boosted, and masked. reporter: a stark message for the unvaccinated. >> for the unvaccinated, you are looking at a winter of severe
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illness and death. for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may overwhelm. reporter: a record set just one day ago, recording 22,000 positive tests in the past 44 hosfter dayg three games this weekend. the nfl is enacting new covid protocols that will include a more targeted testing and the ability for players to opt out for the rest of the season. >> you could see teams trying to huddle up again and locked down with their own individual bubbles. reporter: the nhl is postponing several games and harvard is announcing plans to return to online learning for the first three weeks of january. joining a growing number of schools that have made similar decisions. christine sloan, abc news, new york. dion: the city of light won't be welcoming the new year like this in 2022. paris has canceled its traditional fireworks display because of omicron fears. the news follows an announcement
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by the prime minister banning big outdoor events and gatherings on new year's eve. covid cases have increased almost 7% in france. turning to the weather. it's chilly out there. it hasn't been this cold and a long time. drew: heaters on full blast tonight. temperatures are plummeting. 30's and low 40's. several more hours for temperatures to fall. 35 in santa rosa. 38 in palo alto. 45 in the city right now. we are tracking issues again with dense fog developing the north bay and beginning to develop in the delta. santa rosa down to a quarter mile visibility, five miles in fairfield. tomorrow, temperatures and fog. delta fog, dense in spots, especially through parts of the east bay. tomorrow afternoon, it's a bright afternoon but temperatures only topping out in the low 50's.
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we finished the weekend dry but we have days of rain to talk about. dion: bundle up in the meantime. a big night in san francisco as the cast -- castro theater rolled out the green carpet for the premiere of the matrix resurrections. all of the stars were there including kiana reeves. luz pena spoke to him along with some other familiar faces. reporter: roll out the green carpet and look up. green lights. tonight's san francisco went green to honor the premiere of the anticipated matrix resurrections movie. >> san francisco brings back a lot of memories. reporter: even london breed had a short cameo in the film. >> it's like my dream to have matrix and other hollywood films come to san francisco. reporter: the top-secret filming began in 2020 in san fraiscomeji akg' premiere a full circle moment. >> right before the pandemic, we
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got so lucky. we wrapped right is the world was shutting down. reporter: in 2020, images of kiana reeves jumping off a 46 story building 19 times went viral. >> it was a highlight of shooting the film here in san francisco. >> walking the streets, the light. leaping off of that building. that was a pretty big highlight. reporter: i like it. one of kiana's biggest fans is ou vy own former giants player hunter pence. are you inviting kiana to the ballpark? >> of course. reporter: i'm sure there's an open invitation. the matrix inspired him throughout his career. >> i would think i was morpheus. reporter: why didn't they cast you this time around? >> ts is the first time i've mentioned that to anyone. reporter: he had a message for
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him after the ballpark invitation. >> thanks man. reporter: the movie is about bringing characters back together. >> i process my grief by bringing two characters back to life. reporter: this film brought together a diverse cast. >> filipino being a part of this. >> every production should look like the world. reporter: we had to ask. will there be a fifth matrix? >> i can't say. reporter: another question is, will there be a fifth film? that remains to be seen. tonight, we definitely took the red pill. luz pena, abc 7 eyewitness news. dion: we will have to see hollywood and san francisco. san francisco has matrix media tonight. a number of landmarks have turned green for the premier. castro sears or --
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hall, and san francisco international airport. moving on. more than 1000 children got a toy for the holidays. all of this is part of the second annual chinatown winter wonderland. the event serves underprivileged children in the community. first responders from the san francisco fire department shared along in the festive spirit. along with falling snow, there were train rides along grand avenue in the heart of chinatown. to make her everyone was safe, the chinese hospital offered covid vaccinations to kids as well as booster shots. >> chinese hospital has been focusing on creating walking -- walk in clinic's and participating in local events so people can walk up and get it. dion: very cool. the hospital has plenty of vaccines available for children and adults. to the peninsula now. hundreds of families received some joy for the holidays. a drive-thru at the san mateo event center.
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1700 children got brand-new toys and 600 households were given $100 visa gift cards. jackie speier helped out at the event and she spread the word about staying safe from covid over the holidays. reporter: stay masked. -- >> stay masked and get your booster. you will be safe. if you notice, we all have masks on even though we are outside. all the people in their cars have masks on. dion: they have given 3000 target gift cards through their holiday program. it serves 25,000 low income residents of san mateo county. across america, our nation's heroes were honored in a touching tribute today. more than 2 million veterans reeves were placed at the final resting places of u.s. service members. ♪ >> ♪ ari
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here in the bay area as well. this is what it looked like earlier today at the san francisco national cemetery in the presidio. this is in honor of national reads across america day. millions of volunteers set out across the country on this mission to remember u.s. service members. coming up, help is on the way. hit hard by the wildfires, the north bay is about to get a pretty big boost in its recovery. what's going to be built because of the passage of the infrastructure bill. a little later, bringing businesses back to san francisco's ferry building. some of the new stores that are opening
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other lawmakers toward one north bay neighborhood devastated by wildfires four years ago. officials say new investments may prevent future tragedies. cornell barnard was there. reporter: this was santa rosa's coffee park in 2017, ground zero for the tubs wildfire. 3000 homes lost across the city, more than 1000 of them right here in this neighborhood. the catastrophic loss is still hard to fathom. >> we lost lives, businesses, livelihoods. we lost homes. reporter: mike thompson and nancy pelosi toward coffee park saturday where many homes have now been rebuilt. >> you suffered so much. you came together so
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beautifully. you listened to each other in terms of how to build back better. reporter: she spoke to fire survivors at this news conference, touting the passage of the infrastructure investment and jobs act, providing 1.2 trillion in funding for jobs, highway improvements, and wildfire prevention in california. >> we can predict -- improve our infrastructure. damage that we live through in 2017. reporter: lisa frizzy is still rebuilding her home. preventing future wildfires is crucial. >> we are a fire family. we love our family but we don't want any more fire survivors to have to join us. >> the funding could pay for new engines, fire prevention technology, and fire stations. >> we are looking at things like we need three fire stations.
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there's funding for that. we need a fire station within an area that is underserved and has been marginalized for a long time. potentially there's funding for that. >> they can't guarantee more wildfires won't happen but new teal -- tools can keep resilient communities safer and better protected. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. dion: the salvation army is hard at work in the bay area helping thousands of families make sure this holiday season is a memorable one. the san francisco chapter again handing out toys as part of its angel tree program. 2000 children will deceive a big bag of gifts. families had to preregister to receive the holiday goodies. especially tough one for many. >> we are seeing an increase in the number of people asking for help. unfortunately, we are seeing a decrease in the number of donations. there's a lot of issues. inflation, the pandemic.
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there's been a lot of concern about crime. dion: here in the bay area, the salvation army says there are fewer donations coming in through red kettles near busy and shopping areas. they are trying to get the word out that they need more donations to help meet the growing need. holiday shoppers in nevada got to enjoy seasonal carols today. ♪ dion: feels like the season. the christmas curiel's have been entertaining audiences since 1977. the singers come from opera and theater companies. they performed new arrangements of familiar holiday songs accompanied by sleigh bells, tambourines, and even kazoos. it's the music and whether we are experiencing that makes it feel more like christmas. drew: the sights, sounds, and temperatures. we are a week away from
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christmas. 30's and 40's right now. tomorrow is another chilly afternoon. let's talk about our storm season. we are doing really well. we have a great start to the storm season. everyone is above normal for this point in storm season. some have doubled where they should be at this time in the year. more than a foot of rain in san francisco. 18 inches in santa rosa. san jose looks like last but still, close to five inches of rain. we are tracking several more chances for rain coming our way over the next seven days. this was the snowpack two weeks ago. it looks pretty meager. 17%. fast forward to today. we have a really healthy snowpack out there. statewide, 98% of normal when it comes to our snowpack. that's very healthy. we are dries in a couple of days. if you are going toe tahoe
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tomorrow or tuesday, you have dry conditions. later on, a rain snow mix. by wednesday and thursday, a good amount of snow coming our way even for christmas eve and christmas day. after wednesday, travel will be tough if you are trying to go to the sierra. look at the snow forecast. several feet around the lake. our highest peaks could be close to eight feet of additional snow coming our ways and seven days. at home, it feels like it snowed out there. 30's on the board. 36 in santa rosa. 38 in palo alto. 43 in oakland. we have fog to contend with as well. santa rosa with dense fog out there. five miles in fairfield. we expect these numbers in the east bay and north bay to continue to lower tomorrow. be aware of that. overnight tonight, it is chilly. bring your pets inside as well.
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30's and low 40's first thing. tomorrow after that cool start, a cool afternoon. 53 in oakland. 55 in san jose. 49 in napa. it's dry on sunday. it's dry on monday but the clouds will sicken throughout the day. here's our next storm on tuesday. starts in the north bay. tuesday, bouts of moderate to heavy rain at times. total rainfall, higher amounts in the north bay. the rain shadow looks to take effect -- effect in the south bay. more beneficial rain coming our way. winter on tuesday with another storm. a level two. more rain on thursday and christmas eve. we will have showers in the forecast. tomorrow and monday, completely dry. dion: good to do some shopping outdoors. thanks. tis the season of giving. the holiday assist from the
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dion: you are looking live from our roof camera. fireworks are going off. in the studio we said, what is that sound? we looked outside and saw. not something you would normally see on december 18 in the middle of the month. looks more like fourth of july. these fireworks coming from a boat in san francisco bay. we take another vantage point from our emeryville camera. is this a matrix related set of fireworks? not so sure. they are not green. we will be keeping and i. what aquinas -- nice site. all hands on deck effort to bring the holidays for many southbay families.
11:26 pm
the salvation army teamed up with the san jose sharks. the essay pay center delivered hundreds of gifts and food boxes. volunteers loaded cars full of gifts and meals this morning at the parking lot. in years past, the salvation army organized in person shopping experiences for families. this event is how the organization adapted during covid. rialreet t chris: coming up in sports, the warriors wrapped up a five-game east coast road trip and the doves said nine players to ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event.
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river rock casino. chris: six guys flew back to the bay area early to avoid canadian covid travel logistics. 50% capacity in toronto. scotty barnes with a nice pass. the triple. game-high 27. the seventh overall pick. dribble, drive, and elevate. fr te. working on his shooting. here's one of his triples. making the most of his two-man game. late second quarter. toronto running away. the hoop and the file. he looks at his hand like, thank you very much. raptors running away. gary trent junior to chris boucher. 26 point game at that point. nice pass to the rookie and he finishes at the rim.
11:31 pm
26. the warriors lose 119-100. back to the bay from monday matchup against the kings. >> big success to go 3-2. tough trip with two back to back. very shorthanded tonight. really proud of the guys. now we have to get some rest and bounce back pretty quickly with a game on monday night. chris: stanford at tennessee. tennsecut the lead to three. the big sorter because her -- buser. 11 straight points in the fourth, finishing with 12. stanford hands tennessee their first loss. over a minute to go.
11:32 pm
that's major. game-high 23 three point game. defense to offense. josh kunin. a one-point game after the triple. they missed two chances at that buser and they lose 49-48. max jones and the patriots taking on the colts. 7-0. the punch block. 14-0 colts. 17 straight. they get a touchdown to close thing out. the colts when it 27-17. abc 7 sports. dion: thanks. coming up next, gripping moments in the trial of a former minnesota police officer accused of shooting and killing a black man. here her testimony. it looks like junk and it is. wait until you hear about which
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and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. dion: annex police officer gets emotional during her manslaughter trial, weeping during testimony and apologizing. closing arguments are expected to begin on monday in the trial of a former minnesota police officer. she's accused of shooting daunte wright during a traffic stop in april of last year. here's face abu bay with potter emotional testimony. reporter: kim potter taking the witness stand friday afternoon
11:37 pm
and for the first time, publicly explaining the events of april 11 when she shot and killed a 20-year-old. she pleaded not guilty. >> i remember yelling, taser, taser, taser. nothing happened. and then he told me i shot him. reporter: potter stopped the vehicle for an expired tag and an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. a violation under minnesota law. >> we were trying to keep them from driving away. reporter: the prosecution lutheran -- looking to prove she was negligent and reckless during the traffic shop -- stop, focusing on this moment. potter breaking down during cross-examination. >> you stopped doing your job completely. you didn't communicate what happened over the radio.
11:38 pm
you didn't run down the street and try to save daunte wright's life. did you? >> no. >> you were focused on what you had done because you had just killed somebody. >> i'm sorry it happened. reporter: daunte wright's family attorneys telling abc news, potters testimony confirmed, daunte wright's killing at potter's hands was absolutely preventable. >> she's a law-enforcement officer who was on the force for 26 years yet she couldn't tell the difference between her taser and a firearm. that tells a lot about the lack of training that was happening. reporter: the defense and prosecution have rested their case. we are expecting closing arguments on monday. face abu bay, abc news. dion: jurors in the elizabeth holmes trial will resume deliberations on monday. the judge gave them instructions late yesterday and they broke for a day a short time later. there's a total of 11 charges in
11:39 pm
connection with the blood testing startup. if convicted, holmes could face 20 years in prison. there's a podcast about the case hosted by abc news chief business economics and technology correspondent rebecca jarvis. there are new episodes every tuesday. listen wherever you stream your podcast. california's leading tennis companies are warning governor gavin newsom that the legal industry is on the verge of collapse. more than two dozen industry executives officials, and lethey want tax cuts and a rapid expansion of retail outlets. the group says that heavily taxed and regulated industry can't compete with the widespread illegal economy where prices are lower and sales are double or triple the legal business. texas has started building its own border wall. governor greg is stepping up to do the federal
11:40 pm
government's job. the governor called out president biden for allowing open board -- border policies and refusing to enforce immigration laws to secure the border. >> the consequences of biden failure to do his job are staggering. already this year, there have been more than 1.2 million people who have been apprehended coming across the border illegally. reporter: -- dion: the price tag is estimated to run billions of dollars. texas has raised 54 million dollars in private donations to build the wall. the state is using the same contractor who built president donald trump border wall. this young green turtle was rescued by fishermen off of the coast of argentina with a gut full of trash. the 14 inch turtle is being cared for at a rescue center and borno saris. once that's isolated the animal in a pool of water, it started eliminating a large amount of plastic waste in its feces.
11:41 pm
among the fragments, nets, plastic caps, styrofoam, and cellophane. despite the release of a large amount of the trash, x-rays showed more debris in the animals intestines. the turtle is being treated to remove the blockage. so long blue light special. the end of the era for kmart in california. we take a walk through memory lane where everything must go. drew: clear skies in san francisco but dense fog and other spots and a chilly night on the way. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. dion: the last kmart in california is closing tomorrow. it's the final kmart on the west coast. everything is for sale, even the fixtures. local say the store will be missed. timegomi ir kmartone tndorkalon
11:45 pm
dion:s a dime store in detroit and eventually grew to nearly 25,000 stores nationwide. in 2002, kmart filed for chapter alike -- there are only a few dozen kmart left in the u.s.. this one in grass valley is set to become a target store. we have seen so many businesses close in the bay area during the pandemic. new businesses are on the way to san francisco ferry building and many are owned by immigrants or people of color. issues of race and social justice are important to us at abc 7 as we work to build a better bay area. here's a look at doing business in one of the city's most iconic buildings. reporter: yes, the ferry
11:46 pm
building is beautiful to see. but what draws customers in is the smell. it's fragrance are the most popular followed by soaps. everything is made by hand. >> we dip it in the soy and get the smell on there. reporter: the company started 10 years ago as a passion project. the owners never imagining they would be selling their products in their own storefront in one of san francisco's most iconic buildings. >> we've been given an opportunity by the ferry building. we've been doing better than ever. we are really proud to say that it started from humble beginnings. reporter: they've been in this location for about a year and have done well despite the pandemic. >> we get a ton of people from around the world and a lot of natives coming through. you see a huge mix of people and you get a lot of exposure to what everyone around the world might want to see.
11:47 pm
if you stick there, you know that you are offering something that people really want. reporter: soon, more small businesses will have their own stores in the building. >> we are excited to welcome a handful of new businesses to the building next year. reporter: programming and marketing at the ferry building. she's proud that five of the new businesses are owned by immigrants or people of color. a latin american eatery, a french cray pre-, gourmet dips and spreads, a sustainable caviar producer, and putting. >> the ferry building needs to represent the bay area as a whole. so having immigrant owned or black-owned businesses is an important part of representing the bay area. so we are thrilled that businesses have been so popular. lines out the door every day. i think that really speaks to what people want to see and
11:48 pm
what's important to show. reporter: they hope there are new neighbors and they will share their story of success with the help of a san francisco icon. >> everyone needs that one. nothing comes easily. you need to be prepared. once that hits, you take off. reporter: abc 7 news. dion: love seeing the diversity. how appropriate, right before christmas. lots of options to go shopping. drew: gift ideas. tomorrow, we are dry. rain returns on tuesday and we are tracking several days of rain after that. tonight is about cold temperatures. 36 in san ramon. 40 in san mateo. fog continues to thicken. two miles in santa rosa and four miles in fairfield. issues with fog in the north and east bay. overnight tonight, cold temperatures well into the 30's
11:49 pm
for most of us. the fog turning dance as it moves theght.tomorrow, fog and d temperatures. we rebound but it's cold for this time of year. upper 40's to lower 50's under partly cloudy skies. we are dry tomorrow. rain returns on tuesday. it's a level two on tuesday. continues into wednesday. our next storm is on thursday. another one on christmas day. get your activities and while you can. we will track the rain as it moves through the next couple of days. dion: that's good advice. thanks. to chris with a preview of sports. chris: coming up in sports, it's bowl season. in the nfl, the playoff push is on.
11:50 pm
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chris: the nfl said teens would
11:53 pm
forfeit games if they couldn't play because of covid. they walk that back and rescheduled see -- three games this week. the 49ers will host the falcons tomorrow afternoon. the 49ers are 99% vaccinated so they will avoid an outbreak. the falcons have had positives but nothing like cleveland. the nfl said no games will be moved and teams could forfeit. delays.anahan agrees >> i couldn't imagine playing a game with missing 25 guys. it's hard when you are missing seven. i couldn't imagine with 25. to me, i'm not paying attention to who and what. that sounds like it makes more sense to me. >> it's frustrating. we hate to see things going backwards. we felt like we are moving in the right direction. i mean, i will stay positive. hopefully these regulations get more guys playing on sunday. hopefully we get what we want out of it.
11:54 pm
>> it's about putting the team first when you are away from the facility. guys realize what type of opportunity we have this year, coming down the stretch especially. things are starting to get serious now. we are on the same page. it makes for good thing. chris: here's a look at the nfc playoff standings. niners are the succeed and have a huge game against the six and seventh falcons, among the five total teams with that record. san francisco would play at arizona on wildcard weekend. oregon state and utah state in the jimmy kimmel ball -- bowl. the starting quarterback got hers. here's the first pass for the cougar mcgaw. city two yards, first quarterback in history to have his first career pass be a touchdown in a bowl game. in the third quarter, he does it again. devon tompkins had over 100 yards receiving. last best chance.
11:55 pm
swarmed by the aggie defense. he comes up just inches short and the chains tell the tale. utah state wins 24-13. now for our top story. fresno state taking on utep. 286 yards through the air. jordan men's had three touchdowns. 26-17 bulldogs. you think a quarterback sneak is coming but instead, calvin brown holds to trent thompson. 51 yards and it's a two point game. midway through the fourth, minor sound five. it's a sack and a safety and the bulldogs win 31-24. uab taking on byu. cold and rainy in shreveport for the independence bowl. 7-0. duane mcbride with 64 yards. 183 yards.
11:56 pm
14-0 uab. byu takes the lead for the first time. tyler aligarh fighting his way to the end sub. 28-24 cougars. uab response. dylan hopkins was 14 yards. hopkins threw for three scores. four minutes to go. byu has it. uab recovers and hangs on to win 31-28. first round of the pnc championship. tiger woods is back with his son charlie who is looking like a mini me. pops showing how to get it done. charlie held his own. a birdie on 15. this looks like dad right here. nine under. they shot 62 and a five way tie for 15th. john daly is second. he will hit this putt. watch them fire up the crowd. not pictured, team sink.
11:57 pm
they shot 859. abc 7 sports. dion: thank you very much. that's it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for all of us, thanks for joining us. we leave you with a live look outside at coit tower, lit up matrix green to celebrate the premier. lots of sightings of green landmarks across the city tonight. there's a live picture of city hall where you can see it's looking very keanu reeves as the premier debuted in the castro
11:58 pm
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(john a.) tonight, we've gathered 24 of our finest men and women in the service who've been fighting tirelessly for their country. (music distorts) let's get this started. (deep voice) bah! bah! bah! (john h.) but today they'll just be fighting to stay dry. (joh for our special armed forces episode, vying for $50,000 and ultimate bragging rights.


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