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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 19, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. feeling the strain. covid cases surging across the country fueled by the omicron variant. long lines stretching outside these testing centers as unvaccinated patients fill hospital beds. president biden set to address the nation, and the growing concerns for professional sports. kevin durant now in the nba's covid protocol. >> whoa. where is everybody? >> as "snl" goes on without an audience. holiday on hold. the snap lockdown in the netherlands lasting at least a month, and freedom rallies held across europe as restrictions tighten in many nations with new warnings about omicron.
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our live report from london this morning. getting away. christmas travel on track to reach pre-pandemic levels despite the covid surge. >> when it enters a gathering, it can affect everybody in the gathering. >> the best ways to handle holiday get-togethers aimed at keeping everyone safe. christmas crush. shippers working overtime to get those gifts under the tree. the last-minute rush for the perfect present, and how to get one on the doorstep in as little . and "spider-man" soars. >> what's happening? >> they're starting to come through. >> the movie with legs at the box office setting records on its opening weekend in theaters. the fan frenzy as it swings over the competition. good morning, america. thank you for waking up with us on this sunday morning. happy of course, to have gio with us again as we break in our
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newly renovated studio. we're mixing it up some today. >> just the two of us. we were singing. ♪ just the two of us ♪ >> whit is off this weekend. eva, of course, enjoying her first holiday season with her sweet baby girl, and it's hard to believe that today we are just six days from christmas. millions of americans of course, are traveling and the cdc is forecasting that the nation will see 1 million new covid cases the week of christmas. the situation with the omicron variant serious enough for president biden to speak to the nation about it on tuesday and for the second day in a row, new york state has set a record for new covid cases, and as you see there people are lining up at covid testing sites. this as the situation in europe escalates. the netherlands orders a snap emergency lockdown. all nonessential stores, bars and restaurants forced to shut their doors until the middle of january. we learned overnight the secretary of state antony blinken cut short an around the world diplomatic tour after at least three people on the journey tested positive.
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and entertainment events taking more hits as "saturday night live" aired without a studio audience last night due to covid concerns. now all of this is leaving so many people with that unpleasant feeling we have been here before, and marcus moore joins us from a testing site in los angeles with the latest. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: gio, good morning. there is very much that sense that we have been here before, but health officials say this time we have more tools in the fight to stop the spread of this virus, and their hope is that people will come to testing sites like this one and will also choose to get vaccinated. less than a week before christmas, deja vu in the u.s., facing another unrelenting surge in covid cases. now averaging more than 125,000 new cases every single day. at the end of october, the nation was averaging nearly half that at about 64,000 new cases. soaring demand for testing nationwide. long lines at an at-home test giveaway in philadelphia, and some stores nationwide are putting a limit on the amount of tests that can be purchased.
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>> as we go into the holiday season, testing is really important so that people can gather safely. >> reporter: record-breaking covid numbers reported in new york. the governor's office saying nearly 22,000 positive cases were reported in a 24-hour period. wisconsin meanwhile has one of the highest case rates in the country, now seeing a testing surge ahead of the holidays. >> with what's going on in wisconsin right now, like, we're going to get tested now and then we're going to do a rapid test before we leave on monday. >> reporter: and ohio this weekend announcing it's bringing in the national guard. hospitals are once again beginning to feel the strain as well. doctors at houston methodist hospital saying nearly half all covid patients being treated there are infected with the omicron variant. that seeming to accelerate across the u.s. and is set to become the dominant variant in the country. health officials warn it could be more transmissible than delta, and omicron will only add
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fuel to the fire. >> it creates so many more cases that you get more hospitalizations and more deaths. it is really going to hurt our health care system. >> reporter: no sector of the economy or society is immune. >> whoa. where is everybody? >> kenan, haven't you heard? >> heard what? about the thing that's going around? >> yeah, covid. >> reporter: just hours before the show was set to air, "saturday night live" pulling the live audience and canceling the musical guest saying the move was made, quote, due to the recent spike in the omicron variant and out of an abundance of caution. the show filling time by re-running some older skits, and the move following broadway shows canceling over covid cases, and the sports world also taking a hit. both the nfl and nhl postponing games along with ucla's men and women's basketball teams canceling their games because of covid, and in the nba, kevin durant becoming the eighth brooklyn nets player to enter health and safety protocols. now required to submit two negative tests before he's able
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to rejoin the court. and how this is impacting higher learning. harvard has become the latest university to announce plans to move to remote learning for most of the students at that school. the university said that they have made this because of the uptick in covid cases and that the first three weeks of the january semester will be online. janai? >> marcus, as you said, no sector of society or the economy not being impacted by this. marcus, thank you. and now to the omicron wave hitting europe hard as one nation orders a new lockdown. abc's julia macfarlane has the latest from london. julia, good morning to you. >> reporter: janai, good morning. cases are rising at pace here in the uk. 90,000 new infections on a daily basis over the past few days and rising too is the anger felt by many here in london. the mayor sadiq khan declaring a major incident for the capital. that basically streamlines emergency responses among agencies, meaning the city is expecting the omicron surge
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to cause a severe strain on the city's public health services. now moves over the past week by parliament towards using vaccine passports and introducing further restrictions were met with chaos yesterday as tens of people took part in a so-called "freedom rally." now similar protests around europe as restrictions tighten in many nations. the netherlands as you say announcing a snap lockdown ordering nonessential shops, gyms, bars and restaurants to close until at least january. schools also will be closed for a longer holiday period too. france's prime minister warning yesterday the omicron variant was spreading at lightning speed. and the european public health equivalent to the cdc warned that omicron is expected to overtake the delta variant and become the dominant strain of covid-19 across europe by february next year. health experts are urging nations across europe to speed vaccine booster programs and prepare immediately for growing pressure on health care capacity.
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janai. >> julia, thank you so much. we'll bring in the former cdc director dr. tom frieden to talk about that. thank you for being with us. europe is tightening things up again. netherlands going into lockdown. is that where we're headed here in the u.s.? >> it's shaping up to be a hard winter. we've already got a big delta surge. flu season is starting and omicron is inevitably going to sweep across the country with massive increases in cases, but it doesn't have to dominate our lives if we adapt. that means boosting, masking up, and balancing what's really important for you and doing those things safely. >> and, you know, i'm glad that you pointed that out, because as a lot of people have felt that we have been here before, marcus said earlier, you know, we've got more tools this time around. new york city had its largest daily case count two days in a row. we've seen long testing lines. even if omicron is milder, and we don't know if it is, how much danger is there that hospitals will be overloaded? that health care systems could be crippled again? >> there's a real challenge here
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because we're going to see huge case numbers. they will probably exceed the 250,000 a day. that's already a record from a year ago last january. we don't know whether it's less severe, and if so, how much less severe, but unless it's a lot less severe, we're going to see real stress on our hospital systems. we're already seeing real stress on our hospital systems. that's why it's so important to get boosted, mask up, and if you are older or immunocompromised, consider using an n95 or kn95 mask and limit your activities to those that really matter to you because that's how you can do your part to protect our health care system. so the health care system will be there not just for covid, but for heart attacks and broken bones, and people who need health care. >> and president biden is addressing the nation tuesday about omicron. holiday travel though is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels. what can be done? dr. frieden, what do you think should be done to prevent a possible surge?
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>> well, i don't think there's anything that will prevent a big increase in cases, but we can save a lot of lives. boosting is the single most important thing that can be done. masking indoors is very important, and unfortunately, travel does rev up the virus because it spreads it all around. we're already seeing widespread transmission in parts of the u.s. so unfortunately that balance is going to result a increase i unfortunately likely a big increase in hospitalizations and tragically, deaths in the coming weeks, but if we adapt, if we boost, vaccinate and eliminate nonessential activities, we can ensure that in 2022, covid doesn't dominate our lives. >> really important takeaway there that we can't necessarily prevent an increase, but we can save lives. dr. frieden, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> gio? janai, such an important conversation, and the covid
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situation is adding to the biden administration's political difficulties. so let's bring in abc's jonathan karl who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. jonathan's latest book of course, is called "betrayal: the final act of the trump show." my friend, it's so good to see you, but let's get right to it, because you will be talking about that rise in covid cases. janai mentioned it. the president plans to update the nation on tuesday. we know other countries are locking down already. is there any talk of a lockdown here in america? >> it is frightening. you're seeing echoes of march, 2020, with sporting events being postponed and colleges and universities sending their students home early. some schools preparing for at-home learning again, at least in the beginning of january, but i got to say, gio, there is no talk of a full-scale lockdown coming out of the white house like what we saw in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. we have tools that we just didn't have. as you mentioned earlier,
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obviously with vaccines. the vaccinated are far and away experiencing milder symptoms even when they do experience breakthrough infections and they are promising developments on therapeutics. we have ways to treat the disease now that we just didn't have a year ago. >> we are in a much different place right now. jon, let's turn to the january 6th investigation. there was some big news this week with those text messages to mark meadows as it all unfolded. where is this investigation heading right now? >> well, it's fascinating, gio, because with the mark meadows situation, you know, he had turned over some 9,000 separate documents from his personal cell phones, and we only saw a fraction of those. just a, you know, relative handful of text messages, and this committee has interviewed, has taken depositions from over 300 individuals, and we keep seeing and hearing about the ones that have defied the committee, the people like steve bannon and mark meadows, but overwhelmingly, former trump
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officials and aides, people that were close to his campaign, organizers of the rally, are cooperating. they are talking, and they are turning over their own documents. so i think that what we are seeing, as interesting as it was this week, is just the tip of the iceberg. they are doing a lot of work on that committee. >> all right, jon karl, as always, we will watch you later this morning on "this week." jon will go one-on-one with dr. anthony fauci on the omicron variant as cases surge heading into the holiday season. plus, republican congressman adam kinzinger discusses the latest developments in the january 6th investigation. janai? turning overseas now, russia ragito prowo nuclear-capable the western border of ally belarus amid heightened tensions across eastern europe. this is the third mission of this kind in the area over the last couple of months. it comes as there's been a growing concern over the buildup
7:14 am
of russian troops near the country's border with ukraine. some officials saying they worry russia could use belarus as a base to support an attack on ukraine. the u.s. and nato have warned of, quote, massive consequences if russia attacks ukraine. and janai, the holiday travel crush now even as the nation faces a rising tide of covid cases. some experts are expecting travel to rebound to pre-pandemic levels ahead of christmas. abc's zachary kiesch, he joins us now from new york's laguardia airport with more on that. zachary, good morning. >> reporter: gio, good morning to you. as you see behind me, we're already starting to see lines here at laguardia. we anticipate that kind of activity throughout this holiday season. i have had an opportunity to talk to a number of folks over the last couple of days and they're all sharing the same kinds of stories. i haven't been home in a couple of years and i haven't seen my family in a couple of years. so there's that added energy and anticipation, and the typical holiday rush, and there's this uncertainty related to the recent rise in cases. this morning, airports across the country are bracing for the
7:15 am
holiday travel rush. 2.2 million americans were screened by the tsa on friday, the most since thanksgiving travel. >> i get anxiety with crowds, so my anxiety is starting to kick in. >> we have been cooped up for a long time, and it's winter break, so we're enjoying our trip, going to cancun. >> reporter: hopper is expecting more than 2 million people will fly every day during the holiday dash. >> we're expecting about 85% to 90% of traffic that we lost out since 2019. i would expect it to be very busy, certainly if you are at the airports, it's going to feel like pre-pandemic levels of >> reporter: delta anticipates serving at least 7.8 million travelers since december 17th through january 3rd. more than double during the same time just a year ago. united airlines is adding more than 200 daily domestic flights to meet holiday travel demand. this as the country is experiencing a new wave of positive cases driven by the omicron variant. >> it transmits so well, this
7:16 am
produces explosive outbreaks. when it enters a gathering, it can affect everybody in the gathering. >> reporter: the recent rise in positive cases is causing pause for some. >> things have ramped up quite significantly in the last week. >> yeah, so our biggest concern would be to not be able to get back to home. >> reporter: airports are taking steps to enhance safety measures by offering on-site covid testing. and while airlines require passengers to wear masks, experts say the best way to protect yourself at the airport and on the flights is with quality. >> a high-quality mask like an n95 will be super valuable to limit the risks to you and your family. >> reporter: now some airports are offering covid testing, but that should be used as a last resort. now, if you are one of the millions of people that will be traveling by road this week, please plan ahead and expect major delays around major metro areas. janai? >> got to plan ahead. zachary, thank you so much. now to the legal beat and three major trials we're tracking.
7:17 am
two in which the defense took the gamble of putting the accused on the stand. we're talking about former billionaire elizabeth holmes, who's accused of defrauding investors in theranos, the company she founded, and kim potter, the former minnesota police officer accused of manslaughter in the shooting death of daunte wright. that was at a traffic stop. let's bring in channa lloyd. thank you for being with us. we have two big cases in which the defendants have taken the stand in their own defense. how do you see this affecting the juries? >> when the defendant takes the stand, it's always a very determining factor for the jury, because when we're looking at these type of charges, they want to hear from the person who was accused. they want to hear it from their point of view, and so, for the jury, that's a very significant thing. we also want to make sure they don't open themselves up to too much on cross-examination because that can be damaging for because that can be very damaging for their cases. >> that's interesting because
7:18 am
these are two very different kind of cases, one about fraud, one about a killing. so when you talk about the defendant offering their point of view, are the risks of testifying different for each of these defendants? >> absolutely. each of these cases is distinctly different because when we're looking at the manslaughter charges, that's -- the jury is putting themselves in her position, in miss potter's position at the time of the shooting. they want to know what was reasonable, what she was thinking. when we're looking at elizabeth holmes, these are allegations of fraud, so what they want to know is what was she aware of. when they choose to put forth their point of view, they are cross-examination, so it can be significantly damaging, but it's always based on the facts of a case. >> and so holmes and potter have both pleaded not guilty. closing arguments are expected tomorrow in the third major case happening now. that's the sex abuse trial of former jeffrey epstein associate ghislaine maxwell who has also pleaded not guilty. now, in her case, her attorneys didn't put her on the stand. why do you think that's the case with this case? >> in this case in particular,
7:19 am
she was clearly intricately involved in mr. epstein's life. so whatever probative value that her testimony may have, she was likely going to face a much stronger cross and did not have enough value to face that cross-examination. so in her case, i think it was very smart for her not to testify in her defense. >> channa, we appreciate you so much for waking up with us this morning as we're tracking all of these cases. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you. gio, over to you. time now for the weather and earl y gs , kansas?nd every timy realize we had 1wis here in kan weather complex that affected so ste more than one state reported 100-mile-an-hour winds, and we had a four-county wildfire, nearly 400 acres burned with these winds, and fresh video out the past 12 days have certainly
7:20 am
been rough and we're heading down there, "gma," tuesday and wednesday to give a little bit moral support. a little bit of this too. a hundred reported tornadoes, 62 confirmed with that outbreak, and another 29 confirmed just this week. rough weather last night in katy, texas, but if you are traveling this week, tuesday, some southeast rain. i think most of the action will be in the west, although by the time we get towards christmas day, maybe a little rain across the northeast and some northern snow, but not too bad. that's a check on what's afternoon with partly cloudy skies. a chance of rain arrives tomorrow. a vigorous cold front tuesday. today, looking at 53 in oakland as well as livermore. 50 in santa rosa. partly cloudy skies for your monday. a level two system and yesterday we told you and yesterday we told you that tiger woods and his son
7:21 am
were returning to the golf course. here is the update. they received a huge ovation from the crowd as they returned to the golf course for the first time since tiger's car accident last february which shattered his leg. he and his mini me son, 12-year-old charlie, wearing matching peach-colored shirts to compete in the pnc championship in orlando. the tournament features 19 father/son pairs, and a daughter pair there as well. team woods finishing the day, tied for fifth place, and they'll go on in the second and final round three strokes behind the leaders. team cink are in the lead. i watched part of that. so much fun. john daly's son looks just like him as well. it's cool to watch the genetics take hold. >> we got to see a clip of them and their mannerisms. it's so cute seeing them. >> charlie has quite the swing. >> he does. >> i would like to see him smile
7:22 am
a little bit more. he has his dad's toughness. >> thank you so much, rob. all right, crunch time to get those holiday gifts on the way. how this year will compare in terms of last year in shipping volume, and the latest on the supply chain crisis. and holiday safety. what you need to know to contain the covid risk as you and your loved ones gather together. and spidey record. the latest "spider-man" film breaking a pandemic box office record as theatrical releases make a covid comeback. we'll be right back. "good morning america" sponsored by progressive insurance. save when you bundle auto, home, or motorcycle insurance. the snapshot app from progressive rewards you for driving safe and driving less. okay, what message did you hear this time? safe drivers can save using snapshot? -what's snapshot? -what the commercial was about. -i tune commercials out. -me too. they're always like blah, blah blah. tell me about it. i'm going to a silent retreat next weekend. my niece got kicked out of one of those. -for talking? -grand larceny.
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such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. >> building a better bay area. liz: good morning everyone. a christmas giveaway is happening today.
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every year they sell christmas trees to help at-risk youth. today's giveaway will be i bayview on jennings street starting at 1:00. there will be another giveaway tomorrow and the fillmore. let's get a check on the weather. lisa: hi everyone. it's cold out there. you can see the fog in santa rosa. san jose is at 34. golden gate numbers are in the upper 30's. low 50's and partly cloudy today. it rain arrives tuesday. liz: thanks for joining us.
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pe peter, you're struggling. >> and welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. the wait is over. "spider-man: no way home" has made its way into theaters and so have fans. coming up, faith abubey will have more on this much anticipated record-breaking box office debut. >> it is setting some records obviously. people are loving it. now let's take a look at other big stories we're following this morning. happening right now, a massive fire that tore through a qvc distribution center in north carolina is under investigation this morning. the company says more than 200 employees were working at the facility when that fire began. no injuries reported. they're still assessing how this will impact holiday shipping and delivery.
7:31 am
also right now, a day-long hip-hop festival in los angeles was evacuated and shut down after the lapd says a man was stabbed during the "once upon a time in l.a." concert. dozens of artists were scheduled to perform. snoop dogg and 50 cent were among those who never made it to the stage. and take a look at this sky diver as he made his way down to the football field at saturday's boca raton bowl. >> wow. >> he safely lands. there he is, and he doesn't stop. he just runs, attempts a field goal. he still has the parachute on him. no word on whether he made it or not, but i don't think it matters. >> listen. he made it. he made it. >> yeah. he made it. mama, he made it. we start this half hour with the shopping and shipping crunch. now that we're less than a week away from christmas, we got an inside look at fedex's distribution center, and we have some ideas for you for avoiding the crowds as you try to snatch up those last-minute gifts. abc's deirdre bolton joins us with the details. deirdre, good morning.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning. retailers, carriers, delivery services, they are all rivaling santa's reindeer to make sure all gifts are under the tree. whether the contents are magic mixies cauldron, squishmallows, clothes, or games, carriers are working around the clock to try to deliver packages on time. >> this weekend is going to be the last time to get stuff in priority mail and still get it to you. >> reporter: so far, more than 90% of packages from fedex, u.p.s., and usps, are making it on schedule. giving "gma" exclusive access to its facility in garden city, new york. >> we are geared up and we are positioned to do really, really well. we hired additional staff. we have additional vehicles. we've got some technology improvements. >> reporter: the demand is also greater than ever. >> we are looking at about 100 million more packages than 2019,
7:33 am
and up to about 10% year over year. >> reporter: toy companies are also burning the midnight oil to make the christmas deadline. the ceo of nga entertainment produces popular toys like little tykes, bratz, rainbow high, and lol surprise. >> usually at this time of year, in december, we are working, but our distribution center is up and working 24/7. >> reporter: carriers and toymakers are at full capacity. what if it's just you? and you are the last-minute shopper? >> instacart is a great solution right now because you are able to use this gifting feature and get products delivered directly to the door of your loved ones in as little as an hour. >> reporter: for some shoppers, timing and convenience are key. for others, it's about staying out of crowded stores. >> we're starting to see shopping behaviors change because of these new covid variants. >> reporter: instacart has partnerships with retailers including best buy, sephora, and bed, bath, & beyond. doordash and uber have similar partnerships.
7:34 am
target and walmart also offer same-day delivery services. jason, the expert that we heard from, he say retailers want happy customers, especially this time of year. so they're doing everything they can to make sure that presents are where they should be, and that is under the tree. gio? >> deirdre, thank you for working so hard to get us the deals and solutions. thank you for that. let's go ahead and turn back to rob with more weather, and it looks like more snow. >> i'm not looking for solutions. i'm looking for more excuses. i'm telling my kids, we got supply chain issues here. may not be as great as last year, and hopefully they're not watching. we do have some snow across parts of the northeast. we mentioned this yesterday. north of i-90 mostly, and in new hampshire, they had plowable snow there with a shovel. a little bit on the wet side, but 6 to 10 inches in some spots and then snoqualmie pass, a usual event here, slowing down, pulling over to pick up the chains here, and we mentioned there was a skier
7:35 am
caught in an avalanche east of salt lake, and here's that video. he's okay, but a slab coming loose there. we'll see more snow coming into the west. a very active pattern shaping up here from the northwest, and it'll slide down into the sierra nevada again. two to three inches of additional snowfall, so they're really packing it on there around lake tahoe. they will take it. this is the chance of seeing a white christmas over the years. so on average, and i think you can bump these chances here on the west here, and maybe knock them down here on the east, because temperatures over the next five to ten days will be above average for the eastern two-thirds of the country, and below average ou this weather report has been sponsored by dick's sporting goods. so you were trying to ruin your own kids' christmas? it's not going to be a white
7:36 am
christmas here, so you ruined mine's too. >> well, you're welcome. that, plus the supply chain. we clearly have a labor shortage nobody wants to work. >> a lot going on. all right, america is listening. coming up on "good morning america," help in hosting a holiday gathering that's mindful of covid recommendations. we're going to speak with mr. manners himself, thomas farley. and then, could your pooch have a favorite christmas song? someone's laughing about pooch. the doggie details ahead in "pop news."
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ask your doctor about eliquis.
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7:41 am
in communities with substantial to high transmission. so what is your advice as we think about hosting? >> so any good host really needs to be looking out, not just for the enjoyment of their guests, but for the guest's well-being. as in the years past we had to think about people's food preferences. now we have to think the full spectrum of preparations for covid and also what people's comfort level are, so this is not the year to be doing your planning on a napkin. it's the year to be planning as far as your guests on a spreadsheet. you want to gather as much information as you possibly can about things like vaccinations, their comfort with masking, how they feel about having an outdoor gathering if you live in a part of the country where that's possible, and this way you can then promote that to your guests so they know in advance what your standards will be, whatever they are, and they can decide for themselves whether those standards are too lax or perhaps even too strict for their own standards. >> i love that. polling your guests. that's really important. the cdc says we should consider using a self-test before joining indoor gatherings with others who are not in your household.
7:42 am
how can we create as safe a space as possible for our guests? >> once you know that your guests are all -- the ones who are attending in-person, are comfortable with the standards that you've set down, creating that safe space is vital. so this starts with hand sanitizer at the door for your arriving guests, fresh masks for those who have not brought their own, and then thinking about things like dispensing with the buffet this year, and communal hors d'oeuvres like nachos and bowls of snacks, rather plating things so that way everyone's got their own plate not worried about spreading germs in the way we normally would with shared food. >> and thomas, real quick, because the cdc recommends avoiding crowded spaces before heading to an event. what's the best way to include friends and loved ones who still don't feel comfortable gathering together? >> it's a great question, gio, and what i suggest is we don't call these people disinvited or uninvited. we think about them as perhaps un-included in-person, but as we learned the past two years,
7:43 am
there are certainly ways to include people even if they're not in our presence. have them participate over zoom, or remote unboxing gifts live virtually, but think about if they're local, sending them a package of leftovers from the party the day before they didn't attend because they felt it wasn't their place to attend. >> mr. manners, thank you for bringing your manners on "gma" here this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you, gio. coming up here on "good morning america," "spider-man" soars at the box office with a record-breaking opening. we'll be right back here on "gma." ma." ing opening. we'll be right back here on "gma." record-breaking opening. we'll be right back here on "gma."
7:44 am
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7:47 am
>> dr. otto octavius. >> you're going to remember the names. we are back now on "gma," and "spider-man" proving it has legs at the box office. the movie setting a pandemic record, and then some. abc's faith abubey has more. >> i can't save everyone. >> reporter: tom holland's "spider-man" swinging his way to the top of the weekend box office, landing the highest december opening day ever. "spider-man: no way home" raking in more than $121 million on friday, and in domestic box office history, that's the second best opening day of all-time behind the blockbuster "avengers: endgame." >> "no way home" has exceeded expectations completely. >> reporter: "no way home" swinging laps around its box office competition. according to analytics firm intelligence, 9 out of 10 american moviegoers friday bought tickets to see marvel's web-slinging hero. >> we have tracked that 9.2 million people will have gone to watch the film on
7:48 am
friday. that's more than the population of tokyo's city limits. or more than the population of australia's. >> reporter: a new perfect audience review, and nostalgia drawing the crowds. this ninth franchise reboot coming 20 years after the release of the first "spider-man" on the big screen. >> you have a knack for getting in trouble. >> toby mcguire, andrew garfield, and now tom holland, and this particular film throws back to elements from those previous incarnations of the character as well. >> dr. otto octavius. >> reporter: and guys, "no way home" is not yet available on streaming platforms. however, if you do decide to go see it in theaters, our medical experts say best practices include choosing an earlier show time, when there are fewer people expected, or choose assigned seating away from other people. guys? >> really important note there, faith, with how to stay safe as folks are heading out to see movies, especially "spider-man." faith, thank you so much. we will be right back with "pop news." ith thank you so muc.
7:49 am
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♪ ♪ okay. i have done "pop news" a thousand times, but i have never done >> hey, janai and gio. i know. can you believe it? we are live from the arctic circle right now. better than that, this is santa territory, people, and right now, we are not far from his official office. it's so cool. let me tell you, the big man is busy these days. we saw him checking his list twice, and, you know, actually he just got an early christmas present himself. according to the real estate marketing company zillow, his home in the north pole is now valued at over $1 million, and look at these photos. zillow has some great pics of
7:54 am
his holiday hideaway. it's set on 25 acres, and the property includes his main living quarters with modern kitchen and amenities and a community of tiny elf homes and it's all very tastefully decorated. if you want a tour, and a 3d one is available on zillow's website. >> going up. >> it is. it's going up. even for santa claus. not just new york city, guys, also the north pole. we do have some christmas spirit for our furry friends as well. a new poll asked dog owners about their pup's favorite christmas songs. yes, this is a real poll. so what came outopogve this ta an.u my heart ♪ ♪ but the very next day, you gave it away ♪ ♪ you gave it away, this year ♪ >> oh, man.veham's "last christmas" took the number one spot with 10% of the vote. it's my favorite too. coming in at second place, the "
7:55 am
guys, really, that's a favorite for man and beast alike. >> i would imagine. >> apparently dogs respond to more upbeat songs like myself. same over here. we can all agree. >> "you're a mean one, mr. grinch." he actually abuses his dogs. i can't imagine it's that one, but that's one of my favorites. >> bring that one up, gio. that is terrible. >> yeah, gio, that's wrong. >> oh. >> i do not. >> maggie, thank you so much. a christmas miracle to have you with us this morning. >> oh, rob. oh, gosh. >> thank you all so much for watching abc news. we are always on at we'll have so much later on "this week," so stick around. thank you, gio, for being with us this weekend. it has been fantastic, and rob, as always, we'll see you guys. >> we're heading up to santa's workshop. ♪ all i want for christmas ♪ stm♪ ♪
7:56 am
annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: not trigger show.
7:57 am
pulling out -- the nutcracker show, point out the stops. local students, the symphony, and the east bay oakland children's choir. tickets are available through ticketmaster or visit the website. today it shall last chance to check out the great dickens christmas fair. it hasn't transformed into an outdoor drive-thru event to provide a safe event for everyone. you can enjoy music, gifts, and great food and drinks. the website features an online shopping portal to buy more gifts. it costs $25 per car and it runs from 11:00 until 5:00 tonight. lisa: another chilly start with the fog around the bay area. in san rafael, low 40's. mid 30's in oakland.
7:58 am
looking at the golden gate bridge, it is cloudy. 43 in nevada. the fog visibility is getting bad in san jose with an eighth of a mile. just over a mile in livermore. today slowly will begin to see sunshine. the clouds will open up a little bit and we will see minor breaks with 50's arriving in the east bay from fremont. rain arrives early to state with a level two into wednesday. more rain through christmas. more rain through christmas. liz: we mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! or guests?! ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. holiday nightmare. >> things will get worse as we go into the depth of the winter. >> people are underestimating the power of omicron. >> for unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. >> as omicron sweeps across the country, covid cases skyrocket, reaching the highest point in a year. sporting events postponed, holiday shows canceled, testing lines return as hospitals once again reach a breaking point. we dig into what we know about omicron, and how to stay safe with dr. anthony fauci. in contempt. >> we don't take this step
8:01 am
lightly. >> dramatic text messages to trump chief of staff mark meadows made public.


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