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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> the omicron variant has overtaken all over covid-19 mutations. federal health experts say it is something to be reckoned with. what does that mean for safety of our holiday gatherings. good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm dion lim. the omicron variant is fueling the latest surge in covid cases. in developing news, abc news reporter marcus moore has expert advice on how to handle the holidays. >> president biden will deliver a speech on tuesday to address the omicron variant as the country faces another unrelenting surge in covid cases. the u.s. now averaging more than 125,000 new cases every single day. at the end of october, the nation was averaging about half that, 64,000 new cases per day. demand for testing is on the rise. long lines outside testing centers across the country. >> as we go into the holiday
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season, testing is really important so that people can gather safely. >> the latest surge is being driven by the omicron variant which seems to be accelerating in its spread across the country and is said to be the dominant variant in the u.s. >> it's shaping up to be a hard winter. we're going to see huge case numbers that will probably exceed the 250,000 a day that is already the record from a year ago last january. >> health officials continue to stress the importance of getting vaccinated and if eligible, boosted. >> it is certainly much more of a crisis of the unvaccinated, but there are other tools besides vaccine and wearing a mask compliments the protection that you get from the vaccine and a boost. >> on friday, the t.s.a. says it screened 2.2 million travelers and more than 2 million on saturday. dr. fauci with some advice ahead of the holidays. >> do not do things like go to gatherings where there are people who you do not know what
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their vaccination status is. >> over the weekend, "saturday night live" firming with no audience, several broadway shows going dark, the radio city christmas spectacular cancelled for the rest of the season and the nba, the nfl, and nhl postponing games, the n.l. enacting new covid protocols and giving players until tomorrow to opt out of the rest of the season. marcus moore, abc news, los angeles. dion: in the meantime, another covid cancellation, the mark morse dance group performancings at u.c. berkeley. an undisclosed number of performers tested positive. they announced the cancellation barely an hour before saturday night's performance. today's performance was also cancelled. cal performances say it will issue refunds. to the east bay where people in oakland would need to show proof of covid vaccinations at restaurants, bars, and gyms andd other indoor public places. if passed.
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it would go into effect february 1. that ordinance would apply to anyone 12 and older. san francisco and contra costa county as well as the city of berkeley recently approved similar measures. a quick reminder, if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. head to and click on that big blue box. moving on now to the economy, something we focus on in our ongoing efforts to build a better bay area. today there is a push to get you to shop. cornell joins us with somehow some neighborhoods are getting creative to attract shoppers. cornell: the homestretch of the 2021 holiday seasons, for small businesses, this weekend is make or break after the struggles of the ongoing pandemic. one neighborhood even throwing a party to attract shoppers. >> we are doing some last minute shopping. cornell: they are tackling their christmas list where many shoppers had the same idea.
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after all, where else can you get grinch and elf socks on the same block. >> we have the mothers to take care of and my daughter. cornell: this family's game plan, shop local. >> i'm big on not supporting the big chains, keeping the money in the local community. cornell: many small locally owned businesses have struggled during the pandemic. the community has come to their rescue. >> we can always use more business. that's the truth. this year, we really felt that people were out early. >> everything is designed by women. cornell: title nine is hoping for new holiday shoppers this week. >> many people are still saying this is the first time they have come out and shopped and it's been two years. so it's important for us to have a presence in the community. cornell: in san francisco, the merchants association taking things to the next level by
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hosting this winter wonderland block party, lip syncing drag queens and a petting zoo for the kids, but small business owners and artists are the real stars. >> with the goal i out of the house, off of amazon and shopping in their local neighborhoods. >> you can see the locals are here. >> the family from marin came to check things out and spend some cash. >> our economy are all of these small little businesses and they, you know, they employ people and that's the life of our economy, really. cornell: some businesses big and small are still dealing with supply chain issues. american express estimates spending locally keeping an average of 67 cents on the dollar in your local community. dion: sure makes a difference, cornell, thanks. to the south bay where a group of retail thieves attacked a store security officer last night in san jose. police say up to 15 people stormed the macy's at o.k.c. ridge mall.
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two officers tried to detain one of the suspects when some of the thieves came back and began beating the officer. police released this photo of the victim showing the injury. the thieves got away but they did recover $1,000 in merchandise. officers arrested a woman who they say was not involved in the theft but interfered while they tried to arrest one of the suspects who managed to still get away. counting down, we are days away from winter and it definitely feels like it outside as we take a live look now. it looks like we do need the rain gear for most of the holiday week. abc 7 news meteorologist joining us now with more on the timing, frances. >> it's going to arrive on the first day of winter, wet and windy, tuesday, we'll have the umbrellas handy and need it for the rest of the weekly. the satellite radar system, the storm is heading our way. so tomorrow most of the day starts off cloudy, we could see some spotty showers pop up here
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and there, especially in the north bay, but mainly dry. it's tuesday when the more moderate rain comes in, it starts in the north bay during the morning hours, slides south, by lunchtime, and by the afternoon it spreads toward the peninsula. it's going to be wet through christmas weekend and rain totals coming up. dion: deadly violence at a music festival, new details about the man who died and the moments leading up to the stabbing at last night's concert in l.a. many people in san francisco asking what were the late night fireworks all about? we have some answers and be
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dion: three people died in three crashes on by area freeways early this morning. one victim reportedly jumped in front of a tractor tayler just after 1:00 a.m. minutes later, another crash was reported on highway 101 in san jose. the c.h.p. said the driver a honda accord hit the center median and got out of his car. he was then hit by another car and that driver kept going. three other cars hit the accord, but no one else was hurt. now about an hour later, the c.h.p. reported three vehicles crashed near dublin on interstate 580 under interstate 680. one car burst into flames and one person was killed. one person was seen being taken into custody. well, an effort is underway in the east bay to combat an increase in traffic deaths. fremont is giving away 100
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traffic safety kits, you see one of them right here, to members of the community. they include a reflective safety vest, flashlight, bicycle reflectors and a reflective backpack. fremont police has reported nine traffic deaths this year exceeding the average last year by 78%. new details now about a stabbing at a concert last night in los angeles. we now know the victim died and is identified as rapper drako the ruler. the rapper whose real name is darrell caldwell was stabbed at the once upon a time in l.a. concert at exposition park. it all happened during a fight backstage. >> he was playing and some, i don't know if it was a confrontation with another artist, but right after that, we seen the helicopter and that performance that we were waiting for never came out to perform, which would have been snoop dogg. dion: certainly frightening. dozens of artists had been scheduled to perform on the concert's three stages including al green, 50 cent and bay area
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native e-40. the concert ended early following the stabbing. no word yet of any arrests. all right, did you hear them? apparently lot of people in san francisco did, we took it live last night. our abc 7 roof and cameras caught a fire workers display over san francisco bay at about 11:15, 11:30 or so last night. warner media, the studio that owns the matrix franchise tweeted that the fireworks show was for the movie's premier last night at the castro theater. another fireworks show is scheduled in the same area tonight at 10:50 for the metallica concert at chase center. it's set to last about 10 minutes. well, speaking of all of the stars came out last night to celebrate the fourth installment of the matrix film series. there was a green carpet, of course, in front of the castro theater for the matrix resurrections. part of the movie was shot here in san francisco and our very own abc 7 news reporters luz pena asked star keanu reeves
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what the shooting was. keanu: walking the streets and leaping off that building. we filmed it over three mornings. it was about 44 stories. dion: i remember at the time people had all kinds of keanu sightings. the movie is out in theaters on wednesday. east bay organizations are doing their part to spread holiday cheer. >> it's a great way for us to say thank you and every year it gets bigger and better. dion: love to see it, all of these toys will be gifted to children in several bay area counties. >> and it's a gorgeous but chilly night right now. look at this live shot there downtown san francisco. enjoy the dry weather tomorrow, we have lots o
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dion: several organizations are doing their part to insure bay area children have a happy holiday season. abc 7 news was in fremont today where every year festival of globe federation of endo americans of northern california and fremont hindu temple hold a holidato cti the toys to distribute them. >> we have come as an immigrant community and we have been doing it since 1983. many, many years, 38 years we have been doing it and every year it gets bigger and better. dion: awesome to see all of the toys and the turnout, this year the toys and blankets will be going to children in neighboring counties. people probably wishing for an umbrella, a raincoat especially with the weather situation we have ahead. frances. frances: definitely going to need it for at least five days, i'm saying at least. we could even have rain through next week.
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we'll talk about this week first. so we'll start off with live doppler 7, the satellite radar image, this is the impending storm that will increase clouds tomorrow. right now, look at this beautiful shot looking downtown san francisco and the lights . san francisco is at 49 as well as oakland, mountain view 47, and look at how calm the water looks from emeriville, really pretty, traffic is pretty busy in san francisco right now and so farther inland, we have temperatures in the mid 40s, even some low 40s. santa rosa at 45. napa 45. livermore is down to 43 right now. we're going to see increasing clouds from this impending storm and then tonight's lows won't be as chilly, we'll see more 40s than 30s, but still cold for some of the inland areas, antioch 35, san francisco 46, san jose 41. notice the little pockets of green, we could see some spotty showers from that system
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overnight into tomorrow, but looks mostly dry. in you need to do anything outdoors, tomorrow is a good day to do it. take advantage of it while we can. another cool day with temperatures in the low to mid 50s around the bay. we'll see some upper 40s for some inland areas, antioch 47, lakeport 46. look for low 50s around the bay area, san francisco 51. fremont a little bit milder, 56, and san jose 58 degrees. i want to show you the forecast animation so you can know what to expect over the next week. so monday, just plan on very cloudy conditions and some of our animation is picking up some showers. for the most part, we are dry. the front moves in tuesday morning. it hits the north bay first, the areas of yellow show the more moderate rainfall, by lunchtime it starts to slide towards the peninsula and in the afternoon, we'll see it hit the peninsula, parts of the east bay and in the evening move towards the south bay, some heavy rain in the north bay. it turns into showers on
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wednesday throughout the day, so tuesday will be the heaviest rainfall, but we are expecting rain tuesday all the way into the christmas weekend and most areas will get anywhere from one to three inches of rain up to six inches in the mountains. there is also a winter storm watch so look out for that, tuesday morning to sunday afternoon, we're talking up to 10 feet of snow. you do not want to be traveling during that time and here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. cloudy and cool tomorrow, tuesday is going to be storm level two, moderate out of five and then we've got rain wednesday, thursday, friday, christmas showers and sunday it looks a little bit lighter we will have some cooler rain. >> coming up in sports, the playoff push is on for the 49ers, how they ran away with the victory over the falcons.
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announcer: now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: the 49ers are in control of their playoff destiny. they hold tiebreakers as a handful of teams fight for the six and seven seeds in the n.f.c. 49ers hall of famers being honored today, good to see those guys. opening kickoff, jamychal hasty taking the football, says r seconds into the game, hit hard, ball is loose and the falcons recover. what a terrible start for san francisco. ensuing drive, fourth and goal, the falcons, they're going to go for it right away. matt ryan to kyle pitts the rookie and it's broken up, huge
5:24 pm
stand and momentum for the 49ers. late second quarter, tied at 10-10. deebo samuel, seventh rushing touchdown of the year, he is a wide receiver that can do it all. george kittle has been a beast since returning from the i.l. in early november. get the ball to george who just keeps on fighting. he had six carries, 93 yards, first down, move the chains and nick bosa, he has my vote for defensive player of the year. his 15th sack of the season, matt ryan fumbles and fred warner recovers. great team defense and that would set up this. so defense goes to offense, how about jeff wilson jr. missed the early part of the season due to injury, 110 on the ground and his first touchdown in more than a year or nearly a year i should say, jimmy g continuing to do his thing at quarterback, 235 yards, a touchdown and no turnovers. that is key. juwan jennings caps the scoring, 31-13, they won six of the last eight, no time to celebrate, got a game on thursday.
5:25 pm
>> it's a long season, lots of things can go. glad we got this win here. i'm glad we got last week. it's the same deal, we got a game in four days. it's coming down to the wire for all of these teams. >> it's time to get ready for tennessee and we'll celebrate thursday night and hopefully we have a lot to celebrate after that game. chris: the nhl has postponed all games involving cross border travel until after christmas due to rising covid cases here in the u.s. and in canada. that means the sharks next two games hosting vancouver tuesday and edmonton thursday now postponed. san jose's next scheduled game against anaheim, 12 total games are affected, 27 games had been postponed this season due to covid issues. something to keep an eye on. tiger woods and his son charlie rocking the sunday red, the second and final round of the father son p.n.c. championship, 11 birdies in a row, the 12-year-old making his dad proud. here is charlie on 17. that water to the left, not a
5:26 pm
problem. look at that shot. and that earns a fist bump father to son or son to father. team woods finishing at minus 22, the third lowest score in father son challenge history. they finished second, john daly and john daly ii finished at minus 25, the lowest score in the tournament history. you see that woods is all wearing red and apparently we're all wearing red and the 49ers wear red, everybody wears red. dion: so on trend. on to something, chris, thanks. just ahead, a little girl already got her christmas wish. santa didn't just bring her a present, he is the present.
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dion: timely now, christmas came early for a girl in san diego county. santa recently visited 9-year-old penelope sandoval's class on her birthday. penelope's father decided to surprise her by dressing up as santa. he is in the navy and just returned after serving nearly a year in guam. the moment was everything you would imagine it to be. >> dad! i didn't expect that. >> happy birthday. >> thanks, dad! dion: these reunions, they never get old. i could watch this over and over. penelope's gift this year turned out to be a holiday memory she will cherish forever. so sweet. that's all the time we have for
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this edition of abc 7 news at 5:00. i'm dion lim, we'll see is you tonight, the rapidly spreading omicron variant, leading to new cancellations and closures, with christmas just days away. omicron now detected in all but four states. dr. fauci warning it will become the dominant variant in the coming weeks. hospitals so overwhelmed, some are calling in the national guard. in wisconsin, just 4% of icu beds are available. cases and hospitalizations only expected to rise. the nba postponing games. universities going back to remote learning. and "saturday night live" cancelling its live audience just hours before showtime. new york seeing cases surge, breaking its record for three days in a row. across the country, people scrambling to get tested, waiting in line for hours. president biden set to address the nation this week. overseas tonight, the new variant ripping through the uk.


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