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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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booster increases antibodies against the omicron variant within a month of getting the shot. >> as we get closer to the christmas holiday, more people are trying to get covid tests, especially at home tests, before gathering with friends and family. but for many, those tests are hard to find. reporter: travel and holiday plans continue for many throughout the bay area despite concerns about the omicron variant. this dr. encouraging people not together, but recognizes many will not be canceling plans. he says given a rise of covid in many parts of the country, knowing whether you are positive or not before you meet with people is critical. >> the recommendation in terms of getting tests to try to meet with others safely is to do an antigen test right before the meeting. the bad news is those tests have become a hot commodity and they
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are difficult to obtain. reporter: it is something this local mom says she can confirm. she and her son have been looking for at home tests since last night. >> we started calling around. one place said online they had it, so i drove there and they did not have it. he looked online and found this store, that's why i am driving down here to find it. reporter: we checked in with walgreens, who said they've seen an unprecedented demand for rapid over-the-counter covid tests, and they are working with suppliers to ensure that customers have access to kids over the holidays. cvs also say they are working to keep their stores stocked with tests. it's not just at home tests vocal defined. some telling us pcr tests have been difficult to track down. >> i checked on walgreens and pcs and they did not have an available slot -- and cvs and they did not have an available slot beauty reporter: it is a matter of timing. pcr tests results take longer and might not have the most
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accurate information. for now, the doctor says we have to implement safety members -- safety measures we are familiar with. >> we should assume we may get covid. dan: a lot of people traveling for the holidays say they are not changing plans because of the omicron variant. it has been a busy day at san francisco international airport. this was the scene this morning, long lines of people waiting at ticket counters and checkpoints. passengers taking precautions to stay safe and healthy as they hit the skies. >> i am not worried about it, i am taking her cautions, we are both vaccinated. it is the holidays. you've got to keep living. >> i am scared. but i made these plans a long time ago. i am picking up my mom and bringing her back for christmas. dan: the tsa expects to screen nearly 30 million travelers from today through january 3. thursday is expected to be the busiest day of the winter
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holiday season. kristen: one of the most influential political cartoonists in the country is turning attention toward combating the covid related misinformation that is prominent in the latino community. we spoke to him about his mission. reporter: you got it right. here in san francisco, latinos have one of the highest vaccination rates. this is because so much work was put into convincing people to get vaccinated. but this is not true in other parts of california, and now we have this cartoonist, known for reaching that community through his cartoons. the political cartoonist is using his graphic tablet and pen to deliver information on the covid vaccine to the latino community. like this 1 -- not all heroes where caves, but they wear band-aids. >> it is a tough one but that's why we need cartoons to battle this. reporter: it was the california
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department of health who reached out to him. the vaccine campaign is meant to reach out to all latinos through social media, but especially farmworkers in the central valley. >> you got to make sure to give them the gift of protection. >> there is misinformation in spanish hitting the community hard. lots of quackery and things. that access to health care. reporter: his work to inform the latino community began last year in arizona. professor lopez from arizona state university recruited him to work with a campaign. >> storytelling is an effective way to get needlessly complex information to communities. that is how it started. reporter: the website also highlights the work of other artists. >> i have also noticed kind of a
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macho attitude with young men where you are like i don't need it, i am strong. reporter: this christmas themed animation is aimed at encouraging young and old to get the vaccine and the booster. >> that includes you. get your free vaccine and booster. we are in this together. reporter: the health department will launch another campaign at the beginning of the year targeting young adults still not convinced about getting the vaccine. kristen: perhaps this will get through, thank you. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. headed to our website and click on the big blue box. dan: new development in the oakland police installation -- instigation into the deadly shooting of a police officer and secured guard. it came as the chief addressed
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the disparity in responding to calls in east oakland and announced a solution to deal with the violence. we have the story. reporter: as oakland marks is 132nd and 133rd homicide of the year over the weekend, both in east oakland, the police chief addressed a shift in resources, creating a new district six to bring in 48 new officers to the area. >> it is significant because it means the department has recognized the impact of the calls for service and emergency calls that are coming in from our east oakland residence in need. reporter: citing 60% of service calls coming from east oakland, the chief assured the public resources would not be taking from other parts of the city that have seen high-profile crimes. >> those offers will be there around-the-clock. we are submitting current patrols with overtime. this will fill the gap, making it less of a responsibility on
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our officers to fill in. reporter: an oakland councilmember says the restructuring will address service inequities and make a big difference. >> when my residents are waiting a couple of days to get a response to 911 calls, that is unacceptable and something i have been looking up since i came into office. reporter: also discussed on monday, an update on the homicide investigation of a tv news crew guard. he was shot while protecting a reporter in oakland and died days later. >> we have recovered a vehicle similar to the description of the vehicle we were looking for. we are analyzing re-think within that vehicle. -- we are analyzing everything within that vehicle. we will follow all liens good reporter: chief armstrong credits information in the investigation. he is confident those responsible will be identified.
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kristen: the oakland marrow says the city received a boost from governor newsom to help -- the oakland mayor says the city received a boost from governor newsom to help. >> sending some support from the state of california in local law enforcement grants. also a response from the governor that he will be working with the legislature to respond to my request for more cameras and even license plate readers on our freeway on and off ramps. kristen: the request was made in a letter to newsom last week. today during an interview, the mayor stressed to us violent crime just far beyond oakland. she says leaders across the bay area to collaborate and maximize resources to help solve the problem. dan: the san francisco district attorney's office says it's 2.5 year investigation into organized retail theft is making progress. today, the district attorney announced arrest warrants for five people and two criminal
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indictments. the ongoing investigation was sparked by a series of thefts at macy's in 2019. the operation has already led to the recovery of $2 million of suspected stolen property. and a number of arrests and indictments. kristen: an organized retail robbery in the south bay ended with upwards of 15 suspects getting away from police. at the same time, another woman was arrested for allegedly interfering with police and allowing a suspect to escape. we have the details. reporter: as holiday shoppers got their last-minute items at oakridge mall, san jose police started an investigation into another mass robbery. police say up to 15 suspects attempted to rob this macy's of more than $1000 of merchandise. the same store was hit in a november robbery. >> loss prevention employees successfully detained one of these suspects. while they were detaining that
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person, a group of the coordinated, organized group, at least three of them came back and violently assaulted the loss prevention employee. reporter: this picture showcases some of the injuries. she was pulled down by her hair, punched and kicked in the head. >> it is a very dangerous situation. reporter: as arriving officers attempted to help the loss prevention employees arrest a suspect, police say a woman interfered. she was arrested, while the last suspect fled. >> this could have helped identify the rest of the folks, but that did not happen because this one person interfered with arrest. reporter: a 34-year-old was arrested for delaying an officer my helping a person escape lawful custody, and assault on an officer. >> we don't understand what caused this person to interfere. if somebody sees something they don't agree with and they think it is excessive, there are mechanisms for that. we have our internal affairs department, the internal police auditor.
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please do not insert yourself into an arrest situation. reporter: just days before christmas, organized robberies are still plaguing the area. >> we are using all available resources to curtail this activity. we were there pretty quick after the incident was reported to us and we will keep responding. reporter: dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. dan: a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the northern california coast at 12:10 this afternoon. the usgs assessed the epicenter was about 31 miles west of ferndale in humboldt county. >> that was a big one. dan: people posted videos to social media, this one showing a window shattered. other videos showed stuff knocked off shelves. this one was felt from the bay area to the oregon border. >> we are getting local reports of quite strong shaking throughout fortuna and ferndale. there have been very little
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reports of damage, nonstructural. dan: there have been more than 39 aftershocks. one as big as 4.5. the tsunami warning was not issued. kristen: and east bay school district in morning after the president of the school board hit and killed. how he is being remembered. dan: plus, jury deliberations underway in the fraud case against elizabeth holmes. white expert says the case is already serving as a learning lesson for future entrepreneurs. spencer: we have a weeks worth of wet weather coming our way, including christmas
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i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. dan: today was the first day of jury deliberations in the elizabeth holmes trial. the disgraced theranos dno is -- see is facing decades in prison. we have more from federal court. reporter: we will learn the fate of elizabeth holmes any day now. the jury, made up of eight men and four women are deliberating in a conference room above us. they have 11 charges to go through, and regardless of what verdict comes down, experts say the decision will send a strong message to silicon valley. as disgraced theranos ceo elizabeth holmes awaits her fate, so does the future of
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silicon valley. >> whatever the outcome, i think silicon valley is taking it seriously and will have a sobering impact. reporter: this legal in -- analyst says this is already a learning lesson for future entrepreneurs to be careful about representing the truth to investors. a not get t-bill -- verdict could center different lesson. if convicted, elizabeth holmes spent up to 20 years in prison for each count, but the average is 21 months. >> given the amount lost and the impact, the potential jeopardy to health and lives, i think we could see a stricter sentence. reporter: six of the investor counts amount to $155 million lost. three of the counts are tied to patient safety. if holmes is found guilty, she would not immediately be taken into custody and it is likely we would not know her. for at least one or two months. >> they could run a consecutive
4:17 pm
or concurrent. if she gets convicted of two charges, they could run the time together so she only serves maybe two years. but if they do it consecutively, the judge could enhance and possibly add on time. reporter: i want to emphasize it only takes one juror to believe holmes is not guilty to avoid conviction, making a hung jury. even if that happens, it is still possible holmes could be retried on some of the counts. in san jose, stephanie sierra. dan: there is a podcast about the case hosted by our chief business, economics and technology correspondence. it is called the dropout. there are new episodes every tuesday. listen wherever you stream your podcasts. kristen: san leandro is mourning the death of the school board district president. flags were flown at half staff today in honor of cristian rodriguez. the district says he died after being hit by a car while walking with his wife in oakland last week.
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rodriguez was first elected to the board in 2018 and was just elected president last week. he leaves behind his wife and three children. dan: san jose has matched a 20 year high in traffic fatalities, a grim milestone. a pedestrian was killed this morning in a two-car crash on eastbound key road near interstate 680. both of the drivers stayed at the scene. the crash marks san jose's 60th trafficked at this year according to police. that ties a two decade peak reached in 2015. kristen: and has been very gray across the bay area today as we get ready for more rain. dan: gray and cold, spencer. spencer: it has been chilly the last few days. believe it or not, it is just a couple of degrees less cold than this time yesterday. here is a look at our 24 hour temperature change. it has been a three-day chill. two degrees warmer in sanarmer n
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francisco. we have skies increasingly cloudy with little slivers of lou showing, as you can see the -- of blue showing, as you can see. we have mid-50's at half moon bay. cold or at the golden gate and breezy. 52 in santa rosa. only mid to upper 40's in nevada, napa, fairfield and livermore. account mount tam is looking stormy and it should. cloudy overnight, light rain possible in the early morning, mainly in the north bay. the first wave of actual rain arrives tomorrow around mid day, and more rain will move through the bay area all the way through christmas weekend. here is the forecast starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. as the commute gets underway, just cloudy. probably not really wet until midday, when the first wave of rain pushes into the north bay and it will swing quickly
4:20 pm
through the bay area. the evening commute is likely to be wet and messy and even windy. overnight lows tonight in the upper 30's in some of north bay and valley locations, and mid to upper 30's in the inland and east bay. 39 in morgan hill. from san jose up to the bay, most temperatures in the low 40's. highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 50's across the region. 11:00 tomorrow night, it will be pretty rainy and snow will be falling in the sierra. wednesday and thursday, more rain and more waves of rain, heavy at times, midweek. lots of snow will be falling in the sierra. a break for a while on friday, christmas eve, but it will not last long as more rain comes in christmas day and next sunday and monday. we have periods of rain virtually every day for the next week. monday night, rainfall totals could range from under an inch in the north bay -- south bay,
4:21 pm
rather, to about two and a quarter inches in san francisco up to about 2.5 or more in santa rosa. three inches or more in ukiah. it will be wet here and snow in the cr. a weather watch in the sierra through tomorrow. snow expected at 5000 feet. up to 10 feet in the higher peaks. very high concerns for urban and road flooding. let's look at the accuweather 7 day forecast. you can see we start with tomorrow's storm as a level one, but it will intensify to level two wednesday and thursday, did week basically, tapering off on christmas eve and heavier on christmas day, follow by more rain sunday and monday. winter has arrived it will arrive officially tomorrow morning. kristen: already feels like it. thank you. the fate of president biden's to trillion dollar spinning and climate bill in jeopardy.
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may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. kristen: the stock market tumbled today amid concerns about the omicron variant surge. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow fell more than 433 points to close at $34,932. -- 34,932. the s&p 500 was also down, closing down 52 points. dan: conservative senator joe manchin is firing back at the
4:25 pm
white house, saying president biden's staff cannot pressure him to backing the build back at her ill. this comes after his bombshell announcement he is a no on the spending plan. that deal is a potentially blow to the cornerstone of the presidents to messick agenda. reporter: centrist senator joe manchin of west virginia blaming white house staff for taking negotiations on president joe biden's build back at her bill. -- better bill. >> surely to god we can move one person, surely we can better and be on person up, surely we can get enough protesters to make that person uncomfortable enough they will say i will go for anything. reporter: mansion -- joe manchin making it clear it is not the presidents fault. >> it is not the president, it is the staff. reporter: white house press secretary jen psaki hitting back. >> we are ready to get this done
4:26 pm
and we are going to do that. reporter: this after joe manchin's expected -- unexpected announcement on fox news sunday. the white house calling the decision sudden and and expectable. sources telling abc biden felt blindsided and he personally approved every word of the white house's scathing statement. joe manchin's statement sparking outrage among democrats who support the investments the bill would have made in climate action, health and child care, pre-k and prescription drugs. they say this is why they wanted to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill into the larger social standing -- spending plan in tandem. >> he has continued to move the goal posts. he has never negotiated in good faith. he is obstructing the president's agenda. reporter: how speaker pelosi holding out hope that joe manchin will continue to negotiate in the new year, saying democrats will never give up the fight to get the legislation on the president's
4:27 pm
desk. kristen: house speaker nancy pelosi echoed that never give up message in san francisco today while promoting the build back better agenda. reporter asked how she can have hope it will survive and this was her response. >> we never give up. i wrote a letter to my colleagues yesterday saying first and foremost, we will continue to fight the past the legislation. this will happen, it must happen, and we will do it as soon as we can. kristen: speaker pelosi went on to say the democratic leader of the senate, chuck schumer, wrote a similar letter to colleagues as well. she says closed door conversations continue to pass the legislation. meantime, she joined with mayor breed to talk about how build back better includes a big investment in making the nation's streets safer. >> we secured $14 billion nationally for roadway safety. that will help make california streets safer and friendlier. >> this and for structure bill
4:28 pm
will not only help san francisco, it will help the entire country. so that we can improve safety on our streets. kristen: the plan includes $5 billion for safe streets for all initiatives across the bay area. much of the money is earmarked for public transit improvements in hopes of keeping more people off the roads. but knowing many people will still drive, millions will be poured into a safely -- safety improvement program for the highways. dan: still to come, the sticker shock on rideshare prices. what uber and lyft essays contribute in. kristen: in california suing walmart. the massive amount i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: if you rely on rideshare to get around the bay area or to or from the airport, you may have noticed prices have recently spiked. kristen: now rideshare companies say there is a reason why. melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: the holiday rush is likely to include plenty of trips to and from airports with more people on the roads, rideshare companies say increased demand translates to higher prices and commuters are noticing. >> i mostly rely on uber or public transit. reporter: this woman lives in san francisco and does not own a car. during the pandemic, she started taking uber more than usual. >> they keep the windows down so i feel better about the ventilation. reporter: recently she has noticed trips cost twice as much. she sent us a screen grabs
4:32 pm
the international airport friday around noon, and then around 3:00 and 4:00 p.m., all saying it is busy and fares are higher than usual. uber tells us "we expect this to be a particularly busy holiday season and you may see elevated surge levels." they also said driver supply is steadily increasing. it is not just uber. we captured this a grab from lyft last week just after 5:00 p.m. express pickup. lyft telling us, "as people started moving again, we saw the demand for rides outpacing the number of available drivers." the company says it is added thousands of drivers to the platform and expects wait times and prices to improve. >> waiting is usually a good strategy. reporter: it is one that uber
4:33 pm
recommends to see if prices go down. also picking up a friend and splitting the fair. meantime, lyft suggest a weight and save option. -- wait and save option. a cab from the neighborhood to sfo is approximately $35. no matter how you get around in the coming weeks, everyone agreed, plan ahead and leave honey of extra time. dan: california is suing walmart for what it says is years of illegally dumping hazardous waste into the state landfills. >> we are not talking about a few batteries. walmart's own audits found the company is illegally disposing of hazardous waste in california at a rate of more than one million items each year. more than one million items. dan: the attorney general listed everything from toxic cleaning supplies to paint to electronic waste. alameda county is one of 12 california counties that are
4:34 pm
part of the lawsuit. walmart says it has tried to work with the state with regard to compliance but california has decided to go well above what is required by the law. kristen: time for consumer news. michael finney is here with a look at today's headlines. this is timely with high gas prices. michael: it is. the next car you get could have substantially better mileage. the biden administration has finalized rules to improve fuel economy, save consumers money, protect our health and curb greenhouse gas emissions. the new rules begin going into effect with the 2023 model year, and should be fully implement it by 2026, when mileage for cars and trucks across the industry should sit at 40 miles per gallon. this undoes a trump era order that rollback emissions standards. this increases mileage by 25% more than what the former administration had ordered.
4:35 pm
your next new car you buy may be more fuel-efficient, as i said, but you will pay more. kelly blue book has released a survey of new-car prices and we are paying nearly 15% more this year than last. the average car now sells for $46,000. why that much? the reason for the increase is attributed to supply chain issues, of course, they are driving up the cost. and america's lover for bigger and more expensive pickups and suvs. the average cost of a full-sized suv is now a stunning $73,000. the deal is changing for those flying a delta airlines keeps each. those buying basic economy tickets will no longer receive frequent flyer miles for their trips. there is some good news. next year, a sick economy ticket holders -- a sick economy ticket holders can cancel a flight and get credit for a future trip.
4:36 pm
there will be a cancellation fee, about $100 or $200, but at least you will get some money on account to use in the future. kristen: better than no money back. dan: that is true. a major cleanup underway in pasadena today after an suv slammed into a gas station pump. surveillance video captured the moment yesterday afternoon and more than 1300 gallons of gasoline were spilled. all thanks to a tap by the suv in reverse. that is it. much of the spilled fuel went into a nearby wash. environmental crews spent the day trying to filter the gas out of the water. people with homes nearby were told to state -- to stay inside with doors and windows closed because of a strong odor. >> we were having a gingerbread party and all of our alarms went off and i went outside to see what was going on and it smelled a little bad but i thought, i don't want to get sick, so i shut the door. dan: a spokesperson for the city says the driver who hit the pump
4:37 pm
reported what happened to the attendant, so no crime was committed. it was simply an accident. kristen: coming up, elon musk says he is said to pay more taxes than any american in history. we will tell you how much he is expected to pony up
4:38 pm
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it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. kristen: time for the four at 4:00. as people plan for holiday gatherings, the director of the
4:40 pm
who is recommending you cancel or delay your plans. a lot of people are already taking precautions by lining up to get a test. the who director says the omicron variant is spreading faster than delta and it is more likely people could get infected even if they have been vaccinated. he says if we want to get back to normal, the fastest way is for everyone to make a decision to protect ourselves and others. i don't know what your perspective is, but larry, i think people find it confusing because at the same time, you have top u.s. health officials including dr. fauci saying you can go ahead and gather if you are vaccinated. the who is saying cancel everything. larry: conflicting messages? is that what i am hearing? [laughter] what a shock. it is more of the same. it kind of indicates he really don't know what to expect. although i would say this -- first of all, people are not canceling christmas or delaying celebrations for the holidays. we know exactly what is going to
4:41 pm
happen a somewhat we been through. people will get together, cases will spike even more, but what we have seen, at least in europe and a few other places, south africa as well, that has been hit by omicron, it seems to be a big surge and then it drops off dramatically. maybe that is the best case scenario we can hope for. people will get together for christmas. dan: especially nearly two years on, people are getting desperately inpatient. as of the world's richest person, elon musk says he will pay his share of taxes. the tesla ceo tweeted he will pay more than $11 billion in taxes for 2021. just last week, senator warren called on elon musk to pay more in taxes and he responded by sing he will pay more than any american in history. he does not take a salary but his stock sales will be taxed. bloomberg estimates he will save about $500 million in taxes by
4:42 pm
moving to texas because of texas has no income or capital gains tax. that is powerful incentive to move, but my goodness, he has so much. spencer: i think you could probably afford to pay a fair tax rate. i'm not saying he doesn't, but he could afford to. he has received something like $5.9 billion in federal subsidies for some of his ventures. i am not saying he's not doing wonderful things, that it has all come out of his pocket. dan: right. and he is employing a lot of people and he does clearly pay a lot of taxes, but the question is is it enough? people -- some people would say it is never enough. larry: what number would make people happy? can he just wiped out the federal deficit by himself? [laughter] kristen: not quite. larry: when you talk about saving 500 million dollars leaving california to go to texas, that is a problem if you
4:43 pm
are an entrepreneur and you want to stay in the golden state but you are looking at the numbers. that's why a lot of people are moving. dan: have you ever seen the old tax form joke, the two how much did you make last year and send it in. kristen: but he doesn't get the coastal views. think about how much he is giving up. [laughter] spider-man was slinging profits this past weekend despite worries about covid. the new film spider-man: no way home is the second-highest mystic opening of all time. 206 $2 million in its first weekend in theaters, surpassing the $253 million by avengers: infinity war. this is especially impressive given concern over omicron. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. it looks amazing.
4:44 pm
i know i bought my tickets already. i want to see this on the big screen, in the theater. i've got my n spencer: it is not my kind of show but i can see why people would want to. lot of special-effects and people like that kind of thing. i would rather stay at home and watch love, actually. dan: we have that in common. they are still delaying movies like top gun for a couple of years because they want to show on screens. this is showing people will go to the movies good larry: it is an encouraging sign, but who knows and a couple of weeks. dan: the queen of christmas is again proving her iconic holiday hit is here to stay. billboard today confirmed riot carries all i want for christmas is you reached number one on the hot 100 list for the third year in a row. making it the first song to reach the top spot three
4:45 pm
separate times. the song first hit number one in 2019, 25 years after its initial release. all i want for christmas is now in its six week at number one. mariah carey has spent 85 weeks and total atop the hot 100. proof that if you write a good song, it has legs every year. you hear it constantly. spencer: you do, and i love that song. i love anyone who sings it, but especially mariah. she is the best. kristen: i gotta say, i know you are too humble to bring it up, but can i mention my favorite time of year, your song is really nice as well. when you want the male voice. dan: we cannot compare them but it is getting radio play, so thank you. larry: it is unbelievable. one song. she has had a brilliant career, but it could make a whole career, just at christmas time, that's all you need. dan, you just need one!
4:46 pm
dan: my favorite time of year. is in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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dan: we are getting a look inside san francisco's newest luxury senior living complex. kristen: the building recently made headlines for the cost to live there, which could be as much as $17,000 per month. we got a tour of the building. reporter: located in the heart of san francisco, this new luxury senior complex three months from opening its doors. >> it will be a big community.
4:49 pm
we range from independent living to assisted living. we have dedicated support and care teams trained through the mayo clinic. reporter: waiting to move into one of the 208 units is jim. show us around your home. >> this is the living room. there is a full kitchen here, although i don't expect to use much of it, it has everything i could possibly need. and most importantly -- reporter: tell us about this space. >> it is where my grand piano will go. reporter: the units are month-to-month, ranging from $770 for a studio and over $17,000 for a two bedroom. >> that is all-inclusive, everything you see here at cathedral hills. we have a concierge team down stairs, security, transportation
4:50 pm
for residents within a five mail -- mile range of the city. over five dining options within the community. reporter: the 14 story building was built by two national developers. this san francisco location is the first of its kind. how did san francisco inspire? >> right now we are in a cocktail lounge. reporter: this safety watch can press at any time for help and a long list of amenities are some of the factors that attracted jim. >> we have 25,000 square feet of amenities but we also have a wellness center with an outdoor pool, which is unique for san francisco. it has a yoga room, fitness equipment. reporter: the luxury complex will open march 1, 2022. in san francisco, luz pena. dan: let's refocus our attention on the frozen tundra about to turn into a soaking wet tundra. kristen: how much time do we have until the rain comes? spencer: depends on where you
4:51 pm
live. in the north bay, a little over 12 hours. let's look at overnight conditions, it will be cloudy. we don't expect rain overnight, except maybe some isolated sprinkles overnight lows, mid to upper 30's. low 40's ever else. -- everywhere else. look for high temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50's across the board from the coast to the bay to england. starting 5:00 tomorrow morning as the commute is underway, we don't expect any wet spots, but by midday, we expect the first wave of rain -- it is not moving. here we go. the first wave of rain will move into the north bay by midday tomorrow. for some reason -- there it is. you can see it is going to be wet across the north bay until afternoon and then the wave of rain will push eastward and southward into other parts of the bay area. it will be a wet evening commute for the region. that will continue on. we will have rain everyday for
4:52 pm
the week ahead. let's look at the seven day forecast. it will be wet all the way through christmas eve, christmas day and into early next week. dan: spencer, thank you. abc 7 news was at the chase center today, where it became official, the warriors coach will coach the 2024 u.s. olympic team. he takes over for gregg popovich , he was his usual humble self and accepting the position, and had a small request of managing director grant hill. >> down the list, guys responsible for me sitting here, because you don't reach this level unless you have success and you don't have success unless you have players. i want to thank the warriors and our players. that is a good reminder that you guys get some players for us. [laughter] dan: assuming they qualify, the first team will play in the 2023
4:53 pm
basketball world cup, and then comes the 2024 games in paris. kristen: mark kotsay is being promoted as manager of the oakland a's. he has gradually climbed the ranks. he takes over for bob melvin, who left to manage the padres. melvin was the winningest editor in oakland a's history. this is one of the few moves they can make with majorly baseball looking out players as the sides negotiate a new contract. dan: still ahead, adding farewell to 2021. kristen: we will have a look at the preparations in times square
4:54 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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kristen: tonight on abc 7, the vikings and bears on monday night football. you can watch minnesota take on chicago at soldier field. coverage starts in a few minutes at 5:00. then stay tuned after the game, followed by more local news at 9:00. new york city is getting ready to say goodbye to 2021. the 2022 new year's eve numerals arrived in times square. the seven foot tall numbers took a road trip across the country from los angeles, even people a chance to see them before they are hoisted above a crowd in new york. people they are not wasting any time in welcoming the new year. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year! there is no
4:57 pm
those numerals light up and we are cheering in times square in a blizzard of confetti. kristen: mayor de blasio is expected to announce this week whether the traditional celebration in times square will go on or whether it will be modified because of covid. dan: it is touch and go. a merry morning in oakland today as kids and volunteers delivered more than 120 toys to families in chinatown and beyond. family bridges, along with the lincoln recreation center and the group compassion in oakland spearheaded the annual event. this year they have extra toys which will be further distributed to other chinatown programs before christmas. one organizer says the goal is for kids who participate in the drive to one day pass on the holiday cheer to the next generation. pay it forward. kristen: you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc 7 bay area app. just search abc 7 bay area and download. dan: we appreciate your time.
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
>> enjoy the game tonight, everyone. the vikings and bears here ingsa ♪ >> steve: christmas week in chicago, ready for the 121st all-time meeting between nfc north rivals, the bears and the playoff hungry vikings. ♪ got me a date and i won't be lead ♪ ♪


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